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In this thread, we post stories of players being outnumbered or outmanned yet prevailing in the end. If you were a PC and managed something nigh impossible, or if you were the DM and thought for sure your players would fall, post the tales here.

Picture most definitely related — that battle seemed like the end for the heroes, yet they came out on top.

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This story took place just last night at our D&D 4e session, which I DM. The background of the tale is this:

The largest halfling city in the world has been invaded and taken over a by a group of Far Realm-worshiping, technologically-savvy dwarves and their aberrant allies. Intelligence gathered by the party suggested that there are four leader figures — known as the Lords of Madness — who are running the operation. They've been harvesting halflings, siphoning their essences in an attempt to feed and nourish a budding elder brain, which they intend to have rule over the city. This, of course, is generally not good. The party consists of a watersoul genasi swordmage, a gnome wizard, a changeling rogue, a razorclaw shifter seeker, a deva avenger, a dwarf runepriest, and an eladrin swordmage (DMPC).

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This group of seven makes the trek to the halfling city and finds that there are small purple tentalces draping over the walls every teen feet or so. The gates are open, but thicker tentacles cling to the sides of them. They are overlooking the city from a small hill and a notice a patrol of two dozen or so foulspawn and dimensional marauders are heading in their direction, but do not seem to notice their presence yet. They light an enshrouding candle, which makes them invisible and soundless to anything outside of its radius once per day, and let the patrol pass by them, none the wiser to their presence.

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They approach the nearest gate after the patrol passes, still under concealment of the candle. The tentacles don't react to them, but they are unsure of how they might react IF they made themselves visible. To test its reactions, they kick a small pebble towards the gate. One of the tentacles lashes out, constricts the pebble and crushes it to dust. They realize it would probably not be a good idea to proceed. They decided to follow the wall further north, where the city becomes bisected by a canal.

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They pass the patrol from earlier, once again avoiding contact and keep an eye on the tentacles on the wall, which do not react to their presence. Eventually, they make it to water's edge and begin to devise a plan. Some suggest going through the water, but the thought is dismissed when they realize there might be something underwater, lurking. They then propose scaling the wall, but realize that their bodies on the wall might cause the tentacles to vibrate and react accordingly. The genasi decides he will take the candle and hug the edge of the wall, inching from their side to the other. The other six decide to press up against the wall, being visible now, and attempt to hide.

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The genasi on the other side notices that every three tentacles connect to a pancake-sized flat blob of purple muck that seems lifeless. Before he can even contemplate as to what it is, or what it does, he all of a sudden hears a thud. The six on the other side made stealth checks and — lo and behold — the rogue rolls a natural one. As he trips and collides with the wall, the tentacles immediately snap to and begin to slither down the wall — where the five who succeeded on their stealth checks were pressed against. The three tentacles (attached to the aforementioned blob) make contact with the seeker, avenger, and runepriest, while on the other side the blob begins to bubble and let out a small hissing noise, akin to steam seeping out of a valve.

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Luckily, from the genasi's viewpoint the next set of three tentacles and the blob attached to them down the wall did not seem to be reacting, which meant they likely did not have a common cognizance. Initiative's rolled, the seeker and avenger break free from the tentacles, but the runpriest is pulled up and on top of the fifteen foot tall wall. The genasi moves forward and attacks the blob (which extinguishes the candle) then burns an action point to do it again, felling it in one turn. The tentacles go slack and the runepriest is freed. Good thing they killed the blob, too — they didn't know it, but if it had made it to the next round it would have let loose a loud shrill sound that would have alerted many, many things to their presence.

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Knowing they only avoided immediate danger, the rest of the party makes their way past the wall as the genasi did and arrive on the other side. They approach the nearest in-tact building, only to be discovered by a dimensional marauder. On its own, it stood little chance, and the party made swift work of it. They hole up in the building and decide to take a breather and gather themselves. The seeker stands by one window, the rogue on the other, and the avenger looking through the door's peephole. Stealh checks rolled and passed. After a few minutes, the avenger hears and spots a group of five dwarf patrolmen walking towards their direction.

