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Cazadores are the new Cliff Racers.

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Damn, really hate those things.

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Add it on.

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I don't understand how they can do that much damage.

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What is this?

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Holy shit, you're right.

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Utter bastards, they are. Trying to get to Vault 19 with these fuckers attacking me constantly was an utter pain.

Also Rex seems to run away from these things. Like, instantly.

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It's simple. Their venom is a mix of battery acid, ebola, and super concentrated neurotoxin.

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Smart dog.

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You know how much damage a normal wasp can do? Now think about what it would do if it were 100x bigger.

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No, they're not. Cliffracers whittled your health down little by little, and were easy to kill, but swarmed in large numbers. These are flying DEATHCLAWS with higher DPS that swarm in large numbers. Cliffracers were annoying. These were rape.

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I refuse to believe this because while playing Morrowind it was normal for me to have to kill a dozen cliffracers whenever I went traveling. One time when I was level 5 I managed to fight off 15 cliffracers at the same fucking time.

I do not believe anything in any game ever could be so annoying.

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Smaller and faster too, so they're hard to hit on top of that.

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The creatures they are based off of, Tarantula Hawk Wasps, are those ones that lay eggs in spiders which then eat their way out. Their stings top the pain chart of stings at 4.0. The researcher testing it said, "It was too do anything, except, perhaps, scream."

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Just once did I get poisoned by a Cazadore, it's their quick stings that do alot of damage. What's their fluff, anyway?

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See: >>12633948
Mutated Tarantula Hawk Wasps.

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It's like some guy at Obsidian said "You know what? Let's make Cliffracers THIIIIS much faster and THIIIIIIS much harder to hit, AND THEN give them a POISON EFFECT and a DPS THAT WOULD MAKE FRANK HORRIGAN BLUSH.

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They don't even die to a fucking ARCHIMEDES-I beam. These aren't cliff racers, these are Rank 100 Invincible Bastards.

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I can't wait to have to fight these fucking things. I have one god-damned anitvenom.

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Don't be foolish enough to think you'll survive long enough to actually have to use it.

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Cazador stats:

SPECIAL: 8 ST, 9 PE, 8 EN, 2 CH, 4 IN, 8 AG, 7 LK
Level: 18
HP 200
XP: 50
Combat Skill: 80
Attack Damage: 70

Also inflicts poison damage of -5 HP/second for 30 seconds, along with AP damage.

Deatclaw, for comparison:

SPECIAL: 7 ST, 8 PE, 7 EN, 4 CH, 4 IN, 7 AG, 10 LK
Level: 20
HP: 250
XP: 50
Combat Skill: 85
Attack Damage 100

Can see invisible shit (ie. stealth boy users).

Cazadors are fucking rape machines, especially since they travel in packs.

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I believe this is the first kind of bug i'd advice to use heat seeking missiles against.

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Antivenom doesn't help as they attack incredibly fast so you'll get poisoned again. If you kill them, just chugging a sunset & a nuka or popping a stimpack will take care of the poison.

<< captcha related

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Get the Wild Wasteland perk, greab the alien blaster and the holy frag grenades. Your only chance. Also get Boone.

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>Stronger, faster and more durable than Deathclaws
My god.

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Is there anything in new vegas that looks remarkably similiar to them? The first thing I did when I played the game was ignore the story line, walk around and get killed by two of them. I don't think the game would throw those at a level 1 character.

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Hardcore mode player here. lolstimpacks.

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Boone vs. Cazadore




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I'm fine with there being deadly enemies, and I'm fine with there being fixed level areas, but I really wish it would prompt you when you're going somewhere that could be out of your league because all the tough enemies are critters that are faster than you could ever be. I've got nine fucking agility and in light armor the only thing I can outrun is other people, ants, and radscorpions short of giant. How the fuck are ghouls so fast?

At least in fallout 1/2 you could walk out the exit grid if you wandered into the wrong fucking place. NV: NO ESCAPE, NO SURRENDER

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Deathclaws have 10 luck?
That's so wrong.

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Crits, crits everywhere

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Yeah, they are nasty bastards, but they dont beat the ninja deathclaw i got killed by in Fallout 3.

