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Let me get this straight. The Emperor is:

-An Arab
-A Muslim
-Reincarnation of all the Pagan shamans of the past.
-The first true Psyker
-Staying alive long enough to evolve the human race in to psykers
-Able to stop time
-Not doing anything to stop the purging of almost all Psykers

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You forgot that hes also pretty much dead

>Moore Sishts
Ohhh, so close for describing this thread Captcha, so close.

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He's more of a secular humanist actually.

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The Emperor's every thought goes to keeping the Astronomicon up and running, and he didn't like psykers anyway. He disowned one if his sons because he found out he was using magic.

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Let me get this straight. The OP is:

-A faggot
-A faggot
-A faggot
-A faggot
-A faggot
-A huge faggot
-A massive faggot

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Wiki says he's keeping himself alive long enough for the Human Race to evolve enough Psykers to protect itself from The Warp.

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Why is it the Eldar can use to Warp to move around places without the need of some massive beacon that requires the sacrifice of mountains of psykers? How do the Orks manage to do this? Okay, the Tau don't actually enter the warp, Necron ships don't need no warp, Traitor Legions get lolchaosgodhelplol or something. But what about all those smaller alien empires? Do they ALL have alternative means of traveling around?

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Orks don't manage anything because they don't care where they go and daemons don't bother them.

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Eldar use the webway not the warp, orks are the most powerful psychic race there is, and still tend to get attacked by demons and warp bullshit while traveling around, they use it as an excuse for a good fight. As for shit like the demiurg and hrud and whatnot, Demiurg are psykers and natural born navigators, anything else probably has a tiny empire and move at sub light speeds, like the tau

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>Wiki says he's keeping himself alive long enough for the Human Race to evolve enough Psykers to protect itself from The Warp.

Then it's kinda funny how hard the Imperium is trying to cull psykers from humanity at-large, and just how badly they're failing.

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demons do bother orks, but its not really bothering cause greenskins love a good fight =)

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Yeah, I meant that the orks aren't bothered if daemons show up.

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The Emperor is:
-An Assyrian
-Reincarnation of all the Pagan shamans of the past.
-The strongest Psyker
-Staying alive long because he's been plugged into a giant energizer battery
-Able to stop t
-Not doing anything to stop the purging of almost all Psykers

Daemons bother Orks all the time. It's half the fun of the trip.

Eldar use the webway
Orks roll 2 d6 and the scatter die
Kroot psychically home in on inhabited systems
Tau and most others use short bounces, popping in and out of the warp before reorienting using astrological charts and making another short jump. It's exceedingly slow and inefficient compared to the Imperial style of travel, though marginally less dangerous.

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Was wondering if one of you could answer a question for me?

A friend of mine said they are advancing the story of 40k and as a result of this they are killing off the Emperor, is this true or was he just bullshitting?

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Bullshit and bullshit. The Emperor's been dying for a glaciation cycle or so, and GW wouldn't advance the plot if it came with free blowjobs for a year. Can't screw with the current balance of power or it all goes to hell.

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Would be nice if they did.

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The Eldar CAN use the Warp for travel, they just PREFER to use the webway. The Tau form of travel doesn't enter the warp, they just skim around the edge of the warp, thus they need no psyker support and are safe.

So ALL the small alien empires use Tau drives?

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Let me get this straight. The Emperor is:

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There's a bit in the newest 40k rulebook that says the Golden Throne is fucked, and the techpriests can't fix it.

Also, I heard they're going to advance the story when the Horus Heresy novel series reaches its conclusion.

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>throne fails
>Emperor dies
>body was actually just a shell holding in a new god, like the hobo in Dogma
>story 'advances' because now instead of a corpse the Imperium has a shiny god to lead them and equalize the threat of Chaos and the C'tan

Calling it now.

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He said something along these lines, I think 40k could use a breath of fresh air.

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That's EXACTLY what he said he heard was happening.

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Eldar use the webway.
Orks don't care for navigation they just enter the warp and end up in a different place. As long there's a fight, they don't care.
Tau just skim the warp.
Kroot use Ork tech.
Demiurgs most probably just skim as well.
The ONLY race that don't use the Warp or Webway is the Necrons. Instead they have an Interialess drives which is basically stargate without the gate needed.

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nah dude, the emporer is gona become a new warp god, and hes gonna just as planned, and use his new god hood to lead humanity on a huge fuck yeah crusade.

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More like a Charlemagne, really.


Well, that is pretty much the most obvious progression; now the Emprah can go full Sigmar.