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Their eyes were set on the destroyed blob-with-tentacles, and not the building the party was in, which was a good sign, at the very least — the dwarves were aware of a security breach, but did not know where the party was. The heroes quickly strategize and figure out what exactly they're going to do. It's decided that the changeling will assume the form of a dwarf, make himself look battered, and tell the patrol he found the intruder, which he had left unconscious in the building — they were setting a trap. If you're asking yourself why the dwarf in the party didn't just do it, it's because he was once a member of these technologically-savvy dwarves' society, but reviled them now, and thus wanted nothing to do with having to treat them like allies again, even temporarily.

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Changeling dons the appearance, exits the building, and the party waits inside. The gnome hides under the runepriest's shield, while the runepriest lies on the ground “dead.” The eladrin DMPC and the deva hug the corners of the room nearest the door, while the genasi and shifter wait by the windows. The changeling greets his “allies” and spins the bullshit tale. Bluff check. He rolls, passes. From his proximity, he notices these dwarves have small metallic boxes clipped to their breastplates, which have a small blinking green light on them. It seemed strange, but meant nothing to the changeling.

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As the changeling spun his story, the genasi and shifter made stealth checks to duck out of the windows and lie in wait behind the build. Both rolled, both passed, thanks to the distraction of conversation. Changeling leads them to the building, deva and eladrin make stealth checks. Both roll. ...Only eladrin passes. As four of the five enter the building, the one in the back suddenly recognizes the glint of metal from the deva's fullblade and turns in surprise. The trap was sprung.

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The four in the building found themselves blocked as the eladrin squeezed toward the entrance, and had to fight the party in closed quarters, much to their chagrin — they were primarily bolters, by the look of them, even though they seemed to have no bolts for their crossbows in sight. Odd, but not relevant. Yet. The four dwarves inside, for lack of better words, get their asses whooped. The one on the outside presses a button on the side of that blinking metal box, and the light goes out. The genasi and shifter circle around and spot this. They know not what it does, but they know it can't be good.

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Before the next round rolls around, the swordmage and seeker duo manage to kill the dwarf. A sigh of relief. They defeated the five, but now they need to quickly stuff their bodies in the building to avoid further detec— BLEEP!

The device on the dwarf outside bleeps. As he died, his thumb remained firmly pressed on the button. The light was now glowing solidly, and their was static sounding from it, followed by the voice of a gruff, loud dwarf. “What?! Say something!”

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The runepriest, who knew all too well that this device was used for communications, begrudgingly knelt before the dead dwarf and talked into it. He told the voice on the other end that he and his patrol encountered the intruders and had them captured, though they lost three men in the process. Bluff check. He rolls, passes. The voice commends him, and tells him to bring them to “the spot.” Uh-oh. They clearly don't know what or where “the spot” is.

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Quick thinking, and the runepriest tells the voice that he and the other “survivor” can't carry the five intruders by themselves. Bluff check. He rolls, passes. The voice informs him he'll send somebody over to help them out. Now they have to quickly make arrangements for this to work. The changeling once again dons the appearance of a dwarf, and he and the runepriest begrudgingly put on the armor worn by the patrol. They cut up and stash away two of the five patrolmen they killed, but take their radios for future use. The wizard, avenger, seeker, and two swordmages are then tied up (albeit loosely) and their weapons are stowed away in a sack. This would not be an issue for the eladrin or genasi — they could call their swords to their hands with a minor action. The others, however, would have to get to their weapons once they attacked, but that was a future concern.

