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Hey /tg/, how the hell do people make models out of the Primarchs? I'm on this site here:

Click the Search option at the top of the page just under the ad, and type in Primarch.

And there's just some fuck awesome stuff people make. None of them talk about what all they did to make the thing, and I was just wondering if anybody had any good conversion instructions for making some of the Primarchs.
What I really want is some good instructions for the Daemon Prince versions of Fulgrim, Mortarion, Angron, and Magnus. Post your ideas, or your own models if you've got em.

Pic related, a Fulgrim WIP someone on the site is making.

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>Hey /tg/, how the hell do people make models out of the Primarchs? I'm on this site here:

Greenstuff. Lots of greenstuff.

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Yeah but how can anybody possibly be that detailed if they're not doing it professionally?

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well, fulgrim there looks to be a fuckton of green stuff + skill. Aint gonna get that without hours of practise

>>12867138 appears to be the plastic termi lord with abaddon's claw and some other crap

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lolwhat. if its not your job, you cant be good at it?

Its called a hobby. after a few years of sculpting, you tend to get good at it

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This may surprise you but there really aren't all that many sculpting jobs out there.

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I understand that, but just to have that level of skill without having access to all the stuff the professionals do is just mind blowing. That's what I meant.

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You don't magically become good at something because it's your job.

Some professionals are just plain bad. The best sculpters are likely hobbyists.

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Still being mindblown here.

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the professionals have access to all the stuff we do: green stuff, sculpting tools, hands, and patience.
Fucktons of patience.
There's no way to shortcut this stuff, theres no magical secret tools that make your stuff awesome if you use them, its just practise

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other then large amounts of greenstuff and molding work you just gotta be very clever with your conversion ideas to make them seem "bigger" and more important when you put them next to your SM army and other HQ models and such

its all setting up your main set piece, if you have a heavily converted blinged out SM army your primarch has to be a step up from all your grunts otherwise he'll just look like a generic captain or chapter master.

everyone has their own idea of what the primarches look like since we don't exactly have much "official" interpretation of them at all.

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Yeah, just one of those things where you wish you could just get it right away, ya know?


And I just can't get over how fucking cool that is.

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> Supposed to be Angron

> Doesn't have Gorefather.

Bullshit, that's a random Bloodthirster.

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You can only find that one problem and you immediately discount the whole thing?

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Nah, it's Angron, but the lack of Gorefather strikes me as incredibly off.

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What about that one GW sculptor with the robot hand?
Maybe it's a SCULPTOTRON 9000?

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perfect Emp made only out of bits no need for greenstuff

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Sure it's Angron but without Gorefather he's just not the same.

Like if someone made Kharn without Gorechild and equipped him with a bolter.

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I'm sorry, that's not the Emperor. Thats a kitbashed marine.

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Looks rather emprah-y

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That guy is made from a body from the Wow Lady Vashj figure ( six armed naga bitch ). The purple arches are a repaint of her bow. The wings are from the Angel Spawn ( Wings of Redepmtion Spawn?). The breastplate and head...I haven no clue.

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>implying Scriptarius isn't better at this than you are.

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Here's a Pre-Daemon Prince Angron, I think.

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Yeah, that's the biddy daddy gore.

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Nope, that's Magnus the Red.

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wasn't he a cyclops?

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No, he was just had one good eye (right eye of >>12867597 is completely white if you look closely), though as Daemon Prince he's actually cyclopean.
Also per-heresy Magnus used chain-glaive, so I'm pretty sure that's his mini.

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Wow, that's really impressive. Any idea what all bits were used to make it? Obviously Power Gloves, but the body is a lot bigger than a standard SM body is.

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Terminator, from the looks of it.

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I can't freakin believe that nobody's ever made models of the Chaos Gods.

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I don't suppose it'd be TOO incredibly difficult to make Nurgle. Khorne would be a bitch, and I just flat out can't find any artwork of Tzeentch or Slaanesh.

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Can't believe this hasn't been posted

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How come they didn't put Fulgrim and Angron in their Daemon Prince forms?
Still, jesus that's fucking beautiful ='(

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Because fuck you, it's Chaos, that's why

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I dont think i want to see Tzeentch. His descriptions have always been a bit shit.
Apparently, he's a massive blueskinned headless human, with an old man's face on the chest and two curving horns coming out his shoulders. Yeah

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Sounds like it could be cool, if done right.

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I never thought I'd ask anybody this, but do you have any idea where I could find a foot tall sculpture of a very muscular naked man?

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Huh, Lexicanum says he's a serpent of sorts.

