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Hey, guess who?

Sorry I haven't updated things in awhile, school's been pretty heavy these last few weeks, but I feel obligated to post regardless of business, because of what happened.

So anyway, would anyone like to hear more about this ongoing series of events? Last we left off, my dude had made it back to civilization, and was getting low-level police work to get back into the groove of things.

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Here's all the archived threads so far, by the way, for reading up on, or anyone who isn't familiar with the situation.

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Hey! Nice to see someone who remembers.

Thought no one cared there for a minute.

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Anyway, so I assume even a short thread about what happened, at least some people could be interested in?

Well okay, so it's been about... 2-3 weeks since the last update I believe? There's been 6 games since then, and some bad stuff be going down.

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I do not know what this is but I am interest

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So like I said, last we left off, my guy was back in civilization, getting small jobs and investigation work to try and build some rep and money again.

It's been rather straightforward actually, pretty easy things like domestic violence, property damage, this and that. For a sort of action-y/quest-y RPG, it's actually been kind of fun, just going about the day and working and stuff.

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What happened with the gypses?

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I received lots of advice in these threads from everyone on things I should do, and have been incorporating them into my games. The more long term are still out of reach, but the simple and straightforward I've been working on, and have really helped.

For example, one guy suggested I should see about becoming involved with the Krupp group, and as I understand it, am now on the list of people to receive prototype tech enhancements (i.e. get healed).

Another bunch of people suggested that I should start looking into the crime "that girl" committed at the formal ball event, to try and build evidence against her.

Which I've now been doing. But it's lead to trouble.

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Ah the gypsies? They were going to kill me, but because of my position, and relation to "that girl", I'm of potential value to them.

Since they dropped me off, I've maintained a fairly regular contact with them, learning of this and that on their end, and providing them with info of the state of things on my end.

Also I looked into seeing if I could get a seance with and of my former dead party members, and they said if I could obtain some vestige of them, then it would be possible.

So I was like, hot damn!

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You see?
Good things come to people who don't act racist

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So so! In between light jobs, I set about trying to reopen the case on the formal ball event.

At first I tried upfront, but my superiors were staunchly opposed. They've always been rather hush hush on the matter, and while they don't trust or even like "that girl", they've typically maintained a stance of uninvolvement. Probably for the better, but whatever.

Anyway, so I just took matters into my own hands, getting some help from colleagues and whatnot, and yeah, between jobs, started investigating to turn up anything on the formal ball.

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Kruppfag here, F5ing like a champ.

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Yeah, I've totally turned around and all that.

They're still all anti-magic and anti-gypsy in the police force and government, but as an inside man I've been able to warn them beforehand of anything to happen in the city, and any far out events that might happen.


So, investigating the palace, I found that... damn, "that girl" was good at covering her tracks. I mean I knew she was responsible, and my colleagues assumed she had some involvement, but actually getting proof was what mattered. And since it had been almost a year since the event occurred, it was hard getting to the bottom of things, even without any precautions she may have taken.

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Still though, between paying for renovations, new staffers, and all sorts of other shit (I hardly recognized the place), I could at least get ahold of records and access to rooms and shit.

After looking around, I found the most definite cause of the bomb, was actually the boilers (I think they were boilers) had exploded from pent up steam and pressure. As I understand it, she had gained access some amount of time before the event, and had the devices sealed off, but cranked them up to full. Probably staffing them with her own cronies, she had them running until they just blew from the pressure.

At least, that's how I believe it happened. I could be wrong though. One thing's for sure though, it happened in the basement, and it came from the machinery, as evidenced to how they were replaced after the event from being destroyed. As well, she was seen several days up to the event, traipsing about the place.

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Naturally the bedroom was the last place I visited, and I spent much time debating whether to even enter or not. It just seemed so... wrong. That was probably our greatest failure, and being in the place where most of my friends had died, it was unnerving to be there in the condition I was.

But I did it anyway, and while I didn't really find anything more, it was quite enraging regardless; the room itself was virtually untouched. I assume that during all the modernization and renovations of the palace, they would obviously have covered this room, but it seemed to be the only one left, and was actually rather out of place now. I can only assume it was left like that for a reason, or by request, perhaps both.

But anyway, I started getting things together now, and getting ahold of witnesses even (how I found out about "that girl's" coming and going the days prior). While it was seeming impossible to pin the murder of the Prince on "that girl", it was becoming pretty clear that I could at least connect her to the bombing, and make the terrorist theory seem unlikely.

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Anyway so it seemed I was building a pretty good case against her, and had gained back a comparable amount of my old rep, had new gypsy allies, and was in line for cybernetic augmentations, thus back to walking at least again.

Everything was looking great for me! I mean seriously, quite a recovery from grievously injured and left for dead out in the wild. So I figured, it was time to pay a visit to my family, it had been a long time since I'd seen them after, and they didn't know much about what had happened.

So I made arrangements to take a little vacation. With the help of my gypsy friends, I hopped a caravan out to the country, and we had our periodic exchange of info and whatnot.

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Is anyone still interested?

I mean if it's a bad time or people just don't care, I can always finish this another time. I usually do it Sunday's anyway. Or I think I do. Whatever it takes to accommodate everyone.

It seems a little quiet, is all.

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in before

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I god I wish, you know?

It's all just... shit.

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>Going to visit family

Hoo boy, this won't end well.

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I'm interested.

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So I should continue I take it?

I don't want to bore anyone, but it seems that way with not so many people.

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Well, you're posting pretty slowly

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Well I can make the posts shorter and faster?


So I get to the old family farm, I had sent letters beforehand that I was coming. My family (mother, younger sister and husband) were fairly informed of what happened, and of my health condition. The responded why I hadn't come sooner.

So I tell my bros to hang around a bit, I'll be back with my family. I go wheeling up the path to the house, when I see it; a carriage bearing "that girl's" coat of arms.

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I keep my silence since I do not wish to de-rail the thread. Know that at least a fistful of people are probably doing the same

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Continue you! YOU!

Double Cop!

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And I be all like "eh-fuckt". I have my gun, but really, what good is that going to do? She'll probably just et the bullet, then dash my brains on a rock like a ragdoll.

Yet I get up to the house, and hear laughter.

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I'm surprised you managed to NOT see this coming. At least that's the impression I'm getting here.

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Against my better judgment I knock on the door, calling out my mother and sister's name. I hear shushing and scrambling of furniture.

The door opens, and my mother and sister are there to greet me with much hugging and tears and... and... it was just so wonderful, even if this was happening in a game.

It was just ruined that "that girl" was sitting there, both IRL and in character.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR -jumps out of the window and back to the gypsies-

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My mother and sister are crying over me about the state I'm in, and how long it's been, but just happy to see me again, and that I'm alright after what happened.

Between a mixture of happiness at seeing them, and shock of seeing "that girl" standing there smiling just as my mother and sister, I ask them what they mean.

They inform me that my good friend, "that girl" has brought them up to date on the things that have happened since I've been away. About how we're good friends and partners, how I was injured in the line of duty, etc...

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You have no choice. You have to murder your family now.

It's all for the greater good, buddy. WWI must happen, or the rest of world is going to remain in it's seriously shitty state.

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Shit son, did she mention that she RIPPED YOUR ARM OFF

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Why in FUCK's name were you investigating this?!
You needed to apear as a broken shell of your former self: not some retarded gumshoe.

Fuck, you should have just lied low and done a BANG-UP JOB faking your death.

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A little explanation, but while I informed my family of the typical goings on and things that I was doing and happened to me, I never told them of any of the dangerous things like the true nature of the Prince's assassination, or what "that girl" had done. I just didn't feel it was necessary to reveal it to them.

Apparently "that girl" decided to pick up on the opportunity and run with it. And so she informed and had my mother and sister that we were still good friends (I had written of her to them before, just not the bad things she'd done) and partners in the line of work, but that some terrible accident had befallen the party (the first TPK). It was around the time of the second TPK that because of our failure, "that girl" decided to go her separate ways from the group, but we remained close. She wised though that I'd had followed her or her advice, due to the injury in the line of duty I received (third semi-TPK, her crippling me).

Still though, she wanted them to know that while the surviving members of the party had discarded me, she was still a friend and there for me, and wanted to help out all she could.

Between receiving this explanation from my mother and sister, and interjections from "that girl", she occasionally asked "Isn't that right, Markus?" to which I couldn't really say anything but "Yes." and agree with her.

She was my good friend, had always cared for me, and that if only I'd have listened to her, my party could have survived and I wouldn't be in this state, BUT she wanted to help out in any way she could now.

My god I couldn't stand it.

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That is, I kept in touch with my family over the years with letters and such.

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Damn, lots of typos, I meant;

>And so she informed and had my mother and sister and had them believe that we were still good friends


>She wished though that I'd had followed her or her advice

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I'm just gonna say, if and when you do kill that girl don't pull a climactic sitting in a chair petting a cat talking about your life reveal, just shoot her in the back of the head with a rifle. Preferably when she is at home eating or something, don't wait for her to make a public appearance or it'll be a decoy.

Just make her brains fall in her borscht and call it a night.

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Two can play at that game. I take it you anticipated this and was able to use your' "Good Friendship" to gain some advantage over her with your family. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

>business. summery
And finished the business summarily.

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Fuck, I can't even correct myself properly. Fuck it, I think people get what I meant.


Anyway, so that was what had happened, and now "that girl" had come to visit I think a day prior and in the interim informed them of the situation before I could. When I arrived she was having tea with them and they were laughing over my sister's husband's work ethic.

Then I had arrived, the whole big lovey-dovey weepy reunion, and "that girl" was there with the slyest grin you ever did see. She was just "happy to see me again".

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You asked your FRIEND - who had just mentioned to your family what a FRIEND she was - when she was getting you a robotic arm like hers right?

>> No.12706989


You are to smile, deal with it, and treat her as close to your family as you can. Like nothing happened at all. The venom that works best isn't the strongest, but the one that can't be detected.

>supremacy igircal

Captcha appears to agree

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no don't do that she'll give him a sabotaged one

>> No.12706997

Great idea, he should have asked the super-prepared schemer lady to replace his arm. What could possibly go wrong?

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So my mother and sister want to get acquainted again, and sit down more properly now that everyone is here.

I tell them though that I have to see my gypsy bros before anything. They say of course of course, but as I'm to leave, "that girl" says she'll come too, she has to inform her carriage driver that she'll be staying a bit longer than expected. They see us off, and now that girl is pushing my wheelchair up the road after informing her carriage driver what she wanted (I couldn't hear, it was something rather long, whispered conversation between them). And she's just like;

"It's so good to see you again Markus, I've missed you."

What else could I say but "It's good to see you too, Illora."

Really, I'm fucking amazed that I didn't just kill myself or attack her or something right then and there, and fuck everything up. I was on edge the whole time, and IRL "that girl" is like "Man this is fun, I kinda miss playing solo now, small games like this are fun!"

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Oh no. There would be a chance of getting witnesses of her giving him the arm. That would be terrible. Then when you have the bombs/whatever found we'd have no idea who gave it to him. He certainly couldn't use it to fake his death and dissapear from the grid. That would be impossible.