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To make the capture of the five party members seem believable, the runepriest and changeling rough 'em up a bit. They take a few points of damage after being slapped, punched, and kicked around. Shortly after, the back-up arrives. The runepriest and changeling greet them, take the “captives” in hand, then follow them to “the spot.” They're led to a warehouse port-side, which had been taken over by the leader of the technologically-savvy dwarves, presumably the source of the voice on the walkie-talkie. They enter the building and are now in the presence of nine dwarves, including the ones that accompanied them, in addition to what HAD to be the leader...

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In the center of the room stood a huge-sized bi-pedal mech with a dwarf sitting inside (picture related — that's him). Strange thing was, the dwarf looked connected to the machine, with wires and tentacles sticking out of his flesh and intertwining with the constructs mechanical anatomy. It definitely wasn't natural, and it definitely wasn't friendly. The party began to have second thoughts, but they were already here now. The mech-dwarf gave the salute of his people, which was then mimicked by the dwarves and the runepriest (since he was once a member of their society, you recall). The changeling mirrors the motion, but a second later than the rest. I have him roll a bluff check to see if he pulls it off convincingly...

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...He passes, barely. The mech-dwarf then grabs the seeker's head and asks her why she came, and who sent her. She remains silent, then has her face smashed into the ground. He grabs the avenger. No answer. Another face smashed into the ground. Growing more agitated, he grabs the genasi. Genasi tries to play into the mech-dwarf's arrogance, “confesses” he wants to help his cause. Bluff check. Rolls, FAILS. Face smashed into the ground. Gnome's turn! He literally picks up the small wizard by the head and lifts him in the air. Same question. Gnome says they're there to kill him. He gets thrown against the wall. Hard.

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Now that the mech-dwarf had his answered, he ordered the dwarves holding onto the “captives” to take a step back (remember, two of these dwarves are the changeling and runepriest). Almost all of them do, but the changeling requests that he stand by the mech-dwarf's side, to see him pummel them up close. Bluff check. Rolls, passes. Changeling stands by the mech-dwarf's side, meets eyes with the swordmages and nods. Swordmages call their weapons to their hands and jump up, as do the other three. Changeling and runepriest draw their weapons. Commence surprise round!

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Changeling tosses the bag with the weapons to the floor in front of avenger and seeker. Avenger and seeker retrieve their weapons. Eladrin fey steps behind the mehc-dwarf. Genasi runs up close to engage the mech-dwarf. Runepriest creates a beneficial aura on the floor. Wizard calls for his tome caddy. Shit just got real. The fight begins, and they quickly find that this mech-dwarf is nothing to fool around with. It uses an oil slick to create a zone of oil, dousing the runepriest and avenger and knocking them prone, then shoots his flamethrower, engulfing them in fire. Action point, and he sends his power drill arm whirring into the genasi.

>> No.12752896


The eladrin uses a daily power to mark most of the bolters, which are now revealed to shoot energy bolts of lightning from their crossbows, like magical lasers. Ouch! He keeps them distracted, while the rest of the party focuses on the mech-dwarf, taking occasional hits from stray bolters. The flamethrower's a recharge move, but I'm rollin' well. Flames. Flames everywhere! The party is hurting, but they manage to knock this big son of a bitch prone and make him immobilized, slowed, and all sorts of other madness.

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They surrounded his toppled robotic ass and begin to wail on him. They get confident, but it fades a little as he activates a jet launcher that sends him flying into the air, breaking through the roof. He lands, breaking the roof again, on the opposite side of the room. He took damage, of course, but it barely dented him. He was bloodied, but barely so. They still had a lot of work to do. Steam was shooting out of the cracks in his mech-suit, burning those who got too close, and he was rechargin' that flamethrower left and right.

>> No.12752931


But the resilient party just kept coming, even though they were bloodied and bruised and expending dailies and encounters left and right. It took a few more rounds, but finally the finishing blow was dealt. They cheered in real life, but I had to cut them off with:

“Self-destruct activated.”

This mech-dwarf explodes, sending them flying. The side of the warehouse was blown the hell up, two party members went unconscious, and even those who were doin' okay health-wise were now bloodied. All but one of the dwarves fighting alongside him died from the blast.

