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hey fa/tg/uys, look what I got in the post this morning

I dont have a scanner, but Ill answer any of your questions

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type out the worriors entry?

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I got my own today as well, actually, so I'll keep an eye on the thread for questions also.

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Vexator Mask, what the hell it is? And all the vehicle upgrades, would be nice to see too.

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Was it hard telling your parents you have gay jungle fever?

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Kabalite Warrior: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld8 Sv5+.
Sybarite: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A2 Ld9 Sv5+.

5-20 squad size. 9 points each. Infantry. Splinter Rifle and Kabalite Armour. Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain.

One Warrior can replace his Splinter Rifle with a Shredder (+5 points) or Blaster (+15). For every ten models, one can replace his Splinter Rifle with a Splinter Cannon (+10) or Dark Lance (+25).

Upgrade a Warrior to a Sybarite (+10). Sybartie can take Ghostplate Armour (+10) and/or a Phantasm Grenade Launcher (+20). He may replace his Splinter Rifle with a Pistol and CCW (Free). He can replace his SPlinter Pistol with a Blast Pistol (+15) and his CCW with a Venom blade (+5), Power Weapon (+10) or Agoniser (+20).

The squad may take a Raider if 10 models or less, or a Venom if 5 models or less.

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Kabalite Warriors
5-20 in a squad
9pts each
WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 LD8 SV5+
Stuff: Splinter Rifle, Kabalite Armour
Rules: Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain
One may swap his rifle for a Shredder for 15pts or a Blaster for 15pts
One in every ten may swap his rifle for a Splinter Cannon for 10pts, or a Dark Lance for 20pts
One may be a Sybarite for 10pts (+1A, +1LD)
Sybartie can have Ghostplate for 10pts and a Phantasm GL for 20pts
He can swap his rifle for a blast pistol for 15pts
he can take one:
venom blade for 5pts
power weapon for 10pts
agoniser for 20pts

the squad may take a raider or venom

im not copying out every goddamn one of these btw

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Type the Clone Field entry too. Does it negate hits or wounds or unsaved wounds?

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The mask is,m during combat, every enemy model in base with the bearer must pass a Leadership test. If they fail, they cant attack the bearer that turn

ill photo the vehicle stuff

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It negates up to D3 hits on the bearer, you choose which hits before they roll to wound

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It negates 1d3 hits.

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vehicle stuff


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curse you, flood detection

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Weren't the old warriors only 6 points each if i can remember correctly?

The only changes I see to them is they now have Night Vision and Power from Pain.

Are the 2 new special rules really worth 3 points?

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Maybe? Acute senses is only really helpful in certain situations, power from pain is awesome if you can use it right.

they also generally have better basic gear

cant comment on statline improvements cos i dont know the old ones

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poisoned weaponry

yes, that's worth 3 points in my mind

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Previously they were 8 points. So for +1 point per model, they picked up Poison on their Splinter Rifles, PfP, and Night Vision. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

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Gratz OP. What are the stats on Disintegrators?

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They had identical stats.

The thing is that new splinter weapons are super awesome compared to the old S3 shit. And if you manage to kill something you get FNP which will annoy your opponent to no end.

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36" St5 Ap2 Heavy 3.

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They look like a bloody good deal compared to guardians, that's for sure.

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Woah, they have poisoned rifles now? That's pretty sick.

Also, what is this Venom transport? Is it like a raider/ravager hybrid, something like a razorback, or is it a new vehicle?

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its the thing the harlequins used to jet around in

BS4 FA10 SA10 RA10
Carries five guys
fast, open topped, skimmer
comes with a tl splinter riftle, a splinter cannon, and a flickerfield (5+ invun)
pretty much every squad can take on

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It is AV 10 all around open topped transport for 5 with 5+ invu save. It can and should be upgraded with 2 splinter cannons each of which fire 6 poisoned 4+ shots with 36'' range.

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AV10 all round, fast open-topped skimmer. Transport capacity of 5, comes with Flickerfields (5+ inv save), a Splinter Cannon, and twin-linked Splinter Rifles. The Rifles can be upgraded to a second Cannon, making it quite a nasty little anti-infantry vehicle.

It's a pity they're purely dedicated transports. I'd take a squadron of three if they could be taken as FA units.

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as for the rifles, if it has splinter in the name, its poisoned. behold!

splinter pistol
12" AP5 Pistol, Poison (4+)

splinter rifle
24" AP5 Rapid Fire, Poison (4+)

splinter cannon
36" AP5 Assault 4 or Heavy 6, Poison (4+)
(vehicles always use Heavy 6)

Also, shardcarbine
18" AP5 Assault 3, Poison 4+

yeah, they have no strength value. They cant do shit to vehicles

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Thanks dudes, does it have a new model, or it a kit to change out a ravager into one?
Or does no one know yet?

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It is not a Raider chasis vehicle. I think it is much smaller.

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Do they still have dark lances? Who needs your splinter weapons to target vehicles when you can DL them to death?

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no model as of yet. The picture in the codex has it looking like a spiky Vyper with the turret area replaced by a transport compartment, with falcon-style engines on the side

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It has no model. However, it's described as being little bigger than a Vyper, and the art makes it look very similar to one. Grab a Vyper, don't stick the gun turret on the back. Add a plasticard platform with a spiky balustrade where the turret should have been, a couple of Splinter Cannons under the prow, and you're good to go.

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Wrack unit size?
Haemonculus points cost?
Any models that we haven't seen yet?

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raiders come with a dark lance as standard, and you can take one in youre warrior squad if theyre at least ten strong
trueborn can take up to two regardless of squad size, and a squad of ten scourges can have four of them

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Dark Lance Spam is not going to be viable. Instead of 10 Warriors with 2 Lances for 100 points, you have to get 10 Warriors with 1 Lance for 115, or 20 with two for 230.

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you can have 3 to 10 wracks in one squad (yeah they can take a raidurrr)
Haemonculi are three for one HQ choice, and are50pts each, but you can make one into an ancient, who is 80pts and has a slightly better statline

no new model pictures :c

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Well, guess I will NEVER, EVER take a Wraithlord against Dark Eldar.

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>Wrack unit size?
>Haemonculus points cost?
50 base, 80 for an Ancient.
>Any models that we haven't seen yet?

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One should probably avoid infantry bound Dark Lances. Scourges should probably take Haywire Launchers and just lockdown what ever they want. Blasters have 18 range now though so we did gain alot of mobility.

>> No.12677362

So this, but with the gun turret replaced with a platform to stand on/hold on to, and splinter cannons mounted on the bottom?

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>>yeah, they have no strength value. They cant do shit to vehicles

Perhaps not that a great deal actually... against fullmech armies.

Eldar Shuriken is still good then.

