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Despite the (multiple) delays, the morning, at least, provides the entertainment Scinnari and you had been hoping for. Shortly before sunrise, you cease to get the few hours of sleep you each need. It leaves you in a pleasant enough mood to deal with a pair of unfortunate surprises... Mostly.

Cygnis greets you outside the temple of Alset when you arrive, around the eleventh bell, to speak with Thuron. She is accompanied by an individual you do not recognize, a tall human, dressed in clothes fitting of one of the merchant princes of the far east.

“Ah. Finally here.” The stranger says, as you approach. Turning to Cygnis, he continues, “I suppose you were right, this 'Thuron' did tell him.”

“I should assume, then, that Thuron informed you, too, last night?” you ask of Cygnis. The stranger practically growls.

“You would do well to show more respect...” he says, in a tone just shy of a threat, though such condescending advice is hardly better. Cygnis intevenes before your exchange has a chance to grow hotter, leading everyone inside.

“Ah. Cibach, I... heard of the occurence, and further, Thuron tells me he has determined that the Sealord himself is an adherent of the cult...”

“I had heard such, but not from him.” you agree, “I assume he has more reliable ways to determine that than ballroom gossip.”

“Indeed.” Cygnis agrees, ignoring the smoldering of the human, of whom you are becoming more certain isn't, as time passes. “I... between that and the implications that the cult persists, and is still strong and capable, I deemed it wise to ask for assistance. Cibach, this is my... broth-”

“-Half- brother.” the human interjects, apparently finding the difference important.

“*Half* brother,” Cygnis agrees reluctantly, “Azdukashen. Azdukashen, Cibach Azal-”

“Your puppet in the city.”

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“To be fair, you could describe Cygnis as my generous stage, just as easily.” you offer, doing your best to be annoyingly cheery. “After all, the puppet show has to take place on /some/ sort of platform.”

“-Contrawise to what I'm sure you wish to hear, my... near-equal partner in matters dealing with the future of the city.” Cygnis continues from where Azdukashen interrupted her.

“And finally, Azdukashen, Lady Scinnari Asmora. Scinnari, Azdukashen.” you state, completing the last set of introductions. Azdukashen nods curtly at Scinnari, eyeing her with a look you find... enraging. Scinnari, for her part, gives Azdukashen a formal curtsy. Enough to cause him to spare her a few more moments observation.

“That amulet you wear is in the likeness of a Red. Our... more barbaric brethern.” he grunts disapprovingly. Scinnari locks eyes with you over his shoulder, and smiles.

“But still a most glorious and majestic creature, yes?” she asks sweetly. He doesn't answer, staring at her for a few more moments, before turning back to following Cygnis.

“You could learn from her, elf.” he says without looking at you.

“Probably more than either of us imagine, dragon.” you say pleasantly, and ignore the anger in his eyes as he glances at you. Picking up your pace slightly, you come up along side Cygnis, who gives you a pleading look.

“Please. Don't prokove him. I am aware that he is rather abraisive, and unpleasant to deal with, but I am afraid we need his help.” Cygnis whispers. “That's why I... called him, last night, and passed on everything. “

“I see...” you begin, but are saved having to actually respond as you step into Thuron-come-K'Staalo's office.

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The first thing that strikes you is the blood, everywhere. Even the cieling, you notice, moderately impressed. Thuron's body lies slumped over the back of his chair, chest seemingly exploded. An impressive amount of blood for a humanoid.

The book- and scroll-shelves along the walls are spattered with spray, but don't seem inordinately damaged. Several scrolls or books appear to be missing, though, either taken down by Thuron, or possibly taken away by whoever did this, if it was done in person.

“Well. Not quite what I was hoping for when he said he'd try to figure out what the cryptic warning meant.” you say, feigning an attempt at levity.

“I... perhaps we can salvage some of what he was reading... it might tell us what he was finding.” Cygnis says. She starts to move towards the desk, stepping gingerly between the blood on the floor. The desk has several books and tomes open, as well as what you think was a map scroll, prior to being covered in mulched organs.

“I hope so. Perhaps someone witnessed our conversation last night.. or when he informed you, Cygnis.” you suggest, taking a step to the side to allow Scinnari and Azdukashen in.

“Perhaps you should have thought of that.” Azdukashen says, stepping into the room. You bite back a scathing retort, busying yourself with a search of the room.

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[Dice 1d100, meant to add that to the last one. Still same quest, just a picture more relevant to today's quest in the OP]

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rolled 85 = 85

Fuck yes dragon quest.

The temple of Alset is rapidly becoming useless as anything but a decoy or library.

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rolled 38 = 38

Oh, and we should snag our medal from the other night and take it to be identified by the most discreet wizard we can find. I wonder how old this other dragon is.

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What exactly did we end up doing with it anyway?

Please please please tell me we're not still wearing it.

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I vote we kill Az at some point down the line.

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Meh, we already have a dragonkill plan set up. Hopefully he will just depart later and we won't need to bother. He hasn't insulted us yet so we might not need to hold a grudge. But if he does, well, I'm afraid he will have to die eventually yeah.

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Cygnis half-brother does seem to be less than a little amicable. We should insinuate that his name is Dave and that he has no anus.

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Insulted us? Not yet, not directly, but...

> Azdukashen nods curtly at Scinnari, eyeing her with a look you find... enraging.

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We should politely remind him (to cause maximum annoyance of course), that she is very much ours.

Also, he does seem to be epic trolling material.

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Lots of people eye Scinnari, though. We can't kill the whole town because our gem glitters so prettily.

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There's eyeing the girl, and then there's Eyeing the girl. I have a feeling that this was the latter

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That's going a bit far for our first encounter, thanks. She knows, and she's the only one who needs to right now.

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"This might be something." you announce quietly. Gently gripping the late K'Staalo's hand, you lift it off of the sticky surface of the map, and the semi-coagulated blood. It smells... interesting in here. It will undoubtedly take some effort to clean the place up.

Below the hand,it is mostly bloodless, clean. You can identify the city of Freeport, the southern and westward islands, and something circled in black ink to the west.

"He seems to have identified something... it looks just off the western coast of the island." you explain, placing your fingertip just below it.

"Hm.... What did he tell me..? 'Beneathe the waves, a palace resides'?" Cygnis asks aloud, looking with interest from next to you.

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"Quite possibly. Seems just off the coast, so if that's it, it isn't too far beneath the waves... or it literally is 'right beneath the waves', as in, on a beach." you agree. "Though, I suppose something for consideration, it's possible that we don't have to follow like tame dogs; the 'cryptic warning' was actually fairly clear, and their importance seems directly related to how incomprehensible they are." It doesn't entertain Cygnis, but Azdukashen emits a harsh bark of laughter.

"That does seem to be the case, throughout the ages. He may have a point, Cygnariassis. Or be older than you think he is."

"Just well read, I'm afraid." you say, scanning the rest of the map. You can't tell how old the map is, but you're pretty certain it's listing Freeport as much smaller than it should be, presumably due to age of the map.

"Well then?" Scinnari says from your right, "Do we intend to pursue this, or merely await the chance to destroy the lighthouse? Our... greater allies may be able to do that..."

"Actually, I doubt it." Cygnis says. "It's reinforced against the hurricanes that hit the islands during the wet season; I think it's destruction would be even beyond you." she elaborates with a nod to Azdukashen. He doesn't look impressed, but doesn't argue.

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Well yes, but he's also a dick to boot. He rolls into town, and literally the first thing that he says to us an arrogant "you should watch your tone" without even bothering to figure out who we are relative to Cygnis. And from the sounds of it it's not just us, he's a dick to everyone, even his own sister.

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Tell her it could be the ancient summoning site of the dark god. Tell her that we volunteer to go, seeing as it could likely be hazardous for dragons and we're an adventurer after all.

Of course, this is just to disguise that we know it's probably not hazardous and is likely a temple of the one who opposed the dark god. We can loot it for ourselves. Also, tell her about the lighthouse and how it's a cult summoning thing. Mention we have a plan to destroy it in the works, but she should try to find a way to delay the crystal from being installed to give us more time.

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Why do we care if he's a dick, provided we can use him? If he insults us somehow that's one thing, but there are are lots of people who are cocks to us when we are in our less majestic forms. It's sort of the point: Nobody knows who we are so we have freedom of action.

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Well, he did come here from wherever he was, on litearlly a moments notice, too. I'd say cut him a little slack, as if we haven't, eventually we will learn that flying all night is probably pretty annoying.

Failing that, dispense with the slack and cut HIM.

(Also, I'm guessing he's older, possibly much older than Cygnis, and that's why he's so obnoxious; he probably doesn't shapeshift at all, if he's old enough. He's having to slum it, the poor thing.)

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Well, apparently he is older than us. This is probably not good.

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If they can't simply smash it, then destroying it becomes a more difficult task, but still not an impossible one. We'd want to get blueprints for the place and destroy it rather more carefully, likely using a team of workers experienced in engineering principles. We'd have to get a crew of craftsmen in there and buy them a few hours to destroy it that way, though... and either finding someone reliable and willing or getting them in the right location and undisturbed for long enough might prove quite an obstacle.

Chasing ancient sites of mystery seems easier, all told. All we'd need to do for that is pick up a few water-breathing items and go exploring.

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Meh, 4 kegs of dwarven blasting powder in a tunnel under it will bring it down no matter how well engineered it is. I just hope it doesn't take the entire cliff with it with that much boom.

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We don't want to let slip to the golds that we're acquiring dwarven blasting powder. And if we can make them expend their resources to acquire some and do the necessary work, then we'll be left with a stockpile for later use on our own objectives- quite desirable, yes?

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Well, of course. And we can always increase the price we have to "pay" for it too. A little graft never hurt anyone, and we get it dirt cheap thanks to owning a clan of kobold smugglers.

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Then let's go to the ruin and plunder away while the golds figure out a plan Afor the lighthouse and we still have those barrels for plan B.
And charge extra extra.

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We do have the architectural drafts for the first few floors ourselves. That may be possible.


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Depending on the amount of guards at the Lighthouse we could use our Kobolds to cause a distraction nearby(directly attack the guards or something) and then we'll just sneak in with the emerald and place The Dwarven Stuff in structural weakpoints (crossbeams and pillars, whatnot). We could hide them or go for broke and set them off immediately. Alternatively a timed igniter (Spell?) to activate and blow the tower when the cult is home.

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A team of workers is too risky. The only ones we can count on are our kobolds, and I don't really want to reveal them to the dragons or Scinnari yet.

I think the blasting powder should easily knock it down given a proper plan. For instance:

Buy a scroll of fly. Have our kobolds make 4 flame traps with a pull-cord on each. Attach the traps to the kegs. Invisify the kegs and ourselves. We fly the kegs up there and attach them to the upper levels, and pull-cords to each trap on the barrels. Then we cast Rope Trick and retreat into the pocket dimension with the cords. Pull, boom. The explosion won't reach us inside the rope trick. We then exit and fly back down. All done invisibly. We can even be in another polymorph form at the time if we are really paranoid about being seen.

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And I mean attach the kegs to the outside, by the way. They won't have guards in the air three to four stories up.

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If a building has no foundations, then it cannot stand - be those magical or built from stone.

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Floating Lighthouse of Very Bad

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Suggestion: We now have a rather impressive gold dragon who has no significant ties or interest in the city present, yes? The beneficent nature of golds is well known, as is their disdain for evil. And we are given to understand that Azdukashen is... even more impressive physically than Cygnis, yes? It should be possible for Azdukashen to proceed to hire a team, banking upon his own presumed good intentions and the knowledge of the evil cult in the city, declare to them that the lighthouse is corrupted and must be destroyed, and then simply go and protect them from any cult attacks while they destroy the lighthouse- even in a relatively open fashion. After that's done and the threat of the ritual presumably deferred until the cult can construct another site of that scale, he can either proceed to destroy more of them or simply depart. There will doubtless be negative political repercussions... but for him, who presumably lives hundreds of miles away, they will be of little consequence, and those of us who live in the city will have no overt connection to the lighthouse's destruction and therefore not attract retribution.

