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Ok /tg/

We all had our horror stories, E-RPs and random stuff. Some more than others. So tell me, during your gaming time, what fetishes have you encountered in the table? bad or good, forced or not.

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D/s (One of the ca/tg/irls is playing a PC that is a slave to another PC), rape, tentacles and spanking I think.

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Pregnancy, but it wasn't done in a fetish way. It actually led to an awesome scene where the human PC (who was the father) had to hold off a whole horde of gnolls as his elf love (another PC) gave birth inside a cave, so he nearly gets killed to protect her. The DM even gave him a boost after he was about to be ripped to pieces because he heard the first cry of his newborn daughter.

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I have been so lucky as to not have ever run into anyone's fetish in an RPG group. Probably thanks to only playing IRL. Highschool and university friends are much less likely to shit things up with their twisted fetishes when they know you might let the rest of the outside world know how fucked up they are, even beyond the fact that they play RPGs.

Myself, I did incorporate a bit of a fetish character into a game, once, but as an NPC she quickly faded into obscurity. She was added during a period in which I was running myself through the game. A lightly photoshopped image of the Tiefling from Urban Arcana to make her human, her in-game role was as a computer expert and security system cracker, but her whole character was just "Has huge tits, lol", and I never really thought past that point. I mostly recognized it wasn't anything but a fetish character, and tried to phase her out of the game, once I started GM'ing players, again.

As for the time being, I've put two of the most pitiful aspects of RPGs; ERP and GM'ing ones' self; together. My reasoning for it is that I can learn RPG systems by trying to customize it to make it into fap materials. In trying to build game mechanics based off of existing stats, not only do I learn how the game plays, but how house-ruling works.

But as for putting fetish characters in a game? It's not something I intend to do to other players ever again. Hell, due to my players' actions in the past, I end up making most of my games into sausagefests, so that my players don't go full-creepy for any female characters I'm acting.

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That's fucking awesome.

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Aside from a proclivity toward cybernetics and robotic/AI PC's, my technophilia doesn't really manifest itself as a fetish on the table.

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Furry shit.
No, I'm not joking.
If it was any one else, tho, the campaign would have been fun.

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And then the mother died of infection. I mean, giving birth in a cave? Stupid ass parents.

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I was in a game with a guy who admitted to having fingered his dog, and another guy in the game was from a race of cat people who used flower petals and sex for currency.

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Oh, and another player was playing as a digimon, and the dm made a whole class for her, she was a big ol 300 pound black shick with a sticker on her backpack that said "I love Yaoi"

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>admitted to having fingered his dog.


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So which one of those was you, WW? The dog fingerer?

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A guy named ryan, lives in southern illinois, goes to the sgs at Siu Carbondale. Balding, kinda pudgy, short and is loseing his hair.

One night, me and some other people were drinking, if you heard the story about my arm, it was with those people. One of them invited creepy ryan over. Creepy Ryan shoved a vibrating 360 controller down his pants, and after like, 3 or 4 beers admitted to fingering his dog. No lead up, not story, no nothing. Just out of the blue he asks "Hey, is it wrong if I fingered my dog, and she liked it?"

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Our ranger got swallowed alive by some dinosaur. Later, a few of us were swallowed by a purple worm. Both times we had to cut them out.


Our DM thought it was funny to have a (extremely high level) vampire have a thing for my mid-level undead-hating cleric. Screw him. :[


Goddamned roper...


Our wizard polymorphed our spiked chain fighter into a treant, it was fucking horrible the things he did to that poor iron golem.


My cleric once cast scrying on an enemy, only to find out that they were also casting scrying on him.


Our tiefling rogue was seduced by a half-demon enemy, and became pregnant with his child. We took every opportunity to make fun of this.

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Not been in many fetishistic nightmares that I can recall immediately, outside of one particularly unpleasant voreaphile's fantasy.

The next closest thing would be a chick's setting that seemed to revolve entirely around elves, the Celtic pantheon, anyone capable of casting spells, and a fuckhead of a player that I would swear was sleeping with her due to the number of concessions that were made for him to the detriment of the rest of the players collective fun. When compounded with her insistence that everyone conform to her love of the Celtic pantheon and her hatred of Christians, it was a terrible game.

I don't even know how I was expected to pronounce the names of these gods and goddesses, but her attitude indicated that I was retarded for forgetting that Pelor didn't exist in her setting.

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How the fuck is shaving a fetish?

I can understand literally every other one (except FUPA- oh wait that's just a sub-fetish for fat) besides shaving.

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Nah, dogs don't do it for me, but a cat is fine too.

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This. I try to keep my raging technophilia under control.

I've seen a lot of D/s but whatever, they were mostly cool players.