But hey, Necrons and tyranids can GTFO !!!

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Stats on wyches? (And the elite version?)

>> No.12677373

for 130pts, five Scourges can put out 9 shardcarbine shots and 8 splinter cannon shots in one turn, even if they deep strike. It doesnt sound like much, but i can see that massacring most guard squads, and most of the tyranid things

>> No.12677385

Tyranids, yes
Necrons? Enjoy it until War Construct on everything in the new codex.

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Stats on Wyches are the same as before (WS4 BS4 S3 T3 I6 A1 Ld8 Sv6+, 4+ inv in CC, Pistol and CCweapon, Combat Drugs). Bloodbrides have +1 attack and LD.

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WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I6 A1 LD8 SV6+
WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I6 A2 LD9 SV6+
wyches are 10pts each and bloodbrides are 13pts each
they both get a 4+ invun in combat

hey fangirl, remember when i thought they were WS6 BS6 and everyone went apeshit? good times

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20 splinter rifle shots
hits on 3
wounds on 4
ouch ouch
Mr.Fex can't make that many saves.

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There hasnt been any pics of the special character points costs. well, here you go
Asdrubael Vect: 240pts (+200pts for the Dias)
Lady Malys: 130pts
Drazhar: 230pts
Lelith: 175pts
Urien: 190pts
Duke Sliscus: 150pts
The Decapitator: 140pts
Baron Sathonyx: 105pts

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What wargear options are there?

>> No.12677419

Also eldar Fanthoms can GTFO... or even Avatar...

But the Average T3 troops/armies are not that bad...

Dire Avengers FTW.

>> No.12677421

Haha, I remember that. Would have been awesome if it was true - might have meant Wyches would be nice and killy instead of a tarpit.

Carnifexes ain't really been viable for a long time, though. One more nail in the coffin won't make much difference.

>> No.12677429


for wyches, one in every five can take:
Razorflails (10pts each) these let the wych re-roll failed rolls to hit and to wound
Hydra Gauntlets (10pts each) these give the wych +D6 attacks
Shardnet and Impaler (10pts each) models in base with the wych lose an attack
Bloodbrides have the same options, except every one in three can take them.

>> No.12677431

On in every 5 Wyches/3 Bloodbrides can take a Wych Weapon for +10 points. Choice of Shardnet and Impaler (2 CCweapons, enemy models in base contact lose one attack), Hydra Gauntlets (+D6 attacks) or Razorflails (2 CCweapons, re-roll failed rolls to hit and wound). The Hekatrix has the same options as a Sybarite, only lacking the option for Ghostplate.

>> No.12677435

also, the squad can take haywire grenades, just incase you feel like charging them into a vehicle like some kind of moron

>> No.12677442

Well, it's a nice option to have. Just...not 2 points per model nice.

>> No.12677448

i dont see the point when every squad you take probably has a raider to dark lance the vehicles

>> No.12677449

This may enable to tailor the unit a bit, yet it's quite costy.

Which ones are independent characters or simple unit unique upgrade ?

>> No.12677461

They're all independant characters.

A single Dark Lance isn't really reliable, but hitting a unit with 6 or so glances and a couple of penetrates will be sure to knock the vehicle out. If they were +1 point per model, then I'd go for them, but 2 points is a bit too much.

>> No.12677463

theyre all HQ independents. There arent any unit upgrade style characters

>> No.12677480

Splinter cannons with BS4 look like absolute rape to GEQs. What vehicles can take them?

>> No.12677484

Venoms and Razorwing Jetfighters.

>> No.12677487

Raider is quite lightly armoured...the slightest damage and it may not fire...

>> No.12677494

you need to go faster if thats happening

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So OP, what is you impression, do you think this codex fucked up the old Dark eldar or is it good actually ,

>> No.12677521

I think its pretty good. SOme of the stuff might be a little naff, but its not written to be a super OP always win list anyway. Its a list with a lot of style and character to it.

On the other hand, it looks like, as always, youll need a lot of finesse to use effectively. its certainly not a win out of the box army

>> No.12677542

I think it's going to be like most of Phil Kelly's other books. It's a good, solid, fun book that oozes character and is perfectly well suited to casual friendly or light competative play. Sure, it might not rock the highest levels of the really cut-throat tournaments...but I ask myself, is that really a bad thing? No, I don't think it is. It's the hallmark of a well-balanced codex, IMO.

Then again I pretty much worship Phil Kelly, so I'm kinda biased.

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Quite like my good old Craftworlders then...

Do you think a co-op game with two Eldar players (Darks and Craftworlders) teaming up would kick serious asses ?

Are there any Psykers in DE army ?
Also are they considered Eldars ?
in order to benefit from some Eldar Seer spells...?

>> No.12677557

im a big fan of Phil Kelly too. My most played armies have books written by him; Orks, Warriors of Chaos and Ogre Kingdoms.
All of his books have definite character to them, unlike some of the other 40k ones. You know the ones i mean

>> No.12677560


Poison attacks and feel no pain being readily available make me a little worried, but I'll wait until I play a few games against them before I make my decision

>> No.12677563

>Are there any Psykers in DE army ?
No. The fluff notes that Dark Eldar psychic ability has atrophied away into next to nothing.

>> No.12677565

Dark Eldars have banned psychic anything, because using psychic powers would attract Slaanesh to Commaragh. Its the only thing they really agree on.
I'd say they count as Eldar, but benefitting from CWE powers is probably up to whoevers in the game

>> No.12677569

Phil Kelly you are spotted ! get away from /tg/ nao !!!
This is my realm.

Gav. T.

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Can the OP verify the points costs of the Special Characters? Also, can you take pics of the last wargear page? The one with vexator masks, shadowfields, and clone fields.

>> No.12677591

Character points are listed here, and they are accurate: >>12677403

Haha, totally. Ward might write powerful rules, but they're so lifeless. I get the feeling that there's no life in them. There's lust, in a way, in the regular Marine book. But there's no love.

>> No.12677593

cost for characters

ill get round to them photos in a bit

>> No.12677594

I'm gonna lol when the Disintegrator is the same price as a Starcannon.

>> No.12677601

Can you give us the Rectoblade rules OP ?

>> No.12677603

It isn't. The only thing that can take it is the Ravager and it's a free replacement for the dark lance.

>> No.12677608

Dissies are free upgrades for Raiders, Ravagers, and Razorwings. They replace Dark Lances.

I'd have them count as Venom Blades, myself. So +5 wounds, CCW, always wounds on a 2+.

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I get that feeling every time i read the new marine books. Theres something i cant put my finger on, like a bland adherance to the fluff and archetypes of the armies, with no real passion behind it. they never manage to sell me the concept of the army

i get a different feeling from IG, fluffwise. Its kind of cool, a bit of humanity fuck yeah.

