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Sup /tg/. I saw a thread about Scholomance the other day, and I thought the concept and system looked really fuckin' cool. Here's the 1d4chan article and thread archives:


I'm not very good at explanations, but basically: You're a young adult, probably a teenager and SOMEHOW you ended up in an academy that teaches magic, and that academy just happens to be a fuckhuge castle that's at least as strange as Castlevania. Courses last for nine years, and have what may be called a large wash-out rate early on as fighting and killing other students is fine as long as your teachers don't find out about it. With such a loose leash on life in a world where power is everything, you could imagine it to be something like grimdark Hogwarts, or Harry goes to Sith Academy(the way one guy put it), or the Heptagram if you're familiar with Exalted.

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ANYWAY. The setting is pretty cool I guess but the coolest part is the system. There's four main schools of magic: Sorcery(energy manipulation - old fashioned fireballs and shit), Alchemy/Transmutation(manipulating matter - stuff like making potions and that shit you see in Full Metal Alchemist), Enchantment(manipulating the mind - making illusions, mind control, etc), and Conjuration(summoning spirits, ghosts, demons to do your bidding). Now it's one thing to practice any of that and another thing entirely to be able to do it correctly and consistently, as a moderately powerful spell done right will nearly drain even a master's pool of mana(essence, MP, whatever). What's most important is Mitigation. Mitigation is shit you do to make a spell cost less to perform, and you can do this in any number of ways you can imagine, as long as it's appropriate. Chanting, drawing transmutation or summoning circles, adorning yourself in skulls and bones for practicing necromancy, wielding the staff of an old and powerful magician, spending a great deal of time on the process, spilling your own blood, sacrificing a first-year student's life, alchemy ingredients, symbolic sigils, detailed magical texts, any of those things can mitigate the cost of a spell by enough points that you're only using a small fraction of your MP.

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Now, the inexperienced will still have trouble with the last part: getting it right. After you feel you've mitigated enough of a spell, you have to spend some of your own mana and try to guess the spell's remaining cost. If you have no Mastery in the particular school of magic, you have to guess the exact amount. Otherwise, you risk overpowering the spell(guessing too high) or underpowering the spell(guessing too low), or causing it to malfunction in a completely unheard of way or causing absolutely nothing to happen at all. If you do have Mastery, and you get one point to spend every other year of enrollment after the first, then you get a little leeway in both directions. Example: a first year student with Mastery 1 in Alchemy would have to guess an alchemical spell's costs plus or minus one, in his third year of study he could guess an Alchemy spell at plus or minus two, but since he spent his first two Mastery points on Alchemy, he'd have to guess the correct cost for any other type of spell exactly.

Spell creation is also pretty simple. You put points into four different areas: Range, Area, Duration, and Power. The more points, the better it is for that function. You take all of the points allocated to those four areas and add them up to get the spell's total cost.

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OP, are you saying you are looking for players? I'd play a scholomance campaign.

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That's my little summary, anyway. God damn I couldn't get pass that fucking field too long bullshit. For those that are familiar, is there a place we can talk about fleshing this game out in greater detail? I was thinking about making an IRC channel or something if there isn't one already.

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Anyone who's been on 4chan knows about this.

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>purple nail polish
>high heels


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The system is still pretty bare bones, but fuck. Sure, if we can get a group together it'd probably be the best way to stress-test the system as it is. I can already see a few things like how to define range, area, duration and shit outside of arbitrary increments. Also, stuff like Endurance and Will, are those like classic hitpoints in which you're fine until you go below zero or do you lose functionality as you go down?

Anyway, come to #Scholomance @ irc.rizon.net if you want to discuss. I'm going to keep the thread bumped with pictures and stupid questions for as long as I can, anyone's free to join in, post their characters, lurk, or what the fuck ever

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You say that like its a bad thing.

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Op, you really should put this stuff down on paper. Maybe something like a google groups document so you can keep all of your ideas together. Don't event think of starting the campaign/playtest unless you have a solid idea on how the rules will work.

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Way to go, Captain Obvious. She's practically jacking off a beaker with her other foot, after all.