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When they decided to do all of this, I though, “Oh, boy... TPK incoming!” But they managed to defy the odds and defeat the encounter, which was quite a bit higher than what they're recommended to fight, considering the mech-dwarf BY HIMSELF was already higher than the XP value for the party (picture related — those are his stats).

I was truly proud of my players. The session ended there, so I'm excited to see what they do next. They're in hostile territory, mind, and that explosion was most certainly heard by everybody in that city. The mech-dwarf was one of the Lords of Madness, but three still remain. Think they'll prevail?

Maybe I'll post a follow-up story sometime to let you know, if any of you are interested.

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Anybody else have any stories? Also, what happened to the picture I uploaded in the original post?

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No replies aside from a "cool story, bro" pic?

I know /tg/ has got some stories like this; I see 'em all the time. Don't let me down!

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In a 3.5 game my group of five level 7 characters (samurai, fighter/barbarian/rogue, cleirc, lolbard, rogue/ninja, scout, and wizard) managed to kill an army of two hundred orcs. Shit was so cash.

>DM's face when he intended for us to lose, but we didn't

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>five level 7 characters
>five characters
>seven characters listed

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Oops! Meant seven level 5 characters, lol

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One story is better than none! Thanks for the contributin'.

Anybody else have anything to say? With all the trash that clogs up the front page, I figured this at least would get a little bit of love.

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I was playing a homebrew game with some buddies which was basically a futuristic + post-apocalyptic + fantasy type thing. The party was basically this: Dual Gunner, Mystic, Pugilist, and Coercer. The Pugilist was our tank, the Mystic was our healer, and the others were support.

The party basically went through a subway system killing a bunch of thugs. They noticed that most of these thugs were augmented with some kind of drug, finding vials with residue in them. After busting in to the secret lab of the thugs, they all took some of the drugs, which enhanced their core powers, but at the same time causing them to fall in and out of fits of rage. When in this fit of rage, they attacked anyone/anything in a 180 degree radius in front of them with a special attack the DM had planned.

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Rage drugs? Ruh-roh! That couldn't have ended well.

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After playing for a few more minutes and a bunch of rolling to resist killing each other, they came to a garage with a broken down car in it and the corpse of a young woman. They found a note and some other stuff that revealed that this woman's husband was the leader of the thugs and a frequent abuser of the enhancing drugs. Because of this, she killed herself. After some more rummaging from the greedy party, they found a door to a lower section of the garage. In the bottom section they found a man in dusty clothes and a dirty trench coat at a workbench with many disassembled guns.

Upon being confronted, they found out this guy was the husband of the woman in the car, and had essentially exiled himself to this garage so he would never harm anyone ever again. However, the party's presence was making him angry, allowing the drugs to mess with his head, and so his temper was quickly rising, making him less coherent.

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methamphetamines, in my /tg/?

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Before things got out of hand, the Coercer stepped in and pulled out a picture of the guy's wife that he'd picked up from the corpse, showing it to the man, basically pulling the, "Would she want you to do this?" card. However, mid speech, the Coercer had to roll for the effects of the drugs, and failed, and called the man's wife a filthy whore and said it was a good thing she killed herself.

With the strength of an angry roid-rager, the man swung at the Coercer, landing a critical strike, knocking him unconscious. The Pugilist (myself), jumped in, throwing a punch at the guy, only for him to grab my hand, bend it upward, and throw me face-first in to the ground. The Dual Gunner immediately focused her energy and shot bullets infused with acid at the man, punching a few holes in him and sizzling the muscle inside. Despite the nice shot, it hardly dented his health.

