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and now she's all timid and cute

Unsounded general

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feels like fillers right now

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I like this zombie better than pretty much every other zombie in comics.

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maybe because he has a conscious?

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Anybody else notice that the webpage itself gets darker the further into the tomb they go? I've said it before and I'll say it again, this chick can work little details like nobody's business.

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damn that's making me go back now...

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He's also a wizard.

And kinda an ass and I like that in my characters.

And weirdly attractive. /tg/!

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JEESUSFUCK your right

calling the surprise spider/monster buttsex further in

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Yes, give us an update every time. That's great.

Maybe the mod should just change the sticky's picture to the next Unsounded page whenever it crops up.

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well gee i've only done this twice in the past twelve updates,
also getting some nice architecture on the sides of the walls

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I love this comic but Op, you're on the fast track to getting 4chan to hate it. Don't obsess. Don't make a thread every time it updates. Just be chill and wait for significant stuff worth discussion.

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Luckily, zombies and tombs get along great.

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What this guy said. Especially since Unsounded threads have a habit of turning into pedophile butthurt.

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Certainly a neat subtle trick, like when the art spilled out of the typical page dimensions during the whole summoned beastie bit.

I don't think we necessarily need a thread for every update either, but at least the images are nicer to look at than Goblins.

Also, I got a hunch that our writefag may have gotten banned in the last thread. Particular sucks since the third part of his work was deleted, as well, thus not showing up in the archived thread.

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You do not know how to easymodo. Mere deletion does not faze this archive.


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op is a troll that made the thread only to be able to bash it as spam

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Oooh, neato.

But it's still not sup/tg/

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Yeah, but that third fapfic... yech.

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on page 48 what was that thing that was right behind her?

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Fuck off with your shitty comic, dickface.

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It doesn't save pictures, but it is superior in pretty much every other way.

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Okay, it doesn't have ratings or thread descriptions or thread tags, I'll give you that, just to head off any argument about that. And it's only an archive. None of that IRC or chargen stuff.

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>It doesn't save pictures
>Supposed imageboard archive
>Superior in every other way

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Personification of just how scared shitless Sette is while creeping through a dark, possibly cursed tomb.

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I don't see how your post contradicts what I said.

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A monster of her imagination, inspired by the carvings.
The bottom part also gets dustier. Pretty awesome.

Also, I like that she's actually afraid. She IS just a kid after all.

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"Wait, did you h-"

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Saggy fucking titties. Like Canadian bags of milk.

>hetables JEA:

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Well then a regular D&D forum might be more of your style then since you think images are completely fucking worthless.

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>It doesn't save pictures, but it is superior in pretty much every other way.

The fact that it doesn't save pictures is a point of inferiority. I never said they weren't important. In fact I implied the opposite.

Do you understand now?

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>implying only D&D belongs on /tg/

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Damn you for making me look this up when I should be sleeping.


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Sleep is for the weak. A real fa/tg/uy subsists only on Quaritch Brand coffee and rage.

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Open your eeeyyyeesss...

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Hey while your here op could you also make an unsounded thread in /co/? I'm lazy and want to talk about something while waiting for gunnerkrigg to update.

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I see... Your eyes are open...

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Speaking of. Did you know they had a new one?

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Alot of webcomics get a thread every update and eventually the hatters stop trolling. Tho the threads probably would be safer in /co/ hiding between all the homestuck and my little ponies threads.

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I don't like the idea of a duplicate thread on a different board, honestly. /co/ didn't respond all that well last time, anyway, and that thread died much sooner than the /tg/ one.

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What is it!? I must know!

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Someone already made one.


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unless I'm mistaken, Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal


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Huh, I just read the first and second chapters.

Really nice, havn't seen something like this in a long time.

Thanks /tg/

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Holy shit. That's one of my favorite Blind Guardian songs ever. Thank you anon.

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Amazing how so many topics can be discussed in the same thread with only so many posts.

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Truely /tg/ is a fabulous place.

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Huh.... a lot more positive of a response than last time.

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The point of inferiority overwhelms any other prospective benefits by being an archive for a fucking IMAGE BOARD.

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Okay.. what is this comic and where can I find it?

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>And weirdly attractive. /tg/!

That's because of magic.

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...Page five and it's already fucking adorable.

Dammit, /tg/.

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Jesus, look how she's clutching Duane's cloak now. This pair is so cute I could spit. Hope nothing too horrible happens.

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...I loved this page so much, you have no idea. Finally, a GOOD reason for a character to wear a hood or cover his head mysteriously all the time! And it looks like someone bashed his head in good, as well.

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This is the page that turned this from a good webcomic to a fucking spectacular one.

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I was honestly waiting for a version of the fapfic that's interrupted by the Oblivion guard.

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I didn't need my mind blown this fucking early in the morning!

/brofist for pointing it out.

>captcha: respecting untheand
Yes, we should all respect Anon, his name was Robert Untheand.

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Gotta' post 'em both.

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.... Silly captcha.

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I must at least say that Sette is a really refreshing character.

There are tons of adventures written about little boys running about and doing whatever, but it really is rare for the girls of equal age to take the main and doing the same.

I like Sette, she is like a real girl. Perhaps a bit undiciplined one but that is only refreshing and suits the role. She climbs things and does whatever the way she pleases, that is, like any ordinary kid given freedom.

I am kind of dead tired of all the girls in stories to be some kind of submissive side kick of their brother's or something. Boys and girls are very much alike, especially at young ages such as that. The only thing getting in the ways is parenting pampering certain behaviours.

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Definitely a good reason to like the comic. Children who act like children instead of being all cutesy-pie, sweetness and light all the time are always more interesting to read about than the unrealistic versions.

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Not that Yotsuba is much like Sette. Still, maybe I have a point.

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When this webcomic is done the author should do something like contacting an actual publisher and make the comics available in real physical form for online shipping or something.

