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ITT: horrors.

Gonna play a Summoner in Pathfinder soon, looking for nightmarish monster pics for inspiration.

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Happy to oblige.

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inb4 cthulhu

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Yes, this is all great! Something with a definite shape with little resemblance to any other animal/monster.

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Glad to be of service.

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I think something like this could work if you downscaled it somewhat.

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Good ol' Lovecraft

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Is it just me, or is the fucking eidolon more interesting than the summoner itself?

"Eidolon" should be a character class, methinks.

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Yeah, a lot of these have to be scaled down and de-volved to fit a level 1 summoner, but I'm this is fantastic /tg/, keep it up!

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Every summoner has to start somewhere!

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They do draw attention to themselves, but a decent player should be able to keep their character interesting.

Mine is gonna summon nightmarish horrors for criminal purposes and just try to be as genuinely creepy as possible.

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What I meant is this.

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One of these days I'm going to track you down and steal your picture collection...

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One of these days I'll zip it all up and post it on Megaupload or something. That said, this is all I've got time for. I've got to go drag my ass into work.

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I'm calling it here as well, unfortunately. Hope I helped a bit!

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Sure some nasty creatures here.....

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Oh, but aren't they? :3

Thank you so much /tg/, these are a HUGE help. Gonna (try) and get some sleep now, but feel free to keep the thread going, I'll certainly check it again tomorrow.

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Sometimes, it's the little things that terrify you most

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Quit bustin' my balls.

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I love One-Vox's angels

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I always find these horror threads right before I go to bed.

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You find yourself in an empty room. It is dark. You fish your flashlight out of your pocket and flip the switch. The walls are transparent, but illuminate nothing beyond the faint shimmering of the glass in front of you. The ceiling is also transparent, as the floor. You approach the glass wall and shine your light to see the other side.
The opposite wall is moving. It is a throbbing mass of something organic. You lean closer to the glass.

You see spiders. Only spiders.

You now realize that this glass cube is the only thing keeping you separate from being completely enveloped by spiders. You shine the light underneath you again and lay on the floor for a better look.

You also realize you are suspended at least a couple hundred feet in the air. You now become aware of the faint swaying of the cube you are being held in. You stand up, and begin to feel a prickling feeling in your feet. You look down. The glass has morphed into hypodermic needles. The walls have become needles. The ceiling has become needles.

The walls are closing in. The spiders approach. The needles approach.

The rope is severed.

You are falling.

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No rest for the wicked

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I think this would make a good low-level summon.

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These too.

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You are a shepherd, in a lime green field, there are sheep with you, and their pelts are a dusty grey colour

Suddenly you lose your balance, collapsing to the ground, your ears ringing as you lay sprawled in the dirt in a daze

But then everything goes dark, as a sheep has sat on your face, suffocating you, you flail your arms, and can strangely see your hands hovering between your face and the sheep's ass, but somehow you are incapable of detaching the sheep's buttocks from your face... your perspective beguins to warp as Sheep flatulence and oxygen deprivation cause you to start losing your mind

Then you wake up, and discover that you're in bed, sitting up, your pillow in your hands covered in saliva.

It was You unconsciously suffocating yourself, you attempting to snuff out your own life.

then you hear a bleat, and you look out the window. There are sheep there, munching on grass, but one of them raises its head

The sheep stares, and does not stop

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There's pills for that probably.

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Sleeping suicide? Jesus. Yeah that tops my spider glass cube dream.

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Fuck you.

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Two different people, man.

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Why? Are those your greatest fears too?

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Hexxus you sexy-voiced bastard

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return the slab

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Oh god, that was my favorite Disney movie. Not because I'm a hippy or anything, but because of him. Come to think of it, I think he's the reason I hate the feeling of something wet or sticky on my fingers.

Someone remind me of the movie's name, can't remember it.



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Oh man, I laughed like a megalomaniac.

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Here is my scariest dream. It's not as scary as the other guys but here goes.

You are late. You need to pick him up at the airport. Hallways, doors, they all look the same. You are late. You push open the right door. You're on the airfield. You are too late. The wrecked planes smolder in the green haze. You look up and you can not see the sky. He isn't there. Your mother is. She is in a wheelchair, the skin on her face pulled in a rictus grin, her eyes blacked out. She is wearing a filthy dress covered in blood. She looks like she hasn't eaten in months. She looks dead. She sits there, smiling at you, not moving. A corpse. She moves. The rusted chair squeals alone, leaving a trail of blood, while she sits, perfectly still. You chase her around the ruined buildings and planes of the airfield. You see the others now. They shamble in the green haze, always out of reach, sobbing behind chain link fences and in the wreckage. She's always out of sight, but you can hear the squeal of her wheels. You follow the trail. You catch glimpses of her going around corners. You scramble through the wreckage of a plane and burst out the door on the other side. You are surrounded by wreckage, except in front of you. There is a fence. She isn't there. The trail moves through it.

