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They call me heretic.
They call me crazy.
They call me TRAITOR.
But I chose this path. Not because I was decieved, and not for the "Glory of Chaos," but because I was the one betrayed.
They lied to us all.
They call me weak, but unlike them I stood against those who would send the strong to die as the weak flourish. You know of those I speak. They would have every one of us lay down and die rather than take up a gun themselves.
No more.
If the weak will not fight to survive as we have then they will be our slaves. If a man can not work to the benifit of all his kin then he is not a man. We must all drive as one into this conflict or mankind can never hope to survive the coming darkness.
Fight not against us, Brothers, for we fight for you.

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You would give into the darkness rather than rise above it. How many have walked this path for the good of all only to find more evil done than good?

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Oh, I hope your words take heart. I hope the Loyalist Astartes are tempted, because if they stray from the path, even an inch, I will have just cause to say that one, beautiful word I have wanted to use all these years.


They will be purged. Their geneseed will be jettisoned into the unfeeling void of space, and humanity will be better for it.

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You wouldn't dare, you pawns of ambition and aimless tyranny. The SPESS MAHREENS are the Emprah's Angels of Death, only do we truly understand him and his call.

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You are BLIND.
Your Emperor dies within his throne!
What hope do you have, Imperial lapdogs?
Join us, and FEEL sensations BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION!

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We are slaves to no man, to no desires of the flesh, to no temptations of the soul. We serve the Emperor, the defender and god of humanity, against the machinations of the xeno, the corruption of the heretic, and the filth of the mutant.

We are all that stands between humanity and the dark horrors of space, between mankind and the ever-present threat of utter annihilation, either within or without. Tell me, traitor, what do you fight for beyond your own disgustingly wanton and petty desires?

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Astartes... Like all the emperor's most eager subjects, they are loyal to a fault, but haven't got a fraction of the intellect to see His grand design.

Let him die! Free him from un-death Burn this corpse-god and smelt his golden throne into a new monument to his glory.

You'll see. He will smile to see it when he is reborn, more glorious then ever.

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chaos can be summed up as:


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"Hey, Llyiana, look at this. The Mon'keigh are fighting again!"

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Frak your chaos. Frak the Emperor. I kick ass because I can. Your stupid Chaos gods don't do sheth when I'm crawling in the mud, low on lhos. The Emperor doesn't give a shit about me when I'm bleeding on a stretcher.
For me, and mine!

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When shall we strap you to the penitent engine?

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You are wrong, brother, for you are the slave of all those you would uphold. You bare the crushing burden disillusioned that you can carry it alone among your brothers, when it will be the end of you.
I have taken a stand against the chains they would shackle us in. If they cannot help us bare this burden then we will all die from it.

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Come and get me, ya stuck up bitch. Me, and the rest of my regiment, bleeding and dying so you won't get mud on your pretty power armor, or treated hair.

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Save your filth for the vapid fools who will pay you heed.

My life is for mankind.

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For me, Chaos (well, Slaanesh anyway) can be summed up be this fine gentleman.


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it is good the commissar isn't here to hear this. those are dangerous words you speak, trooper. it is a slippery slope from leaving the emperor and fighting for you and yours, to fighting just for you, to complete corruption.

only through dedication to the emperor can we stay pure.

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"...disgustingly wanton and petty desires"? You are mistaken, my poor deluded brother, but considering how much you have forgotten this is no surprise.
There is nothing wanton or petty about vengeance. Vengeance for wrongs inflicted; for a son whose very humanity was stripped from him, who was moulded into a monster, who was betrayed by the father he had sought only to please, betrayal so base that it was denied by the treasonous coward even as he sent out his assassins to kill with poison and deceit.
Our war with your precious Emperor started before the Warmaster began his own. For we had already experienced the rewards the Hated Emperor gave to those that gave him their all. And that reward was a knife in the back, accusations instead of praise even when our actions were sanctioned at the time.

Not to mention the lies and falsehoods about our cause. Uniting humanity under the banner of reason and science, that was why we savaged the stars during the Crusade. Only to discover that our benevolent ruler was declaring himself a god and science was handed to close-minded techno-priests. The goal my brethren died for, I bled for and my Primarch sacrificed everything he had accomplished for, turned out to be a charade.

