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I was hanging out today at the game store and watched a very nice game between a Chaos Space Marines player and a Tyranids player. They even had terrain and everything.

I noticed the Tyranid player (who was a pretty good looking hispanic chick) had two nice plastic tyranid spires, that didn't looked made at home. So I got curious about these (I am a diorama nut) but me and my friend had to go before the game was over so I couldn't ask her, besides she was kinda "surrounded" by other guys watching.

So I drive my pal home and before he leaves I mention the spires. And he just looks at me and says "man, these are dildos".

I am getting trolled?

Also, terrain and other scenic awesomeness

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There is a good chance they are. Before the safe for work rules were enforced, there were a couple threads with images showing dragon/tyranid/monster themed dildos.

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I don't think any hive spire I've seen could be mistaken for any dildo I've seen.

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Did they look like these?

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sauce on pic? Think I might steal that idea.

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I think so, just red-purple

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I... stand corrected.

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There are forge world spires.

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Bad Dragon "Xenogon". Available in many colors.

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I think you ran into DLFG.

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Are these forge world?

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Then they were possibly dildos. Made by Bad Dragon.


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Those are cool, fun, and functional. 10/10

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Maybe theseb were custom, OP

I've seen some that look pretty odd

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Do chicks actually like these things?

It looks more like stuff for fay furries

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Wow, cool and completely true story, OP.

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>besides she was kinda "surrounded" by other guys watching.

Yes, watching her tits every time she bent over the table.

Tell me OP, was she wearing a tank top or something similar?

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Just what size are these things?

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Oh they do.

Just ask DLFG.
Or check out the old xenophile threads we had going.

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Dunno, but DLFG says the medium size one is a pretty tight fit

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Just go to the website and look it up.

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Hey! DLFG is not the only nid fangirl on /tg/

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See link in:


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Most ca/tg/irls do. Have in mind most girls have one or two sex toys, so nerd chicks like stuff like this.

I know the ca/tg/irl from my game owns one of the dragon shaped ones

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Since when are tank tops sexy clothing

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but, being a name/tripfag, she is easiest to remember.

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Oh I know. She is just one of the few name/tripfags who is.

;3 also there are a few xeno fanboys as well.

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>Most ca/tg/irls
Prove it.

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>8.4 Inches
>7.6 Inches

And that's the medium size.... I find hard to believe a chick can...take all and be comfortable. Besides all these ridges and stuff look plain nasty

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When girls wear them.

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Tank tops are standard for girls who want to show off cleavage without looking like they're trying.

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Tube top, actually

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When they make it easier to scope tits.

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>Usable Length: 11.2 Inches
Gonna need vids of that.

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In length? Some girls can. I know my ex had a 10 inch long dildo and could take the whole fucking thing.

Made me feel a little small with my mighty 6 inches...

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>Tank tops are standard for girls who want to show off cleavage without looking like they're trying.
Or for girls who want to not be excessively warm, jeez.
You can't hide big tits. If you wear a t-shirt, they'll be all pressing against it and shit.

If a girl wants to actively show off her tits, she is going to choose one of a variety of garments that isn't a tanktop. Tanktops are casualwear.

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DLFG can. But like it was said before, she says it is a pretty tight fit. She also say the ridges and stuff is what makes it awesome

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Unless she wants to show them off and look like she's not trying, which is what I said, and you just confirmed.

'If she really wanted to show them off, she'd be wearing something else.'

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Aww. My boyfriend is like, 5 inches I think. I made sure to never use anything bigger than him because I didn't want sex with him to diminish somehow.

But 6 inches is a good length, so I bet she digs it :3

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OP hasn't even said if that chick had big tits or not.

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What time was this? I know DLFG mentioned that she was heading out for a while in an earlier thread, so you may have spotted the elusive tripuser.

On the issue of large penetrative objects; it really depends on arousal levels and muscle control. It takes practice, but the human vagina is an incredible object. I'm packing some decent dimensions plus a few piercings, and while I've had girlfriends who started off not being able to take it, after time and work they acclimate and can deal with it just fine.

Before the "taking huge objects make you loose people" get started, that's not how it works. With better muscle control, they can actually be tighter and better.

These things are used as terrain, however. It's kinda hilarious, and they actually look pretty good on the table. Which is mildly disturbing, to say the least.

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She did, actually. My sister is a D cup and this chick looked a little bigger. I'd say D or DD.

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Nah, she liked it, or at least said she did. Her "homework" assignments were to actually use the bigger toys because they were thicker, and I'm apparently thick.

She didn't use toys for a week and we couldn't have sex for another because she had to build herself back up. I literally couldn't get my dick inside of her.

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>people who think penis size matters as long as it's not too small to feel or too big to get in without lots of pain

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Well, spend enough time terraining and you can make anything look good on the table. Underappreciated art form, honestly.

Back when I played, I took a shitty five dollar fountain and turned it into this awesome, multi-tiered thing with foliage and shit. It was pretty awesome, before the motor died on me.

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hour an a half ago or two hours

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Bad dragon is a furry sex toy producer so yeah.

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Dicks, dicks everywhere?

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Eh, I got one and I am not a furry, just a regular ca/tg/irl.

But then again I am crazy about dragons.

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Oh wow, very nice! Except for the whole it hurts her if she doesn't stretch it. I can't use them very often or else I feel him less. I'm sure it's not exactly the best for him either, so anal is always an option we switch to. Gotta work with what you got right?

