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is this possible Fluff wise?
And if yes, are there any mods or stories for that
Also what are your opiions on this.

TLDR: Chaos Tau general

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Chaos can corrupt anything. There's records of Chaos Orks and even Chaos Tyranids.

The Tau have very small Warp presences, so Chaos just doesn't bother with them when there's so many delicious humans to eat. But if that's all that's available, or if Tzeentch has a particular plan in mind, then the Tau will see the power of Chaos, willing or not.

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Interesting idea, I'd think it would be great in the fluff if it's workable.

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Possible, just very unlikely.

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Ive heard they were immune to chaos, but im not sure.

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there was a WD article detailing how different races would be corrupted when the Daemonhunters book first came out

because they have very little warp (psychic) prescience, the tau need to be directly influenced by chaos, be it through a tainted artifact, a materialized daemon, or some follower of chaos corrupting them

I find it would be best to play up their naive nature. "our glorious leader should inspect this artifact personally!" or "I will go meet with them to convince them of the greater good!"

If an ethereal gets possessed, he can do just about anything he wants with the tau under his command.

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Not the same setting, but Chaos cannot affect Vampires. Cited from the Liber Necris since even though vampires are undead goops of Mary Sue, they are completely self-contained emotion and psychic power vessels immune from entropy. Suck on that, Chaos.

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I'd say it's possible, but very few chaos commanders could be arsed to recrute them. They make for pitiful sacrifices, are no use in chaos's notmal tactics (i.e. scream and charge into melee) and would take way too much coercing before they'd get on their side. Best just to shoot them.

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*Vampire Counts from Warhammer Fantasy, btw. Not just random old vampires from some other setting.

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The hero in Firewarrior was tainted, chosen, corrupted or possessed by a demon.

Hence why he was able to defeat Space Marines all alone.

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I remember some Tzeentchian kroot in some fluff, but no chaos tau themselves.

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Khorne + Fire Warrior = WIN

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Oh, sweet, I always liked the idea of a Vampire just roaming the Northern Wastes killing Chaos war bands and stuff. Good to know.
On topic, it is hard because there is so little for Chaos entities to actually corrupt. If humans are Swiss Army Knives when used for evil, Tau would be like nail files.

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any more picutres of possesed Kroot and Tau and whatnot?

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Which is why the WRITTEN ending (not the marketing ending) for Storm of Chaos was "Fuck you Archaeon, Vlad von Carstein up in this bitch". Honestly thought that was awesome, chaos what the fuck MOTHERFUCKIN DRACULA.

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So do they treat khorne as a war god like the traitor guard do?

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what are traitor guards

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Imperial Guard regiments who've turned traitor. Specifically to Chaos.

Pretty much this.

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It's chaos, baby. Anything and everything is possible.

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Considering the Tau are more or less slightly brain washed by the ethereals I don't really see this happening. Also the Tau don't reall yproject a shadow in the warp so its almost impossible for the powers of chaos to affect them. If they turned Chaos it would only be in a very limited religious like practice that they could never really follow up on.

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Traitor guardsmen.

The Bloodpact treat Khorne like the eldar treat Khaine. I mean, they still go "blood for the blood god", but they're more about military prowess and discipline more than maddened hounds of slaughter.

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Frankly, I imagine most gods don't see a point in bothering, especially when some of them are running worlds with humans on. Eventually Tau will have to learn how fucking dangerous that is and that the Imperium's crazy inquisition actually serves a purpose.

It's not hard to imagine humans under the Tau's care forming cults and becoming dangerous. As others have pointed out, it's harder for demons to influence Tau directly and there are plenty of humans who are easier to sway and possess.

So mostly it's a case of why bother when you can fuck them up using their humans, or influence them through schemes or harm them through humans.

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So we get humans swayed by chaos using Tau tech?

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>its almost impossible for the powers of chaos to affect them

you misunderstand how 40k works

think of chaos in this way; You can be influenced in two ways: Remotely, and directly.

Now, imagine every sentient being in the galaxy as a radio. Some are more receptive than others. Tau are those busted junkers that barely get a signal

however, stick a casette/cd/mp3 in there, and it works just fine

pretty much nothing is impossible in 40k, and Tau aren't knowledgeable enough about the horrors of the galaxy to fully safeguard themselves against threats. The fact that an unassuming slab of rock (or weapon, or tomb, or whatever) could potentially harbor a daemon (let alone actually comprehending what a daemon actually is) is beyond them.

