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So I've seen that /tg/ likes this game. So as a first time player I come to you for help.

How the fuck do you start a tribe? I completed all of the heroquests except for Emlal's and asked for the blessing to start a tribe. However I wasn't able to get but one clan to join me. So how do I get a second chance at tribeforming? Short game by the way.

Also King of Dragon Pass general.

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>So how do I get a second chance at tribeforming?
I don't think you can get a second chance. This game is very unforgiving.
Your clan circle looks pretty shitty as well, too many people worshipping the same gods.

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>10k cattle
>5.3k goods
>4.7k food
>1.7k population
>353 magic
Jesus tittyfucking christ.

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Yeah, I've been playing for quite a few years just getting bigger and bigger. I'm already responsible for creating 5 split of tribes, which is why I am trying to form a tribe.


So basically game is over then? Cause my ring keeps telling me we should attempt to form a tribe.

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Why don't you try doing the Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest with the intention of forming a tribe or getting the blessing to form a tribe or whatever it is?

You can do quests more than once, you know.

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Just started playing this the other day. What have you done, /tg/, I was trying to beat Baldur's Gate 2, and now I can't stop playing this.

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Are you autism?

Oh fuck. I love this game so much but I suck so much. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE ETIQUETTE!

Fucking hell, it's like I'm being punished for all my years of playing RPG's and RTS's through the use of unconventional tactics and strategies.

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It doesn't give me that option. I have completed this quest for the blessing twice, once I failed to unite the clans, and the second time it never gave me the chance to.

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What do you mean etiquette? Etiquette in the game? Because I am all the way of on the King - Stickpicker scale.

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Yeah, well. Let's say I meet some dinosaurs. My first thought, USE THEM. Then I get fucked over by the Gods for shaming the ancestors or something.

I can't walk in line, in a game. I'm more chaotic than Loricon... see my point?

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...you an aspie, boy?

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I recently found out they're making an iOS port. I don't use Apple stuff, but it's nice to see A-Sharp still kicking.

Someone should make a similar game, with an original setting if must (says he, with no intention of doing it himself). There's a bunch of simple game construction and programming kits out there, and for something like KoDP you could even use something like a VN-based kit, like Ren'py.

The original game had a lot of text, a lot of art work, lots of great stuff, though. The only people who could be dedicated enough would be completely autistic, and they wouldn't be able to create such a great personality for the game. At best, something like King of Dragon Pass: Dwarf Fortress Edition.

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REAL Orlanthi FIGHT dragons and their spawn. You know, like ORLANTH did?

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Yeah but fuck the ancestors. You know how many of enemies you can kill with some fucking dinosaurs?

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You should generated clan that is friendly with dragons then. Not one that is hostile to them and thet try to make friends.

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>Yeah but fuck the ancestors

Then you're playing the game wrong.
See >>12843862

>uppinfor glory
That sounds about right captcha

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>King of Dragon Pass: Dwarf Fortress Edition
Fund it. Fund it now.

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derp. Ignore that, I forgot to rename it.

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Your emissary to the Elves, Dworficon has shamed himself. At the welcoming feast, he recited ribald poetry about their trees, and shook his buttocks in the face of their chieftain. What do you?

2. Take the trash out.
3. Pull the lever.

Drogwin says:
"Our ancestors have been shaking their asses in the face of Elven chieftains since time immemorial. I say we praise Dworficon, and reward him with a potato masher made out of orichalcum!"

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I'm thinking of starting a new game since a War clan of ALL RAIDING ALL THE TIME was awesome in theory but I had to stave of starvation like every other year.
I got three big questions, which gods do you think I should represent in my circle? (besides my main deity ofc) and are thralls worth it? Should I take thralls, maybe keep the option open without actively taking them or have ancestors that didn't take thralls?
...And how much can I fuck with the ducks before I get raped?

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I came buckets.

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Reading these threads always make me realise that I play like a pussy. Start with a huge tula, Balanced or Peace clan, tradan, tradan, tradan, emissaries everywhere, holy shit so many cows oh no now no one has anymore cows, croft, pray, build. Honestly, I just can't trust being at constant war all the time, that sounds like a stupid idea in the long run.