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ITT: shitpostes, fakeposters, and the gullible.

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If she doesn't, that just means there's more room between skin and shirt for grognards to skeeze out on.

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I envy your boyfriend.

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Yeah my lass can take an unbelievable amount of length. I could probly fit something as long as my forearm in her. But she has a tough time with girth.

Tis hilarious. Also kids remember. Length isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. So long as you're not 4 inches you'll be fine.

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It doesn't bother you? The few times guys have asked to try it I've never liked it.

Or maybe they do it wrong, who knows

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Well, may as well aim to keep this vaguely on-track, so that the allmighty Janitor doesn't sweep in and clear the thread.

What's the weirdest shit you've seen as terrain?

I think the best I've seen was the use of a giant plastic pineapple, painted in metallics and with a bunch of plastic bits glued on. It was a really entertaining bit of Chaos altar, used as a cool centerpiece/rallying point on the board. Definitely pretty crazy, but a good-looking piece of kit.

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Pic oh so very related.

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Pineaples for the pineaple god! Sacrifice those guardsmen to the great pineaple!

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I too like dragons, but only in awesome backgrounds/areas.

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It's not possible to have a tyranid thread without dildos is it

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A while back me and some friend were just being idiots at a local trash depot and burning things. So we found one of these old CD racks and burned it down, and it bent and half melted. So then one them says "Man, that would look like an awesome Chaos fortress or some shit"

We ended fighting for who would keep it.

Good times

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I dunno. I've loved them since I watched Dragonheart when I was like 7 years old.

Or maybe I am just odd, lol

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are there threads on /tg/ without dildos in it?

Also, captcha has learned latin.

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For me it's ehhh. It's not the most pleasant thing out there, but it can sometimes feel kind of nice. He likes it a lot though and it will get him off really well. We're still working on what works for me.

What normally gets you going? Perhaps we could try it.

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Dragon myths are a global oddity, before paper was "invented" there are 'records' and traditions pertaining dragons since BC times. (very BC like 4000bc)

Aside from that archeologists believe they found dinosaur bones and came up with their own individual legends. So literally it's a dinosaur reference.

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You generally need to build up for it, in order for it to be really good.
Take time before hand, I mean days/weeks, to acclimate to something of considerable size going in when things normally come out.
Also, ladies, if you have a vibe, use it. It makes for a much better experience, for yourself and for him. Hell, homemade dp is fine, too, don't let some punk with no confidence get skurred when you pull out a toy of your own.

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For me is less eeh and more ouch. But I know what you mean about him liking it. Its kinda like giving a bj or letting them put it in your cleavage =P

And I guess I am pretty vanilla. "Worse" I've done is a little leash and collar play

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I know that feeling. The ouch bit. But you get used to it and is not that bad. Also guys go crazy if you pretend you love it.


Oh I know. I had have a "special friend" who isn't too too big, but that doesn't keep him from using random stuff as sex toys with me.

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>> No.12680316

>"Worse" I've done is a little leash and collar play
Haha, me too! I try to be open minded and we do all sorts of costume and roleplay stuff.

I totally know what you mean about BJs and putting it in the cleavage. He also loves to hotdog my butt, and I have a mirror I take out from my purse just to watch him do that.. It's really cute how excited he is. It's like he's surprised he's getting to do it every time.

But yeah, anal takes time to build up a tolerance for. Even if you do though, it might never be your thing. Goomba has a good idea with the vibe in at the same time. I will have to try that next time.

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Allright, enough with the porn. Go on MSN and discuss this shit. It's... it's really distracting.

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oh hai dere deathwing!

I once used a bunch of styrofoam pieces from a, I wanna say moniter to construct a small 4'x6' city. I got lucky and you could actually enter some of the buildings with acouple models.

>> No.12680327

Yeah, the heavier shit isn't for everybody. Managed to slowly get my girlfriend more and more into the heavier stuff, and she's sporting a bunch of piercings and tattoos after my suggestions, plus she started tightlacing on her own when she found out I'm a fan of modernized Victorian fashion. Still, it's fun if you like it.

Best terrain I've seen is a huge fortress made entirely of cans. Bunch of different ones, and it was hilarious. The banner on it proudly proclaimed it the GOTHIC BEAN FORTRESS, and it served as a centerpiece to many a game of 40K.

>> No.12680330


>hotdog my butt

That too XP. I have no idea why guys like that. Is stupid, lol

>> No.12680336

Amy Merc?

>> No.12680347


Because girl butts are hot, of course.

>> No.12680350

>For me is less eeh and more ouch
That's a bad sign.
Are you using enough lube? Proper lube? Taking time to prepare?

>> No.12680358


I haven't done it on my own. My experiences with that is hug a pillow and let my friend try to get me ready, lube and everything.

But it is still uncomfortable.

>> No.12680362

Hehe. He looooves my butt. My boobs are pretty small, but he always says "You're a white girl with a black girl bootie." Then of course he gets that look on his face and we have to do something sexual or he'll explode.

>> No.12680383

What this guy sez.

>> No.12680389

Eh, she was into anal, but only finger play. She said she probably never would be able to take me, not to mention she didn't clean her ass very well. Always seemed to take a poop when we were doing that, because I was always pushing a turd back when we were doing it.

