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I've played 40K before, but I've always wanted to play Fantasy since I first saw Lizardmen at age 11; when you're a kid there's nothing cooler than dinosaurs riding dinosaurs.

That said, I am now ready and able to invest in a Fantasy army and am wondering which one to pick.

I'd like to be tactically flexible, but I hear Lizardmen aren't so good at that.

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Did somebody say Lizardmen? Because I thought I heard someone say Lizardmen.

The dinos are a solid choice OP, the new rulebook certainly didn't hurt us, what with Saurus benefiting from ranks and all.

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The only answer is Orcs & Goblins.

and then more specifically: BOYZ EVRYWHERE

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>The only answer is Goblins.

fixed that for you bro

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OK thanks, they were one of the ones that interested me.

To be specific, if at all possible I'd LIKE to play High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Empire, or Lizardmen so long as they're viable for competitive play.

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Goblins are not Boyz, therefore your point is invalid

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Pretty much EVERYBODY in that list is viable currently.
So, collect whoever you want, you'll be fine regardless.

I can give you some ideas for Lizardmen if you want.

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LOL Greenskins are cool but we have A LOT of people who play them at my store. Off the top of my head-

6 Play Greenskins
2 Play Dwarves
1 Play Empire
4 Play Chaos
3 Play Dark Elves
1 Play High Elves
1 Play Wood Elves
5 Play Skaven
1 Play Ogres

Nobody plays Brets, Dinosaurs, or Furries.

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What's the usual points level for play at your place?

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Do you mean "tactically flexible" as in capable of pursuing different tactics with the same army or as in capable of making a whole lot of different sorts of lists? Lizardmen are pretty good at the former and decentish at the latter. You can't run a gunline or a horde but you can certainly make lists that are offensive or defensive, magic-heavy or magic-light, etc.

The Empire is more flexible in a sense because they can go all-cav or gunline or anything in between, but seeing as those two armies require two whole armies' worth of models it's not all that different from the "tactical flexibility" you get from collecting Dwarfs and Bretonnians at once.

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I'd say High Elves, Lizardmen, and Empire are tied for which race I want to do most.

If I did High Elves I'd probably have all my core choices be Archers and abuse the hell out of Elite infantry and magic. (Amidoinitrite?)

If I did Lizardmen I'd feel morally obligated to bring 1-3 Stegadons depending on points. Then I'd have lots of saurus, and some chameleons and terradons for trolling. I know Slann are god tier mages but are they worth the points?

Last, if I did Empire I'd bring a Bright Wizard or two, and then use lots of rifles, cannons, and outriders with some state troops to hold the line.

Which of my visions is most compatible with winning, and winning hard?

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Um, I forget lol, whichever is most standard for 1v1 competitive play.

The people I play with go to lots of tourneys, and play to practice for them. They also have fun, and they're usually trying new shit each week, their armies only get beardy and netlisted the two weeks prior to a tourney.

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Competetive play is for faggots, for srs. All those are high/top tier armies but the game doesn't get funner the easier it is to beat the other guy.

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I read that as 'Vampire Cunts' and suddenly realized that i'm very sleep deprived.

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>I know Slann are god tier mages but are they worth the points?

Depends on the points level, but if you can afford twinking one (or even two!) out then they're basically the best wizards in the game who aren't called Teclis.

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The former, thanks. :D


Like I said, it isn't GO TIME every week, we only get beardy the week of and prior to a tournament.

The fact that nobody in my store plays VC or DoC should speak volumes to their lack of faggotry. Hell in 40K we only have two guard players, and again, they only whore meltavets/vendettas/banewolves/art/demos when ramping up for tourneys.

I love competitive play as much as casual, why all the hate?

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Not the same person, but I hope I can ask anyway:
How would one go about DEs? Is huge Spear unit mandatory now?
I'm thinking like 2-3 units of crossbows, 1 unit of 2-handers or halberds...
possibly one unit of Corsairs with Frenzy banner.. or are Witches better?
Also - how much of cheese is Hydra?

As for characters, I have no idea. But I'd like to have plenty of magic. I like my games to be unpredictable.

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Finally a good thread.

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I don't know how cheesy hydra are, but the model is so awesome that you deserve to be punched right in the wiener if you don't field one. :D

As for magic, Sorceresses look awesome and from what I've heard dat Dark Magic is full of win.

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Thanks everybody, I think I've decided-

I'm gonna buy Isle of Blood and the codex to get me started on High Elves.

I'll also be off to a decent start if I ever decide to do Skaven.

Lizardmen I think I'll do later though.

In the meantime let's keep discussan Warhammer.

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Oldfag here. What's all this Lizardman business? Are we talking Fimir?

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Aztec dinosaurs riding dinosaurs. Yes, it's about as full of win as it sounds.

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Dwarves! For when you can't be assed with the magic phase, or failing leadership tests, or hitting first.

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Problematically though Cold One cavalry isn't all that good.

Stegadons however are almost as much win as the Carnosaur model. So I guess it balances out.

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>You two tall pussies stand back, I got this.

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ACTUALLY while I'm here mai waifu would like to know how she should go about getting started on Wood Elves, any tips?

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Play Empire, get a little bit of everything; decent infantry, a little bit of weird wizards, cavalry, artillery, characters, etc.

Very customizable

With orcs you start off with a downside right off the bat; infighting. With empire you can focus on learning the rules, and empire will still be fun, even after many years. Orcs are just a joke army.

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OY! Dis git finks da boyz iz sumfin to laugh at! Let's crump dis grot, an den we'z gonna show 'em wut propa WAAAGH! iz all about!

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Don't - they get gimped hard by the new rules, due to the fact that they are mostly skirmishers, and the new rules is v. biased in favour of huge infantry blocks

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Sad face. OK then, what is another army, an effective army that can be led by an action girl?

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moar hottie elves

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