I was wandering around in deathclaw territory and could see one red mark on my "radar" but i just could not see that damn deathclaw, slovly growing more nervous, i tried tracking it down when i suddenly died.

Later i managed to pick the pieces together and reason out what happened, the deathclaw had been hiding out on top of a highway out of my line of sight and then when i passed under it it leapt at the back of my head and killed me with two swipes of its claws.

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It's to give them lots of crits.

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There are adults and young. Even the young can kill an unwary person, ran into a pack of four of them and was dead within 30 seconds at about level 6/7.

The main problem is not how tough and powerful they are really since any rifle with AP rounds will put them down fairly well. Its the fact they are small, fast and airborne as well as being too tough for many rapid fire small arms to kill quickly.

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>gritty post-apocalyptic survival game

>should kindly remind you that running offroad into the wilderness is ultra-fatal


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Went up the hills from Goodsprings didn't you?

That's a Cazadorring.

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I've just abandoned rapid-fire things in NV. The improvements to DT have made them all much worse. I use single rifles and shotguns with the Surgeon perk. Against high-armour foes I use AP rounds but I've never not been dealing enough damage so I don't bother with bonus damage ones. Has worked fine so far.

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Hardcore mode player there too. Stimpacks heal over time, poison hurts over time, you are a fucking retard.

There's big "Deathclaws here" signs on the roads, and ghouls only come out on the overworld at night. If you travel on the roads during the daytime then you won't have any problems. They even tell you to stick to the roads as they're safe (bar small gangs of sucky raiders).

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I fucking hate cazadores. I'm level 14 now and they still kill me in one hit out of fucking nowhere. All I want to do is reach Jacobstown so I can get Rex's brain fixed. But guess what?


They really need to fix the fucking wasps, I swear to god. Veronica and Rex do their damned best, but the cazadores slaughter everything they buzz towards. I downed ant nectar, absinthe, buffout and read a boxer magazine and I barely survived those fuckers. My regular unarmed score was 65 when this happened.

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Deathclaws also have a special armor piercing quality , they ignore a lot or all armor.

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You are actually told this, multiple times, before you leave the first town.

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I can't help but note the way east from Goodsprings was full of rape. Not the Powder Gangers at the prison, I killed them in cold blood. But trying to get to Boone before going south took a lot of exploration, invisible walls, a deathclaw, and the VALLEY OF THE RESPAWNING GIANT RADSCORPIONS.
Fucking scorpions.

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I had something similar

I was wandering and saw a mole rat run out from some ruins. I took aim, shot it and went to get the meat when a deathclaw ran out from where the molerat came from and gutted me. The damn thing had scared the molerat to lure me into lowering my guard.

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You're supposed to take the road to Jacobstown, you stupid fuck.
>I keep running into cazadore nests and they keep killing me!
>This game is stupid!

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>Deathclaws also have a special armor piercing quality , they ignore a lot or all armor.
No they don't (just checked in the GECK), it's simply that with a 100 damage attack even 30 points of power armour isn't a huge amount off.

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Deathclaws were always crit monsters. Hell, FO1, their base damage was pretty pathetic, but they crit hard 9 times in 10

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In Fallout 3, the Deathclaw Gauntlet ignored armour. That's probably what he's thinking of.

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You can avoid nearly every dangerous animal by listening to the advice they gave you. I stuck to the road and only met weak scorpions, coyotes, raiders and the odd gecko.

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The point was that, when the shit hits the fan at a million miles an hour, they are not the insta-heal you really need.

Unless one has HC mode turned off.

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Different poster; I actually took the road, and got raped by deathclaws around the train station.

>feels bad man.jpg

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Has anybody here managed to defeat the legendary deathclaw in close combat?

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Yeah, the more I think about it the more it makes sense. I'll still range, but I'll range a lot more cautiously.
And maybe try to get some points in Sneak.

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Too bad I took the road you buttslammer.

Also, I don't think the game is stupid, it's the fact that the cazadores are rape-machines that gets to me.