Basically, we have Azdukashen act as a particularly smite-happy paladin in this matter, he kills the cult while declaring it the right thing to do, then leaves.

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With the speed the Kobolds dug those tunnels under our house I'm fairly sure they can dig a tiny tunnel under the lighthouse in two days time.

>> No.12635360

Problem is, that will raise suspicion of dragon involvement. I don't think we really want to deal with increased anti-dragon scrying and shit.

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Sorry. Just realized I missed a few posts.

"It's possible this... 'palace'," you say, invoking the prophetic warnings to back up your reasoning, "Is... where this Binder, or the Destroyer was summoned before. It seems likely, then, that it could be a fairly serious threat... at least, considering the motifs of the cult." you pause, as if hesitating. "And it seems all to likely that if it's an actual palace, your forms would be of less help than hindrance, inside it. I could investigate it, if you desire."

"A generous offer. You are the professional, I am willing to accede to your judgement." Cygnis says quietly, still looking at the map.

"How do you intend to get there?" Azdukashen asks, halfway polite.

"I am a captain; I could charter or borrow a boat; failing that, I could attempt an overland journey..." you say, realizing the delay that would entail.

"Too slow."

"I... may be able to assist you in transportation. There, at least." Cygnis says, turning away to start flipping through a book. Beyond the page it was open to, it's mostly legible, and seems to be a treatise on Valossa by some wizard or another.

"You would lower yourself to such levels?" Azdukashen asks, torn between amazement and disgust.

"No. I would do what I must do. And I did inform you, I do owe Cibach. A large debt."

"Apologies, Cygnariassis. I forgot." he backs down, though you get the feeling he would prefer to carry on this conversation at a time when you aren't here.

[~11 o'clock, what do we do?]

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It won't raise any general suspicion, it'll pretty much openly pin Azdukashen the gold as responsible. Why would there be general anti-dragon scrying when they know the specific guy involved? There must be dozens of good-aligned individuals and organizations who would be more than willing to pass on news like the true nature of the lighthouse to a gold dragon to deal with if they found out about it. And the cult knows about Cygnis already- meaning that they wouldn't find it strange that she'd call in a larger sibling to aid with her problems.

Either way, the golds draw all the attention and nothing gets pinned on us.

Look, we have Cygnis and Azdukashen here. That means that we use none of our own resources- no kobolds, no blasting powder unless the golds ask us to get them some, no nothing. When working with them, we act in an advisor/adventurer capacity only, pretending to have no strings to pull and no resources to call upon.

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Tell the dragons we want to buy blasting powder (and maybe a fly scroll if we are doing the air assault part) and to get the money, start our kobolds digging under the tower (in case we are doing the underground assault part), and go loot the underwater ruins tomorrow. Tell Cygnis and her friend about the focus crystal and ask them to try and delay it, wherever it is. Then get our "medal" and go have it identified.

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I like this plan.

Let's save the DRAGONSFUCKYEAH if our initial plan fails.

ALSO! It would be wise to get the kobolds to maybe start digging from somewhere the cult was active? That way, if they trace the tunnel, it will help insinuate the cult.

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>get them to fund our blasting powder purchases.
I can get behind that. Leave them working on it. The temple sounds like something important, or at least profitable.

Is Az pure gold? He seems too obnoxious to be lawful good.

>> No.12635484

That's why we have the golds pay us (overpay actually) for the blasting powder. And we have to make ourselves useful if we want to be worthy of our "equal status" too, you know.

And any dragon interfering in mortal affairs raises hackles. Why do you think golds tend not to rule openly, or act as advice givers rather than rulers? People fucking hate dragons ruling them most of the time. Xenophobia and all that. And if the gold protects the town then it begs the question... what interest did the gold have in this town? It's not even in the domain it claims! Why would it fly all the way out here to blast a cult? Hmmm....

>> No.12635497

Lawful good can still be very obnoxious. Especially if the "Lawful" part doesn't apply to human laws. Golds are Lawful Good, but as you no doubt have noticed from Cygnis planning to assassinate the lawful ruler of the city (before we knew he was a cultist) dragons don't give a fuck for mortal laws.

>> No.12635502

sounds good to me.

>> No.12635686

Tell them that we can arrange our own transport. Much like the favors we called in to rescue her, we know a few wizards who can teleport us.

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"Look here," you continue, "We have two days, why don't we look into acquiring blasting powder, should the demolition of the tower become necessary. I can do that, excepting actually purchasing it. I can also look into preparing to explore this watery wonderworld, and see if I can hire some people to undermine the site for us. That would make a last-ditch demolition easier, if we're desperate."

"A somewhat destructive plan..." Cygnis says. It seems possible she doesn't want to make waves in the city, or at least, not in a way that would be traced to her. Of course, this is mostly traceable back to you, so it may be that she actually cares about your wellbeing. Or is worried about something else entirely.

"Indeed. However, a passable final contingency." Azdukashen says.

"Thank you." you say to him, acknowledging his slight redemption. "Until tomorrow, then, you two have something more you can do that I can't. Fairly reliable rumor has it that the Sealord purchased a magical jewel, likely for their ritual, if he is a cultist. If either of your can locate it, destroy it, or prevent it from being delivered to the lighthouse, that might also be another way in which to stop them."

"You want us chasing rumor?" Ah. Back to normal.

"No. I suggest that you might want to investigate it. I heard that from the head of the Jeweler's Guild. I doubt he was inventing things to brag about. Anyway, Cygnis, you are the only one who CAN investigate it; I could order Asha to assist you, but I don't have the resources you do."

"Naturally, yes. I am willing to do that. Azdukashen?"

"What kind of jewel is this?" Azdukashen says, in a dangerous tone. Confusing, since you don't believe you have done anything to upset him this time.

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"I believe it was supposed to be a focusing or disjunction gem. Presumably for the ritual, though I don't know how focusing or disjunction would help a summoning." you answer reasonably.

"I.. see... Ominous." he says, satisfied with your answer.

"If we can agree on this, shall we start at some point?" Scinnari asks. Her tone is polite, but words are not. "Before the morning fades; we really don't seem to have time to waste."

Her words are reasonable enough that both Cygnis and Az accept them without argument, standing to leave.

"What shall we do about the body?" Cygnis asks, staring at K'Staalo's ophidian form. "We need to dispose of it somehow."

>> No.12635766

As an adventurer, we merely took her up on her bounty... finding and killing yet another insidious snakeman attempting to infiltrate high society. Alas, poor Thuron.

>> No.12635781

It's our bounty, but that's hilariously appropriate. Get someone to turn it in for cash, while presumably Cygnis or her representative moves up in the church hierarchy.

>> No.12635840

Isn't the real Thuron's body in the secret room down here? Announce that his heart gave out in the night, and Alset killed this heretic/blaspheming snakeman that tried to loot/steal some of his books and scrolls.

Pay off the bounty to the church (heh. I'm not sure whether that would amuse the god or offend it,), and get someone promoted to High Priest. (Cygnis seems to just be a librarian, so I'm not sure we can actually promote her.)

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"We can... yes." you say, as you plan in your mind. Moving to the wall, you activate the secret door K'Staalo once revealed. Thuron's body still remains inside, oddly untouched by the ravages of time and death.

"Sadly, Thuron passed away in the night. Peacefully. K'Staalo here, attempted to steal from the library, but was struck down for his irreverence by Alset's wrath. Cygnis, do you have someone you think should be promoted to fill Thuron's role?"

"I'm afraid not, I don't think I have control over that, without K'Staalo. I did not plan for this... fool I am."

"Not your fault. Powerful magic. Evil." Azdukashen says, once again observing the body.

"Wave it away. The cult will know what it is, as they probably did it. Have the church be vague enough that it won't matter... Better yet, Az, you're an unknown variable; you could shift to look like Thuron, just long enough for Cygnis to get her favorite promoted by you. Hmm..."

"That might work.." Cygnis agrees, obviously interested in the proposal.

"Alright. Fine. Do that, or what I suggested to begin with. Or both, if you can fit them. Naturally," you say with a grin, " 'I' will happily award the standard bounty to this temple, as Alset himself is somewhat harder to reach." That does elicit an amused laugh from Cygnis, and you, with a bow in her direction, take the opportunity to excuse yourself.

Stepping out into street, Scinnari stretches beside you, letting out a happy purr.

"Holy ground?" you ask.

"Yes. Most... uncomfortable. Otherwise I would have been of more assistance in dealing with... Him." Scinnari says. "What is our first objective, assuming we're agreeing with what you told them? Find water-breathing magic?"

>> No.12636144

Water breathing would be a good start. And tell her to try and investigate this new dragon if she can... find where his domain is, any vices, and his reputation. Things like that. If we can get out to the temple today that would be ideal. Tell Scinnari that she may have access to our horde for her expenses since we have somewhat limited her own personal... methods of easy purchase, but we expect accurate and complete accounting. We have the draconic ability to remember exactly how much is in our horde after all.

Also go visit the kobolds and tell them to get to work with a tunnel under the lighthouse. Tell them to start at night, and don't connect it to our current underground warren or their hideouts. And be careful, have warriors on standby near the digging. If there are secret tunnels under the tower we don't want kobolds getting slaughtered.

>> No.12636155

Our first objective is to find water-breathing magic... but also to come up with ideas which could get Azdukashen killed. Unlike Cygnis, his continued existence brings us no additional power and access to no additional wealth, and his presence here tips the scale nastily against us should our nature be revealed, unlike the former relatively even footing we'd have even if Cygnis found out everything. Worse, if we do dispose of Cygnis at some point it's likely that he would try to investigate her death- sibling loyalty is such a frustrating thing. He has to die.

Killing him personally would be nice, but it's not terribly practical. More feasible is getting him slain by the cult, but for that to happen we will need to put him into direct conflict with them- preferably when he's stuck in human form for whatever reason. Ideas?

>> No.12636168

I know this might sound daft - but if magic is available for removing the water from the area (a la that guy from the bible escaping from egypt) is cheaper, shall we take that instead?

>> No.12636175

That's pretty high level magic you are talking there. We can't afford that. Water breathing is plenty.

>> No.12636202

This covers most everything. We also need to find out how Cygnis and Azdukashen are related. See if Scinnari can find that out too.

>> No.12636222


Well - I thought it might be a little different to just plain-ol' 'breathe underwater'. Like a big bubble about us perhaps.

>> No.12636232


Also, anon here has the plan.

>> No.12636269

Wait, actually, let's go to the temple tomorrow. We need to resolve that thing with Arman ASAP. After we tell the kobolds about the tunnel we should deliver Arman to Scinnari's alter ego in Finn's business.

>> No.12636322

I forgot about that. She will probably be there later in the day or after she delivers the report of what she found to us. I say go for it.

>> No.12636432

Seconding dealing with Arman ASAP.

>> No.12636506

That's actually 'control water'; level 3. (Of course, higher caster level if you want it to be useful in this case.)
"Scinnari. I think I have a job suited to you; I hope you'll enjoy it."

"That certainly sounds ominous. Care to tell me, or are you savoring the suspense?" Scinnari asks, amused.

"Azdukashen... Az. I want you to find out everything you can about him. Vices. Habits. Reputation. Domain. Age. Everything. You have access to my hoard. Use what you need."

