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What would you use this model for? Would you be able to paint / field this without looking weird.

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probably not the whole model, but the ladies could probably be used as DE cum dumpsters.

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Slannesh or maybe Nugle daemon?

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>Would you be able to paint / field this without looking weird.

Nope you couldn't even BUY it without looking weird.

I guess greater daemon/daemon prince of slaanesh...one whos chosen excess is apparantly breast feeding...

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These type of demons seem more horrific than the GW ones, would be nice to field an army like this

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Oh, it's wet nurse again.

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really, horrific? it looks like shit, more laughable then horrific

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Just what this demon calls for.

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Probably Nurgle more than Slaanesh. All Slaanesh's stuff is supposed to be super fast - that thing doesn't look like it's going anywhere.

If you were to field it as say, a Great Unclean One, minus the women and (either impending or just ending) tentacle rape, I'd accept it. The model itself is pretty disturbing looking (a nice mixture of human traits tied to a monstrous bulk, although the breasts go a little overboard) - I wouldn't mind seeing my Grey Knights charging that thing.

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This is much more evil and demonic than GW's basic muscle bound thing. Man can destroy a beast no matter it's size. But this thing just says the breeding and corruption and it's never ending nature.

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ill agree GW deamons are not horrific, but that dose not mean this awful model is.

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Looks like something Kentaro Miura would draw.

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It's still pretty Slaaneshi.

Also, link.

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Oh! so THATS what slaanesh looks like on a bad day!

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I can't be the only one picturing this a nurglish blight demon right?

Greenstuff oozing crap, ripped tissues and seeping wounds, paint it rotted, gray and red/yellow pus...

Put in on a scenic base...

Would make a lovely herald of nurgle champion I forgot the name of...

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Isn't Nurgle also meant to be nurturing? Might explain the BREASTS FOR THE BREAST GOD, CLEAVAGE FOR THE THRONE OF CLEAVAGE look.

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I'd use it as a monster against my PCs, I do love my eldritch abominations.

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Yeah, Nurgle's nurturing and rebirth and the like, but that thing has too many breasts. I mean, it has two coming up on the top of its head like horns. What is the purpose of that? Just makes it look ridiculous, in my opinion.

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Where can I order this mini?

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iirc it sold out, Cthulutech or something.

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If you look at the actual horns and the bulge at the top of it's head, you realize the mask turned upside down would make it a pregnant woman with her legs spread about to give birth.

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Hate to break it to ya, but they're all sold out.

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It's part of the remains of a woman merged with the top of it. Check out the atrophied legs and the distended vaginal opening on top - that's her lower body, or what's left of it at least.

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Hmm, replace some of the breasts with arms, faces and tentacles and you probably could get away with fielding it without too many weird looks.

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Oh ho, alright, that's acceptable then. Yeah, this would make a pretty badass Great Unclean One.

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Holy balls, I want background on whatever the fuck this thing is.

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I wanna field that as a keeper of secrets or something.

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Isn't there something like this in the SCP Foundation?

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From what little was posted on different message boards, I gathered it's some sort of demon-world where humans, apart from the very few brave and strong enough to defend themselves, are everyone's prey. This particular beastie doesn't breed or produce milk itself, so it takes away human children, pumps human females out of breatsmilk to feed the chirldren, and then hands over the kids to whatever unspeakable fate (probably nearest demon-bbq). Apparently the penistail isn't a penis but a suction device to abort any supernumerary children the females might produce. Or something. I didn't mind the model, found it suitably WTF that I'd actually own it, but the descriptions made me a bit sick in the mouth.

Also, some of you, you really consider this model sick/wierd but wouldn't mind using pregnant naked women in your DE army as decoration? REALLY?!

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actually a couple of those models dont look terrible to be honest. Though the giant crawling demon baby...thing is sorta silly looking with the hands

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AdEva, as an angel or something to do with Lilith. Variable difficulty, either it makes Angelspawn, turns people into zombies through breast milk, or both for extra special mean.

Mother of All or something like that, you drink from it's tits until you die and somesuch.

Not everything can be Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo.
Which is so damn creepy I can't even find a decent pic of it.

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Oh Mod, great Mod above, I have never asked thee for much...my heart is cynical and doubting, and I have slandered thee before the multitudes and cast aspersions as to thy competence. But hear me in my hour of need, just this once...

Deliver us from OP. Cast him down, suffer not his threads and posts to remain and sully this sacred board. Let his blasphemy be deleted forever, and unleash the might of thy most holy B&hammer that he may plague us no more.

In the name of m00t, I implore thee!

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For some reason this made me lol hard

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Fuck yes, babyface angel catterpillar with poison breath and swords for ribs!

Say what you will about the storyline, characters and pacing, but the designs were just awesome.

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