You don't hear the squealing anymore. You don't hear the groans and sobs anymore.

She is behind you.

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Little Ones need lots of meat to grow big and strong.

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My pleasure.

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iz dat sum jenna chew?

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lost mine face

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Hey its this guy again >>12768375

I remember when I was a kid, probably only about four or five I had a nightmare and I still remember it vividly to this day in perfect detail.

My brother (who was either six or seven, he is two years my senior) and I were at our grandparents (mother's side) house. We were alone. We were in the guest room where the computer was, I think we were playing centipede or something, the game is irrelevant.

I remember looking out the window. I see my parents, my uncles, my aunts, my grandparents. All of whom are on my mom's side, by the way.

My brother says something about us being home alone and I don't think about it. A floor board creaks outside of the open door of the guest room.

I look out the window again. It is now night time, and no one is to be seen. My brother screams. The skin on his face becomes taught to the point where it would almost begin to split if it could go any further. He is screaming. I turn to look what he is screaming at. I only see the edge of a shadow and I wake up.

To this day I never sit with my back to an open door.

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I once had a wierd dream where I was a member of some adventuring team seeking out some ancient underwater city, but we were repeatedly attacked by a group of villains (led by Sean Bean as Boromir for some reason)

Then we got to the underwater temple, and went inside a hatch... and walked into a giant courtroom with rows of chairs surrounding a small, central chair on which sat the defendant: a small, flabby, blank eyed, pale naked....little man.

Doctor who was his lawyer, and he marched up and down saying stuff to the judges that I dont remember, but I do remember the last thing he did was to declare the trial irrelevant by walking up to the client and breaking off one of its toes and eating it, stating that his client was in fact made out of chocolate.

Then we went back into tomb raider mode, and the underwater temple turned out to be a giant, sphere shaped tank as big as the continent of Australia, and yet despite its size I easily drove it up onto the beach near where my house had conveniently been apparently relocated to (I live in the middle of a city)

Then I woke up

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mirror mirror on the wall

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rolled 823 = 823

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>Doctor who was his lawyer, and he marched up and down saying stuff to the judges that I dont remember, but I do remember the last thing he did was to declare the trial irrelevant by walking up to the client and breaking off one of its toes and eating it, stating that his client was in fact made out of chocolate.

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Nothing like the genuine product.

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Cthulhu is supposed to have only one big cyclopean eye, so most of the art of him is wrong.

Just saying.

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Cyclopean was a reference to his scale.

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I used "cyclopean" as an adjective to describe some ruins in a game last year.

The players STILL think that meant they were built by cyclopes.

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uh... that's the origin of the term bro

Folks thinking huge ruins must have been made by giants (ie: Cyclopes)

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I don't know what it looks like, but the name and species of the eidolon should be Genuine.

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I have a nightmare like that. In the sense that it's from when I was little and I remember every goddamn detail.
I'm asleep in my bed, perfectly fine, when from my open closet comes a man, a man all made from dust. I see him coming towards my bed and I shut my eyes, then open them again. He is standing next to me. He grabs me by the feet and drags me into the closet which slams shut after us. The next thing I know I'm in a field where there is a beautiful women who smiles and says she can make everything perfect. Sitting around her were a bunch of kids with stupid smiles on their faces and behind her was the man of dust. She told me she could make everything perfect, that I could stay with her and everything would be great and wonderful. I screamed and tried to run because I knew something was wrong, but my legs wouldn't move.
Then I woke up in my bed, dream over.
I think I was like seven.

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problem, anon?

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Does anybody have a picture of a female that's slightly like the theme of this thread? Eldritch would be a good word I reckon.

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This thread is still going? I love you guys.

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I've got your nightmarish monster right here, OP

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Ya' know, I tried to get into Umineko. At first I was like "Fuck yeah a sweet mystery story with rich people and greed and maybe a witch oh god I love it!"

Then they got rid of all that and I stopped watching. Cool pic though.

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>Then they got rid of all that and I stopped watching.

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Holy shit, this thread's still around? Awesome.

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The fuck.

Well, okay, it's not like the VN is any better nowadays...

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[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/] I'm still hoping Ryukishi is actually GOING somewhere with all this love build-up. I guess the series just feels like it has been losing focus ever since EP4. We'll see, though [/spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/]

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>come home from work
>thread abou horrors

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And that's the image limit.

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because when you need a thread topped off with monstrous nightmares, you can count on dfg.

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wow awesome thread I would love for you to start another.

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3 testicle monsters...why. Whywhywhywhywhy

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You are amazing, guys, especially you, DFG.
This HORDE of images will be a huge help in my survival-horror game.
Big thanks, I would post a lot of images, but I cannot.
Am sad.

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Dear lord. This is the more frightning thing in the universe. Chtullu looks like a teddy bear next to this thing.

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