"I... see. I believe I will be able to get the information you want.. Do you... Are you relaxing your order to me from last night? The one involving... ah, fingerprints?" Scinnari asks delicately.

"Him? Really?" you ask, actually surprised.

"You must have missed how he looked at me, when you introduced us..." Scinnari says with a smile. "I think it is possible."

"In any other situation, no. In this... A grudging yes. You had better receive equitable return." you reply. "And do look into getting us water breathing or water manipulation magic, should we need it. I leave that in your capable hands."

"Very well. I assume you are going to see about the powder and mining?"

"Indeed..." you say, with just enough vagueness to make her wonder if you were actually answering her question.

"Ah.. very well, then." Scinnari says, kissing you before heading off down the street. You watch her go for a few minutes, making sure she's absent, before turning toward the warehouse district.

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A new kobold is on guard. Not a huge revelations, considering their numbers; you doubt you've met a percent of them.

"Kantak. Kantak or Jerrik." you say by way of greeting. He looks at you, and you will a fraction of your Presence into existence. He nods jerkily, and backs away, turning to knock on the warehouse door.

Kantak turns out to be present, and you are immediately led to him. (her?)

"Red One! We are thankful for your gifts. Still, if you could return... as yourself, sometime, that would be good. You are pleased with your lair?" Kantak says, abasing before you, then rising.

"Very. Excellent work. 'Why I have returned with more work..." you say, "I wish for your miners to undermine the lighthouse."

"What?! Er, Lord, you ask... That would draw unpleasant attention... to us. We are here on Freeport's sufferance. I would not wish to... risk it." Kantak says nervously. You feel moderately annoyed at this minor obstacle.

"The lighthouse is the site of a ritual. The cult in the city, you have heard, yes?" you ask reasonably.

"Many cults, great one..." Kantak replies, still uneasy.

"They had the lighthouse built. They are using it to summon something. I don't want you to bring it crashing down. I want near access below it, so that I can do that, should I have no other recourse. The blasting powder you are getting for me."

"Tomorrow morning, lord. I... see... If you order, we will obey. I... do not like this idea, though, lord." Kantak says, abasing again. Recalcitrance from the smallest of your minions... You are not happy, but at least they are willing to obey, despite their disagreements...

>> No.12636558

Another *dragon* doing all manner of things? Blargh. I suppose if she requires it, but it leaves a bad taste.

Arman capture powers, activate.

Remind them that we will ensure they grow strong, and ensure that one day they need not grovel before humans.

>> No.12636579

I'm shocked that is even possible. I would have thought Cygnis would tell him about her being a devil.

>> No.12636584

Dear god yes.
Deliver Arman to Scinnari (Jassa) in our Blackjack form.
None of this "ITS NOT WORTH THE RISK" shit, just do eet

>> No.12636597

Sorry. Figured what with our intelligent-evil alignment, and our reluctance to show her quite how possessive we were, it was something we'd agree to. (Better that than dead, right?)

Failing that, just tell yourself it's the same thing as spending our hoard to get Cygnis' amulet made.

Tried to include that, [the shock] but yeah. She hasn't yet.

>> No.12636600

We still need to hire some guards. Reputable men only.

>> No.12636602
File: 117 KB, 800x640, 1287115499253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoa. Me there. Forgot name/trip, don't worry. It's me.

>> No.12636613

Eh, I figured the opposite. That we would be more possessive where another dragon was concerned than mere humans. I guess it's too late now.

>> No.12636617

>Failing that, just tell yourself it's the same thing as spending our hoard to get Cygnis' amulet made.

Make a second, similar amulet.
Have Scinnari give it to Agesundheit as a gift.
Then suddenly, when Agesundheit and Cygnis are about to morph into dragon form to take on a cult hydra, we're like "Command word!"
And then we trollface.jpg.

>> No.12636623

Spending our hoard on another dragon though? Isn't that like giving it away to a competitor? I thought dragons fought to the deaths between themselves for horde rights?

>> No.12636626

What's Asha doing?
Can we make Asha do anything? Perhaps Asha can go fetch waterbreathing, leaving Scinnari available for other matters.

>> No.12636631

Good idea but, honestly, we can't afford it.

>> No.12636657


I agree with you there WD.

>> No.12636658

You don't really spend your priceless treasures though instead you hang them on the wall for yourself and for others to see but not touch :/

>> No.12636671

We would, but Agesundheit is more powerful than us.
He's so totally going to die eventually, but we need a means of doing this.
Even if it's something as simple as "Hey guys, I barrel of dwarven explosive powder. WOOPS I ROPE TRICK" and blow the barrel up in their faces.
Wait, no. Fire immunity.
Fuck. Can we make a dwarven shrapnel bomb?
Wait, no. DR. The individual shrapnel bits wouldn't work.
Fuck it, make a trap out of the dragon-slaying sword.
The kobolds can make a trap out of the dragon-slaying sword we have, as long as we don't tell them what the sword does.
Do you think that sword, if swung with enough force, would be enough to kill Agesundheit in his human form?

>> No.12636673

All I have to say is, bitch best not get uppity when we're plinking Asha when she gets home.

>> No.12636690

Oh that would be delicious. Have a nice sit down dinner with Asha and flirt lightly. After all, we can't possibly consider that demon thing as our wife, right? Surely Asha can see that!

Scinnari walks in and bam. Hilarity ensues.

>> No.12636697

Asha needs to be doing something. Don't know what.
Fetching waterbreathing? Making some type of anti-asshole dragon trap? I dunno, maybe reading up on lighthouse plans to see where to put the boom?

>> No.12636717

We could have her study that book of the binder. I suggest we be there with her while she does, though, in case there are any unexpected magical traps in it.

Also it works with
to fake-out Scinnari. Or maybe not actually fake-out. Dragons can be polygamous.

>> No.12636718

Asha is our guards.
Perhaps we can get her involved with reading architectural shit or learning magical shit. What levels does Asha have, and in which classes?

>> No.12636728

Asha is an assassin, and one person. She is ridiculously expensive for a guard, and far more highly skilled than we need for that. Bodyguard at the very least.

>> No.12636778

Interesting thought. Scinnari popping in on us abed with Asha or another woman would likely send the message that if she's going to be leaving us to fend for ourselves to "entertain" others then we'll likewise take steps to amuse ourselves. Make it be her choice.

>> No.12636790

Not giving. Just trading it for information. In this case, we don't even lose it, too.

"I do not intend to forget those that helped me. And I have utmost confidence in your abilities. All I ask is for there to be tunnels I can be shown, should it become necessary. Perhaps you can even implicate a rival. The destruction, should it become necessary, will not be linked to you."

"Very well, lord. We shall."

"I shall, of course, compensate your work."

"You are generous, Lord, of that there is no doubt."

A few more trivialities, as you impress upon them the importance of their work, and you depart. They know their place.

Leaving, you twist your ring magically bound to Scinnari's collar. She is not in the eastern district, you determine. Presumably busy with the water breathing enchantments... or something else. You feel rage building, but forcibly crush it. Not only does this play in to Cynis conceptions of Scinnari, it gets you what you dearly need, information.

[where now? If it's secure Arman in advance, 1d100]

>> No.12636831

Why are we securing Arman again? I'm not against it, just forgotten

>> No.12636836

roll for justice too

>> No.12636840

rolled 19 = 19

Yeah sure, let's do Arman now. If Scinnari is not around when we make the delivery we'll have some interaction there, and if not we can drop him off and head home. It will likely be evening by that time, so we can have a charming dinner with Asha. Make it a pretty nice one. At home of course, we don't need to be leaving when people are trying to burn down our house.

>> No.12636847

rolled 100 = 100

To check Scinnari's loyalty and find out how far she has infiltrated the underworld. We don't want her becoming more powerful than us in this city.

>> No.12636854

What did happen to Arman after we rescued him from the cult? I totally lost track of him after we killed those assassins.

>> No.12636861

rolled 77 = 77

Holy shit. I wonder what we find out.

>> No.12636872

Nothing, he has a fairly large debt from taking out loans and we're contracted to bring him in to the loan sharks. This particular loan shark is Scinnari's underworld persona, and we're trying to infiltrate as a reliable, powerful assassin and manhunter to keep tabs on her.

>> No.12636895

rolled 68 = 68

Let's try that roll again >.<

>> No.12636925

Critical hit on plots-within-plots roll!

>> No.12636927
File: 10 KB, 223x205, coolface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 90 = 90



>> No.12636940

Actually, I think it the Blackjack persona is a plot-within-plots-within-plots.


>> No.12636947

I have the feeling that this might come back to bite us in the ass.

>> No.12636965

Nah, we just need to reappear as a red when we pay them for the tunneling. That will erase all doubt. We can also claim ultimate leadership over them, finally.

>> No.12637121

rolled 6 = 6


>> No.12637132
File: 4 KB, 126x114, laughinggirls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 31 = 31


>> No.12637148

Scinnari is going to sleep with that gold, and then give birth to a bunch of half-dragon devils.

It will be hilarious and utterly enraging.

>> No.12637157

"Scinnari, why are my children half RED dragon?"
"Fuck I dunno, a wizard did it or something."

>> No.12637175

Pfft, no. If that was likely then we would have knocked her up long ago. I imagine she has some form of birth control, either as a natural ability or is at the very least proficient with herbs.

>> No.12637236
File: 24 KB, 632x467, lolololol reaction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 31 = 31


Now there's a thaught, what if she is already?

>> No.12637265
File: 50 KB, 700x443, 1276758412471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doubt it, she knows we do not approve of clutching yet.

Half an hour and counting.

>> No.12637275

The silence is ominous.

>> No.12637327

rolled 74 = 74


I think that 100 threw WD off a little - he's probably getting his facts sorted and/or doing an epic post.

>> No.12637359
File: 98 KB, 450x577, 1246319011485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did we investigate the amulet. we could have been scryed on the whole time. lets get that investigated asap.

>> No.12637368

You actually manage to find Arman already enroute, after using your innate abilities to locate his shoes. Effortlessly disposing of the talentless bruiser dragging him in, you rescue him, then stuff him in a damaged trunk you find in a nearby alley. Intact enough to get one last use out of.

Scinnari is, unfortunately, still not there, when you arrive at Finn's establishment. Annoyed, you decide you can afford to wait an hour or two, having depositted Arman in a safe location.

Just when you're about to give up, certain she isn't coming back and growing bored, she does, making an entrance with Finn, as he arrives at his court for the day.

Deciding you don't feel like waiting for Finn to get called away again, you go and retrieve the battered chest, and walk back into the room.

"Really, Jassa, I don't know what's come over you. You were rather naive to begin with, but this..?" your sharp hearing picks out as you approach. Interested as you are, you can find no excuse to delay your arrival, and the conversation stops as you drop the chest on the floor.

"Blackjack. Back at last, I see." Jassa/Scinnari starts, looking at the chest with interest.

"You said be careful. Waited for someone else to take the risk."

"Did you now.... Rather risky in it's own right." Finn muses, signalling a guard. One steps forward, gingerly flipping the lid. Arman snoozes inside, battered, but no worse for the wear. Yet.

"Alive. One hundred gold." you grunt out. Blackjack is not particularly eloquent.

"One hundred? I believe the offered price was fifty." Finn says reasonably. Here it comes...

>> No.12637375

Amulet is safely at the temple until we pick it up.

>> No.12637378

"I offered him a bonus if he could retrieve Arman alive." Jassa/Scinnari informs Finn shyly. "I... was hoping a poor priest could be spared. I'll pay it, of course."