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It's not my creation; it's something someone else posted here in like 2008 and I saw a thread about it Saturday and thought it looked cool. 1d4chan sums up what's currently going on much better than what I did, if you want more info check the link in the OP. I'm just cool for the suggestion of starting something as we could probably get some shit done just by attempting. It'd probably be a fucking mess at first, but we could at least iron a few things out. That's when I start documenting stuff

I also have a surprising lack of scenery that works with the setting. I need to fix that

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HAHA warcraft

although oddly enough scholomance was a necromancer academy for the cult of the damned, so maybe...

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I don't know anything about Warcraft, afaik the two just share a similar name. I wish I had some better pictures to depict how large the school should be, though.

This might work after a huge conjuration accident. Good luck finding your economics class.

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Would probably make more sense if it actually had an accompanying picture

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How do other people feel about different fantasy races in Scholomance? I think it'd be cool if everyone, for the most part, started out human or human-like but became something more(or less) over their years in the Scholomanse. Example: a first year girl is constantly harassed by an upperclassman's Enchantment magic, so she researches demonic texts outside of class, trying to find a devil familiar that can serve as her ward. She eventually finds one, and rather easily, but fucks up and puts way too much energy into her overeager summoning ritual. A greater demon appears, and instead of being a cute little SMT-like pokedemon like she expected, it's an ancient monster that sees through her dilemma and offers her his power, for a price: after a large amount of time or until a seemingly impossible condition is met, she is to relinquish her soul and submit her body to his infernal kind. Over time, her body slowly begins to take on her ward's aspects, until eventually it's impossible to hide her demonic inheritance without the use of powerful magic.

Another example would be a student of the dark arts who wishes to further his necromantic studies, so he separates his soul from his natural body into an alchemical vessel(a magic kind of diamond or something that doesn't wear away easily), so he may control any corpse or body that is no longer animate.

Anyone else have some ideas? I'd like to see something more original that what I put out, but I find playing archtypes can be just as fun as OCs

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No fantasy classes

Effects should go either the Demonic, Eldritch or Underworld style

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That's about how I would prefer to play, but I don't think the game would suffer too much if races from fantasy were included in particular campaigns. That's probably something that would be deferred by a houserule rather than the core game, however

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Yeesh, hardly any luck. Does anyone know how long it takes these threads to 404? I'm thinking about just letting it sleep for a little while and then bumping it later tonight, see if I get any interested persons at a different time.

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Where can I get any solid information on this? the 1d4chan link isn't working for me and I want to look into this more. Is there no organized information on this?

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an interesting concept. I like the grimdark hogwarts aspect, but what other systems could run that sort of setting as well?

This one seems very open ended, perhaps using some of the skill trees and concepts from Mouseguard could work

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As far as I know, there isn't. I've copypasted the 1d4chan article to google docs, if that works for you

It is very open-ended, both in setting and system, and that's one of the aspects I like about it. And I think you could run something like this in any system that has a lot of magic going for it, but I don't believe you'd be able to emulate its simple elasticity. Skill trees and the like don't seem suited for a game like this, though I wouldn't mind borrowing some ideas from other games

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I like the idea but id like to see better mechanics hacked out before i give it a try, especially considering im the type who loves to play minion masters and such.

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Kind of reminds me of another setting we worked on, Pendragon Academy. Same basic concepts, but it was designed as a D&D setting, so the threads were mostly centered around fluffing out the school itself and its professors.

Two that stuck out for me were Cogitus, the rogue modron professor, and some lich professor who was geassed by the headmaster to not kill the fuck out of all the students (forgot his name). Think there was also a minotaur that taught architecture and a dryad that covered botany. Shit was fun.

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Did you happen to save any of it?

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Sounds pretty awesome. I'd play it.

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join the IRC channel if you want to talk about it. It actually has more than one person in it now ;-;

Also, it seems that 1d4chan is down for everybody, does that googledocs thing in >>12649219
actually work or am I retarded?

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Rizon isn't liking my proxy very much

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Scratch that.

