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I believe in the Brotherhood of Steel.

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And yet they dont believe in you

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Beat me to it.

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I'm still not quite sure what's their agenda.
Are they really just trying to hog all the old technology for themselves? And if, then what for?

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"Don't believe in me! Belive in you who doesn't belive in me!"

...Wait I think I got this wrong

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Nope, Believe in the NCR as we Believe in you

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They're trying to outlive the rest of the world.

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I'd like Caesar's Legion a lot more if they were more about ROADS and AQUEDUCTS and FORTS and less about RAPE and CRUCIFIXION. It kinda bugs me that Obsidian shoved all the bad elements of the Romans in without any of the good. Roman Legionnaires were famed for their ability to get an infrastructure going extremely quickly even in hostile territory, and we don't see any of that in New Vegas. It lacks the Grey vs. Gray elements we were promised.

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Which is difficult because the rest of the world JUST WONT DIE DAMMIT

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Enclave here, all you guys are small times

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They believe all Pre-War technology belongs to THEM because the rest of us are filthy savages who wouldn't know what to do with it anyway.

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Suuuure we are. Hey, how's your President?
Oh wait I forgot, both of them are dead! It's even funnier when you remember the second one wasn't even alive to begin with!

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I'm actually going to agree. Remember the Enclave Remnant's little ending thing? Either the Legion/NCR just lets them go after getting an ass beating, or they kill fucking THOUSANDS of their pursuers and fade into the sunset.

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The Enclave isn't going anywhere. Navarro was overrun by NCR but if ED-E's quest is any indication, the Enclave probably has a few dozen outposts and legitimate bases spread out over the nation.

Honestly as harmful as their intentions are I'd like to see them get control of the country again. Besides the NCR they have the best chance of restoring, if not the United States again, something very similar to it.

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FUCK THE LEGION itt: were a image board in the fallout universe GO GO GO!

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Aren't things pretty stable and peaceful on the other side of the Dam?

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It really gives the impression that it is, although the government in place seems to be a pretty rigid dictatorship.

I'm just mad the Hanged Man wasn't an NPC in New Vegas, though.

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Um, the BoS are essentially the Boomers with shinier armor and more wanderlust. They're a more heavily armed form of tribal. They are not, in any sense, a nation state. They don't provide services, they don't provide a court of law, they don't manufacture currency, and they can't keep a monopoly on violence.

That part where they almost never take in people from the outside? They're all going to be crippled by genetic disorders that result from incest.

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man shit sucks out here in DC damn super mutants every were!

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I wished they would release an addon where the Enclave is a bit more than a mustache twirling villain.
And a bit more competent.

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Things looking nice and spiffy on the outside while actually being shitty underneath is what Fallout is all about.

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Stable and peaceful much in the way a slavecamp is stable and peaceful. There aren't any civilians in Legion territory, just Legion soldiers or Slaves. There are foreign caravan traders that bring ammunition and medicine from the outside since the legion can't produce anything more technologically advanced than a machete or leather jerkin. The caravans then buy slaves in exchange to sell to raiders. The entire economy of the Legion is based on slavery and the trade in slaves.

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Khans/Followers of the Apocalypse. You are all oldtime

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Honestly they weren't Snidely Whiplashes in Fallout 2, they were more of the James Bond villains and were really competent about everything - except for handling Horrigan. Bethesda's shitty writing made them into the mustachioed evil doers and the Brotherhood into the White Knights of the Wasteland.

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They are holding onto the last embers of a dying time and wondering why their hands are being burnt.

I do however believe in the rebirth of the BOS. All hail the followers of the way of Rhombus!

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this is why I like the east cost BOS

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I have a hope the next fallout will take place in Canada or Southern Texas/Mexico. So it will be an East coast meets West coast thing.

The whole Chicago Fallout tactics thing was iffy.

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how about in the twin cities >.> minneapolis/sant paul

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I had hopes for a Texas one, but they already did their "old west" motif for Vegas.

To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day...

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Especially since there wasn't anything that made it particularly "chicago"

Fallout: Hawaii would be hilarious though.

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Talk to Raul about the Legion. He's BEEN to Arizona. Before the Legion came to power you couldn't trade with the settlement TWO MILES away because there were so many raiders.

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how about the mid west in general

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I'd love to see a Fallout: Alaska. Something with snow. Radioactive snow.

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And now you can trade. Only slaves or human meat. But still, there's trade!

I'll pass.

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Um, there's nothing iconic out there. The mojave is a barren wasteland but it's an interesting one. Fallout: Kansas City is uh...er

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I'm hoping that one of the planned DLC packs is about the Burned Man.

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Corn! Corn as far as the eye can see!

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Fallout: Mississipi.

You're a degenerate mutant. Your journey starts when you get kicked out of your town for marrying your brother.

