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Sup /tg. I've been dying to get out of the fantasy realm for awhile and get my mitts on a set of good gun rules. What's the best ruleset for satisfying, crunchy gun-fights? Is it...

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aces and eights.

the crunchiest western system ever.

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Dark Heresy?

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Smooth, functional, plausible, tatical gunfights.

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Or something else? I'm looking for a deep and interesting system with lots of options or at least room for flexibility, like implementing the ol' quadruple-barrel here.

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Sounds like you'd love GURPS.

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Phooenix Command

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Mind you, I'd still like to have a life, my humanity, and the ability to finish said gunfights in a somewhat timely manner, mind you...

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GURPS is no slower than Shadowrun or DnD round-by-round.

Most of the complications are in making a character. Once that's done, it's a surprisingly simple system to actually play.

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You can strip GURPS down to a really easy and fast crunch.
Or just use Wushu, if you want to KISS.

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Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

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That's a retarded pistol

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While the asking's good, I've always wondered if there was any system out there that handled vehicles admirably. It's always seemed like one of the clunkiest and least intuitive parts of whatever system I'm reading through at any given time.

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None. Vehicle rules are the only thing more horrible than grapple rules.

Savage World's are the easiest to learn I've seen, but are utterly, absurdly unrealistic. OTOH, GURPS 3rd edition has the most realistic rules I've seen, but they'd make a maths professor cry (current edition rules are simpler, but less realistic).

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Where might I find the current core GURPS rules? RS doesn't seem to have them.

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The two core books are GURPS characters and GURPS campaigns. They're on /rs/

There's also GURPS Lite, which is a cut down 25 page version of the rules for playing quick games and for testing out the system with. Most people seem to think new players should start with that.

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Phooenix Command

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perfect for a retard like you then!
voice your asshole opinion, get an asshole response from someone else! :D

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