While the Mystic was scribing something, the man ripped up the workbench, swinging side to side and tossing bits of gun at us. While the Dual Gunner continued dumping potshots in to the man, myself and the Coercer got up, suffering reduced accuracy due to our injuries, but still rushed the man. I got hit by the bench, knocking me seriously low on hp. The Coercer dodged the bench and managed to slap a Seal of Coercion on the man, which was supposed to, what else, coerce him in to doing the Coercer's bidding.

>> No.12754066


Due to the man's extreme rage, the seal didn't work exactly as planned, but it did make him stutter in attacks, giving us a chance to hit him, but only when the Coercer took a turn to focus to make the seal work. During the times the Coercer focused, the Dual Gunner did a special move, something like Furious Bullets which caused her guns to fire all 6 rounds (dual magnums) at once, like a shotgun, at the cost of reduced accuracy. About 4 out of 6 shots hit, which wasn't bad.

By this time the Mystic finished scribing, and it turns out he scribed a scroll that was supposed to open a dimensional hole to a fire-world and release it's flames. Despite taking his time to scribe, it was nearly all for nothing as the man hid behind the bench, suffering small burns at best.

As for me, I stood, using my special move, which I could only use when low on health (and the lower my health the more powerful it was). Since I only had about 10% of my hp, the attack did 50% more damage. I threw the punch, busting the workbench, and hitting the man square in the chest, sending him in to a bunch of metal racks that collapsed on him.

For the time being, we'd thought it was all over and the Coercer disengaged his seal while the Mystic planted a healing totem made out of an old clock. We all sat around the totem as we slowly healed and decided where to check for loot.

>> No.12754250


Before we'd even fully recovered, we heard a roar that sounded totally inhuman and the piles of racks and debris suddenly went flying. Luckily we all passed our checks and dodged the flying debris. The man crawled from the remaining debris, slightly hunched, much larger than before, and each vein was hard-pressed against his skin. When he began charging at us he moved like a gorilla, swinging wildly and trampling the totem.

We were in a panic because we were only about half health, 3 of us were out of special abilities, and none of us were sure how to stop this guy.

The Coercer was the first to strike, using an ethereal rope to somewhat wrangle the guy, but he ended up getting dragged along, but he held on for some reason. The Dual Gunner only had standard rounds left, but started firing, using some energy to make each shot more accurate. I grabbed the ethereal rope as the man charged by, and combined the Coercer and I managed to slow his movements. The Mystic used his special ability, which summoned a pack of feral wolves that lashed out at the man, dealing a good bit of damage. As the wolf pack bit him, he flailed wildly, sending myself and the Coercer away, then turned and charged the Dual Gunner. She fired rapidly in to his face, only managing to disfigure him.

>> No.12754355


After taking so many shots to the face, he was basically forced to go by sound, and in his fit of rage, his hits suddenly became luck.

Seeing our chance, the Coercer and I pulled as hard as we could, using a breaking point to literally plant our feet in to the ground, breaking up cement for a few feet while he was slowed to a halt, and wrestled to control him. Because of the nature of these breaking points though, we were rapidly losing health due to the strain being put on our bodies. The Dual Gunner wasted no time and used a breaking point to take deadly aim and fire a single shot, but the recoil knocked her unconscious. The bullet traveled through the man's head, but didn't quite kill him. Instead he stumbled and knelt, rapidly losing blood. The Coercer passed out to stop himself from losing health, leaving just me, but in his disoriented state, the man was easier to control, and I had more health. The Mystic then used his breaking point and sacrificed the feral wolf pack he summoned and combined it with some of his own essence to create a spectral wolf that repeatedly bit the man, leaving giant bite marks and eventually forcing him to succumb to his fate. In the end, we all passed out, low on health, and eventually recovered.

It was pretty epic though.

>> No.12754424


Truly an epic story. You guys did great. Stories like this make me miss playing. Having a DMPC isn't the same; I go out of my way to not have him make in-game suggestions or be at the forefront of a conversation. That's obviously the point of a DMPC, but I definitely would like to have someone else run the show sometime, so I could figure out how to trump my DM, too.