Meaning poop was almost at the sphincter everytime I started to put one in

>> No.12680401

needed to take a poop***

>> No.12680408

>I think you ran into DLFG.

Nope, I only have one and it's black. Also I'm not hispanic.

>> No.12680432

> I was always pushing a turd back when we were doing it
>Meaning poop was almost at the sphincter everytime I started to put one in

>> No.12680440


Hey DLFG, I saw the other day some of the drawfagging inspired in you. Mind to describe some more so another drawfag can give it a try?

also, requests?

>> No.12680457

Hmm, yea, that's on the weightier side of doing it wrong.
For your part, you should actively be involved in anal play when masturbating, or doing so with a partner.
Unless the guy is on the slimmer side, the sphincter isn't going to allow for something the girth of the average penis in comfortably.

>> No.12680460

Creepyfag detected

>> No.12680465


Hey DLFG. I'm glad you are still anonymous then. Last night there was a thread pretty much about how "DLFG is ultimate do want" so, so you may end with a bunch of dudes drooing after you.

>> No.12680476

Wonder if that guy offering to ERP with DLFG is gonna post logs. Do want nid fucking fap fic.

>> No.12680477

Inspired by new DE codex - Archon with this Court made of various monstergirls.

>> No.12680483

>I'm not hispanic
>....... strangely disappointed??
It happens, man. Some girls don't like enemas, and even then, you have maybe a 30 minute window before the body replaces whatever was there.

>> No.12680493

This thread amuses me greatly.

Also, a properly-painted dildo makes an excellent Altar of Slaanesh.

>> No.12680494

>may end up with
As opposed to now? We already have a bunch of people shitting up any thread where tyranids get mentioned.

>> No.12680497


I don't think she went ahead with it

>> No.12680498


>implying she didn't see that thread

>> No.12680508

The problem I have with enemas, is that if you use the fluid that is in there, it makes your butthole really sore. It's better to just dump the fluid and replace it with warm water. It almost does the same thing, however it does not hurt the butthole.

>> No.12680516

Tall, thin, pale. 'Very' in the case of all three. Glasses, dark hair. I pulled this picture off /s/ a while back and played with it a bit after some people asked me the same question. It should give you enough of a general idea. Other than that, go nuts.

It really doesn't bother me. I mean...so what? It's not going to really affect my life whether some guys draw stuff like that for others to get off to. The description is vague enough that you wouldn't recognise me in the street and I'm careful not to post too much about my location nor stories from my games in anything other than the loosest of terms, so I've no real worries about people tracking me down.

To be honest, I'm just faintly confused that people find the idea of a lanky, awkwardly proportioned chick with small boobs and no ass attractive.

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>> No.12680531


>> No.12680532


it's the novelty of tyranid lust.

>> No.12680534


I guess is because some of us here (not everyone, there are always rotten apples) find girls with your personality and interests a thousand times more atractive than the lolrandum bitches that post in /b/ and /s/, no matter how "hot" they are.

>> No.12680538

You wouldn't even give a shit if not for her fetish.

>> No.12680556

DLFG is in reality a scary black ex-marine who, after anons take on the quest of finding out her 'true identity', are raped in the bum by his 'death leaper'

>> No.12680557

I, for one, like you for the same reason I like the Collector: you save and post images. Lots of 'em, and you're amenable to requests, insofar as your library allows.

Also, petite ladies are hawt, but I have little interest in ladies without getting to know them well, and none in ladies outside my general area.

>> No.12680559


Nope. I don't care about her fetish. I am just saying I'd love to meet a chick like her.

>> No.12680590

Guys, we're missing the point here.

This indicates that females playing 'Nids and using dildos as terrain is a trend.






>> No.12680594

Girl needs a sammich to cover up those hip bones. Other than that, I'd totally do her. Which means I'd do you. Now we just have to work on getting ME fuckable.

>> No.12680597

I'm picturing a very, very bad version of, "Can love bloom" or whatever the fuck it's called.

>> No.12680598

Because despite what a lot of guys profess and what a lot of women think, a woman that has interests and leanings that sync to guy's is very attractive. Enough fa/tg/uys can attest to the issues of their gaming hobby versus the opinion of their woman and the aggravation it can bring.
I've seen more guys actively follow the old "I love them for their mind/personality" idea than women, all considered. At least, when it comes to women they marry, rather than fuck.
And what's wrong with tall, pale girls?

>> No.12680604

I am amused by this thread.

Alas, I have no tales of strange landscaping. My one addition is that I figure using themed dildos etc seems a bit... expensive... for terrain.

>> No.12680605

If you met a chick like her, she won't want you.

>> No.12680607

>>12680516Tall, thin, pale. 'Very' in the case of all three.

like "taller than dudes" tall, or "as tall as a dude" tall for a girl tall

>> No.12680611


Are you some sort of an idiot?
...I sincerely hope so :D

>> No.12680614

Going by these description, I just realise that I know someone looking and acting just like you, personally! She just doesn't play nids. Do you happen to have any twin sister, clone or something? :-O

>> No.12680615


About the same time it begins releasing the official GW Sisters Dakimakuras

>> No.12680621

This thread arouse and scares me.

I really dislike those kind of toys, I'm a short and small man.

>> No.12680625

She looks like an Eldar, we all look like Monsters. Clearly this is a match made in heaven.