"Ah, as merciful than the gods above. Ask and it shall be done, Jassa, my winged goddess. Take him away. Do not hurt him." Finn orders. Indulging 'his' woman... "Do not even think of paying yourself. I won't hear of it."

As the hundred gold are counted out for you, you have to wonder, did she actually have that gold, or was she just so sure of her ability to manipulate him.... Whatever the manner of her work, she has done it well.

"So. Blackjack, you call yourself?" Finn begins. You nod. "You seem to do good work... and follow your instructions. Over-zealously, in this case, I think. But you do good work. I have something more, if you're interested in it." Another nod. "Very well. Andarr is the name of a merchant captain.... I'm not certain on enough of the details, but suffice to say, some are fairly interested in his demise. A hundred gold to see him deceased?"

"Five hundred."

"Hah, really? One-fifty, maximum."

"Three hundred, and it depends on what other information you have." you retort.

"Two hundred."

"Information." you reply tonelessly.

"Hmmph. Fond of Dreaming street, who isn't. Staying in an inn towards the Scurvytown end of the docks. The Beaten Path."

"Can be done. Two fifty. Unless you have more." you grunt out. Finn glares at you, and you match his gaze, bored.

"Very well. Two fifty. I expect... results, though. Within the week." Finn says at last. You nod in acknowledgement, and turn to leave.

>> No.12637385


Done with your work for the day, and waiting for Scinnari to finish hers, you manage to locate Cygnis, by 'chance'. You of course, take the opportunity to relate the story of the attack on your house the previous night, embellishments acceptable, since you were't there. Cygnis is concerned, enough that you convince her to part with funds for both a private guard detail, and a small house staff; a cook, and a housekeeper, though you turn down the butler. It feels like a risk, but Cygnis surprisingly suggests that you should hire them yourself, and that they should be paid through you.

"Appearances, Cibach. I think it would be foolish to offer them undue confusion about their loyalty... I hope that we can keep what goes on in your house there; if I am to visit, or if Scinnari is to be... unmasked, rumors would spread. Especially, I think, if it was me paying them. With you, they know that your wish is their command." she reasoned, much to your delight.

Guards are easy enough to find, and cheap enough too; Three shifts of six are a mere twenty seven gold a month, all skilled guards with a reliable reputation. For a cook, you spare no expense, hiring the best you can find. A maid, you decide, can wait until you are certain this will or will not last.

With Scinnari /still/ busy, despite how long you have taken, you return home, and, intending to test the cook, order him to make a dinner in the style of Tashz, hoping to impress, or at least do something pleasant for Asha.

[Sorry this took so long. And then I had to try a dozen times to get it broken up enough to post.]

>> No.12637424

rolled 98 = 98


Brotip: Use a character counter =] Google one, there are hundreds about.

>> No.12637446

God damn, looks like we just succeeded masterfully on our attempt to wine and dine Asha.

>> No.12637464
File: 195 KB, 1025x635, DQTGDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ask Asha to sit down with us to dinner. Flirt a bit, but be subtle at first and see how she takes it. Ask her about how she's been lately, and if she has heard any more rumors, or gotten any contracts.

>> No.12637471

I wasn't clear on our objective, so didn't proceed. But. What do we intend to do? Fuck like rabbits? Get her happy? Warn her we're going adventuring tomorrow?

>> No.12637474
File: 65 KB, 400x259, 12345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did Scinnari find out about Azdukashen? is he a half dragon or full?

Also can we get that amulet investigated?

>> No.12637497

rolled 82 = 82


Friendly and Business iirc.

>> No.12637502

rolled 82 = 82


Yes. We need to have that medal/whatever it is checked out.

>> No.12637555

Have fun with her, be suave and a bit flirty. See where it goes. Perhaps ask her if there are any games played in Tshaz and get her to teach us in a somewhat more intimate setting, like in front of the fireplace. I'm sure we can comment on how we would like to proceed once we see how it's going.

makes sense too.

>> No.12637585

If our objective is to remind Scinnari that there are other sheathes for our sword then we should go as far as we can, clearly. Her teleporting into the bedroom only to find us and Asha in there curled up together sleeping would be a rude awakening indeed.

>> No.12637601
File: 114 KB, 400x274, 99913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we should keep it just businesses but we can still can have a friendly dinner.

could ask her what she thinks of the amulet.

>> No.12637620

Dude, the amulet is NOT with us. For the last time, it's at the temple of Alset.

>> No.12637627



>> No.12637688

I say we get Asha into bed. Right now we've got her liking us because we're pretending to be the good guy comparative to Scinarri.
I think in this case, skinship would be a big step towards true loyalty to us.

>> No.12637710


I'm more for Monogamy, at least for the moment.

Scinnari may be ours, but it is still a relationship that is forged at least with common purpose and some trust.

>> No.12637730

Keep forgetting that. Let's assume you did.
The medal, you find, has multiple layers on it. By your own observation, in proper circumstances, and using your talents, you determine it to be a beacon, a manner of homing a spell... like say, a lighting strike on a clear day. Unpleasant enough on it's own, there is a minor compulsion on it, as far as you can determine, to make someone less controlled. More suggestible. More ambitious. Less restrained. Perhaps he was hoping you would make an ass of yourself, or attempt to kill someone. Obviously, he must have been somewhat disappointed. More, since you won't be wearing it until you've had a chance to have it completely dispelled.


"Asha! How are things?" you greet her.

"Very good. I... acquired a new contract. A member of the Freemen's Guild. League. Whatever. I think I shall be ready to deal with him around midweek." Asha says, possibly slightly taken aback at your excellent mood.

>> No.12637736


"Good, good. Ah, I have a surprise for you, something I hope you will like. You noticed I hired guards? That should make future arson-attempts to far less likely. Or easy. But also, a cook. I asked for something to try his abilities, and, provided he is as skilled as he thinks he is... we should both be quite pleased." you say, opening the door to the dining room. Sure enough, a dinner for two is laid out, and it smells excellent.

"I- really? Thank you, Cibach. I haven't eaten Tashz food in.. in months. Since I left home..." Asha says, moving to sit down. She pauses, worried. "It is for two."

"Is it a problem?" you ask easily, sitting down across from her chair.

"Not... necessarily. I thought you were... occupied. With the demon."

"Please. The demon is not here and, just between you and me, she does not have a monopoly on me or my time. If I can't enjoy a leisurely evening with my guests, who can I enjoy it with?"

"I... see." Asha says, reassured. She sits down and, with you, tucks into the small feast. Much better than depending on inns for you meals... "And I suppose that being in constant fear for your soul, or her having a constant change of mind would to be somewhat of a mood killer."

"Indeed. Indeed. I sometimes prefer quieter times and safer prospects." you agree. This causes Asha to stop and stare at you.

"I'm sorry, Cibach, but did I just hear you call wining and dining an unrepentant assassin who's work you interrupted two weeks ago... a safe prospect?" Asha demands, laughter in her eyes.

"Wining and dining? Oh, you wound my noble intentions. Of course not. I merely called it 'safer'. I ought to take this in small steps, I think. Lest I die of shock or boredom."

>> No.12637747
File: 71 KB, 800x508, 1286574675850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


After a pleasant dinner, and a more pleasant (though chaste) evening afterwards in each others company, you bid her farewell, as she goes to turn in, and you await Scinnari's somewhat late return.

[Sit and wait, or something else? Also, I think I've grown inured to my own long posts. I thought for sure that was a 2-post update, at most...]

>> No.12637771


If there's nothing else to do, let's practice some magic from ze book.

>> No.12637819

Let's go out and see what we can get up to. It has been far too long since we just took some personal time. Head down to the docks in a disposable form and see what rumors are floating about. I'm especially interested if we can find anything about that red that Asha told us about earlier, or what has become of Leader and Sigmund.

Maybe use Locate Object on those deeds that were stolen. See where it takes us.

>> No.12637823

I like the long posts, Writerdude, your writing is actually good

>> No.12637829

We are a sorcerer now, not a wizard. No book learning required.

>> No.12637835

We could ask the kobolds if they need assistance on anything. They've been good minions so far, we might want to ask them if they have anything that could be sorted out by a dragon. People in the way, other gangs/clans/tribes/whatever that need a good stomping, that sort of thing.

>> No.12637844

I'm fine with long, but that took literally an hour to write. And he doesn't seem to start until we've finished arguing, which can take another hour. It's just getting kind of silly at this point.

>> No.12637863


Personally I think W-D should take at most the first 20 minutes or so of arguing. It'll speed things up a bit then.

>> No.12637870

We might want to talk to Cygnis about Az. Get a feel for what she actually thinks about him. It sounds like they aren't exactly a shining example of familial love.

>> No.12637883


Might be an idea

>> No.12637894

Perhaps we could drive a wedge between them? Maybe pin something really despicable on him that she just wouldn't be able to stand.

How delicious would it be if she killed him?

>> No.12637911

Highly doubtful she would be able to. Dragons usually respect the fact that an older dragon is invariably a more powerful dragon.

>> No.12637917
File: 25 KB, 478x468, brofist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12637933


Pretty delicious, though personally I would rather have Scinnari do it.

Speaking of Scinnari, at some point we need to tell Az something to the effect of "Trust me, there are some women who are too hot to handle. Even for a dragon."

Say something to imply that she's out of his league. Knowing dragons and their pride, that sort of challenge will be irresistible.

Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I find the idea of trolling the shit out of him very appealing.

>> No.12637936

Cygnis isn't exactly stable. She probably also knows of any weaknesses her brother may have.

>> No.12637959

The thing that worries me the most is Scinnari possibly thinking that corrupting a gold dragon would be easier than staying with us. I mean, we obviously like her but yet are still a relatively iron-clad bastion against her manipulations. I hope.

>> No.12637978

This could be problematic. His pride (and the fact that he's ignorant of her true nature) might make him easier for Scinnari to manipulate than us, and he's both older and a gold so he's likely significantly more powerful. So yeah, she might end up jumping ship and signing on with him instead. This could be very, very bad.

Of course, there is a solution to all of this: KILL HIM.

>> No.12637993


We do infact, have a dragonslaying sword.

If only we could use it to implicate someone else also, like the cult or whatever.

>> No.12637997


Having long finished the magical book, and grown somewhat disillusioned with it, over the course, you decide to wander the streets, heading down to the dock. Things have been changing rapidly. You're no longer a solo operator, though you hardly were for long, after getting off the ship. You aren't depending on Scinnari's... abilities to make living fee. Instead, you're depending on Cygnis' funding to live the good life, and live it openly. But still, it might just be nostalgia but you had a fondness for your travels... if you ever ran into serious opposition, or even boredom, you could pack up and move.. instantly, without a nagging in your mind that you were throwing opportunities and invested time down the drain.

The docks are rather empty; a stormfront is visible on the horizon, and and nobody is too interested in greeting it. Hurricaine season has begun, it seems. Still, the city has weathered hundreds, this is just the turn of the seasons.

The pubs and bars, of course, and jammed, full to the door. Choosing one, you order a drink and settle yourself at a table, ignoring the people, but interested in the discussions.

"...ighthouse opening up, day after tomorrow. Imagine that, Milton's Folly finally complete. We'll be done yet. And who knows, maybe it'll turn out to have been worth it..."
"...hah! Independence! Azar? You have to be kidding me. Sannek's a spineless coward. Doesn't even negotiate on his own. Someone's backing him, but that won't save him. The Sultan is going to park a company of desert raiders on his doorstep, and ask to be let back in. Sannek's going to back down like the bitch he is, incident over...."

"Ah, but if his mysterious backers do support him?"

"Support him? Even more laughable! I'm a favored trader in the city under him, and even I don't support him..."

>> No.12638000

"...nothing official, of course, but Beren's neighbors are sending out a call for heroes. A little intimidated, no doubt..."