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Wow, that sounds like an amazingly epic fight

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Eighth level party. Seven characters. Three rogues, three casters, one ranger.
Arena match vs. greater stone golem. Fucker can't be critical hit, can't be sneak attacked, is IMMUNE TO (most) MAGIC, and is big enough to take out one of us in about two hits. WRECKING OUR SHIT up and down the street. Oneshotted the ranger's animal companion, no chance of resurrection because the DM was a jackass.

Strategy we finally figured out:
Pixie rogue (this is me- keep reading) gets Haste from one caster, uses Greater Invisibility, flies about 60 feet directly above the golem.
Second caster, wearing ring of Feather Fall, uses Benign Transposition to switch places with me. Falls 60 ft over the course of the next round, then lands on top of the golem and uses Dimension Door.
300 ft up, 50 ft sideways (to avoid collateral damage to the party).
Ring kicks in, saves him from all falling damage. Golem? Not so lucky.

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five member party including a dedicated healer cleric, a universalist wizard, rogue, fighter and cavalier at level... 10, with a paladin cohort at 8 vs 5 trolls and one fighter/bard with loads of scrolls. bard basically tanks up the trolls to make them a huge challenge against even the fighter, who had a crap rolling streak and was the focus of their attacks. My cleric was dishing out healing every round, basically, while the paladin was assisting with the trolls, assuming that nothing too bad could happen (I think he was actually waiting for one to jump down from a roof and engage him) when all of a sudden, from the left flank a troll reached out and rolled and confirmed a critical on my cleric, paizo card flavor that he tore out her eye and quite a good bit of her face. She's lying on the ground dead, a couple of scrolls of breath of life on her. Party fighter freaks out, he's at less than 40 hp and still dealing with 2 trolls, Cavalier is somewhere around there with only one. Paladin goes fucking bananas, because they're lovers and he's already watched one die, screams "holy shit, someone get the scroll!" Rogue rolls up, takes out one of the scrolls and fails his UMD miserably. It's not looking good for the party, I step away from the table fearing TPK when a surprisingly helpful little goon jumps down from a tree, plucks the scroll of breath of life out of the rogue's hand and casts it like nothing, reviving me. Fella actually had the decency to help her find her missing eye, too, so she wouldn't be permanently disfigured... with her back in action, the party survives long enough to defeat the trolls and each of them lives to talk about it.

find out several sessions later her savior was the freaking BBEG, and several after that that he was also personally responsible for the single most tragic event in her life thus far, and so much more. feelsbadman.jpg

>> No.12756090

As a player.
Scout/Dervish Dancer.. oh... level 17? I am to fight a level 17 paladin in a tournament. Semifinals time.

I sneak around the map crazy fast, watching what the paladin will do. He stands out in the open, no mount, ready for me to step out and fight honorably.

That is awesome. I dig that, I'm no good at subterfuge anyways. So I walk onto the field, we bow and engage each other in an honorable fight. I run up to him in a dervish dance with a thousand cuts, letting loose my crazy flurry of attacks (around 18 at that point? I think)... and for the most part I actually hit him. In fact, I did enough damage to have killed myself twice already, at least.

But he's still standing, and he looks fine. Even though blood flew and all that shit. I'm staring him in the face, and he unleashes his own ungodly strength on me. Let me explain how I fight: If enemy doesn't die in the first two turns, I die before the third turn, I have no endurance. But this guy is my level.

I keep dancing, got another full attack off on him, used my belt of battle to do it again. This human(?) paladin is still standing there. I'm smart this time and I back away so that he can't unleash hell on me without having to reach me first.

He has a belt of battle too. Oh well. I'm almost dead at this point, there was probably action points involved.

Third turn, I'm barely alive. And he's still kicking. I'm going to unleash my full offense on him, this one last turn, and concede when he raises his sword to strike me back. I get off most of my attacks, and he raises his hand to stop me.