>> No.12680626

In during hard white-knighting

>not that I wouldn't be trying to get in DLFG's pants if I knew her IRL but still

>> No.12680629


>> No.12680638

>>12680556DLFG is in reality a scary black ex-marine who, after anons take on the quest of finding out her 'true identity', are raped in the bum by his 'death leaper'



>> No.12680639

Yea, I guess so. It's not unpleasent, just a bit odd.

Depends on the dude. I'm about as tall as most of the guys in my groups.

>> No.12680645

>I'm a weeaboo marysue hipster

>> No.12680646

I look more like a ogryn than any xeno...So I'm safe from SMs.

>> No.12680648

Oh yeah, and phallic/other sexual(vaginic? boobic?) traits fit the Alien aesthetic, at the very least. Seem to recall Giger being pretty creeped out by sex stuff, in general. (Saw it in a documentary on horror a year or so back).

>> No.12680657


the fear of Alien is the fear all white men have of being raped by a giant unstoppable black penis

>> No.12680661


>implying GW/Forge World is that much cheaper.

actually, with Forge World, themed dildos are cheaper.


pic related

>> No.12680666


>> No.12680676


which is, ironically, every woman's fantasy.

>> No.12680681

Makes sense. You do reveal yourself as female on a primarily male-oriented board, so I figure you know how to take the kinda creepiness.

Though oddly enough, you do remind me of a friend of mine who plays 'nids. Not gonna even try to figure it out, because that ruins the mystery of anonymity. Besides, it's easier to picture a Lictor with pom-poms.

To continue on: has anyone ever made terrain out of those fake breasts you can get in joke shops? With the right work and attachments, I see a wonderful structure coming out of that.

>> No.12680684

I wish to find a nerdy attractive girl

where should I look.

>> No.12680692


>> No.12680694


>To continue on: has anyone ever made terrain out of those fake breasts you can get in joke shops? With the right work and attachments, I see a wonderful structure coming out of that.

Oh man, that reminds me of some Giger "pyramid" art.

>> No.12680701

>actually, with Forge World, themed dildos are cheaper

Actually, Forge World is cheaper. I can get three Resin Capilliary Towers for less than the price of my Xenogen.

>> No.12680705


become a trap
>advice dog
look in the mirror

>> No.12680732

You know how you're on the internet?

Don't look here.

Instead, go to conventions (mostly crazy ones), gaming clubs (fewer crazy ones), and casual groups hanging out in gaming stores (variable crazy). Additionally, the theater department of your local university frequently has attractive gamer women.

>> No.12680735


This post. This post right here.

This is why /tg/ lusts after you.

So matter-of-fact. So encyclopedic. My secondary cogitator's cooling fans have been activated.

>> No.12680737

I have an urge to write nid Fapfiction now. Mod will frown upon me however.

>> No.12680739


This. I bought one for my GF (with the help of DLFG) and it wasn't cheap

>> No.12680741

Outside. And I mean actually going there, not just looking out of a window.

Also - be prepared that some ca/tg/irls can be sligthly ... crazy may I say?

>> No.12680742

South America.

If my players didn't surf /tg/ I would post the swimming pool and Barbecue D&D session pictures in all its glory.

So here have some old as fuck pictures.

>> No.12680764


Does Mexico count? I am near the border. I could go in a raid for hot ca/tg/irls

>> No.12680771


>South America
>I am the Emperor's utter lack of surprise

>> No.12680773

works for me ...

>> No.12680776

The same places you find guys who are into that sort of thing. You just have to keep an eye out, and be willing to actually go up and start a conversation.

Oh, hey, I remember that. How did it work out?

>> No.12680793

>> No.12680798


Awesomely. I got her a medium xenogon and she said she pretty much threw away her old toy because it sucked in comparison.

Also, if I may be honest, is hot as all hell to see her ride it. The "base" these things have is pure win.

Thanks again DLFG!

>> No.12680802

Dude, you know you can post and just delete later, right?

>> No.12680809


except most ca/tg/irl types are spoken for, due to the high demand.

I should know, being A) a total pig/dog and B) having gotten into far too many awkward situations, leading to C) getting my car keyed

>> No.12680810

Not sure never been in Mexico but this was really in the south.

Side note If I posted pictures with a face, my balls and models would be in danger.

>> No.12680812

DLFG is a man. You all are faggots. If "she" was a furry you'd hate her, but because "she" likes one of your 40gay races you all have nerd boners.

>> No.12680816

moving pics or it didn't happen

>> No.12680817

>be willing to actually go up and start a conversation.

This. A lotta nerd girls are really shy and awkward. Partially because they are nerds, and partially because they hate falling into the Attention Whore trap that so oftentimes consumes females in the gaming scene.

Don't go up and start lusting. Start a normal conversation. Be nice. Don't believe she is your waifu or claimed just because you're talking to her. If there is interest, you will have a feeling in your gut. Don't be a creepy fuck; get to know them before you start lusting.

I say this because half the 'Typhoon of Destruction Gaming Girls' you see out there are just the terminally shy and awkward kind who feel bad turning down a guy, and then end shit messily because they didn't get to know each other before things started off.

>> No.12680824


>Don't believe she is your waifu or claimed just because you're talking to her.

This is what fa/tg/uys are incapable of. You little beta fucks, you.