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I'm not sure I remember this correctly, but it might be possible that if you failed in making a tribe, you can just wait for the whole thing to start again: when you get the blind seer event, that's the sign that you can try to make a tribe.

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I just downloaded KoD from /rs/, but I can't get it to work. Please help? Using windows 7.

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Just last night, I shooed the ducks off their land, only to have a massive beastman army kill off half my clan and subsequently lose about two months later. So keep that possibility in mind.

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Are you using Daemon Tools?

>> No.12844141


Need an ISO mount

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It's been around 50 years since I failed to unite the clans though...

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I am >>12844093 and I am using Daemon Tools. Should I be using something else?

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These guys don't fuck around man.

Dem ducks man, dem ducks

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1) Raid
2) Sell hostages and loot
3) Buy food and cattle

Somehow majority of war clans are doing only 1)

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Harrased ducks and captured their lads each time. This happened only once.

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IIRC, you can beat the ducks when you have beastmen as an enemy in your clan history or something.

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> Magic 301

What the fuck, man, whose divine balls did you have to slobber on to get that much mojo?

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1)Rain and seize land
2)Grow huge
3)People want to split off for being too big
4)New neighbors
6)Raid forever.

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Hey /tg/ you fucking cock-asses. Thanks for reminding me no modern PC will ever run this game and ruining my day.

I have it on megaupload if any of you Amish neckbeards want it for your windows 98/2000 PCs.

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I see, how did you lose btw? I haven't played enough to even know how to lose.
...Oh fuck

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The game gets very boring at certain point when you just try to gather silver for bribing and to buy cattle taht no one sells while waiting for next Kingdom making event.

And I've never had more than 50 weaponthanes either.

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dude, i have windows 7 and this works absolutely fine.

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Iirc, I got it to run on Vista. Or maybe not.

It certainly runs in Wine, with some effort.

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...It works on my Vista

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Rape impending.

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Open deamon tools, click mount then find the KoDP iso file you downloaded. Click play or read or start or whatever looks like the right button (i havnt used deamon tools for a while). Should start.

I had a problem with it when i tried to play a while ago. It would take anywhere from 5 seconds to 35 minutes to load the game and im running a modern 'gaming' laptop.

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Are pigs useful for anything other than slaughtering? I have 24000 of them and they take too many herders to maintain. Similarly, is there any point to having more horses than thanes?

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Pigs do add food every year (automatic slaughter). You don't need to have kazzilion pig but how do you managed to get that many of them in the first place?

Horses are good because you never know when Giant Snail eats your Thanes. Horses are also very valuable in trade.

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I've been leading my clan for over 200 years now, I have lots of everything, except sheep and farmers. My herds grow much faster than my population because I always invest magic to herds for the sole purpose of sheep to maintain my temple sacrifices.

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Guys, tell me about this game. I am sad and clueless.

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based on the setting for the old rpg hero/runequest, its a peculiar mix of rpg, strategy and management, most akin to a choose your own adventure book.

You lead a clan, with the aim of surviving and thriving, but various events get in the way, from rivalry with neighboring groups to the weather, ice demons, wandering adventurers, trolls, drunken clan members, thieving bastards and a mess of other things. The best solution to problems is not always apparent, or available, or the same as clans have a history to live up to, gods to praise and not piss off and various other messes.

Its a hard game as you have to not think in the same way as you would for most games and get into the role part of it (making it in a peculiar way a far more role-playing crpg than even the best ones of the genre).

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Yeah, that's a neat thing about KoDP. Rather than simply calculating what gives you the biggest numbers, your success depends more on your ability to please your ancestors and follow ancient customs and shit like that. In order to master KoDP, you need to master KoDP's _fluff_ and I think it's the only game that does anything like that.

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Shit, I'm gonna try this now. For SCIENCE!

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I accidentally the entire adult population

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And so the sagas recorded that was the last we ever saw of that anon intact, for the folly of his venture surely lead to his downfall.
His head was placed upon a totem of the Duck of Rage, known to humans as 'Donald'.

