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Ok lads, this is it - the very last chance to vote for the 2010 xmas mini.

This time there will be no extra nonsense with new ideas, just the bare bones voting.

I've kept the top 3 ideas:
>40k nativity - 61
>Santa Slann - 52
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 27

And here are the ones that did not make it
>Sleighnids - 14
>Santanaught - 9
>Guts and Griffith 40k - 4
>Santa Squat - 3
>Eversor VS Santa - 3
>Santa Skaven - 3
>Fantasy Nativity - 2
>Rare Exports Guardsmen - 2
>Santa Battle Royale - 1
>Great Unclean One Santa - 1
>Sergal Claus - 1
>Santa's Grot Helpers - 1

So, cast your votes and lets finaly pick the xmas mini for this year!

>DISCLAIMER: If this thread gets very few replies I'll simply kill it and make a new one on friday or saturday next week.

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An Ultramarine. This is all.

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shut up Matt Ward

the fake GW guy said Alpharius and Omegan totally pwn Ultramar. eat it.

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40k nativity

>> No.12666221


The part about Ultramar getting fucked was what exposed him in the first place.

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>40k nativity - 61
>Santa Slann - 53
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 27
Black Templars, Dark Angels and Word Bearers were here
Ultramarines, Banana Fists and Alphail Legion are dildos

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Christmas Cultist.

>> No.12666239


I'd say it was all of the stuff he said about himself that would totally identify him to GW if he were legit that exposed him.

at least his fake shit was reasonably well-thought-out and entertaining.

>> No.12666244

I'm putting my vote in for Christmas Cultist.

...But Santa Slann sounds awesome as hell.

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>banana fists

fuck christmas, i want to see *this*.

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>40k nativity - 62
>Santa Slann - 53
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 28

>> No.12666255

Santa Ogre Maneater.

>> No.12666260

>40k nativity - 62
>Santa Slann - 53
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 29
Hell I might even do it if I end up with some extra GS rolls and yellow paint.

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haha yes.

some kind of fruit-cocktail-flavored marines.

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How are these "votes?"

Just who can spam-post the most?

>knowl preadery

>> No.12666325

I'm simply assuming this isn't /b/ and that we fa/tg/uys can post in a civil and reasonable manner without resorting to spam voting.

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Just reporting that I want to change my vote from santa slann to Christmas Cultist.

'cause I'm a fagit like that

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Speaking of GW, when are they going to sue Russia for using double-headed eagle imagery?

They sent a cease and desist order to Librarium-online for their logo with the same type of eagle, which those IP-violating criminals still hasn't been taken down as far as I know.

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Santa Slann sounds awesome.

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>> No.12666379

Sigh, I wanted Sleighnids, but since That option is gone:

40k nativity

>> No.12666392

Nativity scene, go!

>> No.12666405

Since Cultist Chan doesn't seem to be a realistic possibility anymore I'm going to vote for Nativity.

>> No.12666409

>40k nativity - 65
>Santa Slann - 53
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 30

>> No.12666411

Christmas Cultist-chan

>> No.12666416

40k nativity

>> No.12666421

Scriptarius, did you resolve the structural problems of the gingerbread titan?

>> No.12666431

Any chance of Guts and Griffith 40k making an appearance at some point anyway?

It's too awesome to throw away, and it's not even a Christmas thing.

>> No.12666434

40k nativity

>> No.12666437

>40k nativity - 67
>Santa Slann - 53
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 31
Kindasorta, I still need to add a bit of extra wight to the back to counterbalance the guns, but it's almost done.
The only parts I still need to make are the primary top cannon and the head.

>> No.12666444


GW's complaint against Curse.


>> No.12666470

Santa Slann

>> No.12666500

I'll have to look into that after I'm done with the xmas model
>40k nativity - 68
>Santa Slann - 54
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 31

>> No.12666529

christmas cultist chan

>> No.12666543


>"The domain name warhammeralliance.com and the mark WARHAMMER
ALLIANCE itself literally states and implies that Defendants and their business are in an “alliance” with Plaintiff and its products and services offered under the WARHAMMER Marks."

>> No.12666567

Voting for the 40k Nativity.

>> No.12666702

>40k nativity - 69
>Santa Slann - 54
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 32

>> No.12666877

Slann because it's not 40k.

>> No.12666878

Only bump I'm going to make before killing this.

>> No.12666883

>40k nativity - 69
>Santa Slann - 55
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 32

>> No.12666915

Santa slann!

>> No.12666916

>Santa Slann - 52
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 27

good luck posting those. the neckbeards will bitch and moan and get the thread taken down because it might be nsfw

And my vote is for Xmas Cultist

>> No.12666926

I'd like to see how Script does Xmas Cultist.

She has my vote

>> No.12666931

can we get some cultist chan love?

>> No.12666933

Cultist would be my pick amongst the winners. I'm so sad I missed the original vote though...sleighnids sound cute!

>> No.12666939

Canonically, the webway used by the Eldar was originally created by the Slann.