I would buy them without doubt within reasonable prices.

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Damn you people.

Why did I just fall in love with a comic with barely any backlog? I can't entertain myself sufficiently! MUST HAVE MORE!

I demand /tg/ build a time machine.

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this is why

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..Naw man.

If it ain't got bodacious boom booms, it ain't worth bopping or a bump. I'm pretty sure it's the whole, "so rare to see kids that act like kids," thing others mentioned before. The comic captures the "horrible unrepentant brat from hell" perfectly. Somehow she's a complete brat.. without it even feeling overdone.

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so you admit that if she wasn't a kid that this whole comic wouldn't be that interesting

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Can anyone educate me about this. What is this comic and where could I find it/links etc.

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Wow OP's pic is pretty kawaii.

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Your kawaii you whore!

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all mine? why thank you :3

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Wow, are people actually that dense that they can't even look through a short thread to see if the same damn question was already answered?

Or just use Google on that title that's in the OP?

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That's like saying if the One Ring was a piece of fried chicken instead, Lord of the Rings wouldn't be as interesting. Every story has it's core essential elements it can't do without. It's not about what those elements are. It's about how they are used to make an interesting tale. One of the important factors of this one is the presence of a horrible brat with some kind of tail. She's interesting and rather unique. I love the way she interacts with our dear Zombie Sorcerer.

The story centers on them. So of course the story becomes less interesting if you remove one of them. And yes. Making one character significantly older is effectively removing them. The character and her interactions and her specific mindset would be gone. In story telling terms, you've removed the character and the purpose it served.

All of this just to say, "screw you, honky! I like the comic!" Now begone from my sight or I shall vandalize you with more verbosity!

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Fuck off!

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I concede that this kid acts exactly like a child of her age and experience should act. That's a good thing.

Unfortunately, it also makes her obnoxious and completely unlikeable, and is enough to throw me off this entire comic.

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I can't enjoy this comic because for some reason I keep expecting every new update to be about child rape.

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Sup Flee, long time no see.

>> No.12854966

Sorry, quite drunk to read all of it.

here's a dog for you

>> No.12854967

So... is that expectation causing you dread or disappointment when there isn't actually any child rape?

>> No.12854972

You browse to much 4chan sir.
Take a break.

>> No.12854982

Oh I see you will track down Flee but you won't come say to me I see how you are Foron.
I thought we had something special.

>> No.12854985

For a more reasonable probability of success, you could try convincing the author to let you be a beta reader.

D'awwww, now I have to forgive you!

>> No.12854989


I love the character for it. Odd how it inspires two separate reactions. I'll be interested in seeing how her character develops from here.

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/tg/ - pedophiles in disguise

also, that gunnerigkirg or whatever the fuck comic is better than this, sorry

also, viral, lol

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"Okay, in the NEXT comic we're shown what the slavers do with all those kids. In vivid detail. I think I'm gonna be sick. ... Oh okay, that's a relief, but maybe in the one AFTER that...?"

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It's actually a completely reasonable reaction. Some people hate kids in real life. Sette acts just like one. Therefore, those same people will probably hate Sette.

>> No.12855037


That makes sense. Yeah, I know plenty of people that say they'll never have kids because they can absolutely not stand them in the slightest. I, on the other hand, find them endearingly full of derp. They're like little people. Incomplete people. Derpy horribly dumb incomplete people.

>> No.12855042

Mind you, I'm okay with children if they're raised well and can act politely and stuff. Sette isn't like that.

>> No.12855048

...Quote fail.

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Sooo... She's a thief... that's afraid of the dark? That doesn't make much sense. Then again she is just a child. And she's more of a pickpocket then a true sneakan theif.

>> No.12855056

I wonder when we'll see Sette's brother in the comic.


>> No.12855061

Kindred souls, eh?

>> No.12855062

/tg/ - Webcomics, TV, Quests and Porn (Games? Fuck that!)

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been there done that

>> No.12855069

She's not afraid of the dark, she's just superstitious and she's inside a tomb.

>> No.12855074

Sette's dad probably sent her out on this mission to get the brat killed.
Seriously you get an undead creature to watch your daughter he probably assumed Daune would kill her first chance he got.

>> No.12855077

Eh, I like kids a lot, I like teaching them, I'll just never have any because I'm not cruel enough to inflict me as a parent on anyone.

Well, that's ONE reason, the other one being that I'm so very, very ronery.

>> No.12855078 [DELETED] 


Sup Foron, why aren't you in the steam group?

>> No.12855088


Holy fuck, you're right!

>> No.12855123

Wait.. brother.. lion..

What the hell is she?

Don't make me bop you.

I am not confident in my ability to be a responsible and reasonable adult either. I would be a horrible parent.

Though, I've heard it said those that know they would make bad parents (and thus think they should be the last to have kids) are the exact type of people that should have them. Reason being they won't have kids for stupid reasons (babby r coot! hey maybe it'll seal the relationship! or having a kid just to have one out of misplaced instinctual drive) and thus more apt to stay responsible towards that child and aware of their failings (so they can correct them when they spot it).

But yeah. The ronery thing is a problems...

>> No.12855154

Despite of what she says, Sette is still young and has tons of time to be able to mature and be raised more properly.
That is part of the innocence that comes with being a kid.

Children are innocent, they need lots of love and patience, and then they will all shine.
You can't just give up on children, when you feel like doing so you just have to have even more patience. The kids are never the ones at fault.

And while Sette may be increadibly undisciplined, she is still a kid, and she is also still very lively and strong and playful, she still has that innocent drive. That is, she is still a kid with life burning inside her.

In other words, she is a lovely kid with lots of potential with all of her life ahead of her. And she acts as expected of a kid her age, somewthing which in return gives her an air of innocence in contrast to how she actually behaves.
And with this the interactions with that zombie guy makes all this all so more lovely.