Tyranids, however, had this whole "meh, phone it in" feeling throughout the whole damn book. it feels totally lifeless

>> No.12677618


They were S3 before, which could never do shit to any vehicle anyway. Well, okay, splinter cannons were S4, but that had such a negligible chance of ever doing shit to a vehicle that, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't matter.

So poison is in pretty much all cases an upgrade, unless you happen to be shooting at Gretchin. In some cases, such as when shooting at monstrous creatures, it's downright sick. It's substantially better than S4 against a good number of other things, such as Plague Marines and any sort of SM on a bike, as well.

Another upgrade they receieved was that the Sybarite actually has higher Ld than the rest of the squad now, meaning, until they lose him, they test at Ld9.

Feel no Pain is obviously good, too.

So really, they got much better for the most minor possible points increase, and were a pretty good deal before. The only thing people have any reason to bemoan is that you can't take 10 with 2 dark lances any longer, and that their dark lances are more expensive. But let's face it, 10 points was retardedly cheap for a dark lance.

If you want to spam lances you still can do so, but you'll need to use, of course, triple Ravagers, and use small Trueborn squads with 2 DLs as Elites. These come in at 110 points for a squad of 5 with 2 dark lances. Although they have half the wounds of the old "sniper squad", that's not terrible.

>> No.12677623

More like "get hot!" type rule too (but un CC)... if the bearer die thx to this, the unit gains one free Pain counter...

>> No.12677630

other wargear, 1/3

>> No.12677638


>> No.12677639

>i get a different feeling from IG, fluffwise. Its kind of cool, a bit of humanity fuck yeah.

>Tyranids, however, had this whole "meh, phone it in" feeling throughout the whole damn book. it feels totally lifeless

I'm the opposite actually. The IG book is, IMO, if anything even drabber and more lifeless than the Marine book. Here's an interesting point, though. Cruddance didn't write it alone. In the White Dwarf interview that went with the release of the book, Cruddance mentions he was helped and mentored by none other than...Matt Ward. The Tyranid Codex, on the other hand, I love the fluff. I love that they gave some elements of the race just a glimmer of genuine character. The endless, faceless swarm aspect is undeniably cool, but the fluff for them now just feels like it's alive in a way it wasn't before. Most Tyranids might be mindless or ruled by instinct, but lurking amidst the mass there are glimpses of cold, genuine intelligence that helps convey the fact that the Hive Mind is a fully sentient, sapient group consciousness.

>> No.12677640

Is a Wyche cult army viable?

>> No.12677644


>> No.12677655

Yes but your list is going to be a bit weird. You'll most likely be taking dedicating your fast attack and heavy support slots to anti-tank.

OP is both a scholar and a saint.

>> No.12677656

it's certainly doable, but if its effective or not cant be answered right now
personally, i'd mix in a few haemonculi to give the wych units feel no pain from the start of the battle

>> No.12677668

I aggree, the 10pts Darklance was a terrible infamous exploit.

Gotta remember DEldars never got 4th edited...

And Basic warriors remains T3 Svg5+ sugar-glass things...

Also rapid fir weapons are not that good when you want to assault or fire at long range (terrible rate)

>> No.12677688

Yes, but I'm not sure it'll be that great. Wyches are essentially tarpits, they don't have excessive killing power but are very good for bogging units down. It'll also struggle to hold objectives, without units of Warriors to sit on objectives and provide supporting fire.

>> No.12677690

I only ever saw the faceless swarm in the tyranid fluff, which made it boring for me to read. I didnt pick up on the sinister intelligence part.
Ive never really liked tyranids anyway. dont know why. I think im just sick of the "purely organic alien technology" shtick

>> No.12677835

OK I have questions regarding grotesques and wracks:
a. do grotesques still have the "i ignore your non-plasma shooting" special rule
b. what exactly ARE wracks, i mean lesser grotesques I assume... anything more to them?

Asdrubael Vect: I like my codices like I like my women...

>> No.12677867

Grotesques are now huge Ogryn like monsters, while Wracks are similar to the old Grotesques. Theyve lost that ignores less than Strength 4 thing, but they start the game with FNP. Wracks also have a pair of poisoned combat weapons.

WS4 BS4 S3 T4 W1 I4 A1 LD8 SV6+
WS4 BS 1 S5 T5 W3 I4 A3 LD3 SV6+

if you dont have a character with the Grotesques, theres a one in six chance they could explode every turn

>> No.12677874

... freshly unwrapped and covered in packing foam

>> No.12677878

Oh yeah, theyre both Elites, but taking at least one Haemonculus lets you take Wracks as Troops

>> No.12677911

The three Dark Eldar organizations all seem fairly viable (or at least don't suck) in a "Pure" list.

Kabal lists have warriors for scoring and fire support (anti-infantry is generally their best war), Trueborn are good for either anti-infantry or anti-tank.

Wych Cults have wyches for scoring and assault (they are quite good for scoring once they get a FnP point. They have problems if the objective is too far from cover). For anti-tank, they have reavers.

Coven lists have wracks for scoring/anti-infantry, grotesques for heavy assault and light anti-tank, and Talos for anti-tank (albeit, not great anti-tank).

And of course, there are plenty of non-aligned units to fill in the blanks or weakpoints: Incubi for heavy assault, Scourges for anti-tank or anti-infantry, Hellions for assault/anti-infantry, and the various vehicles for anti-tank.

>> No.12677977

Im looking forward to mixing them up. A main core of warriors with support from wyches and gribbly haemonculi nonsense should do nicely

>> No.12677993

So big grotesque squad can you fit in a raider with 2 character? They would make a good alternative to the court.

>> No.12678014

Here's the picture of it from ye olde 3rd ed experimental Harlequin codex, made from a vyper and a couple of raider bits.

>> No.12678031

Good on you OP, you win all the internets.

>> No.12678036

>ye olde 3rd ed experimental Harlequin codex

this intrigues me, do you have any other gems from it or is lexicanum my only bet?

>> No.12678046

grotesques take up two spaces. you can fit four in a raider if you want a character to go with them.
you can get them in squads of 10, which is stupid, because they'll never fit in any transport, and they cant guard objectives effectively cos theyre not troops

>> No.12678073

So upgraded Archon with at least Grenade Launcher with 4 Grotesques and a possible Haemonculus would be my court. If I take both liquifier and aberration I'll have 4-5 different models in the unit for wound allocation purposes.

>> No.12678079

Nice OP, them missing pages delivered, and readable without hurting dem eyes.


>> No.12678095

Glad to have helped. Ill take pictures of other pages if theyre needed.
That sounds pretty cool. Maybe give your Archon an Agoniser or something, though

>> No.12678111

That is why I said with at least. Of course it would have other stuff too but there are too many builds to list. With unit like that I would probably go with Clone Field and Ghostplate because I can allocate all dangerous wounds to other units.

