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What makes a Paladin, /tg/?

Ignoring the whole blessed by a patron God shtick for a moment, what seperates them for an especially dedicated Fighter? I ask since I intend on playing one tomorrow night as a late addition to an existing group, and I have very little experience in that department. I'm still stuck at the character concept, and was wondering what, if anything, sets them apart.

A paladin art thread is fine too

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it is mainly their complete devotion to lawful goodness. They strive to help the world by being selfless and clensing all evil.

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It's their selfless devotion to a cause. No matter their alignment, a paladin wants to change the whole world for the sake of a higher power.

A dedicated fighter, while capable of such aspirations, is more likely to have more personal reasons for doing so. I fighter would destroy a kingdom because it threatans everything he knows and loves, a paladin would destroy a kingdom becaue it's people and practices are an affront of everything they stand for.

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Devotion, Honor, living and dying by a code in a world that generally lives for the sake of survival.

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http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Powder_Keg_of_Justice This is your resource OP, use it wisely.

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>A paladin art thread is fine too

Dont mind if I do.

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They have divine powers.

That is literally it. The sole difference between a paladin and another warrior who has the exact same code, god and level of devotion is that the paladin has divine powers and can fall, losing them.

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So it's really justa case of being more willing to throw your life away than the other guy? That's... disheartening, especially when Joe Paladin decides to make his epic sacrifice against a lvl 1 Goblin.

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>whole blessed by a patron God shtick

that is what separates a paladin from a very religious fighter

both can act as paragons of virtue/vice, dedicating their entire lives to the advancement of a higher cause, but the paladin is blessed from on high/low

the paladin gives thanks for the holy powers he uses to smite the evildoer, for the miracles that he is able to perform in service to his cause

the fighter gives thanks for the opportunity to use his strength, skill, and arsenal to serve his god

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It's just a risk/reward thing.

A fighter CAN be a paladin in mindset, but why would he? That's more sacrifice than he needs and he isn't exactly blessed with divine power for it.
The paladin, he has to maintain his devotion to all that is lawful and good, despite anything else, he must uphold for himself one of the hardest personal codes imaginable, where failure to do so forfeits his power.

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>Im smiting evil like a maniac and no one can stop me!

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My mind is blown.

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Think of this:
A Fighter can be anything from a mercenary, to a soldier or a mere peasant who knows how to wield a sword.

A Paladin, on the other hand, is a knight who is part of a religious organization and holds his organization´s laws and those of his chosen god in the highest esteem and tries to act as an enforcer of said laws as well as a beacon of light in a sea of murky darkness.

Or at the very least that is how he is expected to act by his peers and the general populance. And for this purpose he has been granted holy power.

Basically, a Paladin is a glorified traveling cop with holy powers.

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Do Templar Cruzaders count as Paladins?

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A fighter is someone who utilizes medium-to-heavy armor and fights with a wide variety of potent weapons. Anything else does not matter to the character archetype.

A Paladin wears heavy armor, with a wide variety of potent weapons. He battles for truth, justice, and honor.

One is a combat preference. The other is a goddamn superhero.

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Probably depends on how fervently religious they are and whether or not they attribute their abilities/survival/luck to God.

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Real life ones or Romanticized ones?

RL there are no true paladins.
The crusaders you hear about in biased literature could be paladins I suppose.

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A Paladin fights for the weak, with Right & Justice at his back. The strength of your convictions must be indomitable, tempered only by mercy, and must spring from an unending font of hope and faith in Good conquering Evil.

Be the above, OP, and if someone says "that's not a paladin", you won't even care.

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There are some who claim that any magic item beyond +x should be obviously glowing with magic power.

Paladins are the result of people beyond +x Good Points should be obviously glowing with goodness.

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Even considering fiction and literature, I think only maybe Sir Galahad the Pure of Arthurian fiction would register as a paladin.

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In modern D&D, there is no difference except that a paladin has powers. There is no punishment for failing as a paladin, so...there is no difference.

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Your logic. It pleases me.

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A-are you me?

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There is a diference for roleplaying purposes however.

A paladin doesnt up and rape-kill a bunch of 10 year-olds "for the lulz" unless he is one terrible paladin, and such actions have consequences for a paladin that dont necesarily mean falling and loosing his powers.

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Okay wait. Are you saying I turn you on, or that we're both fapping losers? Or did you just post the wrong image?

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i prefer to play a LG Hellknight

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So, im running out of paladin-like images, should I just go for medieval armored wariors fighting evil?

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If you can photoshop, just put a bright glow around their bodies or heads. Instant paladin!

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Probably more that your post moved him to tears, but he's on 4chan, the only crying pics he has involve rape or masturbation.

A Fighter is someone with sword and armor.

A Paladin is someone who has a light in their heart and soul, one that burns so brightly it can be seen.

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You could ask for more.

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That reminds me. I have to re-install Photoshop.

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The paladin is a cleric, but more focused on his combat than his prayers.

This is a foolish choice, of course.