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Let us not forget one important factor.

This is not real. Sette is not real. We are free to enjoy and like the horrible people in a story rather than the good ones because no one is actually being hurt. You can laugh at the zombie sorcerer's vast ocean of misery and not feel bad.

Or maybe I'm just one of those people that would have gone insane by now if I didn't develop the ability to find everything absolutely hilarious.

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>> No.12855236

Okay, so you may not be enjoying it in a way that you'd like to, but it does seem like you are intrigued to find out what exactly this evil plot is, and it may bring you peace of mind when these bad men are finally brought to justice. If you haven't just stopped reading it altogether, I'd say that you were caught by a good mystery hook.

True enough, but one thing that I like about her character is the hint that her generally rude behavior is not just the result of being raised by thieves, but that it also comes from abuse at home and the emotional distress that she's keeping pent up inside of her. One reason this comic has me hooked is because I want to see more about Sette's vaguely-referred-to home life and a (hopefully happy) resolution to it.

Goddammit, how many times am I going to have to copy/paste this?
>Think of all the art on deviantARt and elsewhere as Unsounded concept art. It's not canon to the comic and trying to reconcile it all may break your brain. It may be best to try and forget anything you think you may know about my characters :3

>> No.12855268

>it may bring you peace of mind when these bad men are finally brought to justice.

And what if they're not?

This is a relatively new comic. For all we know, it could end up being ridiculously crimdark, these men get to keep doing their shit forever, Duane is destroyed by them and Sette gangraped, just to start with. It could go like that. That'd suck.

>> No.12855307

That sounds like something I'd do!

Not the rape. That seems childish to use as a story element. This isn't Lifetime. I mean more.. setting up two characters as lovable protagonists and going about la la funtimes for a few chapters. Make people think they're the main characters. Then you just roll over their corpses and introduce the real characters half way into the story.

Everyone would rage and quit reading in disgust, but it would be funny as hell to do.

>> No.12855322

He should finally bash her fucking skull in with that stick.

>> No.12855445


Rapists in Disguise

>> No.12855493


>> No.12855531

Remember, /tg/. Flee hates this board and everything it stands for, and seeks to shit it up whenever he can. That's why he caught a permanent ban.

>> No.12855575

I see no indication that was a PERMA-ban.

>> No.12855604

I see plenty of indication that it should have been

>> No.12855749

The author is too invested in the characters to pull a bad end on them. Sette, in particular, is a very old creation of hers. You, too, appear to be emotionally invested in the characters and the situation, so I find it hard to believe your suggestion that you don't like the comic.

Besides, we have this page from chapter 4 showing that Sette is perfectly fine and happy.

....and almost naked.

...and a murderer of lizard people.

But that's beside the point.

>> No.12856033


>from chapter 4

Wha... I mean... you...


>> No.12856087

We got it as a gift from the author when she was here answering/clearing up a few questions.

>> No.12856090

I know someone likes the big dogs in this setting, but I'm pretty sure they are bigger then horses.

>> No.12856189


whats the sauce on that picture?

>> No.12856204



A TV show.

>> No.12856223


>> No.12856228

Wakfu. It is most excellent.

>> No.12856293

Could be a flashback.

>> No.12856311

Clearly her mind is fading away to the old days, back when she was happy and good, while at the same time, in reality, she is going insane while being raped and having magical runes carved deep into her flesh.

I mean it's perfectly clear.

>> No.12856407

I'm fully aware of this and I would still do him. Part of it is his fashion choices (which are very practical and make sense but still. :dat gloves:

This too. It's really made me interested in how the heck Duane works and all this magic business.

>> No.12856413

I think that lizard person is a cop like you see in this page.

Sette's a cop killa

>> No.12856420

First, you're a terrible person.

Second, I never considered it before, but I guess that page could actually be part of a flashback. I've been suspecting that Sette's Da isn't actually her biological father, considering the fact that she's not even wholly human, so maybe this scene comes from more feral days before she was found and "adopted".

>> No.12856424

>not complete shit
Stop lying.

>> No.12856464


I don't hate this board at all. Stop posting lies about me.

1. I like the board
2. My fans know I like this board
3. I don't shit up this board

Is that so hard to understand?


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>> No.12856481


I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how much of a self-absorbed faggot you are.

>> No.12856482 [DELETED] 

I have to talk about this dog's testicles.

I love the way this artist thinks about things. Anyone else would have left the happy bits off that dog. But she draws all the details even though it's a cartoon. You get this not really anime not really Disney not really reality style that can get away with showing little girls being felt up or dogs being kicked and it never feels cheap or there just for spectacle. If it was manga it'd be there just for spectacle and full of lingering panels and Sette would have green hair or some shit. If it was Disney or something American it wouldn't be there at all or it would be terribly done.

I felt the same when she had that slaver drop an Fbomb. Even in the midst of this lighthearted comic she's going to have a villain talk like a real villain would and not puss out just to meet expectations.

That dog's junk is there just because dogs have junk. I feel no pandering from this comic. It is based in a grounded reality.

I want more comics like this. I want more creativity. People willing to make real WEB comics and not just print comics that are on the web. You don't have to oblige a censor online or stay inside the borders or respect the standards of a publisher. Comic artists can go bat shit crazy on the web but so few of them are. Even The Meek which is great is just a print comic on the web. Gunnerkrigg is just a print comic on the web. No one's experimenting or going beyond.

I guess I want more pictures of really cute and innocent dogs with testicles.

>> No.12856489

All this is suspicious.

>> No.12856503

>I have to talk about this dog's testicles.

I love you so much, 4chan.

>> No.12856542

1. Obvious lie, given away by your posting style.
2. Who? I know none.
3. Yes you do. Best example, your post.
4. You're banned. Stop evading.

>> No.12856559

Just started reading, and now I'm depressed.