>> No.12678206

I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but can someone post the army's special rules? DE seem like they'd have a few nice ones.

>> No.12678243

Fleet and Acute Senses (Night Vision).

Power through Pain. Every time a Dark Eldar unit wipes out a non-vehicle enemy unit, that unit gaints a Special Rule. Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, and then finally Fearless. These do stack.

Combat Drugs. Roll a D6 at the start of your turn. All units with Combat Drugs gain that bonus.
1: 3D6 pick highest for Fleet.
2: +1 WS
3: +1 S
4: Re-roll failed rolls to wound
5: +1 attack
6: Gain a pain token.

>> No.12678246

what, the whole thing?
here's the army wide ones anyway

>> No.12678369

Does Sliscus have a webway portal, or any way to buy one? I'd like to have a good reason to run a 20-model unit of wyches in an army led by a Succubus and Sliscus upping my combat drug capabilities, but without a portal or a haemonculus, it's difficult to justify.

>> No.12678390

Nah, he doesnt have a Portal. He does give all your raiders, venoms and ravagers deep strike tho

>> No.12678394

Sliscus is really good but no, he doesn't have a webway portal. Also, why WOULDN'T you be running a haemonculi or two? They're really good. Also, succubi are kinda crappy, TBH. At least they're lack luster compared to our other HQs.

>> No.12678407


I am on a killteam tournament starting November 6th, the same day DE codex is "revealed".
Any special troop choices I should be aware off, in-case I face the new codex?

>> No.12678412

Well, I guess a 20-person wyche squad without either of those things is no more vulnerable than a similarly sized squad of kabalites, considering 95% of weapons in the game are atleast AP5.

>> No.12678426

i'd say watch out for:

>> No.12678431

Sorry, meant the army-wide ones. Thanks! Power from pain seems like it's got a lot of options for sweet combos, 'specially with homunculi.

>> No.12678435

Question, are splinter rifles still rapid fire or are they assault now?

>> No.12678438

Talos with his Liquifier and S5 blast would probably be rather dangerous at low point levels too.

>> No.12678444

Theme is one factor. I also get bitched at incessantly for my use of haemonculii with liquifiers and first turn pain-token shenanigans. I figured focusing mostly on combat drugs (with Sliscus cruising around in a raider with a 9-man trueborn squad in a "as many shots as possible" loadout) would be less likely to provoke a potential shitstorm.

>> No.12678448

yar, they be rapid fire still

youre very likely to face a haemonculi, they give units they join feel no pain because they start the game with a free pain token

>> No.12678452

Just point them to Phil Kelly's interview where he says that Dark Eldar cheat and no dirty trick is above them.

>> No.12678461

Sliscus and Sathonyx make an awesome broteam, i think. using Sliscus's rules to give the hellion units a free pain token is pretty powerful (people seem to miss that hellions and reavers have combat drugs)

>> No.12678465

Haha, I wish that would be a viable excuse. I was told I was running a deathstar with a 5-man incubii unit, joined by an archon and a haemonculus.

>> No.12678477

What does it say about Harlequins? How does the Dark Eldar view them?

>> No.12678479

how is that a deffstar

tho i did jsut have the idea of putting three haemonculi in one unit...

>> No.12678481

Your playgroup sounds like a bunch of whiny retards, no offense. Does everyone play orks and nids?

>> No.12678493

What do ya think a general strategy against a new DE Army would be?

I can see trying to drown 'em in Boyz, just grind 'em to a pulp... eventually. How would a vehicle-heavy army fare?

>> No.12678496

The dark eldar enjoy their visits, surpisingly. The older archons get feel some nostalgia when they do the Fall of the Eldar theater.
The dark eldar dont seem to mind the Harlequins joining the fights too.
"even the most cynical archon raises an eyebrow at the Harlequin's impressive skills" it sez

>> No.12678499

Well, the complaints are typically from our eldar player. I play nids too, and our ork player is one of the best sportsmen I've ever played with (and an awesome teammate).

>> No.12678501

What would your friends think about squad of 5 beastmasters with 15 Khymera and 4 Razorwing Flocks? It costs 300 points and has 60 str 4, 24 str 3 rending and 10 str 3 attacks on charge.

>> No.12678506

I was gonna go for the "drown in Boyz" route myself.
As for vehicle heavy, you'd best take those skimmers out before you get lanced. the Deldar dont need to destroy vehicles, they just need to stop them from shooting while they get closer

>> No.12678508

>>Asdrubael Vect: I like my codices like I like my women...

Then he recently switched to newborn girlfriends...mmmmmh...

>> No.12678513

An hour long rant about codex creep, I'd think.

>> No.12678517

that sounds pretty nasty, actually. all those invun saves...

FOr maximum effect, keep them in reserve and have them pop out a webway portal

>> No.12678518

If you're running a mech list, your number one priority is to get rid of the DE's firepower and speed as fast as possible. If there's a WWP in the list, find out who's carrying it and stop them before they can drop it. Your main targets will be raiders and venoms with trueborn in them. Remember that you'll have better range on your big guns than they do on theirs (barring Nightshield shenanigans)

>> No.12678524

Well I know for my Imperial Guard I'm going to be painting up another Hellhound and Manticore.

D3 S10 Large Blast Templates a turn will swat any raiders that slow down to let troops disembark. And the Hellhounds will muder any DEldar infantry.

>> No.12678532

I was however thinking of a max-size squad of clawed beasts. Toughness 5 agoniser delivery system is kinda nice.

>> No.12678543

>>12677835b. what exactly ARE wracks, i mean lesser grotesques I assume... anything more to them?

Wracks are the assistants of the Haemonculi. They are willing subjects of body modification and still have their intelligence (ld8)

>> No.12678546

>Ork Player
"Well I will charge with my boys and then mop up with gunfire!"
>Guard player
"I will shoot it. With my tanks."


>> No.12678558


It's funny because a 180 point mob of orks still throws out more S4 attacks with shootas/charge combined.

>> No.12678564

dunno that I'd go all clawed fiends; I'd probably do a mix of critters; khymerae(?) for survivability, fiends for absorbing wounds, and razorwing flocks for sheer numbers of attacks. Keeps the whole thing alive longer and lets you run around with fiends at 1w with 6-7 attacks each or something like that after they get shot up a bit. WWP also will probably be the only way to reliably use Beastmasters.

>> No.12678574


>Dark Eldar players
"Let's make a thread everyday so we can go over information we've already covered again."

>> No.12678583

>>12678407Any special troop choices I should be aware off, in-case I face the new codex?

