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My gf is going to get deployed this coming week, and I already miss her like fuck. She won't be in a dangerous area but I wish she didn't had to go so far away.

Help me cheer up /tg/? 40K art thread?

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Don't worry OP. All she will do is get plenty of soldier cock.

Soldiers a lot manlier than you.

Have a good night!

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Hate to say it OP, but military chicks always turn into sluts when deployed

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Hate to say it OP, but I'm with >>12697693 on this. You pretty much became a feminine bitch by letting your girlfriend join the military by herself. She's more manly than you are now, and odds are you'll be getting a reverse Dear John letter eventually.

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Personal experience: They turn into sluts before they're deployed.

Hell, before they're out of basic.

OP, your girlfriend is gonna FUCK A LOTTA DUDES

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Half of delta squad is probably banging the whore right now

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She'll probably wind up sucking 37 dicks

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Even /tg/ isn't free from the "WATCH YOUR GF AT ALL TIMES CAUSE ALL GIRLS ARE SLUTS" brigade :/

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Be sure to warn her about the immortal suicide bomber.

.gif related

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welcome to cuckoldville population: you

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why you guys do this?

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>I'm surprised when something that is universally relevant shows up everywhere.

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make it double for ca/tg/irls

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because where fucking evil
where like the Dark eldar except with man tits and multiple chins

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We aren't saying that at all. We're saying MILITARY chicks are sluts.
Not ALL women.

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It's not that all girls are slut, bro.

All MILITARY girls are sluts.

Besides, deployment for what? A year? Women, especially good looking women, do not go a year without sex. They just don't.

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so...we're exactly like the new dark eldar?

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Also, for the guys on deployment, any girls they have on the platoon automatically gets a +3 on their x out of 10 score.

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Except we down have toned abs we show off.

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Only reason a woman joins the army is because she's one of the one's who likes to fuck people with no inhibitions. Good job reducing an entire population to some bullshit stereotype. Inb4 "BUT ALL STEREOTYPES ARE BASED IN REALITY"

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Thanks guys. Thank you so much.

Now I am going to bang all the chicks I can. Because who cares for 3 years of relationship.

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That's the spirit!

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I'm just being pragmatic here. Unless OP's struck gold with a girl who wouldn't even dare consider even for a moment cheating on him because he's such a good catch...

OP, you've basically got a long-distance relationship going on here, except she'll be surrounded at all times by extremely fit, good looking, strong men.

I'm sorry man, but there is a very very good chance that she's going to have sex with some of them. She might even come out of deployment still wanting to be with you, but you've simply got to realize the reality of the situation here.

I know it's not a perfect example, but imagine if you were separated from her for a year, surrounded by extremely fit, good looking women, who kept pestering you for sex. Maybe you could do it, maybe you'd go "hell, it's not like she'll ever find out."

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Anytime OP, anytime.

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Post a picture of your girlfriend so that I may assess the threat level.

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Holy shit I want to fuck that stupid smile right off her face.

BRB fapping

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Ho wow. Look at that. It's like I never actually left /b/.

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Assholes, all of you.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
But you are all assholes.

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... that bum looks incredibly soft.

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We are surrounded by enemies.
We are attacked on all sides.
We survive by only two things:
And hope.
Hooah, OP.
And I reiterate:

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Holy baby jesus on a stick...

You know, OP could always be the one lucky guy where he's the exception of the rule.

I am all for realism, but let the guy keep his idealism and good faith. I mean, what the hell, why should he worry?
If she wanted to cheat she could have done it dozens of times already. It's not like she'll only be surrounded by bullheads when she's deployed.

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I agree sooooo much...

>> Zohan disprove
Oh yeah, captcha. Oh yeah.

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since it seems like a lot of military knowledgeable people in this thread: I was reading that China is working on getting aircraft carriers for their navy. my question is why? who are they going to attack? I can't imagine anyone attacking them so it can't be for self-defense. are they going to go fuck up India?

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/b/? Is that you? Cut the crap out.

>> secory Language
Actually, yes.

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Their primary targets would be Taiwan or Japan. Taiwan because of the One China Policy and Japan because of the island dispute.

China as it is now lacks real force projection. If they're going to invade anybody they need more carriers and transports. It's no good having one of the largest land armies in the world if you can't move it anywhere. Keep in mind though, if China does invade anybody it will result in the shit hitting the fan in a major way.

As it is now they have to hope that the US is either too weak (economically or militarily overstretched) or too spineless to respond. The first could go either way and the second is a given considering that the US Commander In Chief is Barack Obama. However, war is still unlikely since China holds large quantities of US debt and the US is one of China's main export recipients. As much as they could hope that the US would just roll over and take their shit they can't risk the alternative.

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Just because they have carriers doesn't mean they'll be crazy enough to use them. Right now it's probably a show of force to the US, saying that we aren't the only superpower in the world.

I mean, they're not North Korea or anything.

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Yeah, that will cheer OP up, 'Let's all talk about how China's going to start World War 3.'

I'm not going to either bother to tell you that my great uncle has cancer.

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>googles One China Policy

girls! you're both pretty! now go play quietly, Uncle has a hangover.

yeah, I couldn't be a diplomat.

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I'd say there's more to it than just a show of force to the US. The US has a ridiculous level of debt, its economy is shitting itself and unemployment is high.