I mean, they aren't the ideal race to posses, but they do have souls, and a physical body. That's all Chaos needs

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Chaplain in this mothafucka

>mainfri appears

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>pretty much nothing is impossible in 40k

Yeah... no.

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No, he's right. Go check out some of the more esoteric lore not connected to the established factions. When you start venturing out into the halo stars you find some weird shit, and not all of it is warp related.

As for the warp itself, it's unreality. It tends to function in certain ways but, ultimately, there's little rhyme or reason to it. Warp exposure can be replicated and wildly different results can be obtained. A psychic shockwave might drive men mad, given them a headache or make their heads explode. The flicker of a gellar field might end with a few crewman getting possessed or the navigator bursting apart as the Lady of the Voids is born from his flesh.

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As for Chaos cults on Tau planets, I suspect Chaos cults thriving on Tau planets, especially since Chaos cults forming has nothing to do with the living conditions.

People often think it's the oppressed masses doing Chaos things, but it isn't them. It's the nobility, the rich people... the bored people...

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And the best part?

Tau won't do shit against Chaos cults until it is proven the Chaos cults broke the law.

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Here's what I imagine:

Some powerful being, just for the lulz of it / because Tzeentch told him to, decides to influence the Tau. One way or another, a Tau task force's Ethereals (or if there are none, the high-ranking Caste representatives) are convinced that the Greater Good requires of them to... do something that advances the agenda of whatever power influenced them in the first place.

Convincing the Tau to fight alongside an army of humans (mostly) that says it's fighting to bring the light of hope and change, equality of races and enlightened rule by liberal republic, to the Galaxy... that might not be so hard, you know?

> Pic: an example of the kind of ideology the Tau might find convincing

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Did someone say, STORIES?

The young Fire Warrior was truly alone. Their unit had dropped into the world to try and fight back the Tyranid hive, but they were unlike any Tyranid they had encountered before. These were... green, slower, tougher. It had taken longer then expected, but they had pushed the hive back.
His team had been sent on a simple clean-up mission, to check the forest for any remaining hostiles... but something had happened. Their Shas'Ui had fallen ill, something terrible had gripped him and he had liquidated from the outside-in.
The Fire Warrior shuddered, how terrible a sight it had been, but then it’d affected their Devilfish crew, then the rest of his team mates… and now it had infected him. He could feel it, eating at his flesh, his bones. He had stripped away his armour as it had grown too hot and uncomfortable to wear.

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Yes. I imagine it would give an inquisitor an instant-heart attack if he knew how much Chaos cults are festering in Tau-held human worlds.

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Now the Fire Warrior stumbled blindly, drunkenly through the dark forest. His vision hazy with a terrible fever and his body wrecked with pain, suffering and despair. Where was his backup? Why had no one come to answer their calls? Why was he suffering like this?
The pain… it was unbearable, driving him to madness. He could… hear things, whispering from the woods, from the earth, from the corners of his mind. Whispers, guttural yet, joyful whispers, speaking of pain, misery and the rotting of all things.
Suddenly, his vision cleared along with the trees and there it was, a buzzing, infected monolithic rock, standing out of the dark earth, all around it green and terrifying but somehow, his body was pulled towards it. The feeling of hot sickness resonated with his open, oozing sores and peeling skin.
Something about the sign etched into the rock, three circles, like pox mark on skin. They glowed with some… horrible, unknown, insane and yet welcoming light. He knew not why he knelt before the alter and cried, “HELP ME!”
From the rock, something came, a voice surrounded by the thousand gibbering voices of mad creatures of which the Fire Warrior couldn’t name. “Child, you are of a strange race, but you adapt so well to my gifts.”