But it wasn't really your fault, because you didn't know he was your brother, because you thought you married your sister.

But they both had identical facial tumours so you made a tiny mistake.

The rest of the game is about the grammar conflict between the Arian Nation and the Aryan Nasion.

And the endboss is a swamp. And you cannot win. Because you never learned to swim.

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And Polar Yao Guai

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If I understand the lore correctly, the whole of the midwest has become a radioactive dustbowl of constant tornados and one would assume floating brahmin, ala' twister.

Though to be honest, that would be quite cool. Perhaps make it like, plain hopping from one underground bunker to another. Most of it takes place below ground, but you have to come up to run to another bunker and it's a constant 100mph radioactive wind.

Ahem, sorry a bit much. Heh.

But either way it would be east vs. west, most likely with a third party involved. And dangerous enough to be a threat... Unlike some of the recent enemies. Looking at you Enclave/Ceaser's legion.

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That would be awesome. You'd find him like how you were supposed to in Van Buren hanging by the neck wrapped head to foot in bandages alone in an abandoned fortress screaming obscenities to no one.

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Come on, to me as an European, Washington is nothing more than the white house, pentagon and Las Vegas little more than casinos and prostitutes. I'm sure they'd be able to think something up to make every state intersting.

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Depends which group you follow.

There's the dubious canon mid west brotherhood to take into account to.

But the two solid canon factions in the Brotherhood are east and west.

The East Coast Brotherhood created and advocates the Lyon doctrine which calls for heavy engagement with locals and the use of Brotherhood resources for the good of all. This worked out pretty well for them in the long run it seems despite giving them extreme difficulties for a while. The East Coast Brotherhood is currently the strongest of the Brotherhood factions having lots of advanced Enclave technology and the (by now) rebuilt Liberty Prime. They also have a strong interest in tech that helps people meaning they'll pursue non-military technology if it'll help people, such as the purifier. Their end goal is "help people because it's the right thing to do!" so not exactly an end goal but they have a goal.

The West Coast Brotherhood is the original Brotherhood. They take any pre-war tech they find that they deem too dangerous to be in the hands of others. So energy weapons, power armour, etc. Mostly military stuff. However they're usually ambivalent if not hostile towards outsiders. They're in a decline however due to various confrontations with the NCR. They don't really have any end goal other than "acquire technology" which admittedly is just as ambiguous as the East Coasts but the Brotherhood aren't really out to use most of the tech except to maintain themselves.

OP's picture is usually used in reference to the East Coast Brotherhood as they're the ones who inspire hope in others.

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According to Tycho in Fallout only Texas was a radioactive-mile-wide-tornado deathland.

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man we have tons of stuff in the midwest I would love to see a 50s style mall of America that is now a enclave base/vault

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I'm hoping he'll make appearances but they will be very subtle. A man in a hospital being beat to death by raiders only to get up and silently kill them one by one.

Actually thats not very subtle at all.

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Van Buren mentioned Denver was the 'home of the legendary radioactive cyclones'. So it ranges all the way up to at least denver, and all the way down to at least texas.

I always assumed it was just a plot point why no one can just cross west to east, or vice versa easily.

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Jimmy, the male prostitute in westside is an escaped Legion slave from Arizona. He describes Legion held territory as tent cities surrounding vast rape breeding pits where men, women and children are thrown into naked and forced to breed to produce more slaves. Occasionally a "lucky" slave, male or female, adult or child, will be pulled out and used as the camp whore by Legion soldiers until they die from rape and torture. Most slaves suicide quickly to escape the hell.

But hey, the roads are safe. That's all that matters, right? By the way, which is better, almost a hundred small villages with occasional border skirmishes or a vast area purged of nearly all life?

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This guy is a badass.

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The Brotherhood's agenda, lore and beginnings is explained in Fallout 1 and 2.

The lack of the Hanged/Burned Man/Criminal aka Joshua Graham in New Vegas pissed me off too. Despite the tons of references. If he was a goddamn Pariah Dog character 1 luck should bring him forth dammit!
He was the coolest thing about the Van Buren lore.

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Midwest Brotherhood is far more canon than East Coast.
As far as the lore goes Fallout 3 is easily the most egregious offender. (not counting F:POS of course)

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There's a small hope in me that the courier -is- the burning man, just after massive plastic surgery.

I think it's more likely he's the last survivor of vault 11 though.

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It's more likely you're just a Courier, just a random jackoff in the wasteland trying to make a living.

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The midwest brotherhood is more liberal (and thus jarring to the west coast) then the east coast though. They let supermutants and deathclaws in.