This leaves it running the risk of a precipitous drop in power or stability. And if US stability cracks then you'll see a lot of people shitting their pants about the end of Pax Americana. Australia, for instance, has increased their naval power due to concerns about how sustainable being under US protection is. In response to Australia's actions China said that they would also increase their forces. Because although both Australia and China state that their military increases are purely defensive and aren't a threat to the other neither wants to be caught carrying the shitty end of the stick if things go sour. Expect similar situations like this to happen all over the world as long as US power remains in question. If US power actually takes a dive, then expect the scale of such actions to escalate quickly.

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You're asking for relationship advice on /tg.
Pic related.

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The difference is, unlike /v/, that's because a lot of /tg/ is from the army and is speaking from experience with army women.

Why is this anyway? Just the culture in the army?

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long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror

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The want aircraft carriers as leverage so the US can't go "lol Pacific Battlegroup is bigger than your whole navy, fuck you noob".

It's not to attack anyone, its for a political advantage. I suppose if they did have aircraft carriers, they could use it for global military projection like the British and Americans do. So they could deploy their forces to places like Afghanistan independently and in greater numbers.

What's with all you fags who say China's after WW3? China is utterly dependent on the US and vice-versa. I know the countries don't always see eye to eye, but they need each other around and at least have some sort of respect for each other even if they can't admit that to their own people.

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I don't know about you but almost everyone I talk to here in America are terrified of China. I don't know if it is some residual anti-communism or what.

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I think that saying that Obama won't respond to Chinese aggresion is a bit bullshit. Obama needs something to bring his approval ratings up - quick action against an aggression foreign power will do just that. He defeats a foreign power people are nervous about - BAM you better believe anything he wants is going to get passed.

But that's not the point. The aircraft carriers are a SYMBOL more than anything. They don't ever need to be used, they just need to be there so China can say "Yes we have this, and we could use it if we wanted". It'll give them some political leverage in discussions with other parties, and it makes them look good for mainland Chinese who desperately want to feel like their country is top dog. The attitude amongst most Chinese men seems to be "China is so awesome, why don't other people think China is awesome?"

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which is so fucking stupid words can't describe it...
America and China or mutually dependend on each other. If one falls, the other does, too. China almost shit its pants when the housing crash came... who will buy all that cheap crap they produce now?

China practically finances America now, too, btw. It invested so much money into America, it would be stupid to blow all that money up...

WW3 my ass. More like "international sitcom, the first".

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>implying the US could quickly defeat China

>> No.12698414

Ah, there's the problem. I'm not from America.

Over here we know how the whole superpower thing works. Don't worry, you guys will get used to it.

Thing is though, China has no brainpower (they keep moving to the US) and is utterly tied to the US, EU, and Russia through so many treaties and trade deals its unreal. Our finance is tied together beyond any question of isolation. We're living in a global world. Old school warfare between two advanced countries just isn't going to happen any more.

Also, just because China has carriers doesn't mean the USA hasn't stopped spending more money on their military than the next nineteen richest countries COMBINED. You Americans look like you get alright value too, probably because you use a lot of British companies.


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The scenario of "China invades some disputed islands" doesn't require an invasion of China, it requires the repulsion of an invasion force and defeat of a Chinese carrier group.

That's doable in one presidential term.

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Yeah, and there's no fucking way China's gonna do that. They're not North Korea, they like selling shit to us almost as much we like buying shit.

>> No.12698473

Really? Do you Americans honestly believe that China is going to invade you? My country, glorious as it is, got over YELLOW PERIL back in the 19th Century.

China has a lot of problems. It's power comes from it being the workshop of the world. It IS facing potentially severe stability problems at the moment - but it looks like the Chinese response to this is going to be reform.

Military action looks like an impossibility, at least against another modern power. Everybody is protected by so many god damn treaties and besides that, there's the financial incentive. China is heavily invested in America and on the flipside to that America is heavily invested in China. Beyond Taiwan, they don't really have too much to argue about. Maybe Korea, but even then it isn't out of the question for China to come around and support a re-unification (at the moment, the divided Koreas stop Korea from having a larger even bigger than the Chinese army).

Stop your alarmist bullshit /tg/. I'd expect this from /b/, /k/, or /v/, but not from you guys. Globalization and the sheer cost of modern warfare makes full-on invasion of foreign first world nations pretty far-off.

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I don't but a lot of Americans who watch FOX news do.

>> No.12698491

Now that we've dealt with that alarmist stuff can we get back to the important issues at hand like how OP's girl is a whore?

I'm sorry OP. We're all just kidding really. I'm sure she's a great and decent gal.

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There will never be another World War 2. At best you're going to get Cold War. Everyone is spies, all spies all the time. Here have more spies. Large scale warfare simply isn't profitable enough to engage in anymore. The only people you'll see doing it are 3rd world countries and who cares about them anyway?

>civil imbalance
What you get when you have large scale warfare on your hands.

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Did they air anything about the Anglo-French rapid task force? Traditionally, America seems to have been pretty anxious about Imperialist powers. Or are we all over that now, with all your pro-Colonialist Tea Party candidates and their American Exceptionalism bullshit?

FOX could've made a great deal about "derp the start of the combined European Army, herp".

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>>I'm sure she's a great and decent gal.
In fact, we KNOW she is.

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Russia was Germany's biggest trading partner pre-Barbarossa.

Wars are not begun for rational reasons. Saddam was convinced, post 9/11 that this was his way to be rehabilitated with the Americans, by making common cause with them against Al Quaeda. Attacking Iraq would just provide an ideal battleground for the Wahabbi jihadists and make Iran the strongest regional power.

But that's not the way it worked out.