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“Help… me…” The Fire Warrior fell forward as the skin across his chest peeled away, revealing his rotting muscles and infected bones underneath. Yet somehow he still lived enough to hear the answer from the voice.
“Your ‘Greater Good’ is a lie, young one,” It laughed, “Did you really think it could last? It collapses even now in your mind in the face of my love.”
“Love?” The Tau barely whispered, his voice box felt like it was folding in on itself. He wished for salvation, for help, he wanted to no longer feel this pain, this suffering. He had been abandoned by his comrades and his Ethereals. He was alone and dying and nothing but the sickness was comforting to him.
“All you have to do is accept my love, my child,” The voice came stronger, louder, he could almost hear the buzzing of flies, “Be my herald to the Tau. Spread my love, my gifts and you will feel pain no more.”
The young Tau felt something as those words were spoke to him. A new strength was returning to his rotting body, spreading like an infection, every part of him felt heavier but… tougher, better. He could feel the love of this new being spreading to him. Slowly, he picked himself up from the ground, his body shaking and his breath rattling in his open lungs.

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“Yes, yes my child. The minds of your people have been closed to us for so long… you will open them to my delights.” The voice laughed harshly, the very air around the rock seemed to be acid, the ground now swarming with worms and maggots.
“Who, who are you, father?” The Tau finally asked as he saw his once sky-blue skin turning a horrible, virus-like green.
“Spread my name, young one!” The voice roared in joy and laughter, “Go forth and give others my gifts! Bring an end to your foolish Greater Good, for your new father, for chaos, for Nurgle!”

I did have more dealing with the other gods but I can't seem to find them right now.

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>Fight Nurgle forces
>think they're Tyranids

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> liquidated
I think you mean liquefied.

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It's a pretty old piece of work to be honest, probably a few silly mistakes in there.

I'll try and remember the Tzeentch and Slaanesh ones, the Khorne one wasn't that good.

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Of course, demonettes have good fluff

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The Ethereal looked out over the once great Imperial city. Now reduced to ruin and waste by their constant artillery barrage. They had surrendered soon after that, after all, once no building was left standing, where could their poorly armoured men hide?
He stood now on a the great spire of the coalition centre they'd build to replace their city hall. From just across the way he could see the builders of the Earth-caste tearing down a mighty Imperial temple, and the Ethereal grinned.
A wind suddenly whipped around him, and his robes flew about him, revealing a strange blue sheen to them and patterned under them were many eyes and claws.
'Good,' A voice seemed to hiss on the wind, 'Your unscrupulous planning has rewarded you with this city.'
'Thanks to your help, master,' The Tau nodded his head, 'For giving me the will to push for my battleplan.'
'Move against the commander,' The voice hissed, 'You should be rewarded for this victory, not him.'
The Tau nodded again, 'Of course, Lord Tzeentch.'

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Bah, pretty shitty, could have done better with that one.

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I prefer mine shaved.

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Yup, loli demonettes are cute

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Do you mean possessed Sisters of Battle?

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"The Commander seems to be making remarkable progress," The Ethereal said simply, his hands holding onto the report sent to him from the Commander in question, "He says they have pushed back more of the Human presence in the sector."
"Good, that is good," The Elder Ethereal replied sagely, nodding as he did, "However," He shifted in his seat, his eyes locked onto the younger Tau, "We have heard some disturbing reports."
"Disturbing, my lord?" The younger Tau asked softly.
"Yes, reports of, how do I say, excessive behaviour from the Commander and his men," He brought a hand up his mouth, "They say he lets his men do the strangest things, like listen to loud music, have extended periods of leave and, ahem, partake in the local culture."
"Partake, my lord?" The Ethereal asked with a slightly crooked head, "As in... eating their food?"
"And drinking their wines," the Elder replied with a nod, "As I said, he is becoming too reckless. I wish for you to travel to his location and remind him of discipline."
The Ethereal bowed, "As you wish, my lord."
"Oh," The Elder added, just as the younger Tau turned to leave, "One more thing..." He held up a tablet, on which a picture of the proud, smiling commander could be see, "Does he look... pink, to you?"

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Alright, alright, hold ya horses.

The things I do for /tg/...

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The Tau could hear them coming, the Orks, shouting in their brutish language, laughing as they chopped his friends apart with their dirty, great swords.
And he felt so helpless. His men, those who had followed him from the first day of this insane campaign were dying and there was nothing he could do about it.
He was weapon-less, well, almost. The great body of an Ork lay beside him, dead, but with a chipped and heavy looking sword in it's cold hand. To save himself, the Tau had been forced to shoot the Ork barrel-to-stomach, using up all of his ammo.
"Curse them," He growled, his hate for the enemy still roaring inside him. He just wanted to murder them, every one, how could they just kill his battle brothers? Those he'd sworn to fight to the end with?
Suddenly, deep within him, he could feel a sort of... heat. Like a fire being lighted in his heart and mind. The thought of those Orks, cutting up his men, laughing, taunting his pride, his battle prowess... he had to make them pay. He had to kill them all. For his brothers, for himself and for the fire that was giving him strength.
He grabbed the almost broken sword, tearing it from the dead Ork's hand. He found that it was... light, or perhaps, he was just stronger than he thought.