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>shoot a deathclaw in the head with a miniature nuclear bomb
>deathclaw flies into the air, lands 100m metres away
>10 seconds later it's back in my face
>1 slap and my mangled corpse flies in slo mo into a radioactive pond

for fucks sake

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Did you take the north road or the east road? The east road is long and mildly dangerous, the north road is much shorter but is pretty much a rape train all the way.

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>level 2 or 3
>just leaving goodsprings
>walk down the road
>what's that?
>young cazadore, cazadore
>start flying at me
>oh fuck
>start plinking away with my Weathered 10mm
>Wild Victor appears!
>he saves my ass and warns me about the 'dangers of the wasteland'

Fucking hell.

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I thought top dog was the Bullet Ant?

My god. Imagine mutated Giant Bullet Ants.

Now imagine them teaming up with Cazadores.

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Mostly what annoyed me in NV was the invisible walls. What if I just want to get on top of a motherfuckin' big hill. I don't care if there's no content on the top of it.

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The cazadores are visible from the road and do not aggro at that point. There's no way you stayed on the road.

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>Different poster; I actually took the road, and got raped by deathclaws around the train station.
There's a barricade where they specifically tell you the road north is full of deathclaws?

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North, of course...

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Well I have gone off road a lot more lately but when I started I was acutely aware how badly I would get my shit slapped if I went to the wrong places.

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You best not betray Mr House now, boy. That's twice he's gone and saved your ass.

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Bullet Ants have the same points score as Cazadores. The Bullet Ant sting is regarded as only marginally more painful.

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>trying to get into boomer camp
>enter tunnel from the wrong direction to see what's inside
>few ghouls, nothing special
>walk out the door, stop about 2 meters away and have a look around
>see a deathclaw in the distance, think 'oh fuck'
>start to walk back in

God fucking damnit.

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Well between the 'warning deathclaws signs' and the guy who had made a roadblock who says 'deathclaws about' and the fact everybody in the towns told me to go east I went east.

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Yeah I went straight north and found two. I just thought it was another bug so I tried punching it to death and got punked pretty much instantly.

>> No.12634133

I saw them from the road and sidestepped them by sticking to it and not going off on their side.

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Real men face the artillery like a boss.

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I kind of wish they weren't so durable, if only because they don't *look* durable. They look like flies. So when I have to get a sneak attack critical with a 60 damage sniper rifle to kill them in one shot, it kind of raises questions about why their carapace is like a hundred times stronger than the skull of your average fiend.

Also, is it like impossible to shoot a deathclaw without them immediately figuring out where you are? With 60 sneak and at the edge of my draw distance while in scope, they come running for me every time. Ain't a big problem because they never make it, but it's like they've got some supernatural fucking bullet sense.

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Sadly, I never saw the signs; I was wandering around, so I think I sidestepped the blocks without noticing. I'm playing as Fry from Futurama, so I can at least claim I was in character.

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You now realise that Cazadors are just large mutated parasitic desert wasps.

You know, those ones who in our world, are have a body the size of your thumb, fight tarantulas, paralyse them and then lay their eggs in them. letting their larvae eat the thing from the inside out while it's still alive.

Now imagine if they were huge.

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I did like how the game was less forgiving

Don't stick to the road at first? you get eaten by cazadores and radscorpions
Stick to the wrong road? get killed by deathclaws only to run into a gang of raiders with energy weapons if you get past them
Even the 'safe' road is lined with raiders and various low/mid level creatures.

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It's not just Deathclaws. A lot of stuff can instantly tell direction as soon as you shoot it.

>> No.12634163

Yep, someone informed us up the page. I guess you should be happy your body will be used to grow new cazadores or something. Who can kill your children.

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Deathclaws are pretty damn smart

I am just extremely grateful I had a gauss rifle when I met my first mother and alpha male.

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Fallout: Waspocalypse Now

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Hm, I guess Ghoul Reavers can, but I can't think of anything else. Cazadores sure can't, thank god. They aren't that easy to hit though, especially with autoaim off.

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Tell me about it.

Shooting Cazadores in the head like a mother fucker, takes loads of shots to get them to stay down.

What experiences do people who play melee characters have against them?

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Know what's messed up? This is the first game where giant rats have given me issue. They can dodge bullets from guns touching them apparently, fuck them. And I really wanted the gun in that cave too.

