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Quick rules check before I head off to my FLGS today.

Alright, a Tervigon bestows its adrenal glands and toxin sacs biomorphs to all termigaunts within six inches along with granting them counter attack.

During that counterattack, do the termigaunts still get to use those biomorphs?

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Bumping for my bugs.

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The Tervigon will constantly grant the Gaunts use of Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands at ALL times, and thus Furious Assault and Poison 4+.

However, Furious Assault only triggers when the unit assaults, and they're counter-assaulting, so they won't get the +1 Strength and +1 Initiative. Poison, however, works on any melee roll to wound.

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Sweet, thank you very much!

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Me again!
Does their errata carry over to 'nids?

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To clarify about the counter attack clarification I seek:

Adrenal glands gives the gaunts furious charge. Counter attack gives the gaunts an extra attack and count as having charged.

Ipso facto: Termagaunts get furious charge when they're assaulted, this, coupled with toxin sacs, lets them wound on a 4+ and roll to reroll wounds against T4 targets.

I know guard got an official ruling for it, but Tyranids didn't.

Anyone have rulings to suggest otherwise?

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Yep seems right to me...counts as charging to gets furious charge.

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>I know guard got an official ruling for it,

No, space wolves got an official ruling on it.
Furious Charge only takes effect when you charge. Counter Attack says that you get the +1 attack exactly as if you had assaulted in that turn. Getting a bonus attack as if you assaulted isn't the same thing is actually assaulting and gaining all the benefits of charging, such as other USRs or unit specific rules that trigger on the charge. The FAQ clarifies this distinction, and while its written in the space wolves it's referring to Universal Special Rules that apply to multiple armies.

Consequently, this meant guard's straken and nids' trevigons with adrenal glands would also not stack. You want the +1 strength/Initiate, you have to start the assault, you can't use counter attack to get it.

Hope that clarifies it, you sound almost like you've already decided. Cheating's bad mate. Don't cheat.

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One thing I'd like to add- that page you're linking is referring to the first version of the FAQ, back in January. Initially the FAQ said YES they stack, and all us guard players started rubbing our hands together and writing these insane Furious Charging Counter Attacking 5 points lists built around Straken that were all but unbeatable in close combat.

Within a week GW rewrote the SW FAQ to say the exact opposite; "NO they don't stack" to prevent this sort of thing as a consequence of universal rules that apply to multiple armies.

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