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I will admit I thought the same when they mentioned his "innumerable amount of lives" or somesuch.
It would feel like such a dissapointment though. (like a retread of PS:T's reincarnation stuff)

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The Courier has a full past that he (not the players) remembers. He doesn't have amnesia. Its just that we only know what he knows during the course of the game and are given small insights into his past during the course of it as well.

For instance, if you have Lady Killer and talk to the Lonesome Drifter you'll mention that you might have knocked up a broad or two when you were younger.

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West Coast BOS are dumb as hell and unlike able as anything. To use a long winded analogy:

There are two men on an island, who we shall call 1 and 2. 1 owns a lot of cutlery, as far as they both know all of it on the island. 2 has to resort to eating with his hands.

1 taunts 2 with this. "Look at you!" he says, "You're such a stupid barbarian! Why don't you use cutlery instead of your hands?"

2 replies "But I have no cutlery. You own all of it. If it is really that big issue, then why don't you let me have some of yours? You have plenty spare!"

1 gets angry at this. "You don't DESERVE cutlery!" he says, "You're a stupid barbarian who eats with his hands! I'm saving all this cutlery for CIVILISED people!"

This goes on and on. Except that if 2 were to, by chance or otherwise, find his own cutlery. Then 1 would find, get angry, then kill 2 and take his cutlery, muttering how about a stupid barbarian didn't deserve to use it.

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There's always the FO3 Outcast BoS. True to the original BoS ideals of "screw the rest of the world, we got ours"

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wait...so a burned to a crisp middle aged dude who falls from a fucking cliff gets turned into an 18 year old girl with amazing C-cups.

I want to meet this surgeon.

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Didn't you realize that you have no past history though?
In every Fallout game your history is quite set in stone. This one it's complete not there...

I think there is a reference to the courier getting a woman pregnant in montana, if you have the lady killer perk. But still that just says he's traveled.

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In a different state at that; think it was Wisconsin.

>> No.12647355

Fuck, I haven't been there yet, but I just read about it on the Fallout wiki. Grimdark shit right there.

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bitch I will cut you.

>> No.12647374

A good fucked up story worthy of Fallout I believe. >=)

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The Courier also recognizes the singer from New Reno in the Talent Pool quest.

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>Jimmy, the male prostitute in westside is an escaped Legion slave from Arizona. He describes Legion held territory as tent cities surrounding vast rape breeding pits where men, women and children are thrown into naked and forced to breed to produce more slaves. Occasionally a "lucky" slave, male or female, adult or child, will be pulled out and used as the camp whore by Legion soldiers until they die from rape and torture. Most slaves suicide quickly to escape the hell.
>New Vegas designers wanted game to have shades of gray

>> No.12647410

I remember that one, when you're talking to the Lone Wanderer you actually get concerned for a moment that he might be *your son,* because he's only 17.
So... Wait. That means that the Courier has to be something like 35-40.

>> No.12647415


the slaves are bad people too!

>> No.12647422


What? Where in westside is this dude at, i'm gonna go see if your bullshitting or not.

>> No.12647437

I'm betting on Burned Man DLC as well. Maybe a trip to the Grand Canyon?

>> No.12647439


Uhhh no Fallout 3 is solid canon.

Completely 100%.

Bethesda say so and guess who owns Fallout? Bethesda.

If Bethesda say that it is now canon that everyone born in a vault is homosexual and has two penises then guess what? Everyone born in a vault is homosexual and has two penises and this was always so.

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Casa Madrid.

I play my character as a middle aged dude.

>> No.12647465

Casa Madrid Apartments

Also talk to Cass or Veronica about what the Legion is like.

>> No.12647469


That does kind of mess it up doesn't it? Perhaps it's just meant to show promiscuity. Where someone would mention they do not know their father, and a dude who has been around might think to match up the dates to make sure he wasn't around then.

I just think they tried hard to make this feel like a western. And fifty-fifty in westerns, the gunslinger's past comes back to haunt him.

Josey Wales FTW.

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>Also talk to Cass or Veronica about what the Legion is like.
Yeah. Talk to a legionaire about what NCR is like.

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I like the midwestern BOS, they'd be the ones i'd be rooting for in the FO universe. And i'd argue they are easily the strongest brotherhood faction, someone mentioned eastcoast to be pretty badass. Except they have ONE base and ONE mech. Midwestern is an army.

They also maintain the likeable shades of grey. Since they are pretty much violent zero-tolerance dictators of the wastes they hold.

>> No.12647522

Bethesda also said that the Empire was nothing but generic 'medieval' fantasy.

>> No.12647529


Man fuck cass and veronica, those faggots don't know shit bout the legion.

Anyway I found jimmy but his accent caused me to kill him so I had to reload the save but when I talked to him about him being a slaver he doesn't say shit so I just killed him.

>> No.12647535

A caravan master and a scout.

