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Black women are drow, white women are high elves.

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Cause the Drow can be pretty fucking sophisticated at times.

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Asians are wood elves? With delicious bare feet?

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Shitspamming away, broseph.

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Their facial features are the same, as well as having dark skin.

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But Drow can be attractive, so they aren't black women.

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stay classy tg

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>this spam again

I thought we had a janitor. Oh, my mistake.

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now that you need to captcha a report, a lot of people aren't going to bother.

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Bet you feel stupid now, huh?

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Except the Drow are usually short.
Shorter than High Elves.

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cant this thread be deleted faster? maybe if post the work of some drawfags the janitors will take notice

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No, I mean black women and drow women have the same facial features

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No, not really.

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We've been over this

They are orcs

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Did my part and reported. I'm a bit confused to which category this shit fits in though.

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Cool, imma report all the drawfag threads, anything to keep /tg/ clean

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>implying most black women look like anime halle berry

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try and tell me this black woman doesn't look like a drow

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well theres now tits in this thread so it must be purged!

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source on that pic

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That's not anime, and it's not halle berry, it's Emanuela de Paula, a black brazilian model

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Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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Emanuela de Paula

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That's nice, I'll just remake the thread then.

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Dem elves, man. Dem stupid sexy elves

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Black women are shit genasi

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She's black brazilian, she is BLACK

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Native americans are brown elves.
Scandinavians are high elves. (Except finns. They are something that happened when a dwarf and an elf had awkward drunken sex.)

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I'll just keep reporting. Reporting's easier than remaking the thread.

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You're an idiot. Brazilians are portugese. Therefore Hispanic. Therefore European.

It shows in her features.

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You know that saging with a picture is pointless, right?

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I'll just keep reporting the drawfag threads. It's easier to report them and get them deleted than for people here to keep drawing shitty pictures of naked elves.

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They have AFRICAN slave blood

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mod's a little slow today

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...I'm NOT the guy who likes drawthreads. Delete all of them, for all I care. Less information about ACTUAL /tg/ stuff if you have more drawthreads.

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You go ahead and find someone.. anyone that looks that hot that hasn't been diluted with European blood so much that their skin looks like it's just a tan. I dare you.

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Somali women. I win.

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Yep. It's official. You have no idea what you're talking about.

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you know you can sage and post pics without hurting the sage? Helps reach image max.... You guys are about as bad as cheekbone destroyer

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Yes, I can see that from your proof.

Oh wait.

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That has been DILUTED over many generations. She does not have african facial features

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You need to provide pics, dumbass.

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Not that hot. Also light skin. My point stands.

You're really bad at this.

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Dude, how about without the makeup, special lighting, and camera angles.

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Owned again. Give them white hair and pointy ears, blacken the skin, instant drow.

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She looks kinda weird.

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Proud beautiful drow women

>> No.12749583

>blacken the skin

That's the whole point, idiot. You still fail.

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Point is their facial features are drow

>> No.12749598

Boy, mixed race women are beautiful.

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Hot black chicks with actual dark skin don't exist?

Au contraire.

Also, this thread is dildos.

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Fucking finally.

I'm just getting sick of this idiot trying to pass off creole women as "black."

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Those are fucking somali models, from Somalia. In AFRICA. Not fucking creoles, jesus christ.

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>posts hot woman
>sages post
It may not mean much to you, but I like your style, anon. If only other fa/tg/uys would learn from your example.

Stay awesome.

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Also, you are dildos for not knowing that some blacks are lighter than others without being 'mixed'.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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Please tell me you're noko saging and not bumping the thread?

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I can tell they are Somali because of the evidence you posted that indicates who they are and where they came from.

I don't know where you are from, but I can tell mixed race women when I see them. Their skin is way beyond the variation for pure African.

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Any questions?

>> No.12749674

SFW black girls, hmmm dat everything.

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She looks like a bucket of ass.

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Stop bumping the thread.

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moar liek a KFC bucket of DAT ASS AMIRITE

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>in retrospect, you probably look like a pool of vomit but thats beside the point so I will criticize anything not to my liking.

Haters gonna hate

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I'm sure you look like a bucket of fag.
And sage for shit thread

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I think this is what drow are like.

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Black girls with finer features can be absolutely stunning, I don't know if it's those from a specific area, mixed race or maybe just a natural difference but a total change from the heavier features most commonly associated with black people.

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It's usually from European ancestry in their background somewhere.

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Blasians are usually amazing, it's twice the exotic and thats hot in my book.

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Sage goes in all the fields

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Asians reporting in.

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Dem russian amazons man.

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>implying that black people aren't orcs.

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Same person who posted >>12749724, I was actually going to say that myself, there are some utterly stunning blasian women.

Yeah I guess so and I guess it doesn't really matter how far back in their heritage it comes from...I suppose there are also mediteranian/african cross overs in both children and people moving between the two for long periods of time.

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Is it just me, or does that woman look a lot like the third Doctor Who?

>> No.12749888

Russian women are fucking hideous, fat ugly wide faces(like slavs), ugly gross bodies, they're sickening.

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I thought we had a mod for shit like this.

Oh wait, he only deletes /tg/ related threads that disagree with his opinion.

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Polish women are superior

>> No.12749918

Yeah, yeah! She look-a like a man.

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So he thinks black women are drow, awesome

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I know right?

>> No.12749926

Her face is fat and wide, yuck. I like long and slim faces.

>> No.12749928

The Third Doctor does not look like a man.

>> No.12749933

Mixed race, like most of those in this thread.

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Why is /tg/ so dumb that the SAME EXACT SHITTY TROLLTHREAD, posted over and over, can work just as well every time?

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East Indians are Drow, they have a lot of the keener Caucasian features along with the lower castes' darker skin. They fit mostly into the same IQ bell curve as other Caucasoids.

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Troll thread about race succesful on /tg/; ignored by janitor.
In other news: pope professes deep devotion to Jesus Christ and new study shows bears may defecate in woods.

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Sure is /stormfront/ in /tg/

>> No.12750031

Guys, the janitor really isn't on /tg/ very much. If he was here, he would have nuked the thread a long time ago.

He's not perfect, but he's not quite -that- retarded.

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>bears may defecate in woods

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saging with tits

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That's great dude. Just remember to put "sage" in the email field.

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Saging with a horsie.

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