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Hey guys. I'm going be a DM for the first time ever in a while. I'd like to hear some nice starting tips, and I really mean starting tips. Also, amusing and epic adventure ideas for low levels would be appreciated. I already have fleshed out "Fire beetles are my basement and husband", "Lich wants to be a rock star", and "Goblins steal shit and cause ruckus", tasks. Yes, picture is related.

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>"Fire beetles ate my basement and husband"
Darn, fixed. The nonfixed version would have been bit too obscure.

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Dwarf wants to flick off a god and live.
(Sufficiently powerful being would be fine too)

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Goddamned Goblin Bankers have to be kicked out of the Kingdom.

Bonus points if the person who hired you to do it, has them reenter the kingdom after 10 levels.

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OP here, I am positively sure I'll use this to some extend, absolutely fucking priceless.

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chuckled, but you must be insane to actually use that

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Bumping, dont abandon me /tg/, otherwise I might turn to "That DM".

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Fairies. Just fairies.

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It's funny because the artist intended that picture to be titillating, but instead it's horrifying.

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Well aren't you just the master of the pun

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It's the large, almost down syndrome eyes.

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I don't know, man. I'm alright with stuff by Noi-Gren/Sakaki.

The only problem I've had with the artist is that he can't draw nipples for the life of him.

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People are being kidnaped by strange lights

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Do your part against fairy obesity! Lobby for smaller fast food meal sizes!

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I don't know if I'd call it "Obesity" if all the fat goes to the right places.

I'd call that "Blessed by god"

Tittymonsters and Hambeasts don't fit into the same category.

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so true

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My group that's about to start is almost finished with their backstories, the thing is they're keeping something secret from me. Like an alliance type thing. How can I force them to tell me?

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Just, you know, ask them to? You are the GM, you should be told this kind of shit. They cannot claim their "alliance" has any kind of relevance if you cant form story around it.

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