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Hey /tg/, give me some advice.

I am running a a Shadowrun game and one of the players has an elf mage. She plays her PC like a rock star/idol type who uses her electric guitar as a weapon and has a preference for lightning spells.

Today I was checking another board and saw this sculpture and I thought this costume would be just >perfect< for her PC. But as you can see is a little risque. Do you guys have ideas of how to add it to the game without sounding like a pervert?

Pic related

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since when /jp/ is fan of Shadowrun?

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This thread is not about Shadowrun. It's about roneryfags.

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So they suggest a touhou costume instead?

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Do you buy the model like that? or do you paint it?

If the former, creepy.
If the latter, creepy but notsomuch.

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When its a troll.

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since japan got a hold of it.

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>uses her electric guitar as a weapon and has a preference for lightning spells.

I don't know about you but I think your party's getting crazy.

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Girls love to dress like whores. Just look at the sort of Halloween costumes they wear.

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If the latter, much more creepy.

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They'd probably be confused why the OP is spending time with pig disgusting 3D girls.

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No, I just saw the photo in another board. I want to give a PC that costume.

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Its a valid concept in shadowrun.

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Just buy the statue and slam it into the table in front of her when everybody is gathered. the presence of other people will serve as your cover: she will automatically think you're okay because everybody else is there.

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other picture I have of htat.

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>give a PC a costume

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OP said Shadowrun. Also elf rockstar idol.

She HAS to dress like a punkish whore

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Ask her, but I doubt it. No sane woman would run around in public dressed like that.

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I just pictured OP -- body shaking, erection throbbing, and face glowing red -- coming out of nowhere and slamming the figure on the table while staring directly into the girl's eyes with a look of furious determination.

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No sane woman would use an electric guitar as a weapon when everybody else is using machine guns and monomolecular swords.
Your point?

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You know, except at anime conventions.
Oh wait...
>>sane woman
Nevermind, oxymoron.

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Aw, fuck, that's the ork adept gunslinger from the 4th Edition manual. What the hell did they do to her?

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Armor Clothing: The extra-resilient ballistic fiber in armor clothing offers basic protection while being indistinguishable from regular clothing.

Ballistic/Impact 4/0, Avail 2, Cost 500, SR4 315

It can work

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You still don't give PCs costumes. It's not a vidya or an animu.

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We need more pictures of that outfit to decide, OP

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And we were doing so well without the misogyny, too

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Ok, I said it wrong. I will be a reward. Or just loot


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Eh, OP

Did the ca/tg/irl said Idol?

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Not to be ignorant, but what's an idol?

Pic related?

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Terrible idea op. It is her character not yours.

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So they've liked it since their board was formed? I mean Shadowrun's been out in Japan for years.
(Pic related)

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She doesn't have to wear it. At least I hope so.
But give it to her as option, I can agree with that.

I mean - many stars do stuff like that (or even more... daring) at least here in Europe (one of latest songs by Rammstein with porn scenes comes to mind).

Also - name of this miniature?

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