Oh. Wait.

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I think its been concluded that "That girl"'s character, is in fact, Tzeentch, what with all the "Just as planned" things going on.

>> No.12707043

This. You have been outwitted before, she had her dramatic scenes of revenge. But your officer is seeking justice for the crimes she did. Shoot her when she is unprepared and then make sure she's dead.

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Quick question here:
Have you actually done anything smart yet? Because I keep reading through these thread, and I'm looking for it, but I'm not seeing it.

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Who's talking about bombs? It's about the one moment where he needs his arm to raise his gun or to do whatever and it simply fails. We're talking about exclusive tech that barely anyone uses or understands. He can't just let some mechanic check it.

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So we're heading down the path, and I'm not in my right mind thinking, "Hell year, she's walking right into a trap, she doesn't know I brought a whole bunch of gypsy bros. We're gonna fuck her shit up."

But she brings me back to reality with a simple whisper in my ear "So do you want to call off your thugs, or am I to kill them all in front of Helga and Sofie?" (my mother and sister, respectively)

I question what she means, that does she really expect me to try some kind of attack on her, and even so, one that she couldn handle? She tells me I'd need an army to kill her, and after requesting an update on her stats, I realize she might be right.

So she's pushing me up and right away my gypsy bro's know it's her (that fucking crimson dress she always wears...also the robot limbs thing), and are on the offensive. I know I have to stop this before things go to shit.

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Probably not. I'm not smart. But I've been taking all the advice /tg/'s given me.

If not, how else would I have recovered this much? I'm nearly back to what I was, and on the fast track to being better.

Once I'm in good health again I can start enacting revenge plans.

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Yeah, you're right. I'm sure No One exists in the private sector that could check that out.

Oh. Wait.

>> No.12707128

oh god she knows about the gypsies, the police force doesn't even know that if I understood right.

seriously dog, just get a lee enfield and pop a cap in her brainpan from a mile away during a nice bowl of chowder, she won't see it coming because it is the least climactic way to die for a 'hero' to die.

>> No.12707160

hell you don't even need your arms or legs back to do it, just line up a rifle to her kitchen window and use your one arm to do the deed.
pip pip and back in time for tea.

>> No.12707177

Confirming Lee Enfield for God Tier sniper rifle of the era.

>> No.12707182

You have to go back and explain to your family that everything she said was a lie!

>> No.12707187


So I strain myself to at least make them listen to me, shouting and holding the gun in their direction. For a moment there I bet they're thinking I've fucked them and sided with her.

Convincing her to let me go, I'm able to wheel up to them and make clear what's going on, thankfully she affords me the same respect as I (unwillingly) gave her with her driver.

It's fucking difficult as hell to convince them not to attack her then and there, but I'm able to make up that she thinks she might be able to bring me to her side again or something, and I can get more info. So they need to leave, as sketch as that sounds.

Still though they're distrusting as hell, and tell me that they're going to get more help, and I have a day at best, then they're coming back and killing everyone.


>> No.12707210

She has a mole in the gypsies, OP.

>> No.12707213

hey, can you elaborate on what 'powers' her augmentations give her? This game seems fairly realistic, so I can't see how you would need an army to take her down, a group of five gypsies with pistols could get a lucky shot to the something important

>> No.12707242


She has, from what I know, seven augmentations. In a setting where, one is exceedingly rare. All that money put to good use I suppose.

From last I saw her, it was 5, which were, a robot arm, a leg, an eye, a reinforced spine, and some other augmentation. Now she has two more on top of that.

It's true, she can't take down a WHOLE ARMY, but a group of seven gypsies with only maybe two guns and the rest swords/clubs and a mystic, she could tear them apart.

>> No.12707272

God fucking DAMN IT. You shouldn't have caved. You should have disregarded them. Treated it like you had no fucking idea. So a few gypsies die? They were trying to kill her. You would have had a reason for your familiy to push her (and possibly) yourself away, citing that she (and/or you) have made enemies over the years.

>> No.12707296

OP, you have to end her post haste. At this rate she WILL become too much for an army to handle (somehow, a human frame built of steel is still a human frame, unless her brain is intel she won't be able to react fast enough to shit but digression)

>> No.12707298

So so, she helps me back to the house, and along the way drops the hammer; "Roma? Of all the people you could've turned to, you chose the Roma? That's so pathetic I don't know whether to laugh, or rip your other arm off."

I tell her that she shouldn't judge what she doesn't know, and that in them she would find a formidable enemy. She tells me that my superiors would love to hear that, and I shut up.

We promptly return to the house, watching the gypsies go, then her carriage. Looks like she's here to stay for awhile.

>> No.12707332

Its times likes this where you need to rig a bomb under your wheelchair for DOUBLE KO.

>> No.12707365

So right before we enter, my mother and sister setting things up, she asks me how I want to play this. I tell her she's a guest in my house, and we enter, get comfortable.

My mother prepares more refreshments, my sister talks to us and asks us about our work and travels. In this conversation I actually learn a good deal of how "that girl" actually managed to gain her money. Family talk, about my sister and her husband. Turns to that girl, says she's a widow but is blessed with a wonderful little boy whom she thanks god every day for.

I nearly spit out my drink, my sister says how wonderful that is and hopes one day she too and her husband will have children.

My mother in passing asks if why I didn't settle down with a nice woman, why not "that girl" even? She is a fine woman, beautiful, and we're close to boot.

>> No.12707387

Dumbest things I've heard yet. Professor Motherfucking Ms. Moriarty missing the little detail of the one person who wants her dead the most OBTAINING EXPLOSIVES.

>> No.12707392

"I don't think a fine woman like her would ever go for a cripple like me."

I hope you swallowed your pride and used that silver tongue.

>> No.12707394

I have to wonder despite what you've said during these threads OP, do you really think "that girl" would be anywhere near as happy if all the things happening to your character happened to her? She seems like the sort who would take it really really personally IRL if anything went against her ingame...

>> No.12707424

So we're chatting it up, I'm just trying not to shoot "that girl" right in her stupid masterminding face. We touch on all sorts of subjects, "that girl" remains humble despite my family's praising her.

In this I get to have a little fun, asking her of things like how she ever got so lucky to obtain such grand things, and surely her husband would have been proud, she'll raise a fine son, etc...

To this our feelings reverse at least for awhile, and it's nice not to feel so on edge, despite that she's now closer to killing me.

>> No.12707425

Oh man, I got it. Buy a whole bunch of errata like explosives or heavy ammunition just to get to her head, get her paranoid.

>> No.12707450


Well I said she found her true love in her husband, and we are truly sorry for her lost, god bless his soul.

>> No.12707504

You have a tail, OP. Probably several. Have you identified him/them? No?

You need to get a hobby. Start growing Dahlias in private. Use fertilizer that can NOT be made into explosives. Nothing suspicious. Become ENAMORED with dahlias. Have a secret dahlia garden that only you know about.

You may be wondering WHY you need to grow dalias so much.

So will she. And when she sends agents you can bigin to find out about her methods/her agents.

>> No.12707517


So so! More talky talk, we move onto "that girl" and her presence here, how they are eternally grateful to her for helping me, especially now more than ever. She says it's nothing for an old friend, but I ask what they mean.

They ask me if I didn't notice, pointing out the brand new wheelchair sitting to the side. Fine crafted, and powered too, I wouldn't have to push myself around in "that old rusty thing" anymore. "That girl" had bought it for me, the least she could do on such short notice.

Don't know if want... I must say, it was a pretty fucking bitchin' wheelchair.

>> No.12707528


>> No.12707542


Oh hang on a second, I'm getting a call...It's for you, a Mr. Ackbar I believe.

>> No.12707552

That is probably worth a fortune, accept it kindly, hawk it for mad money, buy a real nice legitimate wheelchair and then you don't have to worry about her tracking device

>> No.12707572

DP, this is like watching a train-wreck.
In suuuppppeeeeerrr sssslllllooooowwwww mmmoooottttiiiioooon.

I love it.
But its not going to end well.

>> No.12707613

you should have killed her the second you saw her.(she hasnt made her skull bullet proof has she?) now at anytime she could have your family brutaly killed or may try to turn them against you.

also consider everything you have done up untill now known to her and everything you have done prepared for (your investagation into the princes murder) . that unchanged room you found? was probably left that way to fuck with you.

the "keep doing my cop job" probably is not a great idea, if the amount of just as planned moments shes getting away with is any indication several of your supiors and probably a few of your coworkers are working for her. not only that but it leaves you exposed and makes you predicabl meaning damn easy to have killed by a sniper.

not sure how you can fix the situation, anything you do as a cop is no doubt observed and your family will no doubt be watched as well.

any luck with the lich rasputin idea? i cant think of anything else she wont be able to "just as planned" around

>> No.12707620

So finally it's getting late in the day, my sister's husband will be getting home soon, my mother and sister go to clean up but "that girl" steps in and refuses, stating that she can carry more than either of them anyway. Mother and sister marvel at the achievement of technology, saying that I should get something like that.

My sister then shows me around a bit, where I'll be sleeping and whatnot. I ask her what she means and she says we'll be staying the night obviously, me and "that girl" as guests. Naturally I try to object but she won't hear anything of it, I haven't been home in years and I can afford to spend more time and have dinner with my family. "That girl" is a friend, a guest, and we are indebted to her, it's only natural we show hospitality.

I can't fucking believe it.

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>> No.12707652


>> No.12707654


Sorry sorry, I'm having to combat ulterior forces to update ya'll on this mess!

>> No.12707659

I have to ask, Disarmed Policeman.

Do you enjoy being the group bitch?

>> No.12707725


if you had more than 1 limb i would recomend trying the first quest method

first quest method: a vampire was confronted in a pubic place.
the vamp went:haha you cant touch me evryone thinks i am normal
solution: ignore the surroundings and tear its head off, the people were freaked but the bbeg vamp was dead.

>> No.12707727


For once I'm actually thankful to be a cripple; knowing her and her fucking obsessions, it's entirely possible that she'll try and do something perverted to my guy, given her prior feelings for him. Rapists are prone to perverted things right?

Anyway so with "that girl" helping my mother clean up, my sister joins in and says that they'll (mother and sister) handle it from here, us two can just take a break, catch up with old times, whatever.

Nonchalantly, "that girl" suggests she take me for a walk. It's so beautiful out here away from the cities, and we haven't seen each other in so long, it'd be nice to catch up.

FUCKING MOTHER suggests we can even stop by the lake to watch the sunset, it's breathtaking this time of year.

Can cripples swim?

>That girls IRL face when I ask her what she means, she says a relaxing walk in the countryside would be such a nice break. She'll even push!

>> No.12707733

Based on his habit of putting his name in the subject field, I'm going to assume he takes the role of "group bitch" for the easy attention it gets him.

>> No.12707779


I think it's more like, the group is "that girl's" bitch.

She's like this in most of our games, making things always 100x more complicated... or interesting, depending on how you look at it.

