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Is that lesbian goddess threesome between Sarenrae, Desna, and Shelyn actually canon?

The only thing I can find that even remotely supports it is:

"Desna's only sources of comfort among the deities are Sarenrae, who tends to her wounds after battling the evils of the night, and Shelyn, who ever reinvigorates her spirits and creates new wonders to be explored."

Plus some bit about Desna being hesitant to leave herself vulnerable to others except them.

I know that's enough for most fa/tg/uys to declaer Lesbian Goddesses Forever but I don't know. Is this really all there is in their background material to support that?

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>Is that lesbian goddess threesome between Sarenrae, Desna, and Shelyn actually canon?
No, you dummy

>Is this really all there is in their background material to support that?

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It IS however, enough to jump to conclusions.

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And as we all know, horny nerds on the internet love to jump to conclusions.

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Can we have a lesbian deities thread then?

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Be they fa/tg/uy or yaoi fangirl, it always is enough.

Also, could easily provide a Lesbian mystery for Oracles.

Bonus points if oracles taking it also take the curse of Tongues.

Calistria can't have a hand in it because she has a dick sometimes.

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Without stretching into /tg/-related comics with Artesia, I'm trying to think of some.

Artemis and at least one other goddess in Scion.

For D&D-related settings...

Coming up blank for EXCLUSIVELY lesbian deities.

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But leave the Dawnflower out of it

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Lesbian deities discussion?

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She has the Patron Saint of Lesbian Pimps. That's pretty gay.

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For some reason I always thought of Eilistraee being one.

Gwynhwaryf isn't a goddess, but she's pretty damn near the edge of godhood. Holy lesbian barbarians with paladin abilities? Fuck yes.



I'd honestly be surprised if Blue Rose didn't have one, since it's Blue Rose and all.

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Say what you like about this woman, but she will be *really* ugly when she's 40. I bet she'll have the whole sunken eyes/cheeks wrinkly forehead shit going.

Perma-frown and saggy chin to top it off. You can see she's just a sour bitch by her face even here.

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/tg/'s version at least. The unnamed goddess that she loves and that the Helots follow certainly is.

Her opposite number Ardarvia is bisexual though. At least I think that's how it went.

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>the nameless goddess
is actually Xiombarg.


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Just remembered Xinivrae, demon lord of succubi who focus exclusively on women.

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She is bisexual.

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Fucking Elminster even ruins deific yuri.

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>succubi that focus solely on women

Don't succubi work by sucking semen out of people?

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Elminster was a girl at the time.

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Nah, though I always thought it seemed nice & symmetrical, the idea that succubi are often red devils who feed off a white fluid, and that vampires are often super pale white undead who feed off a red fluid...

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Not unless your soul is in your semen.

Please don't give /d/ any ideas.

Wouldn't be surprised if Iomedae was the one to actually be outed. With her having been Arazni's lover.


You are now visualizing pubic hairs glowing softly like burning embers.

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A high level wizard giving into deviant lesbian sex with a polymorph spell.
Fund it!

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More like he had to make himself a woman to get in Mystra's underpants.

Wasn't pretty when she found out, either.

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The idea of succubi being after your soul is fairly ridiculous. Succubi were evil by the standard of chaste monks... because sex was evil in general. We'd all be evil by their standards. No need to revision succubi as being the moral antithesis of each new generation.

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Fucking Elminster.

Though Mystra being angry about it makes me feel better.

Also, superior potential lesbian deity.

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Artemis and Athena are the only two female deities in the Greek pantheon that never had relations with men.

This is significant in that the male dieties were fucking horny bastards that would fuck anythign that moved, male or female, 12 ways to Sunday.

Also, lesbian sex was not considered sex by the Greeks any more than pederasty was.

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Actually, I thought the myth was ALWAYS that succubi just suck out your jizz and cause you to go to hell forever.

And then they grow dicks and rape unsuspecting women and a horrible horrible demon is born.

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Too bad, that's what they do in D&D.

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Greece was weird like that.

A flaming eye with eight arms?

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Succubi and incubi were originally dream demons, and caused 'nocturnal emissions' and 'dreams of forbidden pleasure' for men and women, respectively. They were a scapegoat for erotic dreams from repression of the sex drive.

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Wasn't pretty....
She gave him a thousand year lifespan as a reward.
I don't think she minded the fact of what he did if anything bards should have been taking notes on what he did

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>erotic dreams
>repression of sex drive
You mean you're only supposed to have those dreams if you're abstaining?

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Xiombarg in the stories was pretty much a psychotic. Sex wasn't as much of an interest to her as chaos and madness and destruction.

On the other hand, takign the form of a young girl and slaughtering people, having voluptuous female warriors with shark teeth as your emissaries....that hints at some pretty messed up sexuality there.

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Not really. But people who abstain have them more than those who do not, and those times were pretty prudish.

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She's a very very angry young lesbian with authority issues.

They took her babe away, what would YOU have done?

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For some reason I never even considered thinking of her this way. It works.

I also choose to believe Ardarvia is exclusively lesbian. Surre she approves of dudes that adhere to her laws, but she's held aloft by female angels only.

On Sarenrae/Desna/Shelyn?


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Ardarvia is a big grey area. She's probably one of those Purity Ring chicks.

And could we maybe get some more fluff/evidence in here from anyone who actually knows the backstory? It's all well and good throwing names around but I want to see PROOF.

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The only other quasi-lesbian deity who come close was the (deceased) love goddess of the Sueloise mythos, who had a thing for Wee Jas (who was a Sueloise magic deity who survived their cataclysm and became associated with death after). It was not reciprocated.