>forever alone

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Do you have a preferred network

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Wish I could say I did. There might be a thread up on sup/tg/, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Did a quick sketch of Cogitus once too, but I never scanned it and I'm buggered if I know where that sketchbook went.

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Having trouble with the link. What am I typing wrong on it?

#Scholomance @ irc.rizon.net

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Not particularly. I suppose I could suck it up and use mibbit instead of my normal client, but I'd be hard pressed to remember to go back in the channel past today if I did. I suppose I could write myself a sticky note for it...

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What client are you using? If you're using Chatzilla it's something like /attach irc.rizon.net and then /join #Scholomance , in mIRC or mibbit you choose Rizon from a drop-down list of networks and then punch in /join #Scholomance.

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Trying to use the mirc one. I'm not currently running Firefox.

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Select Server...
find the one that says Rizon
click it
select "random server"
hit OK
Connect(might have to hit that lightning bolt thing)
/join #Scholomance

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And by the end of the day, four dudes sat down to play.

Or some shit. If this thing works out I'm gonna try my hand at statting all of the tarot card characters as spirits or demons you can summon. In before I completely rip off JJBA for every one of them

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Sounds like my kind of school.

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be chrool to your scuel
'cause you may never get another
be chrool to your scuel
in the name of rock n' roll

Alright. Got a few people in the Rizon channel and something akin to a start on working on this thing. Got a shit to do list going, let's hope we can actually touch on some of it and maybe have a game running before long.

One more bump before bedtime, hoping to see this still alive when I wake up

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And another now that I'm awake

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>Implying Scholomance instance wasn't fucking epic like 90% of vanilla WoW

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So are guns allowed in the school?

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>vanilla WoW

Sorry, but no. I considered vanilla WoW one of the worst games I had ever played at the time for a very, very good reason.

>> No.12655681

Just once I want to see a Scholomance thread without someone bringing up Warcraft.


>Balphy tried
I'm sure he did.

>> No.12655696


It was pretty much epic compared to the shit the expansions brought

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Let's agree to disagree? This may be nostalgia speaking, but I considered Ahn'Quirai, Scholomance, Zul'Gurub, Blackrock spire and Molten Core one of the most scenic and well-designed places I've ever visited in the vidya world.

>> No.12655725

TBC had terribly retarded lore but far better design in general. WotLK was easily the best expansion gameplay-wise but was slightly too easy unless you were raiding top-tier hardmodes the entire expansion AND it meshed lore-wise.

Fuck Vanilla questing and raid design. Worst bullshit ever.

>> No.12655747

Are guns ever allowed in school?

Do you think it would be better if we called it "Scholomanse" instead

>> No.12655755

The raids themselves were really basic mechanically(Naxx 40 and Nefarian aside), but sure, they were atmospheric enough.

The fact that Blizzard completely fucked up and made every class use only one spec UNLESS they were a Warrior was not in any way, shape, or form a good thing. Neither was the retarded fire resist gear grind that you had to do just to start on Molten Core. Faction-specific classes were a tremendously stupid idea, especially when they refused to put in faction-specific boss loot lists so you could end up getting Shaman gear as an Alliance raid or Paladin gear as a Horde raid.

There was a LOT wrong with Vanilla WoW.

>> No.12655757


I thought Scholomance was an "out of time and space" kind of school, so yeah.

>> No.12655764

thats what you retards get for stealing a blizzard name, ask 100 gamers what scholomance is and 99 (even the wow haters) will tell you its from wow.

>> No.12655832

way to be wrong, all class specific gear WAS faction specific right up untill about a month before BC came out.

the elements dungeons set (for shamans) was widely used by hunters and paladins as off set pieces and as temporaries until their dungeon set piece dropped.

Warriors often used lightforge armor as the stats were very similar to valor, this was doubley true when int increase weapon skill ups

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Even transdimensional pockets between worldly plans have heard of Columbine and VTech

Besides, assuming the setting did support firearms as we know them, carrying around an M9 is probably a good way to get a fireball shoved up your ass. I wouldn't have a problem with very old-fashioned flintlock pistols and the like(would be fun to fill with alchemical regents), but modern firearms rub the setting the wrong way and thus do not exist.