>> No.12647537

sure is /v/ around here

>> No.12647542

God Melissa's voice is jarring. I'm playing a game set in the United States when overseas travel is implausible at best and suddenly, bizzare pseudo-Aussie accent out of nowhere!

>> No.12647553

I keep finding random friendly NPCs dead in the middle of towns. What is causing this?

>> No.12647554

Good lord, where does that pic happen?

>> No.12647565

The legion isn't a viable option. Caesar is an idiot. Humanity does need heroes, but it needs a restart of civilization more.

And I, er, HOUSE, is the man to give it to them. Have you met my friends, general Oliver?

>> No.12647578

Hey Guys! Hey! Hey guys!

I herd ther's like a videogame board on 4chan, I think it's called /v/!

Hey guys? Can y'all go there?

>> No.12647581


>Discussing setting

You know there is both a pnp rpg system for fallout and a tabletop skrimish system aswell right?

>> No.12647592

You can get across the ocean. Moriarty did it.

>> No.12647594

You are now imagining a roleplaying campaign set in the Fallout universe version of Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Manitoba.

Indians, viking myths, cheese, dueling Minnesota Nice/Canuckistani accents, and the COLD. ALWAYS THE COLD.

>> No.12647595

In the far western part of DEATHCLAW RAPE FACTORY SLOAN QUARRY. There's a few Khans up on a cliff.

>> No.12647607

Great Khan quest, Oh My Papa. You have to convince the 4 leaders of the Khans. Talk to Melissa. Point out the obvious.

That or go to Cottonwood and bring back the Legion slaving trading records and their plans for the region.

>> No.12647617

Sloan, beyond a ton of deathclaws.
It's part of the "convince the Khans to join you/leave" quest.

>> No.12647622

The Yes man is the only character you can't kill in new vegas, which usually means that he's gonna be in the DLC.

I hope it's the level increase one, where you can actually 'take over' vegas for your respective people. Maybe build walls, make money, make an army to defend it. Obsidian likes to do things like that.

Actually being lord of new vegas, building an army, continuing to punch the legion, or NCR, or both in the face... Would be quite cool.

>> No.12647624


Besides Midwest Brotherhood (what are they like?) who are ostensibly probably more involved in the tornado country dustbowl mentioned being in Illinois/Indiana/etc., any other canonical factions that would be present in this frigid region?

Need to know that before one goes about filling in the details oneself.

>> No.12647628

Fuckiung deathclaws. I spent the entire game getting better and better in melee so I could take them down with the Liberator. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, FUCKERS.

>> No.12647637

how about Minnesota and Wisconsin have border wars due to prewar vikings packers rivalry

>> No.12647643


I think this is the closest real-life equivalent to the Legion. I spend a great deal of time studying organizations like this and you usually find that any ideology exists purely as an excuse to commit atrocities. The LRA in particular stays alive by wiping out villages except for a handful of children, torturing the children, and then when there is no humanity left in them turn them into soldiers. Half their force is composed of children as young as 5.

I have not gotten that far in New Vegas, does the Legion use child soldiers?

>> No.12647658

>A caravan master and a scout.

Who both came from the west and had minimal contact with the legion, at best and everything they tell you are "rumors". In veronica's case it's most likely wishful thinking on the account she is a fucking gaylord. It's obvious if you do the still in the dark quest that the Mojave brotherhood had almost no contact with the legion as the scouts overlooking camp forlorn hope/nelson and nipton seemed to have only just found out about the legion from there observations there in.

Also veronica wasn't a scout, she just went out to acquire supplies for the brotherhood, of course she did go incognito that doesn't mean that she was a scout.

And what the fuck is a "caravan master" thanks for showing yourself up as a complete shitfuck.

Anyway fuck this argument, it's going to spiral down in to some retarded shit because you faggots can't bear the thought you might actually be wrong.

>> No.12647663


>The Yes man is the only character you can't kill in new vegas, which usually means that he's gonna be in the DLC.


Goddamn I hate when they make children unkillable, any stable child killing mods out yet?

>> No.12647678

No way. You'd get refused classification in a whole lot of countries if you did that. There are two legion kids in training though.

>> No.12647682

You see a few kids training when you go to get the platinum chip, but you never see them actually fight.

>> No.12647688


They should but no. See my previous post for why.

Fucking sissies 'Cant have children murdered now can we? At least not on screen, dohohoho.'

>> No.12647703

NCR all the way

>> No.12647705

Ha! He caught you trying to steal didn't he? Serves you right.

Just pay him the thousand bucks.

>> No.12647734

There's one thing about the Yes Man that infuriated me.
The incredibly obvious "i'm just going to make myself into an omnipotent AI overlord now, hope you don't mind" ending. It is so very, very obvious and so very, very maddening when you can't respond to it in the least.