"Hah. Heroes. I wouldn't envy them. What was his name,... Arceaus, I think. Best blade in the land, did that save him? And that was a black. Reds are worse... going to be bloody, I bet."

"Reds? Worse? You off your head? They're th...."
"So, undoubtedly, pirates, 'specially the elven bunch, off north, are going to be kickin' up again. Less cargoes of imported marble, more lumber, gold, spices coming in out of Tashz and whatnot. Plus, those elfs had exclusive contracts from the Sealord for shipping building materials."

"What, no! I know that's false meself. Cap'n Darz been shipping brick and lime the pas' five years!"

"Yeah, but that's local. I mean imports. Lime you can get from Windward or Leeward. Even K'ral. Hell, I've heard some wizards can MAKE it, though I wouldn't trust that magic in cement. Still, the seas are going to become a lot less safe."

"Except around Freeport, of course."

"Right, we're safe here. Everyone likes having Freeport be safe..."

[I can probably come up with more if that's what you want. Otherwise, actions (pretty sure Scinnari still isn't home yet, ring/collar, and all,) and a quick break for me while I go and get dinner before it's too late.]

>> No.12638008

Wait. The job that Finn gave us. We should do that at some point. After all, there was a time limit.

>> No.12638030

This, we should go investigate this "Merchant Captain Andarr" fellow.
Then if there's time talk to Cygnis about Az.

>> No.12638041


Indeed. But firstly, I think our priority should be the lighthouse. Perhaps it's worth a check on the Kobolds, see their progress?

>> No.12638055

Ask around about the guy, then. Then head down to the Inn he is staying at and get a drink or two since we are at the docks anyway. Then head to Dreaming Street and see if anything interests us. Place like that should be open all through the night.

Also I still think we should Locate Object on the deeds we stole, as well as any unique objects we can remember from Sigmund.

>> No.12638063

Nah, they will handle it. The entire reason we have minions is so we don't have to check on every job every ten minutes and can instead pursue other things.

>> No.12638065


I guess I'm outvoted, but I do agree with this plan

>> No.12638071

There's a time limit on kill Andarr though, the same two days as the lighthouse. I think we should at least get started working on Andarr first.

>> No.12638093

We can do that too, but we just talked with the kobolds. I think we should give them some time to work first before checking up on them again.

Personally, I think it should go something like this
1. Track down Andarr, see what that situation is like
2. Talk to Cygnis about Azdukashen
3. Check up on our kobolds' progress

>> No.12638105

If I remember correctly, we can polymorph clothes with us, but not weapons, right?

Solution: Glove of Storing. Let's get one and wear it regularly, with the dragonslaying sword inside it.

>> No.12638121

This is awesome. We should totally do this.

>> No.12638125

Perhaps we should try to investigate what outrageous proposal Scinnari was suggesting to Finn.

>> No.12638151

I thought it was "within the week" not two days?

>> No.12638174

Shit, you're right. My bad.

That sounds good to. Damn, we're a busy fellow.

>> No.12638262
File: 182 KB, 575x769, Gold_Dragon_by_saeto15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You try, but receive no return. Either they are not on this plane... or far more likely, they've been destroyed. Or they're out of your range, though considering that yours includes the whole of the city, you doubt that.

Bar-hopping somewhat, in search of rumors and gossip, you find your self working towards teh northern end of the dock. Figuring that, while you're here, you might as well investigate you're latest contract, you perform a small shift, and looking like the result of a decent disguise attempt by Blackjack, you pursue you quarry.

As it turns out, he isn't there. The bartender is half pickled himself, and speaks freely. From what you gather, Andarr is spending his latest haul's profits on a string of wild nights. When you admit that you're new in town, he laughs and informs you that Dreaming Street is the site of all the whorehouses, drugdens, and other pits of sensory pleasure for the majority of the city.

Tempted to bag him before he blows all his gold, but deciding that it might set an annoying standard to live up to, you change tacks, and proceed to Cygnis' house, hoping she is there and alone. You hopes are pleasantly fulfilled, as Cygnis answers the door.

"Oh. Cibach. I- It's good to see you, come in. What can I do for you?" she asks, in a voice that sounds somewhat tired.

"Are you alright? Did I wake you up?" you ask courteously.

"Not at all. I'm just... I didn't get any sleep last night... I'm sorry. Forget me, I'm just.. easily distracted. What do you want?"

[Also, please elaborate on this 'glove of storing'.]

>> No.12638286

I guess it's like a bag that we can wear?

>> No.12638322

Happens when you're leading multiple lives.
Thirded on this.
I think this will simply come with time. As long as we keep doing this sidequest chain anyway.

Gonna go ahead and confirm Blackjack investigations followed with a Cygnis interrogation.

>> No.12638331

> Glove of Storing: This device is a simple leather glove. On command, one item held in the hand wearing the glove disappears. The item can weigh no more than 20 pounds and must be able to be held in one hand. While stored, the item has negligible weight. With a snap of the fingers wearing the glove, the item reappears. A glove can only store one item at a time. Storing or retrieving the item is a free action. The item is held in stasis and shrunk down so small within the palm of the glove that it cannot be seen. Spell durations are not suppressed, but continue to expire. If an effect is suppressed or dispelled, the stored item appears instantly.

> Faint transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, shrink item; Price 10,000 gp (one glove).

Perhaps a bit out of our price range.

>> No.12638362

Most of the items we have bought have been way more expensive than we were charged, and most of the treasure rewards have been far lower than your average D&D campaign. I think it's a custom economy.

>> No.12638382

If it can be bought, it's in Freeport. That much is clear. If we can't afford it, we should at least be able to find one.

>> No.12638392

Apologize for intruding, and say that we were just concerned about Az. While we are sure he is a very trustworthy and good fellow, we can't help but feel a bit concerned for our safety around him. I'm sure you understand. Indeed, we weren't aware that there were any other dragons around here. And why was he so specific about being a half brother after coming all the way here to help?

>> No.12638427

While we might ask for a bit more background on him, let's make a bit more effort to be subtle than this.

We're on a custom economy here, I think. Prices for everything have been much different than the usual D&D insanity. Also, we'd probably want to order one with a custom appearance, or have it given a secondary enchantment so that we can shift its appearance around/glamer it so that we look like we're not wearing a glove.

Also, since having a single glove is bizarre, we could get two and make them match.

>> No.12638434

After asking about Az, perhaps we should be friendly and concerned. A pillar of support in this time of need, a trustworthy friend to lean on. Ask why she is so tired, and if there is anything we can do to help. While we are, obviously, a bit outmatched by her abilities in most areas we are willing to do what we can. Even if that is to be a sympathetic ear in a time of need. We are friends, after all.

Maybe even slip an arm around her and give her a hug. Set up some romance flags.

>> No.12638448

Same person. By the way, I'm not suggesting this as leading anywhere. I don't even like her. I just think it would be a productive thing to do. If anything can make Scinnari jealous it's Cygnis getting friendly with us.

>> No.12638465


True, but I think Scinnari would be rightly quite riled if we were flouting the same standards that we set for her ourselves.

>> No.12638486

Uh. Point of fact here, we're not the one wearing the collar. You do understand that right? She's a devil and still has a very good chance of betraying us. We're not married. Even if we were, dragons have no respect for human laws, and are often polyamorous.

>> No.12638494

She's at this exact moment off taking the other gold dragon's cock. That would be a bit hypocritical of her, don't you think?

>> No.12638521

I think we obviously need to decide on a maid- I mean housekeeper. Totally. Very important business, after all. Every lord needs one. Always.

>> No.12638524

Don't worry chaps.

Call me the voice of moderation (or something).

Hell, if you want to get it on with Cygnis, that'd be awesome - but I do think about the potential consequences

>> No.12638525

We're super possessive when it comes to Scinnari.
We're hitting on Asha.
And now we're trying to make moves on Cygnis.

Damn it we're such a whore.

>> No.12638552

We need to buy a slave as the maid. She will likely see and hear things we don't want known, therefore we need total control over her. Also let's make sure she's hot.

>> No.12638563

>>12638525 here again.



Oh come on.

>> No.12638574

That was half joking, but only half. I would be fine with a butler too, but we really do need whoever we hire as a house servant to be a slave. Preferably also muted and illiterate so they can't speak our secrets.

>> No.12638584

Look, Scinnari... hasn't really thought her entire situation through logically, I suspect. As she pointed out to us when she ran into that paladin, she's used to the hells, where it's everyone's job to cover up their mistakes, make themselves utterly indispensable, and keep anyone else from doing either.

That's not how we run things- because our principle and utterly dominating vice is GREED. That is an extremely important concept, because it defines how we act in a massive way. If she tries to take any action which restricts our wealth/gain- be that wealth in terms of money, minions, political pull, mates, magic, holdings, or whatever- then she is not serving us properly, and is in need of correction.

We can and should fully expect her to support us in chasing other women, or other magical agents, or whatever. Her concern and reluctance in supporting that is that she's effectively getting her replacement and will become less important in our eyes- which is not a valid concern at all, because we would never even consider replacing any of our servants. After all, why have one when you can have two? Dragons collect ridiculously huge piles of random knicknacks that they can never use, just because they can and they will never get rid of anything. If Scinnari's working for us, she's got a position for life- until hers or ours ends- as long as she doesn't betray us, because DAMNED if we will give up something that is ours. She has unmatched job security already, and any antics that she gets up to being jealous of our other possessions/servants are annoying and unnecessary.

>> No.12638598

I disagree, I think that as we age inter-factional struggles between our servants will be most amusing. As we grow more powerful we will likewise be able to gain power more easily. We will need to have something to entertain us, bit of chaos in the otherwise structured power balance of our domain.

>> No.12638616

I'm not seeing how that makes her wanting to be key to our operations any less vital to her. She wants power too, not to merely be one among equals within our servant ranks.

>> No.12638619

we could perhaps pry into her personal history you never know what might turn up. perhaps ask about her family. perhaps the fact that she seems to be tired, indirectly bring up her dreams, might be important. also might ask if she remembers anything from the time she was not herself.

could ask her to look into deeds that you helped stole. was she the sponsor?

also might want to inquire about her half brothers history. under the pretense of trying to understand him better.

people like to talk about themselves, this also applies to dragons so lets see if we can get as much information as possible.

>> No.12638663

Just to harp on the glove again,

it wouldn't be odd to be wearing only one if it's a dueling glove. Frankly I love the idea of a dueling glove summoning up an enchanted sword.

>> No.12638667

It could be a holy sword guys. We should cast identify on it before using it.

>> No.12638673

If it were just holy it wouldn't have harmed us so easily, and Scinnari would've picked up on it immediately.

>> No.12638680

Still, what could an identify hurt?

>> No.12638712


>> No.12638721

What? How? We know the spell and it takes hardly any time to cast, and we will have go pick up the sword anyway to have it on us.

WD, you ever do that world map?

>> No.12638733
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>Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 10/31/10(Sun)23:40 No.12638262


>currently 00:40

>> No.12638774

Oh, we know it? Nevermind then. I assumed this would be a thing we would have to go and pay to have done.

>> No.12638789


He did say he was breaking for food

>> No.12638815

We should spend time with Cygnis until Scinnari gets home. When we get there we can tell her the truth: we were spending the evening with Cygnis. It makes sense to try and seduce both at once, after all.


>> No.12638820

Truth be told, I try for that, but evidently fail abysmally. As much as I'd like to place blame on the rather-creative ideas you guys come out with, or the impossibility of the setting (There doesn't seem any way to get a no-polymorphing necklace, or other 'cursed' gear- but it obviously can be created, as it exists.), mostly the truth is that I don't have a hell of a lot of experience with the standard D&D mechanics. Tenuous at best.