No, my dear deluded brother, do not speak to me of desire. This Bitter War is a duty, a promise made to a doomed father of our own. It is treachery repaid with terror. Terra betrayed us long before we turned our backs to it.
This is... justice of the most basic kind. An eye for an eye, a father for a son. A Long War for a moment of treason.

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Vacillations of a weak-minded fool. What does your personal feeling have in the face of the needs of all mankind?

You are as short-sighted as you are heretical.

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This is why I beleive new chaos is faultering to uphold what old chaos was- right here.
This is what old chaos was. Marines with CAUSES and HATE, but who believed what they did was JUST and RIGHT.
And this reflects what new chaos has become: >>12730949
They've repainted chaos to be "LOL SPACE PIRATES MCDOWHATYOUWANT."

Well Slaanish was always that way, but the rest holds true.

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These Gue'la are scattered and divided.
When they have decimated themselves over their petty squabbling differences they will eagerly embrace the Greater Good!

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My friends... My friends and I fight...

For the greater good!

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I so wish I could find that offical picture of the possessed tau battlesuit right now.

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You fight against your own kind for the good of a nation that is as ignorant as you are.

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Personally, I rather like this change in what Chaos emphasizes. The whole view of Chaos as a bunch of misunderstood freedom fighters who honestly believe they're working for the good of mankind always seems somehow disingenuous to me. I mean, these guys worship unspeakably horrible dark gods, summon daemons, slaughter billions of innocents, and are generally a bunch of mutated, insane degenerates.

I know the Imperium is evil, but trying to say Chaos is on the side of righteousness and honor is absurd.

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Shas'Ui... what the hell is that?

It smells!

No, Shas'Ui, that's not how Gui'la like us are supposed to smell.

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Vacillations of a weak-minded fool? Personal feelings?
Perhaps you didn't hear me when I stated that we were betrayed. By the Emperor. Who first supported our methods as useful and necessary untill it became more convenient for him to listen to the cries of petty administrators and clerks. Who allowed his son to be bullied and berated by those that lacked the strength to do what he did. Who sent assassins because he did not want to face the trouble of his support to our terror becoming public.

What we did, what we do, is in the best interest of Mankind as a whole. We will show Man that injustice is never tolerated even if it takes 10.000 years to right the wrong. We will tear down the corrupt system built by those that hide and send others to fight, only to berate them when the fight is done.

The very fact that you use the word 'heresy' galls me. It is a disgrace to everything the Crusade was about. By using it, you insult every Marine that fell in the Crusade. You insult your very ancestors, nay! your very Primarch. You and your kind have sunk to disgusting depths, most of you wouldn't last a day on the battlefields of the Crusade... That humanity has to depend on you for its protection is proof that our cause is vindicated.

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>I know the Imperium is evil
I'm the OP and even I'm having a hard time hearing what you're saying.
Yes, the Imperium takes measures which are EXTREAM (Exterminatus) and is horribly xenophobic, but they do so for the survival of humanity. As they've said, some may question your right to end a billion lives to kill a million offenders, but when you understand the threat they hold you realize you have no RIGHT to let them LIVE.
Again the best sum-up for all of this is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tfJ2a7wD24
I have never found a better explination.
Innocents die so that humanity may live. This has always been.

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>I mean, these guys worship unspeakably horrible dark gods,

Imperials serve an unspeakably horrible dark god too.

>summon daemons

Nothing inherently evil about that.

>slaughter billions of innocents

Again, this is perfectly ordinary, wholesome imperial behavior: Emps himself believed it was 100% righteous to murder everyone who didn't serve him, so in murdering people for not sucking his cock, he is merely living up to the RIGHTEOUS STANDARD OF THE EMPEROR.

>and are generally a bunch of mutated, insane degenerates.

Mutants huh? Space marines are already that, and particularly horrifying mutants to boot (brain eating, acid spew)

Seriously, if imperials can somehow rationalize themselves as the good guys, so can chaos followers.

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You know, in-fluff, Chaos followers don't justify themselves. They know they serve terrible gods, and are down with it. You don't turn to Chaos thinking it's the answer to all your problems; You turn to it because you're desperate, because you're raised that way, or because you've gone batshit insane.

