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/tg/, I'm thinking of beginning Magic The Gathering Online. I've been playing Magic for 3 years casually; I like drafting more than constructed. Any tips or warnings?

Pic unrelated but terrible

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whoever did that to their cards is an idiot.
Don't play online. It's gay as hell.

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The only point that people who rip up cards like that make is that they're too stupid to sell them instead of wasting the money they spent. What's next, smashing new cars with sledgehammers to show how non-capitalist they are?

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OP here. Can you tell me what's wrong with it specifically? Are the people unbearable, software shitty, etc?

And the story behind the picture is that apparently a guy's girlfriend did this to his cards as some sort of revenge, and this is the picture he took as evidence to sue for damages. But it's a 4chan story so who knows

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>see at least 6 planeswalkers in the pile, and at least 4 cards that i'm considering buying

Mother. fucker.

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You don't sue for damages in that case, you simply destroy all her worldly goods and dump her ass.

As for why you shouldn't play MtGO, it's simple; You do not actually OWN any cards you purchase from them. Not a one. They could decide to take them away from you just because they can, and you'd be SOL. Hell, if they ever DO go under, you'd have wasted however much you spent on cards. Buy real cards and play against real people face to face or, alternately, use one of the many programs that let you play for free.

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I felt that way when i say the pic as well. Its actually quite painful to look at.

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PLay on MWs or any of the other free programs. It takes knowledge of the rules as the programs don't do the simple housekeeping for you, but still it's better than paying for virtual cards that you will most likely never see.

inb4 redemption scheme

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Didn't even bother to mention the redemption crap since you're going to spend so much trying to hit the requirement.

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>mfw I see the Black Lotus in that pile

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That fucking pic.

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Not seeing it. Where?

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Nigga you must be trolling.

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>Chandra Ablaze
This happened pretty fucking recently too. Like within the past year. I don't even know what I'd do to a bitch that did this

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I think MTGO is great. Drafts whenever I want, I can buy/trade incredibly easily, and I don't have to worry about the very situation in OP's pic. As far as redemption, just liquidate your collection to tickets and then sell the tickets.

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this. and you forget about all the incidental money you save like gas etc

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Why don't you use OCTGN instead? Completely free, nice program. I've posted it on /tg/ before without apparent interest.

Program: http://www.octgn.net/

Card Files: http://www.mediafire.com/sets

Most of the card files in one place:



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there's nothing wrong with MTGO, especially if you like limited play. However, be incredibly careful not to get caught up in it. You can get carried away with playing too much and spending too much money.

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Card browser.

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>Koth of the Hammer
>Mox Opal
Within the past month or so, man.

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An example of what OCTGN looks like when you get to the table. I set this up just throwing a couple of cards down in a "game" by myself. If you mouse over any card on the field, you'll get a nice big representation of it at the top-right corner of your screen, you can zoom in and out at will, et cetera.

Has functions for adding tokens and counters to the game, along with pretty much everything you could want.

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Do any online tabletops besides Lackey (horribly made, but functional) and MTGO ($$) support games with more than two players? My chums and I love us some five-man throwdowns.

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God, I don't know why everyone else is raging about that picture. I felt a little bit of release.

It's nothing like destroying a new car- you can USE a new car. These are just overdone little pieces of cardboard. You can print another one, easy, and play with it. The only reason you can't is because some guy with a lot of money and too much made-up authority tells you it's only good if he or his associates made it with their own stuff.

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I hope you have 320 dollars to buy Four Jace, the Mind Sculptors to even have a chance at winning.

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OP here.
I draft for that very reason. The playing field is balanced for a lot less money. I could draft 6 times for the cost of one Jace.

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I'd use OCTGN, but I don't know anybody to play it with and I dunno if it runs on Linux anyway.

On that subject, I'm pretty bad at Magic too.

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I have octgn but no one i know seems to be interested in it.

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