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I have someone actually rape me in real life while fighting cazadores in melee. It takes my mind off the game.

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Anybody done the quests for red lucy?

>mantis eggs, should be fine
>radscorpion eggs, alright...
> fire gecko eggs, no problem
> nightstalker eggs, might be slightly challenging
>cazador eggs, ...
>deathclaw eggs, okay you better be fucking good in bed or have a lot of caps

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They're quite easy if you use the right tactics. Try to take them down one by one, use that perks that knocks enemies over, don't try to avoid the strikes but go full out attack.

>> No.12634198

Imagine if you came back and she was just eating a huge omelet.

>> No.12634201

Unarmed female here. Using the cross attack in VATS guarantees a one-hit kill, but the other wasp-tanks will sting you to death while you punish their buddy. Even with an unarmed score above 70 and a decent unarmed weapon, an adult cazadore can be a nightmare.

>> No.12634207

i beat it with figaro, the unique straight razor. Get the Super slam perk and boss monsters become fucking easy mode. you just knock them down over and over and over

>> No.12634210

The giant rats in that cave are special I think, they were a lot tougher than the giant rats I met in the sewers, they seemed bigger as well.

>> No.12634216

>legendary deathclaw v. figaro, the straight razor
You'd better have had some awesome music on and looked incredibly badass while you did that, boy.

>> No.12634224

>climb atop a large pile of rocks
>lots of enemies on perception, i can hear skittling
>go into defcon 1, crouch get my gun ready, look all around
>skittling is getting louder
>getting nervous, panning around all over the place
>status indicator goes to caution
>panic, looking everywhere

What the fucking fuck.
Stupid glitch :c

A less dangerous one

>walking back to area where i'd been before
>radscorpion appears in mid air and gets flung to the ground
>and another
>and another
>and another
>thank god they're dead

>> No.12634231

you get the Dinner Bell. which is a shotgun that has stupid amount of knockback.

>> No.12634244

Got it, never used it. Don't tend to use shotguns. I took her caps and access to her company though.

>> No.12634256

Actually they're really easy to deal with once you learn to shoot them in the win

>> No.12634281

Shoot... them in the wing?

Mother of god. I've been so used to my tactic of SHOOT IT IN THE FACE, SHOOT IT IN THE FACE that I never thought of that.

>> No.12634304

I know, right? It kinda makes sense.

BRB, field testing.

>> No.12634320

God DAMN they were a bitch to kill with unarmed at level 4 on Hard! Thank god I at least had knuckle dusters. Had to pump myself full with so many different chems as to be able to kill off a blue whale.

>> No.12634323

>Punch cazadore in the face
>"Cazadore Jones is mo'fuggin' frenzyin' and sheeyit"
>Cazadores rip each other to shreds

>> No.12634332


I've done that by accident fighting a quartet of young ones, they won't be able to fly and they crawl really slow. It helped a lot.

>> No.12634339





>> No.12634343

Okay, so it kinda works on the baby ones on Very Hard. But on the adults? Still one hell of a bitch to take down.

>> No.12634353


>The tarantula hawk is relatively docile and rarely stings without provocation.

It's okay. You can sleep now.

>> No.12634355

Okay, now, those things? They're kinda pretty.

But fuck the Cazadores. Seriously. I have enough trouble with them on Normal, god only knows what they're like above that.

>> No.12634359

Are damage thresholds different by area of the body? I'd hope so, given you can have a helmet and body armor, and it'd make sense to target the waist or the wings on the wasp or something.

>> No.12634368

They're Rodents of Unusual Size, a reference to Princess Bride.

>> No.12634373

Jesus fuck, that's a long clip!

>> No.12634374

Bumper sword + unarmed is god tier for 1v1ing anything. Sometimes 2v1. Strong swing on bumper sword has like a 100% knockdown rate on anything under power armor and adult deathclaws, and with those its still pretty high up there. In a large sweep too (can't use with melee companions). Then while downed spamming punch out of VATS spam procs knockdown.

>> No.12634377

I don't think so?

Headshots probably just give you bonus damage on most things.

Humans wearing great armor and no helmet are still basically immune to wimpy guns to the face.

