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Hi /tg/! Chaos (SM and Deamons) players are particularly welcome!

I'm doing a little 'expansion / supplement' for Chaos forces. Yeach I know it sounds bad, as most of shit like that is made by kids and scream 'TIMMAH' in your face, but please- try to look at it more more sympathetic..
I always felt that Chaos lacks some basic shit like Cultists and that what I want to show in this post... Plague zombies!
I do not play Chaos, so it is even not for me..
So tell me what you think about this:

You can take one Plague zombies unit for every unit related to Nurgle (bearing mark, icon or being a deamon of Nurgle). Plague zombies do not take any Force organization slot, do not count as kill points and can’t hold any objective.
Plague zombies - 3 points per model
WS 2 BS 1 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 1 A 1 Ld 4 Sv -

Number: 15 - 30 Zombies
Unit Type: Infantry
Equipment: rotten claws, teeth and foul smell
Special Rules: Slow and purposeful, Scouts, Fearless, Feel no pain, No pain at all

No pain at all – re-roll any unsuccessful rolls for Feel no pain special rule

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Lost and the Damned list already has official Plague Zombies

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Honestly, that rerolling FNP is a tad much for only 3 points. Maybe you could get away with a FNP that applies against power weapons and ap 1/2 weapons. To put it into perspective, an Ork Gretchin is 3 points. its statline is WS2 BS3 S2 T2 W1 I2 A1 Ld5 no armor save.
Yours have higher toughness and strength, feel no pain, are fearless, scouts, AND uber feel no pain. They also get their FNP rolls more than what grots would get. Grots special rule involves minefields which no longer exist outside of special special scenarios.
If you want to give them that kind of statline and NOT count towards a killpoint(I can definately see what you mean by doing that, but if you do they need to cost a bit more IMO)
my 2 cents and all that.

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I never seen that. Will check /rs/

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Well feel no pain (+no pain at all) can be ignored by S6 or ap1,2 etc weapons, so it can be usefull but not that hardcore. AND they are fucking slow as fucking fuck!
But I see your point. And will think obut adding a point to the cost, but first I need to check those Lost and the Damned.

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WS 2, BS 1, S2, T3, W1, A1, I1, Ld4, Sv-

Rules. Slow, FNP, Scout, Infectionus, Fearless, Mindless.
Infectionus, Zombies have poison 6+.

just my 2 yen

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Are those from Lost and the Damned? Becouse those are not universal special rules.. Also poison on a 6+ would made them useless..

60% of Lost and the Damned

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Correction. There's at least three different kinds of official plague zombies.
Lost and the Damned has mutant squads, which turn into zombies if you buy them the Nurgle upgrade. They can also operate flamers and heavy stubbers. Zombies that kill you with fire. Weird stuff.
One issue of White Dwarf had a different breed of zombies, that were T4, S4+, FNP, and had a chance of turning models they've killed in CC into more zombies.
Apocalypse has a Plague of Zombies formation, which also has the Join Us! thing but with a far lower success rate, and they're only T2.

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Mindless is a rule sort of. I think how it works is you take a leadership test, and if you fail they move based on certain rules, like tyrannids outside of synapse. The zombies would probably move towards closest enemy and assault if possible.
WS 2 BS0 S3 T3 W1 I1 Ld7 Sv-
Rules: Fearless, FNP, Scouts, Slow and Purposeful, Poisoned attacks 4+, Mindless(attack)
for about 5-6 points?

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Mindless is rule for Chaos Spawn. I know, nobody plays them, but it's right there in ChSM codex.

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Couldn't find the specific issue of WD, but here's the other two:

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I don't see zombies with poison to be fluffy - yeach hey infect, but 'poison' rule does not reflects this, it's something totally different.

Got the Lost and the Damned.. and damn, i will need some time to get through this.
At this moment I think that my first idea is good (trying to be objective as I can), but I consider them to be 4 points rather than 3.

Their main problem will be usefulness, becouse they are slow moving and have I1. Only 1 A, no shooting.. You can outmaneuver them, or kill them from afar. The best use I see for them is to get Elfdar Jetseers into cc, but again - they can outmanuver the zombies.

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Thanks! Still think that poison is kinda stupid. And don't see cost for zombies, only 30 + models. I'm blind?

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>get provided with a bunch of ideas and resources
>yeah no one more point will be fine
ok then, good thread everyone good thread.

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ITT: We rewrite things that were published ages ago as if they're new

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The usefullness of zombies is fielding 800 to a thousand models in a small points game and lolling at your opponent.

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Joke's on you when the opponent brought a LR Punisher.

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Is that before or after I gave them leaping and have engaged everything he has in melee first turn?

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>implying there's anything short of epic that can kill 1000 models during a standard game

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Yep. The formation costs 30 points + the models themselves. Zombies are 5p, and you can take 10-30. You also need Typhus or a Plaguemaster to field the formation, and their costs are not listed in the pdf.

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Gah. 10-30 per unit, 3+ units in the formation.
I really ought to start doublechecking shit before I hit the post button. Keep forgetting to include some rather important parts.

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Good luck fighting any vehicles.

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>No pain at all – re-roll any unsuccessful rolls for Feel no pain special rule.
So, for 3 points per model, they are impossible to kill without power weapons or S6 weapons

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yeah its a bit expensive.
Give them T4 and a point drop to 2 instead.

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lol, they're not space marines dumbass they're supposed to be a horde army they should be 1ppm and all have power weapons.

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Don't need to. They can't possibly kill enough during a standard game. Literally, they cannot bring enough firepower to bear in normal points.

These are zombies we're talking about. Zombies give less of a shit than ORKS.

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give them T1 to balance

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In which case there is no weapon anywhere in 40k that won't cause instant death on them, thus removing their FNP.
Just remove that "no pain at all" garbage.

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now you're getting it

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My mech DE will have no problem surviving.
Oh and I will win beacuse I will atleast kill enough for me to claim an objective.

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Just want to say that me (OP) last post was this one:
>> 12829664

And now, I'm sure about rising their cost. Don't waste time on some trolls Anons.

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>he thinks he can claim objectives with a thousand models in the way

I do not think you understand how many numbers 1000 is. There's a reason lost and the damned are not allowed almost anywhere.

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Many enough to be actually impossible to fit into deployment zone?

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Meaning that they never stop coming. Litterally, the waves never cease from start to finish. They cost so little that earning a kill victory is a long shot and actually reaching an objective uncontested is right out.

They literally fill the board.

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Sure he can.
>S3 Zombies/nonrending.
>Tank Shock.

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