"Why didn't you get any sleep?" you ask, concerned.

"I... Nothing. It doesn't matter."

"Please. Cygnis. I've saved your life. Don't you think you can be honest with me in return?"

"It doesn't matter!" she says, much sharper.

"Please, Cygnis. I want to help. Naturally there's very little that I can do for you, but I'll try what I can. If you're not okay, and you obviously seem to be, tell me. I care." The last part is a risk, but you're pretty sure that it works, if only because of the ambiguity of what you care about.

"I... Thuron warned me that the Sealord himself was a cultist.. and of the warning at the party. I... I tried to sleep, but I kept having... just thoughts, he's the Sealord, he's in charge... his guard are patrolling the streets outside. I kept imagining myself waking up... like you found me, every time I closed my eyes." Cygnis says unsteadily.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know- This is totally unacceptable." you say standing. "Listen, if you ever have problems like that again, just ask. Stay at the temple. They offer rooms, right? Disguise yourself. You've proven you can take alternate forms; disguise yourself and spend the night at an inn. Come to me, if you want. I'll happily put you up for months, let alone a few days. Hells, I'd put you up forever, since you're the one paying for everything." you finish with a grin. You're rewarded with a small smile in return.

>> No.12638825

"Well, I came to ask how you and your brother were doing. Failing that, I was wondering about your brother himself. Is he a pure gold like yourself?" you ask, sitting down next to her on the loveseat.

"He... well, he's always been... abrasive. Not very social. He... attempted to court me a few years ago. I turned him down, but he's still been very friendly, and I figured I could ask him this favor easily."

"Whoa. Sorry, he /courted/ you? Your /brother/?" you ask, with very little acting.

"Half brother. Yes. It isn't as... taboo, as it might be, for dragons, but I still found it undesirable enough... to say nothing of Azdukashen himself." Cygnis says with a small laugh, "He's probably hoping that I've changed my mind, or something." she says with a rueful smile.

"I assume you haven't? I can't say I blame you."

"Hah. No. I haven't. He will yet again leave disappointed, I think."

"I should hope so."

"You do?" Cygnis asks, arching an eyebrow. You get the idea that you are, potentially, on dangerous ground.

"Why, of course. Such a nice person, with such an obnoxious twit? Hah. You'd break my poor humanoid mind." you reply, laughing it off. She stares at you for a moment, the smiles too.

"I suppose I wouldn't want that. Then I would have to explore the 'palace' tomorrow, and 'dashing swordsman' I am not." she replies.

[What now, and dice1d100. Sorry about the delay again.]

>> No.12638836
File: 239 KB, 1181x780, 1216545307365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this might be reading to much into Cygnis's dialog earlier but she seemed to had a positive view on red dragons. is this because she knows who we are or is that how she truly feels?

>> No.12638850
File: 132 KB, 800x482, 1287115949015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God. No. I have a local map, (sorta,) but I was planning on sketching one and scanning, until I realized I had no drawing paper. (And lined binder paper kind of sucks for such a map.)

See what I can do tomorrow, but no promises. Alternately, if we want, I suppose I could adapt this to one of the generic 3e D&D settings. Faerun, or whatever, minus most/all the named individuals.

Sorry. Glad I've got your attention, but sorry. Had to relocate again. (finished dinner, moved to a new place to work on and update, then found out I had no connetion there, so I had to move back.)

Faster now. I promise. Dragon for your troubles.

>> No.12638858

Not sure where you got that.

>> No.12638859

I didn't see the slightest hint of that. You might be mistaking Scinnari's comment for Cygnis. Scinnari said reds were majestic.

>> No.12638866

ah my mistake

>> No.12638885

Get to know the girl more. Also, rolling for flirtation, hoping it's a good one


Please don't. This unique setting makes it much better reading, and will be easier for you to work with (as you're not as constrained)

>> No.12638886

rolled 25 = 25

Ask her how her research has been going lately. She's a priestess of Alset so presumably she does such things for a "living" as it were. Just in general be pleasant and friendly. I think we probably planted a seed in her mind, maybe we can give it a little water later. Or even later in the conversation, but extremely subtle. Easily misinterpreted.

>> No.12638890

rolled 69 = 69


>> No.12638893

rolled 29 = 29

Also - rolling

>> No.12638941

Well that could have been worse.

>> No.12638943

> roll for seduction
> 69

Crude as it is, I couldn't help but lol.

>> No.12638970

> I think we probably planted a seed in her mind, maybe we can give it a little water later.

I'd plant a seed in her mind if you know what I mean.

>> No.12638982

rolled 62 = 62


Oh wow

>> No.12638994

Do whatever you are comfortable with, and just a pure world of your own is more than fine by me. We are already just using D&D as guidelines.

>> No.12639001

I'd give her seed a little water if you know what I mean.

>> No.12639007

I doubt we are going to bed with Cygnis tonight, and if we are it could be trouble. I mean, I just don't see her as terribly forgiving if later we go "Well, see about that, the thing is..."

Then again, Young Adult category dragons are supposed to be total sluts.

>> No.12639009

I'd like to have sex with her if you know what I mean.

>> No.12639039

Well, as far as she knows we're just an elf, so it's not like we're permanent mate material anyway (hell, even if she knew that we're a dragon we wouldn't be mate material).

And dragons are long lived creatures, so it's reasonable to assume that they would... experiment during that time.

>> No.12639045


You totally lost me there.

>> No.12639078

oh even better we could suggest that she could commission a ring that would allow for us to know where she is if she is ever taken we can find her. (maybe suggest it can't be removed to prevent the cultists from getting rid of it)

the objective is to get her to slowly forge her own chains one link at a time.

>> No.12639088

I still think it's a bit too dangerous to keep her as a permanent addition to our retinue.

>> No.12639110
File: 13 KB, 256x251, untitled1_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12639117


>> No.12639121

i agree with you,
if we do suggest such a thing, it should be to get her to slowly hammer the nails in her own coffin as we dig the grave for her.

keeping her around after we deal with the cult is simply too dangerous

>> No.12639159


I don't know, I like the idea of keeping her around if we can pull it off. It's risky, sure, but then again so is keeping Scinnari around. I mean, she's practically made of evil.

>> No.12639165

Perhaps, but we are quite evil ourselves as well.

>> No.12639172

All the more reason to keep Cygnis. It's perfect!

>> No.12639179


It's your turn to be rueful.

"Ah, yes. The job, always the job. They hear adventurer, and from then on, they see a hunk of muscle attached to a weapon."

"Really? I should hardly think you have such a problem. You've proven yourself both a gentleman and a skilled blade, and are of noble descent."

"That only counts when people get to know you. Truly. And as for noble bearing... Ha. Not only could I not prove it to you," True. "but even if I could, it hardly counts. I'm the one who got the cat." you mourn, carefully avoiding language through which lying might reveal itself.

"The cat?" Cygnis asks, puzzled.

"Oh, you know the story. The Local lord dies with three sons. The first gets the castle and the lands. The second gets the mill and a thousand gold. The third gets the cat and shown the door. The name Azal is all I have." All true, except for the parts that aren't supposed to be.

"You seem to have done alright for yourself... How on earth did you get that devil, anyway?" Cygnis says, standing. You move to follow her, but she waves you down. "No, no. One moment, I'm just getting something to drink." she says, and sure enough, comes back with two cups and a flask of something colorful.

"Well, I can't remember too much very recently... Right before I got to Freeport, I must have hit my head or something. Anyway.... let's see, where should I begin?"

>> No.12639182

But that's... actually a reason not to keep her.

>> No.12639196

* * *
"And that's how I ended up with her. I can hardly tell her to get lost, and as long as she's bound to me, I can... mostly keep an eye on her. And she's useful, but still... She's one of the real ones, too." you admit, "A fallen angel. Or at least that's what I'm told, she's probably lying."

You've spent half an hour relating a mostly-true tale of your first meeting with Scinnari, and rain is battering down outside. The flask, something fruity, is empty, as is the second one, and both you and Cygnis is, you think, somewhat closer than when you began. Metaphorically, if not physically, though you aren't too sure. Whatever you were drinking was strong enough you're having to concentrate a little harder on misleading or evading than you used to.

"So where are you from, anyway?" you ask, "City of Pirates is hardly the place I'd have expected to find a Gold... dragon. Last thing I'd expect, practically."

"Oh... It seemed... out of the way. Lost. A site of power, trade, and... unclaimed. I would have to contest no others for my position here, and it, for all it's pretensions, is not a mainland city. I can' live and plan here.. Smaller d-degree of plotting here, less... paranoia. Less likely to get caught." Cygnis explains. "Figured it was better than... than keeping moving. Drifting. I didn't like that.

You're about to respond when thunder rolls, a distant booming sound you could mistake for a drum.

"I suppose this means the storm season's truly started, here. What's it like? This bad?" you ask, looking up at the ceiling.

"No... It, well, it gets worse. Take it from me, flying in a hurricaine is a bad idea. Period. Don't try it." Cygnis says.

"Oh, it sounds like there's a story th-" you start, but are cut off by a much closer and more solid booming. The door.

[still in progress]

>> No.12639198

rolled 62 = 62

Tell her about being hired to raid someplace, and she was a messenger. Contracted her etc. and so on, as it happened.

>> No.12639218

rolled 10 = 10

=O cultists!

>> No.12639229

Stop that, you'll drive us to autosage.

>> No.12639289

Standing a tad unsteadily, you hold out your hand to help Cygnis up. She has gone a bit white.

"Do you want me to get it? Or we can just ignore it." you offer, as the knock comes again, harder.

"N-no. It's Azdukashen, I think. I- I think you may have to go." Cygnis says.

"Please, don't tell me you're letting him tell you how to live in your own home? Or would you call it a 'lair'?" you ask.

"No... But- you and him already don't seem to get along, I'd rather not contribute..."

"Oh, please, madame!" you protest, "I will be a model of civility. One for him to /aspire/ to. He will try in /vain/ to start something with me."

"That... and I don't want to hear him telling me what do anymore than you do, I'm sure." Cygnis adds. As the knocking comes a third time, she moves to the door and opens it. Sure enough, a rather damp-looking Azdukashen steps in, out of the rain.

"Ah. Thank you, Cygnariassis. I was afraid I was going to freeze out there." he says as he steps in. "Who is- Ah." he says, as his eyes fall on you. An awkward silence starts to settle.

"Was hanging out here while I waited for milady Asmora to return." you say, attempting to prevent the silence from completely coalescing.

>> No.12639302

Is it just me, or is anyone else infuriated that we let Scinnari sleep with the other dragon?

I mean, getting mad at games and all that, but I raged IRL. Too late to take it back though.

When we finally usurp them, I would like to torture him before killing him.

>> No.12639304

"I see... you may be waiting a while then. Or she could be back already, if you weren't expecting her here." he says, nodding at the coffee table where the empty bottle and glasses stand. "I understand she will be accompanying you to the palace, tomorrow?"

"That was the idea, yes." you reply. His tone manages to suggests that not only is that a waste of her time, but that if she doesn't, he knows where she'll be. All together, it's enough to make you wan to throttle him, despite your moments-ago assurance to Cygnis.

"Ah... I wish you well, then." he says neutrally. Presumably solely because Scinnari will be with you.

"Right... I'm sure. I had best be going, then." you say, turning from him. "Lady Cygnis, I must thank you for your time, and don't forget what I said. I hope I will see you tomorrow."

"And I hope to see you." Cygnis replies, intonation stilted enough that she may be referring to something else. Like the fact that you've got a submarine dungeon-delve scheduled.

