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So i have a question for my fellow elegan/tg/entleman, is there any site with a good collection of dark heresy/rogue trader/deathwatch home brew rules, adversaries, equipment, ect. I've used the mighty google but have sadly come up with nothing, and hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I am mainly looking for stats and such for adversaries, as that's where i have the most problems (especially with deathwatch baddies.)

Pic unrelated, but side note, where is the chem-chan love? Seems like I never see a lot of her around.

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Dark Reign.


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Nice, anything else out there?

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Can I keep her? Can I?

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Of course you can, just remember to give her a bath.

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There's this rule... Something about not posting an image that's more interesting than your question...

Fuck it, moar Chem Chan.

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You can check the FFG forums but anything with work put into it ends up on Dark Reign eventually.

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She spends a lot of time in the desert and in poorly ventilated areas.

Chem's permanent BO is as much a character flaw as Cata-chan's snaggletooth.

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a.k.a Delicious

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i dunno. mildly fucked up teeth can be somewhat cute. B.O. rarely si, unless she smells like chocolate or something.

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Try again.

There's a reason she has tomatoes here >>12847966

HALF the reason is bootleg caesar.

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Protip: it's not really meant to be attractive.

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bootleg caesar. Elaborate?

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It's when you're either too poor to get real booze or just can't aren't near enough to someplace to buy some, so you use anything that has a high alcohol content to substitute.

IE, Chem-chan isn't just using the tomatoes and cologne to bathe in, she's also using said bathwater to get drunk.

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Looks like either a janitor or mod is present.

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Well, that's fucking epic. I now officially <3 chem-chan the most. We need a drawfag on her now.

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Ugh. Fuck this, and fuck the janitor while we're at it. Fucker probably needs to get laid.

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You could just post the SFW pictures, bro. The guy's only doing his job.

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May as well ask for non-alcoholic beer. Rules are rules, though.

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A caesar is
* 6 oz. Clamato Juice
* 1½ oz. Vodka
* 2 Dashes Hot Sauce
* 2 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
* Freshly Ground Pepper
* 1 Crisp Celery Stalk
Looks like she's using cologne or maybe perfume instead of vodka. Hence, bootleg.

Fun fact: you can actually get drunk off perfume. Tastes like shit though.

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There are actually more SFW pics of her than there are porn.

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The one before was deleting all girl-chans outright, this is a step up.

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I want there to be a Chem Dog faction in New Vegas.

Chem-chan needs to be a major character.

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Please, illuminate us then.

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There was supposed to be a Chem-chan companion mod for Fallout 3, wasn't there? I have screenshots of the WIP somewhere...

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I'm doing my best, but I'm easily distracted and my internet is slow.

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You would literally just have to do a minor reskin of my beloved Clover.
Everything else fits.

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I can't envision Chem-chan as an ultra-submissive slave girl.

I found the screen. Guy put some serious work into it, but /tg/ would troll every WIP thread he made asking for suggestions with "DO CULTIST AS A COMPANION INSTEAD".

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My personal favorite by the now deceased WCKD.

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So where did chem-chan originate from? And does she have any backstory/writefaggotry?

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So once again, an innocent question turns into a porn dump.

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>porn dump
Where's the porn cockfag?

Also, OP did ask about Chem-chan. His question got answered already.

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OP here, this man speaks the truth. Course I'm still open to other sites... and more chem-chan...

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Some guy requested a Chem-chan to go with the other guard-chans and then an old drawfag named Little Gaunt delivered.

She gained moderate popularity compared to other chans. There isn't much other than that because for some reason there was a bunch of rage associated with trying to give her a history.

Some decent writefaggotry has been produced but it was porn (and no I don't mean the dog one).

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I miss coke.

Damn economy going south forcing me to quit.

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Man, my image wasn't even porn, got deleted anyway.

Ah well, fuck it anyway.

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Chem-chan + Cata-chan fusion anyone?