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The Tau tore his helmet off, it was getting stuffy in there and he wanted to look his enemies in the eyes as he spilled their blood.
A name came to his mind, drifting like a great warcry from some distant memory.
As he marched out of the crater he'd been crouching in, he paused, raising the sword above his head and screaming at the Orks before him, "FIGHT ME COWARDS!" He could feel something exploding inside of him. Hate, rage, fury beyond anything he'd known before, strength lifting him and filling him more than any sermon on the greater good. "FIGHT ME AND I WILL SPILL YOUR BLOOD ON THE GROUND! FOR..." He paused, the Greater Good suddenly didn't seem so important, no, something better, something mightier came to his lips, "FOR THE BLOOD GOD. FOR KHORNE!"

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>partake in the local culture
>eating their food
>drinking their wines
>Pink Tau

feels like Slaanesh to me

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Alright you guys I got about 30 mins before I got to work, want me to dabble out anything else?

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The commander is a human you bumbling idiot.

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The Commander is a Tau.

It's Slaaneshi Tau. The Commander is letting his men become more and more reckless, letting them indulge themselves more and more.

Also pink skin for corruption durp.

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>The Emperor's Tarot has revealed that the Tau commander will one day so some great evil and that time is soon. He must be killed before he does so, though all manner of nastiness will no doubt occur as the battle unfolds.
>The Tau have attacked and destroyed a site of holy protection and this has weakened the barriers of real space allowing Daemons to manifest.
>A possessed captive or dangerous psyker has escaped the Daemonhunter's custody and has taken refuge with the Tau. The Daemonhunters must find them and kill them.
>The Tau have been gathering the pieces of an ancient artefact to unlock its secrets. Unknown to them, it is an astral key that opens the hell-dimension of a powerful daemonic entity. The Daemonhunters must destroy them before they obtain the last pieces.
>A Shrine world is under attack and the reliquaries there contain many sacred artefacts for the combating of daemonic entities. The Tau must not be allowed to capture these precious artefacts.

>> No.12689541


Yeah, because an Ethereal under the influence of Tzeentch, the Lord of CHANGE would rather have a far more interesting story with a pink commie bastard commander under his rank rather than a human to institute actual change. Herp Derp. Know your fluff writefag.

>> No.12689572

... what?

Dude these are just dabbles, not part of some epic storyline. Chill out.

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Witch Hunters would fight Eldar because:
>The entire Eldar race are deviant witches.

Daemonhunters would fight Eldar because:
>The Avatar is pretty much a Daemon when you think about it...

Daemonhunters would fight Necrons because:
>The Star-gods are so powerful they must surely be daemonic...

Daemonhunters would fight Dark Eldar because:
>A particular Dark Eldar Archon is so bloodthirsty that he must be a Khorne worshipper. He must be destroyed.

>> No.12689634

A thread about chaos tau and zero mention of the Farsight Enclave.

Correct this.

>> No.12689672


Daemonhunters would fight Tyranids because:
>A corrupted Hive Tyrant has been infected with Nurgle's Rot and is spreading plague ahead of its swarms. The Daemonhunters must find it and kill it to give the Imperial forces a chance of resisting.

>> No.12689676

Aren't there kroot tribes that are confirmed Tzeentchians?

>> No.12689684


I'd have to agree with him though. Even a human commander working under the Tau slaughtering fundamentalist humans under the greater good would be totally badass and Tzeentch like.

In an ironic twist of fate, the human commander and his men rebels and the local population (both tau and human) support him in his revolution to become the first and only human planetary governor in the Tau Empire.

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Witch Hunters would fight Eldar because:
>The entire Eldar race are deviant witches.

Well, they ARE right.


Goddammit Tau, stop fucking it up for everyone else.

>> No.12689706

Don't forget the Warp-beasts and Mandrakes.

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Farsight is khornate?