>gives /tg/ an indian burn

>> No.12680838


>> No.12680840

I honestly don't give a shit. Gender doesn't matter; they're generally more polite and more willing to contribute to threads than a lot of other shitty tripfags. So fucking what? I've seen good threads come out of this, and I've seen threads derailed completely by it.

Better than average tripfag is a good thing. Actually communicating with people is fun when you learn how to do it. Hell, if they were anon and talking about being female, it would be the same fucking difference; they actually contribute content to /tg/.

>> No.12680842

Awesome! I was a little worried that it might not work out, being as I didn't exactly know what would be the right size for her, so I'm glad to see you're both happy and enjoying it. Or, she's enjoying it and you're enjoying her enjoying it, rather.

But not all of them, and you'll never find one who isn't unless you ask. The trick is, not to try and sleaze them up, don't be weird about it. Just act like she's any other person, chat, and once you've found out if she's single or not you can try and take things further.

Beta Guys are Best Guys, if we must use that asinine term.

>> No.12680843

I'm pretty sure she is lurking right now...

>> No.12680845


>he cybered with a dude and found out only after he came!

>> No.12680852

Alright, now I'm laughing at my keyboard.

>> No.12680856

...The fuck is a beta guy?

>> No.12680863

>>12680742South America.

I will go to South America

>> No.12680867

Not a guy like pic related.

>> No.12680872

>>12680742If my players didn't surf /tg/ I would post the swimming pool and Barbecue D&D session pictures in all its glory.

America is the most gay* place to be a nerd man

god damn

>> No.12680873


shy, nerdy, "nice guy". also tends to be kind of a doormat due to low self esteem, and will put any chick that pays attention to him on a pedestal.

>> No.12680879

Someone who uses an obsolete video recording technology. Or emits high-energy electrons or positrons. Or is in a state of partial development and general unreliability.

>> No.12680882

>>12680873shy, nerdy, "nice guy"

heed these words

>> No.12680883

Honestly I would not dare, especially since she can actually kick my ass.

I blame this to a broken knee that left me kind of useless for sports.

>> No.12680887

Someone who is not Alpha, i.e. not bursting with confidence and prepared to fuck any woman who he finds attractive. It's a term /tg/ loves using, despite not being really alpha. It's also pretty much lost its meaning, as so many people claim to be alpha it's not funny.

Both have their advantages. I find a combination works best. Well, that, and the fact I have hygiene, look decent, and am delightfully flexible.

>> No.12680893

>>12680883South American Amazon Princess


>> No.12680899


no one on /tg/ is "alpha".

if they were, they'd be doing something somewhere. (this could include playing 40k or D&D)

>> No.12680900


>> No.12680903

What do you mean by "America" and "Gay"?

>> No.12680904

studies have shown that the alpha male in pack societies doesn't get the most tail, as he has to spend a lot of time fighting off rivals

but his buddy, beta-dog that does.

>> No.12680911

The hell you talking about?
My D&D group just whipped out the smoker and cooked up brisket this Sunday.
My other D&D group played 3.5 over a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.
My DH group had it's last game in a goddamned bar on Halloween.
Make your shit awesome, man.
Alright, guy, yu have a decent excuse.

>> No.12680912 [DELETED] 

Never seen or heard anything from DLFG that lead me to believe they were anything other than A. a guy pretending to be a girl to get attention; B. a ham-beast pretending to be a girl to get attention.

> /tg/ - totally gullible

>> No.12680913


North America


>> No.12680914

I'm confused.

>> No.12680919

The latter in its vernacular form, I imagine. Weak, timid, homosexual, untrustworthy, vapid, overdressed, Californian, etc.

>> No.12680924

Most /tg/ related things in the US are VERY male-centric, aka. Sausage-fest.

>> No.12680933

>>12680924 aka. Sausage-fest.

I did go to a beer hall before though, that was a great sausage fest

>> No.12680936



pic related.

>> No.12680938

So to be 'alpha', I should join the military?

>> No.12680943


No, that's delta.

>> No.12680947

I'm getting back to the gym and swimming. This shame shall no longer taint my honour.

All though I'm a short man and I can't be faster than her... Stupid knee.

>> No.12680950

> Both have their advantages. I find a combination works best. Well, that, and the fact I have hygiene, look decent, and am delightfully flexible.
Welcome to the Omegas brosef.
Cause really, who the fucks wants to do all that work to be a leader/gives a shit what other people think?

>> No.12680959


you also have to grow a sweat-ass beard and wear a bandana for that.

>> No.12680965

>>12680947This shame shall no longer taint my honour.



>> No.12680969


alternatively, who honored your taint?

>> No.12680971

Wait US does not have obligatory military service?

>> No.12680972

Join the Marines. Things'll be slow while you're there, then you'll come back to the states and swim in a sea of women desiring your navally-deployed babies.

>> No.12680973

Word, guy. Get back to form.

>> No.12680983

You will get yours, clever British vampire.

>> No.12680985

I kee'd.

Also, if it's GW that releases it, look forward to a small release of 200 pewter dildos for 199.99$ each, followed six months later by mass production of plastic ones for 250.00$ each.

I would greatly prefer they take up a contract with Bad Dragon as I've never heard of anyone disliking their creations. Besides, they could use more income so they could have faster production. That's the only thing that's kept me from purchasing one is the wait time.

Also, the damaged Tyranid/Chaos dildos or ones with miniscule imperfections would go in their clearance ("Adoptions") section greatly discounted.