But hey, I won't stop you if firearms are in your game. That's just like, my opinion, man

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Anything besides world raids, Molten Bore and Onyxia was pretty good. Maybe bit too much tank and spank in BWL. AQ was very good but suffered from prohibiting length and horrible itemization.

>> No.12655889

I finally get people in this thread and they all want to talk about WoW. :|

I made a shit-to-do list for me and the few people that joined the IRC channel, maybe the rest of /tg/ could help address some of this

One thing I forgot to put on there is that the game seems to be made to work dicelessly. Should we leave it like that, or come up with rules for those that prefer playing with dice? I think it's best to leave Mitigation diceless, but other shit like Essence and Form rolls might benefit from a little bit of chance

>> No.12655916

Here's something to add to your list....


>> No.12655950

Vanilla dungeons were incredibly spotty in quality. Dire Maul is still a boring piece of shit to this day, BRD is far longer than it has any right to be but is at least interesting to explore when you're 80 and can ignore most of the trash mobs, Scholomance still has the HURR I IMMUNE U mobs which are a hallmark of bullshit design, Stratholme is still just as long as it used to be while being infinitely less interesting to look around in thanks to the Culling of Stratholme dungeon and BLACK AND GREY EVERYWHERE, and BRS is BRS.

I liked Scarlet Monastery-style dungeon wings from the outset.

>> No.12655966


There's the fucking origin of the name, the same one that WoW took the name from, now fuck off with the WoW talk.

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I would if this thing didn't precede my attention for over two years. Besides, it wouldn't really help as the majority of those familiar know it by Scholomance.

>> No.12656234

wow integrated it, this failure game builder stole it.

>> No.12656240

If you can get diceless to work, go for it.
Personally, I'd probably prefer dice but that's probably because it's all I know in RPGs that aren't forum based.

>> No.12656251

I'm just surprised that this thread hasn't 404'd yet...

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You're retarded, aren't you.

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No but this is a MAAAAAGIC school maybe you can create them and use em in combat like with Alchemy/Transmutation or Conjuration

>> No.12656738

Dire Maul was bit on the boring side when you had to chase pylons and kill plant trash but the Bosses were thousand times better than anything in Strat or LBRS (oh god LBRS). Of course it still was easy but at least there was something besides the tank and spank.

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The biggest problem I see right now is spell creation. Range, Area, Duration, and Power are all pretty arbitrary, and what you get back for each point has yet to be defined. It also makes spells feel kinda samey, I was thinking maybe requirements and conditions could alleviate that a little bit.

Requirements: Something you -must- have to perform a spell. An example could be that you need a corpse to animate a zombie, or a written pact before you make a deal with a conjured demon(of course, if you can control the demon directly with powerful Enchantment magic, that would be unnecessary...).

Conditions: Certain circumstances that must exist in order for a spell to function as intended. A simple example could be that a black magic spell automatically fails when holy countermagic is used against it, or it could be more involved. Perhaps a spell only works on certain days of the week(it's channeled through the spirits of the calendar or some shit), or a dream-eating summoned demon can't enter a room with a dreamcatcher protecting its sleepers, or whatever you can think of.

>> No.12658986

You could say WoW codified it.

>> No.12659000

I'll play an instructor named "Darkmaster Gandling," and fuck you up with my epic staff.

>> No.12659096


Well, stuff like range and duration don't apply to all spells.

Maybe spell design could be modular, with a given spell consisting of one or more 'components' that govern stuff like range or damage or duration. You pick and choose from a list when designing the spell. Like, a regular 'create fire' spell could have just one component, called something like 'magnitude', while a 'fireball' spell would have at least two, 'magnitude' and 'range' (or velocity / momentum / w/e ).

What you get for each component would depend on how many times you added it to the design: 'range 1' could be 1 unit of distance (meters?) while range 3 would be 6, but would count as 3 'components' when it can time to figure the spells cost / difficulty.

So one wizard might design a fireball with magnitude 3 and range 1, while another designs a range 3 magnitude 1, with both spells having a 'cost' of 4 'components'.