>> No.12856587

pic be legit, author posted it here on /tg/ few days ago, seen it too
can't type well, rathere hammered, Friday night, you know

>> No.12856589

How can someone delete another person's posts? The default password is NOT the same for everybody.

>> No.12856597 [DELETED] 


Feigning ignorance does not equal a valid argument. Just accept that I'm more popular than you'd ever be. You'll feel better about yourself that way.


Mod won't harass me too much in case he angers me. None of the staff wants my wrath against them. It's sad how much they fear me.

>> No.12856611

I've never heard of you before, but I already find you to be pretty annoying.

>> No.12856617

This one gets too much praise. Like if /tg/ likes something, then fa/tg/uys say something like cool, awesome and stuff liek that.
here someone posts about this comi each time it gets updated, and then talking about some strange nonsense:
- Check this detail, guys. Its totaly coo, oh i admire author so much, i admire this detai so much. Oh and this. You should admire it yo.
Author is so cool, and she is clever etc. etc.

Someone forcing this shit.

>> No.12856620

Well yeah, now I could just change the password to swordfish and I could delete your post. That's not the same thing.

>> No.12856633

Do you people migrate here because you're laughed out of /co/ or something?

>> No.12856634

Well, thread was good for a while, is now great big cesspit of Flee and random deletions.

I'm out.

>> No.12856636

You're an egotistical asshole, Flee. Only a small minority even tolerates you.

Now, on topic: This comic is saddening early on.

>> No.12856644

>> No.12856667

Ignore attention whore

>> No.12856670

>This thread

What the fuck happened?

>> No.12856679

Flee happened.

>> No.12856686

That's why your posts are being deleted.

>> No.12856704

/tg/ is awful about webcomics, and they have a track record to prove it.

>> No.12856713

Stop feeding that insufferable piece of swine refuse.

>> No.12856719

The comic is actually quite /tg/-related, and I think it would get much more appreciate out of the audience here than at /co/. You should read it, too.

>> No.12856724


Ah, as soon as Flee is gone, another troll rolls in?

>> No.12856747

forcer detected?

>> No.12856759

I'm not even reading the comic.

>> No.12856776

Yeah, sure.

>> No.12856797


>> No.12856810

rolled 38 = 38

Huh, t seems interesting, sadly I never really bother with reading that kind of stuff anymore.

>> No.12856825

rolled 86 = 86

My face.

Now if only they could lighten up on text based raciness.

>> No.12856831

Sure as sure. I simply saw a tired troll and thought I'd comment.

What, you have to be viral marketing a free webcomic so that you could call out stupid trolls?

>> No.12856835


>> No.12856869

Give me another topic that /tg/ can argue over for three days and accomplish nothing.
Or go on being a strawmanning bitch.
I don't hate your comic per-se, I just hate the crowd it and others like it draw.

>> No.12856899

well any free webcomic made so people woul read it ant tell author that he/she is awesome.
Also now i suspect you even more. Those who do not care wouldn to things that you done. Fuck you, im out of here.

>> No.12856914 [DELETED] 

I love the new moderation. Not only does it not have the downsides of the shit moderation we had earlier, it actually does something positive once in a while.

Kudos, friend mod.

>> No.12856930

Screencapped for posterity.

>> No.12856934

I wasn't aware that threads on 4chan are required to accomplish anything, anyway. This one, however, does get people who would otherwise never know that this comic exists into it, and they often mention how they are grateful for it. People who don't like the comic or the threads, on the other hand, can simply not enter.

>> No.12856961


>> No.12857037

You are trying too hard.
SO you realy do not care and only fight for random justice?

>> No.12857053 [DELETED] 

/tg/ likes to get shit done some times.

>> No.12857095

I like Unsounded. Didn't expect to, since webcomics are usually shit and fantasy webcomics doubly so, but so far this has been inoffensive, a little bit interesting at times, and very well crafted from a technical standpoint.

>> No.12857208

>I wasn't aware that threads on 4chan are required to accomplish anything
...relative. Accomplishment does not refer to "getting shit done" (which never happens) but spurring discussion. Webcomic threads meanwhile, have a very circular, very one-dimensional air about them, partly because they seem to draw people who put their emotional investments in characters and story over common sense. (i.e. "I think this is written poorly/silly/off-pace" "No, you're a fag. Badwrongfun. Shut up and go away.")
Cases in point:
Threads like these do very little for anyone, and hang on the front page for ages. The first example alone lasted *three days*, not the least of which because some fanboy responded hours out of time saying and I quote:
As I said, horrible people in less than stellar threads. I'm sorry if this offends your senses, but this is my experience, stilted as that may be.

>> No.12857276


...What decade have you been living on? The stories have been all about female protagonists since 1990, so often that at times it seems like men aren't allowed to do anything in fiction anymore. Every damn format, comics, movies, TV series, videogames, everything, it's always a female protagonist kicking ass and taking names. It's been so overdone that I actually reflexively disliked this comic in the start because a girl protagonist is such a damn cliche.

Sette works though. Somebody above, I can't find the post but I know I saw it, said that the only reason people care about Sette is that she's a kid. That's a big part of it, yes - if she was older, her attitude would no longer be forgivable child's brattiness but intolerable bitch's idiocy instead. It would singlehandedly make this comic crap.

Another good thing is that while Sette is the main character, she isn't a powered-up shounen lead by any means. She's nimble, and good at stealing stuff, and has a good nose, but that's it. The male side character is unquestionably the more powerful of the two and this keeps her from turning into a Mary Sue.

>> No.12857339

>She sucked, played, fondled and deep throated; ignoring the urge to gag or pull out whenever it arose.
And then several posts later:
>See you all next time 'Baww; thought crimes and badwrongwriting!' comes up.
Stay in the know, for your own sake.
>The stories have been all about female protagonists since 1990, so often that at times it seems like men aren't allowed to do anything in fiction anymore.
While I get where you're coming from, you're expressing yourself very, very poorly. Straighten yourself out before one of our resident sociopaths has an attack.