Your argument is invalid. Read Blood Pact, and you'll see the difference. The Imperium is the only hope for humanity. Chaos just wants to shit all over everything.

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The Imperium is "the most repressive regime imaginable." So I don't know how good your imagination is, but for starters, imagine a government started when Hitler and Stalin protoss archon melded to become the ruler of SUPER EVIL GOVERNMENT LAND.

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okay, i'm already missing both my nuts due to an accident. what do I have to lose by signing up with the Tau again?

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Justifying everything they do and preaching logically against the Imperial Creed to gain new followers.
Hell even DoW reflected this
True, most don't justify themselves, but neither does the Imperium. Everyone does what they do because they belive they are right.

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I'm gonna go with the Star Child heretics (who didn't even know they served Tzeentch) and the Thousand Sons here.

As to the Blood Pact, they're some cool guys, they have Chaos Sorcerers of Khorne FUCK YEAH

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The Horus Heresy was not about "shitting all over everything", it was about preventing the Imperium from becoming a bureaucratic moloch that was oppressive, unwieldy and uncaring. The goal was to replace the Emperor with someone who would do better and to lead humanity into a golden age, united under the eight pointed star of Chaos.

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Ever read Legion? Horus would have self-destructed. The human race would have ceased to exist.


Ritual sacrifice and all? Like when they built a cathedral of bodies to summon daemons? Or when they turned an entire planet into a charnel house?

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You don't get castrated unless you prove to be a bunch of weaselly gits that keep assaulting your friends and neighbors because "PURGE THE XENOS ARGHBLB!

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The Imperium can be a nightmarish place, but at the very least you can fucking die. Living under Chaos is orders of magnitude worse, and the real fun begins at the moment of death. Nobody is infallible, so what happens when (not if, but when) you fail your capricious and infinitely wicked patron?

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Welcome in! You know that whole sterilization think is an urban myth, right? I mean it only happens in prisons, or colonies that are under martial law. Sorry about your testicles by the way. It's a pity you hadn't signed up before you had your accident, we actually have fantastic healthcare. It's completely subsidized! I know the tax payer has to pay a bit more per annum, but it's really not that bad. You've got a lovely retirement to look forward to as well.

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>Ritual sacrifice and all? Like when they built a cathedral of bodies to summon daemons? Or when they turned an entire planet into a charnel house?
What does that have to do with the present argument that "Chaos doesn't justify themselves?"
Very well... Let's see how many Psychers do you sacrifice to the Emperor? That's right, a little less then the entire product of a million worlds. As for turning a world into a charnel house? The loyalist World Eaters and Night Lords were lawfully ordered to do that many times weren't they? And Exterminatuses aren't just a 'phase the Imperium went through.'

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>You've got a lovely retirement to look forward to as well.
pic related

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Both Chaos worship and the Imperial Cult are based on the wish to become a slave, to revel in your own subjection, and to devote yourself to the subjection of others.

The difference is this: The Emperor at best cares about you, and at worst doesn't know you exist. The Chaos Gods view you as at worst as a meal, and at best as a servant who will fetch them many meals before making a particularly tasty feast yourself.

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...To prevent demons from eating everyone. Uncontrolled Psykers let the warp in. Besides, sacrificing them keeps God alive, and the Astronomicon allows mankind to travel the warp.

Yep, sure, believe what the Chaos-corrupted Chapters are saying. Psychopaths and emo freaks aren't the most reliable sources.

Exterminatus doesn't happen for no reason. The Imperium likes it worlds, or it wouldn't fight for them. They nuke a world because it's fucked- Like daemons killing everyone, or tyranids...That kind of thing.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnd Deamon Prince. Kinda Tops any reward the Emperor ever dished out-- Even the Living Saints are discribed as to "burn out quickly". Yes many are below the notice of the Chaos Gods, but they do value and yes, love their champions. Kharn died once you know.

>> No.12732072

Legion eh? So now the Imperium trusts the advice given by the witchcraft of an alien council? Perhaps this is just what they wanted you to think, a convenient lie perhaps? The Eldar are not known for their honesty after all...

