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Praise Slaanesh!

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I really like you, you might be short and young but you are the cutest girl in class, you might appear shy but I know you are just acting, you are hiding a really lustful and slutty personality. You are always clean well groomed and your perfume smells great all the time. You might be really clumsy and you might mess things up all the time but that just makes you all more adorable.

You know how to have fun all day long, you easily make friends with everyone you make everyone happy around yourself and you quickly attract people. Your elder sister is also a really hot. You might have the strangest ideas for fun but you can enjoy almost everything.

You might hate it that people always treat you as a kid but someday you will grow up to a beautiful girl. You mom/dad might a bisexual hermaphrodite who works in a classy night club but she enjoys her work and makes plenty of money, you shouldn’t be ashamed because of this.

When you are there it means fun for everyone.

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But shitposting is Nurgle's domain...

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souls for Slaanesh!

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I think Noise Marines need a louder presence in this thread

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Yes mistress.

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the perfection of the Emperor's Children is a testament to Slaanesh!

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Okay, my blood flow got disrupted.

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ya. that's not slaanesh. that's fucking meteos.


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Bend over, and get ready to receive his gift.

No idea.

My bad.

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fag :3

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Khorne sucks, Slaanesh was here

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Now thats fairly pimping image.

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So that it could be properly filed, I require the uncensored version, if it exists. Strictly for the records.

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>doesn't know how to filename

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Hey, come on guys, calm down.

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Now with more ski free.

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close enough

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Hahahaha, nice.

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Too used to /b/, where filenames get you nothing. Thank you, Captain Obvious!

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And i'll just leave this here with you fine ladys and gents. Im off to play some vidya.

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Sorry guys, Chaos is over.

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inb4 tzeentch

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love your Patron god of Excess and post MOAR SLAANESH

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While Slaanesh may steal your soul, Papa Nurgle will always love you.

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Solution: Dont go to /b/, ever.

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Is there a Slaaneshi version of this picture? Or any other of the Chaos gods?

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I posted one of Fulgrim earlier in the thread >>12868217
thats the best I can do

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Don't know. That was done as artwork for the Dornian Heresy, where the BA belong to Nurgle.

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anyone have that slaanesh rhino that had a penis cannon / pubes / vaginas for doors? That thing looked awful but I lost the pic of it.

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no but perhaps Daemonettes can keep the thread alive long enough until someone posts it :D

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Just got Creed as my captcha.

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Oh, I didn't know that.

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That's... that's impossible. In order to infiltrate your Captcha, he'd have to be some sort of tactical geni-


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most good

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I gotta hope that thing shoots bullets.

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wouldn't the blood angles be Khornates? also doesn't Sanguinius look like Sigvald the Magnificent?

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In the DH, Blood Angels are Plague-Marines (they still feast on flesh and drink blood, but now it's because they'd totally deteriorate without those substances), Space Wolves are Khornate berzerkers, White Scars replaced the Emperor's Children and Raven Guard is for Tzeentch.

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They made em Nurglite I think out of a desire to do something not as obvious. But pretty much this is what happened to the traitors in Dornian Heresy

-Imperial Fists: Becomes the Black Legion with Sigismund leading them.
-Space Wolves: Khornate
-White Scars: Slaanesh
-Raven Guard: Tzeentch
-Blood Angels: Nurgle
-Dark Angels: Derp
-Salamanders: Malal
-Iron Hands: Stayed on Mars during the SIege of Terra and vanished, they start reappearing when the Necrons start waking up again.
-Ultramarines: Buggered off and made their own empire of "Ultramar Segmentum"

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HM, I know this is a Slaaneshi thread but would somone post pictures of these guys, if there is any?

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Sup bitch?

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sure, as long as Slaanesh keeps getting his tribute

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Thus was born the Mariest Suest Mary Sue of all Mary Sues.

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>White Scars replaced the Emperor's Children

anyone else picture an army of leather-queen bikers?

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after all the fun we had together you guys cant still be mad about that fall of your race thing :3

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I see Centaur Daemon Princes raping and pillaging everything.

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Funny you should mention that actually, we're all illuminati, a good few of us are soulless and capable of slaughtering almost anything, and our god is having teh ultimate lulz pissing off your god =D

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Ultramarines secede from the Imperium, start having technological inovation (they also start integrating Tau tech into their own);
Thousand Sons won at the Council of Nikaea, and are now all soul-bound to the Emperor;
Night Lords, Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors remained loyal;
Also, Iron Hands slowly become the Necrons.

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That's from Mutants & Masterminds. The character is basically a cross between Beastboy and Starfire from Teen Titans.

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>forgot the name field

Dorn the Arch-Heretic

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It's Fulgrims' daugther

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No way in hell would those belt buckles stay buckled.

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Say that again, to my face.

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Well, Hemmet, you don't have a pair of heaving jugs working against yours.

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is there more? Was the thread archived?

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Go here, download the first volume. It has extra fluff and all the artwork.

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for the Prince of Pleasure!

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>Stiship Lawrence

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Captcha: never infroil
yes Captcha ...

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Is dat sum Oglaf?! ENJOY YOUR NEW WIFE

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cmon people weve had to go into the silly shit! moar Slaanesh!

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Someone needs to do a version of this with Slaanesh and Khorne.

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And here I was worried a Slaanesh thread would be nothing but tits.

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Bumping with some Laidy pain.

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How did a I get in that?

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Pretentious nazi mary-sue bullshit.

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Because you're an idiot? Just a shot in the dark.

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pic dump thread with no DLFG? what is this madness

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/tg/ image dump site.


Alright this is feeling like someones Mary Sue bullshit character now.

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I didnt want my thread to suck by just being lolhumpingpraiseslaanesh

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I found it on Deviantart so thats prolly why
but I think its a really cool Slaaneshi marine

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>my face when still no penis tank and I've been waiting over 2 hours

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I'm 12 and what is this

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sorry man, Ive been keeping this shit up and noone has posted it!
Come brothers! in all your glorious excess did you not save this beautiful design of a tank?!

Captcha: clothen supremacy.
I think Captcha is asking for a Slaanesh style raping

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Straight shota.

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not quite your tank but still cool

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this'll prolly be my last, its Saturday so gluttony and debauchery is abound
goodnight and thank you for the good thread :)

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Huh. Kinda looks like a brain.

Guess you could call it a...

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Not the tank I was after, you'd know it if you saw it. But thank you bros, you are most gentlemanly.

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surprise cockfags! my ride is taking forever

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