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Need eldar images and other kind of inspiration like good fluff, stories and even fanfic.

They are going to be my first WH40k army and i really like fluff, so i want to get to know them so i can build a nice fluff and maybe even make some "fanfic battle reports"

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>Finish dumping Elves
>Start dumping Eldar

Welp, I ain't getting anything productive done tonight.

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That said, OP, get your hands on Path of the Warrior and, if you can find it, Farseer. Both are very helpful for explaining the Eldar mindset, and PotW is useful for showing Craftworld society.

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You sure like to dump images in threads.

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I like to be able to do something useful for the community. I can't draw nor write particularly well, so draw/writefagging is out of the question. Filling people's requests for image dumps just requires patience and free time, both of which I've got lots of.

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I used to dump pre-CAPTCHA. Having to type it out hundreds of times would have gotten on my nerves.

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Path of the Warrior is sure going to be in my next international shipment. Due to weird brazilian customs if i buy anything more before what i bought arrives i have the risk of being taxed with it all.

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Found Farsseer and Path of the Warrior for download. I'll try to read them on the computer (i usually don't like reading books in a computer)

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Thumbs up.


Same here. Captcha is a bitch.

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Avoid Eldar Prophecy by Goto.

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I'd also advise you stay away from any Space Marine-centric book that happens to feature Eldar in it as well. It can be tempting to pick them up as fiction regarding the various alien races in 40k tends to be few and far between, but really it isn't worth it. Rarely do these books turn out to be anything more than 300 pages of Space Marines slaughtering whatever's thrown against them.

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OP back. BTW, i'm thinking about converting my own Farseers, maybe with one to be a count-as Eldrad. Those farseer drawings are being really good inspiration.

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This also. Really, just avoid *anything* by Goto.

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>300 pages of Space Marines slaughtering whatever's thrown against them.

What's not to like?

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Goto is pleased by this.

But in all seriousness, how the fuck do they allow him to make-shift fluff?

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In Codex: Space Marines we take a look at the Fall of the Eldar and how it involves the Ultramarines.

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Deathwatch is also to be avoided (also by Goto). The novel, not the rp game.

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I'm starting up Eldar too, OP. Do you plan to do any craftworld in specific, or make up your own?

I was originally gonna make up my own craftworld, but then I realized the fluff I was going for--lots of dead Eldar, lots of reliance on wraith-constructs, every day potentially the craftworld's last--was basically Iyanden's fluff in a nutshell, and I like their colorscheme enough to play them, and Prince Yriel ain't bad, so.

Though learning to paint yellow is gonna be a bitch...

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He hasn't written anything for BL in ages. I think they fired him, thank god.

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They were conveniently located on the other side of the galaxy when it happened.

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>learning to paint yellow is gonna be a bitch...

Black undercoat, Iyanden Yellow, then highlight up to whatever your chosen shade of yellow is going to be. The foundation paints are really useful in that regard - undercoating white will make the model too bright and garish looking.

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…You mean aside from the fact that write of that kind is really bad storytelling in general, or that it makes anything in the 40k setting that isn't human look like shit?
Oh, and fucking duplicate file entry, can't post the image I want to.

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Quite. It's also monstrously dull to read.

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Really? My friends have suggested basecoating white, then spraying with yellow and painting blue on top of that, if I don't straight up basecoat them yellow, but I feel odd about basecoating with actual colors instead of black, white, or grar.

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Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe is quite good, as previously stated.

Eldar in Inquisition War by Ian Watson are pretty badass, despite nearly everything they say being related to gaelic for some reason. The book contains a lot of old Eldar fluff (Guardians toting lasguns and whatnot), and a pretty decent read all around.

And yeah, avoid them space marine wanks because it'll inevitably involve Eldar getting slapped around by them Mary Sues. (I'm looking at you Matt Ward.)

Posting John Blanche artwork because he's created some badass-looking Eldar.

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Humanity, fuck yeah

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My own Craftworld. Called Yirr-Khalian. Picture in the color scheme. Not sure about the face color, maybe it should be white or another color that draws more attention to it. What you guys think?

