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40K Question, Are you allowed to field units on what ever sized bases you want? So you can have an HQ on a really big base (60mm) and model fallen enemies and high scenery onto it? Are there rules for how big basing can be? It does affect base-to-base things and will make it harder to get a surround if all of you units are on say 30mm bases instead of 25mm right?

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You have to base them the size of the one provided. If your HQ came with a 40mm base, then you can use any 40mm base, as long as the size remains correct. It is extraordinarily annoying.

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yes, use the base its provided with or WYSIWYG people will shit all over you and no one will wanna play with you. if you wanna do set pieces, objective markers and dioramas then go nuts on the base. other than that you fucked

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Up until last edition no it didn't matter. Measuring to and from the larger base was both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Now you must base models on the base they come with for... some reason.

Who knows what you're required to do for the units that have no miniature.

Just go ahead and base your models in a way that looks cool but be prepared for an aspie neckbeard to give you shit about it. Aspie neckbeards giving you shit over things that don't matter is kind of the curse of this hobby that we all have to live with.

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actually, a larger base will make it easier to surround.

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Smaller bases are better in melee OP. Bigger bases can be attacked by more models at once (not good).

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because you used to be fucked over if your entire model was behind cover but his base was outside of it in any way or form. this lead to huge arguements over being able to shoot the entire squad because you could see a model from it despite not seeing the rest. Now it's you can only shoot and wound what you can see.

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But true line of sight to the miniature itself makes the base size irrelivant. I don't understand why this justifies forcing modellers to use a preset base size.

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Make the scene on the big base but put the main model on the appropriate base, and model the basin between the in an integrated way. That way you can have your cool diorama thing for fun looking at and casual games, but can pull the important bit off for when you're doing a more serious game.

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So basically, they are telling me that I have to model my bases to play. Also conversely they are stifling my ability to model my bases. That's like saying you have to use the 3 paint scheme rule but you can only use blue, gold and white -.-

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Make a small regulation base that fits inside the display base.

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: O Wah, good idea! Thanks.

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Yeah well, GW is a shitty, shitty company run by fools who just happen to own an awesome intellectual property that they don't know how to manage.

Sucks brah.

You should just play GorkaMorka and forget this bullshit.

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Just model it so stuff projects over the end of the base.

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Gorkamorka FTW.

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