>> No.12707793

Don't accept the gift wheelchair, or replace it at the earliest possible chance. Even if it's not a trap you still need to make a stand against her, pun intended.

>> No.12707805

Props for cool images OP

>> No.12707845

Anyway so she wheels me out, reminiscing about how wonderful my family and place is, within their earshot.

Surprisingly, things remain civil during our walk. Mostly just how things are now, and things past. I don't really feel like playing against her at least in this respect, so just go along with it and act amiable.

>> No.12707932

We get to the lake, and talk some more, waiting awhile to watch the sunset. She says it's beautiful, and it (described as) is.

Immediately after which she kicks me out of the wheelchair, picks the thing up and crushes it with her hands, tossing it like a piece of trash before pacing over towards me as I'm crawling away trying to get out the gun (I figure she's going to drown me and kill the family).

>> No.12707954

inb4 rape

>> No.12707972

As my groups version of "that girl' (albeit with a dick) I keep seeing all the missed opportunities.

But if you're enjoying it, more power to you.

P.S. You missed approximately five opportunities to mind-fuck that-girl. My personal favourite would be to break down weeping once you work out 'That Girl' is setting up the lies with your family. Break down in tears and cry about how you should have listened to her. Keep it ambiguous enough that your family think he's refering to the cover story, but mention enough tidbits that That Girl thinks you're emotionally fucked up by the crippling.

>> No.12707998

This thread pisses me off. Mostly because I, personally, hate drawing things out. I hate intrigue. At this point I would've make my revenge around getting, like, psionics or shit. Then I'd just sit there in my chair, hands cropped, while my Stand ends her ass.

...well, that's what I'd call it. Although if you somehow got your hands on the Metallica Stand...

>> No.12708039

Well shet, anyone mind if we call a break for awhile? Gotta run an errand, but it shouldn't take too long.

There's still a decent portion of the story left.

Or, would people just prefer if I continued in a different thread tomorrow? I'm totally good for whatever, it's up to you guys, I want to tell the rest, I could really use some advice, where the game is at now.

>> No.12708056

Tooday! I'm cool with hanging out until you return.

>> No.12708059


On the one hand it's nearly 4am where I am and I'd appreciate some sleep.

On the other hand I'll never remember to check /tg/ for your thread.

>> No.12708065

fucking. captcha.

>> No.12708086

Kruppfag here, I'll probably stick around. Feeling a bit tired though.

>> No.12708093

Due try to continue, but in the future have this typed up beforehand, please.

>> No.12708129


I'm growing more and more annoyed at the misuse of this word.

>> No.12708142


Got it got it. Well I shan't be long, and I'll keep in on right once I get back.

I anyone archives this thread though, like the others, anyone who misses it, can just read up on it there.

>> No.12708771


>> No.12708860

Ok I'm back, let's do this shit proper.

>> No.12708935

Again, sorry for the break, I'll continue the story even if everyone's asleep, read it in the morning or whenever.


So so, she kicks me out of the wheelchair, paces over and plants her foot on me, nearly crushing me in the process. Taking the gun she does the same as with the wheelchair, but instead of throwing me for a swim or simply pulling me apart, she takes a step back looking over it all.

I must admit, the way it was described, with the sunset reflecting off the lake to illuminate her... redness, I'm inclined to believe she planned it all out beforehand, even though that's impossible.

>> No.12708971

Welp, thats it. DM is feeding her information. I think you mentioned it, your whole party rotates DMing. Therefore, your entire party is out to get you.

>> No.12709000

Contrary with what I assumed would happen, what ensued was a conversation, really just her mocking me.

She pointed out some observations, about what I had once been and what I now was, crawling in the dirt much like the time back in the forest, apt to be squished like a parasite.

She said what was pathetic though was that she was afraid of me.

>> No.12709044

Deck the bitch out of character, blow your characters brains out, start again.

Fuckery like this is shit, especially if you aren't having fun with it. If you ARE having fun with it, quit bitching.

>> No.12709056


What surprises me is why you don't just do a magical suicide bombing. Wire up a massive bomb, strap it to yourself, and detonate her and everyone she loves into a million pieces. If it worked for the terrorists, it'd work for you, too. Also, you'd avoid all the wangst she likes.

>> No.12709067

rolled 51 = 51

Does this woman truly, honestly, think that she can enforce civilization at the edge of a blade?
Utopia wil come about when humanity as a whole is ready for it- her empire may last some time, yes, perhaps even after her death
But an empire founded on blood, deception, betrayal and violence cannot last as a force for good- at the best it will be a force of oppressive stabiltiy
at the worst, well- that doesn't bear to think of

>> No.12709093

Essentially she made it clear, that in me she saw herself all those years ago, left dejected and destroyed, clinging to life. And for that she was afraid. As I was, driven by revenge, she knew eventually it would be me to be the one to haunt her, return her to my state.

Quite frankly I believe she thinks far too much of me, that I'm actually a threat. I mean I could be, I'm getting great advice with these threads, but I'm not close to enacting anything major yet.

Regardless, she feared this would become an endless cycle. I'm guessing this was something she had been working on this awhile, and was just waiting for a non-hostile (I mean relatively speaking) situation to express it.

>> No.12709152

Biggest threat to her? Not revenge: But a better world. Be who she wants to be, minus the bloodshed. Build a better empire than she ever could. Built with magic, machine and nature, as one.

>> No.12709172

rolled 61 = 61

>non hostile
>her tearing you out of your wheelchair and threatening to crush you like a bug

>> No.12709195

Reminds me of the pic...

Still doesn't excuse her actions. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You better win.

>> No.12709265


She explained what she was trying to do with the world, trying to save it. We both knew what was coming in the future, she wanted to stop it. The outsider (a Nemo inventor gone AWOL) had shown her what she could do, that she had gone from a rogue, commoner, to influencing the policies of nations.

She asked me why I would want to oppose that, to let "all this" (my family farm) burn. Was it worth letting the world go to war?

I simply replied that a world she saved, a world she was in charge of and proclaimed a hero, was not one I wanted to live in.

Cue some more trying to convince me of her ideals, but I was resolute. More in my opposition of her, than her actions or goals. It was still difficult to refute the things she was doing though.

>> No.12709332

Anyway so she sighs, and says the only thing stopping her from killing me here and now, is how my family would think of her before she had to kill them as well.

If I kept opposing her though, then she would finish what she started back in the forest to Russia. With that she told me she didn't want to see me out of the new wheelchair she got me after this, and picked me up to carry me back to the house as night fell.

Again, not a pleasant experience, being held by the person, the hands that killed my partners, and crippled me in the first place.

>> No.12709348


>> No.12709369

So we get back, and everyone's worried about us, and why "that girl's" needing to carry me. She makes up some bullshit excuse about me falling in a gully on our walk, the wheelchair getting broke. Mother and sister agree, all the more reason to use the brand new wheelchair I got. And there's me, not really in a position to argue. I was able to avoid getting put in the chair though.

Also I met my sister's husband, my brother-in-law for the first time.

So we all sit down to have dinner, talking more like we did at tea earlier, only with the husband now, just learning about each other, and talking about this and that.

>> No.12709395

We finish up dinner, "that girl" helps my mother and sister clean up while I sit with the husband in the living room and find out if he's good for my sister.

Because even if the world's going to hell, you could die the next day, and you have an obsessed cyborg chick after your hide, you have to take care of your family.

Eventually the time passes, mother went to bed, and it was me and the husband in the living room, "that girl" and sister in the kitchen, each talking to the other in separate conversations.

And eventually it's time to go to bed.

>> No.12709436

Dear lord man type faster.

>> No.12709440


Step One: Sell soul to fae in exchange for a single masterful spell to be cast on you.

Step Two: Have fae send you back in time.

Step Three: Orchistrate the events that cause her to become crippled, thus starting this whole damn thing.

Step Four: You lost your soul, but you can retroactively know that it was all YOUR plan for this to happen.


ALTERNATIVE STEP THREE!: Smother her in her sleep as an infant.

>> No.12709457

So I get shown to my room, wheelchair and whatnot at the ready if I need it for some reason (I'd rather crawl than use it), and told goodnight. "That girl" is in the room down the hall, sister joking we could reach each other easily if we felt like it.

Thanks sis, thanks a fucking bunch.

This is where the game ended.


Tomorrow the gypsies are coming to kill everyone, someone I know is a mole, so that "that girl" knows what I'm doing. She now knows I'm in cahoots with the gypsies and could have this reported to my superiors. That's all tomorrow though.

Right now here I am, sitting in one of the downstairs gust bedrooms, everyone else probably turning in for the night too, and I'm afraid to turn out the light.

So, like the other advice-asking threads, what should I do /tg/? Am I basically fucked?

At least I got a sweet wheelchair out of it though...

>> No.12709461

I cant belive how stupid you are playing her game. She's better at this. I told you in the first thread and I'll tell you again: give up. You're some police officer involved in something thats too big for him. You're at her mercy. This is nothing like the situation you left her with. She didnt have anyone with ill intentions opposed to her that was constantly keeping tabs on her ready to squish her the second she became a real threat.
Sometimes people don't get their revenge, sometimes justice is ignored for the greater good, somtimes people are raped or killed. If you can stop it thats good but you are not and you will not be able to stop her. And I am not conviced it would help anyone if you did either.

Your character will been given a second chance with these augmentations. Don't ruin this by playing a game you cant win.

>> No.12709467

Ask Her
How many people have you killed in pursuit of your goal
How many lives destroyed
How many more is she willing to betray, what next moral is she going to destroy
Does she honestly think anything planted in such poisonous ground can ever lead to anything but more hate, murder, and death?
The world can change to be better- but not like this

>> No.12709479


Well as I understand it, she will be leaving tomorrow, otherwise the gypsies will attack. Or she might just kill them all.

Either way though I assume our conversation time will be short.

>> No.12709482

First off- tell your family that the woman in question is an insane psychopath that will murder them at the drop of hat
They're your family, they have to believe you in cases like this
Even if they don't, advise them to go out on the town tomorrow- there's a market festival, a barn raising, ANYTHING to get them out of the house

>> No.12709500

An alternative to giving up would be going away. Go to some backwoods coutryside in russia once you got the augmentations and learn dark magics. Make sure you cant be traced there and then just have your character sit out for a while giving you the possibilty to roll a new character to play with the group that can be conviniently killed off once your officer returns (or the other way around, the return once he's dead).

>> No.12709509


Yes yes, I assume regardless of whether or not she leaves, I need to get my family out of the house.

Either to keep them away from the massacre, or so they don't see the mass of angry gypsies being reasoned with by me.

>> No.12709510

This. If there is an obsessed killer in their house they deserve to know. And they should belive you. If the GM tells you they don't bitch OOC that they should trust you far more.