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>Reincarnation of all the Pagan shamans of the past.
>The first true Psyker

You realise 'shaman' is just old-timey speak for psyker, right? There were no human psykers for millennia because back in prehistoric times all the wizards and mystics got together for some ritual suicide and were reborn as the emperor.

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>my face when the emperor sheds the blood of the heretical men

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They won't do that though because that's stupid.

Absent, dying or impotent gods are much more Warhammer than gods that show up and do your asskicking for you.

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The golden throne is just the life support and the stop gap for the webway bridge The Emperor built. Which thanks to Magnus' sorcerery it's infested with daemons.

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You're implying Emps won't be as impotent as the Chaos gods, man. See, in 40k, the more power you get, the shittier you get. That's how this works. Yeah, feeding him 10,000 psykers a day made him a god. But gods are stuck feeding off their followers, and thus are bound to them. They can't do awesome shit like conqueror things first hand; look at the C'tan, they're stuck using avatars to even do anything, and they can be killed by 6 marines with bolters.

tl;dr- god = suck in 40k, so even though the fluff changes, the interactions will not.

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There was a young man from Stamboul,
Who soliloquized thus to his tool,
“You took all my wealth
And you ruined my health,
And now you won't pee, you old fool!”

brb golden throned

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>throne fails
>Emperor dies
>body was actually just a shell holding in a new god, like the hobo in Dogma
>the god is shot to death while he's still groggy from waking up and the lords of terra eliminate anyone who could possible know or learn the truth.
>astronomicon continues to be powered by sacrificed psykers
>plot stands still

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Implying he's dead and not luring the enemies of
mankind to let their guard down and cone alive
and destroy all the enemies of Mankind and usher in the new Golden Age.

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>the god is shot to death

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so is the God Emperor supposed to be a good guy? i don't understand who you're supposed to root for in this story...

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Problem with that, son? Clean your face as well, got something to hide?

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Nobody is "good" by the standard definition. You root for whoever you like.

The Imperial Guard are probably the closest thing to good that isn't "HURR SPACE COMMUNISM", though.

>Ozark, Waroose
Thanks captcha! I was looking for a name for my new Inquisitor!

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The only Saint I would want to pray to.

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well the humans do seem like the obvious choice. i've never been fond of orks, daemons, or flesh eating monsters

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>astronomicon continues to be powered by sacrificed psykers
The emperor is the one directing the power of the dying psykers in a way that makes it useful for navigation.

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An Imperial Guardsman is basically the everyman.

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Tau was good before they went "oh shit a non-human protagonist" and panicked and retconned a mind control thing.

That still makes them better than most of the other forces, though.

If you look at what the Emperor actually believed, it's pretty good. What his followers did after he died, not so good. It's supposed to echo the difference between what Jesus said and what Christians do.

>pursuance Mandinis

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right like
Jesus: i come with a sword to separate families
christians: we'll go around the world as missionaries giving food to starving groups of people and paying for third world countries to have basic necessities?

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tau are too small to be effective anyways.
>also XENOS

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>-An Arab

No, as far as I know he was from around far eastern europe.

>-A Muslim

No, he isnt even religous and he was pissed at people even worshipping him as a god.
Muslims (if they existed at the time of the emperor) would have fucking hated him.

>-Reincarnation of all the Pagan shamans of the past.


>-The first true Psyker

Ish, the Shamans had some ability though.

>-Staying alive long enough to evolve the human race in to psykers

He's hanging around for something, yeah.

>-Able to stop time

Probably, though it'd likely fuck him up bigtime and take alot of effort.

>-Not doing anything to stop the purging of almost all Psykers

He needs them to live, also psykers that dont have training simply become ready-to-use demon hosts.

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Exactly. A regular guy, given a flak jacket and a lasgun and told to shoot unholy monstrosities. He's got no politics, no ulterior motives, no heresy. Just another guy in a war. He's as "good" as any normal person today.

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""I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword" (Gospel of Matthew 10:34) is one of the controversial statements reported of Jesus in the Bible. The saying has been interpreted in several ways. Its main significance is that it is often offered as evidence that Jesus advocated violence—a view that is repugnant to some Christians, such as the peace churches. Many Christians believe that the sword is a metaphor for ideological conflict and that Jesus is not advocating physical violence, especially since he talks of division in a family immediately after."

More accurately, how about the simple command "turn the other cheek" in contrast with the crusades?