>> No.12857343

Being a mary sue has little to do with personal power. Written well, she could be made a skilled swordsman, or a wizard prodigy, without making her any less likeable.

>> No.12857395


>dat link

God, I've come to despise Dresden Codak. It's so self-satisfied and meaningless. It just name drops elements of western philosophy.

>> No.12857438


>your remarks on female protagonists

No kidding. This is a huge problem in mainstream fiction. Every private detective now is a badass yet feminine woman, every sci-fi main character is a brilliant yet quirky female.

>> No.12857520 [DELETED] 

>The stories have been all about female protagonists since 1990, so often that at times it seems like men aren't allowed to do anything in fiction anymore.

So in die Hard 2, 3 and 4 Bruce actually already was a woman. Bad Boys was missnamed as it is a movie about girls and explosions, Con Air, The Rock, Air Force One...so many women in leading roles.

>> No.12857548


We're talking about books, asshole.

>> No.12857559


If Die Hards weren't sequels to a series that started in the 80's, Bruce Willis' role indeed would be played by a woman (and written by Joss Whedon).

It happens so often that for the past decade or more it has felt like if the protagonist is a man, the writer is taking a risk.

>> No.12857569 [DELETED] 

>...What decade have you been living on? The stories have been all about female protagonists since 1990, so often that at times it seems like men aren't allowed to do anything in fiction anymore. Every damn format, comics, movies, TV series, videogames, everything, it's always a female protagonist kicking ass and taking names.
Wow, you're fucking delusional.

>> No.12857579


The solution is obvious; get rid of the femininity. You have filthy, butt-of-all-jokes, loser guys, so why not have filthy, butt-of-all-jokes, loser girls? I, for one, would lol.

>> No.12857583


Actually I was talking about
>Every damn format, comics, movies, TV series, videogames, everything,

It holds for those too. Not in every case obviously, but distractingly often. Back in 80's a female lead would have been a rare thing, now it's just another into the pile of Lara Croft clones.

>> No.12857586 [DELETED] 

>It happens so often that for the past decade or more it has felt like if the protagonist is a man, the writer is taking a risk.
Except you're making this shit up.

Yeah, Inception REALLY took a risk by casting Brad Pitt and not having any female characters except Plot Device Chick With No Motivation and Crazy Psycho Plot Device Bitch.

>> No.12857599


Sette kind of is one. The comic doesn't go all out in making fun of her, but she is certainly not a flattering creature by any means and gets humiliated fairly often.

>> No.12857604

>Brad Pitt

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

>> No.12857606


Wouldn't sell. Our society isn't set up to handle that kind of humour about women.

>> No.12857632 [DELETED] 

Hahaha, oh wow. This is what ronery virgins ACTUALLY BELIEVE.

Some list of top 10 vidyas of 2009:
-DJ Hero: no character
-Left 4 Dead 2: male and female characters
-Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: both dudes.
-Assassin's Creed II: dude.
-Wii Sports Resort: none
-GTA: Chinatown: dude.
-Batman: Arkham Asylum: dude. (Also, awesome.)
-Street Fighter IV: more male than female characters.
-Uncharted 2: Dude.

>> No.12857638

Are you talking about female protagonists with no substance, or are you talking about female protagonists in general?
I can't follow you here.

>> No.12857652


Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, every film Paul Anderson the Worse has directed, almost all anime, a fuckmillion videogames, etc.

Open your eyes sister. Your old feminist talking point hasn't been relevant in ages.

>> No.12857672


I'm talking about female protagonists in roles that would have been classically filled with male protagonist. Macho swaggering gunmen, space rogues, super spies, that sort of thing. That hasn't been new or bold or rare in a long, long time.

>> No.12857690


>> No.12857691


>summer blockbuster-style tripe

Man, great to see men being cast in all these deep and meaningful roles.

>> No.12857701 [DELETED] 

Comics: do I even need to fucking BOTHER?

Top 10 grossing movies of 2009:
Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince: dude.
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: the protagonists are male.
Transformers: dudes. Duh.
2012: dudes, not that it even mattters.
Up: the only women in the first 98% of this movie are dead.
Twilight: oh, finally a female protagonist. Not that it isn't shit. And focused on Edward, a dude.
Angels & Demons: Dude.
The Hangover: dudes.
Night at the Museum: dudes.
Star Trek: dudes. Uhura actually got a few lines, but still.

>> No.12857730


But the negative roles (cowardly nerd, angry, filthy loser, hilarious pervert etc.) are yet to be filled by women.

>> No.12857735 [DELETED] 

>Buffy, Battlestar Galactica
Oh wait, no.

I notice that you can't actually give me any statistics or ratios, you're just bitching about having to see female protagonists occasionally. As long as there's less than 50% of them, bro, you're coming out ahead.

>summer blockbuster-style tripe
I thought you were talking about "Macho swaggering gunmen, space rogues, super spies, that sort of thing."
That's summer blockbuster style tripe.

>> No.12857757 [DELETED] 



Do you want a list of action films with female protagonists? Those that people who are not movie-nerds have watched?

Lara Croft Movies
Resident Evil-Movies

And Series-wise:

Dark Angel

That's so fucking many.

>> No.12857776


How many of those films had solid male characters that weren't the butt of jokes about how incapable they were. Not many.

Women may not have taken over cinema, but the last two decades have seen an emasculation of the male hero. There are fewer unwaveringly masculine and capable counterparts to the macho role played by many strong women in current entetainment.

>> No.12857800


Oh fuck, my hyper-misogynistic, antiquated gender role bullshit is being destroyed. FUCK FEMINISM MAN.

Seriously, as a man? Fuck you. Gender equality is good for everyone.