Trueborn Dracons have a3 base

so they can throw 5 attacks charging with an agonizer

and how are you guys doing Pain tokens? is it every individual DE that kills gets a pain token?

>> No.12678588

Now Eldars are all Bros... sort of.

Are Arlequinbs well fit in the Codex ?
appart from the look (more silly than sinister...oh wait.)

But do the codex specify the rules for their Hallucinogenic grenades ?
Does it states this act like Plasma Grenade ? are there plasma grenades ?

Is the meltapistol still a wothless shit ?

>> No.12678593

Could you scan the fluff pages? All the info on gameplay is already known

I'd like to read the fluff though

>> No.12678598

>Implying I am a Dark Eldar player

I just found hilarious the amazing tactical exchange we got ourselves into

>> No.12678604

Its not like we've waited 13 years or anything to talk about our new stuff
nah. a unit gets a token if they wipe out an entire enemy unit in combat

>> No.12678613

I'm glad that isn't what's goin' on... that would destroy my orks.

>> No.12678616

The rules for Harlequins have been copy/pasted from codex eldar. theyre exactly the same in form and function.
Haha, no.
If you'd read the first post, you'd have seen i have no scanner
Im not taking pictures of 20+ pages of fluff either

>> No.12678621

My friend and I are so stoked about the new 5th edition materials. The dark eldar were in such desperate need of an update. I *love* my new 'nid units, as well as the changes made to existing units. How do you like your basically totally-new army, OP?

Captcha: Sonovet tawin.

>> No.12678627

Beastmaster squads however have alot of 4+ invu saves, longer charge and better I. They also don't lose anything if they get charged and are still likely to strike first.

>> No.12678632

Well, if arlequins can borrow a Venom or a Raider to some unit, it's still great...

>> No.12678634

Yes. I went up against my friend's DE army, and PFP is an *amazing* deal. Can really turn the tide, especially with certain DE units.

>> No.12678636

The models are great and I don't think this is such a new army.

DE players tended to be exploiting faggots with only 2 kind of lists.

And most of them passed to another codex anyway.

>> No.12678642

Yeah, they can borrow a transport from another unit. probably the 20 strong warrior squad that doesnt need it because theyre guarding the DE objective
Lol i dunno. I got the codex for the fluff, and so the spazzes in my LGW dont try to cheat me on the rules. I might get an army at some point, because those Reaver models make me inappropriately happy

>> No.12678647

>>12678604nah. a unit gets a token if they wipe out an entire enemy unit in combat

Killteam doesn't have entire units, that's what I mean

>> No.12678652

i have fluff scans somewhere, hold on a mo i'll post them

>> No.12678655

good lord youre right.
how does that work, i wonder

>> No.12678660

>Calls a entire group of players exploiting faggots
>Their codex is from '98
>The only lists that could beat mech spam were the exploited ones

This is like calling a Necron player a powergamer for taking Warriors.

>> No.12678661

no, wait, doesnt it say in the killteam rules that the models count as seperate units or something

>> No.12678662

>> No.12678667

A 20 man squad can't have a transport though...

You can only buy a Raider if the squad is 10 men or less.

The only time I see Harlequins being used is when they come on through a Webway portal.

>> No.12678675


take a picture of just one faggot

>> No.12678684

i dont feel like it now, youve upset my feelings

>> No.12678687


>> No.12678705


so they're faster, stronger, tougher than CWE

will help with RT stats

>> No.12678710


>> No.12678739


anon has caused butthurt

anon gains 1 hurt token, gains Feel No Mad

>> No.12678741


>> No.12678748

They'd have to be, since they can't use psyker powers.

>> No.12678765


>> No.12678780



>> No.12678784

I love the picture on that page. Look at that motherfucker, he's so swank that he's shooting at that fucking dragon thing like he doesn't give a shit!

>> No.12678802


>> No.12678824

on to Vect. I swear this guy just trolls the galaxy in his spare time

>> No.12678826

i lol'd

>> No.12678827

Well, they are like a common Aspect Warrior actually...

>> No.12678848


The description sounds like they're comparing DE warriors to CWE warriors

>> No.12678858


>> No.12678871


As an Ork player I read this glumly we have nothing NOTHING that can compare to this

>> No.12678874

I'm loving this story

>> No.12678884

Someone trollface up a picture of Vect plurz

>> No.12678890

Essentially, your average Dark Eldar is physically fitter and with faster reflexes than your average Eldar - due to a literal survival of the fittest philosophy, less able Dark Eldar die off pretty early. However, because an Aspect Warrior does nothing other than train and fight, while a Dark Eldar Warrior Warrior spends time dabbling in art, torture, crazy sex, and casual violence, he likely won't have as much formal training as an Aspect Warrior.

So I'd say you'd have:

Guardian - Kabalite Warrior - Aspect Warrior/Wych - Incubi in terms of skill.

>> No.12678891


>> No.12678897

>>12678858Hot blooded warrior populace

Hot Blooded is a popular description of Eldar nowadays

>> No.12678898

>>than other elements of the Eldar Race

not especially Warriors.
But yeah the basic DE warrior may be better than a guardian or perhaps even Exodites, and yeah Archon is better than Autarch (look at profiles)

But Aspect tend to a perfection of his art, has awesome grown equipment and still master Psyk techniques...
Advanced Exarch also are somewhat immortal as their armour is some kind of infinity circuit of its own...

The more powerfull "living" Eldars remain the Phenix lords (or any very old and high ranked Master-Exarch).

But hey, we enter Fanboyism...

On average a well trained Dark Eldar is actually as good as a well trained Aspect Warrior, yet you can for DarkHeresy/40krpg counter this with slightly better stats for DEldars and Psykic powers and slightly better equipments for Aspect warriors..

>> No.12678907

You don't need it. You've got numbers. I'm convinced that'll be the thing Dark Eldar most struggle against: sheer weight of numbers. DE have very few large blast weapons, and as most players will be using Blasters instead of Shredders, not a lot of small blasts either so they'll struggle to clear hordes. Big, burly mobs of 30 Boyz will be a difficult prospect for a Dark Eldar player to deal with. Sure, he might be able to avoid and outpace them, but 30 Shoota Boyz sitting on an objective is going to have to be shifted some time.

Also, Lootas.

>> No.12678918

Incubi even look like generic Exarchs...actually... or Arlequins perhaps...

To bad we no more have exarchs with 2wounds in eldar codex (used to have in rouge trader/2nd edition)

your classification is good, but where are Arlequins ?

>> No.12678921

just as planned

>> No.12678930

Fluffwise, Harlequins should be above and beyond pretty much all Eldar in terms of skill and equippment.

>> No.12678942

Salamanders Fuck Yeah !!!

At last they give them interesting bits of fluff in major events (more than guarding some civilians on Armaggedon or getting assraped during Horus'heresy....)