>> No.12709514

Why is she keeping you around like this?
You've shown yourself a capable and worthwhile adversary, and someone who will never bow to her, no matter what she levies against you
Is she keeping you around as some sort of reminder to herself?
As a token of her morality? Saying that, if she were really evil, sh'ed just kill you, but instead she's being merciful and is just going to run your life for you.
Fucking psychopath

>> No.12709522

Be creepy. Go into her room. Sit in a chair (Or your wheel chair, if you truly cannot walk), and watch her sleep. If she asks why you are watching, then merely say something along the lines, in the barest of whispers "You sleep heavily for someone so weighed down in blood. You have murdered for personal gain, and each time we cross paths, blood has been spilled. Once I pittied you, then twice (?) you spared me. Know this: I will become you. I will be selfless in my goals, and twice I will bring you down. On the third time, fate will decide which of us stands"

Proceed to walk/ wheel out of room.

>> No.12709523

Yes, but make sure to include that SHE"S A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH

>> No.12709536

>You've shown yourself a capable and worthwhile adversary
He has shown no such thing as of now. Mindgames are not the players/characters strength either because he could have mindfucked her serveral times by now.

I'd say make it clear to her that you want her to stay away from you and your family and stop making them a target by digging in past events. That stupid will for venegeance is just gonna get innocent people like sister and parents killed.

>> No.12709542

Her's is an aristocratic means to peace I assume yes?
Mucking about with bloodlines and such like, winning the support of royal families.
Tell me, is Bismark on the scene yet?
If not, then you need to instill a little proletarian and bourgouise reciprocation
Sir, you must lead the Democratization of Euorpe

>> No.12709546

Dude, if she's cybering herself up that much then all you need if a big electro-magnet.

>> No.12709550

I don't think she cares about innocent lives at this point

>> No.12709578

God fracking dammit- this your home base
isn't there some pitfal or escape door that you and only you would know about, like from when you were a kid?

>> No.12709582


Yea Bismark's around, someone asked that in another thread.


>Wheel out of the room

I lol'd


Well up until now, she assumed I was dead. I bet hearing from her mole that I was alive, and taking up vengeance against her, came as a bit of a surprise. In fact I'm wondering what the rest of "her" party is doing while she's paying me this little visit.

Still though, this is her first time seeing me after believing me dead, and has made clear that if I continue to be a nuisance she'll kill me.

So yeah, I don't think she's contemplating keeping me around much longer if I continue.

I still am though, even if it's not for revenge, I'm not just going to let the guy die or fade away. Even if I have to join Nemo and take my family with me so she can't touch us.

>> No.12709589



>> No.12709590

You have several problems which need to be addessed:
1. Missing Limbs
2. Tails watching your every move
3. Moles infiltrating your only allies
4. Everything else that could possibly be against you in this situation is.

Furthermore we've learned:
1. She has a Nemo Tech Liason
2. She is pure evil (rapist, murderer, and sadistic as fuck) but convinced she is good.
3. She will take any measure needed to ensure you are not a threat.

You have two options before you DP.
1. Fake your death and become batman.Very difficult under her close scrutiny. You'll need to identify your tails, lose them without killing them, and then leave enough physical evidence to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that you committed suicide. It must be perfect. Find Nemo or make a pact with some powers to get shit jump started once her feelers are off you.

2. Admit to yourself that you are going to lose. Its a foregone conclusion. HOWEVER, with preparation you can still go down like a man. You represent law, order, etc. She in a vile deceiver. Write epic speech. Get the last word. If the world is so foolish and vile to swallow her lies, and if she's duped herself into thinking that someone so malevolent as to rape and murder and be able to sleep like a baby content with herself into believing that she woon't be the most horrible ruler ever, then truly you weren't meant for such a broken world. She has won. There could be no other way. But let her know with your last breath that just because you won't live to see her called into judgement for her actions, doesn't mean you won't see it. You'll be waiting. When she lies awake at night and all her machiavellian plots seem stretched taut, you'll be waiting. When assassin's bolts pass by her ear, you'll be waiting. When the peple rise up against her, you'll be waiting. When she lies old and feeble like you are now, weezing and with vision failing and all things grow dark...
She'll see you again. And you will need not wait any longer.

>> No.12709608

thread is autosaging, maek new one

>> No.12709617

>145 posts
Silly newfag. Threads autosage at 300 replies.

>> No.12709623


>She has a Nemo tech liason

What? I don't think she does...

I mean I can't see some of the upgrades, that are inside her body, but she's remained fairly consistent in abhorring Nemo tech.

I agree though, it seems that she's doing this now because I've been investigating her. If I can't do that though, my greatest strength and weapon against her, then there's little I can do in my typical civilization habitat, and little reason for me to remain.

>> No.12709651


This is just a simple farm house, we're not super villains.

Really, at this point if she wants to kill me, or do whatever she wants with me really, there's probably little I or my family can do to stop her.

However if we go on her word, she'll do no such thing at least until I get back to capitol.


That's an interesting thought...

>> No.12709654

Have you talked with her player OOC?

>> No.12709672


About what? We're both members of the same group, and this isn't the only game we're playing, so we talk all the time.

About what specifically though, would probably depend.

>> No.12709679

She keeps saying that this for the greater good- that her actions are ultimately acceptable for what they do
I'd call bullshit on her for that- the only person she's doing this for is herself
She likes power, goddamit, and her plan for world peace is just a means to an end- in this case, seeing to it that she now controls the most powerful nations on earth

>> No.12709693

Do you still care about your country? Do you still want to stop what Nemo is doing to it?

It sounded like you hurt her the worst of all when she was left behind the first time. Because you gave her hope that she could stay with the group.

Save her life.

Build up you forces, fix yourself up, and wait for her to be in truly TPK dire straits. Then swoop in like a gallant knight in shining armor, take out whatever is about to kill her and as you help her up say "Don't worry, we'll get through this together."

If you've explained everything right then this should drive her nuts. The knowledge that even after everything she gave up, and all the power she gained, she still couldn't do it without you.

>> No.12709694

The, well, sheer insanity of the complexity of all these plots,
the entire thing, really
I dunno, you said you rotated DMs, how does that work?

>> No.12709710


She goes out of her way to humiliate you, make you squirm, get your own damn family eating out of her fucking hand, and make you look like a fool at every possible oppertunity. She's fucking evil. The end.

>> No.12709713

Have you considered having this girl GM a game of CoC?

>> No.12709717

Are we after the German confederation, or is Bismark only starting to consolidate Germany and Prussia?

>> No.12709720

>>12707972 again

At the risk of sounding cruel, you don't really seem to have what is needed to scheme someone like this.

Her schemes haven't actually been that clever. They're just the plotting equivilent of breaking into a store to steal a hammer to smash someone's brains out. She isn't predicting and preemptively reacting, she's being proactive. And with her goals known, that means she is weak.

What you need, but what I'm not convinced you can provide, is the scalpel. Here are some possible suggestions.

1. You know she has a mole, possibly two or more. You need to escape their view. Resign your commission (after stealing whatever you could use from the place, along with a bunch of other unrelated files to throw the trail off when she investigates). Cut off ties and start afresh.
2. Get a cadaver, place it in your wheelchair, place the wheelchair in a carriage and set it alight in front of her palace/home. This is a psychological move, she will be searching for symbolism in it. Are you willing to die for your unknown goal? Do you believe you are already dead? Was the body you, or someone else?
3. Your first goal is evening the playing field. Even if she is amazingly powerful and you can't challenge her, you still need mobility. Don't focus on pure strength in whatever you gain, you can't outfight her - she has too much of an advantage - so focus on utility. She has enhanced strength? Weave yourself with spells that cloak you in night. She has incredible stamina, give yourself the ability to wall-crawl and escape when needed. If you beat her properly, you need not fight her at all.

>> No.12709733


Sure, she says it's awesome and she's loving the way things are turning out. Mostly she wants to see where I take my character, and hopes I can make it interesting for her and the others.

About her character, she commented that she didn't intend to become the villain from the start, but she's rather liking it.

For DM rotation, in our group we just have a new person each week run the thing. Their PC becomes a DMPC for that session, and thankfully no one's run away with it and made their person a god in one game.

The only one's who aren't allowed to DM, are her, for my game, that's it. I just don't DM because I'm no good at it.


Well hell year I care about my country, I want to save it from the war!

I like your suggestion though, I do imagine that would irk her terribly with inadequacy if she needed saving.

>> No.12709738

Are either Carl Schurz, Franz Sigel, or Friedrich Hecker still around?

>> No.12709743

>needs to be able to wallcrawl
really breezing past the missing limbs there, son.

>> No.12709753

4. She made a point of stealing your companions from you. It was important to her that she is accepted while simultaneously depriving you of the company she feels your group deprived her of. So you need to destroy that. Any evidence you found of her involvement in the explosion/rape, make sure it falls into the hands of the PCs. Leave a note saying "Do not trust her". You don't want to trigger a conflict between them, you want to plant the seed of doubt.
5. The moment you make an overt move against her, or anything she can trace to you, she will track it back to your family. They will die at her hand to teach you a lesson. That is why you catch her first. She presumably has family? Her character should unless she pulled the orphan card, and even if she doesn't you know damn well she has a son. So after you make an overt move, when she goes to your house to enact vengeanve she finds her son's clothes (or a very, very convincing replica) nailed to the door of your family's house. It sends a clear message "Touch them, and he dies, and with him dies your plan." Make family off-limits, let her know you COULD have taken him, but you chose not to. Let her think you still have some morality. This deception will be your greatest strength.

>> No.12709769

More Importantly- did the Revolution of 1848 ever occur?
Is Germany unified?

>> No.12709771

I can't offer too precise a plan yet. A good plan needs to consider the known variables and be robust enough to survive the unknown variables. Hence why knowledge is so valuable.

You need to know her plan, you need to know her goal, and most importantly you need to know if you agree with her goal. There is no gain in crushing her if it plunges the world into a situation you do not wish. If that is the situation, aid her, make her need your help, make her fear what will happen if she tries to remove you from the plan.

When looking at her plans, consider that she is the hammer that is used to break bone. Her weakness would be the scalpel that slits throats. She has power, but lacks subtlety. Make her afraid of the shadows around her, as any one of them could hold a wheelchair you leave to taunt her.

>> No.12709788

Can you just save me some time and give me the history of the Alternate Germany, as best you know it?

>> No.12709789

That was talking about the process of evening the playing field. She fixed her limbs, he needs to do the same. She enhanced herself in the process, and he needs to do the same as well.

Honestly, it's essential in the rivalry. It's a psychological thing, it tells her straight away that he is equally as dangerous as she is just because he could survive the situation she could survive.

But that precludes the notion that he lets her know he pulled it off. The covert strength is far more powerful.

>> No.12709796

I like this
Maybe you should join her, though I don't know if she'd accept after the actions of the last session

>> No.12709821


No, it's the German Empire I'm pretty sure.

I mean I keep referring to Prussia because that's the area the game is mostly confined to, and where most of us were born and grew up, identify as, etc...

But if you want to call it, it's the German Empire. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The setting is around 1883-1885.


I don't know who they are.