"Very well then. Azdukashen. My lady Cygnis." you say, with a nod to the former and a half-bow to the later. With that, you step out the door into the cold evening rain.... If Scinnari isn't home by now, she will have very little excuse.

>> No.12639311

Can we smell devil on him?

>> No.12639320

Eh, I was quite annoyed but what's done is done I suppose. I thought the fact that we were all "No slutting around" was enough to, you know, prevent her from slutting around without a consensus that she should.

>> No.12639335

>you may be waiting awhile
>she's sleeping at his place

Ground my teeth to dust.

>> No.12639337

This more than anything. I mean, we even specifically said that she shouldn't be sleeping with other people. Then bam. WTF?

>> No.12639347

Well, time to head home.

>> No.12639355

>Standard practice in France from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution was to crush the condemned's testicles in a vise, which burst them as mush from the scrotum, then crunch the spermatic cords with pliers. The condemned was turned upside down in order to maximize the blood flow to his brain, after which he was unable to pass out or enter a state of shock until, perhaps, the last few seconds of his ordeal. The condemned was sure to vomit repeatedly with violent convulsions, even well after he had voided the contents of his stomach, but he rarely screamed except for an initial shriek, which immediately silenced, because the pain overwhelmed his ability to breathe. Most men would hang and thrash wildly during and after the crushing of each testicle, and their thrashing would renew upon the crushing of each spermatic cord. The crushing of the spermatic cords produces a sound, which veterinarians (who routinely perform this castration procedure on anesthetized, large livestock, such as horses) usually describe as similar to crushing an entire head of frozen celery, wrapped in rubber bands.

Just tossing that out there. You know. When we have him in our grasp and all.

>> No.12639358

We specifically told her she could. Grudgingly.

>> No.12639359

I never saw why we agreed. We didn't need information on him that badly.

>> No.12639362

Apparently we did :/

>> No.12639364

we gave her the "OK" to do so if it would help with getting info about this new gold dragon in our midst.... another reason to take out cygnis by the way, i for one do NOT want a Gold with with friends running around OUR city... stealing our wealth...grrr...

>> No.12639367

Correction, I don't actually think anyone ever even suggested such a thing. But it happened so meh.

Homeward bound, now. I think we shall avoid taking a gold dragon's leavings tonight.

>> No.12639417
File: 44 KB, 400x435, 1287054505853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12639441

Pah. Go home and get some rest.

Sleeping in our underground cavern, on our modest gold pile, may prove psychologically reassuring.

>> No.12639444

No, no, this is a perfect reason to keep Cygnis. And to bed her. So that when we have Az in our clutches, when he is completely at our mercy, we can brag that we've banged his sister.

>> No.12639453

This is a pretty worthy goal. Even if we kill her in the end it would give us bragging rights.

>> No.12639454

Especially since he was going after her. That'd be great.

Oh God this is dragon quest how did it turn into cuckold quest?

>> No.12639460

W-D totally started it, even when we were like NO.

He's just going to have to live with the results of his actions.

>> No.12639462
File: 46 KB, 290x409, Erinyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As you brush pass him, you may have imagined it, but you think you may have caught a whiff of cinnamon... Driving the thought from your mind, lest you start emitting clouds of smoke within sight of the door, you wrap your cloak around you, and press onward into the heavy rain.

As it happens, Scinnari is back when you return, and looking far too happy for your tastes.

"What did you find?" you growl in greeting.

"He's a hundred and eighty five, and from the south east. He spends most of his time pulling strings in the court of Tashz, posing as a wealthy and noble merchant from even further east. He also claims to have a tribe of lamias that worship him." Scinnaris starts, tapping off fingers as she relates items. "He is fond of... I'm precisely sure what it is, but it sounded like-" Scinnari says, before emitting a word that sounds vaguely like 'hookah' in draconic. "I also am led to understand that he consider humanoid females... his for the taking."

"Indeed. And were you?" you manage to keep yourself from snarling.

"Please. I hope you think better of me than that." Scinnari asks, mock-offended. "He's a major figure at the court, and an friend of the Sultan. In fact, our dear assassin might even recognize him. Oh.... Further, he seems... inordinately fond of his sis- I'm sorry, *half* sister," Scinnaris says, mimicking his corrections.

"Thank you. Now did you find anything worthwhile, or that I did not already know?"

>> No.12639467

Also it's tripples, so we pretty much have to do it.

>> No.12639474
File: 393 KB, 333x567, Erinyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Please, Cibach. As I said, I hope I deserve more credit than that."

"Ah, but there the questions lies. Do you?"

"I have served you well until now. Is one afternoon enough for you to lose all faith in me?"

"No, but three questions followed by three evasions is." you reply, disgusted.

"I. Did. Nothing. With. Him." Scinnari almost shouts. "Do you take me for some demon slut? I am no succubus. He spoke with me, I was wined and dined at an excellent location, and promised an excellent time should I return to him tomorrow. Perhaps you would /like/ me to?"

"I'd like to know if you learned anything of him that I didn't learn from Cygnis." you reply.

"Fine. What do you want to know about him? Ask and I will answer!" The tension between you is not solid, but smoldering like coal, and giving off enough heat to cook a meal.

>> No.12639496

Oh dear, let's reign it in a bit. I think the drink is making us a bit too open.

Firstly, did he engineer the revolt in Tshaz and does he know who did? Were the blue dragons of the oaisises behind it? Second, did he impart his plans here and what Cygnis told him? Thirdly, where is he staying and what sort of retinue does he have?

>> No.12639521

> 185

Fuck, that puts him solidly at the upper end of "adult."

Alright, easy off now. We've played the jealous husband enough for one night I think.

Also, remember that Asha might very well be listening.

>> No.12639523

Good save WD. Good save.

>demon slut

Technically, she's a devil slut. Erinyes are made to be the Hell's answer for the Abyss' succubus.

"Alright, I should have had more faith in you, Scinnari. Jealousy runs in my blood you know, and the way he looked at you had me ruminating over the thought the entire time. I apologize."

Where is his lair, how many minions does he have, what's the size of his hoard, does he have many adventurers on his kill-board. Tactical and strategic stuff for his eventual murdering.

>> No.12639526

Is he magically inclined?

>> No.12639541

> Technically, she's a devil slut. Erinyes are made to be the Hell's answer for the Abyss' succubus.

She's saying that because she isn't one. She's a devil, so she thinks demons are all around terrible. She's asking if we take her for a demon, because to her that would be a grave insult.

>> No.12639573

Oh come on, we need not be meek and servile to her. Telling her that she was "running through our head all night" is a bit much. And woah, what a reaction where did that come from. A tongue lashing like that does a number on the relationship and might well just have her do it out of spite. Argh.

A composed "Well, you have served me well so far and given me no reason to doubt you. I apologize." Is in order.

>> No.12639603

Wow, we really flew off the handle for no reason, I was expecting something more subtle. If I was Scinnari I would be pissed too. We asked her to do it and gave her free reign, then when she gets home with a mission successful and a boatload of news we verbally crucify her.

>> No.12639606

Ah, her dignity is offended, I do like this. We should be careful, however, and not drive her away, or make her think she isn't really trusted. We should remind her that she is our most prized possession, and that we are very, very jealous of what is ours.

>> No.12639617

rolled 98 = 98


Well, we are drunk(ish).

>> No.12639627

Roll to recover our rapidly failing dialogue with our devil.

>> No.12639633

Erinyes are fallen angels, so they're not "made" to be anything. They reproduce more or less as humans do, no one makes them.

>> No.12639634

I vote to use this as our diplomacy roll.

Also, these are the best rolls we've had all quest long.

>> No.12639640

Well she can say it all she wants, she is basically the hell's version of a realdoll.

>> No.12639642


Alright. Time to back off a bit. On one hand the rage is in keeping with our character and understandable, but on the other had Scinnari was acting on our orders. We should ease up and apologize to her for being unreasonable.

>> No.12639670

"Is he behind the events of Tashz? And Azar?" you ask, deliberately reigning in your tone somewhat.

"I... do not think so. He did not say so, but he expressed contempt for the rebellion, and said it would end up crushed, it was just a matter of time." Scinnari says,

"I see. And what do you 'think' of his plans here?"

"He did not tell me, but my understanding is that he would not encroach upon his sister's territory. He seems to honestly be here just to assist her.... though he does entertain hopes that he can change her mind."

"I see. And his lair?"

"North of Tashzmere. Several miles, in the back of a mesa, in regards to the road. He also has it hidden by illusory enchantments. His hoard I received no information on, but knowing his age, I would assume to be fairly large, though not the gargantuan one of a wyrm."

"And has he defended it from attack?" you ask.

"Several times. He killed two blues, over the decades, and may have fought a brass, I believe, that he described as 'too ambitious, too greedy'."

"Hmm..." you reply, amused by that. Metallics killing metallics... Though he is probably a scarred and burnt old bastard, if he's taken on blues. Hehe, he might actually be a bastard, considering what he is so touchy about.

"Very well, Scinnari, please accept my apology. You did not deserve such a welcome... I'm afraid pride and greed run in my veins, and I too-jealously guard what is mine." you say with some contrition. "You seem to have done quite well. "

"I... understand, Lord Cibach. I.. should have remembered. Naturally I will be unable to attend to him tomorrow... Something I think will cause him no small amount of disappointment.

>> No.12639672

>Technically, she's a devil slut. Erinyes are made to be the Hell's answer for the Abyss' succubus.
Not... really. Erinyes aren't the same kind of subtle social manipulators that succubi are at all- in fact, they're built more for direct combat, and some scouting. By default, the only social skill that they have any ranks in at all is Sense Motive; they don't get Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate.Nor can they shapeshift. While erinyes are the default "beautiful devil you can have sex with" and often get used for that purpose by people more into devils than demons, they're warriors, not seducers nor socialites.

Scinnari is. Thus she is not, in fact, an erinyes at all, or if she is she's a crazily homebrewed variant.

What the hell. Get a hold of ourself! One of our best features is iron self-control that puts us far above our flighty, quick-tempered kin.

>> No.12639688

We're a drunken and extremely possessive red. Even though we're more reasonable than most, Scinnari has always been something of a weak spot for us. It's understandable.

Still, we should back off now.

>> No.12639703

Wait a second..

>"No... It, well, it gets worse. Take it from me, flying in a hurricaine is a bad idea. Period. Don't try it." Cygnis says

Is that just a random statement, or was she letting on that she knows something. Alcohol strong enough to affect a dragon would probably knock out a lesser creature. Was Cygnis confirming a suspicion? How much does she suspect?

>> No.12639724

They have Charm Monster at will. They can do negotiation and manipulation pretty well. Admittedly it is secondary to combat/scouting for them, but they're quite good.

>> No.12639734

I imagine it was just a joke. Like if a female friend says "Yeah, I had my period right in the middle of finals. I wouldn't recommend it." to one of her guy friends.

>> No.12639739

She has the CON score of the form she's in, not her dragon form. Alcohol would effect her (and us) as it would a normal person.

>> No.12639747

Humans can also fly in the D&D world, you know. Spells.

>> No.12639754

The biggest difference between erinyes and succubi (other than the demons v. devils and the combat thing) is that succubi are physical temptresses, erinyes, when they decide to pursue that sort of thing, tend to approach a more intellectual or philosophical seduction. After all, usually the succubus just wants to steal your life energy or use you as a conduit for possession. The succubus wants to get you to wholeheartedly turn yourself over to the specific brand of evil the 9 hells deals in, thereby expanding their influence and the might of hell.

>> No.12639765

She was referring to herself, not us.