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I just love that rapeface

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any other games similar to KoDP? only thing i can think of is DF and i already have that

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As an Old Glorantha nerd, it warms my heart to see you guys messing around with this world. My first real campaign I ever ran from start to finish was a Runequest game set in Dragon Pass.
FYI tons of the new RQ stuff is up on /rs/ if you want to check out the roleplaying end of this fantasy world.
Pic related, Babycakes would make a very good Storm Bull Initiate.

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Ducks worship Humakt the god of Death. they used to follow the sun God but during the God War they switched sides to support the Storm god, so the sun God punished them by taking away their power of flight.
Since the start of Time many ducks have been drawn to Humakt out of a sense of Nihilism. Also the duck homeland is on the edge of a massive swamp filled with the undead hordes of the Great necromancer, Delecti. Humakt, as the god of Death of the Storm pantheon, abhors the undead, and teaches many special techniques to fight them.

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Nonsense, we are writing the sagas as we speak!

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>> No.12845795

Basmol is a lion god from the southern continent of Pamaltela. he was one of Pamalt's generals, and march noth with him to help fight against the Devil. The Basmoli beastmen are descendents of his army, men who can assume to form of half- or full-lions, and who even as men use iron claws to rip and tear.

>> No.12845800

I'm tempted to run a little Quest thingy, just to showcase Glorantha a little. But then again, I'm a little bit too lazy to work seriously on it.

>> No.12845822

Quack, quack motherfuckers.

>> No.12845958

Oh come on, they're not even HUMAN, our ancestors hate them.

Hey, cool.

>> No.12845970

Fortunate that the Basmoli are stuck in Pamaltela. Because it'd reeeeally suck to have to duke it out with them.

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They are a joke compared to the Ironhoof.

I always choose immaterial enemies because having vendetta towards a whole species just feels stupid.

>> No.12846005

Oh, is the Duckkiller clan's luck about to turn?

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Fucked ducks are FUCKED

>> No.12846045

Oh no, their babies!

>> No.12846085

Okay that didn't work.
Constant harrasment my ass, it was like, three raids.
...it was for Science! my poor clansmen ;____;

>> No.12846086

Crying duck babby... yeah, that's gotta be pretty heartbreaking if it makes vikings stop taking their lands.

>> No.12846100

I myself prefer enemies that put up a fight. I generally befriend the ducks though, both from fear of being buttraped by Ironhoof and my fond memories of them from old RQ campaigns.

>> No.12846101


>See you're going to try and fuck with the ducks
>let you be
>mfw the beastman rape your shit

good, good

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I got a hit a second time too... This is the result of soldiering on after that.
I.e. posting loss-scenes

>> No.12846120

Considering he had only 600+ cattle before, it's more of a mercy kill.

>> No.12846121

Out of interest, (and because I'm a lazy git) what happens if you decide to disband the clan?

>> No.12846134


i had less than 400 cattle at my lowest point and i managed to change that.

>> No.12846145

You're goddamn right it was rape. I ain't never gonna fuck with beastmen again.

>> No.12846146

Game Over

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600+ Cattle isn't very low, with small population and tula area combined with Banthars blessings it is enough to keep situation stable. More would be better though.

>> No.12846187

That's because I was so busy raiding the shit out of people so yeah, had a little run in with starvation that year. Could have done something to stop it I guess, but fuck that shit I was fucking with the ducks and that was all I really wanted
I'm guessing you'll see the scenes I am showing now, haven't lost before since I started playing like yesterday

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>clan duck killer


>> No.12846223

First thing you want to do is to get max Crafters, max herd magic and Calf Blessing. Without those you won't get enough resources.
Also get enough thanes but don't feud more than 1 neighboring clan at once and try either beat them or make peace fast. Explore your tula a lot.

Cattle raiding is easy way to get extra cow but don't send very big groups or they will be noticed.

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Yeah I know, I kind of suspected I was fucked anyway so I thought I'd go all out and name the clan something FIERCE like that. Great timing on the post though, I knew the joke was there but I laughed out loud anyway.