>> No.12689723


Witch Hunters would fight Dark Eldar because:
>A captive of the Dark Eldar has been identified by the Order Famulous as a distant blood descendant of the great saint, Sebastian Thor. Accompanied by a Thorian Inquisitor, the Adepta Sororitas will risk all to rescue the prisoner.

>> No.12689743

Commoragh is fucked. A blood relation to Sebastian Thor? Have fun with 500,000 battle sisters and infinetly many frater militia at your door.

Okay, they have to *find* Commoragh first, but when they do...

>> No.12689751


That is a fucking awesome campain idea. Sisters, with the aid of the Imperial Navy, launch a smash-and-grab on Commagorah itself.

Maybe add another faction if need be, like eldar but that's awesome as is.

>> No.12689777


hell, that would probably open up a whole can of crusading whup-ass, with enough Space Marines to effectively count as legions in addition to all of the Inquisition forces.

I know my unique and special snowflake chapter does not give a single fuck about the Ecclesiarchy, but would fuckbust their way in over that.

>> No.12689783


That might prove difficult, as the 5th edition rulebook's numbers give Sisters "three major orders with several thousand warriors each".

Commoragh on the other hand is big.

>> No.12689797

Commander Farsight often spent time alone in his command centre. His Enclave had become so strong, so indipentant from the rest of the Tau. Yes their numbers were small, and what few rebels they could recruit into their ranks were often killed in raids and strikes, sometimes by their own people, but they stood strong.
His face darkened. They would stay strong, he could never let his men go back to the Empire. Never again would he let the Ethereals lie to him.
In his hand, the Dawn Blade glittered softly. In what little light the one lamp on his personal desk provided, the blade reflected with a green sheen.
It sparkled suddenly, and in his mind, he heard a soft, mocking laughter. 'Oh poor little Tau, so young, so easily lead. How long do you think you can hold out here when enemies close in all around you?'
'Quiet, demon,' Farsight muttered to himself, 'Silence your silver tongue before-'
'Before what?' It hissed again, 'You kill me? You know that I am immortal.'
'I will find out a way to defeat you,' His voice rose in the darkness, 'I swear!'

>> No.12689805

'On this blade? Ha,' Farsight's eyes turned to the Dawn Blade as the voice grew louder, and there, in the green glitter of the blade, he saw him. The face of the Golden Demon who mocked him at every turn, his red eyes blaring into his soul, 'I have lived before the children of the warp began their petty plays. I have lived before the Eldar danced amongst the webway. I will be here, long after your race has been ground to dust, Farsight.'
Farsight growled at the blade, 'The Tau will find our independence! We will defeat you!'
The creature in the blade looked mock-hurt, 'You use such a harsh tongue,' He grinned slowly, 'As the creator of your race, you should be nicer to me.'
Farsight growled before finally throwing the blade across the room, hating it and yet, knowing soon he'd be holding it again. He was a slave to it's power, it's ability to speak both truth and lies and the demon who knew so much but revealed so little inside it.
In his mind he heard the Deceiver laugh, and he clenched his fists. One day, demon, one day...

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Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.
Imperial Navy.
Assorted Space Marine chapters (Black Templars and Ultramarines + Successors at the very least).
Perhaps Titan Legions & Skitarii.
Various Inquisitors and their retinues/personal armies.
Probably some IG.

The only thing is: is this an Imperial Armour campaign? Because then the Imperium is doomed to fail.

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I HATE that 5th ed peice of fluff. It makes no sence. There are 4 types of Sisters minium, discounting those like the Eternal Gate. How are there 3 Orders? Especially when there were 6 Major Militant ones last edition. That and the numbers are crazy stupid. There is not enough to have a squad at every shrine world, let alone every major cathederal.

>> No.12689817

Whne you think about it, Kroot seem to be tailor made to be servants of Tzeentch, what with all the changin gthrough eating their victims. Also they would be likely to be swayed by Khorne because of their clost combat capabilities.

Chaos Kroot up in this motherfucker, make it so.

>> No.12689818

Ah, I see what you mean now.

Alright, I'll do a little work on a Tzeentchan Tau manipulating human forces.
It sounds like it'd be fun :D

>> No.12689824

I choose to ignore the new fluff and go with sisters defend all major eclesiarchical sites, pilgrim routes and shrine worlds. And they go around crusading. I hold the number of sisters upward of 5 million. It should be, since they should be a more common sight then marines. Rare, yes, but not that rare.