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how can the emperor not be religious if he's psychic and spends all of his time fighting "chaos" aka demons?

i mean i get that religion isn't popular and isn't supposed to be a good thing in the game but come on, it's just asinine to say that religion is obviously necessary when your constantly having to worry about psychic demons and unholy giant bug monsters

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Basically they're tools with no will or decisions of their own. They get told what to do and do it. Guardsmen aren't the most bad ass army, they're the most depressing.

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The ability to stop time is one any powerful enough psyker can replicate.
Of fucking course he can stop time with relative ease.

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Guess what? Demons aren't demons. They're psychic manifestations of internal and interpersonal conflict between sentient, psychic races. All of the religious iconography, the religious names, the claims of unholiness, that's stuff that the high-ups did after the Emprah had no more say. God-Emperor hated religion. He did not want to be worshiped. He wanted humanity to believe in itself, for each individual to believe in his own potential, and not put their faith and hopes in gods, because he knew A) they weren't praying to anyone and B) they were giving power to some seriously bad psychic mojo. The "gods" of "chaos".

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what good would being able to make decisions do when your entire species could be wiped out easily?

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Except their belief can repel daemons and hurt them.
The Emprah is likely a deity in the same way of the Eldar gods. He was made one via belief. So yeah, it all counts.

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that's a pretty badass tattoo.
but i'd give it about a day before you'd regret it. if not immediately after they started doing it

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Religion isn't a must, the Tau get by just fine without it. Then again, they have a sort of religion, more like philosophies, traditions and myths. They're supposed to be a southeast Asian culture in space, they made them look like grays to throw you off.

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They are basically helpless vs. daemons, so no, they do not "get along fine".

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That's because demons are quite literally in your mind. The belief that you can repel demons is something like a human WAAGH field. Because you believe you can, and because other humans believe it's possible, those thoughts get projected onto the Warp by the latent psychic abilities of the species and influence the denizen's forms, abilities, and so on. Every sentient, psychic species has this effect.

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Well, deamons can't posses them since they have no psychers or presence in the warp at all, so deamons can only hurt Tau as much as a Necron or Ork. Also, deamons are just as vulnerable to bullets as the next thing in 40k so it doesn't really matter.

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It isn't difficult for him to stop time at all. He does it in the Inquisition War trilogy, I think.

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Orks can be and are possessed by daemons.
Tau can be as well, the daemons simply do not care.

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Its gonna be funny when the turncoat humans on a Tau world give birth to an Alpha class psyker that ends up getting possessed and will literally rip the planet in half because the Tau don't know shit about the warp.

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Slaanesh was created by the downfall of the Eldar nation.. which was around the same time as when the Emprah united terra, right?

If this is the case.. couldnt it be argued that the chaos god of excess was created by an entire planet devoting themselves so truely to a single person? methings emprah = slaanesh's pappy.

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nope. the tau sterilize all other races.
no worries brah

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Not even fucking close.
The eldar willingly created Slaanesh with an orgy of violence and sex and obsession. Thus the Eye of the Warp was created. This was way before Emprah united Terra.

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Dawn of War is not canon.

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this game obviously has a lot of violence, but does it also have sex? it seems like the people in this universe do nothing but fight. seems boring

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>image size

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yeah it's odd that sex isn't covered in the background for a tabletop wargame.

Oh wait, no it isn't.

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i can't read that so i assume i'm still right

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He kinda pre-dates Islam by a few thousand years, so not muslim, and no. he's no the first psycher, just the embodiment of all human psychers(the Shaman were all psychers, hence why their souls were being devoured.

>> No.12850996

40k has been out for nearly thirty years and people STILL spell it "psycher".
This depresses me.

>> No.12850998

>Emps doing a dubspoint.
>You get Dubs.

Oh shit.

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It was about the same time the DaoT actually earned the "Dark" part.

>> No.12851017


That's not GRIMDARK enough. It'd be more like this:

>>throne fails
>>Emperor dies
>>body was actually just a shell holding in a new god, like the hobo in Dogma
>>new god is to humanity as Slannesh is to Eldar
>>will either try to bind humankind to servitude or snack on their delicious souls like candy

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Turn the other cheek was a first century BC greek idiom for avoiding a blow.

Not a commandment to let someone strike you again.

>> No.12851067

It's just no fun for the daemon cause it almost immediately gets shoved to the back of the Ork's brain while the Ork goes FIGHTIN'!

>> No.12851072

Yeah, it's been theorized the "human" god is a god of servitude/tyranny.

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Emps is a Turk

I hope the timeline advances in a meaningful/memorable way

Armageddon 3! Yeah it ended in a standstill, but your games actually mattered! Much better than how the eye of terror turned out. Plus, the games I played during that time were some of the best I've ever played.