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I think he shifts between forms, seeing how he's the Lord of Change.

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They are meant to be fucking huge. Not just 8ft tall. Like 15 ft tall. You could use a space marine miniature from the Inquisitor range. That is what I would do...

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I always thought of it like this.

Khorne - Stereotypical red demon. Think Balor/Diablo
Nurgle - Extra, extra gross Unclean One
Tzeentch - Lovecraftian horror of ever-changing shape
Slaanesh - A both incredibly attractive and incredibly disturbing humanoid with male and female parts

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Are you talking about the Chapter Masters? The models from GW are about the same height as a normal Space Marine.

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You have the right idea.

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For me, it's like this:

Khorne is just like in this picture, even though it may be pretty over the top. It's just the image I get.

Nurgle is like he is on the cover of Realm of Chaos Lost and the Damned. Like you said, a big extra gross Unclean One.

Tzeentch is a tall, muscular man with no head, horns coming out of the shoulders, a very deformed messed up face growing out of his chest, dark silvery blue skin, wearing a simple loincloth, and wielding a massive staff. Maybe he has wings.

Slaanesh, I can't really get a picture of. The only description I can find of any kind is that he appears as a woman on the right side and a man on the left with golden hair and horns coming from the head.

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Forgot the Khorne picture.

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For Slaanesh, think "extremely attractive Baphoment".

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But seriously... No one has ever done a miniature of any of the Chaos Gods?

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Just found this, looks pretty good.

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Just saw that the ties at the hilt of the sword are in the shape of the khorne icon
cannot unsee :(

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Dammit now I can't unsee it either.
I'm gonna make my own. It's gonna be more akin to the Realm of Chaos cover version of Nurgle, but there will be nothing Khorne related on that mother fucker at all. I'm thinking starting with a big round plaster cast and just greenstuffing that bitch up.
This is gonna be a fun project I can already tell.

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Was just looking for a model of Slaanesh, and I found this.
Why did nobody fucking tell me about this? That is so goddamn cool, I had no idea this mod even existed.

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This is supposed to be Slaanesh? Not at all how I pictured him.

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It's not Slaanesh, just a Chaos Marine in Slaanesh's thrall.

Slaanesh itself generally takes on whatever shape the viewer finds the most pleasing. If it could be said to have a natural form, then it's of a painfully beautiful, androgynous young man. Sometimes he may have a single exposed female breast, but IIRC that's not mentioned so much these days.

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that's what the ideal slanneshi marine looks like...not slannesh . . . itself. took me a minute to decide whether or not to say he or she, so i picked it.

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Didn't Khorne give Angron a massive black runeblade, which he used to break the gate at Terra?

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I have this idea for making a Tzeentch model. A long, fairly big (around 1/2 inch diameter, maybe 3/4) serpent body with no head, just a twisted deformed old man's face on the neck stub. A set of very large wings, and long skinny arms wielding a huge magic staff.
Anybody have any ideas? I was gonna start with the body, as it's probably going to be the most time consuming part. I was thinking something like the body in the Fulgrim model in the OP pic, but obviously much larger.

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Holy fuck I love that picture.
There aren't that many /good/ old pics as such.
but that one's definitely awesome

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Yeah I found it on google. Retard who posted the pic put copy protection on it so I just print screened the page (it was at full size as it was) and then cropped the rest of the shit out.

Don't post shit on the internet if you don't want it copied.

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Pretty please help? I don't even know where to start with the body. I could just make it from scratch out of greenstuff, but I've never used it before.

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Nurgle wouldn't be a bloated unclean one. He's grandfather Nurgle. I think of him with a build kind of similar to Santa Claus. Add in a long beard trailing the ground, diseased sores on his skin and a long greenish-brown cloak and you have a decent grandfatherly figure. Give him a loving grin, abet a few of his yellow decrepit teeth missing and a long walking staff, doubling as a mixing spoon for his huge cauldron of plagues. Top it off with a deep jolly laugh and you have ol' grandfather Nurgle.


Tzeentch, I envision as a gaunt figure sitting on a throne of alabaster, his skin wrinkled, pale and bare of hair or clothing. When he speaks, an innumerably number of mouths open across his skin, echoing what he said with different in different languages and different inflections before beginning to argue about which is correct and finally growing silent. It's not that he looks scary or spooky, it's what he says that fucks with your mind.

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Posted here: >>12868433

I think.

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Whoever made this dropped the ball on the Nurgle quote.

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>gaunt figure sitting on a throne
>echoing what he said with different in different languages and different inflections before beginning to argue about which is correct

So... /tg/?

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