>> No.12689828

OP here

never had a thread survive so long.
But also, i'm only used to b.

thanks wyldboy, digg the stories

Last question would be:
Is an Army of tainted Tau supported by any Rulebook?
Can I actually play this?

>> No.12689833

Also, you have to first get into the Webway...which only Eldar can do. Then you have to navigate it...which, again, only Eldar can do. So it'd be a great campaign for explaining how all the Sisters of Battle up and vanished from the galaxy.

>> No.12689834

>Commoragh on the other hand is big.
It won't be after Imperial Navy has its way with it.

>> No.12689840

Another idea noted.
I'll have to make a writfag request thread one day.

>> No.12689873

Chaos needs shit-troops too. Imagine...a whole race of cannon fodder. Sure, daemons wouldn't consider them very taste, but surely they'd be useful.

>> No.12689875


The Imperial Navy would have to be able to divert a force large enough from other warzones to take on Kabalite fleets, which they no doubt have difficulty mustering as they haven't been able to do that against even the Tau. Then comes getting into and navigating the webway...

>> No.12689882

Just get some Radical Inquisitors to hire some Freebootas to spearhead the assault.

>> No.12689883


Maybe a SOB and Eldar campaign?

It would be wierd as hell for them to work together but this is a quest nearly as big as 'Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the emperor'. It's one of the few circumstances I could see them working together.

That and I'd love to see Seraphim and Howling Banshees working together. Melee and range and wonderous acrobatics.

>> No.12689886

>Imagine...a whole race of cannon fodder.

It exists already, it is called humans.

Ever heard of the Lost and the Damned?

>> No.12689891


Yeah, that's just bullshit. 6 different "chapters" of Battle Sisters, plus the other non-combat orders.

There's got to be an IG regiment's worth of Battle Sisters, plus uncounted numbers in the non-combat roles.

>> No.12689905


Sisters hate Eldar for being witches.

Ordo Xenos would have to be there to mediate between the two.

>> No.12689931


Yeah, as I said, it would be wierd. Still, more odd things have happened and Sisters and Eldar would work very well together I think. Dispite, fluffwise hating each other, they compliment each other rather well in a battlefield.

>> No.12689932

As well as minor orders with membership for each numbering in the hundreds.

They never say how many De-centralized orders there are, and there is the whole part about them investing troops in every fight, most likely indicating one or more per planet with significant population.

>> No.12689955

Yeah, unless Vect wants to troll his people again the Imperium won't get in.

>> No.12689967

The sisters have ships. The inquisition has ships. The Deathwatch has ships. The navy can easily provide some escorts... I think it wouldn't be a problem.

>> No.12689975

So Sisters have no problem with Dark Eldar who are have no psykers whatsoever.
DE life of suffering of others but Church of the Emperor isn't above wanton murder either. And forced repenting isn't very far from torture.

>> No.12689990


The Sisters don't have anything bigger than an escort. They have the Jedi Starfighters of 40k. Not much use in a big battle besides as excellent boarders/bombers.

>> No.12689993

All Eldar have psychic abilities. Witches must burn.

>> No.12690007

there was an inquisitor who got into the webway, Killman or something, maybe he could get some of his buddy eldar to navigate for the fleet.

>> No.12690026


Yup. Ecclesiarchy and three orders of Adepta Sororitas tried to enter Fenrisian space in force, after three weeks of warring the Space Wolves forced them to retreat.

>> No.12690033


There are a few Inquisitors who have even been into the Black Library. Generally Mallus though.

I here they Exorcised the Greater Daemon Goto from there.

>> No.12690037

They might do it just to clear their reputation with the Imperium. After all, the DE is why Eldar are considered pirates and ravenous maniacs by the Imps.

>> No.12690046

Dark Eldar have quite capable cruisers on their part, well capable of taking on their Imperial counterparts.

>> No.12690049


I don't recall there being 3 Orders of Sisters there. I don't think it ever actually mentioned the Sisters, just the Eccesiarcy.

And I imagine the Sisters could have given them a much better run on the ground, where they actually have a proper force.

>> No.12690055


A Lunar class for comparison.

>> No.12690058

Dunno about DE psykers. Humans might actually be stronger.