>> No.12857810

This why I gave up on /tg/. Fuckers CANNOT make a spot check for the life of them.

>> No.12857816 [DELETED] 

But that's not even true.

Oh, so you want quality films?
Inception: see above.
The Social network: dudes everywhere.
Hereafter: Dudes.
Toy Story 3: Dudes and one female character. Also, I bawwwwwwed so hard.
The Way Back: Dudes.
True Grit: dudes.
The Tempest: dudes and ladies.
The Tree of Life: Dudes and ladies.
The Fighter: Dude.
Black Swan: Ladies.

It's not looking good for you, bro.

>> No.12857831

Gender equality is great. Today a man can get laid by going to a bar on a friday night and starting up a conversation. Two centuries ago I'd have to get a prostitute, and god forbid, pay for the lay.

>> No.12857837 [DELETED] 

>There are fewer unwaveringly masculine and capable counterparts to the macho role played by many strong women in current entetainment.
You start listing 'strong women' in films, I'll start listing 'strong men'. OK, go.

>> No.12857843

>...What decade have you been living on? The stories have been all about female protagonists since
Ok, I see what you are getting at.
Tough, correction, not "female" protagonists, but rather "girl" protagonists, that is, an implication of them being children, in other words kids.

There has been a risng trend in female protagonists in general, yes. But even then there are there are factors to consider.
First off, male protagonists are still more common as a whole even though there have been a rise of female ones.
But then there is also the case of how it is still suprisingly rare for male authors to write about female characters. And well, ironically the opposite is not as true.
This also plays as an interesting factors in terms of medium. There may be more female authors than ever, but when it comes to movies, games and comics and the like for instance, then it is all the more male dominated businesses. And with the previous point in mind this does affect the works, and it does.

But even with all that considered, I would like to point out two specific things regarding my post.
I would like to say that while it is very true that female protagonists are now more common, I want to point out that I wasn't really only talking about protagonists, but rather characters in general. The protagonist is a special role in itself, but it is not all that relevant to this post.
Roles however are relevant, and this is also important here.
While I reckon that there are far more female characters with important roles nowadays, the roles given still matter.

>> No.12857850


Name a single female lead that has filled any of those roles. One.

>> No.12857853

I posted in other posts about the innocence of children, and how children are still innocent, even Sette.
But I also posted about how suprisingly alike male and females actually are, especially at such young ages if and/or when they haven't been subected to needless pampering of certain roles, gender roles in this case.

Now, Sette is a child, and she is like one. But Sette is also a girl, but because she is a child that part of her role doesn't matter as much, because it is also much more irrelevant. But at the very same time, yes she is a girl, and that does matter because it is also not simply forgotten. Sette is a girl, but it is not shoved into your face with stereotypical femenine stuff.
Sette is child, with a huge role who plays the rather gender neutral role of being a child while still not having forgotten the fact that she is a girl, as little or as much as it may mater.

And "girls", that is, female kids, and not just female protagonists, are rare to be handled in this manner, and that was what I found refreshing.
Most females in characters still have a clear "femenine" role about them.

Aren't women allowed to simply have the role of humans, while still being allowed to be female because they are? And not the other way around if you catch my drift.
Females created by males often breaks through in some way or another, it is not that males can't make realistic females, because they can. It is just that they often don't.
And even females often put on specific feminine roles onto their female characters, and it's not exactly anything wrong with female roles in particular, but it is just rare for them to have "non-female" roles.

Sette is a child, and she is a girl, but there isn't anything outright feminine about her actual role (it is also a big one), even though she is a girl. That is what I found refreshing.
Does anyone catch my drift or am I just rambling about in circles now?

>> No.12857861 [DELETED] 

you're delusional... generic action movies with badass protagonists are still far more likely to star men than women. It's not even close to 50 percent, much less woman-dominated.

>> No.12857863


>> No.12857879 [DELETED] 

We're discussing shit.

>> No.12857890 [DELETED] 


Yeah, I'm kinda miffed too that nobody writes men going on aventures for their choosen woman anymore or loosing their faith in god and comitting themselves to worldly, rather than higher minne. It's a darn shame and I think people are worse off without it.

And don't get me started on China - those fuckers actually dare to not write Ming-Novels anymore! How dare they! How dare they!

>> No.12857895 [DELETED] 

Bridget Jones' Diary. She's a loser just trying to get a man to magically fix all her problems.
Now name a man.

>> No.12857903 [DELETED] 

>How many of those films had solid male characters that weren't the butt of jokes about how incapable they were. Not many.
Pretty much all of them, dude. Which ones did you see? Oh, you didn't see any of them? My bad.

>> No.12857914 [DELETED] 


>> No.12857923 [DELETED] 

>implying there's something wrong with sucking dick
Why so homophobic?

>> No.12857942


This anon is best anon.

>> No.12857947

You understand that the Yandere archetype is no longer a deconstruction of "perfect" girls, but wank-fodder for people who want to be trapped in a relationship with a psychotic-obsessive lover?

>> No.12857957 [DELETED] 

I like how we ignore how female characters are so often just there to be sexy.

>> No.12857986

dont get me started on the tsundere

>> No.12857990


>> No.12858001 [DELETED] 

Meg in Family Guy alone is enough to shatter all of your arguments. She is THE shat-upon member of that cast.
Patty & Selma in the Simpsons.
Grace in Will & Grace.
The chick in Juno.

>> No.12858016

>I like how I'm posting in a shit thread instead of talking about games.
Why don't you fucks just call yourselves /tg/ - the Vidya?

>> No.12858020

This is why the roles of female characters are so important.

Sure there are masculine roles, then there are gender neutral roles, and of course the feminine roles as well.
But how rare is it not for good female characters to have a role outside of the feminine ones?

