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Gentlemen, I like to create settings. Mostly Scifi, but I occasionally like to go for a sort of pseudo-fantasy setting with minor elements of scifi.

If you are in need of a setting for a game, I'd be happy to make one up for you in a few minutes, suggestions welcome. If you'd like I can post a few examples of settings I've thrown together before.

In the meantime, I'mma dump some pictures of cool places. No particular order or theme. Feel free to do the same.

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I've got 1 or 2

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Pretty sure this is Star Wars.

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World of subtle reality warpers/empaths, which are psudo-matriarchal viking elves. Most of them are pretty primitive, tech wise. Renaissance at most. Think bending for powers. Like, most anything is possible, but anything specific needs training, will, and time.

Now, ad some cyberpunk into it, and tell me how it'd work.

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Yeah, it's the city of Theed, on Naboo.

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ok need setting where many cultures clash
I got the idea off of Into the Electric Castle the album by Ayreon but i can't figure out how to make the story not a direct ripoff of the album
i'll be playing a viking character a friend will be playing a irish warrior another will be playing a japanese samurai ect. ect.

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Make the fantasy world a virtual reality simulation "game", televise it, make the players convicts who have to fight in large scale reality-warping wars for the entertainment of the masses. Survive ten years, you gain fame, wealth, and freedom from the game.

Introduce a new system that allows the viewers to be inside the head of a contestant, see and feel the simulation through them, and if they pay an extra fee (which fluctuates depending on the player's skill/time in the game), they can briefly take control of the body (which usually leads to the mass-deaths of low-worth warriors, but hey, it's entertainment!)

What they didn't count on, were the more experienced players using their capabilities to take control of the VIEWERS' bodies to fight back against the outside world, sabotage the game, and kill the ones who imprisoned them in the first place.

Either make the Player Characters the Convicts taking control of viewer bodies (which would be disposable, but those in charge of the game can't trace the connection or else the convict will be killed!) OR government agents of some sort, looking into a mysterious chain homicides all involving paying viewers.

How's that?

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Actually now that I think more about it, it would be more fun for the players to be convicts, because they'd have to both control outside bodies, AND keep fighting for their lives in the game to avoid calling attention to their actions.

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OP, ive been looking for a good space setting for running high tech criminal activity, shadowrun class espionage and hests mostly.

all i ask is for no special snowflake aliens.

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Well that seems to be one of those cases where it would only make sense if done the same way. Or you could use the Album as a basic guideline, but let the player actions influence it a bit. Hell, why not meld it with a few other things as well? Add on to it, I mean.

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Hmmm... it's not Ghost in the Shell, but it does a good job at trying to convince me otherwise. Do you know what that image is from?

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Dunno how much Eclipse Phase meets your needs, but I'm pretty sure it's on /rs/.

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too over the top. most of my players can handle gadgets, but cannot take transhumanism.

(as much as i would fucking love a game of eclipse phase)

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Pic mostly unrelated.

I've been working on several settings for a while now, if you're willing to offer advice, OP.

My first is a low-fantasy setting based loosely on ancient Egypt, India, Arabia, and the Polynesian islands, with tiny slivers of the Mediterranean and western China. That said, I keep hitting a wall. I have MOST of the political factions and human ethnicities fleshed out. But I'm running into a problem of race. Is humanity enough for the setting? I want to include non-human races, but I don't want them to be cliche or copyright-infringement, and I' sick to death of the generic fantasy races (elf, dwarf, etc). What would you suggest?

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Nope, sorry.

Hm... Why not set it in some sort of floating megalopolis in space?

Oh, and fill it with all kinds of robots. Or Androids. Bio-mechanical constructs, that kinda thing. Make it a wannabe trans-humanist's paradise. Have it controlled by several corporate and research firms, who have compromised with several large interstellar crime syndicates for the sake of security.

The place originally started as a collection of research and industrial platforms on the borders of a fledgling interstellar empire, as the empire grew, it started dumping old ships there for salvage. In the wake of a massive interstellar war, refugee fleets fled there and began adding on to the platforms using the scrapped ships to build homes and communities. Continued for a few hundred years, the empire eventually split into warring states (system-states?), this platform being one of the most rich and powerful due to their large fleet of salvaged warships, and massive worth in raw material.

Players could be anything, really. Corporate agents, Crime Syndicate Spies, agents from a rival system-state trying to steal technology or sabotage something.

How's that?

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Er, sorry. Didn't see this post before I finished >>12863870

But you could easily drop the transhumanism stuff and keep the rest of it, if you like it.

Have you looked at legends from those cultures? Checked out what kind of mythological creatures they had? The stranger, the better.

