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Newfag here. Since Chaos Rising has almost no demons but has nids, i figured i'd draw a new pet for cultist chan, whaddaya think?

P.S. Let's trade some cultist chan pics shall we? I might draw some moar if ya guys like. I might draw some moar anyways.

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Not bad excepting the nightmare fuel.

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heresy for shit drawing and non-emperor

>> No.12686885

heretic, I....

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inb4 that Nid eat Cultist Chan and mutate into some sort of Cultist Nid.

And nice work OP. Though no nose.

>> No.12686894

Wouldn't be the first time

>> No.12686897

she seems to have no nose in all the pictures, i was just working off model. So ya guys think ripper should eat her?

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Not bad Newfag.

If I could be so bold as to make a request, I would like a Chaos Marine, Black Legion or Night Lords, with little red riding hood standing next to him. And the Marine saying "The Better to Kill them with."

Also He needs a Bolter and Chainsword.

Thanks either way.

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I'd vote not.

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you mean little red riding (cultist)chan, right?

>> No.12686918

Well shit.
Right. Whatever you want. I just wonder what she would look like in a nid form.

>> No.12686921

But of course!

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What would Cultist Chan look like in the Imperium then? Not just her in the hat, but full fledged loyal?

Hell, CC could be like a self replicating lifeform.

You could create a whole army out of CC variants.

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..... I'd rather not.

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I could have sworn we already had a ripper-chan... thing.

In fact, I'm almost positive. I distinctly recall seeing a picture of it smoking a pipe, and possibly wearing one of those sherlock holmes hats that I do not know the real name of.

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"Hwhee Kaptoored eet for der Emperor!"
Now depend on if she join the Guard or the SoB.

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Guard, so she can salute while wearing a helmet that is amusingly too large for her.

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You can have one Cultist chan from me.

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>Chaos Rising has almost no demons
>Great Unclean One

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Animated lolituma cultist version

>> No.12687047

got sidetracked and perhaps i need some sleep cultist chan is not very canon. She needs color but i am too lazy anyways.

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Man my line quality sucks so much compared to that. I could actually animate something like that unlike the mess that i made :S

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>chainsword vibrator
That could end soooo badly.

At least Khorne would be pleased... :3

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Cool, maybe you'll finish it sometime?

>> No.12687115

If i still like it tomorrow when i wake up. Of course if i get to fight more WB orks i will probably be drawing a lot of dead greenskins instead.

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Got to love Jo's work.

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Well hopefully I'll be able to see if you still like it, or rework it after you wake up.

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for the love of god man, don't stay on model if you don't want to. let's see her in your own style

>> No.12687255

Jo's work is shit. What you posted there is the tops.

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