Xan Yae may have been bisexual, as she appeared as the male or female, despite being identified as female. Her lover, the chaotic neutral trickster god of the Suel, was - obviously - a little weird. Xan Yae also survived the catzclysm, but was lost to obscurity when Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms were finally completely schismed after 3.0 came out.

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>She has the Patron Saint of Lesbian Pimps. That's pretty gay.

Who? Alicia was straight, remember? She was weirded out by any innuendo with her companions.

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>Greyhawk and the Forgotten realms were completely schismed

Maybe now the fact that they're called "FORGOTTEN realms" means something?

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I can't imagine how many erotic dreams monks must have had, considering they're the only thing they could excuse getting off to.

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One of the originators here.

Ardavia is not a sexual deity herself, despite her portfolio. She loves equally both genders, and promotes love in all it's myriad forms.

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That we all know.

She still managed to amass the largest, most eclectic lesbian harem in any RPG. There were, at LEAST, one human girl, a succubus, an erinyes, an astral deva...


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On further review, Iomedae's barely in the closet.

There's one more possibilty for the Golarion gods:

Naderi, The Lost Maiden - Neutral Goddess of suicides, particularly romantic suicides.

She used to be a deific servant of Shelyn, the goddess of love, but some misunderstanding happened and Naderi fled Shelyn's side. Shelyn has tried to reconcile with her numerous times, but strange circumstances always keep them apart.

Yeah, something definitely going on there.

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No, he was a girl when he confessed he loved her, then she turned him back into a dude and they fucked. And they fucked repeatedly with him as a man.

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>lesbian goddess of romantic suicides


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I can HEAR your trollface, Aya. Get the hell off the internet unless you want me to tell Hatate that you stole her underwear AGAIN.

I am exceedingly disappointed in you.

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There is charisma beyond "lol sexy". My Paladin was a big, gruff, grumpy sod who knew how to be persuasive when it came down to it and was stubborn as a brick.

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I can give some rough detail on the first three at least:

Sarenrae - former angel risen to godhood. Goddess of redemption, the sun, fire, healing. The culture that first worshipped her was an Arab-anaglogue, except matriarchal and gender flipping most of the power structure. Wants to help everyone.

Shelyn - Goddess of beauty, love, art. Her brother had the same portfolio before being twisted into bondage-guy Zon-Kuthon. Wants to be everyone's friend. Wants everyone to be happy. Every other god loves her in some way; she can't help it, that's just who she is. Not all of them show that love in a healthy fashion.

Desna - Former FUCKING ALIEN risen to godhood. Goddess of the stars, dreams, luck, and travellers. The culture that first worshipped her are the Roma/Gypsy analogues. A bit of a loner at times with the exceptions of both Shelyn and Sarenrae.

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It's in the books you stupid, cute tengu.

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You are obviously taking this far too seriously.

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Books written by Elminster.

>Arabic matriarchy
>goddess of fire and redemption
Totally fucking Vaygr.
The helpless meganekko who wants everyone to get along so she can bang the librarian.
>hot gay alien girl who achieved godhood and everyone avoids her
So she's kinda like Byakuren, in a way.

Hot MILFcest.

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And you are obviously one of those creepy "hurr durr any woman with female friends is a LESBIAN" types. Disgusting.

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Right, so you're ignoring all established canon to fulfill your yuri fantasies on various deities? Good, there's a place for you at fanfiction.net.

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I feel like I'm missing out on something and that I should remedy this fact.

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Yep, she'd rather see young couples die together than be torn apart.

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Homeworld 2 race.
Glassware wearing girl.
A buddhist magician who turned herself into something inhuman to extend her lifespan.

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Fucking autocorrect. Should read "glasses"

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I was thinking of Byakuren more for the whole newcomer aspect, the fact she's a bit of an outcast due to LOL YOUKAIJESUS and the fact that she's commonly involved in fanon shenanigans with the other "deities" of Gensokyo, mostly Yukari, Kanako, etc.

>glassware wearing girl
Oh lawd.

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This thread is gayer than a motherfucker. Plus I have no fucking clue what you bitches are talking about so imma bout to sage this bitch.

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Ah, gotcha.

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>gayer than a motherfucker

Are there any incestuous lesbian gods?

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Would Eilistraee and Sehanine Moonbow count? Because it would be awesome.

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Think this has actually been done somewhere....

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>Sehanine Moonbow
Oh god yes.

If only because adding "repressed lesbian" to Liru's already massive list of fetishes would be the icing on the cake.

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Link, please.
Hell, Corellon would likely approve.

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Well, yes, that is kind of the point.

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Chances are he would, yes. He's actually surprisingly non-gay for being the god of elves.

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By the way, anyone can explain to me why the fuck we useShana as Xiombarg? I mean, Horo as Leman Russ, I can get, but I never got that one.

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>Are there any incestuous lesbian gods?
In Exalted, Creation was the byproduct of cosmic lesbian incest.

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Red headed loli with a freaking huge sword is how Xiombarg presents himself.

Yes, the gender error is purposeful.

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Shinma don't really have genders.

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Xiombarg has a tendency to use redheads with razor mouf and swords as heralds. So... Shana.

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Elohim. Ancestral enemies of the Law-allied Ghraluks.

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I see. It was just, Xiombarg being almost Chaotic Insane and Shana being so damn Lawful, it kept causing me a bit of cognitive dissonance to see them used interchangeably. But I guess it makes sense on looks.

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