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> Sick and tired of playing combat focused crap in 3.5.
> Try to change things up
> DM gets weird about letting me use not-core-shit.
> Want to make amusing fun times just to fuck with him.
Help, /tg/?

tl;dr Hilarious character ideas.

Pic related: It's me throwing my weight around every weekend.

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Factotum with Font of Inspiration.

You'll have something new to do every waking moment.

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Awakened Animals.

Vow of Poverty/Peace characters.

Drunks that rage.

Any iconic character (Try to keep it secret.)

Or a dickhead wizard. (Although your party may not like you anymore.)

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> Or a dickhead wizard. (Although your party may not like you anymore.)
That was my last character, actually. Made romances with party's Swashbuckler. Was edging from NE to CG by influence of party Paladin. Really enjoying myself. Then, my DM rolled a crit for some bullshit low CR orcs and offed me right there.

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Oh, then play a CE wizard.

Explosive runes on collars, then put them on stray animals.

Chaos for Chaos's sake.

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Drunk Sorc that wont stop Greasing
"OH GOD, there is arcane grease everywhere"

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a wizard that thinks that if he uses magic then his memoris will slowly fade away and his brain will rot in his head, or something like this.

Or play a commonner, like a carthographer. bonus point if you choose a real class with magic but you never use any magic and when someone asks why you just say that you ara carthograper, you don't know shit about magic

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Make a 1st level Summoner, Give your Eilodon Perform(Anything) as a class skill. Take the Skilled(Perform) and Ability Increase(Charisma) evolutions and Skill Focus(Perform) feat. Give him Masterwork Tools (Perform). Have your eilodon perform on a street corner for money, with your Summoner using Aid Another and Taking 10.

Your eilodon's total Perform bonus is 1(Perform rank)+3(Class Skill)+8(Skilled)+1(Cha bonus)+2(MWTools)+2(Aid Another)+3(Skill Focus: Perform)+10(Taking 10)=31

Check: You can impress audiences with your talent and skill in your chosen performance type.
DC 30: Extraordinary performance. In a prosperous city, you can earn 3d6 gp/day. In time, you may draw attention from distant patrons, or even from extraplanar beings.

Sign a deal with some extraplanar entity, retire from the adventuring trade while your completely devoted eilodon does all the work as you bury yourself in a pile of tiefling whores.

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Dapper Gentleman Pirate Druid.

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Oh, god, I lol'd hard at that thought. Makes me miss Vincente now, that glorious self-centered bastard. I mean, come on...

> Make Psion/Wizard with intent to mitigate DM's irritation at Psionics, which I enjoy.
> Go into battle with Greater Shadow
> Greater Shadow touches me for 7 STR damage
> Have 8 STR...
> Get back up and throw every damn Power Point I have into Energy Ray and deal close to 90 points of damage in blow.
> Shout "KILL IT WITH FIRE" as I make explodey.

Good times.

I think another wizard is indeed in order. Though, how do awakened animals work?

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>tiefling whores

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they don't. You just play them for fun

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Diplomancer. +36 to diplomacy checks makes things ALL KINDS of retarded when you're encountering sentient, intelligent NPC's/enemies.

As an example, your dm throws a bandit ambush at you. You try to unionize them. Just continue to explain to them the benefits of consolidating all the bandit groups into one mega-group with a council and CEO and all that jazz. By the time you're done with all the red tape and filibustering, the bandits won't want to fight you, and the DM won't have a choice but to allow you to become the bandit CEO, since diplomacy is opposed by, of all things, diplomacy, and NOBODY EVER TAKES DIPLOMACY.

Talking is a free action, so you can just butt in whenever and yell OBJECTION!

Optimum class build is level 1; Marshal, level 2+; warlock.


Here's the original copy-pasta I got this idea from:

>>18 in the Cha with a half-elf marshal, so I decided to make him middle-aged, so by level 5 he had 20 cha with
the stat point and 22 with a cloak of cha for a total of 22 so thats a mod of +6. 8 ranks in diplomacy bring the
total up to 14, +3 for being a marshal brings it up to 17 (skill focus diplomacy). Took the negotiator feat at
lvl 3 to get another 2 which brings it up to 19.

