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<< My face when

Hey /tg/, So I'm running a campaign for my wife (playing a monk), my brother in law (fighter), his girlfriend (a druid) and my best friend (sorc). The girlfriend has never played an RPG, so we're doing a level 1 campaign. So far, nothing too amazing, The party gets attacked by a lesser daemon that runs away after the first encounter. After leaving a room through a second exit, they see the same daemon attempting to find them through the entrance the party originally used. The daemon fails a listen check, and the party sneaks up on it. Here's what happened in order:

sorc: what do we do, we have the element of surprise?
monk: I could hit it with my sling, but I think it would only piss it off
fighter: Well, I want to see if we can find out how it got here, was it summoned, and if so, who did that?
Druid: I don't suppose obscuring mist would help, huh?
party: No.
sorc: well, let me try something.
<sorc whistles to get the daemon's attention, then hits it with colour spray. Daemon is stunned for a round and blinded for 3 more. The party runs up on the daemon.>
monk: What now?
sorc: I don't know, put it in a bag!
monk: Uhh...ok.
<the party puts the daemon in a bag, and ties it up.>
Fighter: Now what?
<the sorc rolls a lore check, doesn't like what he remembers about the deamon, the bag starts to move>
Sorc: I don't know, kill it, kill it!
<fighter swings his axe into the bag and kills the daemon>

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Wtf demons you have that fit in a bag?
Good game your players have.

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presumably low level demons

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OP, here.
really low level daemon. Small size, it's biggest trick is to summon more of it's kind...

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>My face when
Worthless /b/tard trash.

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This almost sounds like an episode of Scooby Doo. All it needs is the druid to have a talking dog (or wolf) companion and it would be complete.

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she has a bird named Simon. You know so she could pull the whole "Simon says"...

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should have tried to enslave the demon as the parties mascot

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That's certainly what you posted, yes.

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Really? You sent a single dretch against a Lv 1 party?

I mean, sure, it's got a CR 2 (still the lowest of all Demons) but it has an INT of 5. The damn thing was probably just looking for who turned out the lights after your players stuffed it in that burlap sack; it barely qualifies as having intelligence equivalent to that of an animal. You were right when you said its best parlor trick was to summon another of its kind - dretches are so stupid, they can't even talk; they have to rely on telepathy, and even then they only communicate in Abyssal.

The long and short of it is, however evil demons are, your players just inexplicably murdered something barely fit to be a wizard's familiar.

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You've got a good party, OP.

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I'm playing a book campaign. (I haven't made a level 1 campaign in years, and I didn't want to kill everyone before the druid has a chance to get used to the game.) That's what was in it. 1 gretch.

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No, I'm pretty sure this is /d/.
Have an all-natural white woman, by the by.

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that's how I'd lead my players into facing a ethereal vampiric mist thingy much later into the dungeon... build up their confidence then BOOM!

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