Sette's role in this story is actually gender neutral. If we compare her role to similar roles of other works however we will find that it is by far male dominated.
But there is nothing that says that it has to be males, and Sette is actually a girl, and she doesn't take on the role of a boy, yet it doesn't affect her actual role in the story, because, Sette is a girl, a young girl, a female child, doing the adventures that boys often do and have done in stories.

>> No.12858047

Baby Mama.

Well, looks like your point is totally nullified. New topic!

>> No.12858059


>"Oh god, there's legitimate discussion on gender roles in media going on instead of 40k wankery and quest threads! whatever shall we do?!"

Get over it, this is how /tg/ has always been.

>> No.12858072

Unsounded? That fucking webcomic is lame as fuck. I felt like I was reading a book made for dyslexic 5-year olds.

>> No.12858082 [DELETED] 

>legitimate discussion on gender roles in media
>some ronery-virgin misogynist trying to pretend that women have taken over as action-protagonists

>> No.12858115 [DELETED] 


>> No.12858172 [DELETED] 


Uh, I...really don't care. Like: I totally do not care.

In fact, I think it would not be wrong to say that I could not care any less, which in fact is exactly what I do.

If you catch my meaning.

>> No.12858184

>sette sees your dick.png

>> No.12858306

Butthurt wapanese faggot.
Actually this is a lot of fun. Thanks /tg/, I'll be sure to dig out more shit threads for you to piss yourselves over like the furries you are. ^-^

>> No.12858339


>> No.12858346 [DELETED] 


...dunno what you're reading into that, but I plain don't care about all of that yandere/Yamato Nadeshiko/Tsundere-derere whatever whining.

But I suppose that making you feel good about yourself counts as a good deed for me, so whatever.

>> No.12858359


And that's a bad thing because...?

Men want to see sexy women and women want to BE sexy women. It shouldn't surprise anyone what that leads to.

>> No.12858361

So while the thread is still here.
How do you pronounce Sette? Set. Sett-ah. Settee.

>> No.12858402


Set-teh without the "h" sound in the end.

>> No.12858442

>>some ronery-virgin misogynist trying to pretend that women have taken over as action-protagonists

I like how people who throw bitchfits in favor of progressive gender roles and sexual equality and whatever, always resort to insulting the masculinity of their "sexist" opponents without realizing the irony in that.

>> No.12858635

Settee. Rhymes with Betty.

>> No.12858700

>And that's a bad thing because...?
No one said it is bad, people just said that it is rare for females to carry out the roles so often carried out by males.

>> No.12858714

mfw fa/tg/uys pretend/believe that endlessly regurgitated arguments and fractal trolling are intellectual discussion.

>> No.12858722

Setee. As in the English (proper) word for 'couch'.

>> No.12858824

I'm kinda tired there not being women I'd want to be and not near enough sexy men I want to see.

I also want to mention the classic 'sorcerer v sorceress' problem but that always leads to tears.

>> No.12858964

This is apparently the correct one for Italian pronunciation (meaning "seven").

>> No.12858965


I love to drink the tears of others. So please go on.

>> No.12858981

>fractal trolling

I wish to know more about this phenomenon.

>> No.12859001 [DELETED] 

Wow, that's stupid. You're stupid. Women want to be attractive, given that our culture holds that out as the highest female virtue by far, but by and large they don't want to be *just* sex objects.

>> No.12859006


it's like trolls trolling trolls but with much more troll

>> No.12859060

>reads thread

Wow, that was some amazing amount of butthurt considering it started from one guy saying he LIKED the rattailed little shit.

>re: original topic

The comic is average. Very well drawn and such, but it hasn't managed to hook me.

>> No.12859102


Well you see, you start by taking a troll called z in the 4chan plane, and let z1 be z squared plus c, then let z2 be z1 squared plus c, and let z3 be z2 squared plus c, and so on.

>> No.12859111

Thank you for at least trying to bring the thread back on course. Any particular reason why the comic doesn't interest you, or is it "just cuz" or "the little shit annoys me, so I'm not going to bother"?

>> No.12859135

It's tired, cliche, schlock. I use schlock here as an attempt to get across my opinion that it does not interest me in the least.

Vulnerable sassy paired with competent mysterious, out in the world to have inane adventures. It can be done properly, if compensated for with a great degree of setting, plot, or wordplay. This is not properly.

>> No.12859152


Filled with religious terror is more like it.

>> No.12859240

Well, to be fair, there hasn't been very many pages thus far to delve that much into the world setting and a grander plot. Or it could just be inane adventures from here on out, but we have yet to see. If you don't like the core characters by default, though, then I imagine that the comic simply is not for you and that no amount of development around them will fix it. As for the wordplay, it seems just fine to me, but whatevs.

>> No.12859259

What has become of this thread. It was something glorious once, I remember. The images, the good cheer and comaraderie, how so many topics could be discussed in good nature yet still keep the thread... on track.

Take us into orbit, Mr. Malsteen...
We've seen enough.

>> No.12859268

I want to play Duane in 4e (Hatters gonna hat) How would I go about in doing this? I'm not sure which class would be good for him.

>> No.12859274

I might have given it a chance if I had stumbled across it on my own, perhaps. I gave Dominic Deegan a chance after all (And deeply regret it).

But the fact that it's been posted on /tg/ so much, and my exposure to its fanbase...

Well. It's soured me. Quite a bit.

Also, nothing I've seen of the characters leads me to believe that they'll be able to develop past their cliches. Even if one has a tail and one is a zombie. And the wordplay? Oscar Wilde it isn't.

>> No.12859291


>> No.12859292

Well, first some tripfag came in and started ego-wanking before he was banned, then somebody else made the mistake of making a dumb claim about female roles in media, and.... yeah, it kinda took off from there.

>> No.12859311 [DELETED] 

You could do it with any of a few of them. His character is not hugely related to his powers, beyond that he has them.