>>At level 1 I grabbed the complimentary Insight feat for half-elves out of Races of Destiny which boosts skill
synergies from +2 to +3. There are 3 skills that synergize with Diplomacy all of which I had 5 ranks in so thats
another +9 making the total so far +28. Half-elves get a +2 racial bonus to diplomacy making the total now +30.

>>This is where the all important Marshal Aura, Motivate Charisma comes in. It allows you to add a bonus to your
Cha based skills and checks equal to your Cha bonus, which was at a +6, bringing the total up to...+36.

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This is right up the alley of our gameplay. The major plot quest was going to find a princess who may or may not have been kidnapped into orcish territories. How do I counter the obvious obstacles my DM will throw at me like Undead and languages I can't speak?

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You're now a pimp wizard with spells from the Book of Erotic Fantasy. You're now have wands and potions with erotic spells. You're fat, bald and ugly: the favorite symbol of evil lust. You're now using all your stuff wildly and randomly at every town you reach. You're Neutral and you just don't give a shit. You use this shit on the other players.
I does this one and now the DM obliges me to only use CORE shit. But it was amazing how fucking wild and totally fucked up the adventure had become.

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Well, throw some points into languages. I think it's 4 points/language as a trade off if I'm not mistaken. And, as a warlock, you're plenty capable of defending yourself from mindless undead. Sentient undead can be reasoned with.

Also, this comic comes to mind:

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Druids. Druids are awesome to just brake the system. Awaking animals is awesome. Specially when he is someone's else animal companion. When an animal companion is awakened, he's not an animal companion anymore, so the player just had lost him.
Once you get wild shape then things get even better.

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2 Points per language, one if you have Speak Language as a class skill or you're a Changeling, which has Natural Linguist.

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Most recently I played a CN swordmage with really low bluff and thievery, but was a compulsive liar and kleptomaniac.
I would always bluff about the stupidest shit and fail and get everyone in trouble, and then try to pinch someone's cufflinks and shit and get caught, lie about it, get caught lying, and get everyone in more trouble.

One time, the group had to perform a heist at a party, so I got really drunk, flew up to the roof as part of a performance/distraction, and our ridiculously high stealth ranger was too paranoid to use the chance to go steal shit, so I landed on the roof, started heckling the guards up there, let them start dragging me down the stairs, then stabbed both of them with little poison needles (Something he made up and let us have, great fun for us, but poor choice for him when I have to make a little dexterity check and can knock out an npc for several hours) and then another guard walks up and sees the knocked out guards, I tell him they're drunk and he doesn't believe me, so I try to stab him with a needle, he starts trying to beat the shit out of me but my ac is too high for his puny guard skills, I keep trying to stab him with the needle, crit fail three times and he still can't hit me, finally get him, and more guards come in and I just make a run for it.

Was some of the most fun I ever had.
Oh, but yeah, make characters that have mental disorders like kleptomania, or make a serial killer that goes out and kills people while your party is resting.

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Diplomancer guy here, had another good idea.

Forgery is great. You can make all kinds of bogus shit to go along with your diplomacy tomfoolery. The best part about it? Forgery is opposed by forgery and/or appraise, 2 more underused skills.

Have fun, you're going to be the King of everything in no time.

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Convince the first semi-important Orc you come across that you and your party are very important relations to the princess, and that instead of killing you, they should ransom you. Agree to write the ransom letter yourself. Seeing as you are an experienced diplomat you'll have no trouble convincing them that you are... well, an experienced diplomat, and thus the right person to make the letter for them. Plus, you are pretty sure ransom money is tax deductible, and you can show the Orcs how to make even more money out of this!
There's only one condition: You need to speak to the princess, seeing as this will involve her.
If they agree, they will have to, at some point, remove any possible bindings from you, and that's the moment you use your magic to free yourself, the party and the princess!