Seriously. Find a war that was entered into for rational reasons in the 20th century that didn't involve getting invaded by some other bunch of bastards.

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So to sum up OP, your girlfriend will become a slut, World War 3 is just around the corner, everyone you know and love will be destroyed in radioactive fire and you will die alone and afraid.

But umm, buck up, could be worse.

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Yeah, but they like bashing Europe more.

So the spin is "HAHAHA they're so weak and ineffectual they have to have a joint army, sharia law, eurabia, demographic time bomb lolz"

>> No.12698545

The thing is though, those guys were all comparatively cheap to fight and they STILL cost several trillion dollars to fight.

Iraq was an opportunity to set up a stable democracy in the Middle East and create a killzone. All terrorists would flock there into one place, making them great targets (and better than Afghanistan, where there's plenty of places to hide). Plus there was some delicious oil, but that was probably just a bonus. It doesn't seem to have made much difference.

The big difference is Nazi Germany wasn't funded by Soviet money and vice-versa. Germany was getting a better deal forcing conquered nations to buy goods at prices on its terms as a way to fund itself.

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See now I want France to invade them just to shut em up

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>with all your pro-Colonialist Tea Party candidates and their American Exceptionalism bullshit?

So who are the Tea Party anyway?

>> No.12698594

They're what republicans claim to be, only for real.

>> No.12698604

Really? Shit. Well, at least now I know why even far Right US politicians seem okay with the EU. "Look, they think they're a little USA. That's cute." I guess the fact that the EU supports liberal democracy and free enterprise helps.

How about India? You guys have any "OH NOES!!!!" stories about India? They're set to overtake the US economy by 2040, and they're pretty much the biggest pool of software programmers on the planet. They're also more plural than China, more open, and possibly a little better at wanting to tackle their internal corruption problems.

>> No.12698609

Forgive my slow Australian mind, but what are republicans claiming to be?

>> No.12698615

Nah, even despite all that India seems more laughable to us. I think it's the accents that do it.

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Not an American, but as somebody who really doesn't agree with the democarts policies and would prefer to be able to vote republican if he had the chance, I've got to ask you:
Are there really people who think Sarah Palin should hold any kind of office other than court jester, or is she some kind of elaborate troll?
When did the republican party start to turn shitty? The basic ideas sound great but as long as I can remember ( Ronald Reagan era) republicans always manage to appear somewhere between incompetent and insane.

>> No.12698634

>Are there really people who think Sarah Palin should hold any kind of office other than court jester, or is she some kind of elaborate troll?
Arkansasfag here. It's the former by a LANDSLIDE. You have no idea how many retards here support the Tea Party and anyone associated with them.

>> No.12698638

In theory, the Republicans are pretty okay guys who want individual states to keep their identities and curb the power of the Federal Government. I'd compare them to the conservative elements of the EU Parliament.

In reality though, at least to an outsider, they seem pretty infiltrated by the Religious Right and big corporate interests. This seems to make them a bunch of Right wing assholes, even by US standards. The Tea Party seems a little like a grassroots return to the awesome roots of the Republicans.... except that the majority of Tea Party organisations regard Sarah Palin as their leader. What the fuck America.

>> No.12698653

I think Reagan is where it started to turn shitty (but I'm not American). That's when politicians stopped being buddies and started to really hate each other just because of the party line. Also, Reagan was very into the Religious Right. His general style of presidency set the tone for both the Bush presidents.

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The interesting thing with Tea Party folk is their strategy for getting the US out of debt.

Increase taxes or even let tax cuts expire? Nope.
Stop expensive military adventures? Nope.
Cut back specific government programs, even if it's unpopular? Nope, just "eliminate liberal waste"

Really, if you're going to tackle that level of debt you have to bring in harsh austerity measures like the Brits have done. All TPers can do is rearrange the deck chairs while the ship goes down.

>> No.12698662

> When did the republican party start to turn shitty? The basic ideas sound great but as long as I can remember ( Ronald Reagan era) republicans always manage to appear somewhere between incompetent and insane.

Eisenhower was the last good republican.

>> No.12698677

Stage 1: Reagan.
Stage 2: Fox News.

>> No.12698684

Agreed Reagan is the worst American president...

>> No.12698696

Someone doesn't know their Warren G. Harding.

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Control the media
Control the mind

>> No.12698701

>The Tea Party seems a little like a grassroots return to the awesome roots of the Republicans....
It's not, at all. Not even close to that past first blush. Believe it or not, less government is *not* desirable in a country with a history of serious problems stemming from corporations, and it's especially not desirable with our health care system so fucked in such a way that it's entirely possible for a lot of our young workforce to ruin their career permanently during the schooling stage JUST from getting seriously sick ONCE and being uninsured, even if they get it treated. They'd be in debt for years upon years. And then we have the school system, which does not work in any real capacity in a rural area and is so exorbitantly expensive to follow up on into higher education that, yet again, starting could put you in debt like you would not believe.

>> No.12698707

>implying Andrew Johnson wasn't worse
>hell, implying Dubya wasn't worse

>> No.12698719

That's the fault of people lacking the will to LIFT their BOOTSTRAPS. Also, negros. muslims. gays. 9/11. I am old and change is scary.

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Until Americans have a proper voting system giving minor parties a chance they'll continue to bounce between disappointing Democrats and rabid Republicans.

>> No.12698765

From an European perspective, throwing away ~50% of my income for the good of society isn't that great either. And we're still living way beyond our ability to finance without accumulating horrible levels of debt. Just copying the worst aspects of the European welfare state doesn't seem like a reasonable solution for the current American problems.