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What story about your arm?
And yea, dogs are actually very likely to enjoy sexual attentions from their owners.
See the heaps of beast porn involving dogs.

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I remember this story.

Maybe because you keep fucking telling it.

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I'd guess it's got something to do with "revealing" the naughty bits. I'm sure there's some dominance-fetish going on, since 1)you've got a razor at their cooch/nuts and 2)you're taking ownership of it, like it's a gift being unwrapped.

I could also be utterly wrong, and maybe people just find shaven hairs arousing.

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Long version, it's buried in the archive somewhere.

Short version, I drank a shit ton of steel reserve and carved a mark of chaos undivided into my upper arm with a straight razor to prove that alcohol was awesome and numbing, then I attacked some folks with a pvc pipe screaming praises to the blood god.

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I can never tell whether your life is exciting or just depressing.

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Do you have an awesome Chaos star shaped scar now?

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rolled 45 = 45

The man put photos of his nuts on this board.

Just another corpulen/tg/gentleman, if you ask me.

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There are people who get off to the act of shaving and not the actual results. They take the rather mundane act of shaving one's various bits and turn it into something sexual. Though there are people who who only fap to completely shaved people but that's some else entirely.

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A little of both. His uncle or something is building an Aegis in his backyard and when the shit goes down he's going to make a Los Vegas Post APocalyptic Thunderdome civilization.

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No, now it's just a retarded looking anarchy symbol cause it's fading.

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>Tell a story twice on /tg/, probably months apart
>Some guy that was there for both is somehow reading the same thread as I am, again, when it comes to mind for the third time
>Guy is either angry or annoyed, comment isn't long enough to get a feel for it


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I wish I had such a grandiose story. My best is getting hammered, walking about town, pissing on people's front doors if they were close and yelling for the emprah into them if they were open.

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Drink more, and it will all come together

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Closest we ever got was a tentacle instance, though it wasn't really a fetish thing.
See, we were fighting a mimic, or some varient of it, that was disguised as a bunny rabbit.
Being a druid, the only female of the group needs to pet it, only to notice that it is sticky, and made of tentacles.

The conversation went as follows:

>Girl: AHH! It's got me!
>Ranger: Spot check. What does it look like.
>DM: It's a quartet of tentacles with suckers, attacked to a formless purple mass. Each tentacle is 15 feet long, with the mass having smaller ones, varying from 5 inches to two feet.
>Bard: Do I know what it is?
>DM: Yes. It's a mimic, a shapeshifter that attacks prey by hiding in plain sight as a harmless creature. It attacks by grappling with its appendages.
>Psionic: So we've got a tentacle moster attacking Ryanne?
>DM: I-<Laughs>-Yes. Yes we do. Astute observation.
>Entire party but Ryanne: Sure
>Ryanne: I guess this is what I get for wanting to go to Japan for a semester.
>DM: The mimic starts dragging her in, a maw of razor-sharp teeth appears and begins snapping in anicipation.

I somehow used my Handle Animal skill to handle it off of her and onto myself. THe rest of the party then killed it while I learned how sharp its teeth were.

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Nothing impressive.

Chick DM spends a great deal of time parading her New Age Wiccan religion during game time, punishes me for forgetting/mispronouncing the names of gods I've never heard of with in-game consequences and hands me a book with all the wondrous little secrets of Celtic mythology, finds out I'm Christian from someone else, and makes the majority of my last games with the group derail with insults about how I'm part of a machine that destroys other religions and how I'm a sheep for going to church.

Ends with me losing my patience with the bullshit, telling her I'm a Protestant and her drivel about the Catholics is unfairly leveled on me. I paid for my share of the food and walked out of the game without eating any of it.

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To be fair bro, most of the shit I've gotten for being Catholic was unfairly leveled on me. I'm glad you told her off.

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You did the right thing.
A man's beliefs are his own, not beholden to a group at large.
The tendency to blame a single person for events far beyond their scope baffles me.

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>>I was in a game with a guy who admitted to having fingered his dog

Jesus Christ I hope you shamed him into oblivion.


>>Creepy Ryan shoved a vibrating 360 controller down his pants, and after like, 3 or 4 beers admitted to fingering his dog. No lead up, not story, no nothing. Just out of the blue he asks "Hey, is it wrong if I fingered my dog, and she liked it?"


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Catholic pride! Remember, if it feels good...STOP!.


I think the thing with aspergers, is they don't pick up non verbal cues, so they dont realize that people are wierded out by what they are doing, so they assume they should keep doing it, and maybe creepy ryan at aspergers.

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He doesn't tell it often. However, I wait until he's not around and repeat it often because I hate him.

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