>> No.12647738


Actually he didn't, I'm playing good guy this first time so I was gonna pay him, I just quicksaved and shot him to see if it worked. Then I raged. So I stole the gun regardless to take out my frustrations by crushing the hopes and dreams of the young.

>> No.12647739

Pretty sure the kid's trainer says "when they're ready" or somesuch.
Those kids might have been what? 6? 8?

>> No.12647750

NCR is hope. We kill Romans and have MUGS.

>> No.12647790

My Comrades!

>> No.12647835

Ahh comrade I see you've held your position

>> No.12647848

The NCR has done more shit to rebuild AMERICA than any other faction in the Fallout universe.


>> No.12647862


Plus these creepy guys. Upper Midwest communazis.

>> No.12647886

Screw all of your organizations, I fight for this man, for he will lead our great lands into the future!

He also has an awesome army of kickass robots.

>> No.12647892

The NCR is the Fallout series

>> No.12647901

We Need More Guns!

>> No.12647903

What about the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Mormons?
... It really doesn't surprise me that the Mormons are a serious power faction in the Northwest. I mean, each member is supposed to have AT LEAST 1 year's worth of food, water, and basic survival equipment in their home at all times. Not all of them do, but they're supposed to.

>> No.12647904

The NCR are depicted as annoyingly goody-two shoes despite that pretty much everyone up to and including it's die hard fanatics admit they're a bunch of dicks.
It's really fucking annoying. I blame a lack of clearly stating the 'shades of gray' policy mentioned in interviews to their writers. (or not letting CAvellone write most of it)

>> No.12647914

Is he standing in front of a Liberty Prime?

>> No.12647920

The Mormons are a bit shit.
The Followers of the Apocalypse are awesome though. A bit less naiveté and they'd easily be the most awesome Fallout faction..

>> No.12647934

Makes scene. Didn't RobCo help the military build him?

>> No.12647938


I dunno. At least they divided the Brotherhood up - there was the main group of the BoS who'd gone all White Knight and the Outcasts who cleaved to the old ways.

That felt more realistic than all the BoS being the same, I think. You could see it as a natural outgrowth of locals being recruited - they're obviously going to be more interested in people than tools, even if they love tech too.

>> No.12647943

Don't worry I brought a revolver

>> No.12647946

Followers are in the Mormon fort.

That means, since the Followers are a purely scientific organisation instead of a church, that the Mormons in the Mojave are all dead. Or slaves.

Anyway, serves the fucking cunts right.

Mormons. They always die in scifi.

>> No.12647988

You mean this guy? THIS GUY!? This rotting corpse? I killed him 20 times! TOO EASY TO OVER THROW!

>> No.12647992

>The NCR are depicted as annoyingly goody-two shoes

No, in NV the NCR are depicted as an overly-beaureaucratic, corrupted-out-the-ass imperialist government.

They are not goody-two-shoes, merely the lesser of two great evils.

>> No.12648015

Fallout Florida.

Radgators, the New Republic of West Florida, mutant hicks, ghoul retirees, and the free city of Miami.

Fuck yea.

>> No.12648018


>> No.12648085


Oh least I forget,

Post Apocalyptic Disney World.

>> No.12648109

First California, then Nevada, then rest of America

>> No.12648123

Damnit, Victor, why didn't you try and talk to me first! We could have been a cowboy duo with ED-E as our quirky companion.

Captcha: any argyle

It's time for the exciting adventures of The Masked Stranger and his stalwart robotic companion, Victor! <Beep beep> And not forgetting the loveable ED-E!

>> No.12648133

>overly-beaureaucratic, corrupted-out-the-ass imperialist government

Someones very romantic in their realism.
In NV they were decipted as a military force being fucked out of the ass by an asshole of a wannabe God Emperor named House while being put under more regulations by him than their own COs. While they have to get bossed around by Mr.Eden's Cousin in New Vegas, the outposts have to defend themselves and the people of the wasteland from Fiends and crazyass Legion Folk all the while defending the only place in the entire wasteland that supplies electricity!

Or are those taxes they hand out too less evil for you?

>> No.12648143

the two hero's fight it out at the pentagon with ncr/BOS troops fighting all around them

>> No.12648164

A picture only a true visionary can imagine

>> No.12648190


They are in a place they aren't wanted trying to impose their while on it so they can monopolize trade and electric power.

If you don't look at them through the "well shit I helped found them in an earlier fallout" glasses they are basically assholes who are overextending themselves. This could have been a bit more clear if Obsidian didn't completely botch how they portrayed the Legion.

>> No.12648208

Fuck California and everyone from there!

>> No.12648223

That's really the worst part of F:NV for me. It's so horribly White-ish and Black despite the stated goal of shades of gray.
Well that and the lack of Joshua Fucking Graham.