>> No.12666946

wait what?
Also, I highly doubt anyone would want to take the thread down, the past two were liked by just about everyone I've seen mention them or post in them, so I have no reason to believe this year would be any different.
>40k nativity - 69
>Santa Slann - 56
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 34

>> No.12666950

>40k nativity - 69
>Santa Slann - 56
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 36

>> No.12666952

1 vote for Christmas Cultist-chan

>> No.12666971

Nativity plz

>> No.12666981

>40k nativity - 70
>Santa Slann - 56
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 37

>> No.12667030

>>>40k nativity
What the fuck is this supposed to be anyways?

>> No.12667054

One of these "birth of jesus" scenes people use as xmas decorations, only with a 40k makeover.

google "nativity scene" for more info/pica

>> No.12667058

I believe Americans have a tradition of putting up Jesus displays. So this will be a 40K edition, I assume (Abbadon should be Jesus).

Nativity gets my vote because it involves more stuff to see.

>> No.12667068

A vote for Nativity

>> No.12667087

Christmas Cultist gets my vote.

>> No.12667100

I see, well there are already countless artowrks depicting the emprah and Spehhss Muhreens I have to go with Santa Slann.

Christmas Cultist chan is also awesome

>> No.12667126

We do the nativity thing in Finland too, but it's not too common.
>40k nativity - 72
>Santa Slann - 57
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 38

>> No.12667142

40k nativity, niggas.

>> No.12667157

Santa Slann!

>> No.12667178

40k nativity up in this motherfucker

>> No.12667196

>40k nativity - 73
>Santa Slann - 58
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 38

>> No.12667281

>40k nativity - 74
>Santa Slann - 58
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 38

>> No.12667303

One more vote for Cuhlteest... :3

You know, with a santa hat or some shit.

>> No.12667376

>40k nativity - 74
>Santa Slann - 58
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 39

>> No.12667396

40k nativity

>> No.12667397

I'll voe for Christmas Cultist; though Santa Slan's a pretty cool idea as well.

I don't like the 40K nativity idea, though; I'd vote aaginst it if such a thing were possible.

>> No.12667567

If I allowed un-voting, these threads would quickly devolve into /v/esque shit flinging as people would rather vote against something they don't like rather than voting for something they like.
>40k nativity - 74
>Santa Slann - 58
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 39

>> No.12667621

Though it's a bit late for this, you could do preference voting next time.

>> No.12667642

Santa Slann

>> No.12667660

Could be worth a try.
I'll try to remember that next year
>40k nativity - 74
>Santa Slann - 59
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 39

>> No.12667804

One more vote for christmas cultist chan

Mostly because I want to see her as a mini.

>> No.12667952

>40k nativity - 74
>Santa Slann - 59
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 40

>> No.12667963

santa slan, and his eight tiny salamandeer!

>> No.12668020


>> No.12668035

i just had an idea-convert an army to represent GW, play it in tournaments. Play, say.. necrons (or tau, no souls, lolol.) and model them all in suits and ties, refluff attacks to be 'cease and desist' orders and the like.

>> No.12668531

>40k nativity - 74
>Santa Slann - 61
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 40

>> No.12668564



Also, as much as I like the idea of a Christmas Cultist Chan, or really any Cultist Chan model (would like to see one if you have it, Scriptarius), my vote has to be for a 40k Nativity scene for the sheer hilarious blasphemy of it all, along with the creative latitude that a multi-model scenic diorama would allow.

>> No.12668619


>> No.12668622

Satan Slann

>> No.12668656

Santa Slann!

>> No.12668679

I vote for 40k nativity

>> No.12668692

I do have an old horrible Cultist Chan model I made ages ago but I destroyed it and deleted all the photos.
Suffice to day it was nicknamed "the shitting gorgon"
>40k nativity - 76
>Santa Slann - 63
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 40

>> No.12668712

Eyh, 40k Nativity. Since the Sleighnids are a no go

>> No.12668719


>> No.12668727

Another vote for a 40k nativity.

>> No.12669012

>40k nativity - 80
>Santa Slann - 63
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 40

>> No.12669018

I vote 40k nativity.
Can there be Xenos wisemen?

>> No.12669024

>Christmas Cultist Chan

>> No.12669105

Nope, Inquisitor wisemen
>40k nativity - 81
>Santa Slann - 63
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 41

>> No.12669123


>> No.12669143

40k nativity.

>> No.12669697

>40k nativity - 83
>Santa Slann - 63
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 41

>> No.12669742

Cultist-Chan Christmas.

It was so hard to choose between that and 40k Nativity. Too hard.

>> No.12669764


>> No.12670151

40k Nativity!

>> No.12670265

>40k nativity

>> No.12670305

>40k nativity - 85
>Santa Slann - 63
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 43

>> No.12670330

Ccc all the way, the others would be too stereotypical to be funny

>> No.12670353


>> No.12670359

The bacon-smelling cunt shant win. Oh well. Culteest.

>> No.12670389

mfw people vote for CCC because they want to fap to it

>> No.12670390

Slann please.

>> No.12670411

>40k nativity - 85
>Santa Slann - 64
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 47

I'll be ending the votes in an hour or so because I seriously need to get some sleep.

>> No.12670413

Santa Slann.