>> No.12680990


You're obviously joking. It that were true, the people would MAYBE get off their asses to complain about being forced to get off their asses.

>> No.12680992

The previous several ladies I like/was with have a thing for marines.

They had themselves marines, while technically still being tied to me. Being beta/lower is still not #1. Maybe I need to get out of the USA and find these "Beta chasers" you speak of.

>> No.12681000

The only part that prevents me from going every day is my knee, last time the fucker snapped and lost 4 month of effort right there.

I have to admit it is funny to be the only guy with a rulebook on those walking machines.

>> No.12681005

No, it does not

>> No.12681007 [DELETED] 

> Wait US does not have obligatory military service?
Hahaha, no.
We have something called 'selective service', which everyone basically either ignores or claims to be anti-war. Even then, iirc, the US military cannot currently force citizens to serve.

They used to be able to - the 'draft' (obligatory service) was around during Vietnam; but I think it lost popularity after that (when a third of the nation's young people came back from Vietnam and either A. were insane, B. were dead or C. were holding Canadian souvenirs).

>> No.12681011

Late to this thread, but what precisely is wrong with homolust or homosexuality?

>> No.12681014

Oh god, no. Our middle class is far, far too weak for that.

>> No.12681017

I'm not from the US and with all the wars they are having it was kind of logical to have military service.

>> No.12681018


It's gay.

>> No.12681019

doesn't GW sell boltgun rounds?

That's a long thick cylinder irght there

>> No.12681023


also, they'd have a store model in the black box a month and a half before you could buy them, so the staff would have to assemble and paint it, and then everyone would be touching it and looking at it from all angles, and probably breaking the fucking thing.

not like this has happened with my local GW's Raider or anything.

>> No.12681031

It is synonymous with weakness, timidness and untrustworthiness? Come on, it was right there in the definition.

>> No.12681035

> Wait US does not have obligatory military service?
Hahaha, no.
We have something called 'selective service', which everyone basically either ignores or claims to be anti-war. Even then, iirc, the US military cannot currently force citizens to serve.

They used to be able to - the 'draft' (obligatory service) was around during Vietnam; but I think it lost popularity after that (when the nation's young people came back from Vietnam and 1/3 were were insane, 1/3 were dead and 1/3 had Canadian accents).

>> No.12681043


volunteer fighting force works better. people who don't want to be there make poor soldiers.

>> No.12681045

Not to my knowledge, no. Besides, a Bolt round would be too small. And even it wasn't, probably kinda boring.

>> No.12681047


we have poor people who join military service because it grants educational oppertunities they'd otherwise not have

or for dumb people who can't contribute to society in any other way

>> No.12681052

The point is lost on you.
The poster was referring to how a lot of /tg/ related activities are considered guy pasttimes.

>> No.12681053

This thread was made like fucking 2 weeks ago.

Fucking copy-pasta bullshit.

>> No.12681057

To be fair, the majority there was D) Returned unharmed and grew bitter after being pelted with fruit by their neighbors.
Californians. I hate Californians.

>> No.12681061

It's just that you stink - and you're clearly omega.

>> No.12681064


There's creepy old fat dudes hitting on me what the hell

>> No.12681066


they could still do a draft, but that would be a surefire way to not get re-elected. if I recall, 18-25 is when you're eligible. I still have my draft card in my wallet because I'm lazy.

>> No.12681071

Does DLFG even talk to anyone outside of 4chan posts? Or can we all just give up and go home?

>> No.12681073


Every thread on /tg/ has been posted over 9000 times. Might as well just enjoy the endless summer.

>> No.12681084


>he thinks he has a shot!

>> No.12681086

>>12681073Every thread on /tg/ has been posted over 9000 times

we've never had a thread about squats

>> No.12681091

> we have people who join military service because it grants a decent amount of fucking money and, if you arent a retard, maybe an education
> or for non-academic people who can't contribute to society in any other way
> tl;dr Its for kids who do poorly in high-school but don't want to be part of the lower class.

>> No.12681093

Ok I asked and said yes, but only to this one right here.

>> No.12681095

>>12681071Does DLFG even talk to anyone outside of 4chan posts? Or can we all just give up and go home?

google "deathleaper's fangirl"

>> No.12681104

I keep my /tg/ life and my IRL life pretty seperate, because I know people IRL who also browse /tg/ and would rather not risk one of them connecting the two.

>> No.12681106


because she wanted cum shooped on it? :/

>> No.12681108

Endless summer, sprinkled with gems of glorious winter

>> No.12681113

That's one way of getting there

>> No.12681118

>>12681093eyes closed, mouth open

ok, where's the cum template

>> No.12681122

Hahaha, and it 404's.

Shes kinda ghastly-ghouly, saw it before it went down.

>> No.12681124

Saw that and demanded to take it down. Also I don't want to go out tomorrow...

>> No.12681131

Really tho, why try so hard, unless the people you know are stupid enough to clue people into you vital info about you?
I am generally the same on the internet as I am irl, and if the people I know ping me online, they will know nothing more than what they could literally walk up and ask me.
Or learn on a peruse of my porn folder :3

>> No.12681145


Not all military guys are alpha.

Alpha are also capable leaders, knowing when to show compassion to their bretherin.
Saw a military dude throw a puppy off a cliff in a video online. Also, is the military's policy to kill puppies that come to the soldier's seeking safety.