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Basecoating white is the easiest way to do it. But it's also the easiest way to get ugly looking models, IMO. The extra time spent working up from black really does make a huge difference.

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The timeline of the Jericho sector has some interesting stuff, although not CWE related. Didn't Lady Malys have a crystal heart of an energy being as well?

>The Lord of Lightning: In response to the opening of a cell in the Omega Vault and the revealing of a broken spear of
archaic design and unknown material, a Deathwatch Kill-team undertakes a quest to the Feudal world of Sovereign, which they
discover suffers under the grip of a murderous xenos energy-entity which has offered itself as a false messiah to the natives. The
spectral creature has grown strong on the life-forces of thousands sacrificed in its name and is worshiped by an army of savage
warriors. A single Deathwatch Battle-Brother returns to Erioch with the Thunder Lord’s shattered crystal heart

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So long as you can highlight the black well enough for it to not just devolve into a dark, featureless mess I think it'll be fine.

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>Eldar thread
>No Maugan'Ra

/tg/ i am dissapoint.

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waaittt ;_;

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Yea. She encountered an orb of light in the Webway, which banished her followers then challenged her to outwit it. She did, and it vanished, leaving a crystal heart and a sword behind. Malys, being the crazy bitch she is, used the sort to cut out her own heart and shove the crystal in its place.

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The sword, rather.

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Is that striking scorpion being bribed?

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dem old eldar fluffs

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Except that whole concept has no value if there isn't a struggle. Its like calling yourself a badass after beating up like 20 dudes at once when you're a 24 year old gym-jockey and the 20 dudes were 4 year old girls. In the hospital. Under anesthetic.
Anyway, Eldar thread, so Eldar talk. Who's excited about new jetbike models when the book's redone?

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Well I think I'm awesome regardless. Those little whores were asking for it.

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On the subject of Eldar, this is the list I want to lead up to.

Farseer on Jetbike.
Prince Yriel.

3x 5xWraithguard plus Spiritseer in Wave Serpents.

3x 10 wraithguard plust spiritseer on foot
2x 10 pathfinders

3x Wraithlords, various setups

With gear and powers and such to add up to 2500. Could this be vaguely competitive, in the 'ard boyz sense of the word? It shouldn't be more than 2500 base, I think, unless I added it up wrong or misremembered points--I don't have my codex on me currently.

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I'd even consider setting up an Eldar army if they weren't such dicks.

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That book was mildly hilarious, if I'm remembering that cover correctly.

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>Could this be vaguely competitive, in the 'ard boyz sense of the word?

I don't think so. The Wraithguard are too slow and too short ranged to ever really do anything. An opponent can just use fast stuff to lock them down in combat, and slowly grind them down over the rest of the game.

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What I find strange is that people go 'oh wow eldar are such dicks they'd sacrifice millions of humans just to save several hundred eldar' when ANY OTHER 40K RACE WOULD REALLY DO THE SAME THING.

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Guys, i need your help here.
Can anyone share a link to the Path of the Warrior? As much as i loathe reading books in PDF, its impossible to find it somwhere in my country.

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Again, not eldar related but an interesting bit of new "mystery" fluff in the vein of Svengar's disappearence and the M.34 Pale Wasting incursion from the Ghoul Stars.

The Darkfall: A vast city-sized vessel of unknown origin appears hurtling out of the Warp at great speed in the Andronicus
system, and crashes into Andronicus Prime’s second moon, shattering it. Debris rains down on the planet, blotting out the sun
and laying its verdant forests waste. All life on Andronicus Prime is exterminated in a matter of days.

The Darkling Stirs: Something alien stirs amid the frozen,
night-shrouded surface of Andronicus Prime, and the Deathwatch
respond. Kill-teams sweep the shattered ground and targeted
bombardments take place from orbit. In the aftermath, a Watch
Station is established in the turbulent asteroid fields that now
strangle the near-orbital approaches to the planet.

and here's an Eldar-related bit:


The Semmel Betrayal. Blood Angels strike force Breath of Hermes comes under attack by Eldar on the ghost world of Semmel. Early dispatches from the battle indicate that the Blood Angels briefly held the upper hand, until an unknown party came to the Eldar's aid. The strike force is wiped out to the last Battle-Brother.