>> No.12659517

Count me in, this sounds like an awesome setting.

were can I find more info pertaining to it

>> No.12659598

@ The Firearms statement

You could always handle it in a Dresden kinda way, were the more advanced the item gets the higher chance it will fail or back fire due to the magical energy in the area. so flintlocks being ancient in design would work almost flawlessly being how simple they are. were your M( would suffer Jams and miss fires.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding something, that's basically how spell creation is right now. Like, here's an example for a weak fireball. One you probably would only use to harm, not kill:

Power: 3 (removes three points of Endurance on hit)
Duration: 0(only needs to last long enough to hit the target)
Area: 0(it only strikes a single target)
Range: 2(let's say 1 range for every five meters, for ten meters)

Now, that spell's intentionally simple for the sake of an example, but I have a harder time imagining how you could represent a much more complicated spell. I guess a lot of it would come from what your HM feel is right(you're not always supposed to know the exact cost of a spell anyhow), but I don't know how I feel about the HM deciding the numerical parameters of almost every single spell. Sounds like it'd become a pain in the ass before long, but I suppose that's why we need to stress-test it

1d4chan article, suptg archives, the IRC channel on Rizon(#Scholomance). If you don't know how to use IRC, I can walk you through it

>> No.12659749

I imagine that, were this to become an actual system, there'd be a lot of pregen examples and guidelines.

Until then, we're all playtesters and we've got to wing it.

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Yeah, that's true. Right now I'm going to thumb through the earlier threads and see if it was addressed, but what do you think about spell requirements/conditions? I'd like spell combat to be more than "I cast a strong spell" "I cast a stronger spell" and etc, conditions(need a better word for that) seem to support that. I just hope they're not too much like Mitigation.

>> No.12659975

For the to do list:
It exists between dimensions, and it's basically a grimdark hogwarts. So as for the school, it probably should change in size, etc. Passages should move, grow, etc. Maybe the centre of the school is the most stable part, where the magicians will binds it to being more solid, and as you move away from the centre it gets more complicated and starts breaking laws of physics more and more?

Mechanicwise the sacred cows would be the four schools and the mitigation system imho.

As for range, etc. maybe make them mulpicitve for the spells mana. So a spell with power 2 Range 5 area 1 duration 1 would be worth 10, not 9.

From 1d4chan:
"Your mana is equal to your total sum of Magic Points."
so, 9 to start with.

>> No.12659997

This is a grate idea, i always loved the scholomance instance and thought it would be cool to see more about it done sort of like a jrpg with some quirky female characters. CANT WAIT FOR MORE OP!

>> No.12660052

Get out troll, gb2/b/

>> No.12660103

the main thing i want to see come out of this playtesting is definitive rules for summoning and conjuring the various beasties.
Spirits (of concepts and places and things oh my!)
Undead (corporeal and not)
Astral forms, beings of thought
Constructs of pure mana
Beings created whole cloth out of the casters desire and intent.

The possible list goes on and on and on, and while leaving it incredibly open and customizable is nice, then what differentiates a necromancer from a demonologist? Needs more definition methinks.

>> No.12660137

Is this system going to be for kids, or will there be rules for relationships and associated activities?

>> No.12660186

This could tie into >>12659854. A demon and devil may be represented by similar (or mostly similar) spell effects, but there would be different requirements involved in summoning each one.

>> No.12660192

That'd largely be RP'd out, wouldn't it?

>> No.12660218

I can see some issues where being in love with, or having fucked, the target of your spell could arguably be a reason to receive mitigation. In which case, you could argue that there ought to be rules to determine when and how those sorts of things occur.

I don't personally see the need for it, though.

>> No.12660219

Makes sense.

For example a demon may require a sacrifice of some kind, whilst summoning undead would need a corpse or whatever (Depending on if it's corporeal or not).