I think I got hit twice in a row by the beastmen since I raided the ducks twice in a row thanks to that rainbow.
Does that sound about right to you guys?

Also, starting a new game now. I really like this game, gonna play this all night long

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Cool, thanks. I usually reorganise the ring at the first chance I get, but that might be unnecessary until just before sacred time?

>> No.12846285


Eh, i find dragon pass rather hard to play sometimes. Its taken me around 4 tries so far to finally get a session that lasts longer than 5 years.

>> No.12846333

Chalana Arroy is pretty much a must too. And getting Fyrdwomen and the Elmals defense blessing are very helpful because you will get raided by horsetribe sooner or later and that is fucking annoying.
Try to get the heroquest for your main deity fast so you can boost the stats of your tribe leader.

>> No.12846365

What must I do to increase my reputation?

>> No.12846375

Give gifts, keep your word, fulfill requests, do heroquests and explore.

>> No.12846566

practice the virtue of generosity, be just, be kind and never pass up the chance to kick some ass and win fame.

>> No.12846734

Looks like I'm gonna have to teach some niggas how it's done.

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>> No.12846752

2 magic in war during the sacred time makes all the difference

>> No.12846766

ducks are reknowned for being lazy and stupid say our clan poets

>> No.12846783

>their example

thank you captcha, I couldn't have said it better myself

>> No.12846796

a magic gem of captured spirits found by my explorers makes for a final nail in the coffin

>> No.12846814

g'bye ducks

Orlanth rules here. No furries allowed.

>> No.12846830

vengance for my /tg/ brothers who have languished under quacking fear for so long

>> No.12846851

>Explore northern lands
>Discover Dwarf Fortress.

>> No.12846868


The dorfs are fucking awesome, don't mess with them though or they'll rip your shit in two

>> No.12846924

Hmm, I pumped magic into war (see starvation lulz) but I did not try to kill as many as possible, instead I tried to seize their land. I guess that was my mistake?

>> No.12846993

I have three dancing lizards with trees on their heads right now.. What are they doing, what's the best action?

>> No.12847089

If they're newts and your clan hates dragons you should kill them

>> No.12847137


Yeah, seizing land is fucking beyond difficult to impossible if they have any chance of hunkering down and resisting. You have to completely and totally crush and ruin them for them to leave.

I had been preparing and I always do because I know how often they appear. I spend the first year learning mysteries, solving feudes and exploring for trade goods. If things are okay the second year I focus solely on building a good number of weaponthanes and learning mysteries to help.

mysteries I consider nessiccary at all times are
-Woad (Orlanth)
-Truesword (Humakt)
-Fyrdwomen (Vinga)

with those 3 you can safely focus on more important duties such as food, trade and magic while still having a force that will rip anything it touches to shreds.

>> No.12847183

I see, so the "seizing land" option should never (or pretty much never) be taken, you're just supposed to fuck them up so much that they leave their entire tula?

>> No.12847204

To clarify, I meant "they" in a general sense, not just ducks.

>> No.12849850

crusader kings is a lot like it. except not fantasy and set in the crusader era

>> No.12849876

I'm having some trouble even starting or installing the game.

After double clicking on the exe file, the picture appears but then it just stops.

Running vista and compatibility doesn't work. Help would be appreciated.

>> No.12849948

i'm fairly certain i got mine working on pure luck. it starts differently every time
>i don't even

>> No.12850010

so i've tried playing this game several times now and always end up running out of cattle.
this last time i even got a tribe going, pretty large too, but that didn't really do anything. just kinda added more events.
is land expansion the answer?

my basic strategy is usually
don't piss off anyone, just plunder and cattle raid
build as many temples and such as possible
and try to keep my reputation up.

should i be more aggressive or something?

>> No.12850030

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes was here, KoDP's clan creation question set is small time and cannot compare to my mighty 30 questions, each with a paragraph or two of fluff.

>> No.12850040

Stop building temples. Each temple you build requires regular sacrifices. If your not careful you'll wind up slaughtering half your heard just to keep the gods happy.

>> No.12850063

If you are so superior, then why can I not find you in any reputable stores, hmm?