>> No.12709839

German revolutionaries and advocates of liberal reform
Probably won't be too helpful though

>> No.12709883

Some highlights from that period:
Otto Von Bismark pushes Social Security through the Reichstag
Cameron is absorbed by Germany following a short conflict
All ethnic Poles and Jews are being expelled from Prussia

>> No.12709929

God, my brain isn't working right now
My main idea is, at the moment, don't antagonize her
Unless the gypses bring, like, a huge mob of people or better fire power, the best you can do is not antagonize the psychopath and work your way out from there
I've got it!
Burn down the house with her inside it!

>> No.12709935


Hmmm, those are interesting facets which I'll look into.

As just a general rule of thumb, since Nemo's arrival, actual history had more or less been put on hold while the world is reeling from his meddling, but as has been shown before, actively looking into history in the setting usually causes it to occur.

For example, since Nemo there hasn't been any really major conflicts (except for the near-war "that girl" caused when she killed the Prince, then averted when she presented herself carrying his child), and most countries have put things on hold, scrambling for Nemo tech. Again, several things have happened to follow history, but in general it's sort of at a medium of inactivity.

This is, I assume, for us to play in and either participate in, or cause things to happen.

>> No.12709944

You might want to do a little research OP
I'd suggest looking around for reformist minded Nobles, perhaps, or to begin courting the more reasonable revolutionaries, though most of them are expatriates at this point

>> No.12709952


I'll tell my family to give her a big goodbye hug, so as to hold her down while I kill them all with fire!

On the note of they gypsies though, unless they bring like a really powerful mystic, they won't be able to kill her. She'll literally just break them. They don't know this of course.

>> No.12709956

So, the scramble for Africa has been put on hold for the moment?
Hmm- there are some definite underlying tensions that would probably be building at this point if they haven't been released yet.
Brittian and Russia are probably at each others proveraible throats
Not sure how this helps though

>> No.12709967

At the moment, since the psychopath has you at the balls, I'd say just play along for now
Try to restrain the gypses as best as possible
Hobble around on crutches if you must

>> No.12709976

Like I'm said, I'm not thinking too good at the moment
Try again in the morning?

>> No.12709984


Britain got fucked up the bum, and is still reeling from an attack by the outsider. I mean not enough to be trampled by another nation, but most of their coastal/port towns are gone.

>> No.12709989


Hey hey! Hopefully the thread will last as least half as much as the other threads, and I'll be around then!

>> No.12710253

Here is my suggestion, OP. I'm with the others in the Batman camp, but I don't think you should do it with magic.

I think you should do it with Nemo tech. Be Batman, in the truest sense - a badass normal who uses ultra-advanced technology to walk in the realm of gods - and be ACCEPTED in that realm.

Become a force for good, with the very thing she hates most.

And then save her life.

Alternatively: work your way up the Roma. Become someone they admire or at least will listen to. Convince them to help Nemo deal with whatever problem he's having, in return for him helping them... and you. And then, uh, go from there.

>> No.12711176

OP, disappear into the Romas as soon as you can walk. Make sure to get a hold of large quantity of explosives that girl will likely know about. First of all, they are very hermetic, it's not likely for that girl to have a spy there. Second of all: magic, real magic that will bend and twist her pathetic machinery with a nod of your head. Third of all: she will have to find out what are you going to do, she will reveal her agents. Catch them so you may interrogate them.

>> No.12711284

you can't use the wheelchair. it is so much a trap it's not even funny.

if the Gypsies won't help you maybe some other group will. Haitian voodoo priests? Golden Dawn/Freemason magicians? priests of Set? in this world Helena Blavatsky might have actual psychic powers. you could try to find the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth.

wait, you are in Poland, right? Seek out Baba Yaga. from wikipedia: The version Polish folklore differs in details. For example, the Polish Baba Jaga's hut has only one chicken leg. Monstrous witches living in gingerbread huts are also commonly named Baba Jaga. Baba Jaga, flying on a mop and wearing black and red striped folk cloth of Świętokrzyskie Mountains, is an unofficial symbol of Kielce region (it is connected with legendary witches' sabbaths on Łysa Góra mountain). In some legends, Baba Yaga is also awarded the title Костяная Нога ("The Bone Leg") and considered a guardian between the real world and the land of the dead. This title later became an idiom, often used as taunt.

>> No.12711341

She put a bomb in your shiny new chair and the second you upset her BOOM.

>> No.12711363


or a tracking device
or a listening bug

or all three

>> No.12711406


that won't work. steampunk prostheses would probably be pneumatic/mechanical.

though, if she does have that many implants if you could get her next to a large enough magnet it might immobilizer her. that is when you crawl over with a glass or stone blade and cut her throat. no big speeches, no relishing in your triumph. just be done with it.

>> No.12711715

Why not just snipe her

She's not super human. A good marksmen and a bullet through the head should take care of things. Or for that matter, a man with a gun in his cloak.

Unless you're playing by some crazy dndesque rules where you can take a ton of bullets and keep on trucking, the easiest response seems to be a man and a gun.

>> No.12711813

1. The gypsies will come back in the morning with more friends. This is very bad. However, like someone up-thread mentioned, she's not so much clever as she is pro-active. Take a page from her playbook and meet up with the gypsies before morning comes. Getting out of the house without her catching on will be impossible, though. If you absolutely have to, let her come. When you meet up with the gypsies, shoot her down whenever she tries to talk. It's gonna be hard, but make it clear that a fight is something neither of them will profit from.

2. Accept the wheelchair for now. Get a new one fast and ditch the one she gave you the first chance you get. This point has been made so many times now, it's not even funny. It's a trap.

3. Last thread someone said you should have a plan ready to disappear at a moment's notice. Give yourself a month In Game to get your shit together. Don't fuck around and get ready to split.

4. Her continuing embrace of Technology and disparaging remarks about the Roma only serves to highlight what you must become. Become Magic.

5. The way she talks to you, her remarks about how she sees you as a threat and the fact that she has not acted on the hundreds of chances she has had to kill you makes it seem to me that she is acting like a jilted woman.
Of course, when I say that, I mean more in collegial sense than an actual romantic sense. Still, play this angle up in your future encounters anyway.

6. Lastly, I want to know where you see your character's rehabilitation going. Are you going the tech route or are you holding out for a magical option?
If you're going with tech, remember what you said about how it fizzles when exposed to strong magic. If you lose the inevitable fight against her because your fucking spine shut down when you were Magicing it up, you deserve everything you get.

>> No.12711906

You know, OP, you shouldn't let that girl dictate the encounter. When she tells you to go for a walk with her it's obvious she has the whole speech ready. I'll bet she loves aggrandizing herself. You telling her that you don't feel like going for a walk because your stump hurts would surely piss her off.

>> No.12711979

Well, first thing to do would be to go out of the house. From the loks of things you can only use the wheelchair to move and the only avaiable is hers.
However, that's not only possible mean of transportation to you. To be more presice, you can ride carriages. Are there any around?
Ah. Hers, right?
So, you need to get on her wheelchair and go outside, intercept her carriage and your gypsy friends and scram. The problem is, therefore, in two things.
a) posible sinister trap in the chair
b) her following you

Now that is tough. It's virtually impossible to eliminate those actorsas things stand now...

>> No.12712044

However there is certain course of action that you may take. It relies on her personality shown so far.

So, here it is. You need to walk her away, thus dodging the gypsy encounter in front of your family house, at least.
These are methods i see might work:
a) telling her you thought everything over and over, and ou started to see her POV
b) leading her away suspiciously, as if in trap
c) she is the type that would just walk into trap just to prove it can't beat her. Rouse her suspicions but misplace them. When it'd become apparent there is no trap there, she might have a sight change of heart because of "falsely suspecting you". Although the premise is flimsy, it just might work
d) feed her with bullshit on the way. Make it seem as if you are not only hating her, but the opposite as well. With roleplayer she seems to be it's guaranteed to be a challenging conversation, i believe
In the end, it comes to getting her away from possible attack and trying to "show some degree of inner remorse". Persuade her that you can be brought to her side.
Some message left for gypsies might be in order, though.
It all serves a singular purpose of getting her off your neck right here, right now. When you are in relative clear, options would be manyfold.

>> No.12712141

Kruppfag here, if she has a mole among your close friends/coworkers, the you should retire form being a cop. Seriously, you won't get much done if her informant tells her everything that you do. I know I probably sound like a broken record by this point, but you should consider working for the Krupps, possibly as an inventor. After all, why become Batman when you can become Tony Stark/Nikolai Tesla?

In the short term however, you should do nothing. When the gypsies come, they are mostly coming for That Girl. If what you say is true, she probably can and will take them out by herself without getting your family harmed, if only to mock you. As for the chair, it probably isn't trapped. It would be too obvious.

>> No.12713327

OP, judging by your current predicament, there is only one way to approach this in your current position. You need to be able to fight while disabled, and more importantly, be a force to be reckoned with. Watch this:


And see if the DM will let you use magic to get one of these abilities.

>> No.12713468

Is OP still here?
Also, who is "the other"?

>> No.12713984

Ok I'm back.

I'll try and answer any questions or whatever, ev

Again, thanks for the responses everyone!

>> No.12714081


See the only problem with the magic route, is that while I agree it is highly more appropriate in the long run, and a better method to seek out, it just takes a very long time, especially for a character like mine, already an adult with no history or ancestry of magic. To become even semi-competent at it, without using any artifacts or anything, would take many years.

Whereas the tech route, I could technically go out tomorrow and be good as new, or stronger. However that said, there's nothing stopping me from surrounding myself with magic allies and forces.

As well, while technology and magic don't mix well, it's possible to do. The Ottomans are doing it in the setting, as did the outsider.


I could snipe her, but assuming that she doesn't have like a brain case or skull reinforcement (she has at least 3 other unknown augmentations inside her body), against the threat of character death like that, she could spend some fate points. Most of us (me included) have had to use them on a fairly consistent basis, spending them as we gain them. I had to blast few a through to keep from dying out in the forest. She hasn't been spending too many though since she's had her baby.

Although, if I keep sniping her on a regular basis, and she doesn't wise up, then yeah she'd probably snuff if.


Normally I wouldn't, and probably I'd just shoot her on the spot, but with my family there and making suggestions (I wholly think that my mother sees a potential relationship in us), I can't really just deny everything and refute her.

>> No.12714164


Holy lol that's awesome.


Well I can still be a policeman (it's like the only job I can do well given my background, stats, and condition), I just can't really take up investigations or go against her.

As for the gypsy attack, the only problem of letting her kill all of them, is that it will almost certainly hurt my position among the Roma, if my liaisons and escorts all got killed by "that girl" whom I am now apparently meeting with again.

>> No.12714234


Actually she sent her carriage away when she heard she was staying.

They'll be there to pick her up in the morning though, I just have to stop the gypsies before then, or in some way or other, you're right, just have to get her away from they so on one dies or is suspicious or any mess.


Who do you mean by "the other"?


Whew, I think that's all the unanswered questions taken care of for now, no?

If I missed anyone, or people want to know anything else, please feel free to ask.

>> No.12714370

you could try intercepting the romas.
start the session at night, after everyone fell asleep, use the wheelchair or crawl, but reach the road by your home before romas gather there. when they arrive just explain the situation to them, tell the truth.