>> No.12660240
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>It exists between dimensions... and everything else
Yeah, I was thinking something like that too. I've been comparing it to Castlevania, which is supposedly a living creature of its own that changes shape and traps its inhabitants. In addition to that, I feel it should be massive, so much that you could reasonably include anyone's idea to its contents. Labyrinthine catacombs, spires and towers that rise miles high, libraries with bookshelves several stories tall, several sections that are derelict and abandoned of human life, and a few safer and more sane locations dotted about the castle that's warded by powerful magic against change or forceful entry.

Sacred cows: I agree with you on both of those, but in addition I want spell creation to be as simple and functional as it can be without making them all samey. I haven't tinkered with it enough to decide if it's fine as is or if it needs tinkering/reworking, but it's something I plan to do before I try running a session.

>As for range, etc. maybe make them mulpicitve for the spells mana. So a spell with power 2 Range 5 area 1 duration 1 would be worth 10, not 9.
Hmm. I'm not much of a number-cruncher, but I'll try that when I get around to making and testing spells.

>9 points
Turns out I am blind. I appreciate the help, in any case

>> No.12660294

With the mulplicitive thing, it shouldn't need huge number crunching (if the total's higher then 18, then one can assume it's out of reach without a whole lot of mitigation).

>> No.12660348

Expanding on this, it makes sense that size of a boulder being lifted would matter more if the boulder was being lifted 200m away, or for a long time.

>> No.12660670

I'd say that you start with a minimum of one on each statistic and then you have nine points to spend on them, so a freshman would look like this:
>captcha: are hopless
I don't like the sound of that.

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I'll certainly keep it in mind.

Meanwhile, we're bullshitting over the setting in the IRC channel, I'll post a summary of it later tonight maybe.

>> No.12660843

tossing this out there as a term to be used.

>> No.12660900

I feel like it would be a waste to use that just as a really badass name for the honor roll/dean's list, but it would also be really fucking awesome. I am torn.

>> No.12660966

You're on a honour roll for a university where survival isn't guaranteed. I think it works. Alternatively, use it to describe honours/masters students?

>> No.12661139
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We'll probably be messing with the chargen numbers anyway, especially with shit like those nine magic points you start with.

I love weird and cool words like that, so I'll definitely try to apply them where it is appropriate. Makes things more immersive, in my opinion

>> No.12661359

Oh god, that image just reminded me of The Magic Goes Away and summoning the Moon.

Too much success indeed!

>> No.12661581
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Hey /tg/. one of the dudes in the IRC channel brought up this question: Should Endurance and Will have an active role(as in, you would actually use them to do something instead of serving as a health/willpower pool) or should they simply be passive and leave the active duties to Form and Essence?

>> No.12662035
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Another question: how do you make Magical Points not retarded at chargen(and after)? Here's how they're defined from the wiki:

>You spend your 9 Magic points and 1 Mastery Point in the four Magic Schools. Sorcery, Alchemy, Conjuration and Enchantment. Each magic point invested is one point of mitigation

Basically, that means you can put all your points plus your Mastery into, say, Sorcery and have 10 points Mitigated without breaking a sweat. That means a freshman could throw around 8 damage fireballs all day long, as he's only ever spending zero mana on his fireball. That's shitty and fucks over the entire concept that makes mitigation cool.

One guy is saying that instead of being a permanent reduction to that school's cost, it should be like a short term mana pool that you use for that school only. Another solution could be to simply lower the number of Magic Points you start off with at chargen and lessen the amount you get every year. Thoughts /tg/?

>> No.12662113

That just means that the mitigation curve isn't set up how you want it. Decide on how much mitigation an archmage/instructor, specialized graduate/midlevel student/freshman, and generalized graduate/midlevel student/freshman should get, and make the rules from there, not the other way around.

The general magic rules may also be in question here; is there a certain level of effort that should be involved in even the least of spells? Should mitigation be proportional or linear (that is, should a really good mitigator halve the spell's cost, or just be -10)? Are there limits to mitigators which can be applied- that is, does throwing a few skulls into the mix always help a spell, even when you're already sacrificing fifty virgin innocents to cast it? Conversely, are there limits to what skill alone can do for you in the absence of mitigators?

Answer: Eh, I'll think about it later. All I've read on this is the thread, anyway.