>> No.12639771
File: 43 KB, 589x599, Succubus2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would think it both depends on what type of angel Scinnari was before she fell, (assuming that's how it happened,) and suggest that devils need their means of getting firstborn sons and all that jazz. Most Erinyes are probably warriors and scouts, but they also function as soul collectors, and consorts of evil wizards/kings. (or in this case...)

Basically, they're statted up like that, but I see no reason they should have the ability to learn social skills (or just have them innately). They get rewarded for stealing souls, tricking people into lawful evilness, and shifting rulers and countries to lawful evil.

Personally, I'm sort of drawn to the fact that back near the top of the thread, like, two people commented on us allowing Scinnari freedom of f*cking, but now that it's coming to a head, they're all up in arms about "OMG, WHY DID WE EVER DO DAT".

It just seems that WD might be being more accurate than we are allowing here...

Also, we need to, prior to killing Az, steal his hoard and taunt him with choice items of it. Hell, while we're at it, let's see if we can screw Cygnis in front of him, just as the final insult. "She'd rather do a red than you.". That ought to be good.

>> No.12639790

Both the horde stealing and doing Cygnis in front of him will likely be impossible.

>> No.12639799

> Also, we need to, prior to killing Az, steal his hoard and taunt him with choice items of it. Hell, while we're at it, let's see if we can screw Cygnis in front of him, just as the final insult. "She'd rather do a red than you.". That ought to be good.

And then have Scinnari kill him by cutting his heart out.

>> No.12639801

Errr, correction, the horde stealing is very possible but only after he is already dead or captured.

I think we should introduce Scinnari to the guards. Avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings since she hasn't met them yet. Then we can hit the sack.

>> No.12639807

I'll concede that, but if they're even slightly possible, I'm thinking they would be worth it.

WD, do you ever feel qualms about introducing a character you KNOW will be a magnet for evil intent and physical harm? Because if you thought this guy up and DIDN'T think that you were pressing a collective 'HATE' button we all share, I'm calling BS.

You said 'succubus' the final time. I think you meant 'devil'.

>> No.12639825

Really, we've had evil intent for virtually every single character in the story but ourselves. We've tortured Asha, spied on Scinnari, kidnapped Arman, made plans to kill Cygnis, and utterly ruined the name of Kazmiri. Now we are working to kill the sealord, and have been since before we knew he was a cultist.

>> No.12639829

> WD, do you ever feel qualms about introducing a character you KNOW will be a magnet for evil intent and physical harm? Because if you thought this guy up and DIDN'T think that you were pressing a collective 'HATE' button we all share, I'm calling BS.

I'm pretty sure he knows. This is what a good DM does, figures out what his players buttons are and then presses them mercilessly.

>> No.12639849

Hopefully the drink made Cygnis somewhat free-lipped as well with Az. Muhahahah.

>> No.12639850

I would hardly call our intent toward Scinnari "evil." Possessive? Yes. Obsessive? Yes. But evil? I'm not really seeing it.

>> No.12639856

D&D evil is being selfish or mean too.

>> No.12639869

We're nearing autosage, so I've archived the thread.


Don't forget to vote.

>> No.12639875

Basically the only thing he does is talk down to us and covet everything we do.

If that doesn't push your buttons, you aren't human.

>> No.12639889
File: 139 KB, 400x600, 99999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are we being so gruff? could probably apologize and state that the situation is very stress full another gold to deal with.

considering our feelings with Scinnari. we could go the whole lot of "i think i love you" and kiss her.

>> No.12639893
File: 171 KB, 800x600, And Then There Was Silence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems good. Do some dungun crawlun' tomorrow.

"A few things I should probably tell you..." you say, turning to the windows. "You may have notice we have guards. Considering the attempted arson last night, and the fact that it might bother Asha, if not us, I spoke to Cygnis, who was most reasonable about it. Not only is she paying for them, she's letting handle the exchange of cash, so they are loyal to me. Second, we have a cook, on whom no expense was shared. I ended up sharing dinner with Asha, as you were not back yet. He is as good as he thinks he is."

"Impressive praise, for a cook." Scinnari replies. "I look forward to tomorrow morning, then. "Is there anything else, or do you think we should move upward, and, ah, horizontally. Or whatever, I'm open minded.."

Idly you consider telling her that you'll also be acquiring a housekeeper, but decide against it.

"I would recommend we both be far more careful... with the secrets we hold. We will have others," you say, deciding against 'humanoids' to avoid hypocrisy, "using our house regularly. To tip them off to either of our... heritages, would be most unwise."

"Ah... I see. Very good, I shall make sure to be careful in the future." Scinnari says, a thoughtful expression on her face.

[Anything else? 00:12 here.]

>> No.12639899

Covet all of the same things that we do I mean.

Pretty accurate slip up though.

>> No.12639900
File: 34 KB, 317x591, 1255929070615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This picture seemed somehow appropriate with our recent actions and discussion.

>> No.12639926

I take it the time comment means you are done for the night? It seems a decent stopping place in my opinion.

>> No.12639931

rolled 23 = 23

Get it on with Scinnari

>> No.12639936
File: 49 KB, 700x779, 1285979501757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few. Not many, though. Not many at all.


Very accurate, allowing >>12639807 's correction.

If there's interest and you tell me what you want to do, I can handle another post.


>> No.12639966

not sure where that final >> came from.

My thoughts too, though see >>12639889 /
>>12639936 for elaboration.

>> No.12639967

I wonder why she keeps calling us Cibach when discussing other things that would blow our cover anyway or are alone. I guess Azaladon is longer to type, and it doesn't really matter that much. Or maybe it's just a good practice to call someone by the name of the form they are currently in. That actually makes sense.

Night, WD.

>> No.12639973

rolled 80 = 80

Well - tell her that we'll make it up to her, promptly pick her up and cart her upstairs

>> No.12639977

At this point, I think make up sex is in order.

Unless Asha might be listening. That could be problematic given how we've started to wine and dine her.

I think that's a bit too far at this point.

>> No.12639984

I'm interested, but I honestly think that there's nothing more to do "today" and we might as well just pick back up in the "morning."

>> No.12639990

If that's the roll for the make up sex, I like that plan.

>> No.12639994

I'm fairly sure Asha is not in the room directly next door, the walls are far from thin, and even if those things were not true... well it's not like it's a secret the devil shares our room. She even mentioned it specifically.

I doubt she really thinks the devil is anything more than a (dangerous) toy or tool for us. Though, obviously, we should probably ask her what she thinks of Scinnari in the future.

>> No.12640021

I notice Scinnari never reported that Arman was captured.

>> No.12640037

Must we really make sexual advances upon EVERY female we see?

First Scinnari (who is our consort) then there was a push for Cygnis which has now been accepted as a way to hurt the other dragon, and now we're putting moves on Asha.

We keep dangling our junk outside our pants, it's liable to get cut off.

>> No.12640038

Considering how we greeted her when she got back, I don't think that means much one way or the other. She didn't really have a chance.

>> No.12640039

She hasn't yet gotten a chance.

>> No.12640047

Righteyo gents, let's summarise some shit so we can get a bit more organised.

Allies and minions:
Self - organises a bunch of minions. Makes plans. Occasionally gets shit done by kicking someone's shit in.
Scinnari - going to seapalace tomorrow. Working on Finn. Good at manipulation.
Asha - Sorceress, Assassin. Not doing anything specific at the moment.
Kobolds - Kobolds. Diggin' a tunnel to below the lighthouse in case we need to boom it up.
Cygnis - Gold dragon. Working on intercepting a summoning crystal.

Douchebags we gotta kill eventually:
Sealord: Is cultist.
Azdukashen: Is a douchebag. Also wants our devil.
Finn: see Azdukashen.
Lighthouse: Not a dude, but still needs its shit wrecked.
Merchant Captain Andarr: We've been hired for 250g to wreck his shit.

Items of note:
We've got an invisibility gem, a shitload of anti-scrying gear, a dragonslaying sword, a cursed amulet, and we've got an 'ace in the hole' for combat with Cygnis.

Kill Merchant Captain Andarr (6d12h remaining)
Fuck lighthouse's shit up (? remaining)
Investigate the sea palace tomorrow (24h remaining)
Kill Sealord (? remaining)
Seduce, bind, control, or otherwise loot Cygnis (? remaining)
Keep an eye out for more quest opportunities (constant)

>> No.12640064

And we've hit autosage. Any plans on when the next DQ will be, W-D?

>> No.12640067

To be fair, we have really good reasons for boning all of them. We don't bone for the sake of boning.

Sex as an intimate act endears yourself to the partner and builds a great deal of trust. Getting that trust broken is rather serious too.

>> No.12640083

Thanks for that, I lol'd heartily.

>> No.12640085

>Azdukashen: Is a douchebag. Also wants our devil.
>Finn: See above
Kill them extra.

>> No.12640089

"Well then, I can hardly stay upset at my beautiful consort, can I?" you say, putting your arm around her shoulders. Going down to one knee momentarily, you literally sweep her off her feet. "Perhaps, when we proceed upstairs, I can offer you a much more substantial apology?"

"Awww... Do we have to go upstairs?" Scinnari asks, putting her arm around your neck and pulling herself up to kiss you. "It's so... far away."

"Indeed." you say with mock seriousness, "but we have guards. And windows. On this floor." You stifle her next comment with a kiss of your own, and begin climbing the stairs.
I believe we are going to the seapalace tomorrow, we have one day and twelve hours until the lighthouse is inaugurated, and about twenty years if we don't want the Sealord to die of old age first. Can't help you on the last one, though.

Very accurate overall.

>> No.12640091

We're doing well so far, but I'm a bit concerned that Asha isn't actually DOING anything. Can we send her at the lighthouse, or perhaps have her acquire magical knick-knacks? We're in need of waterbreathing, and some type of anti-Azdukashen goods. Glove of holding was suggested.
Also, we could try giving Azdukashen the cursed amulet, or another amulet similar to Cygnis's amulet (by proxy of Scinnari).
Finally, we've got kobolds, right? Perhaps they can rig up some type of falling rocks trap for Azdukashen.

I'm thinking, for the arrogant jerkass, we equip Scinnari with a glove of holding hiding the dragon-slaying sword.
We get Asha working on something that can silence a dragon for at least 5 rounds - be it poison, magic, or a cursed item. Anything that Scinnari can apply at close range.
We have the kobolds rig up traps in a house outside town - lots of extra damage and knocking around of any person located on the fancy bed in the middle, along with dropping and blowing up a barrel of dwarven explosives on them.
Scinnari undresses Azdukashen in human form, applies the "no spellcasting" effect, stabs him with the dragonslaying sword, leaves the dragonslaying sword stuck in him, and teleports out of the way before the traps activate.
That's when we, in majestic red dragon form, activate the traps, fly in, and start mauling whatever's located in the general vicinity of the bed - the explosion should clear the area enough for this to work.
Being naked, being bounced around while having a "slays you" sword stuck in your chest, being unable to spellcast, and being mauled by a dragon SHOULD be the end of the jackass.

>> No.12640122

I think either tomorrow or Wednesday, usual [weekday] time. I'm sort of eager to continue myself. Tomorrow, unless something terribly unexpected happens.

>> No.12640154

She IS an assassin. How about we have her kill Andar for us? No point having assets and not using them.

>> No.12640172

I don't know, the entire point of the "blackjack" persona is to get close to Scinnari to keep an eye on what she is doing without tipping her off. I think we might want to avoid linking our Cibach and Blackjack identities if at all possible, just for safety's sake. We have a week to take care of him, we can do it after dealing with the lighthouse.

>> No.12640262

works for me.

>> No.12640270

I'm thinking we need to acquire a teifling slave for housekeeper. But I may be a terrible person.

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