That aint alpha man, not alpha at all.

>> No.12681150

I thought you got the all clear?

>> No.12681160


>my face right now

(since I posted that)

I am such an ass. lol.

>> No.12681161

Till the cumshoop show up... I should had saw that coming...

>> No.12681163




>> No.12681181

Why? If you really want to know just check the LGS in GB, but then you would be a creepy fucker

>> No.12681194

>>12681161I should had saw that cuming...


>> No.12681199

Not even if we promise we are shut in's who know no one, and could never know you IRL?

>> No.12681241

do any dudes play tyranids?

does that mean they homo

>> No.12681280


HAHAH, too late, I saved the picture

shooping it as we speak

>> No.12681287


Because of people like you we can't have nice things

>> No.12681310

Oh well the damage is done, if my balls are missing along with my models

Is your fault

>> No.12681336

>Don't go up and start lusting. Start a normal conversation. Be nice. Don't believe she is your waifu or claimed just because you're talking to her. If there is interest, you will have a feeling in your gut. Don't be a creepy fuck; get to know them before you start lusting.
This is very important. I'm at a university with a large roleplay society (with wargames, vidya games, decent british larp and a good social calendar) and we have probably a 60:40 male:female split. As such, there's relationships all over the place, and those not in relationships are generally cool. The "creepy basement neckbeard" atmosphere never develops, because it's mostly not a society of the fat virgin smelly guys.
We had one guy last year who we named "promethean" because he had the Disquiet. Those not familiar with World of Darkness Promethean, this is the tendency to make people dislike you just by being there.
He was overly familiar, he oogled anything with breasts, he joked constantly about sex with people, he paid no heed to "This girl is dating someone, stop harassing her", he acted angrily when a single girl he knew got into a relationship, he makes big angry facebook rants every fortnight or so about women always ignoring him and is massively egocentric.

However, the most offputting was his habit of just hitting on women with no warning or getting to know them. This was the first bad trait we noticed, and the one that pisses everyone off the most.

Once you know someone, hit on them. Just walking up to someone and beginning to put the moves on them is an activity for when you're both drunk - not for just doing whenever. That shows a lack of social skills, understanding or willingness to give and take that turns pretty much anyone off.

>> No.12681371



>> No.12681384

Ok I laughed

>> No.12681387

>We had one guy last year who we named "promethean" because he had the Disquiet.

>> No.12681394

I lol'ed. Well done.

First 'shop is tasteful and silly. Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.12681407

This. This right here is why /tg/ is AMAZING.

>> No.12681423



>> No.12681425


>> No.12681446

I don't like what I see there.

>> No.12681455


>> No.12681465

It could had been worst

>> No.12681482


>> No.12681502



>> No.12681541



never change, /tg/

never change.

>> No.12681588


I WAAAGH'd in my pants

>> No.12681607

Selective service is a list you put yourself on that they can use if they ever put up a real draft.

>> No.12681609

Reminds me of poor macha.

I sadly lack the picture.

>> No.12681640

I don't wish to know

>> No.12681643

Don't be excited if a bunch of muscly "hot" orks gather around you. It's not what you think, even if you have a rape fetish.

>> No.12681662

Told you I did not wish to know.

>> No.12681666

Ah yes, the "Daka-Macha."

Orkz, they can loot ANYTHING.

>> No.12681667

On the other hand, when you're a male twenty-something virgin who tends to have minimal social interaction period and even less with women who'll give you the time of day, whatever libido you have jumps at any chance it gets.

And even if you can fight it back, the fact that you're having to devote conscious effort to doing so means that you still tend to come off as creepy, or at least to constantly worry that you do and therefore come off as even more of a loser than usual.

Trust me on this, once you've dug yourself into that hole there really isn't any way to get out of it.

>> No.12681677

Oh have this to cheer you up.

>> No.12681698

Humm well kind of...

>> No.12681711

Ok.. Then this might do it.

>> No.12681715

Yep. And thus this one guy got shunned out towards the end of last academic year. He's trying to come back now, and he'll be cold shouldered again. Harsh, but he's just an unlikeable guy. We tried being nice, we hoped like a lot of awkward people he'd open up and be happy with a sort of closed but rather large social circle of massively accepting nerds (We have a lot of gay/bi/trans/pagan/genderqueer/polyamorous people, nobody gives a shit, we'll accept pretty much anyone so long as they're not an unpleasant person.)
Promethean... he's just never nice. When he acts nice, it's so very obvious it's an act or massively strained, and he'll drop that mask as quickly as he can.

I'd not kissed anyone before I joined this group. I was awkward and shy. I'm not anymore, and a lot of guys have the same story.
The fact that *we* can't help this guy come out of that really fucking unpleasant hole where he thinks "I must have the sex, it is all I can devote my life to, women are objects for me to control, I can demand that they all be perfect and act as I wish, but I can hold this double standard and not be at fault"? He's a really bad case.

>> No.12681733

Nop... It actually reminds me of the kids I worked with some time ago. Like they where so thankful of the few colouring books and crayons I gave up after class

>> No.12681752

Tough nut to crack.


>> No.12681760


>> No.12681770

>> No.12681774

Ok I laughed.