>> No.12662492
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The 1d4chan article is more specific than I have been, so give that a shot.

>The general magic rules may also be in question here; is there a certain level of effort that should be involved in even the least of spells?
For the most part, yes. If you wanted to do something incredibly simple, like light a dark room for a few minutes, you could probably neutralize the cost of the spell through your Magical Points and simple mitigation techniques. However, with no Magical Points or Mastery you should end up mitigating more or using up your personal mana pool to fuel the spell. We want spell costs to generally be high enough that you can't do it easily, but not so high that you -must- go all in on one stat to even approach a feasible amount.

>Should mitigation be proportional or linear (that is, should a really good mitigator halve the spell's cost, or just be -10)?
Mitigation stacks, and the primary way you'd mitigate expensive spells is by arranging multiple sources of mitigation for your spell. For example, if you wanted to mitigate the summoning of a greater demon, you would draw a summoning circle that includes sigils relevant to him, then light a circle of candles that number the demon's legions, beginning the ritual on the night of a new moon, sacrificing an amount of blood or a first year student's life, spend an hour chanting his praise, putting forth a written pact that would be favorable to the demon, and so on and so forth. All of that would mitigate the cost of the spell by different amounts, and you add it all up to get it down to where it's either cheap enough to spend mana on or so cheap you don't have to make any expenditures. So basically. You wouldn't divide or any bullshit like that in most circumstances.

>> No.12662504

>Are there limits to mitigators which can be applied- that is, does throwing a few skulls into the mix always help a spell, even when you're already sacrificing fifty virgin innocents to cast it?
Mitigation is supposed to be relevant to the spell you're mitigating, for example you might carry around a cross or holy symbol if you wanted to cast a purifying spell, but it wouldn't mean shit if you were trying to throw a fireball. There's some things that may be universally applicable, like announcing the name of the spell when you cast it or tattooing part of the spell to your body, but most mitigation techniques will require specific regents in order to function as intended.

>Conversely, are there limits to what skill alone can do for you in the absence of mitigators?
If you're talking about Magic Points, I believe they're supposed to function like a permanent amount of Mitigation for that specific school. Basically, your experience is mitigating that spell. And so far, we haven't put a limit on it - I'll look into it when get more in depth with the mechanics.

Fucking character limit, how do questfags put up with that shit

>> No.12664153

However you wouldn't be able to use spells from any other school. If the opponent cast something to protect them from fire, then you'd be fucked. Also, the exams would require a certain amount of competence in each area. Maybe make it like DnD 3ed (I don't know how other versions work, so no edition wars please) where after adding so many points to a stat, you need two or three to gain further additions?

>> No.12664321

Drop charactistics, only use skills/traits. Let all skills start at 1 and give enough points to players so that they can start with all skills at 2 or otherwise divide them how they want. Then divide up the Traits:


6 points, plus 6 to place as you want. Each point allows you to use 1d6 in a roll involving that trait and 5+ is a success. 1 success is ok, 5 successes are fuckawesome.

Spells have a threshold to be beaten when cast. This threshold is between 1 and 10 and decided by the player by making the spell. Each Threshold point is a point you can divide between Range, Effect and Area.

Effect is Damage, levitation or whatever.

If a spell fails because you didnt beat the target number, you can choose to use a number of points from Endurance/Willpower as you please equal to the difference and have the spell work anyway - but it hurts like hell and can reduce you go a gibbering moron.

Casting Magic uses Magic, Resisting Magic uses Willpower, Beating someone up uses Physical, Resisting getting beaten up uses Endurance, burning out on magic uses Defence Stats (Willpower or Endurance)

Each time you get hit by anything, your WP or HP drops by 1 per success on the dice. Reducing you to 0 successes resets the WP or HP pot but reduces all your stats by 1. When a stat reaches 0, you are fucked and dead.

Stats return slowly over time but may be healed with magic if you want to take the risk

>> No.12665133

My post was not meant as a "How does [x] work?" so much as a "Should the mechanics for how [x] works be re-examined? Here are some possibilities for what might change."

