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I need advice, /tg/:

I'm working on a transport heavy Dark Eldar list (new codex). I'm debating whether I want to take a Cronos or a Talos. The list has enough anti-tank and anti-infantry as is, so making sure I have enough of either isn't a huge issue.

Cronos Build: Cronos /w both upgrades (110pts)
Talos Build: Talos /w TL-Liquifier and TL-Heywire Blaster. (110pts)

The Cronos is better at killing infantry whereas the Talos is better at locking down a transport/vehicle and then smashing it.

The problem is that I have no clue whether the Cronos can give pain tokens to units inside transports. If it can, then I'll probably take it over the Talos. On the other hand, if it can't then the Talos probably wins out (since extra anti-tank is always nice). Due to the 'Nid codex rulings on the Doom of Malan'tai, I'm assuming you probably can't give the tokens to the models in the transport.

Any thoughts, /tg/?

>>Kevles finnobi
Captcha is a finnish jedi?

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Talos bump.

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There is a model for the Talos.

But it's shit.

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Are you talking about a new model for the Talos or the old one? If the former, POST PICS, if the latter, well yeah durr it's a shitty old model.

Depends what you want OP. Tbh I think the Talos will be of more use for a variety of reasons - good anti-infantry, tank and marine buster. Swiss army knife with some cool conversion possibilities. Imo you need pain counters up the wazoo anyway to start with, so just get 3 Haemonculi and attach to high priority targets. There you go, FNP for 3 units before you've even had your first turn. Btw kind anon , could you tell how many models in a wrack squad?

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How much are the Talos upgrades?

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See pic.

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Why would you want to take Talos or Cronos in a Mechanized list? Can you tell what is the tactical basis of that? Cronos might work if you have lots of stuff like hellions you absolutely need to pump up fast but in mech list you can use Haemonculi instead.

I would just take a jetfighter.

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