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wanna run some Gamma World with a Fallout meets Thundarr with a splash of Torg.

dumping some images, feel free to help out if you feel the urge.

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those last 2 seem a little dark, no worries hepcats.

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I kind of prefer Fallout 3 to New Vegas. Probably for the same reason I prefer Left 4 Dead 1

Yes the sequel is better, but the original is just... simpler. Plus, Three Dog.

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Groovy, cats.
gotta bop over and freshen up this Hi Ball and put on a new Sinatra LP on the Victrola.
Back in 2 shakes of a lambies tail.
Stay beautiful, baby.

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This prop is so retarded and yet so awesome.

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dat grip hnnnng

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If I remember correctly its built out of a Bulldog revolver and the receiver for a Steyr rifle of some kind (not the AUG I think?).

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I can't imagine a comfortable (or stable) way to fire that grenade launcher.

Anyone else pissed the C/96 (well, a Chinese knockoff anyways) was the shittiest pistol in Fallout 3?

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It's just the whole "two triggers and a bolt" thing it's got going on.

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Yeah, how the fuck do they justify a gun that uses the same ammo as the 10mm to suck so bad?

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looking good fellas.

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it's important to look cool when you wander the wasteland. A nice print on your shirt can really put you in a good frame of mind.

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Acording to HALO the NTW20 is the gun of the future.

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Ignoring the bolt, the two triggers is because Deckard's gun had a high-powered single shot laser in addition to the revolver rounds, didn't it?

Or am I thinking of the novel version?


Rare is the video game the bases much of the performance of a weapon on the ammunition as opposed to the gun itself (which certainly influences things, but not to the disparity between the Chinese Pistol and the 10mm!).

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So you can bloop while you bloop?

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If I recall correctly, it's a bigass revolver with a breech-loading single-shot HAND CANNON on top.

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Hot mama out raidin'
careful lads
she is a handful.

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I was excited as hell to see it, and then it was utter garbage and I only kept one to put on my desk for decoration. I wanted so badly to use it.

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these fellas really bring the term Mobile Artillery to a whole new level

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Are you the Merc quest guy on /k/?

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Am I the only one who thinks of Dark Heresy or Shadowrun when they see a Hi-Point?

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sounds like a pretty hepcat.

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wow, those rifles have really short barrels...
also: the LMG has the belt feed above the barrel, that can't be very effective

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wtf his gun has a bullpup magazine and a drum?

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drum-fed GL or shotgun is my guess.

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it also has 2 barrels.
one for rifle rounds and one for shotgun shells

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it looks like the drum mag is for a underslung GL/SG

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Awww, shit yeah motherfucker. LeMat up in this bitch. What a sexy-ass gun.

They had to, because otherwise it would be too overpowered. The fire rate on that thing is fucking ridiculous. You can find a much better version of it in some building down in DC, one of the "unique weapons."

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right on.

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Captcha: Hipmans Duties,


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dayum, where've i seen this before

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How about some plot/adventure/NPC/whatever ideas in addition to guns/art?

Of course, having said this, I can't think of anything interesting offhand.

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>See bad ass furry collar, rule of cool leather clothes.
>Think that this may be a cool character .
>Notice the Heterochromia

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Wait... is that a Pip-Boy on his arm?

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So this thread has expanded to people with guns?

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that is a fantastic idea sir.
content and images.
that said I have only the scantest of ideas.

Something about a field trip outside the vault..the guide/teacher dies and the students realize the Tyvex suits they are wearing afford no protection..then they have to scavenge, barter and survive..all while exploring and mutating.

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whatever moves you sir...whatever captures your imagination Gamma World, Fallout, Borderlands, Torg, Post Apocalypse Party Town!

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Can I talk about a home made setting too then?

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As the old saying goes. GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Have a 2-bore shotgun /tg/.

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Heh, Canada.

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Posting some old /k/ rage.

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of course, sir.
It's a party, not a boardmeeting

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Why have I never heard of Gamma World?!
What do you think /tg/ is it good?

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GM"Okay, now just lemme see what you bought at character generation"
PC1 "Here you go"
GM "..."
PC1"I made sure I'm not in encumbrance! Look! He even has enough bandoleer space!"

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Say that reminds me, is the new avp any good? I saw that it's on sale for $9.99 this weekend on STEAM, and I loved the old ones, but I've been hearing mixed feelings on the new one.

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it's both old school and brand new
It is very quick and fun...not a super serious grimdark game. As long as you are in that mood then it is a lot of fun.

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i want to see a fallout set in africa.

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Guess I'll check it out then.