>> No.12665175

in a world with magic like it says in the 1d4chan guns would be pretty worthless and it says that the magic isn't very much a hidden thing so you can assume that the world outside relies on some magic

>> No.12665907

Why? It sounds like spells aren't exactly instantaneous if you mitigate by saying the name of the spell or similar methods. A gun would be a fast, reliable way of doing combat.

I agree here with your point - with the way Mitigation works now, there's a bit advantage to pumping a huge number of points into a particular school. The balance might be better if the system were changed so that the mitigation you got from drawing runes, having accessories, performing chants, etc far overshadowed the mitigation you could achieve through magic points.

But then you'd have to add something to make those points matter - maybe have them correlate to the maximum complexity of a spell you can cast in a particular school.

>> No.12666661
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So far we've yet to stress-test Magic Points(this needs a better name) properly, and it may become irrelevant if we change the rules to spell creation, but right now the easiest thing I see is lessen the number of Magic Points at chargen and/or put a cap on how many may be in one school.

>> No.12667681

Maybe something like "no school may have more than twice the number of points compared to the lowest school"?

That way you have to have a broad base of powers, but you can still focus more and more in a specific school as you gain experience.

>> No.12668458

Combat seems a bit nutty without dice rolls or any degree of random chance. I get that the game is supposed to have a very simple system, but I don't like the feeling of having absolutely no control over the outcome of physical combat.

>> No.12668594

>Harry Potter 2: Electric Boogaloo

>> No.12669529

Okay, how about this... points that you have in schools serve as mitigation boosters. That is, someone with 5 points in sorcery will get more out of ten seconds of chanting than someone with 1 point in sorcery would if he's trying to throw a fireball, but if he doesn't chant at all it's just as difficult for him.

My initial thought on how to make this work fairly simply and without applying school skill numerous times or involving multiplication would be to structure it as scaling by total mitigation. That is, after you've applied a certain number of normal mitigation points, you can add another level of school mitigation. A sample scale would be 1-1, 3-2, 6-3, 10-4, 15-5, 21-6, etc.

This does have the downside that a really skilled caster wouldn't actually be better at using a really simple spell than a relative novice. I would point out, though, that any really skilled caster should be aware of this and have better spells up their sleeves together with always-prepared strong mitigations for those spells.

>> No.12669849

Hey, OP
I can't really stay, although I'd like to hear more about this Scholomance thing. If you ever get a game or something started, drop me a line at [email protected] alright? This genuinely has my interest.

>> No.12672653
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Sure thing.

Also, the professor for your evening class

>> No.12672692

God damn, did you really just post in this thread within five minutes of my closing it after leaving it open since the last posts? No wonder it's still alive after more than two full days.

>> No.12674751


>> No.12674793
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It's like I'm doing it on purpose or something.

Reading over the archived threads has been helpful; the first is full of delicious fluff and the second gives more examples of how the rules work. Hopefully we'll have a playtest going before this time next week.

>> No.12676336

I'd be interested in a playtest. Depending upon how you're holding it and when, of course; not free all the time. Almost any time this weekend might work, though. Contact me at the address in email field.

>> No.12679113
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Also, one HUGE mistake I've been making was thinking that the nine magic points from Chargen acted as permanent mitigators, while they're actually just your MP. Here's the bits from the article that confused me:

>You spend your 9 Magic points and 1 Mastery Point in the four Magic Schools. Sorcery, Alchemy, Conjuration and Enchantment. Each magic point invested is one point of mitigation,

For some reason, this lead me to believe that Magic Points were distributed the same way your Mastery and Statistic points were, and I believe that caused a lot of confusion. My apologies to those that listened to my assumption.

Anyway, that makes chargen balancing a bit easier. There's actually a few rules missing from what I found in the archived threads(for example, no stat can go above five without magic. Human limit), so I'll add those sometime today.

>> No.12681285
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Copied a bunch of helpful stuff from the archived threads to pastebin. If you haven't read through those, at least check out Chaotic Cleric's story of a possible PC's arrival at Scholomance:


>> No.12681292

what does this have to do with wow? none of this lore seems right

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