>> No.12678944

And then you notice Drazhar and his Phoenix Lord statline

>> No.12678968

sorry for the wait this time, had to pop-off somewhere and get food

>> No.12678979

Well, basic exarch is at the same level as an Arlequins, just differently set...

Banshees can into awesome dance too...
And Darkreaper exarch is probably quite as good as a Deathjester...

Yeah Drazzhar, haven't loked at his statline... is he good ?

I mean Phenix lords are quite difficult to field in a CWEldar army IMO.

>> No.12678992

>Yeah Drazzhar, haven't loked at his statline... is he good ?

Exactly the same as that of a Pheonix Lord. He's armed with Demiklaives, both Klaivex abilities, gets a bonus attack for every 6 he rolls on his armour save, and can move to anywhere in a close combat before blows are struck.

>> No.12679003


>> No.12679006

Ok then he is some mixed Banshees+Scorpion isn't he ?

Banshees could jump anywhere in a CC in 3rd edition...

Also the S+1 powerweapon is quite the addition of both aspects.

>> No.12679007

>>12678968sorry for the wait this time, had to poop-off somewhere and get food

this is what I read

>> No.12679034

I know this may be going over the line, but some might consider the Dark Eldar to be jerks.

>> No.12679039

Something like that, yea. Incubi are pretty much the best bits of Scorpions and Banshees smooshed together, and Drazhar mirrors that. Plus, both he and the Incubi can fleet despite having a 3+ save, which is pretty cool.

>> No.12679054

Dear Sir, you do not go far enough. I suggest, nay, outright state that the Dark Eldar are Blaggarts and Scallywags of the worst kind.

And on top of this they are that most vile of persons, a foreigner.

>> No.12679069

I don't know, it's an STC plan that can cure poisons. That seems like it would be bad for business, if you're a Dark Eldar.

>> No.12679084

now here's another

>> No.12679092


>> No.12679130

i believe we are now onto the timeline... fun

>> No.12679134

I'm not the only one thinking about the welcoming feast for the Necron right now, am I?
Some kind imperial soul needs to take the Tau aside and tell them how fucked they really are.

>> No.12679171

Arha basically thought of Scorpions as heavy infantry rather than scouts and stealth units when he was running them, and it shows in what Drazhar did with the Incubi. They're Fleet because Dark Eldar have to be in order to survive.

>> No.12679181


>> No.12679193

>I'm not the only one thinking about the welcoming feast for the Necron right now, am I?

Hive Fleet Gorgon chewing a big lump out of the Empire was what first came to mind for me.

Tyranids are eating the Tau. Necrons are harvesting the Tau. And now, Dark Eldar are drinking the Tau. They're like a giant blue buffet table!

>> No.12679210


>> No.12679268

In past edition Exarch could fleet even with Svg3+... so yeah incubi are Exarchs.

what is their basic cost ? looks more close to an Exarch than an Aspect...

>> No.12679287

22 points a model. They actually dropped 3 points.

>> No.12679317

17, last of the fluff.
though i think i have a pic somewhere

>> No.12679343


Did they announce when they will release models for Wracks yet?

Holy shit man, I am so making a Haemonculi Coven themed list right now, fuck warriors, WRACKS, WRACKS EVERYWHERE.

>> No.12679349

Eh, give them enough time and Tau will conquer the galaxy. It's probably legit that they have to be so threatened they can't advance in any meaningful way, because plot statis.

>> No.12679356

Apparently, the second wave of Dark Eldar models is being released some time in the first half of next year, and is Haemonculus based. So I would speculate Wracks will be available then, along with Grotesques and the Talos/Chronos.

>> No.12679372

All right I might as well start buying me some Talos, some bits for my custom made Haemonculus and just wait for the Wracks.

>> No.12679402

Jizzed in my Seer robe...

>> No.12679432

ok, found these

>> No.12679462

FUCK YEAH! None of the Blood Angels/Necron lovefest going on here.... only pure awesome.

Seriously though, although I'm disturbed by the number of codexes that are being written with (this faction has brofisted with this faction), I am rather pleased with this one. There's very little herp or derp and the whole thing is fairly well done all things considered.

>> No.12679466

What is Power from Pain? What does Poisoned weapons do? (new to 40k)

>> No.12679477

Are mandrakes or Incubi anygood?

>> No.12679484

Incubi, yeah
Mandrakes, meh

>> No.12679488

>What is Power from Pain?

Covered it here: >>12678243

>What does Poisoned weapons do?

Wounds all targets on a set dice roll, rather than by comparing strength to toughness. Dark Eldar Splinter Weapons, for example, will wound all non-infantry models in the game on a 4+, regardless if it's a T2 Grot or a T8 Wraithlord.

>> No.12679491

"Thanks! But why did you guys save us?"
"For the lulz."
....Well played, GW.

>> No.12679493

power from pain is a dark eldar special rule

the unit gets a pain token for killing any non-vehicle unit. for one token they get feel no pain, for two tokens furious charge and for 3 tokens fearless.

poisoned weapons means instead of using your weapon's strength to wound against non-vehicle units, you instead roll against a set number. so a 4+ poisoned weapon would wound on a 4/5/6 against anything, from T3 guardsmen to T8 wraithlord. armor saves of course are unaffected.

>> No.12679494

Incubi are solid heavy infantry. Power weapons, 3+ save, Strength 4.

Mandrakes would be okay if they didn't require a pain token to use their shooting attack. As they are, they suck.

>> No.12679509



>> No.12679521

>Wounds all targets on a set dice roll, rather than by comparing strength to toughness. Dark Eldar Splinter Weapons, for example, will wound all non-infantry models in the game on a 4+, regardless if it's a T2 Grot or a T8 Wraithlord.
Techncially wrong. it wounds at its poison roll UNLESS it would wound more easily.

A splinter rifle would roll a 4+ to wound for everything t3 and up. but against t2, the s3 alone is enough to make it wound on a 3+, so it would roll a 3+ to wound. then the fact that it is a poison weapon would allow failed roll to wound.

>> No.12679527

Speed! Bringer of Death!

>> No.12679536



>> No.12679539

Do Dark Eldar stand a chance in hell against the Imperial Guard cheese?

>> No.12679540

oh cool its still here
nah, thats the old rules
this time, you roll to wound on the 4+, or whatever, but if your strength is higher than the victim's toughness, you get to re-roll the to wound
but splinter weapons have no strength, so they dont get this

>> No.12679542

>>12679092a single Dark Eldar warrior proved a match for an entire unit of fire warriors


>> No.12679545

Nope, it has no strength value. So no rerolls without Duke.

>> No.12679549

Mandrakes I think will have niche use. They're a force muliplier.