>> No.12648241

>Man fuck cass and veronica

Oh if only I could...

>> No.12648244

Not in the game itself, but one of the rangers mentions having his leg permenantly fucked up by a child legion soldier who popped out of a closet with a grenade.

>> No.12648270

What's a child though?

>> No.12648277

Yeah, but thats how the USA a was first made anyhow. Through conquering and enforcing power, and thats how the NCR is doing it now. Dont like it, join the Legion and get in place for ranger fire practice.

>> No.12648278

who would pay to see this! but we would have to have the enclave try to wipe them all out at the same time!

>> No.12648301

Wait a tick if the Brotherhood of Steel of DC met the NCR wouldnt they form up into the ultimate fighting force along with the two main characters from Fallout 3 and New Vegas?

>> No.12648310

The NCR is...unpleasant. But they're literally the only signifigant faction in the wastes that's not a giant rapegang, hapless hippy commune, or inbred insular tribals (who may or may not have a lot of technology).

>> No.12648320


The did kinda blow it with the black and white choices.

Mr. House could the shade of gray choice I guess. Though really his ending actually shows that things work out pretty well for the people of the Mojave Waste and New Vegas if he wins. Too bad the character of Mr. House doesn't really sugarcoat things very well. You get a sense that the NCR really believe in their propaganda (the legion believe in theirs as well).

>> No.12648332

and also the rebuilt liberty prime.....oh god its time to head to head north!

>> No.12648335

Fallout: Southlands

Norleans would be the main trading hub of the region, much like the Hub. It would be a merchant republic like Novgorod, the Free People of Alabama would be based out of the Bayou and would be managed by a council of regional clan leaders (kind of like the Iroquois) and there would be a resurgent Cherokee nation in Northern Georgia/Western North Carolina and would be at war with the Appalachian Republic which would also be fighting the New Confederacy based out of South Carolina which controls Eastern Georgia, Florida, and eastern North Carolina and Virginia.

The Mason-Dixon Line is not to be crossed.

The Mississippi would be about the same as it was, but gigantic steamers would be constantly trafficking the waters, which are now plagued by Radgators, Pikemen (lolpun) and Crab People (not to be confused with Mirelurks or anything like that).

Vaults would be located in Nashville, (former) New Orleans (now Norleans), Miami, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia (SC), Atlanta, Montgomery, and a few others.

Deathclaws, BOS, Super Mutants and other things from the past games wouldn't be there since those aren't native to the region (maybe Enclave). There would be Raddlesnakes (when they shake their rattler it emits radiation), Bigfoots, no feral ghouls just regular ones, Bayou Cannibals, Raider-swamp people, pirates going up and down the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.

Caesar's Legion would be coming in from the West from Texas when the seasonal mile-wide-radioactive tornadoes would die down.

There's also a regional power around Norleans called the Longleaf Order made up of a lot of different city states that works like NATO to fight the Legion.

And you, a simple farm hand chased out of his/her home by unknown attackers, must find the source of these strange beings and save the region from being divided and conquered, or just watching it burn around you.

>> No.12648358

You mean it's time to show those goddamn Chinese commies what's what

>> No.12648372



You've thought about this, and I got to say. I like it.

>> No.12648387

NATO!? Gimmie my blue helmet! We'll push those Reds back...oh gawd. Red Vs. Blue

>> No.12648390

first we would need to take japan....Fallout: japan

>> No.12648395

If I knew how to mod that one Fallout mod for HoI2, I'd add a secondary nation to act as a sort of Grey to the Black of Ceaser's legion. With FORTS, AQUEDUCTS, and SUPER-STRAIGHT HIGHWAYS along with SLAVERY and CONQUEST.


>> No.12648401

So a Game Sized Point Lookout?
Papa like.

>> No.12648420


good god.

The missed potential.

Hell this would make a decent radio drama


>> No.12648421

Hell, I'd like to know what happened to the rest of NATO first. Fallout: London.

>> No.12648426


>> No.12648435

Now you're think once the Chinese are finished will take out the remnants of the New Soviet Union

>> No.12648439


There was no NATO. Thanks to the USA it pretty much collapsed with all the countries involved instead turning to regional groups

>> No.12648451


Two things: Or help it burn!

And the second, Flordia is not suitable to the level of underground construction that a Vault implies. I could see however either experimental Underwater/Underground Vaults or the like.

>> No.12648457

Doesnt stop Post-Apocalytia from forming something similiar with blue helmets.

>> No.12648463


>reading that in the daring dashwood narrator voice

>> No.12648489

>implying that restoring the US would be a good thing

Fallout-verse USA before the bombs fell was a fucking trainwreck that nobody sane should WANT to see restored. Better to just create your own nation rahter than trying to resurrect that bullshit.