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But right after that he talks about how if a Roman asks you for your robe, you should give him your shirt too. Or something like that. You know, if you see your enemy dying of thirst, you should give him water, etc.

>> No.12851141

Nah, it works the same way. Look at an ork's WP.
It just tends to be murderized for being unorky.

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rolled 5 = 5

one of my favorite fan theories is that the emperor was trying to increase the rate of powerful psykers born so that eventually the entire human race ends up similar to the eldar but even more powerful.

That way when the occasional human gets possessed the rest of society can just kill them/overpower and restrain them similar to how we deal with the insane or completely unrepentant killers in the real world.

That way instead of losing a regiment, like 1k SoB, 8 inquisitors and 3 space marines killing a single alpha hidden inside of a warehouse, you send in a couple non-possessed alphas to deal with it.

Of course this will never happen because any psyker higher or lower than a certain threshold is insta-blammed.

>> No.12851167

So the command is for Christians to be Savvy, Generous, and Merciful.

>> No.12851203

Its been mentioned that ALPHA PSYKERS EVERYWHERE is the destiny of mankind, actually.

>> No.12851216

>Emps is a Turk


Yes, apparently he was born in Anatolia. Anatolia is Turkish these days. But when Emprah was born, Turks were still hanging out back in Siberia or whatever portion of Central Asia they originally came from.

AFAIK, back when the Emprah was born, Anatolia was rulled by Hittites. But seeing how he wasn't simply "born" but was instead created by the fusion of all the shamans from the entire world, I guess it would be impossible to call him a member of ANY race, since he was formed by member of all the races out there. Emprah is a multiculturalist's vet dream, if anything.

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And whenever you worship me, make sure to have a bit of wine, savvy?

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Pretty sure he was born to human parents, not simply globbed together.

>> No.12851243

He likely doesn't have their genetics.

Most likely his genes are from a psychic blueprint incorporating all the others.

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rolled 86 = 86

which sucks since Alpha and I think high and mid level betas are all insta-killed as being too powerful.

Also if I remember correctly, the order of how psykers are dealt with is:
the weakest of psykers are also killed, the strongest of the weakest are turned into batteries in the astronomicon, the middle range is turned into inquisitors, commercial psykers, IG battle psykers, and other kinds, and the higher end but stable are turned into astronomical psykers to send messages.

Occasionally higher ranking psykers are turned into inquisitors or commercials too, but that is rarer.

>> No.12851276

rolled 96 = 96

his genes are written by all the shamans inside of him, and powered by it too. That is why he was born basically immortal and etc.

I like to believe that the reason all the primarchs were multiracial is because each one took parts of his genetic code for their own, and his code is made up of all nationalities, so which parts they took determined their racial attributes.

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>Hurr durr
The Eldar birthed Slaanesh right at the time that Emps had conquered Terra, which had two immediate effects - One, ripping the galaxy from V to A, resulting in the eye of terror, and two, banishing the warp storms surrounding Terra, giving Emps the opportunity he needed to start the Great Crusade.

>> No.12851373

Higher end is Ghey Knights.

>> No.12851404

Imperial policy is basically "if the alpha to alpha-plus level psyker surrenders, willingly goes on the Black Ship, willingly goes into a room with an incredibly powerful psy-dampener in it and wears another one, and is untainted, you may take him to be processed".

>> No.12851468

>itt Shaman fluff from Old Trader.

You know, if that's still canon, so are the Sensei, Star Child and the Illuminati, as all of that fluff was presented in the same section of the Realms of Chaos/Lost and the Damned books, and none of it has been retconned.

So this Shaman Voltron has immortal biological children who are immune to Chaos predations running around in warband fighting both Chaos and Imperial injustice, and who can become Sensei Masters - daemon prince equivalents - after death.

The Illuminati has infiltrated all the power positions in the Imperium, including the Inquisition, and seeks to resurrect the Emperor through the mass sacrifice of Sensei. The Thorian faction was created by the Illuminati to make unwitting inquisitors seek out potential Sensei.

>> No.12851498

So what? I've no issue with it.

>> No.12851557

I think calling them Illuminati is just derp tier, and the idea of yet ANOTHER seekrit group is also derp.

Sensei-sacrifice I'm OK with. I prefer Star-Child theory.

Remember that guy a while back claiming to be a GW employee who said that the Emperor was just going to die and that was it? The Imperium was going to fracture into an Imperial core, with several independent human empires spread throughout. Xenos enclaves will also rise during this time.

It'll be Age of Strife 2.0

>> No.12851659

Ha ha, no.

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