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Too much Dakka

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Neva enuff dakka, ya git!

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>carries only one bullet at a time
>too much dakka

wot da zog iz i readin?

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You could strap a 100 Death Stars together and you still wouldn't have enough firepower.

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While this is certainly a unique-looking gun, wouldn't you get more relevant replies on >>>/k/ rather than on teegee? They are even familiar with the term "dakka".

Politely sageing, because my post is not exactly bumpworthy.

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There will never we enuff dakka

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Just wondering, what made the golden gun so damn powerful?

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Once upon a time, an ork army fought a space marine army.

They orks charged, the space marines shot the fuck out of them. And an assassin popped up in the middle of their shit.

The orks realized they had a 1/6 chance of actually getting into assault with the callidus, and relied on shooting the assassin.

10 orks with big shootas (whatever assault 3 weapon they've got) managed to score one wound on the assassin before she melted their brains.

Not a single marine fell to Dakka.

Silly orks.

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The James Bond villain that used it was a really really good shot.

Also, bullets coated in snake poison or something.

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In the movie? Nothing in particular. It did fire an expanding bullet, but its deadliness had less to do with that and more to do with how incredibly accurate Scaramanga was with it.

Basically, the deadliness came from the man wielding it, not the weapon itself.

As to why he used this rather than a normal gun:
1) It was easily concealable, as it separated into a lighter, a pen, and a cigarette case, and then could be easily reassembled.
2) It's stylin'.

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if you're referring to movie, it wasn't. if you're referring to the game, The Man With the Golden Gun only ever needed one shot to kill his target, so they made it a one-hit kill weapon.

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clearly, they did not possess ENUFF DAKKA

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Why would you coat a bullet in venom?

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Killy's GBE is the most powerful non-cosmic pistol sized weapon.

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>Too much Dakka

what the fuck am I reading?

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You have enough dakka when you have a bullet for everything in the universe, including the bullets you have accumulated to shoot everything.

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I have no idea.

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Oh OP, you just tried to contradict one of the two undeniable, indisputable facts /tg/ holds as sacred truth.

1. John Carpenter's The Thing is a fucking awesome movie, and
2. There is NEVER enuff Dakka.

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>Surely all bullets are instantly lethal.

No. You'd coat a bullet with venom for the same reason you coat any weapon with venom - to kill someone if you don't make a lethal strike. It happens more often than you'd think, and the human body can actually survive some surprising trauma, especially with medical treatment. If you're getting treated for an obvious GSW while dying of a fast-acting neurotoxin, though... you're SOL.

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The ammount of dakka in this thread is insufficient. To remedy this problem, I advise procurring substantial quantities of additional dakka.

Once the additional dakka has been added and the resulting amount of dakka can be judged, it is likely that it is found to be lacking yet. The only reliable awnser to this issue is the adding of ever increasing amounts of dakka.

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What kind of poison would be good for it, though? Snake? Insect?

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any, really. I mean, a glancing shot into the arm, and the guy is still given a full dose of a neurotoxin...

sufferings notodel...damn, why you so creepy, Captcha?

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Lies. Damn lies.

Never too much dakka, never too much choppy.

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It's not a matter of too much, but of not enough.

The amount of both dakka and choppy will never, ever suffice. There is ALWAYS both the need and possibility of adding yet more dakka and/or choppy.

One might say that there exists a veritable moral obligation to be dissatisfied with any and all current amounts of dakka and choppy.

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You'd want something highly potent.

Also, something that wouldn't, y'know, be rubbed and burned off by BEING FIRED OUT OF A FUCKING GUN.

So, nothing. Unless maybe you cast the bullet itself out of a poisonous compound.

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It's totally impossible to have both enuff dakka and enuff choppy. If you convert every single molecule in the universe and used all the energy that wasn't already matter to direct the matter so that it is now dakka, you have no choppy. Dats not enuff choppy. The inverse is also true. Having a multiverse doesn't solve this problem: have infinite dakka means that there's infinite-infinite amount of stuff dat ain't choppy.

It's not only a moral imperative to be dissatisfied, it's actually a logical inevitability.

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Or you put it in a hollowed out bullet especially for this purpose, you gasbag.

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I wonder if a VX bullet is possible with this method.

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You iz muckin' about OP.

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We'z on 4waaagh, we'z always muckin about.

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But considering the religious nature of this problem for Ork-kind, the Warp is inevitably involved. Thus it becomes not only a logical fallacy (though logic tends to warp a bit when the Warp is involved, no pun intended) but a moral one as well. After all, moral beliefs hold a strong influence in the Empyrean and we all know the power of mass belief by Orks.

Theoretically it might be possible to achieve a perfect balance of enough dakka and enough choppy, but that would have to be declared by the Ork gods. And bickering would instantly break out if it was Gork or Mork that declared such a balance. Which would instantly lead to a part of the Greenskin race to reject the suggested balance as being the work of the sneaky git Mork (or possibly Gork). Thus resetting the problem as there now is a group of Greenskins that do not believe there is enough dakka and/or choppy.

It is indeed a complex philosophical problem that would keep the worlds keenest minds busy for all eternity and the day after that too.

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>Never too much dakka, never too much choppy.
Sometimes, you can get more of both at the same time.

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I laughed entirely too much at that.

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I'm so gonna crop the head out of that to be my new Trollface image.

I once ran a Dark Heresy campaign around an Ork religious-dispute. Basically, a Snake Bite clan on a quest was trying to breed THE LARGEST SQUIG IN THE UNIVERSE and fly it into the Warp so it could eat the piles of corpses of Gork and Mork's foes. There's a shit-ton of background I made up for it, but yeah: in the end the party had to sneak in and kill a Squig the size of Long Island that was chewing through a Hive world one skyscraper at a time.

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Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!

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Turn it into a sort of Klein bottle of choppy and dakka. When you invert it into itself, you shift from the one to the other.

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