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Help a frustrated DM? I started DM'ing a few weeks ago, and the players are having fun (all that stuff). Anyways, early on I had been trying to explain the house rules (I'm pretty lenient, but if you're doing shit to annoy me and you know it, you get "blue bolted", which was my old DM's way of taking care of dicks so I'm continuing that tradition). While they understood this, one of them also joked "He's letting the DM powers go to his head". They both found this amusing, and joked about it again soon afterwards.

Give me the benefit of the doubt at this point and understand that I'm not like that at all. I throw the players into intense situations and encourage them to creatively try to handle and/or survive, and I'll even have them start rerolling if the situation was worse than I had planned.

So, I find them joking about that extremely frustrating, and one of the players then said to the latest recruit (just yesterday) "he's a pretty good dm, but sometimes he lets it go to his head", etc, etc. I can't figure out how to approach them and ask them to stop without sounding whiny/dickish. Can anyone help this young DM?

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It is better to be feared than loved. There is always time to make someone love you, but once they fear you, they will fear you forever.

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Tell them you don't appreciate the slander and if they wish to continue they can leave the group.

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tell them to call you a fair DM or you'll kill their character off... and rape it... then resurrect it rape it and kill it again..... and pre-rape their reroll character.

That will have them calling you a fair DM in no time.

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But remember, Machiavelli also mentioned that being loved was more powerful than being feared. Remember when to go from fear to love.

Just go with the flow, if they are having fun then what does it matter? Stop being insecure and just do what you think is right.

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I've been DMing various systems for 15 years, and I have been to occasionally and obviously smite a player or throw in a grudge monster. They will give you shit about this forever. LET THEM. They'll whine about something regardless trust me. You are their Captain, and they will bitch, ESPECIALLY when they're having a good time. Command is lonely, my friend.

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They're just kidding around. Don't be so sensitive.

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Loved and Feared>Loved>Feared but not Hated>Feared and Hated>Hated

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Say to the joking players that you don't like that. They are dicks, but that doesn't mean that you'd have to be one also. The reason you're a DM is to make everyone have fun, not imaginary omnipotence. And they're chipping away from your fun from what I understand.

>Hurr rape
This is the most reliable way to lose players/never DM again.

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You could stop the group next time they say it, like, mid combat, and tell them "Listen, I really do my best to please you guys. What's bothering you so much that you need to keep bringing this up?"

You need to consider that you may actually be more domineering than necessary. From your post I can tell that you're pretty well meaning, but you admit to having only started DM'ing a few weeks ago. The hardest thing to do as a DM isn't to "blue bolt" people, it's to realize that sometimes players do annoying things and you need to let it go for the sake of that player's enjoyment as well as your own.

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Bad news for you "alpha" you only get one.

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Love and Fear are both Alpha Tier. Love AND Fear is God Tier.

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Your group might enjoy being casual. It'd be dumb to tell them to stop enjoying themselves.

Just tell them what it is you don't like they're doing and ask them to stop. Maybe you want the group to be more serious? Tell them that. Maybe you want them to read your houserules? Tell them that.

If they fuck things up later, just rule it as if they hadn't, but with all the consequences. "Oh you forgot to count in x to your AC, so just take 10 damage and we'll move on."

Stop being afraid of sounding whiny and start being afraid of being whiny, what you are being now, on the internet.

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Op here, thanks guys. Not exactly what I expected but makes sense. Yeah, I'm new to DM'ing, but I'm also something of a game designer (and programmer) so I've also been trying to learn from my own DM (2.5 year campaign there) and the things I think he could have done better, etc. (I overthink everything)

Particularly reassuring.

Thanks again, and have some more cultist-chan~

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