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She got morphed into furfaggotry. Damn shame, that.

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No. No, thank you.

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fuck, now i quest to find this, and 1d4chan already failed me.

that's nice

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Chem-rat and Chem-chan are two separate characters.

Just like how Spider-Ham isn't Spider-Man.

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Why is that James Bond. I havn't seen that Martini wielding bastard in a while.

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I always thought of Chem-rat as more of a parody anyway. Their personalities are too dissimilar.

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>implying that in those days you could post Chem-chan without the furfags yiffyaffing all over the place

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We're moderated now, that's where the porn is.

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random question from someone who doesn't play 40k

are there any such thing as Chaos Sororitas

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>implying that it wasn't the fault of people like you that mention Chem-rat first in every Chem-chan thread

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now GTFO

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It's a surprisingly good design for something so innately offensive.

Have some RO-chan + Chem-chan.

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no, there is not.

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The third (or fourth?) Chem-chan image, and the one that would go on to be the most popular.

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True enough, but I was just trying to explain Chem-chan's lack of popularity.

>> No.12848743

Chem-Chan vs. Krieger-Chan? Hot.

Hey, Krieger-Chan has some rather epic writefaggotry (I was there for basically all the major threads of that back in april :3), Chem-chan needs more love. Of course, Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 may not be the same person as Krieger Chan in the same way that in Pokemon Red isn't Ash.

>copies amopose
why yes captcha, they are sort of copies that are amoposed. or something

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It's a shame everyone hated Kelly so much. She was made under similar circumstances as Chem-chan. Anonymous requested, drawfag delivered. But for some reason no one ever thought of her as "legit" as Chem-chan.

Maybe because they didn't have the opportunity to go back and forth with the artist on what she should look like like they did with Chem-chan.

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She wasn't really that popular even before Chem-rat. She was just sort of there. Everyone knew about her, but few people liked her AS MUCH as the others.

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Clearly, the Janitor had something to say on the matter.

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Weird, it wasn't even porn.

This here's like the second Chem-chan image ever produced. Predates >>12848724

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The very first. Utterly unlike the later revisions, but this is where it all started.

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NO. Not Comrade Janitor deleting something he shouldn't be deleting? Heaven forbid.

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File: 265 KB, 768x944, chem-chanconcept unfiinished.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These came up somewhere between the first and second, but are unfinished.

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This thread is painfull nostalgic. We need to get someone pumping out more chem-chan

>> No.12848849

If that was the first chem-chan why does everyone credit littlegaunt with her creation?

>> No.12848859

>furry version of a human character
>shouldn't be deleting
"No furfaggotry" is one of the most fundamental rules on 4chan. Perhaps tgchan would be more to your liking.

>> No.12848871

perhaps because this one didn't have the Tank-girl design that gave her some real personnality.

>> No.12848879

Furfaggotry implies actual faggotry going on though, like, say, porn or drama.

I like to think you wouldn't get banned just for posting Skaven, Gnolls, or some stuff from Mouseguard here.

>> No.12848890


>implying that we need to immediately remove all traces of dragonborn from the board.

>> No.12848891

Even Little Gaunt didn't come up with that though. It was Anon asking him to draw her as such.

>> No.12848913

But then >>12848796 did. Cut down the jeans some and remove the scar and it's the same design. It actually just looks like it could be a Veteran Chem-chan.

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I personally dislike the fact that Gaunt took every opportunity to make her even more like Tank Girl instead of just "inspired by". Pic related. It's cool and all but if you got rid of the tattoo it would just be Tank Girl.

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For the ladies.

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So does any anon have a link to this chem-chan writefaggotry?

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Because by the time chem-chan started to become more popular, nobody knew about any other pics than the ones gaunt did. Personally this was my favorite rendition of her. And it came out only a little while after gaunt's did.