>> No.12681776

>> No.12681783

It's not actually against the rules, I think. I wouldn't think it would get anyone promoted unless their boss was reading over their shoulder for five minutes.

tl;dr, Fear no mod. Please?

>> No.12681793

Aha~ Victory.

>> No.12681810

It actually does get deleted.
>no porn
Doesn't just apply to pictures.

>> No.12681820

Write it, host it elsewhere, link it. That's perfectly within the rules.

>> No.12681824


diseased cunt

>> No.12681827

It has to be in /b/, because "furry" is not allowed in /d/.

And /b/ things don't last so it will literally be in another #chan site and then linked here.

>> No.12681831

AFF, for instance.

>> No.12681834

That's the odd bit.

If text is not worksafe why are we allowed links?

>> No.12681838

or post it as a text file/word/html elsewhere, link here. totally allowed.

>> No.12681851

>Link to your porn elsewhere, that's fine, just don't post it.

>> No.12681858 [DELETED] 


Will this get deleted?

>> No.12681860

I was about to say that myself. Throw it up on adultfanfiction and you're sorted.

>> No.12681877

That's what I am saying, why that exception, and not one for stories?

A link to a pornsite being read would have pretty-much the same effect and chance of being read as a story.

>> No.12681883

Well... the thing is, past a certain point you lose the ability to act confidently. In my case, I can keep a decent conversation going, or at least what I think is one, right up until I realize that fact and then start panicking over whether there's some social cue that I'm missing and whether I'm making an ass of myself and in general I clam up. To add to the "fun", I frequently do tend to make an ass of myself when I'm not actively thinking through every moment of a social interaction, because while I care about other people's feelings a great deal (frankly, more than I should, seeing as how I pretty much have no sense of self), I'm utterly terrible at actually figuring out how people feel unless they're being incredibly blunt about it. And since generally people only seem to be blunt about the negative stuff, it tends to reinforce the perception that you're a hopeless fuckup.

Because being nice isn't enough if you still come off as creepy, and when you can't read people very well then turning nice INTO creepy is much easier than you'd expect.

>> No.12681889

I have a bit of the history with the mod.

The mod is hyper sensitive. Trust me, any reason to pick on 40k players, the advantage will be taken.

>> No.12681896


I like the variation in spelling.

>> No.12681910

>Trust me, any reason to pick on 40k players, the advantage will be taken.
Oh my god are you fucking serious? Why do so many tripfellows have persecution complexes?

>> No.12681917


Thank you!

>> No.12681922

>I have a bit of the history with the mod.
Look out everyone, Badass Motherfucker coming through.

>> No.12681936

See this image?

It was deleted the first 5 times I posted it. After I talked the mod into the idea he was wrong for deleting 1d100 roll threads that have no nudity.
>Image board + dice function = roll thread
That was my argument, and a big, hallow "FINE!" was posted by an anonymous. After three rollthreads (I made one) was deleted. That one stood for two days before it page 16 died.

>> No.12681960

>claims I'm boasting
No, just tellin' the truth. I posted some porn right after the mod took down his notice, and he put it right back up a few hours later.

>> No.12681964


Fucking mods, how do they work?

>> No.12681984

I would post some porn right now but I'd have to delete it, unsure when he comes on.

I think I'm close to a "posted too much porn" ban.

>> No.12682040

Surprised nobody posted this.

>> No.12682069

Because it was not dildos it was about dildos.

>> No.12682095

Nobody made a meme with that using dildo baggins. (bilbo)

>> No.12682270

Where can I find more Nurglette pictures?

>> No.12682308

Your local biohazard disposal facility.

>> No.12682668

I "would" dump the ones I got.

Just a matter if they'll get deleted.

>> No.12682740

Would be awesome if you did.

>> No.12682802

Alright, but I'll have to post the nakid nurglette in /b/... I'll link it to you after I post the "modest" ngltt's here.

I have quite a few, somehow. A good half of them are requests I asked drawfags(!) for.

>> No.12682814

Posting the other related ones too.

>> No.12682825

The ones that have bars over privates were made this way.

>> No.12682830

I asked for this once, someone else liked it enough to do it again but with a nurgling instead of a zombie teddy bear.

>> No.12682838


>> No.12682847

I have more then I thought... How'd this happen....?

>> No.12682855

>> No.12682859

If you're worried, just post with sage and ask that everyone else do too.

>> No.12682872

>posting in 2 threads
>flood detection

>> No.12682897

Eh, I'm sure its something that can be put in /d/. Plague Daemon, not furry.. But it's also western art.

This stuff has no place on 4chan that sticks around... ("go to /b/" is the excuse when western fantasy porn is not allowed on an image board of all things... bah)

>> No.12682914

Mod is around, recently banning zhaaku... I'm sure he's pissed... The fact he's also a hacker doesn't help much.

>> No.12682923

>> No.12682933

Couldn't post text with that since it's an "Avatar" and avatarfags get targeted as "cancer".

Sometimes the unspoken rules make no sense to me.

>> No.12682945

And that's it for the plague femme fatals, will link the /b/ thread here.

(hurry while it remains up, which will be about 3 minutes tops once I stop bumping it... seriously, no place for western fantasy porn art)

>> No.12682970

Thanks, got em all.

>> No.12682973 [DELETED] 


Ok, tossing about 5+ pics in here. Get it while it's around.

>> No.12683072 [DELETED] 

Ok posted them all. Getem quick:

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