>> No.12648505


Inb4 Enclave are depicted like a small band of hightech glorious humanitarian whiteknight saviours from before the war.

And anyone who knows fuck all about the other games knows its a front.

If the player actually gets in he might trigger a local enclave civil war because a few of the officers seem to like the saviour deal while the others still follow the presidents' last orders.

>> No.12648512

Its actually a lot of ideas I have for a post-apocalyptic setting plus some things from Fallout all thrown together. Most of what isn't Fallout in that post, like the political structures, are stuff I've been brainstorming over for a while. The irradiated monsters aren't in the setting, though, and instead of a resurgent Confederacy the Longleaf Confederacy stretches across most of Alabama (where most of the story is contained) and its fighting a large entity from the north based around a pre-war survivalist who preached eugenics which lead to the Survivalists (nobody really knows the actual name of the group) to be racist and slavers who use minorities as their working class to achieve their ends.

Yeah, I based it a lot from The Postman but I tried to keep it a lot more realistic.

>> No.12648523

Imagine Fallout: Newfoundland

It'd be like the bombs never fell.

>> No.12648537

Lets go to Alaska for the next game. Nuclear Winter setting!

Visit Anchorage!
Fight Remnant Chinese GHOUL Communists!
Join the ranks of Winter Combat Armored soldiers of the Alaskian Preservation Union!
Brave harsh nuclear winters with new hooded trenchcoat and gasmask clothing!
Fight the the mutated polar bears that have turned into yeti like creatures!
Use actual functional snow mobiles for transportation over the vash valley of radioactive snow from one town/area to another!

>> No.12648544

Actually in my post I was trying to imply that the Enclave might have been why you were chased out of your home, but I didn't want to use the line "strangers in black power armor" because I thought that would be too obvious; and honestly, I'm tired of seeing the Enclave as the bad guys over and over, but I couldn't think of another group to fill in the hole.

>> No.12648569

Enclave -are- the badguys. Dont get jealous of not able to join them. Its just...they hate you.

>> No.12648593

>Dont like it, then get yourself an army of killbots and tell them to get the hell off of your lawn.


>> No.12648602

They're not the badguys, they were a shadow government devoted to restoring the United States after the bombs dropped, and everyone keeps fucking their shit up because they don't want to play nice to do it.

They're overdone as the bad guys, there needs to be a different one was what I was getting at. The Legion is a wind of fresh air, but they would only be in the west, there needed to be another silent enemy all around you, so to speak.

>> No.12648613


Well yeah, every cartoonish 50s inspired setting needs straight up black hat, mustache twirling villains.

>> No.12648642

How about Canadian Remnants that are still rather pissed about the whole "Annexation" thing?

>> No.12648651

>everyone keeps fucking their shit up because
Because the enclave keeps trying to commit mass total omnicide by killing every living thing on Earth. This is the primary reason why people who are not members of the Enclave want to stop them. They don't want to die.

>> No.12648666

Somebody here mentioned that the Enclave apparently draws much of its power from the old Commonwealth, which it still has its fangs in from the war.
I find that notion deeply intimidating, personally.

>> No.12648670


Thats the good part, they're both. They have a benign front that some of them actually prefer to their real goals which causes internal friction.

Or not, but they are still doing a lot of good even if they have a shady side as well.

Ofcourse the Enclave cant be all sparkly, they are all about pure human breeding aren't they?

>> No.12648713

Canadian Remnants with mutated war-polarbears!

>> No.12648788

image dump from earlier today
not exclusively Fallout but some great stuff.

>> No.12648826 [DELETED] 

Fallout game set in a vault. Game ends when the vault is opened.

I'm not talking the 3 levels, 8 rooms, 20 people, things they've had. I'm talking 15 level, thousands of rooms, thousands of people underground cities from the concept art. 1000 named npcs, no unnamed generic NPCs. Whole thing takes place in a "giant" (fluff accurate) vault.

>> No.12648840

Yeah because that has any real relevancy to the topic at hand.

>> No.12648841

Fallout game set in a vault. Game ends when the vault is opened.

I'm not talking the 3 levels, 8 rooms, 20 people, things they've had. I'm talking 15 level, thousands of rooms, thousands of people underground cities from the concept art. 1000 named npcs, no unnamed generic NPCs. Whole thing takes place in a "giant" (fluff accurate) vault.

>> No.12648854


The Enclave were the evil shadow government.

They were never nice. Not before the war or after.
You know the guys who assassinate people in their country because they know things? Yeah thats the fucking Enclave!

>> No.12648951

I like the three-brotherhoods Approach.
One clinging to their old traditions and failing.
One Militant and expansionist but fairly decent depending on the ending (Kinda NCR-like).
And one that actually earned the title of Paladin for their soldiers.