>> No.12698769

I know this is a parody but there are actually people who think like that.

It's really fucking dumb.

>> No.12698774

>Just copying the worst aspects of the European welfare state doesn't seem like a reasonable solution for the current American problems.
Good thing that's not even remotely what's happening.

>> No.12698777

And there's no chance in hell of that happening.

Heck, I'd settle for restrictions on campaign advertising. But noooo, apparently according to the Supreme Court corporations are people too. And have free speech just the same as us.

>> No.12698784

Aren't you going to finance your new healthcare system by moar debt?

>> No.12698790

>From an European perspective, throwing away ~50% of my income for the good of society isn't that great either.
I'd rather do that than have bullshit like the American working homeless or kids who cannot attend college or get treated because of the cost levels involved in things that should be *rights*.

>> No.12698795

Well, at least we now have huge amounts of money spent on ads for Republicans, some of it coming from international corporations, others just from US companies wanting to buy the election.

>> No.12698797

Well, we WERE going to finance it by taxing the extremely fucking rich fuckers, but now the GOP wants to veto that.

So I have no idea.

>> No.12698798

Unsurprisingly, this fact allowed the Republicans to outspend the Democrats in campaign spending by 7 to 1.


>> No.12698805


The Tea Party is built on the politics of fear and difference that has been the Republican strategy for decades now, but so strong it's all-but militarised. This trend will not change, because it is working. There will be no return to the constructive-conservatism roots of the Republicans unless US politics undergoes cataclysmic change.

I think it's incredibly interesting that the vast differences in political systems as they work in the US and in Australia comes down to three small things; noncompulsory voting, self-funding candidates, and no party solidarity in the Senate. The vast differences are all flow-on effects of three simple choices.

>> No.12698811

No, it's going to reduce the national deficit over 10 years, estimates are. We wanted to fuel economic recovery with debt, but that got sabotaged.

>> No.12698816

I disagree on the point of rights, but agree on the pragmatic level that, as it stands, the way it is done now is cost-ineffective.

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File: 19 KB, 460x276, Buckley_Mirthful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As usual, and I feel that this bears repeating, we should have listened to Buckley. Conservatism isn't in a good place right now.

>> No.12698838

Buckley would shit himself in despair if he were alive today.

>> No.12698841

You'll get a whole new section of society who'll just live off wellfare, never amount to anything but criminals and make public transportation unuseable.
And there will still be people who actually work but earn less than minimum social security, or just as much.

Totally free university level education should, in my opinion, be limited to actually useful subjects. Engineering, physics, mathematics etc - yes; Sociology, gender studies, sports - nope.

>> No.12698847

As long as the Tea party burns the bridges with the Neocons things will be slightly better.

>> No.12698849

He was in the process of shitting himself in despair when he was dying. And that asshole Videl had the cheek to dance on his grave, as though the fact that Willaim F. Fucking Buckley was terrified of his own party boded at all well.

>> No.12698860

I don't and I also don't really respect your opinion on it because I'm not, never was, and probably won't be middle class, and thus will never empathize with an opinion that permanently keeps most lower-class people trying to pull themselves up locked right where they are.

>> No.12698868

And you know, I know of a lot of current democrats/liberals here in America that may not have been democrats had the Republican party not been so busy guaranteeing its position as Asshole of the Century.

If the Republican party would stop going out of their way to become the anti-consensus Captains of Fillibuster, sworn to insure that nothing ever gets done, they might even have actually won this previous election, rather than simply getting a few extra seats in the house and a lot of their energy burnt off on nothing. After a while, the "we'll never compromise" shit gets old.

>> No.12698869

>only hard sciences are useful
GTFO, fag.

>> No.12698875

Spoilers: Welfare never actually worked that way. That was a Reagan campaign smear point, if you'd look it up, and welfare abuse had been cut down massively during Clinton's years in office.

The shitty people who won't work are going to be the shitty people who aren't working right now.

>> No.12698879

Its not that soft sciences aren't useful, its just that they're meaningless loads of bullshit.

>> No.12698880

Why should they concede to things the people they were elected by don't want?

>> No.12698888

To an autistic they are pointless.

>> No.12698890

What, sub-middle class? How did you even get onto the internet? Go glean some fields or something.

>> No.12698891

But that's not true.

Because many of them are things THEY THEMSELVES PROPOSED.

The economy being shit is to the Republicans' advantage, and they tried their best to keep it that way.

>> No.12698905

Thankfully, I make enough money a year to respect peoples opinions when I don't agree with them, and so [insert patronizing American Dream statement here], brave working man.

>> No.12698909


Not really. It just means the standard Republicans will have to try and whirl up fear and distrust in mainstream society instead of just appealing to the already self-rightous and fearful. You have to make people care enough to vote to get them to vote for you, and this is how the Republicans approach that. Contrast it to the Democrats' more vague appeals to things that they can't realistically do, the wave of popularity as people believe them, and the surging discontent as it turns out they can't actually do it.

Compulsory voting is something I think would do wonders for the US. It's almost impossible to put in place because the parties don't want to implement something that would force them to change their timeworn strategies and are damned good at concealing that under spurious appeals to legitimate rights. But if it happened, it'd force the mainstream of society to actually get off their collective arse, and from the very first election the absurd notion of 'I can't change anything' they all have would be dispelled. Yes, you won't change much, but if all two hundred million sensible people say that you just hand your political power to the whackos on both sides. Then, the parties would be forced to appeal to centrist policies and unifying politics, instead of what they're doing now.