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>it could have some paladin levels

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I believe I shall.

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Fighter... Rogue... Wizard...

These are all preferences, styles. The same person could be all three, depending on their talents and choices.

A Paladin is a mission.

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I have a light in my heart and soul, one that burns so brightly it can be seen... but it is a dark light.

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Well, son, we need to talk then. Either about this darkness of yours...

Or the fact that there's no goddamn such thing as a dark light, you dumbass. And even a blacklight provides illumination, before you get smart.

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This is awesome.

Postin' a paladin.

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A dark light could be like a shadow that behaves more like light, ie, it moves outwards from a source in straight lines.

If you want to be a dumbass, there's no such thing as the power of your paladin convictions causing a light to brightly shine forth from your human heart.

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>A fictional concept is just as invalid as an explicitly contradictory concept
And the thread was promptly abandoned as the turbonerds revved up the squealing whine of their butthurt generators.

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just ignore the 2 butthurt fags and lets keep posting/talking about Paladins

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>fiction isn't categorically false
I bet you think talking about 'future pasts' is explicitly contradictory, too.

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I am the guy talking with you about Paladins. Thanks for calling me a faggot and butthurt to boot.

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...Are you claiming that fictional does not automatically mean false AND is as valid as "Dark Light"

How about "Hot Cold"
Maybe some "Light Heaviness"
Ooh ooh hows about some "Slow Speed"
WAIT, NEVERMIND, do "Inert Activity"

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>Attractive Sickness
>Same weight, half the carbs.
>Lethargic Amphetamines
>The falling of stone balls

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/v/ here, I don't even know what specific game is in mind to know this is badass.

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I'm inside you

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Paladin Role Models:

Sir Galahad
Sir Roland
Joan of Arc
Optimus Prime
Captain America
Luke Skywalker
Finn the Human Boy
Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth
Don Quixote
Sir Didymus from Labyrinth
Samurai Jack
Ultimate Warrior
1980's Hulk Hogan
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Duke from GI JOE
She-Ra, Princess of Power
Officer Nicholas Angel of HOT FUZZ
Son Goku

Now imagine an Order of Holy Knights with all of the above as members.

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You're missing someone on that list. See >>12885380

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our pally is basicly there to cast detect evil in every room.

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Michael Carpenter
Carrot Ironfoundersson

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>Now imagine a 80s cops show with all of the above as members.

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Dear God... My imagination can't handle the level of awesomeness that such a team would have.

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in roleplaying terms, make a big deal out of the code. Whenever you camp make a big deal about separating yourself to pray and meditate, quote scripture or your code all the time. Justify or condemn actions with the relevant scripture. And invent little rules with no real game effect that come into roleplaying sometimes just to remind everyone that being a paladin is a full time job.

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I really want to stab the idiot that decided everything with an evil alignment has an evil aura. The only things with an evil aura are things explicitely said to have an evil aura, namely objects and people infused with divine evil. A Clerics that worships and evil god has an evil aura, a rogue that worships the same god does not. Either could have an evil sword that does.

Got it memorized?

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A Paladin is different from a Fighter in that he holds himself to a higher standard.

Yes, the Fighter may very well have a code. Yes, the code he bears may very well be identical to that of the Paladin. Yes, he may want to enact Good wherever he sees it, that other people may benefit from the fruit of his labors.

But where the Fighter is busy learning to become a greater warrior, reflected through the extra feats he earns, the Paladin is pushing himself to become a greater man.

In the end, they are both men. Men driven to be all they can be and equally praiseworthy because of it, but men nonetheless.

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All god except Buffy is ch.Good.

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I am not impressed with your speech.

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My bad.

Replace the entire thing with "THAT! IS! NOT! MY! COW!"

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I don't know what this character you're trying to claim is and I am still not impressed by your speech.

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and you sir are full of derp

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>Hasn't read Discworld

wtf are you even doing on /tg/?

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Fighters fight.

Paladins are made out of a special isotope of whatever type of element the normal members of their species are made out of, universally referred to as Paladinium.

The thing that makes this little factoid interesting is that it's remarkably similar to Ultimatium, the substance from which You Fall traps and situations in which a person only has two choices are made. Physicists are still trying to figure out exactly what causes it, but there are a few theories out there about what actually happens at the sub-atomic level when Paladinium and Ultimatium particles collide.

I'm no scientist, but I like to think that the former destroys the latter when you put it under enough pressure.

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>I like to think that the former destroys the latter

>He thinks that Paladinium is the anti-matter equivalent of Ultimatium

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Don't be stupid. I haven't read all the books because I don't have the money, because I am a student.
Who knows what his reason may be.

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I've just never gotten around to it. Too many bills in the way, too many other books on my list, too many hobbies that aren't /tg/ nowdays.

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>haven't read all the books
>doesn't recognize vimes
>hasn't read any of the books that matter

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Eat a dick

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Dude, it's called a library. Seriously, they're worth owning and all, but just go to the fucking library.

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Don't forget Sanya and Shiro Yoshimo.

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