No, the original goal of the Heresy was not evil in it self, but I agree that since then there has been a considerable group of Chaos Marines that reneged on this goal. Not to mention the later traitors, they're little better than raiders, pirates and cultists.

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In general, the extermination of worlds and the sacrifice of psykers is justified in order to ensure the survival of the Imperium. This is where 40k gets its grimdark.

It reminds me of the execution methods employed by the Inquisition on Titan. The condemned is hacked to lots of little pieces which are then incinerated. The ashes are then buried on wildly distant locations on the moon. The kicker is that they learned the necessity of these precautions the hard way.

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At least with Chaos, the possibility exists (however slim) to ascend to immortality/daemonhood.

Every Imperial citizen is expected to willingly give his life of the Emperor if called upon, with no promise of greater reward whatsoever.

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>...To prevent demons from eating everyone. Uncontrolled Psykers let the warp in.

Black Ships only come once every 100 years. In other words, two whole generations of uncontrolled psykers blossom on every world in the Imperium for every one that is collected.

>> No.12732143

>but they do value and yes, love their champions.

No, they don't. The Daemons codex makes it very clear that even the greatest Champion of Chaos is nothing more than a pawn, a tool, easily disposed of on a whim. Champions gain favour the favour of the Gods completely at random, and specifically taking an interest in a single individual - like Kharn - is phenomenally rare and done so purely because the God in question thinks that servant is too useful to let go yet. The Gods don't give a fuck about their worshipers, unless they have a specific use. Other than that, they're meaningless.

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Best evidence I've seen to justify increased funding to the Department of the Inquisition.

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The Imperium is a broken dream but at least it isn't the nightmare that is Chaos. The Emperor is no god and his unlife is sustained by the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of psykers each day but the Dark Powers are no gods either and their excess, feeding upon the suffering of every thinking being in the galaxy and the eternal torment of their followers, far overshadows the Emperor. Especially considering the fact he has no say in the matter.

Also, FYI, he didn't want to be worshiped as a god, that was Lorgar that started that shit. Ya know, primarch of the Word Bearers? And Horus Heresy? Yeah, that fucked shit right the hell up. Way to go guys.

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When you're a Daemon Prince you become body and soul a plaything of the warp.

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This. The Chaos Gods are filled with infinitely more malice than the human brain is able to conceive of. Nurgle doesn't love you, he just deludes his followers into thinking that he does, and that his curses are blessings. After all, how successful would his cults be if they recognized their disease for what it is?

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How about we indulge in a fun exercise.

Ask a Guardsman, What do you fight for?
The answer: I fight because, if my homeworld did not send enough soldiers with its tithe, the imperium would rain horrible retribution on the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters we were forced to leave behind.

Ask a Gue'Vesa, What do you fight for?
The answer: I fight because space marines storming towards homeworld. If I don't help the Tau to defeat them, the Imperium will kill everyone I have ever known.

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Who is to tell if Grandfather Nurgle does not love you? Perhaps he experiences 'love' differently. After all, who are we to judge the emotions of gods?

>> No.12732228

>Ask a Gue'Vesa, What do you fight for?
>The answer: I fight because Ethereals told me to.

>> No.12732239


Ask a Guardsman: FOR THE EMPEROR!

Ask a Tau Fire Warrior: FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

I know the Emperor exists, and watches over us from his Golden Throne. Can't say the same for the Greater Good.

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>Ask a Guardsman, What do you fight for?
The answer: I fight because I remember Nimbosa.

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What a ridiculously simplistic way to look at it. If the Imperium doesn't tithe its worlds, it cannot defend itself. If it cannot defend itself, Mankind is back where it was during the Age of Strife, except much worse.

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We seek to rid ourselves of our enemies, either through annihilation or making them our friends.

Humanity can be saved, but not through false prophets of a false god. Those stout defenders ensure humanity to stagnate, but all is well.

Your Emperor cannot last forever, each day he slips closer to his death. This Empire shall not last, and soon you will be saved, in one way or another.

>> No.12732310

You're forgetting the religious indoctrination that starts as soon as a kid can understand the word 'Emperor'.

>> No.12732316

When there's nobody left to conquer, your gods will eat you.