>> No.12756105

He then removes his discharged ring of nine lives and I win the match.

>> No.12756115

Posting some classics.

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How awesomely cinematic. I approve.

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Lame, what a lame fight.

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Hate to be rude, Captain No-Fun, but some of us are actually trying to contribute to the thread, so can you kindly get the fuck out? Thank you.

>> No.12756474

I suppose I'll contribute...

This is from a standard campaign not too long ago, vanilla DnD.

We were a group of three, cocky, hot-blooded and greedy level 2 running escort for a caravan through a forest blah de blah standard exp farming quest, nothing plot related.

Anyway, DM eyes us up and gives up the ominous "Spot Check."
The human fighter fails, I (the elvish ranger) was sleeping (character development), and the drunk dwarvish warrior fails. Barely.
With a smirk on his face, he nods at the dwarf and gives the foreboding, "Initiative check". Oh boy, no big deal, just some thieves in the forest. We'd be fine.

As I was asleep, I instantly lost, the fighter also lost, but the drunk dwarf warrior rolled a nat 20.
The DM grinned. "Roll a reflex save."

Another natural 20.

>> No.12756524

"Okay," the DM continued, "Roll to hit."

The party looks at each other across the table. What?

The dwarf rolls, Natural 20. He laughs and switches dice for the next roll.
"Roll to confirm crit."

Unfortunatly, his streak ended there with his rolling of a 1.
The DM seemed a little disappointed and threw the situation at us.

"So while the caravan was working it's way through the forest, disaster struck. You've been ambushed by what appears to be a large dragon. (It was a large dragon.) All the other caravan guards are dead, the warrior and ranger take 1d8 tumbling damage from the caravan being tossed and the dwarf leapt into the air and nearly decapitated the beast before the battle begun. The dragon lands and readies it's breath. Now what?"

The encounter after that point was an amalgamation of unlucky rolls which rendered the dwarf unconcious, the ranger bleeding out and poisoned, and the fighter ended up leaping onto the beast and stabbing out most of it's throat with his short sword.

At level two.

Unfortunatly for the dragon, it missed every single one of it's intelligence rolls to flee. This meant that it's head was crafted into a helm for the warrior and the fighter would from then on be called "Dragon Rider".

>> No.12756541

I understand that this story pales in comparison to a great many of RP tales, but this holds a special spot in my heart as it was my second session of tabletop that I ever had. Also, because we pulled off some major bullshit in that fight, he TPK'd us in the next fight, just to keep up the scale of difficulty. :P

>> No.12756590

No, it was great! The unlikely heroes pulling off something awesome. I'm a big fan of the underdog. Shame you got TPK'd the next combat, heh.

>> No.12756645

My players routinely pull off the impossible. It seems to be some sort of inverse law. I've time and time again proven that if I send one wimpy mook against them they walk away almost dead, but a hoard of BBEG-level badasses and they only end up with a papercut.

I can rely on one player to somehow instantly fortify their position. I never know how he's going to do it, but I look forward to it. The best time was in a warehouse -- he collapsed the supports on one of the shelving units to block the door to give everybody enough time to do their thing.

Two players seem to be able to set themselves up into perfect kill zones, using the environment as much as possible.

The guy who always plays the techie/wizard/whatever is the guy I always WAIT to see what he does. He's destroyed assault choppers with ball bearings; droves of shocktroopers with a bicycle pump, a length of chain, hydrogen peroxide, and a few other things I can't remember; and has on more than one occasion turned a house into an impromptu deathtrap that would make the greatest of evil overlords furiously take notes.

One singular mook, though, and they'll all almost die. And I love them for it.

>> No.12756723

I beat the shit out of the odd in real life.

I was born seven weeks premature, this is ridiculously early for those that don't know about these kinds of things. I was put on a heart and lung machine for infants, called ECMO, because those parts had yet to develop fully.

