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On the character sheet, what numbers go in to those odd little squares in the Strength and Toughness boxes?

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rolled 77 = 77

Care to scan and highlight? I don't know what you mean.

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Your effect toughness and strength bonus due to the Unnatural strength and toughness traits.

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The first digit goes in the one, the second goes in the other. The circles are for the SB and TB.

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*effective bonus

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>the gameplay

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Your strength bonus after unnatural strength/toughness.

For your typical Marine this will be 10 for Strength Bonus (40s Strength w/ Unnatural strength x2 for 8, with Power Armor giving +20 strength after Unnatural Toughness, for a total SB of 10) and 8 for Toughness (40s toughness w/ unnatural toughness x2)

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Well one more question. Forgive me, I'm a newb!

How do I fill this part out? I just list the armors he's got where?

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