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Hello elegan/tg/entlmen and ca/tg/irls,

I've decided to put together a SM army, and am looking for a Chapter that isn't too big on the Christfagging/religious zealotry.

Soul Drinkers would have been a good choice but they're kind of wiped out.

How are Storm Wardens? What are other chapters that put religion on the backburner to defending the Imperium?

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brotip: Emps isn't a god to the spess mehreens; he was just the greatest of all men.

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Uh pretty much all the marines recognize the EMPRA as a man and not a god so what the fuck are you talking about christfaggotry?

except like the black templars

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Salamanders are supposedly one of the chapters that cares for the people, not so sure about their views on religion though.

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Uh.. I don't think there is any.

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Wait, if SM aren't Christfags then why are they always going on about Heresy in Dawn of War?

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It's not as simple as saying "the emperor is a man" though. They're explicitly described as 'warrior monks', and they still kneel down in prayer to the Golden Throne before battle, he is effectively deified by their veneration. A rose by any other name, and all that.

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During his reign, the Emperor outlawed religion. The Space Marines sort of have temples and sort of pray and sort of have a sort of religion, but not really.

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That's the nice thing about SMs. They left an asston of chapters unexplored so people could make their own. Most of them turn into a Mary Sue Marines, but I've seen a few good writeups. There even used to be rules to design your own 'variant' chapter with different troop selections, etc, but the FUCKING FAGGOTS IN GW ARGH SO ANGRY took those away for the latest edition. So deep down, no matter what chapter you're playing, you're playing Ultramarines. At least you can do a nice palette swap. Enjoy that.

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The Emperor may as well be divine, and to reject his "obvious" superiority is considered heresy to SM

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How can I cheese my list? Devastators and Sternguard look promising.

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I think OP is looking for the most chillaxed chapter, since defending the Imperium is their religion.

The Space Wolves have drinks and parties, and their views on the Emperor are a bit different from other chapters. They are very nonreligious, by Imperial standards and even by Marine standards.

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fucking flesh tearers.
they are going to die, and they know it. And they want to slaughter everyone they can before it.

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I think OP is looking for the most chillaxed chapter, since defending the Imperium is their religion.

The Space Wolves have drinks and parties, and their views on the Emperor are a bit different from other chapters. They are very nonreligious, by Imperial standards and even by Marine standards. They are, however, very superstitious.

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Space Wolves aren't really nonreligious. They're Space Vikings, and leaven their Empeor-worship with a lot of their planet's pagan mysticism to go alongside it. They don't follow the Ministorum, but they have their own spiritual practises (as is the case with most Chapters - chaplains are not glorified therapists, they are warrior-priests)

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Allright, looking at Storm Wardens they seem like a chapter of crazy Celtic badasses, sound about right?

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According to them, Rune priests are psykers or anything, they just invoke the POWER OF THE RUUUNES!! or so I've heard.
They'd be pretty big assholes otherwise, what with hating any hint of witchery.

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Don't think you can have a unzealous space marine. Part of their job is to abandon all sense and reason, then run chainsword-first into enemies like the forces of chaos. If they were doing that without absolute faith in the emprah (as the greatest MAN ever), in a world where the things you believe can PHYSICALLY affect the world around you, they'd be really easy to corrupt. Heck, they still get corrupted all the time despite their fanaticism.

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To be fair, its 40k, EVERYONE hates the witches. Even the Eldar, and especially the Thousand Sons.

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Raptors, dawg, those fuckers don't play around

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Fucking Storm Wardens, how do they work?

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Doom. Eagles.

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Strong HQ with a ridiculous special rule.
Also, they're true bros.

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You can always be a pre-Heresy traitor legion...
They all have a lot of personality

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Also aren't they niggers?

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Not any more than Michael Jackson was white.

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Yes. They're like doubleniggers.

But I don't have a problem with this. DO YOU!?

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They spend their free time with the common people instead of dicking around on some moon station. They defend the people when others would let them die (Armageddon is the best example of this). Basically they don't act like elitist assholes.

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Dude play Soul Drinkers. They're awesome. That purple and gold army looks really good on the tabletop. At the same time if your looking for a renegade army that's not heretics but still "loyal" to the emperor, there is also the Knights Of Blood chapter. It's in the blood angels codex.

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Play Pre-Wardian Mentor Legion.

They're a chapter that, like the Imperial Fists, is based out of the Sol System. Their home base is a secret but it's pretty obviously either Damos, Phobos, Eris or Luna.

The Mentors are responsible for field testing the most recent technological advances of the Adeptus Mechanicus, hot off the forges. Yes the majority of technology in the Imperium is stagnant and viewed with superstition but not so much on Mars itself.

The Mentor Legion's "Elite Cadre" are basically the Technological answer to the psychic Grey Knights. The Elite Cadre gets graviton guns, advanced plasma weaponry, conversion beamers and bizarre impossible technology as standard issue.

They are badass and you would be badass for playing them.

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Aren't the SOul Drinkers wiped out?

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