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/tg/ I need your help. I need women in dresses. Stately women, if you will!

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I said the same thing just the other night.

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Wow this dropped off the front page fast. I'll post what I have, but would like some help.

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i have none, i fear, but i will bump the thread so i can keep saving them

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All I've got, and you'll have to ignore her company. Best of luck in your search.

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Sure OP, I have a few

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grrr hate it when it eats my posts.

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I love you so much, /tg/. You never fail to deliver.

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Even prosthetic require a certain.. elegance, a certain.. style.

Blood moon industry presents the Nightmare collection, the finest products ever developed by any race. Light as a cushion of air, they are a dream to use, and feature the highest quality acanomechanical systems in use yet. Insuring that you will be moving in the lap of luxury for years to come.

Don't your children deserve it?

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Hmm, I may have some.

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I hope "dress uniform" counts.

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I'm going to end up saving pretty much everything in this thread, I just know it. Still, I'll post the few that I do have.

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I love this one.

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I like that one, very 'refined professional with a sense of taste'.

Like this one.

>>trust cartmemo

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Aaaand that's it from me, I think. If I find more, I'll post them.

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Where is the rest of her dress?

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Not in the picture, sadly. But I love her expression, and the rendering of the hair, so I posted it.

Also, found another one. Again, no focus on the dress, but she certainly looks stately. Another favorite.

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it's that Evony bitch!

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Not sure if this is particularly stately...

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Stately, huh?

Difficult... don't know if I have any.

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I remember seeing this picture as a contribution an art magazine shortly before it was ripped off and used in intrusive online ads for a piece-of-shit MMO-RTS thing, which quickly became more known for using ads filled with pictures of scantily-clad women (some of which were just modern-day photos) rather than any amount of gameplay. It's definitely one of the more rage-inducing instances of art theft out there. At the same time, it's much appreciated that you've posted the original here.

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How about real photos?

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She's beautiful.

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if this was one of those "fall in love you lose" threads, i just lost. holy shit.

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Think all of my good ones have been posted, but I'll see what else I have.

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The rest of what I have is more /s/ than stately.

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Here's another one of the first girl.

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What the fuck are these kinds of dresses called?

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Stately, you say.

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probably out, I'll check my other folders

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Can anyone rapidshare this?

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Stylized toga? Bedsheet with delusions of grandeur?

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More of a robe, but I'll count it

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Neoclassical, generally.

It's meant to resemble an ancient Greek chiton, but with a modern cut and neckline.

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hard to tell if that continues as a dress, but she's pretty stately.

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More of a skirt than a dress. And now I'm completely out unless I really stretch it.

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>post picture of half-naked tavern slut
>entire thread consists of similarly dressed slatterns
stay classy, /tg/
is doing it right.

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Oh you. Stay classy, Trolldiego.

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Thats Chris from Suikoden 3, and yes it does continue as a dress

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But... those proportions!

Anyways, these are the stateliest women I'd been able to find. If there were more good pictures of well-dressed women, I'd have more in my collection.

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Oh really? In that case, victory.

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It's not that hard to find them.

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I don't know. There's a few I like in the second one, but most of the pictures are intended to show a style of dress, not a woman in a dress. I suppose it works if OP was more interested in figuring out a style of clothes than getting a character portrait.

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rolled 27, 23, 19, 26, 20 = 115

there are in fact quite a few stately dresses in this tread however not many from the medieval era or the victorian

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Someone continue this shit in /e/ or /h/

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Bump for interest.

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>High Heels

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what? Dang it, I didn't even notice when I posted that. That's going to bother me forever now.

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this thread = awesome

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those sir, are what women's boots are like. you can hardly ever find them without heels.

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apologies for the late start, but i'll continue post what i have

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which kinda makes the whole point of wearing boots meaningless.

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That's one of my pet-peeves. I instantly lose respect for any woman who wears high heels into combat.

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Long live Queen Illeosa the Well Dressed!

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Long live Queen Taylor Swift

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>I need women in dresses
oh we all do

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good thing i stay out of combat.

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>those sir, are what women's boots are like. you can hardly ever find them without heels.

You're going into combat, you wear something for combat. You're going to the count's ball, you wear something for a ball.

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not sure how many more i have, searching through a couples thousand pics

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I have some.

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This thread is still going? My God, /tg/. You never fail to disappoint.

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I wish I had the high res version of this.

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http://2photo.ru/uploads/posts/1160936992_nelicquele0.jpg ?

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Kids these days just have no regard for the female form, properly attired.

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Was just gonna post that. Yay tineye.

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You sir, are awesome. Thank you.

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>This thread is still going? My God, /tg/. You never fail to disappoint.

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Getting near the image limit now, aren't we?

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Whoops. though that was a dress from the thumbnail.

Here's a better one.

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sadly, the limit has been reached.

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I think that cuirass is very appealing, even though it's not all that functional.

That's all I've got for now. I downloaded a bunch of new stuff I found from teh interbutts, but I seem to have misplaced it.

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