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What's the point of the Warlock? Can it be substituted for another CHA casting class?

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Collect cats, keep them in a bag and throw them at people. Ideally it would be an infinite bag of holding, but if your dm will give you that, then there are any number of shananagins to be had.

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Have your character as a bard who has a wife or love back at home. Name her Chitya or something else with "Chit" as the start of the name. She is an ex-sorceress who became unable to cast spells anymore due to some magic-related accident. Before that, she loved using fireballs and other explosive spells. Later say to the party that you wrote a song about her and would like to sing it for them.

Sing this if they agree:


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/tg/, you've been a big help. Many thanks and praise. Continue to be wonderful people!

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Paladin. Vow of Nonviolence/Peace. Don't break it. No matter what.

>> No.12767948

oh god.

Even better if you're a monk and you're useless as a literal meat shield.

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Be a general prankster. Set up elaborate pranks that won't actually hurt people, but are set off by complex trap mechanisms. Put that dungeoneering to good use.

Also, worship Loki

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Vow of Nonviolence/Peace are strange feats. You break it if you use your greatsword to hack someone to bits, but if you cast suggestion to get him to take a dip in a vat of acid, you're in the clear. Of course, in the same vein, the entire book is stupid.

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Oh god, I don't even need to click that link to know what song it is.


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Paladins that feel all infractions are their business.



>trulderf cabalistic

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rolled 42 = 42


Oh you pretty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
We love you,
And our pretty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang loves us too.
High low anywhere we go
On Chitty Chitty we depend.
Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Our fine four fendered friend.
Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Our fine four fendered friend.
You're sleek as a thoroughbred.
Your seats are a feather bed.
You'll turn everybody's head today.
We'll glide on our motor trip
With pride in our ownership
The envy of all we survey.
Oh Chitty, you Chitty
Pretty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
We love you.
And Chitty our Chitty
Pretty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang loves us too.
High Chitty low Chitty anywhere we go
On Chitty Chitty we depend.
Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Our fine four fendered friend.
Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Our fine four fendered friend...
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Fine four fendered Chitty Chitty friend

I actually pulled this on a PC when he wanted me to make up a wife for him, because he wasn't creative enough to make one himself in the bio. It was about 2 months into the 3.5 game before he found out that she was a car. Basically he wanted to sing a song about her, I took over by saying that I am good at making up songs, opened up youtube, and the rest is history.

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I play with a person who figured out a way to use Epic Spellcrafting (i.e. making your own epic spells) to create a spell wherein he inflicts diseases on himself and the target: the target's disease copies all of it's class levels, templates, spell-like and supernatural abilities; and the disease on himself infects him with all of the above things. So essentially, he absorbs anything and becomes himself plus it. So after absorbing the Tarrasque, several dragons, a bunch of template creatures (vampire, giant, minotaur), he decided just to absorb the Material Plane. Beat that /tg/.

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So he became the blob?

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That seems a little harsh.

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This only works if your DM is fucking stupid or pansy and you're an asshole. Diplomacy DCS in the book are the BASE DCs. The DM, as per the rules can modify them buy up to +20 or more.

And to finish off the dickery of diplomacy idiots, pg. 65 Practically Impossible Tasks: 'The DM decides what is actually impossible and what is merely practically impossible.'

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Go illusionist. Throw rainbows and sparkles at everything but do very little actual help to the party.

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I was at a one-off session of some friends to celebrate the fact that a guy had returned from uni for the weekend. Unable to come up with a character, and aware that we would only have one laid-back session, I tried to convince the DM I should be able to play a Kender suicide bomber. He didn't let me :(

Instead we played evil bards and did some pretty solid trolling, refusing to follow the plot on completely legit and in-character grounds.

Can /tg/ think of valid arguments to help bolster my explosive cause next time round?

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Wizards/Sorcerers by themselves can be dicks with spells.

Bards on a lesser note.

You could always just make a knight on a shark genocide, swearing the next blood to splash against your righteous blade will be that of a great white.

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