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Damn, oh well.

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Eldar are just willing to out right state it to others faces, which is the dick part of it.

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Seeing as those are spirit stones, he's likely just ninja'd his way the the Inquisitor to get them back and put them into the Infinity Circuit, in an excellent example of why screwing around with the Eldar should be a really fucking stupid idea.
But in most cases screwing around with the Eldar just results in a delightfully painful buttfucking for them, courtesy of the Imperials/Orks/Daemons/Tyranids/Etc.

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>But in most cases screwing around with the Eldar just results in a delightfully painful buttfucking for them, courtesy of the Imperials/Orks/Daemons/Tyranids/Etc.

In some cases, literally. There's a story about an Imperial Governor who killed a group of Eldar diplomats and fashioned their Soulstones into jewelery. So the Harlequins paid him a visit, took back the Soulstones, and handed the human over to the Dark Eldar to do with as they wished.

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Here it goes: http://www.4shared.com/document/XavCLrot/Warhammer_40K_-_Path_of_the_El.html

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My personal Canon has a Solitaire stealing the Sceptre of Galaxian from the Fortress of Hera because fuck that story.

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We will keep posting it until you start using it. It is now mandatory in all dump threads.

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So what does everything think on the idea that the Spear of Twilight is a prison for a C'Tan?

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I think a C'tan is imprisoned in your anus.

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I wonder if deldar will get any new fanart now.

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Last from me.

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I have a bit of fun loading them into a wave serpent. Nothing ruins your day like a wraithguard squad unloading into your heavies (Or terminators, even with the unvuln save) despite how underpowered the eldar are vs the new tier models.

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That would answer a great many questions I've had lately.

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Nah. Even the Eldar couldn't contain a C'tan in such a small item. It'd reach out and do something other than trying to eat Yriel's soul.

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Thanks guys, you have my eternal gratidute!

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996.M41 Vengeance for Semmel
Dante learns the location of the Eldar who slew so
many of his Battle-Brothers on Semmel and orders
the Sanguinary Guard to enact vengeance. The strike
force catches up with its quarry in the arid badlands
of Zoros. In the resulting aerial battle, Sanguinary
Guardians duel with Eldar Jetbikes and Swooping
Hawk Aspect Warriors, but finally emerge victorious.
Alas, the identity of the Semmel Betrayer cannot be
discovered, so the Blood Angel's ultimate vengeance
remains elusive.

The Cauldron of Savagery returns to blight the Drusus Marches, breaking forth from the Great Warp Storms during a period
of unprecedented Ætheric turbulence which disrupts communication and passage within the sub-sector. A loose alliance of
Rogue Trader vessels under the leadership of the infamous privateer Esme Chorda and a threadbare contingent of Battlefleet
Calixis defenders confront the dread wanderer. The space hulk is bombarded and successfully driven into the primary star
of the Pellucidan system before its nightmarish inhabitants can ravage Pellucida’s worlds. The Pellucian sun is said to be
scarred for nearly three decades afterwards, vivid greenish stains burning upon its harsh white surface.

The Rogue Trader fleet of Synbar Lockhart is ambushed by the treacherous Eldar in orbit of the dead world of Foulstone.
The first confirmed contact with the ancient and malign xenos within the Koronus Expanse, the assailants are later identified
as belonging to the Eldar faction known as ‘The Crow Spirits.’ A dozen human ships of varying sizes are destroyed in the
ambush, and only the Menes Rhea, Synbar’s own cruiser, escapes intact. The Lockhart fortunes never fully recovered from this
blow, and the Rogue Trader line maintain a bitter hatred of the Eldar to this day.

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The space hulk Midnight’s Lair is sighted in battle with Ork raiders near the ‘Undred, ‘Undred Teef by the blockade runner
White Sabre. The Orks appear to be faring worse in the engagement.

The space hulk Midnight’s Lair is sighted in the vicinity of the Heathen Stars. Several vessels also soon disappear in the area,
and astropathic communication near the Heathen Stars becomes almost impossible.