A squad of Mandrakes should be able to get into assault on turn 2 without having to rely on a Transport. Alone, they're unlikely to win combat against what they charge. So, support them with another squad of, say, Wyches of Warriors, which can zoom up, disembark, and assault the target as well. Together, the two units should be able to overwhelm the enemy unit without suffering losses themselves. The usual answer to this, of course, is "Why not take another Warriors/Wych unit in a Raider?" Simple - Mandrakes are cheaper. Since you don't have to invest the 60-70 points in a Raider, you can get 10 st4 models guaranteed to be able to start up the table without risking their transport risking being shot down on the way in. It also lets you pull off some Outflanking shenanigans, if you so wish.

I don't think Mandrakes will be great by any means, but I do see some uses for those people who love the models enough to take them.

>> No.12679561

Imperium fag here. Dark Eldar seem to be pretty damn effective, gave my Storm Wardens a hard time.

Incubi are awesome, few units in the game can go toe to toe with terminators and give as good as they get.

>> No.12679583

whoops. guess i was used to it.

splinter cannons not s4? meh. i can get used to it if it means they can hurt MCs via torrent.

>> No.12679587

People still havent seen this codex?

god, a sample one ended up in my LGS over 2 weeks ago.

>> No.12679605

How much did the guys writing this codex wank to old pictures of Dark Eldar while they were working, holy shit.

Some of this stuff makes Matt Ward look realistic.

>> No.12679614

They lost the ability to wound GEQ's on a 3+, yea. However, they got 12" more range, and can fire as Heavy 6 as well as Assault 4.

>> No.12679617

>Some of this stuff makes Matt Ward look realistic.


>> No.12679631

Stop that.

>> No.12679641

Read these pages and tell me they don't REEK of somebody making up as much bullshit as they can to make Emo Elves seem SUPER BADASS EVIL GENIUS BONDAGE WARRIORS.

Like that shit about the Inquisitor Lord who predicted a raid, slaughtered an entire Kabal fleet and then was found littered all over his bunker?

Cmon man. That sounds dead-ass like some shit Matt Ward would write.

>> No.12679653

Don't lie to yourself.

>A single Dark Eldar Warrior too much for a full squad of Fire Warriors

My ass.

>> No.12679657


I'm with you.

DE is one of the most bombastically ridiculous and over the top codicies ever. Fluff and Rule wise.

>> No.12679665

Why are you talking to yourself?

>> No.12679674

CC, obviously. A drunk toad can take on a squad of firewarriors in CC.

>> No.12679675


>> No.12679685

Is some of their stuff over the top? Yes.
Is it more ridiculous than Matt Ward's shit? Hell no. This is 40k you dumb fuck it's all supposed to be a little over the top.

>> No.12679686

He's just trolling, dude.

By the way, don't suppose anyone else here's got their hands on the models? I'm putting one of my Sybarites together - the Warrior kit really is sublime. The pictures online just don't do the models justice.

>> No.12679699

Rulewise, maybe. Fluffwise... nyeh,... no. They aren't overpowered, they fit in well thematically, and mostly don't interfere with the big players aside of kidnaping some of their weaker ships and armies. They kind of sit on the sidelines, beating each other on the head and occasionaly give the imperium or the tau a prod.

>> No.12679704

Could a Mandrake raise himself to the role of Archon?

>> No.12679712

My local GW let me help paint up a few test models while they were deciding on a colour scheme for the Store army.

They really are quite nice, but you will need to do some cutting/filling to repose of some of the arms if you want a good bit of variety in your squads. Otherwise all the squad leaders and special weapons guys come out looking the same.

>> No.12679714


Storm Warden/Space Wolf player here, I bought my codex, Archon, some incubi, a box of wyches, a box of jetbikes, and two boxes of warriors.

The models are beautiful, just beautiful.

>> No.12679715

A mandrake is too feral for the politics Archons have to deal with. "Civilised" Commorragh society would reject it for being too crude, and the mandrake itself wouldn't care for the doublespeak.

>> No.12679717


Mandrakes have their own agenda, whatever that is.

>> No.12679724

Probably not as Mandrakes do not command much respect within DE society. They could meet any requirments for the task (i.e. murder the current Autarch and all other candidates) But I think he'd have every single warrior in the Kabal and whoever else is involved with this Kabal trying to murder him. It's like a black guy became an industrialist in the 19th century. Not likely.

>> No.12679725

>Problem, Archon?

>> No.12679735

Unlikely. Mandrakes seem to have their own agenda seperate to that of the Kabals. Furthermore, I doubt the other Kabals would willingly accept the idea of a halfbreed monster trying to hobnob in the same social circles as them. Mandrakes have their own part of Commoragh to dwell in.

Mmm. Mixing them with the Wych kit will add little bit of extra variety, for those who don't want to try any radical conversions.

>> No.12679737

Mandrakes are a crash cushion for webway portal Haemonculi

crash his raider in th emiddle of the battlefield, have him join up with mandrakes after he drops webway portal.

you now have assault 2 24" s4 ap4 pinning shots with a 3+ cover save and 4+ feel no pain

for 15pts that's not bad.

>> No.12679755

Haemonculi w/ WWP, in a squad. On a raider. And the Mandrakes. For 15 points. Ok then.

>> No.12679762

How long would a Craftworld Eldar last in Commorragh?

>> No.12679764

But you could buy any other elites instead, you have to buy something to get a transport for haemy after all.

>> No.12679772


-gets tortured and eaten
-dies in gladiator matches
-if a Warrior, dies fighting Incubi
or if he's double 'ard enough, becomes a mercenary

>> No.12679775

Depends on how bored the Dark Eldar were feeling that day.

>> No.12679793

Mandrakes should have either been much cheaper or be a troops choice.

As they stand at the moment no-one will pick them when they could be picking Incubi, Bloodbrides, Trueborn, Grotesques or Wracks instead.

>> No.12679821

Depends entirely on what he was actually doing there.

Eh. If I had 75 points kicking around and didn't know what to spend it on, I'd give a quintet of Mandrakes a whirl. The models are nice enough to give them a go.

>> No.12679832

> The Parched

Space Hobos. The Dark Eldar have fucking Space Hobos.

>> No.12679841

Would a Ranger be crazy enough to wander into Commorragh for the same he reason he would travel the galaxy, which is just to see the sights?

>> No.12679847

So anyone planning on doing a clean, nice scan? I can't wait to add this to the collection.

>> No.12679855

If he was good enough shot and not above random murder then he might be able to make some quick cash while his corsair ship is refueling at the space port.

>> No.12679865

Only if he had a death wish and was looking forward to his soulstone being used to create unspeakably blasphemous weapons of war.