>> No.12859316

Also, rereading through the comic, I noticed DUANE IS ACTUALLY A ZOMBIE. I thought it was just an insult from Sette. My god, this is one of the biggest derps ever.

>> No.12859411

It was an insult, not just "just" it.

>> No.12859417

>Well. It's soured me. Quite a bit.

Ah, yes. I can definitely say that these threads can use a lot less herping and derping, whether it be from fans or haters and trolls, not just to make them a more pleasant place to converse for readers, but to also give better impressions about the comic, in general, to visitors such as yourself.

>> No.12859448

GIS any male class name. Then GIS the female equivalent.

Almost universally the female one is absurdly more sexualized than the male.

I'm kinda tired of it.

not the best example picture (though WoW has some hilarious issues), but they're basically ranger-lookin' people and you'd never see a dude ranger running around in a crop-top and a banana hammock.

>> No.12859560


That would not be very sexy. Sexiness means different things for the sexes.

Male sexiness is first and foremost about power. That's why male strippers are so vastly less popular than female ones - a lot of women don't like male strippers as that's a man in a subservient role. Subservience isn't sexy to them (this is also why "beta" males have such rotten luck at getting laid).

There's obviously a lot of individual variance in all this, but it's something to consider. The best solution would be to give a variety of both modest and raunchy costume options.

>> No.12859592 [DELETED] 

You see plenty of men in shorts or a loincloth, with their chest bare. That's the male equivalent.

>> No.12859603

He's not a zombie. He's a special setting-specific kind of undead.

>affections stshipme

Damnit, captcha! Stop shipping everything!

>> No.12859683

I don't think you quite understood me. To me, it's just as absurd to be a rangery-type in a bikini as it would be for the dude in the hammock. Why is the woman in the skimpy outfit when the man gets something sensible? I mean, it's even in fuckin' pokemon.

I do agree that a good solution is sexy AND reasonable clothes for both genders.

But, I, personally, love men in subservient positions so yeah, uh. You're kinda wrong and making poor generalizations about 'what is sexy'.

Subservience can be incredibly attractive; the problem with these so-called 'beta males' is that they expect sex for being "nice people", when being nice people should be the default, not something worthy of praise (sex).

also i don't like male strippers because they're all the same body type and the dancing sort of thing just isn't my thing.

>> No.12859705

The short answer, really, is because all these things are made by men. If you want something different, go out and make it, and make it awesome so it doesn't just appeal to people like you. That is how the status quo is changed.

>> No.12859761

Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls...

>> No.12859762

There's a difference between Conan and the chicks he keeps saving; Conan is depicted as powerful and virile, the women he saves... not so much.

Virility is shown through muscles and stuff, and so he's got less on to show that part off. Dudes wanna be Conan- they wanna be strong and powerful and get all the ladies. All of them.

The woman is weak and basically kinda a plot point. She's got less on to titillate the men reading it. Dudes wanna fuck the woman.

Do you get me here? Sure, the Barbarian has only underpants on, but he's showing off his power, not his sexual availability.

It's not that hard to not be sexist.

>> No.12859776 [DELETED] 

Your picture is poorly chosen, since that is based on the way kids actually fucking dress.

>> No.12859839

Which is socially ingrained?

That's not the best comeback, bro. It's pretty impractical to go on a cross-country trip in daisy dukes.

Preemptive strike: Sexy characters aren't the problem, it's that 90% of female characters are sexier than what's reasonable or sensible, give or take for explanations in the setting itself (even if half the time it's an eyerollingly-bad explanation or unevenly applied to men).

>> No.12859889 [DELETED] 

>It's pretty impractical to go on a cross-country trip in daisy dukes.
Not really. They're perfectly serviceable items of clothing.

>> No.12859913

Only in a select few climes. I'd even be fine if they were normal shorts.

Daisy dukes are fine and serviceable, but going on a long trip on foot isn't the smartest thing to do while exposing pretty much your whole leg.

>> No.12859959

When you get to "socially ingrained" you step out of the realm of argument.

I personally don't like sexism either- it reduces female characters in most media to being little more than a talking prop piece to assure people that the male protagonist is going to receive the intangible benefit of a fulfilling relationship because that's what's required of men, damn it.

But, when you get to the foothills of (Not that I'm saying you are, just using hyperbole here) "It's all a conspiracy to pervert what we REALLY should be thinking," then you start arguing for what you want to see in media, rather than any objective unfairness.

Women often are just as unhappy seeing ugly females in their games and movies as men are. If there was a desire for something different, capitalism would cater to it...

...Which it kind of does with the internet. BBW.

>> No.12860010

it's a pretty good webcomic.

I mean have you SEEN webcomics? Compare it to Dominic Deegan. Art? Plot? Characters? GOD. It's on another level.

>> No.12860026

I'm sorry, but comparing shit to poison is not a good way of arguing.

>> No.12860173

But free webcomics with contonious stories of any quality what so ever are rare, or am I missing out on tons of fun, or what?

Webcomics aren't the same as ordinary comics.
Most are one of shoots, like Oglafs' for an example /tg/ is familiar with.

Now, I am neither exactly praising the content nor throwing it off as bad here.
But this is actually a webcomic, that I would't b shocked to see in an actual comic in a comic store if that were to be my first contact with it.
And now, the majority of all media are basically shit, comics included, but few webcomics even fit the media of real comics.

>> No.12861547

Is it something about this girl that just grinds /tg/'s gears or what?
How come this always happens? It doesn't even need to be an unsounded thread, an image is enough, or a simple reference or mention.

Sometimes it can even be worse than during the biggest hype of the Ribbon and Rage thing.

>> No.12861588

It's probably because posting this comic every time a single page comes out (even if nothing happens on that page) is pretty much nothing more than attention whoring. Once in awhile should be fine, but it's been three weeks of nonstop "OMG, Nothing happened! Isn't that amazing?"

And what have you got against Ribbon?

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