>> No.12850132

yeah i did start to notice that but i figured the added stuff they gave me would make up for it.
plus someone on here said that that was the best strategy
how many temples and Grand Temples should you have?

>> No.12850133


Because, sadly, Glorantha is a terribly niche fantasy setting, and most of its fans prefer Runequest over Heroquest.

Its awesome even if you just want fluff and information on the Orlanthi though. I'll probably never get to use my copy, but it was worth the money I paid for it just to read.

>> No.12850166

wait a minute...
it shares the same backstory as King of Dragon Pass?

>> No.12850172

Yeah, I actually wanted it, tore around my various stores, less legal venues, and the only ones i could find were all online stores that I have never bought from. So, as much as I would love to have it, apparently I don't get to.

>> No.12850214


I encountered the same problem, and eventually I ordered it directly from Moon Design. Its an expensive book, but it was worth it IMO.

>> No.12850234

You just had to show me that map, alright, guess I will risk it then.

>> No.12850270


The book has quite a few maps like that.

Also, before anyone gets their hopes up, that isn't a cut up book prepped for scanning, those are review/test pages from before the book went to mass-publication.

>> No.12850296

Is there a decent megaupload (or whatever) of this somewhere?

My university blocks torrents and while I'd love to support the developer, their distribution system is everything terrible about the 1990s - literally; "send us 20 dollars and we'll burn you a disk" because apparently 150 MB is too large to download nowadays.

>> No.12850305


Also, I searched for it on /rs/ but came up empty - is it named something other than "King of Dragon Pass"?

>> No.12850323


nvm, turns out my browser was just fucking up and not displaying the search results. Herp derp.

>> No.12850327

i tried the one from /rs/ too and it didn't work for me either. sorry pal. mine is from Demoniod

>> No.12850578

is there a ways to get more tricksters other than just waiting?

whenever mind dies i have to wait like ten or twenty years for a new one to sprout up

>> No.12850680

This game blows.




>> No.12850697

so what you're basically saying is...
you suck

>> No.12850764


Most tricksters get lynched/outlaws (as good as lynching, in fact, usually occurs just before the lynching) when they are discovered.

Rarely a chieftain will take one under their protection, like Orlanth did Eurmal, assuming responsibility for any mischief the trickster causes.

>> No.12850779


>> No.12850828

so i just have to wait then huh? oh well

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>> No.12850888


>> No.12850933


>> No.12850995


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Get Calf Blessing and max crafters. Then try to buy and ask for cattle all the time until you have something like 1000. After that you should have enough to keep your herd from diminishing because they reproduce faster than enemies and random events kill or steal them.
Also Cattle Raids work better with less men because you won't get spotted as easily.
If you want to feud then you must choose one guy in your neighbourhood and rape him.

The game is mostly about managing time. You get set number of actions every year so you have to optimize. Spring is good for trade and exploration.
Fire Season can either be used to advance your grand war strategy or if you are not feuding then use it for trade and exploration. If you are not thinking about wiping someone out or absolutely need to please your thanes don't raid. Cattle Raiding is cheaper and safer and herds are more important than goods.
Earth Season is once again good for trade and exploration.
Dark Season is best used to do sacrifices, building temples and managing other inner events.
Storm Season is a wild card and you can do pretty much everything you did in Fire Season.

If you are sending explorers far away give them time. If you have too many explores out at the same time you risk being event locked if you start several long event chains at the same time. If you are event locked you can't really do anything and you risk losing because you can't recruit more thanes or adjust patrols or pray for healing.

>> No.12852776

Oh you two, distracting me from reinstalling KoDP~

Especially you Vegeta. I'm just sayan.

>> No.12853150


where is the damn source for that picture?

I've been looking for ages for it!

>> No.12853157


Ask /int/, they'll be happy to help.

>would empoice
So would I, captcha.

>> No.12853184

I find this picture incredibly cute. And feel guilty because of it.

>> No.12854716

Man, I am so happy this thread is still alive. Gonna start a new game just because of that.

>> No.12854769



>> No.12854804

/v/isitor here. ho shit that game looks brilliant, i want it.

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