I know not everyone likes compuslory voting, but it's the only realistic way to make actual Americans politically active, so their combined voice outweighs the screaming of the maniacs.

>> No.12698916

All right, they're not "bullshit," they're just much lowlier than real science is. They're on the "hobby" tier.

>> No.12698923

I grew up in Mississippi. I've met a lot of these so-called "welfare abusers."

You know how they afford that fancy car? They bought it when they still had a job. You know how they afford to live without going to a job every day? They scrape by every month paying for water and electricity, and are lucky if they can consistently pay for food. Or they sell drugs.

Most welfare abusers aren't. The majority are trying to claw their way out of rising debts, and facing employers who won't hire them because they've been out of work for more than a year. The actually offenders would be out selling drugs even if the government didn't give them money.

>> No.12698929

Soft sciences aren't useless, they just aren't economically viable enough to be supported by social spending.

Spoilers: Social security works that way here in Germany at the moment. The only thing we've managed to do worse within the last 50 years are our immigration policies.

>> No.12698930

But that's just plain wrong. Soft sciences can be very useful.

>> No.12698936

>Soft sciences aren't useless, they just aren't economically viable enough to be supported by social spending.
Society supports more than mere economic viability.

>> No.12698937

As can hobbies.

>> No.12698939

Really? The Advertising Industry seems to think that Psychology has made them shit-tons of money over the past forty years.

Its also made them the most hated people in America, but hey, that "soft science" stuff is working.

>> No.12698950


The US welfare system is just really bad. Not only does it fail to provide an actual safety net for keeping people with temporary problems out of destitution, but it also manages to be readily exploitable at the same time. It's the worst of both worlds, and needs to make a major shift to one side or the other. Either forget the cheats and focus on what a welfare system actually needs to do in providing a safety net, or lump the hard-working but unfortunate together with the exploitative, take all the money out, and actually spend it on something else.

The former is a better choice, because a well-built social support system actually keeps enough people from falling out of society to pay for the ones who are just exploiting it, but even the latter is preferable.

>> No.12698951

It does, and I think it shouldn't. At least not on a compulsory basis.

>> No.12698955

You can't honestly expect me to acknowledge Psychology as a science so long as Freud is still in its textbooks.

>> No.12698959

>but it also manages to be readily exploitable at the same time
Ever tried to exploit it?

>> No.12698966

I disagree. Economic viability is important, but scientific research isn't economically viable until it finds something useful that is viable.

If Ma Bell hadn't decided to support research that wasn't necessarily "economically viable" at the time, but had the potential to kick butt, we wouldn't be discussing this right now. Because we wouldn't have computers to discuss it with.

>> No.12698967

Hit it right on the nose. It's much, much harder to get employed right now than it was when most of you were hitting up their first McDs job at 16, and with employers looking for college degrees for things as basic as a normal service job, you're basically denying those people who were ALREADY denied a chance to go to a college any chance they have to scrape by at all.

>> No.12698970

Compulsory voting won't do shit, it is still a choice between corporate fascist and corporate fascist who claim to be progressive.

>> No.12698972

Hasn't pretty much all manufacturing been sent off shore? Why does the US need engineers and scientists when they can just hire increasingly talented Chinese to do it for them at a quarter the cost? Business and entertainment is the only thing the US is still competitive in.

>> No.12698974

Freud is not presented as SERIOUS SCIENCE.

psychology helps a ton of people enormously.

>> No.12698975

I'd second that, but I'd also point at that the legitimacy of the science should be irrelevant, given how enormous the industries attached to these "sciences" are.
Do you know how much money those asshats make every year? More than fucking accountants, I'll say that right now, money's changing hands, as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing.

>> No.12698986

>didn't pay attention to wall street reform
>thinks it's the same as what the repubs want

>> No.12698987


Why not? The history of a subject is just as important as the modern study of it. Freud is no more 'in the science' as Newton's theories are the forefront of physics.

I've never met a person who used the phrase 'soft sciences' and meant it who was anything but a near-worshiper of the scientific method. It is extremely useful as a tool, but as an ideology it is a disaster.

Well, that's not true, but the others didn't actually know what the term meant so I won't count them.

>> No.12698993

Yes I can.

Have you read those textbooks? Freud's a joke. He's in there for the same reason you read up on Hippocrates in medical textbooks--sure, he was so wrong its funny, but we're giving you some background history, so you can remember that we were all dumb once.

Freud's been out of the system for thirty years, man. These days, he's only there to remind psychologists how easy it is to become a massive troll. Stop pretending he's a valid source of complaint against psychology.

>> No.12698995

It helps that, as of now, the Americans still have the leading edge over the Chinese in engineering and science schooling, and they all speak the language.
Production has very little to do with R&D, which is still all going down in the States, though some of it is moving over to India. China... China makes shit. Doesn't mean they have to think it up.

>> No.12698999
File: 169 KB, 750x723, 1287694811210.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blowjobs help a lot of people to get off depression too, but they aren't scientific. Generally, I kind of think things should only be considered scientific if they, erm, use the scientific method.

>> No.12699006

The apathy of the working general public is preferable to only retirees and religious nuts.

>> No.12699008


It will force the political groups to make concessions to the people in general, instead of merely pandering to easy-to-please interest groups. A government that has to pretend to be for the people does more for them than one that doesn't.

Strict controls over campaign funding under a regime of limited public funding for campaigns would be much more effective, but that is a pipe dream.