>> No.12679870

I like that. Upstart, bastard, spit in rage at tue indecision... If he had a mouth...
I like that even more. To retain his position, he'd need to be a Triple Hard Bastard.
Whatever Agenda the Mandrakes have seems pretty shrouded in Mystery, maybe such a case could further said mysterious goals...

Point is, I like the idea of a Kabal inspired by the stylistic of the new mandrake models. Runes on the armour, black skin, White hair, the works. And I'd love to convert up a lord Mandrake in highly ornate armour.

Sounds like it'd be a bit of a "LOL I TROLL U WITH SPESS DROW" to some... But it still strikes me personally as a cool stylistic choice.
Probably with clean polished bone armour, outlined on the plates in silver or gold.

>> No.12679881

It's possible. Furthermore, there's an entire shantytown outside of High Commoragh devoted for Mercenaries. So long as he was Double Hard, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to survive there. It's not like the Dark Eldar have some great vendetta against the Craftworlders, I can't imagine there would be lynch mobs parading through Null City looking for him.

>> No.12679904

Mandrakes might or might not share the goal of The Decapitator. He wants to complete ritual of skull where dead people stare into abyss until it stares back at them. After that people don't need eyes anymore.

>> No.12679922

>After that people don't need eyes anymore.

lost my toothpaste

>> No.12680047

>>Genius DE scientist turns himself into a beam of light
>>travels across galaxy solely to proclaim his genius

>>Archon traps him in a box

I love the Dark Eldar

>> No.12680060

I know, right? The fluff's full of funny little titbits like that. The Plague of Glass, for example. The first thing the Haemonculi do after stopping it from destroying Commoragh? Create a vaccine? Seal it away somewhere? Try and find a way to destroy it? Fuck no, they shove it into guns and weaponise it.

>> No.12680089

Hey, does anyone have pics of the Special Character army list pages?

>> No.12680098

This *is* Warhammer. Weaponising it would have been pretty much anbody's reaction. Except maybe the Tau.

>> No.12680102

Scientist was not DE. Some random xeno turned himself into beam of light and DE in some fucking way manage intercept it and then raid the guys homeworld.

>> No.12680109

Can someone screen cap/type out the actual written section for this? i almost choked on my drink when i read it.

>> No.12680113

Funniest thing was how the plaque got loose at the first place.

>> No.12680115

Future Haemculus here.

Your chaos army has less flesh abominations than my non-Chaos army!

>> No.12680132

Ah, but does it have more warped up crazies then mine?

you know... disregard that... you are DE after all...

>> No.12680164

Isn't that the whole army...?
>White and Gold Armour
Sounds... Fabulous...

>> No.12680179

What does the codex entry for the harleys say? Or is the entire thing literally copy and pasted from the Eldar Codex?

>> No.12680205


it's Page 17 of the posts here

they then use the new technology to rape nymphs at lightspeed

>> No.12680212

Yes, sounds exactly like how a Mandrake would dress.

>> No.12680259

Am I the only one who thinks that is one hard-ass looking firewarrior?
Damn it, why are there no safety regulations in the far future?!

Anyway, is there a reasonable area of Commoragh? Everyone can't be out murdering everyone else all the time, everywhere, or am I just being too optimistic here?

>> No.12680261

Not Sure If Serious...
>how the plaque got loose
Vect smiled, like a Predator Rapist, his gleaming teeth shining in the inky blackness of the darkened room, deep in the dark catacombs of the Kabal of the Unlit Candle. "Colgate." He proclaims, to rapturuous sycophantic applause.

>> No.12680274

>is there a reasonable area of Commoragh?

Oh my, you are simply ADORABLE!

Can I pet you?

>> No.12680277

they're not stupid about it, they don't kill unless it's profitable to them, AND they have to make sure their target's buddies (kabal) won't come after him after the target dies.
the kabals protect their members so it's not AS dangerous as you think. If you walk around on your own with no alliegence you'd be dead within a couple of hours though.

>> No.12680289

High Commoragh and Gate areas are policed by Vects men so now badly planned murders there. In Coven controlled zones there is no crime but chances of sudden death are pretty high.

And of course there are local militia but you know how trustworthy those are.

>> No.12680291


When I was a kid, I had that picture in a book of mythology. So hot...

(For those curious, full size here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/34/John_William_Waterhouse_-_Hylas_and_the_Nymphs_%2

>> No.12680374



>> No.12680381

>Everyone can't be out murdering everyone else all the time

Correct. This is why the Wych Cults exist. They're huge, public displays of pain and death that serve to satiate Commoragh's collective bloodlust and allow lower ranking Dark Eldar to get enough scraps of pain and soul to stave off the Thirst, thus preventing Commoragh descending into utter anarchy. Any area that is primarily controlled by the Kabals, Covens, or Cults is reasonably free of infighting, though the slums outside of High Commoragh are lawless, anarchic hellholes.

>> No.12680385

Whoa, there buddy, I didn't mean sunshine and bunnies reasonable, just "Corsair Captains can go through the docks and to the gladiator games without a guaranteed homicide against them" reasonable.
...A sunshine and bunny park in Commoragh would not be undesired though, if just to really drive home how absurd some DEldar get.

>> No.12680423

The Kabal who founds a Bunny and sunshine park in it's territory best be fucking 'ard or they'll get laughed, ridiculed and curbstomped.

Fan fiction...

>> No.12680436

You are essentially correct. Within the true metropolis of Commoragh, things are reasonably settled. Violence, death, murder and rape will of course take place but we're not talking about utter anarchy and war in the streets. Most inter-Kabal warefare is limited to the political circles and quiet assassinations.

>> No.12680449

And torture competitions. Oh, those torture competitions... so lovely.

>> No.12680529

ssssex engines

>> No.12680579



Dark Eldar are so fucked up they probably think of rape like us normal people think of missionary in the dark for the purposes of procreation and an expression of mutual love.

>> No.12680609


I remember when that joke was funny.

>> No.12680664

Liar, the joke was never funny.

>> No.12680669


You're right. I rescind my statement.

>> No.12680753

you sick fuck.

>> No.12680780


>> No.12680884

What is everyone's opinions on heat lances? At 12pts (for most models), I have a hard time justifying them over blasters. As an anti-tank weapon, they effectively have a 9" range since S6 lance without the melta effect just won't cut it.

>> No.12680897

I wouldn't bother. Reavers should always be Turbo Boosting anyway, Scourges are better off with Haywire Blasters, and the Talos should always be using Run to try and get into combat faster.

>> No.12680953

>>Reavers should always be Turbo Boosting anyway
I have to disagree that. It really depends on the list. Reavers actually make a fairly solid anti-tank unit since they can easily flank an enemy (using the fore-mentioned turboboost) and then blast them in the ass end.

>> No.12681147

Anyone have a clean scan of this yet? :'(

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