>> No.12849044

I have it saved somewhere but I fear posting it due to the porn ban. It's actually pretty tame as far as porn goes (procided you ignore the crappy sequels written by different writefags) but still.

>> No.12849065


Drop it on the chem-chan article of 1d4chan? needs more about her anyways.

>> No.12849097

Link me to article and I'll do so.

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>> No.12849158


that is a painfully sad article.

>> No.12849242


failed to deliver.

>> No.12849289

Chem-Chan did have a small fapfic where Schlik-Tau is fascinated by human feet, and so they have some pics where they act extra heretical.

>> No.12849325


fucking heresy, stop being so delicious.

>> No.12849330

Just realized I have no idea what I'm doing. So instead I'm uploading the notepad to megaupload and you can add it to the wiki...

And hopefully tidy it up somewhat, because damn that is just depressing to look at.

"Pure 34"? The fuck?

Anyway I should mention the whole thing was written at the time when it was assumed that Knox should be Chem-chan's name. It was written by a writefag /tg/ later dubbed Cap'n Blueballs for some obvious reasons.


>> No.12849344

Actually that's the one I just uploaded here >>12849330

>> No.12849457

>should mention the whole thing was written at the time when it was assumed that Knox should be Chem-chan's name
For me Knox > Gretchen anyway.

>> No.12849475


got all of the pictures saved from this tread, once i can figure out how to get them on 1d4chan ill start cleaning that place up, and adding the writefaggorty. anyone know where any more is? Chemchan deserves better

>> No.12849486

Post the drawfaggotry at http://grognard.booru.org - especially the smut.

>> No.12849502

There's the dog one mentioned in the entry that we don't discuss here.

And of course the sequels to IG Blues that devolved from cute, mostly harmless heresy to snuff porn.

>> No.12849503


wise idea good sir

>> No.12849512

And link the thread here.

>> No.12849559

Whatever happened to Blueballs? If he had given us the next chapter he promised, maybe we wouldn't have had to deal with some sub-par continuations on par with an M. Night Shamwow directed porn movie.

>> No.12849586

... Chem-chan had a name?

>> No.12849587

The name's Shyalamalamadingdong.

>> No.12849613

There was ChemQuest. It was awesome.

>> No.12849626



>> No.12849651

I fucking raged so hard.

>> No.12849666

But short.

Manly tears ending was manly tears though.

>> No.12849779

failed to deliver.

>> No.12849863


haven't even started yet. Don't really feel like finding out how to add images to a wiki yet.

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What has science done?!

>> No.12850456

Made it better.

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Bumping for more Chem-chan.

>> No.12852378

Anyone know the name of this artist?

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File: 139 KB, 700x800, mmorbid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chemchan = Mandy Morbid.
google it up
inclusive of the pics of her with a respirator
/tg/ girl does a web show of her and her porn pals playing D&D!

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>>Hm, this "Chem-chan" seems interesting, let's see what 1d4chan has on her.
>>Almost nothing, darn.
>>... "Chem-chan gets knotted"?
>>WTF WTF where the hell is this story on suptg?!
>>... Culled? Muh-thur-fukr.

>> No.12854591

So seriously, what's the deal with this char? I hadn't even heard of the "Chem Dogs" before.

The archive only has one very partial story with her, and there's nothing about her support characters or anything either there or on the wiki.

My interest (and other things) are aroused, I need more input, Stephanie!

>> No.12854649

So did Nurse Verity turn her into a rat with SCIENCE! or is the other one something different that likes to shop at the same place?

>> No.12854671

>dat caption
Okay, so why aren't there any images of THAT?

>> No.12856276

We should get a drawfag on it.

>> No.12856723

It was spawned by combining Ink eyes from Magic the Gathering with Chemchan. There is no story behind it, just drawfaggotry that got out of control.

>> No.12856741


There were. WCKD drew that pic. I guess it never got archived.

>> No.12858185

You're full of shit.

>> No.12858194

You are also full of shit.

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