>> No.12714425


Yeah I think that's a pretty good idea although maybe not so early, but in general based on the posts gathered in the thread I think I have a good course of action.

Basically get my family out first of all. The husband goes to work, while sister sometimes goes to town, I'll just have her take mother.

Then the issue is just the gypsies, and dealing with them depends on whether or not "that girl" is still here. If she leaves before they arrive then all's well. If not, then I just have to get her away from the house.

Shouldn't be THAT hard to manage, given what I'm used to having to do.

>> No.12714545

A thought: have you spoken with romas about learning magic?
You said that sufficiently powerful magics would take years. But what about some cantrips? Low level magic could be useful too. You can have a little surprise for that girl and she won't take it as easily as your gun. I don't know your setting, but if it's possible to learn something like prestidigitation, low power telekinesis, maybe creating little light or darkness to temporarily blind or at least distract someone. Even more useful would be ability to magically contact someone, either through telepathy or throwing your voice. You are not very mobile and in that way you can order your mooks from away. Will low level magic fuck with technology too?

>> No.12714607

That girl warned you that she may expose your ties to the romas. You could inform your bosses that you managed to earn the romas trust and you are gathering intel to learn the whereabouts of romani high-ups. Tell that this operation was in the works for a year already and has to remain a secret, otherwise all of it will be for naught.

>> No.12714617


I think simple things like wards and charms or whatever shouldn't be too difficult to learn a few.

And it's the other way around, it's technology that messes up with magic. Unless it's very powerful magic, then it's technology that's trumped. But we've only come across barely a few examples of that, and had lots of assistance in dealing with it.

Nemo tech trumps all though.

>> No.12714644


I think the keeping it a secret aspect will make the whole thing questionable.

Heck, taking investigations against her was already prohibited. As it stands, I could be in allot of trouble now.

Although, again, if she is to be believed, then my family, my job, and myself are safe as long as I don't oppose her.

>Implying that's going to stop me from doing whatever it is I'm going to do

>> No.12714716

how does that work? you can charm someone, as in have them do your bidding?
you should post as much about the magic system you're using as you can, so that collective mind of /tg/ can break the shit out of it and make you a lich in a week.

>> No.12714776


The best part -


Also each one has its own special ability. Some are very destructive, but others are powerful and situational. You can justify an amazing power by only having it work in a certain situation. Maneuver the bitch into the right spot, spring the trap, check and mate.

Trust me, dude. Get one of these. You'll love it.

>> No.12714792


No, but things like you said like projecting my voice, or very basic illusions, or simply increasing a lightsource.

Basic things like that, small enchantments, shouldn't be too difficult.

>> No.12714961


Uh dude, just a suggestion, she likes to get close and personal, right? Both in fights and out, right? So why not just get some explosives and have them on you. A bomb. Of course this might kill a lot of roleplay potential but it's just a good way to ensure that if she tries shit with you, she loses.

Keep it a secret though, make it a trump card, so that if you have another confrontation with her and she starts her condescending bullshit again you can end it all for her. I doubt fate points can save one from a fucking hueg explosion.

Also the chair is a trap. And even if it's not, it's meant as nothing more than an insult.

>> No.12715025


Sure, as a last resort, I'll definitely consider mass explosives.

On the other note, it's a pretty fucking sweet chair though.

>> No.12715042

Thinking about it, OP is comparable to Polnareff.
- Neither of them are all that bright.
- Both have enemies that can wipe floor with them.
- Both are champions of justice.
- Both ended up as cripples after biting off more than they could chew.

>> No.12715096


Regardless of what you do, secrecy is key to success. And the chair is worth dropping just because it's a symbol.

>> No.12715287

>On the other note, it's a pretty fucking sweet chair though.

She forcibly took away your old chair and gave you a new one of her choosing. Using her chair will be a symbol that you have given in and are in some small way listening to her. She's marking you as hers.

I swear, the more I hear about her actions against you, the more I'm convinced this is some sort bizarre courtship on her part.

>> No.12715302


That's not entirely unlikely, as her character used to be crushing pretty hard on mine.

>> No.12715369

That gives you a valuable last resort then.

Keep a valuable ring somewhere on your body, and if it ever gets to the point where she's a centimetre away from bashing your brains out, take out the ring and pop the question.
Claim that everything you have done was a bizarre courtship on your part too.

It's not victory, but it's not defeat either.

>> No.12715412


Assuming she even opts for that, then what, just be her little lapdog while she drives the world to hell? I suppose I could raise her bastard child at least decently.

That's pretty creepy.

>> No.12715494

Sell Chair, cash in pension, take loan, hire a German technomancer to build you prostetics. Go as far away from her as you can.

Fuck. Just fucking join with Nemo goddamn it all.

>> No.12715498

>Assuming she even opts for that
And that's where cyanide capsule in your fake tooth will come in play. Last kiss you will share will be very sour and very... last

>> No.12715546

It will ensure that you live for another day, fool.

Besides, I'm not saying that this is the only way things can be done. I'm saying that you should have contingency plans for anything.
If your survival means that you have to carry a ring around and be ready to swallow your pride for a moment, then so be it.
You should ready several underhanded tricks like this, if only to mess with her mind.

Also, carrying around a valuable ring is a good thing should you ever be strapped for cash.
My last character never went anywhere without at least 5000 GP in jewellery sown into the fabric of his jacket.

It's called planning ahead for potentially anything.

>> No.12715597


I thought that's what the explosives were for, a last resort.

I suppose it couldn't hurt to buy a wedding ring though.


>Join Nemo

This has always been an option, although a drastic one. Essentially a big "fuck you, I'm done" to the rest of the world and throw in with the inventors.

Although, more and more it seems it may be one of the few options left to pursue.

>> No.12715670

Between you and me, the Anon who suggested that you turn yourself into a suicide bomber is a fucking mouth-breather.

She has an unknown quantity of cybernetic implants in her body. As long as you don't know how powerful she is, you have to assume that she can walk away from anything you throw after her.
If you blow yourself up trying to take her down, you are going to look like a damn fool when she walks away looking like a T-800.

>> No.12715752

Do they place explosive implants in you or something that you explode if you try to leave?

>> No.12715763

I'd like to point out that you may be able to safely get a new arm at least. After all she only said she didn't want to see you out of the chair.

Now, have you ever heard of phantom limbs? I'm thinking, what if you got yourself some magic that allowed you to psychically manifest your legs? She'd have no way to know you could get out of that chair whenever you wanted to, because there would be nothing to suggest you had any way to get up at all. Hell, even when you used the ability the phantom legs wouldn't likely be visible. It'd look like you're floating in the air, save for the trail of footprints you leave behind you.

>> No.12715828

This is delicious. I was afraid you had stopped coming by.

Anyway, two questions:
1. What happened to the player of your one ally, the nun? Did they roll up a new character?
2. What do you plan to do about the other survivor of your original team, the one that betrayed you?

>> No.12715883

His spine was severed. He didn't lose his legs.

>> No.12715923


>hire a German technomancer to build you prostetics

There is only one possible direction to take with this option. Either you become Magic Batman or SEGATA SANSHIRO.

>> No.12716008


best outcome

>> No.12716062



>> No.12716075

Best Nazi ever.

>> No.12716107

the one time nazis are not the villians, and it was awesome

>> No.12716158


I was also a bit intirgued as to just how he was killed in Stalingrad. I mean fuck, by the end of it he was a bulletproof Nazi with a machinegun abdomen and lasers built into his shoulders, how the fuck did the Russians actually manage to kill him?


Battle Tendency will always be my favourite JoJo. If just for it being the only time in history where the the line "Don't worry JoJo! The Nazi Anti-Vampire Squad is here to help!" is said in full seriousness AND IS A GOOD THING.

>> No.12716263

OP, just fucking roll away, don't play her game.
Take your ball and go home.

Just do something else, become a masterful botanist, creating rare and beautiful flowers sought after by royalty, Create flowers that godly tinctures and potions can be distilled from.

And then two years later real time, send her character and her son some flowers.
When the flowers bloom, they will release toxic spores throughout the air.

My point is, you have to play the long game, the very long game.

>> No.12716265


>> No.12716390

You need step up your game, because you're failing miserably. Less focus on things that will take years to complete, more on the immediate. The more time you give her the more likely she'll win, because she is obviously more active than you (and also possibly sucking off one of the DMs under the table).

Set a trap.

First the bait. Two things she really really hates: you and nemotech. We will draw her in with the premise that you are meeting with nemotech type advisers to help arrange for a war machine to be made. We will take advantage of her own spy network to do this.

First make purchase of small, inexpensive cottage somewhere in a quaint rural community. We want it to be out of the way, someplace where she would not have eyes. Make this purchase discreetly. Maybe have someone trustworthy spend a few nights there, checking for anyone watching the place.

This step is the hardest. Wire the house with explosives. Getting the explosives.... fertilizer maybe. I dunno, I'll leave that to you. Your gypsy friends may be able to help by placing some sort of 'face in the crowd' nondetection charm on you.

Then, spread word among the gypsy (and the mole within them) about the war machine meeting upcoming, and prepare to blow her sky high.

>> No.12716458

take her to the STAGE of the world where everyone is watching her every move
then bring her to the BRINK of her sanity, show her that you are a threat. Maybe just make a move towards her that forces her to act fast.
show her people who she really is
reveal her darkest side, even if it means your own death
THIS is the only way to truly WIN

>> No.12716482

I'm back, same as before.

Gimme a sec to answer things.

>> No.12716609


The inventors? No, but anyone who's tried to leave, and actually shown opposition to them as well, has been hunted down fairly sufficiently.

Really just so long as you don't clash heads with them, or start divulging their secrets, they're pretty laissez faire. Is that the right word?


1. Yes, she rolled a new character after hers had been killed.
2. He's still around and kicking I imagine. I'll take him down as well, although he's really just a leech off her. Not a plotter or a schemer, not as much a threat, just following her and managing "her" new party.

>> No.12716622

Oh, and make sure she doesn't catch wind of this IRL. she is obviously a metagamer.

>> No.12716636

You don't win by losing. That is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

>> No.12716675

it's the only way OP can win
he won't be able to build a better empire
and straight out murder would be unfulfilled
the only way he can win is if everyone loses

>> No.12716701

Who was the outsider?
The person/group that attacked Britian?

>> No.12716715


Well initially that was the idea by investigating, simply cause her to be rejected by the world she created. Having evidence of her killing the Prince would do that well enough. She seems to be aware of that though, hence her current presence.

I still think it's a viable option, just simply not at the moment where she's breathing down my neck and poised to tear me apart whenever she pleases. There's probably other methods to the same result I could do though.

I'm still weighing my options.


The ONLY problem with that, is that for some gathering, or sizable event like that, I doubt she'd show up by herself and be on the forefront of the attack in person.

Since we left her crippled, the only times she done things personally was when it had to deal with us, or was a personal matter (first TPK = dealing with us, killing her husband = personal matter).

Even if I was there, she's not just going to walk into some assumed gathering to kill us all, even though she very well could.