>> No.12690060

Want to know how those Inquisitors got there? The Harlequins brought them, and then took them out.
You can't open and navigate the Webway unless you already have the keys and maps (or are buddies with someone that does), and the Eldar are the only ones with either of those.

>> No.12690071


A joke compared to the Inquisitional Black Ship but that things a monster.

Nice boat.

>> No.12690076


>> No.12690100

I hope that DE get some new ships in next set of BFG rules. Kabalite Command Ship would be great.

>> No.12690101

If you think Sisters are going to distinguish between different types of Eldar, you're dead wrong.

>> No.12690103



Damn, if the Sisters had made it to planetfall the might have actually have taken Fenris. But that would require a shakeup in fluff.

The Sisters really need a navy or a LOT more Imperial Navy Support to do that.

>> No.12690107

Remember when the Salamanders went to Commoragh ? shit was so cash...

Salamanders up in this, motherfuckers !

>> No.12690114

>Corupted xenos
There's Harasy in this thread

>> No.12690116


Black Ships are just rare, somewhat better armed cruisers with good armor, which is made mockery of by DE Phantom Lances. They're much slower than Tortures, and don't have that much more firepower.

>> No.12690125


Umm, they can do that rather well. They have some of the best scholour in the imperium. They have people that could walk up to a farseer and tell her what every rune on her outfit means, in perfect Eldar.

Don't underestimate the Dialogus.

>> No.12690127

Dark Eldar are no more real psykers, they can just drink souls and pain.

>> No.12690139


Went pretty much like this.

>> No.12690151

Perfect Eldar ? sound lkike a westerner speak perfect Japanese... this completely freaks them...

As in "no geishin (balbalian) can mastel oul fine language"...

But their Language is not that hard, just retarded...

>> No.12690182


Ok, I exagerate a little. I doubt they could tell what every rune means but they could understand a good portion and explain what all her wargear is as well as how the avatar came to be.

>> No.12690200

You know, the best part of that piece of fluff, is that it's a win for all factions. Salamanders had an epic honourable fight, and killed many foul xenos.

Dark Eldar had a great time, fighting Space Marines and each other.

I don't get when people are butthurt about that.

>> No.12690213

Because THE VECT !!!

>> No.12690231

Because Space Marines lost. And they weren't Ultramarines (who would have deserved to die and if Matt Ward would have written it, would probably have one in some way to) But Salamanders, everyone's favourite chapter!

>> No.12690233


because even when space marines lose, they somehow always win

fucking gay

>> No.12690237

Hey, wannabe chinese.

>> No.12690247

humans are more likely to have something freaky enter their head

>> No.12690275

I'm just going to leave this here guys:

I'm creating sum Gue'la Grey Knights, bitches of the Greater Good. Can /tg/ help with background info? My understanding is that Grey Knights are simply elite Marines, their leetness due to prowess not so much their ultra fanaticism. After all there are plenty of devoted/faithful/fanatic chapters but all can recognize the Tau as their spiritual liege, and so shall my Grey Knights.

tldr: hao to make Tau Grey Knight? The decision has been made, i'm just looking for some semi-believable fluff

>> No.12690291


Go away. We are having a nice thread.

>> No.12690293


they can fight against my Inquisitor Ethereals

>> No.12690321

I want a space-wolf hero that put down the morons that started the fight, because they gave the Chapter a Bad Rep and wasted perfectly good wenches.

>> No.12690357


I wouldn't mind both sides going 'Yeah, we fucked up'

Space wolf guy that chews out a lot of wolves for being too hasty to fire.

Cannoness that gets the priest reassigned to Catachan for being a retard and acting without tact.

>> No.12690382

Dark Angels should be the vampires

that would make the Angels/Wolves rivalry WAY cooler

>> No.12690396

But isn't that implied?

>> No.12690405


if the FALLEN are VAMPIRES and that's the BIG SECRET

damn that would be fucking cool

they they could be the Alucard Marines

>> No.12690437

They can ride to battle on my looted Carnifex.

>> No.12690478


So Vect=Doom and Space Marines=Sub-mariner?

>> No.12690503

I support this idea. Would make me want to play Dark Angels more.

>> No.12690525


Secret Vampire Vampire Hunters with Plasma Cannons and SECRETS

>> No.12691081

And Commoragh goons are the Crime Circus.

>> No.12691792

Yes, okay. I will accept this completely. That is super fucking cool.

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