>> No.12634383

Might be my sniper rifle, might be the game, but I seem to cripple wings more than heads anyway.

>> No.12634384

im kinda depressed fallout dosn't have any giant irradiated tarantulas to go with the other critters.

>> No.12634387

>Go to Silver Peak Mine
>Encounter Legendary Cazadore
>Get utterly raped
>Note to enver go there again

>> No.12634391

>play Oblivion constantly
>people say stay on the roads
>roads actually contain more monsters than wilderness
>play New Vegas
>they say stay on the roads and don't go north
>LOL retards, I bet the good loot is up north
>go north through wilderness, ignoring DO NOT ENTER signs
>see cazadore
>punch it
>die instantly

I am not used to games where the NPCs tell the truth.

>> No.12634392

I think it's 2 taped end to end, for faster reloads.

Magazine, btw.

Inb4 "get back to >>>/k/"

>> No.12634405

My character was at Endurance 9 and had the Pre-Order leather armor (the only perk is 5 less weight and maybe 2 more DT). Pumped with psycho, buffout, med-x and perhaps a drug or three more, they could kill me with 4-6 stings. One Cazador and two young Cazador at the same time.


Barely survive. Stim up and drinkan Sunset Sarsparilla and go on.

And then... stumble upon the next group.

>> No.12634419

During my level 1 int implant run, I had to go north through that huge fuckass pack of Cazadors. I ledge walked, and after I landed on a ledge, waited for them to fly around and come up, then sprinted out. Failed twice, on the third time got lucky and Victor comes out of NOWHERE and helps me kill 3 of them while I was stuck on a ledge. Kind of annoying since I leveled up once, but meh, luckily skill points round up.

>> No.12634425

Yeah I thought about ignoring the npcs warnigns as well. Died the first atempt.

But on re-load, cliff hugged and sneaked all the way to new vegas from goodsprings. FUCK YOU GAME DESIGNERS, I BREAK YOUR WELL THOUGHT OUT PLOT PROGRESSION.

>> No.12634458

Those were the fuckers I punched

>> No.12634489

I am used to NPCs spewing bullshit that when followed actually hurts you. This is the only game I can think of where the people actually want to help you and not sabotage your game.

>> No.12634507

those fuckers have crazy range, without ede's perks I was constantly bumping into them and getting raped.

Why do they have such huge view range and such huge speed?

Its not fucking fair :<

ceasars army would be better of breeding them and unleashing them on their enemies.

>> No.12634516

so /tg/ i thought fo3 was kind of "meh" is NV worth buying ?

>> No.12634543

NV is FO3 revised.

So if you didn't like 3, stay away from NV, there's nothing new for you here.

>> No.12634548

Jesus, fucking hell.

I only ever ran into the one batch, though, when I took a wrong road.

>Hey, ED-E's flagging up some red dots, let's check them out.
>Too far off to see exactly what they are
>They're flying, probably just Bloatflies
>Cowboy Repeater does nothing
>Get closer
>Shotguns do nothing
>Oh god, the pain

Hopefully when I finish Veronica's quest and get her some Power Armour, I can just behind her should we run into them again.

>> No.12634566

Hey, guess what's good against Cazadore gangrape?

Aiming for the antennae.

It saved my ass a couple of times from murderous bug violation.

>> No.12634567

ok, thanks

>> No.12634568


"And now, great Caesar, i am proud to say that after a mere three decades and 400.000 expended lives we have managed to breed the first captive Cazador."

"Admittedly we had to remove its stinger and wings, to reduce the chances for "mishaps" but still it is progress.... Right? Right?"

>> No.12634586


It got better story, less annoying need for constant repairs, you can actually die in this game and it is more cohesive.

Downside is that it got bugs, but i have not really been bothered by them so far.

>> No.12634605

doesnt the legion use slaves with slave collars? They could probably get somekind of shock collar active if they wanted to if they werent such technophobes. But yea I get your point.

>> No.12634607

Is it true that friendly NPCs randomly die all the time? Because I keep coming across the bodies of friendly people in the middle of towns. I think I will wait for a mod that makes them immortal, I really care about keeping everyone alive.