To pull a feat like that, it would need to be an example, where it was probably just me doing something. LIKE I was building or going to activate some Nemo construction I obtained. Otherwise she'll just use the laws and country, to kill us with the rulebook.

If it's just me though, you can bet your ass she'll probably be there to annihilate me in person.

>> No.12716719

What exactly is the rest of the party doing?

Also- I think the mole should be your number one priority after this incident
If you find out who/what it is, then you can start feeding it false information
Jezum fracking crow, how the hell did this girl go from "left 4 dead" to "leader of the new world order"
she sell her soul to satan or something?

>> No.12716736

When suspicions die down again, go to Nemoland. This offers several benefits:

1. Away from Her Prying Eyes - Right now any plans you make whether good or bad will fail outright because she will know of them immediately. Not so in Nemoland.
2. Level the Goddamn Playing Field - Its about time you have the use of all your limbs.
3. Nanomorph Mimetic Poly-Alloy - She's a cybernetic organism? Become the goddamn T-1000. Nemotech is your ace in the hole.

It might be difficult to convince them to let you leave, but for fuck's sake its better than dealing with her! Seriously, they might by insanely isolationalist, but I'm sure that given enough time and the right arguments they'll let you leave.

>> No.12716739

She doesn't have an empire. All she has is a pretty shaky connection with the Spanish royalty that would crumble if her sins were to be exposed.
Which can be done without letting her kill OP.

>> No.12716761

I don't think you can pin anything on her at this point- if she's as powerful as you say she is, most official occusiations will be quietly suppresed by either her supporters, or be brushed off like water off a ducks back
How powerful is she? In what area's of the country does she claim the most support?
The Junkers?

>> No.12716770

Right now, she's holding your family over your head
Get them out of the country- off continent. USA would be preferable, but France or England could work too

>> No.12716778

pic related, its you when you come back.

>> No.12716844

Everyone is coming up with all these schemes and plans. Why not take the easy route? After she leaves, drop off the radar and murder her bastard child. She might kill you for it but it makes for good revenge.

>> No.12716846


The outsider was one of the inventors, assisting Nemo and the others out in the Pacific in their struggle. For some reason she switched sides on them though, as we understood it for religious reasons, and after betraying them came to Europe.

Irish in decent, she used strange, VERY powerful new abilities (a successful amalgam of Nemo tech and newly gained, extremely potent magic) to enact some ancestral revenge on England, wiping out most coastal/port towns in the southern half of the country, and inadvertently causing similar backlashes in France just because of her sheer effect.

As the first openly hostile inventor (everyone at the time assumed she was still one of them), a temporary coalition of European countries was formed (our group included) to end the threat. Even so it proved to be a stalemate until Nemo and his lot offered assistance.

In the end, though she was defeated and her tech holding seized by Nemo, England actually was able to get hold of her and now have her locked up someplace, hoping to learn something from her. Nemo wanted the same, though not enough to risk open war with Europe. To this day, he still wants her though. Pretty much everyone does, but she's England's current best hope, assuming they can get anything out of her.

To date, the outsider has been the most dangerous enemy we've faced, to my knowledge.

>> No.12716872

Disarmed Policeman I hate to say this, but you are doing it wrong.

Now this is not your fault, a giant number of role players suffer from the same mindset that got you into this most recent predicament. As stated earlier, you are not being pro-active. While this is acceptable for when you are playing in a group with the GM handing you quests, you are not in a group anymore. Your first mistake was when after getting back to the city you tried to make things go back to normal. Instead of making contacts or searching for a way to make you mobile you went back to your job. Now normally I would not say that was a bad thing,revenge plots need cash, but then you went and investigated "that girl". Did you not think she would have spies on that to make sure you did not dig up any dirt on her.

Fortunately things are not without hope. As you have said she has a weakness whether you know it or not. As you said she will not use Nemo tech. That leaves her vulnerable to powerful magic.So what you need to is get to be a fairly powerful magician quickly. As you have said this will be a difficult task but I do not believe it to be impossible like you. Striking a deal with fey could be an "easy" way out. Bargain with them for either magical power enough to disrupt tech ,or for a character rebuild, sacrificing past skills to be a mage. As you can see there are options and the price could be negligible. As kicking "that girls" butt could cause WWI there is an easy out on what to offer the fey. Your bargain for magical might is to cause a massive blot to the fey's archenemy, civilization, by causing WWI in exchange for the fay's assistance.

>> No.12716879


My advice is get out of there A.S.A.P. Then go back home cash out every thing you own, use the gypsy mystic to get you talking to the fey spirits, and bargain for magical might. Remember you have 2 big chips to play in that bargain, your service and your soul. STAY OUT OF CIVILIZATION. That is her ground. You take to the forest. Take the law of the jungle instead of the laws of man that failed to bring her to justice.

Remember tell the GM what you are going to do. If you sit back and wait on GM handed quests you are playing into that girls hand by sitting still.

>> No.12716926

I still feel the deck is stacked against you. I doubt if she even need to set up a mole. I imagine that she just said to your dm "I want to see what is up with Disarmed Policeman today" and your dm let it happened.

The rest of your group seems to admire her greatly and to some extent so do you.

"From where you're kneeling, it must seem like an 18-carat string of bad luck. But the truth is... the game was rigged from the start."

>> No.12716954


The rest of the party I believe just finished a quest, and this is the interim before the next one, hence why she was able to take the time off to visit me.

In the other threads, I partially detail it out how she gained her current position. Mostly through deception, marrying into titles, bearing royalties children, and on the side having large business holdings, etc...

She's quite powerful, not only physically, but economically and politically. She's not at the point yet of running a country or calling the shots, but she potentially could be. Currently she just influences policy.


Well I've said before, in joining Nemo (after completing all the prerequisites of course), all I'd have to do is help them resolve their "conflict" out in the Pacific, and then I'm basically one of them and privy to whatever they do.

So the barrier to entry is high at first, but once in, it's pretty much easy sailing.

Just that, it involves severing my ties with the world, and hence and revenge plots I may have had against "that girl" essentially, joining Nemo, I believe would probably go something like spending many years away, then returning as one of them.

Again the only issue is that by doing so it leaves "that girl" ultimate freedom to run about unchecked. I could join Nemo, but by the return she may have Europe or even more, under her thumb.


Also her influence in Germany as well. If her Spanish plan crumbles, she's still got Germany, her home.

>> No.12716961

A "Machine Curse" spell should be pretty simple, right? Right? I mean, its fucking canon that (outside of Nemotech) magic and science don't mix well. A spell DESIGNED to fuck with magic should be easy-peasy!
Get the Top gypsy mystic IN SECRET (there's a mole) to enchant the ring other posters have offered you to consider buying her. She touches it/puts it on aaaand-WHAMMO!
She not only looses the use of limbs, but the becomes encompered by hundreds of pounds of dead weight.
THEN you kill her.

>> No.12717004


What he said, you got to more pro-active. Aggressively pro-active. It may even work out. After all she was allowed to basically do whatever the fuck she wanted in her solo adventures you need to try to get some of that treatment. Hell, the dms may not let you die just from the point that she may like having you as her own personal villain.

Though one thing, don't bother with the revenge plan that she thinks you have. You know "bring you down, beaten and broken again." She tipped her hand when she let you know that is what she is frightened of and thinks you are doing. But you aren't playing that game. You are playing to kill her. No vengeance cycle, no prisoner, just a corpse. You have an advantage, it is a lot easier to just kill someone than pick apart their lives and leave them broken. Hell, if you can get mobile again a one way assassination could be pretty satisfying.

PS, ditch that fucking chair she gave you.

>> No.12717007


It's true most of the suspicions against her have been suppressed when they've popped up. But something as big as the rape and murder of Spain's heir, even in the wrong hands would likely runaway and perhaps even cause a war.

This is a big, big skeleton in her closet, and the door is creaking under it's weight.


Yeah I believe that's something I also need to look into. If she's to be believed, she considers them wonderful people and not to be killed, but I imagine that if she wanted to get at me but couldn't find me or whatever, then yeah my family would probably be the first to go.

>> No.12717014

You say she's powerful, but where is she most powerful?
Who are her allies? What, if anything, is her current goal- not "Take over the world," that's her long term goal- something more specific
If you can find those out, you can find out the people who will not want her to succeed or hold a grudge
Trust me- as long as there are two people on gods green earth, SOMEBODY will want SOMEBODY dead
Make those people who oppose her your allies

>> No.12717019


I'm going to second this. From everything you've said so far it just seems as if she's become a DPC (no not a DMPC) and that a couple of the GMs have decided that she's too pivotal to the plot to be rid of and is therefore given certain types of information. I don’t think she does anything particularly clever (like setting up moles and the like) and she is simply handed the information necessary for her survival. If someone wants to kill another individual in a game (be it tabletop or even LARP) then it's very difficult for the intended victim to avoid their fate unless the GM tips them off or the people plotting the act are retarded or unlucky. Getting away with the murder is usually the hard part.

The time you actually did go to kill her (from what I remember in the last one of these threads) and she’d switched places that night or whatever I thought that the whole thing reeked of GM intervention.

Who knows, perhaps she'll die come the conclusion of the campaign (hell it may even be you who kills her) but I frankly can't foresee anything bad befalling her before that point, which kind of sucks really.

>> No.12717045

ah, but she is important- even if bigwigs in the government find out, and you show them the supporting evidence, they are more likely to side with her rather then you, if only to maintain stability and to avoid a war with Spain
Sir, you must take your case to the general public
Perhaps an anonymous open letter like "J'accuse!"

>> No.12717067

The way I see it you need to go back to school and bone up on some science, team up with on the tech factions, and invent nukes.

Next campaign setting: Fallout Steampunk.

>> No.12717089


True, that would destroy her main link to Spain, but I don't think I could be as evil as to kill an infant. What more, the offspring (despite the circumstances) of a good, now deceased friend. Killing the baby would be killing all that's left of him in the world, even if it is steeped in anguish and hate.


Well I can say that we don't play like that, but then it doesn't seem like it would matter.

All I can say is, I don't believe everyone in the whole group would be out to get me. Plus I should like to imagine that IRL she would afford me the same respect as we did her.

Then again I could be being played like a fiddle...


Again it could be possible that she's being favored, but I don't believe so.

As for the switching places thing, she just spent a fate point to get some inkling that it might be good if she didn't sleep in her bed that night.

>> No.12717225

One question OP. How much control does the players have over what tech and magic is available?
If you one of the DM's and say "I need a spell that does this", will he provide, or will he tell you that no such spell is available?

>> No.12717234

Did someone say Machine Curse?

>> No.12717252

My ideas
Drop the investigation
Begin looking into establishing political connections with those who would oppose That Girl and what she stands for (aristocaracy, The suppression of Civil liberties, etc.)
Hook up with people who are dissatsified with the current state of things, or are being persecuted (Gypses, Jews, Poles, etc)
Help forge the disparate forces into a viable political force- at the very least something that is recognized
Become a political figure
One too well known for her to simply "Disappear"
Using the resources at hand- fight for political representation, the end of Junker Nobility, etc. while at the same time gaining magical allies
Whip up public frenzy- against That girl or her allies in general
Level your charges against her either anonymously or personally
Hold on for the ensuing political shit storm

>> No.12717266


If you restructure your suggestion from "gain massive amounts of magical power" to "surround yourself/build an alliance of people capable of massive amounts of magical power", then yes, that's quite reasonable advice and something I can do.