>> No.12699010
File: 90 KB, 905x703, necrons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you honestly believe she isn't going to form attachments to other people when she's there? Hell, in active duty relationships with other people form fast. And with possible life-threatening situations, she might fall in love with a man who will make you look like a little girl, one that might even save her life at some point. And if that man sets his eyes on your gf? You've just got no chance in hell left. What's some guy she shares a few things with to a guy who saved her life and will easily be able to keep her safe (or perhaps more importantly horny) any day of the week? We're talking an Everything-You're-Not man here.

So like I said... no chance.

>> No.12699011

>Have you read those textbooks? Freud's a joke.

um. I said all that because my psychology teacher described herself as a Freudian and said he was a visionary etc. etc. in an unironic fashion.

>> No.12699023

Then by all means, prove psychology isn't reliant on the scientific method.

Then go take a look at what psychology and neurosurgery are working on these days, shit yourself, and get some brand-fucking-new robolegs, motherfucker. In ten years time, those'll be standard issue for every troll-on-the-go.

>> No.12699035

The point being, 'Ma Bell wasn't forced to pay for it. She decided on her own.

If you want to have society pay for your education, steps should be taken to assure that you're going to become as productive a member of society as you can. That's a lot more probable if you're an engineer as opposed to an anthropologist.

>> No.12699038


There is nothing you can do to stop shitty people from using academia to their own advantage. One lecturer with weird ideas is no more proof of a study's failure than one murderer proves a race inhuman. Besides, learning how to distil the useful stuff from the nonsense and appeal to their silliness until you get out of the class is one of the most useful skills you'll have for later life.

>> No.12699046

Then your psychology teacher needs to be shot out of a cannon. Into the sun. And I know an entire industry chock-full of volunteers who'll help him aim the cannon.

The only reason he can get away with that crap is because psychology is an unpopular enough field that its hard to throw the idiots out.

>> No.12699051

No, people would show up on voting day and just punch D or R and be done with it. Abstaining from voting and the political system is perfectly valid action and taking away that right makes me uncomfortable.
Instant run off would be far better.

>> No.12699057
File: 295 KB, 1600x1028, ChinaShipping2-772536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's like saying we have to thank economists for those huge container ships.

>> No.12699078

Last time I checked, you didn't need a degree in economics to weld bolts.

Last time I checked, you do need a degree in psychology to know what the heck happens if your experimental nerve reactor accidentally hits a neuron with a neuropinephrine sledgehammer.

Welcome to the far edge of the psychological field--where we can't actually tell the difference between ourselves and our brothers in neurosurgery.

>> No.12699095

Why can't it be considered a furthering of the education to make a well rounded citizen?

>> No.12699103

No, you'd need a degree in biology to do that.

Although I guess you have already mastered the arrogance to be a proper academic.

Tell me, how do you construct the necessary materials for the artificial connections with those robotic legs that simply fell from the sky?

>> No.12699107


Then there's the ones like economics and engineering. The successful ones tend to be actually earning silly amounts of money. Law is the interesting difference, because even though it's one of the could-make-five-times-more fields, it has some quite good academics because it's such a soul-destroying career many of the hardest workers quit well before retirement.

Education funding in general is easily the best investment a government can make, and increasingly so as the western powers are now effectively all information economies. If you have to spend fifty thousand dollars that may not come back to train a poet, you'll make it back on the dozens of people who do profitable work. Besides, it's near impossible to quantify how much a career is actually worth, as opposed to what income it produces, and even if you could you'd then have to somehow make the same intervention for lazy students or ones who won't use their qualifications.

>> No.12699114

Saying "psychology isn't scientific" is not very helpful because psychology is huge. It contains very scientific things like neuropsychology, and it contains some real nonsense like the DSM-IV or "flow" or terror management theory.

Frankly it isn't surprising vast areas of it is pretty bad as far as science goes - it's very young, and all sciences look damn foolish while newborn, it takes monstrous amounts of research and thinking to establish a solid enough base to work up from - psychology is more at the "get very many ideas, do whatever seems to fit for the given idea, and hope it works" stage than "observe and deduce with our given concepts".

>> No.12699124

Well rounded citizen would need to be defined, assessed and equated to a monetary value. Then we might discuss trying to get everybody to be a well rounded citizen. Until then, it's like proposing surgery to make everybody beautiful.

>> No.12699147

Engineers are useless pieces of shit and barely qualify as human, we shouldn't encourage their production.

>> No.12699149


You're ignoring the parts that are useful, but irreducibly non-scientific. The scientific method is a very useful tool, but nothing more than -a- tool, of many. You don't throw out your toolbox when you buy the world's best drill and bit set.

>> No.12699182

I find that nonsense. The scientific method is the best approximation of truth. Anything other than it is blind. And if it "works" then that is what we factually know, it doesn't make it ascientific, it makes it badly understood.

>> No.12699184

By working with people in other fields as well. Derp.

You don't know much about psychology, do you?

Here's a series of nice, friendly hints:
1. Biologists are great and all, but most neurosurgeons don't have a degree in it, and most biologists don't study the way nerves interact with each other.
2. Psychologists--particularly neuropsychologists (here's a hint, they work with neurons a lot)--study chemical interactions in the brain. Look up the majority of studies being shown in any APA conference going on right now; you'll see a few stupid things, a few straightforward things, and a lot of shit on chemical interaction effects.
3. Still think you know shit about psychology? Go to an APA conference. Take a neurologist with you. Ask him to tell you what aspects of this are bullshit--particularly, of the chemical interaction effects.