I had less that a 5% chance of living at all, and less than a 1% chance of not having some debilitating disability. and despite what some acquaintances would tell you I am not hindered by anything of the sort.

on a semi related note I have a huge fucking scar that goes from just behind my ear to where my neck meets my chest.

>> No.12756769


Hi, Harry Potter.

>> No.12756780


>> No.12760140

Bump! Don't have any stories myself, but I want to see more.

>> No.12760440

The TV Tropes forum as a record of Tau firewarriors winning against Khârn and a bunch of Berserkers.

Here is the writefag version:

Kharn the Betrayer stood with his Berzerkers as they charged after the blue xenos. Kharn was, personally speaking, a bit bored- these... Tau? Tie?... were so weak in melee combat. Nice guns, really, but no skill where it really counted, in hand to hand.
Khorne didn't even really want their skulls, most days, gave them away to Bloodletters who'd enraged him (and survived) as a mocking gift.
So Kharn was really just hanging out here to pay an old debt he owed a fellow Berzerker. The guy was the one who'd made sure Kharn got his nice, shiny new commissar cap (currently onboard the good ship Killfrenzy, along with all of Kharne's kitties and cats that he loved so much.)
So, yeah, Kharn owed him a bit.

It was with these thoughts swirling in his head that Kharn reached the top of a small hill and saw a sight that made him, veteran of the assault on Holy Terra, ageless harbinger of death, stop dead in his tracks and drop Gorechild in sheer disbelief.

The Tau were charging.

>> No.12760451

There were only a handful of them. No mighty army, this- just a pack of Fire Warriors, out of ammo after the weeks-long battle for their world, cut off from reinforcements and supplies. Just a pack of ordinary Tau, who were charging Kharn- charging!- with nothing more to their name than a few rocks and a couple of tiny little combat knives, almost toys.

Kharn stared. There was not a drop of fear in their eyes, not a hint of cowardice in their hearts- they were going to charge an eight-foot-tall giant whose entire job description was melee combat, who wielded the mighty Gorechild, whirring chain-axe of death blessed by Khorne the Blood God everlasting.

And they had no fear.

>> No.12760461

A noise began like an engine clearing. Another soon followed it, then another, and another, until a mighty flood of laughter bellowed from Kharn, laughter born of pure shock and wonder.

" They're CHARGING! " Kharn yelled aloud, and laughed again, stunned into glorious wonder. Wonder! An emotion he had not felt in centuries! Surely Khorne was kind this day. " Men! The Tau! They are charging!"

One of the Berzerkers behind Kharn made a fatal mistake.

" Fools."

Kharn stopped laughing. Anger- an emotion that he was most definitely not unfamiliar with- filled him.

>> No.12760472

" No. Not fools. Brave. Have you forgotten bravery, brother-slaughterer? Forgotten what it feels like to tackle a truly mighty foe, one that could slay you easily? To tackle one knowing this, and yet..."

Kharn slowed in his speech. It was clear from the Berzerker's eyes that he had, in fact, forgotten. The lobotomy had taken more from him than just his fear- it had taken from him courage, too.

Kharn sighed, and then a thought occurred, and he started laughing again.

" Let me show you, my brother-slaughterer..." Kharn whispered with a ferocious smile, picking up Gorechild and revving its engine loud.


>> No.12760479

When the Tau reached the hill, Kharn had slain all his fellow comrades in a few moments- he was Kharn, he was so good at fighting he'd killed an assassin in his sleep once (literally, he hadn't known he'd done it until he woke up three hours later). The Tau had kept charging in the interim, unafraid, though confused.

Kharn let them win, pretended to go down under their blades, rocks, and the one guy swinging a Fire Warrior helmet (Kharn laughed at that, too). Bravery deserved reward.

There was a whole galaxy to burn; why not a little kindness, as reward for such tremendous bravery?

After all, it was not every day that someone as old as Kharn experienced a little wonder at the universe.

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