Again, short of magical artifacts or like... selling my soul, there's no way to gain massive amounts of magic for someone like me in a short amount of time. As previously stated, only the outsider has been capable of such a feat, and she's locked up somewhere.


Well I was going to deliver the evidence straight to Spain. If I ever build a solid case that is.


I don't know the answer to all those questions, but they are things I can find out.

>> No.12717292

I'm sorry to say OP that I don't think you will succeed, for one simple reason
Most of the PCs are behind her
I doubt the GM will be willing to go and create all the necessary NPCs and take the time to play out your interactions with them when the rest of the group is off doing something else- they will instead just focus on the other group and tell you "Nope- doesn't exist/too difficult to get,"

>> No.12717294

>Drop the investigation
Or better yet, put it on hold until you can get someone you trust to do it for you.

>> No.12717324

Also- find mole
Feed false information

>> No.12717347

>I doubt the GM will be willing to go and create all the necessary NPCs and take the time to play out your interactions with them when the rest of the group is off doing something else

Why not? They did it for her.

>> No.12717383

Christ, it sounds like the only reason that she's keeping you alive is because she used to fancy you.

Well, if I were you, I'd call her on it. She goes on about how she's working to save Europe, well just give a standard 'The ends don't justify the means' speech, with the means being rape and murder. Then call tell her the only reason you've still pursuing her isn't to complete some delusional revenge fantasy (and by that I mean she's delusional for suggesting it) but but to bring a murder and rapist to justice, and if she calls you on not following due process by trying to murder her, just say 'Justice, not law'. All in all, call her out for being a psychopath who doesn't care about Europe, but just judges a man's value on how happy it makes her feel, and you could never leave Europe in the hands of someone like that.

I think there's a lot of justification for the whole psychopath thing, or at keeping people alive for her own amusement. She'll either kill you, torturer you to death, or have some awesome moment of repentance and become your waifu.

>intro disisto
Sounds like some sort of techno group, Captcha.

>> No.12717397


They did the same thing for her when she was in the same situation.

If I get even an inkling that they're not playing fair, I'm not going to continue this character and roll a new one.


It's pretty open-ended. If we want something, and can provide even a flimsy reason why and maybe how it should work, then we can get it.


Actually, the only problem is that while she's used the system and aristocracy to gain her power, she's all about civil rights and helping the people, actively seeking to get legislature passed that favors social reform, and in general, putting large amounts of money into the economy and helping people wherever she can.

The people love her, it's the higher ups that don't like her, either because they know she's not all she seems, because of her radical positions and actions, or just because she's a woman richer and potentially more powerful than them, or a combination of reasons.

While my superiors don't want me involved with her and have taken an uninvolved stance towards her, they'd love to see her out of the picture. Same as with Spain. They're only keeping her around because she makes people happy and supportive, and because she's given them a new heir to raise. Also because she's kept her fingers mostly out of their business.

>> No.12717445

Well I'm headed out for dinner now, I shouldn't be too long.

If the thread's still up, I'll answer any of the questions I haven't (sorry for the people I haven't yet).

And overall, again thanks everyone for the input/support. Making these threads has been a wonderful help!

>> No.12717453


I am not saying you should sell your soul I am saying you should sell your services. Your plan of getting revenge may be enough to cause WWI. By being clever you can that fact to make a bargain with fey such as " I will kill "that girl" to cause a great war to beat back the tide of civilization in exchange in exchange for magical power to kill her." This way you do what you do but now you have the fairies to help you. NO SOUL SELLING REQUIRED. This may not be a final step but at least you get decent Magic power from it.

>> No.12717484

Oh wow, really?
Then we should start brainstorming magic items and such like for you to procure

>> No.12717539

Let go of your old life, join Nemo.

And return like pic.

Oh and don't let the Gypsies attack her now.

>> No.12717648

An item of some sort which prevents you from being recognized would be of great benefit. A ring or something that disguises you as an everyman. This seems like something the gypsies would be all over as well.

>> No.12717696

I'm not sure if this has been suggested to you yet, but, this girl is heavily augmented in a pre-WWI setting, and these augments are fairly durable judging by the stuff she has pulled. For this to be true, they would need to be made out of something more likely than not ferromagnetic. Get some big magnets, put them under the floor of building you plan to meet her in, and depending on your access maybe a pair in the walls. Worst case scenario, she is paralyzed, by the magnets, best, she loses the augments, in the most violent bloody way possible.

>> No.12717747

Start a new fashion trend. Seriously plan for a world you aren't going to see and that she isn't either.

>> No.12717829

Perhaps something that lets him know when spying eyes are on him?

>> No.12717905

Oh, that'd be excellent. Just a little thing which lights up slightly when someone is following/watching you.

Or even just a thing which blinks when you're talking to an enemy. Find those spies!

>> No.12717976

Okay so, OPs wish list so far:
Item to hide, or to turn him into an everyman
Item to detect spies, or when being spied upon
Item to cause problems in technology
Perhaps next a means of safe communication- like a mirror that lets him talk to others

>> No.12717987

Item to detect falsehood

>> No.12718061

Magic magnet?

>> No.12718404

So, just in case the OP is done with dinner, there is at least one person still here.

>> No.12718440


>> No.12718525

I'm here

>> No.12718657

Hey, just driving to my place, posting to let everyone know I'm still here and not dead.

>> No.12718677

Add a fucking Machine Curse Ring or some shit man! This past session showed that she really like fucking with him in a visceral, personal way. Next time be ready. Lock-up all her bionics.

>> No.12718714

I still think you should have gone to America and related the true tale of that fateful night. Hell become big in the information industry and kick some ass. Try to convince the DM(s) that the US paper industry is also full of information brokers. Your investigation powers should help you out in the field, rise through the ranks and just amass information, become "The Shadowbroker." Sell information to the highest bidder and eventually you get start pushing out information/rumors about that girl, you will control information, you will control the world.

On a different note, what was dinner, OP?

>> No.12718850


Pan-seared foie gras.

>> No.12719006

The real solution is to convince Nemo & company to take The Other. While there, take The Other and give Nemo's buddies the slip. Convince The Other that if she gives you power equal to what she had, the two of you could team up and finish what she started.

>> No.12719158

OP, do you play in person, over IRC, VTT, something else?

Because, if it's in person, why is "that girl" even showing up to your solo games?

>> No.12720387

I'm back.

Sorry it's late, same deal as before.

>> No.12720478


>> No.12720494


We play in person.

She's showing up to interact with my game, naturally.

Which, in and of itself wouldn't seem fair, but that option was always afforded to us when she was solo-ing, we just never considered doing it.


I suppose freeing the outsider is a course of action I could take. It probably wouldn't be any harder than stealing "that girl's" baby.

The issue with that is, that while I could free her, and potentially gain massive (like, unmatched) magical power, and made perhaps the most powerful ally, I will have effectively made myself an enemy of the world.

My country, Europe, the gypsies, Nemo, everyone. There probably couldn't be a more dangerous option, but it would result in the greatest power in the short term.


I can still go to America. If I join up with Nemo, I can probably head wherever I want. China, Australia, Africa, America, etc...

Or I could just chart a normal trip there, but it might be hard starting from scratch.


Yes, that seems to be her thing. As I said, in my current situation, I'm in my room and afraid to turn out the light because it's entirely possible that she could come in the night and do whatever she wanted with me.

Kill me, or next time I see her, carrying my character's child.


>> No.12720526

>carrying my character's child
Isn't she preggo?

>> No.12720537


Something like that, would have to be very powerful.

However you're right, it would work, she'd be reduced to the crippled mess we left her in.

An interesting prospect...


All of those things are wholly viable, and because they're artifacts/items, not only could I use them without magic aptitude, but I could tech myself up and not have to worry.


That would be deviously wonderful...


Also something I can look into. Assuming "that girl" holds to her word and doesn't kill me, and I can regain my life simply in mediocrity, then I'll see if I can't build my rep with the gypsies more, perhaps they can start introducing me to more magically gifted people or entities.

>> No.12720594


What? No, the only baby she was carrying, she had a couple of months ago. Four months, I believe.


I actually have an idea of who the mole might be, and all I'd have to do is report it to my superiors, they'd have him ousted.

>> No.12720619

Well you got any specific needs OP?
I'd recommend getting perhaps a ghosthand

>> No.12720638

No no- he's much more valuable giving That Girl false information then him simply being ousted
If he's removed, That Girl will just replace him

>> No.12720807

So, I'm assuming a ghost hand would basically be a hand made out of magic right?
Probably invisible, he would have to concentrate really hard to use it, or only when he wasn't thinking about it consciously at all?

>> No.12720845


Well they said if I get some vestige of my comrades, I can talk to their ghosts.

That should be plenty helpful.

Unless that's not what you meant.

>> No.12720900

not the you you're referencing, but I think he's talking about Force-choke

>> No.12721026

Actually was referencing phantom limb syndrome
Only in this case, you would actually have a Real Phantom Limb

>> No.12721226

Disarmed Policeman, is it possible that "that girl" is reading these. Cause it would royally suck for her to find this.

>> No.12721414


I... actually never considered that.

I don't think she goes to 4chan though, it's not like it's a well known website or anything, right?

And even if she did know, it's not like she'd be posting in these threads, directing me how to play like she wanted to, or would use that information against me.

I think...

>> No.12721450

She would never use the information in these threads to metapredict what you planned to do though, right?

>> No.12721498

Mark you fucking idiot, you think you can outsmart me?

This is too funny.

>> No.12721519


I hope not, that would make the point of these threads rather pointless, she could just be posting what she wants me to do.

>> No.12721528

Uh, OP, your name isn't Mark, is it?

>> No.12721549


That's not funny.

>> No.12721567


What? No, it isn't.

Dude if she fucking was...

>> No.12721584

I know man
I know
So, what did you think of my phantom limb idea?

>> No.12721615


I think it's a pretty neat idea.

That may fall under telekinesis, and be too high bar, but maybe not. I'll find out.

>> No.12721799


you said mark just to throw op off your trail didn't you.

>> No.12722601

I just have two cents to add. If magic takes forever to learn, and you don't want to sell your soul for more power, what if...you turned to science for help? I know you've established that science clashes with magic in this setting, and that Nemo-tech REALLY messes it up, but it makes you wonder: They have enough of an understanding of magic to make stuff like anti-magic fields and shielding, right? One could infer that if given someone as broken as you as a test bed for new technology, a magic-amplifier or magic extraction device wouldn't be too far out of the question. Sure, you wouldn't be steampunk/magic Batman.....but you could be magitech Superman. (Or was it simply the presence of such advanced technology that makes magic not work, and not an intentional effect? Meh, whatever, my two cents.)

>> No.12723763

Inspire me with your collection

>> No.12724308

thinking OP

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