>> No.12699187

Freud ISN'T in the textbooks any more. He's a footnote if anything. Modern psychology has long sinced evolved out of its Freudian beginnings.

Social sciences can have enormous benefits: we can figure out how to get education working properly for one thing. It also helps support other sciences: theories used in English Literature are being applied to Artificial Intelligence research.

I'd also like to say that a strong ideological base is necessary for your country to maintain itself. So Philosophy has a use in giving you the vocabulary to kick ass in international politics. But its cool, because these subjects cost a fucking lot less money than high energy physics.

Physics requires the LHC for cutting edge research. All of the 'soft' subjects require a library and maybe some computers.

>> No.12699197

To be fair, the DSM-IV is designed to be a communication tool, nothing more.

Its not its fault if people assume its definitions are statements of psychological fact.

>> No.12699209

Please stop conflating neurologists with neurosurgeons.

They're different specialties. I won't have a problem working with brain disease when my education is over, but I will absolutely not know how to cut in a brain unless it's quite the emergency. And a neurosurgeon is less likely to get into research than I.

>> No.12699211

The Chinese only have shitty engineers and low skill workers.

The Americans need AWESOME engineers who know advanced algebra and study insane mathematics. American engineers (actually, mostly British contracted to them) build cool rockets, new jet fighters, and highly advanced next gen robotics.

>> No.12699218

>Last time I checked, you didn't need a degree in economics to weld bolts.

Last time I checked, you didn't need a degree in neuropsychology to ram an electrode into somebody's brain.

>> No.12699222

Yes, I'd agree with that, but the original intents really have vanished as far as I have seen. The DSM-IV in practice is more important than it in intent.

Anecdotal evidence may not account for much but eh.

>> No.12699230
File: 26 KB, 375x352, Dornberger, Walter & Wernher von Braun (Xmas 1944) WM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>. American engineers (actually, mostly British contracted to them)

>> No.12699254

You need artists to round out society. Engineers are shit at dealing with people. Also, we do need some of those people studying international relations, literature, and philosophy. I don't disagree that the government should encourage the sciences and mathematics more, but I disagree that the humanities have no place. You need a strong awareness of the world to succeed, so you'll always need those historians and geographers. You need a strong ideological base to keep your society confident and healthy, so you need some philosophers. Advances in science will always need SOME support from those 'soft' subjects for people to adept to them. Artificial Intelligence and cybernetics will require people to lessen the shock it'll have on society's natural conservative tendencies.

There's also the "creative" economy, which is currently being explored by several western nations. In Wales, for example, the plan is to invest in the Creative sector as Welsh manufacturing declines. They want to create jobs through film and other media. Part of that relies on 'soft' subjects.

>> No.12699270
File: 271 KB, 423x467, 1288442643323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

British built the stealth bomber, a significant amount of US hardware, including an appreciable amount of US satellites.

We also invented the computer in the 40s, way before your universities "officially" invented it.

u jelly

>> No.12699277

Last I checked, you don't need a degree in physics to hit a switch on the LHC.

This is fun, let's do more.

>> No.12699286

Last I checked, you didn't need to be a mathematician to prove the incompleteness theorem of omega-complete formal systems.

>> No.12699289

Last time I checked, you didn't need a degree in linguistics to speak.

>> No.12699290


This. Show me a society of nothing but hard-analytical engineers, and I'll show you a few scattered groupings clinging to the burning husk of a world, albeit one that went out in spectacular fashion.

>> No.12699306

Has there ever been one?

>> No.12699335

Of course not, people are too varied and interdependent for something that absurd to happen.

Only mono-job cultures which could conceivably exist would be hunter-gatherers and farmers.

>> No.12699343

Give me an example of one worthwhile thing that the humanities have given to our society. One thing.

You cant, can you? Because there isnt one.

Literature has never cured a disease. History has never built a bridge. Philosophy has never put a satellite in orbit. The humanities are utterly worthless, and we shouldn't waste valuable time and money on something that will never give us anything meaningful in return.

>> No.12699364

Whoa there buddy, don't bad mouth history, those that don't learn from the past's mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

>> No.12699383


Understanding of historical experiments in democracy and philosophical considerations on the basic rights of humanity and how an ideal society would work guided the creation of modern democracies, a far more effective method of governance then anarchy, despotism or even monarchy.

Modern socialites have proven capable of far more efficient commercial enterprise and order-keeping, with far less disruption and disunity, then previous methods of governance.

>> No.12699387

Literature has given us... Literature. From which many have taken great pleasure, enjoyment and worth, and a greater understanding of our common man.

History is the depository from which we can take facts about how human societies work.

Philosophy gave birth to every other science there is and has continued to do so for two and a half thousand years. It also contains logic and ethics.

Lastly, you must justify that this very mechanical view of society is correct, which is only possible with philosophical arguments about the good society and correct life, turning it all inside out.

Stop being a myopic, ignorant douchebag.

>> No.12699389

When has anybody ever learned anything from history?

>> No.12699407

Lots of times. Political debate can often consist to large parts of it.

Problem is that short-term profit is far more delectable, and that there is so much historical facts around it is very hard to tell if you prioritise some because of bias, or because they actually were the most decisive in a certain development.

>> No.12699415


We learn constantly from history, that's why societies are vastly different from what they were centuries earlier.

I know you're trolling but daymn.

>> No.12699419

I can only see people trying to draw parallels to historic developments, just to repeat another mistake already done before.