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It's worth $9.99 yea. It's quite good but REALLY dissapointing. THe singleplayers OK and the multiplayer was THE WORST supported online multiplayer I have ever experienced I mean on the first few days it took like 10 minutes AT LEAST to find a game sometimes easily over half an hour. When you got in tho the multiplayer was fantastic I loved playing as the alien and with 15 man marine teams in Infection it led to some fantastic games. After the first few days tho there was never enough people to fill a game. Such a shame.

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raven ninja!!

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Buddy from 6 string Samurai.
it is the Perfect Movie for Fallout:Vegas

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No, I read it was some kind of accelerator mechanism which increased the bullet's velocity, making it punch through replicants better.

Either he didn't use it in the film, or those things are tough as hell.

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The launcher is for flares.

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Cool. The idea is that it is a post-near-apocalypse. Somewhere around 2011-2013 aliens attack Earth. Instead of just glassing the planet and turning it into a wasteland they are bend on taking it as it is, with bombardments being limited to large population centers and military installations. While humanity is getting thier asses soundly handed to them news of the war reaches the galactic community and rival powers decide to intervene not wanting to see their rival gain more territory. Outside pressure forces the alien invaders to GTFO, but as a last fuck you to humanity the aliens blast both poles and melts them instantly. Earth is colonized by slightly more benevolent profiteering aliens, however the damage is done. Alien biological weapons have created the thing like body horrors who occupy some former population centers and the environment has also changed drastically. Many governments are only shadows of their former selves and some places are controlled entirely by alien settlers. As with any desperate shithole with massive power gaps, Earth attracts massive amounts of gunrunners and smugglers and Earth is now a hive black markets, smugglers, pirate, mercenaries and shady corporations.

All in all, Earth is Africa in space.

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I am perplexed as to why the aliens haven't simply been cluster-nuked out of orbit the minute they showed hostility. We could definitely pull that off.
Also, nice pic. I miss Full Throttle.

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I remember playing LAN with a whole lot of people, as many as the game would allow. We were playing infection on that map with a base and a jungle. After camping for 10 min with the lone alien not having a chance we all moved out into the jungle to hunt it down.

Less than half returned.

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If they can travel that far they are well beyond our abilities to destroy.

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Let's see here, maybe the targeting systems aren't made to target things in high orbit, the aliens have ECMs enough to dodge and evade anything we send incoming (it's not like they're not gonna see it coming) and their first priority is targeting sites with capabilities of even hurting them (such as missile silos). Given that they want to take the planet as is they've most likely done recon and aren't completely fucking clueless.

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Nothing can survive being pelted with what equates to a small sun.
I don't care what technology you pull out of your ass; attack something with enough continual force and it will crack and crumble.

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Been planning to have it be a mix of proper counter measures and proper priorities when targeting human military installations, that and that the aliens having enough ships to afford losing a few.

So aliens do get cluster nuked but we were fucked when we ran out of nukes, using this to justify the news actually spreading in time before we lost.

Could have explained it better in the first post but I tend to lose track when writing long posts.

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Doesn't matter how big club you have if you can't hit your target.

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>running out of nukes
Nigga wat? The US alone has enough warheads to wipe out the earth several times over.

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no. it does not.
and you're an idiot for believing that it does

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Guess how much those nukes will matter when half of them a detonated prematurely, we already have technology to pull this off, so I'm taking the liberty of giving my aliens with handweaved space travel handweaved countermeasures.

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We have a few thousand. Most of them are tactical small yield nukes designed for taking out small cities and major bases.

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So apart from the whole nuke deal, what does /tg/ think of the idea?

Sorta thinking of the setting as a mix of half-life, D9 and MIB.

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I know you meant Handwaved but damn if i'm not thinkig of spaceships handcrafted by little old alien grandmas for their ungrateful relatives

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But the amount of nukes in the world would not destroy the earth itself, nor would it wipe out population.

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>yarn ships

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we always got ours knitted
though we got a lot of handwoven carpets

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1:6th scale fantasy gun

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You need mutated camel, four humps mean double range before refill! Betterthannew!

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thats not post apocalypse
thats lulz I'm gonna dress up like tankgirl
thats really a problem for the genre
look what it already did to steam punk

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That guy, whoever he is, enjoys his snackfoods too much. Every piece of art of him has junkfood it in.

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I await your posting of something better, good sir.

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second, most stuff in here looks more like zombie apocalypse rather that "Fallout meets Thundarr"

pic related: thats what it should look like
just in my opinion of course

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image limit reached

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If we hadn't reached image limit I'd post some pics from Chechnya, that shit's real life post apoc.

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new thread would be pretty cool

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sharing the thread

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Except that that isn't a grenade launcher. At all.

An OICW with drum mags. Google it.

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bumpin' to save pix

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resurrect the thread to call you a retard and ask you to look again

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