>> No.12670421


>implying people with gfs and wives need to fap, and don't just want to see a cool mini because that's what they like.

You, sir, are pathetic, and made me lol. Thank you.

>> No.12670425

I just want to see Cultist-chan in a 3D miniature. Damn, why are you so assuming and aggressive?

(BTW, +1 vote for CCC)

>> No.12670458

I personally want to see a CCC mini, if nothing else than for me to sneak it into my friend's Chaos army for some easy lawls.

Any sculptfags that would do a commission of one even if it loses?

>> No.12670667

Even if it does lose, you can alwayys hope for a christmas miracle
>40k nativity - 85
>Santa Slann - 65
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 49

>> No.12670680

40k Nativity

>> No.12670699


>> No.12670894

>40k nativity - 86
>Santa Slann - 66
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 49

>> No.12671128

Last chance to vote or I'm calling it

>> No.12671147

Santa Slann

>> No.12671162

do you really believe that 20 people will come in and vote for santa slann or 37 people will come in to vote for christmas cultist chan?

I'd prefer christmas cultist as a drawing anyways.


>> No.12671171

40k nativity!

>> No.12671224

You never know
>40k nativity - 87
>Santa Slann - 67
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 49

>> No.12671239

Didda dudda diddlada doo!

(Yes, the Countdown tune. Yes, I sad.)

>> No.12671261

cultist plz

>> No.12671428

>40k nativity - 87
>Santa Slann - 67
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 50

And with this final vote I'm calling it over.
Oh boy, lots of votes this year and while it wasn't quite as close as last year, it was still an exciting race to say the least.

Had we gone with last year's system or starting from 0 votes in the finals the final votes would've been
>40k nativity - 26
>Santa Slann - 15
>Christmas Cultist Chan - 23

Regardless, the 40k nativity made a major comeback after coming just short of victory in 2008 and falling off early in 2009, taking the most votes in 2010.

As such, I feel I can now proudly declare the winner and the xmas mini of 2010 to be:


Yes, your devotion and will to keep voting for the others even after the Nativity has a massive lead has warmed my heart. This combined with my personal desire to remake the Cultist Chan mini in order to put the Shitting Gorgon behind myself has lead to an unorthodox solution for this year.


>enjoy this WIP of CCC for now

>> No.12671443


>> No.12671466


Although I am pleased all three will grace us (thankyou Scripty) won't that make the vote utterly pointless?

>> No.12671484

Wtf is 40k nativity?

im voting C.C.C.P
(christmas cultist chan please.... bonus points?)

>> No.12671493

>my personal desire to remake the Cultist Chan mini
I saw this coming.

>> No.12671502

>doesn't know what the nativity scene is
Sure is godless heathen in here.

>> No.12671514

I wasn't going to do all three until maybe halfway through this thread and I wanted to keep the dramatic suspence going for fun and not just go "Yeah you know what fuck it shows over I'm making them all"

You have shown me the power of LOVE

>> No.12671536

godless no, heathen yes.

>> No.12671551


Wasn't trying to be a troll, just wondered why. Anyway, which one are you starting first?

>> No.12671581

Slann is already done, needs paint
Cultist is WIP
I'll get working on the Nativity on monday, after I pop a visit to the gamestore to pick up some models for it.

>> No.12671964

you made us vote for somethings that you had already completed.

Oh you crazy bugger. although i can't say that i'm sad about it all.

>> No.12672007

Scriptarius, you are one of my favorite namefags on /tg/. Seriously. You know why? You fucking deliver and know what the fuck you are talking about.

Example, making all three. I have no doubt that you will, and post results, cuz that's how you roll.

Though it is moot, I was GOING to vote for SantaSlann.

>> No.12672067



>> No.12673881


>All three

I came

>> No.12673971

I think you can combine all of these. The Three Wise Men can be Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch, Sanguinius can be the Angel Gabriel, Cultist-chan can be the Little Drummer Boy-Girl.


And who can forget Santa Ork?

>> No.12673989


Orks should celebrate KWAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHnzaa.

>> No.12673994


>> No.12673997

you just gave me cancer

>> No.12674021

You can't prove that. It could be a pre-existing condition.

>> No.12675562

>and the winner is

>> No.12675567


>> No.12675580

40k nativity

>> No.12675582

This... is the Christmas I never had ;_;

>> No.12675667

rolled 21464 = 21464

Awesome. :D

>> No.12677139


>> No.12677171

cultist, just because I want to see what you would use to build her

>> No.12677291


>> No.12677415

Santa cultist!!!

>> No.12677462


>my personal desire to remake the Cultist Chan mini

>> No.12677923



.... what is slann, besides a sci-fi post human race?

>> No.12679592

...This is still alive?

>> No.12679604


>> No.12679645

aw, they all seem so good
But the nativity just seems the best.

Vote for nativity

>> No.12680382


>> No.12680624

I'd just like to point out the votes are over already, no need to vote any more.
Feel free to gloat or post >implications or sage or something though.
Or better yet if anyone has more of these Rider Girl images, I'd love 'em

>> No.12680641


>> No.12680643




>> No.12682302

op is full of awesome

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