>> No.12732325

Wrong. Nurgle does love his followers, and Nurgle belives his curses are blessings.
He's not evil, he is twisted, to quote the codex "their cries for relief are like the laughter of loving children" to him.
Yes, the Chaos Gods are capricious, but your view of favour is different from theirs. Only the most deluded and insane chaos marine wants to become a Chaos Spawn, but even Chaos Spawn have been said to be loved by their patrons and favored by them (there was even a named one of Nurgle somewhere that he loved).
Even so, their favor isn't as random as you think, for just like you say, they don't throw away those useful to them, and those champions, including non-marines, who prove themselves over and over generally aren't rewarded with spawndom, but something much greater. The Greatest of Khorn's Princes was, and still is infact a normal man, who was never a marine or a primarch before his acention. But the piftiful low life scum? You're right, they're no better off than a servitor, and the Emperor still doesn't protect the conscript. But atleast they don't worship blindly like prayer servators (they actually exist).

>> No.12732364

How can he watch you if his eyes have rotted out of his skull?

The Greater Good is a concept, not a deity. It is real because it's what enables the earthcaste to build their wonders, the water caste to exchange goods and wisdom, and the air caste to tread the stars.

The fire caste serve and protect the other three castes. If it weren't for the greater good, they would dominate them with military force. Then the Tau would be no better than the Imperium

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Remind yourself how your dying charlatan prolongs his inevitable demise.

Unlike your master, the Dark Gods are not limited to this galaxy. The universe is not limited, and their power is not limited.

Speak not about subjects you know nothing about; your mind has not been blessed by Lord Tzeentch and the strain of elevated thought will drive you mad.

>> No.12732373


He dies and becomes a true god, or he wakes up and leads another Great Crusade. 50/50.

>> No.12732385

>How can he watch you if his eyes have rotted out of his skull?
Gods can do that. tau wouldn't understand, lacking the collective psychic 'oomph' to empower anything bigger than a wet warp fart.

>> No.12732396

>Unlike your master, the Dark Gods are not limited to this galaxy.
Yup. They are. It's the life in this galaxy that sustains them. This is their home and Emperor willing their prison.

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In the emperor's own lifetime he asserted that it was heretical to construe him as a god.

>Captcha Kemett Volunteered

Awesome, always glad to have another helping hand.

>> No.12732445

Heretics! Traitors!
The Emperor made you strong so you could fight, that those who are weak would be spared.
Instead you decided that since you are strong you should have the right to take whatever you want. Where was your honour? Where was your pride?

Through our sacrifice the Imperium lives on. Through our sacrifice humanity lives on!
There can be no greater reward.

>> No.12732447

>In the emperor's own lifetime he asserted that it was heretical to construe him as a god.
And at that time he was right. However, since he is currently an immensely powerful Warp entity tethered to a few living cells, empowered by the worship of hundreds of trillions of screaming fanatics, he's a God.

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End of discussion.

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You can argue all you want, but it's a water-tight line of reasoning...

>> No.12732580

Nobody is arguing. We all know it to be true.

>> No.12732591


Except, really, a shitload of the people in the Imperium are heretical too. That's why the Inquisition has to keep such a close eye on them. Trouble is, inquisitors are always calling one another heretical.

>> No.12732599

Your post is invalid due to heretical content. Enjoy your chaotic evil.

>> No.12732606

Worship doesn't actually grant power... except, perhaps, if its an ork doing the worship.

>> No.12732630

But worshiping by definition makes him a God?

>> No.12732644

It grants power to Warp entities.

>> No.12732651

But then they're heretics and instantly resort to being CE. Really, there is no flaw.

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Is it me, or am I the only person seeing the '1337 GET' here?

>> No.12732700


See, this is the point when all of my inquisitor friends excommunicate you, and all of your inquisitor friends excommunicate all of my inquisitor friends. Then nobody has a clue what to do, so we fight. We divert IG regiments and and Navy Convoys, and maybe a planet or two gets blown up.

This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.12732706
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>> No.12732711

you mean 31337 get.

>> No.12732719

Also works for

>> No.12732731


Jesus, look at his left arm when he moves. His pauldron should literally be severing it from his body. Space marines aren't that flexible

>> No.12732819

You leave Jesus out of this.

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