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Well, it was the "soul of a dying star," and it did kill that super-tyrant no problem.
It could just be its essence (Similar to how the Outsider still contains all the others he's consumed), thus explaining the "dying" part.

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Yeah, but the Eldar happily created suns for their own use pre-fall. It's probably some cultist who was busy wanking while he made the spear, and took a sun that had hit it's useby date (or gave it a faster one) and channelled it into the sun. Then he impaled himself on it just as he orgasmed.

>> No.12824402


>A Fateful Meeting
>Millennia ago on the planet Tyrine, Ela'Ashbel confronted the Chaos Space Marine Kor Phaeron, a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Legion. This was to be a most fateful encounter, for neither the Eldar Farseer or the ancient Chaos Marine emerged unscathed. Ela'Ashbel lost her physical sight, but gained a great insight into both her own abilities and the Dark Gods who guide the Word Bearers in their unholy crusade. Kor Phaeron, in contrast, was left with a deep and abiding hatred of the Eldar, a thirst for vengeance that still burns brightly within his hearts centuries later.

Punitive expedition led by the Emperor-class battleship Divine Right succeeds in eliminating Rogue Trader Darius Pluto. Pluto, aboard cruiser Route Less Apparent had surrendered his allegiance to conspire with the Fra'al, betraying to them critical details concerning Imperial convoy router, schedules and escorting force strengths. Before his demise, it is documented that he often accompanied small wolfpacks of Fra'al vessels against remote outposts and transport convoys, purposely destroying all escorts before plundering the transports one by one. The damage done by this rank perfidy goes far beyond the actions of one man, many centuries after the destruction of Route Less Apparent, Fra'al raids continue throughout an ever-widening area in Segmentum Obscurus at a pace that shows little abatement.

>> No.12824607

Which reminds me.
Is there ANY word on the new 'dex coming out yet? Not that I think they need it all that badly, just those damn deldar make me so very, very jelly.

>> No.12824681
File: 135 KB, 360x360, Eldar55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My guess was 2012, following the five year plan I've convinced myself GW follows for some reason.
That's a minimum, for all I know they could just skip them this edition all together. We've still got Grey Knights (blah), Tau, Necrons, and Black Templar to get through, all of which need it more then they do.
Of course, they could do something similar to when Spearhead came out. I mean, they have the finished prototype sitting in the fridge.

>> No.12824715


Don't forget Dark Angels and the Witch Hunters.

>> No.12824784

I just haven't heard anything on the grapevine about them, so I'm pegging them down for 6th, personally. Might actually be a good way to kick off the edition.
>Don't forget Dark Angels
I will eat my hand if they aren't just reabsorbed back into Codex: Space Marines. At least the other three (and likely fourth) marine books can kind of say they are unique enough for a separate codex.

>> No.12824859

>Might actually be a good way to kick off the edition.
And suffer an *even shorter* period of being more-or-less awesome before getting severely overshadowed by Mattwardian spawn and the rest?

>> No.12824945


Well, they published the Blood Angels codex, which has, besides FOC changes and special characters, 8 unit entries that are not in the vanilla SM codex.

It lacks 7 choices, and many of the new ones are variants of the SM units (Honour Guard->Sanguinary Guard, Ironclads&Venerable Dreads -> Furiosos&DC Dreads). Based on the release of the Blood Angels codex, despite the fact that their last edition codex was a WD article/pdf unlike the Dark Angels' full book, I'd say DA will get released as a separate codex, and Matt Ward mentioned them alongside BA, BT and Wolves as "aberrations".

>> No.12825110

Actually, they are only mentioned in an earlier part as having "slight variations," and nothing else is said about them.
Oh, and on the Blood Angels PDF, anyone else notice that it was pretty much Codex: Dark Angels painted red?

>> No.12825152

I can't fucking wait to see what 5e will do to Dark Angels

MYSTERIOUS MAN WITH BLACK ANGEL WINGS is gonna be guaranteeeed as a special character for DA

You'll also have a dread variant that's got double twin link plasmaguns

and everything will be renamed to reflect DARK, WINGS, and SEEECRETS

>> No.12825401


Raziel ("Secret of God") Blackwing

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