Although I will admit that sometimes it's hard to fill a niche with anything BUT a cliche, so if you find yourself forced into a corner in that aspect, take a major racial trait and distort it a bit. If a creature is described as wise and intelligent, make it use its intelligence for trickery, or to manipulate people to serve its own ends.

Does that help at all?

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not enough conflict in the album there is a total of 1 battle scene and sadly the album is a tad short (the longest songs are kinda filler)
my thought is the first game we play the entire story of the album and go from the "two gates" mentioned in the albums to another universe
problem is though with our "futureman" character i'm no good with sci-fi stories
wonderful with the others but the sci-fi element never works it always feels way too strange
i need a spacefaring race that has colonized as far as neptune but a very warlike race
i'm not very good at dystopias and sadly that world is a dystopia from all the info i have

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Best I've come up with is Nagas, goblins, and Ogres, and i'm not sure how to balance them with humans. Everything else sees to be too powerful to easily balance, but your ideas of twisting and exaggerating a race's traits is good advice. i'll look into it. Thank you.

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Hm... So no other details on the future world? That makes things a bit more difficult, definitely.

Lemme think a bit.

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Better than my idea of concocting a solar system blander than the stock traveller universe.

I like the idea of wannabe transhumanists paradise. Perhaps the Singularity never turned up on time, so all the crazy hackers and biomodders are conspiracy theorists talking about grand conspiracies to prevent humanity ascending.

Robots are awesome aswell. I think i would like them commonplace (more of them than us) but still slightly less intelligent than people, atleast in improvisational abilities.

Cheers for the inspiration, anything else you can throw at me would also be much appreciated.

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Alright, how about making the future world one where although the solar system is being colonized, it is far from being pleasant business. Most worlds are still very hazardous to human life, and to cope with the stress, when off-duty, Terraforming Crews spend their time in elaborate virtual reality suites, which double as drug-injectors to both enhance the illusion, and relieve pain from various health problems caused by abnormal conditions (bone deterioration, increased radiation exposure, etcetera). It would play into the Futureman's vision of seeing humanity become dependent on their machines, acting as a sort of preview of things to come.

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Hm... Why not expand on the jury-rigged nature of the Interstellar Scrapyard, and have minor factions building their own armies to overthrow larger factions, or gain power over portions of the scrapyard itself?

Or if you want to be silly, have some factions parodies of some of our own groups here on /tg/.

I'm imagining a bunch of fat neckbeards who assemble an army of robots from pleasure-droids, broken utility robots, stolen military machines, trying to build a transhumanist utopia like the conspiracy theorists you mentioned talk about on the Holonet.

Or a group of Larpers-turned-wannabe space marines who enact their hero fantasies as a sort of vigilante police force.

Or branching out into other boards, a cult of techno-samurai-ninjas or whatever who follow the whims of a "Digital Popstar" (who is really a malevolent AI that has taken the image in order to manipulate her followers. Think Hatsune Miku meets HAL9000.)

These options are a bit less serious, but then again there's always the option of trying to do what Warhammer 40,000 does and play the over-the-top insane factions as serious business.

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Oh, and don't forget the information trade. Hackers living in single-room cubicles or whatever making billions off of trading information between corporations and private interests

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thats great thanks
hmmm maybe he tries to get the governments to ban the use of the drugs and is arrested by wonderful the thought police? something like that and it forces the rest of the party to save him since The Voice (DM) tells them that only one of this world will find the door to the next thats my plot to at least keep them together although i plan on pitting them against each other constantly. the plot is after all about cultures that are very different also idea i got from the technology taking over. Maybe an AI as the final boss of future mans world?

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Either that, or a council of brains in a jar (being the first ones to "cross over" to the cold, calculating machine mindset" controlling an army of machine warriors. If you wanna get mind-fuckish, make them robotic versions of the party members, pitting them against their own fighting styles.

As you may have guessed by reading the rest of my posts, I like robots a lot. I blame Asimov.

That wonderful man ;_;

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Oops, either I did the spoiler tags wrong or this board doesn't have them!

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Anyways, it's late. I gotta go get some sleep.

I hope you found this thread helpful, guys. Good night!

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thats genius
i planned on going chronologically by history anyway) so futureman would end up having the second last questline giving him time to tell the party what he saw when he opened the door and of course since I do plan on going all mindfuck on them thats perfect.

also just relistened to evil devolution
and holyshitthatsperfect moment just happened
"the cyberbrain, the last in the chain of man-machine alliance have we become the victims of our science?"

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nope. /tg/ doesn't use spoiler tags. Sorry.

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