>> No.12699440


41,937 BCE.

Grorg Smith attempts to recreate the humorous story his grandfather is always telling about how he drilled all the way though a log with a stick. He fails when the experiment instead catches his crude lean-to on fire.

>> No.12699466

Do you think war would be waged like it did if we had ignored history?

Of course not.

Do you think that the Middle East would be a clusterfuck of a powderkeg waiting to blow up if it were not for what has happened there and peoples consciousness of it?

Of course not.

Do you think that we would have a tribunal on crimes against humanity and - though incredibly far-between and often motivated by other things entirely - humanistic intervention if we had not learned from history?

Of course not.

That humans are very shitty at learning from history does not make it less important to learn from history. It shows that we haven't tried hard enough to learn from it.

>> No.12699494

itc butthurt civilians or marines

>> No.12699770

I realise that I'm a little late to the party and that the thread's direction has shifted, but damn OP your GF is gonna have one ruined vagina.

>> No.12699779

btw, just in case you forgot, your girlfriend is fucking someone riiiiight now

>> No.12699989
File: 289 KB, 810x1157, 1286329510645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You see OP this is what happens when you come to 4chan and tell us of your personal life.
But about the GF don't worry there are actualy 3 scenarios:
1)She doesn't sleep around.
2)She does 1/more guy.
3)She does 1/more girls.
The odds aren't that bad.

>> No.12700076
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hey man don't listen to these asshats. Just call her on a regular basis. The only reason girls sleep around in the army so much is because everyone is given hormones n shit. Nothing a little phone sex wont fix/help.

as for 40k... letsee what i got

>> No.12700100
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aww fuck it. sisters dump

>> No.12700108
File: 63 KB, 619x597, For food.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12700117
File: 191 KB, 477x606, naruto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12700122
File: 150 KB, 1024x1024, banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12700127
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>> No.12700132
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>> No.12700163

Eldar SoB?

>> No.12700195


Well yes, didn't you know the Eldar and Sisters get along great? They even have cultural exchance programs!

>> No.12700207
File: 393 KB, 2094x2622, sister_of_battle_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it wrong to think that was Lobo in her neckicon there?

>> No.12700209
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You saw nothing Guardsman.

>> No.12700453
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since it seems like a lot of military knowledgeable people in this thread: I was reading that the US is working on getting new aircraft carriers for their navy. my question is why? who are they going to attack? I can't imagine anyone attacking them so it can't be for self-defense. are they going to go fuck up India?

>> No.12700485

China, Russia, France, maybe the Germans or after all those years the British once again. Just a matter of time before Sarah Palin is going to invade Mexico. Possibly Cuba as well.

>> No.12700492

Sisters can burn in hell with OP's cheating girl friend.

>> No.12700506


Militaries will try to update all their stuff if they can just to be ready, they don't actually need a specific goal for it.

>> No.12700515
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>implying there's any option but to put out when you're surrounded by horny, lonely men who could easily put a bullet in your back on the field and make it look like an accident

>> No.12700607

Yeah, and the girls going to the military actually know that. No one forces them to go...

>> No.12700625

to the kitchen, amirite?

>> No.12700887

don't worry about it OP. your GF will most likely die before she is able to suck 37 dicks in a row. either friendly fire or a roadside bomb.

>> No.12701547

rolled 7457 = 7457

Good luck OP.

>> No.12701820

Not OP here, but
Jesus fuck /tg/ what the hell?
I expected better then this from you
A fellow anon came to you in an moment of personal crisis and you just absolutely shitted all over him
What the fuck /tg/ what the fuck?
All I have to say is, don't worry about things like your GF cheating on you OP
Just be there for her, however you can- over the phone, emails, letters, etc., to remind her that there are people waiting for her at home

>> No.12701827


Shit gets lonely; soldier dudes turn into pussyhounds too.

>> No.12701845

Fuck you

>> No.12701855

This was a bad thread, and /tg/ should feel bad about it

>> No.12701859


>implying she won't be getting fucked while having phone sex

>> No.12701866


>> No.12701874

ronrey threads go in

>> No.12701880

Army girls are pretty hot
I'd fuck one if they didn't have a fucking dyke haircut

>> No.12701919


We told him the truth, he didn't ask us to lie to him and there's no reason for us to. Being confronted with the truth will make him work hard to avoid that fate and accept it if he can't avoid it. Far better to be expecting cheating when it happens.

>> No.12701923

I'm sorry that this thread turned out so shitty
At least it didn't turn into a minus four strength thread, though

>> No.12701927


from what I can tell this is a fairly typical 4chan scenario when "deployment" is mentioned...

OP the standard ruling in the US Army is that the females are just as lonely as the males and act accordingly. The rumor among other foreign forces I've worked with (mostly European) is the same, so I'm not sure which branch of service or even which country you're referring to (and im not reading 200 posts), but from my assumption I'd leave you with this:

although many of the girls in warzones are more "free spirited" than stateside, NOT all of them are.

all you can do (if you care about here) is have faith in her. the more you believe in her ability to be loyal, the more motivated she will be to BE loyal.

I have to ask though... how do you feel about being with a woman who is willing to be a soldier while you stay in the comfort of your home looking at 40k threads?

>> No.12701940

He never asked "Hey guis, is my GF going to cheat on me?" He said "40K art thread 'cause I'm feeling sad,"
Sure, the best way to help OP cheer up is to tell him is girlfriend is a slut!
Fucking idiots

>> No.12701970
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>this entire thread

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