Also how do I get the khans to join the NCR for the big fight?
After getting the 4 advisers both 75 speech checks have him decide to run.

>> No.12648986


My wild misinterpretation.

>> No.12649012


>> No.12649028

I did their drug running quest to the fiends, plus rescued the khan in cottonwood, and taught them how to make medicine. I was idolized when I asked them to join the NCR.

>> No.12649036

relevance is they are both my threads, fucko

>> No.12649086

Utah was solid Mormon turf, they nabbed nearly all the vaults, and one was ONLY Mormons, they still run caravans, The Burned man was only one of them...

Oh god, what if they're all like him...
*Slaps fist into hand and puts on redneck accent*

>> No.12649110

You have a blank map of that? I'd like to take a crack at making the borders.

>> No.12649116

I was already Idolized till I turned in the last drugrunning quest.

That quest gave me rep but set me back to "Accepted" What.The.Fuck.

>> No.12649150

Oh, and the one with *ONLY* Morons was a vault experiment where the clothing machines didn't work right so the clothes were all made to decay unnaturally fast.

>> No.12649282

Mormons* derp.

>> No.12649398

Here's how that world would look.

>> No.12649445

>Doesn't contain any of Massachusetts.

>> No.12649462

Its from the perspective of people in the Longleaf, they only know the Commonwealth extends that far north, like they only know how far back the Survivalists go.

>> No.12649543

Yeah, and allow one man working for the NCR wearing their uniform to waltz right into your life support system thingy with a pistol.

>> No.12649576

You really think people want to play cramped up in a metal cellar? Wheres the danger in that? Wheres the ghouls in that? Wheres the Brotherhood of stehl and NCAAAAAAARGH! and We are RAPI-i mean LEGION! in that? Wheres the posibility of fighting radroaches in that?

Too cramp.

>> No.12649926

Well Radroaches get in EVERYWHERE, so there's that.
And with the amount of crap that goes wrong int he average Vault, Civil War might be the theme.
Maybe you're born in the Vault AFTER the experiment started and you;re trying to bring the Vault back together? Trying to stop it from destroying you and everyone else?

>> No.12650328

You didn't mention Maryland.
Who controls Maryland? D:

>> No.12650449


Oh, I think you had the right idea the first time.

>> No.12650553

Mormons are stated to be one of the few groups no one not even the Legion will attack

but that's because they often give people aid and stuff

>> No.12650558

To be of the brotherhood to protect the prewar technology, preserve it and make sure never again the world is ravaged as it was. That is what the brotherhood means to me.

>> No.12650743

you sure we are playing the same game

cause I never picked up on that

>> No.12650960

When I went for an independent New Vegas, I actually wanted a more assertive Yes Man. Think about it, the only reason why you have any control over him is you are the only one who has bothered to give him commands. Any other person could just walk up to him or a console he's inhabiting, ask a question and/or give a command and boom, they also have control over your AI. Don't laugh, that's basically what you did to Benny.

>> No.12650989

What guaranties do you have that YOU have any more control over a more assertive Yes Man?

>> No.12651126

Yes Man knows how much damage you can do. He knows you walked right into the core of the lucky 38 and killed Mr. House single-handed, and that the computer he lives in now is in pretty much the same spot. Even if he is more assertive, he is still going to want to stay on your good side.

>> No.12651157

except for the hordes of MKIIs he has at his disposal to protect him and Yes Man isnt a fleshy meat bag tied into a lifesupport system and all it takes is a couple bullets to end him.

>> No.12651205

Pulse Grenades my friend.

Another thought besides the threat of destruction, there is the fact that Yes Man has no 'will'. The only goals he has are the ones you set for him. Him becoming more assertive would not necessarily give him any new objectives, it would just make it harder to sway him from his current ones. Since his current objectives seem to be "Run Vegas Like A Boss" and "Yes Man + Courier, Bros 4 Life", I see no conflict between the two of you any time in the future.

>> No.12651262

Fallout: Florida
You are unfrozen from a cryo tube in a high tech research facility after the apocalypse.
Thus your adventure begins.
While traveling you find that Chinese Communists had established a base on cuba and are attempting too establish control in Florida so they can take over the United States while its pants are down.
Your character must now organize a resistance forging treaties between waring factions to repel the communist invasion.
Possible enemies include mutant crocodiles, hillbillies, witch doctors, and herders that herd matinee's.

>> No.12654513


>> No.12656331

Miami and the surrounding area should be some sort of Hispanic nation.

That's all I got.

>> No.12656364

> there is the fact that Yes Man has no 'will'. The only goals he has are the ones you set for him.
Correction, the Yes Man says he has no will. There's no actual proof he doesn't. He could be lieing to you. The player never cracks him open and uses SCIENCE:100 or ROBOT EXPERT on him to make sure.

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