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What do you think /tg/ I think I like this rule

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>Sentinel launching rhino 12 inches

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Not enough Dakka.

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That part could be addressed as I share the same sentiments, but otherwise I feel this would be a pretty nifty rule.

Congrats OP

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not my doing, I just thought this seemed characterful and full of potential, needs some fine tuning but I don't think a sentinal would be an issue.

Considering we have infantry sized daemon princes, a tank that is dropped from orbit or a wolf wolf wolf riding wolf derp wolf.

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could be interesting, I'll give it a go next time I play, I could play tennis with my pals' wraithlord lol

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OKAY I am definitely doing this with my kan wall, why settle for shitty Ballistic skill when my boys can lob a tank or two?

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It's a bit complex, I don't think it will catch on well because the aveage 40k player is usually a socailly inept retard.

It needs to be simplified for them.

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