>> No.12634625


Go to the north of the Hidden Valley, through a ruined fence, there's a dead BoS in an irradiated hole with a T51B power armour suit.

Happy hunting.

>> No.12634628

rolled 64 = 64

So, I heard you fella's have a bug problem. No worries, Good ol' Ted here's got ya answer. See, I reckon you all have a hard enough time understandin those pesky little critters. Theys just attracted to ya like gamblers to a winnin' slot. Now. Trick is. You dose them in flame. Ya just wait for 'em to get close, and then hold the trigger.

See, it roasts them alive. An' they go down quick to it.

Well, it does the same with most things. But jest take my word for it. Flamers are the way to go.

>> No.12634629

it is definitely an improvement over fallout 3
yeah one guy even goes to the effort of building a checkpoint to warn travellers to turn back

>> No.12634671

Did anyone else find it weird the marksman carbine has a skill requirement of 100 when the sniper rifle has 75? meant I had to keep using the service rifle for at least 5 extra levels because the marksman carbine was inaccurate.

>> No.12634677

I would like to call some amount of bullshit on that one, good sir.
New Vegas got, imo, some "feel" of the early Fallout games. There are mountains of quests, a good bit more quest diversity than FO3, better voice actors (THANK PROGRAMMER!), more use out of skills, actually DIFFICULT if you put it on Hard and Very Hard, not everything is fucking leveled (a deathclaw WILL rape you, even at high levels, if you dont know what you are doing) etcetc.

But I will admit New Vegas don't have that certain something that FO3 had. Pic reletad.

>> No.12634701


Liberty Prime & President Eden/Enclaive radio are the only things I miss from FO3. Everything else in New Vegas is an improvement.

>> No.12634724

You better have good WEPON to kill them quick, otherwise Veronica will get rammed up the vagoo with wasp stingers

>> No.12634726

>NV is FO3 revised. So if you didn't like 3, stay away from NV, there's nothing new for you here.
No? FO3 and NV have quite significantly different playstyles. What turned a lot of people off FO3 was it was basically about exploration- most of the content was unmarked, non-quest stuff, about delving into ruins and exploring what remained of the past through notes, logs and rubble. NV almost does a 180 on that- pretty much everything is involved in a quest, everywhere you go people offer you quests related to the interplay of the factions fighting over the Mojave. Exploring off the beaten trail largely rewards you with small caves with one unique item or skill book in, or more NPCs offering quests.

>> No.12634728

thanks for the replies, i will consider trying it

>> No.12634743

I like both myself, I think new vegas is the better game but if it had a touch more fallout 3 style exploration and such it would have been better.

>> No.12634751

What was your favourite companion quest? I rather like Veronicas one myself.

>> No.12634759

Yea, I've been meaning to try and scrounge up the caps for something really shooty. The Cowboy Repeater and that rapid-fire shotgun with the name I can't remember are doing me fine about now, but sooner or later I'm going to need something bigger.

Any recommendations? I'm at lvl18, 55 skill in Guns and 5 Strength.

>> No.12634771

>I rather like Veronicas one myself.

I enter Vault 34 with a seemingly simple objective. Recover a pulse gun from the armory.

A day later, I come out of Vault 34 one rad point away from death, broken armor and weapons, no rad away or rad-x, no stims, and most importantly, no pulse gun.

Sorry Veronica. How about we go get some farming data instead?

>> No.12634774


I have seen weapon mods for a 12.7 pistol, but have never seen the weapon itself.

But perhaps that would work.

>> No.12634784

I miss the focus on prewar America. In FO3, prewar America was a core character- it was everywhere, from how the robots acted (new Mister Gutsy/Handy voices, srsly what) to the grand ruins and wrecked suburbs. NV doesn't have that feel of Red Menace paranoia, americana and nostalgia. I understand they wanted to switch the focus back to the present-day politics in the setting, it's just that the pre-war Fallout universe is really interesting.

>> No.12634785


I disagree. While it's essentially the same game as fallout 3 technically, unlike fallout 3 it actually feels like you're playing the sequel to fallout 1 and 2.

It's got almost all the factions you know and love/hate from the previous games, logically progressed to a point in time after fallout 2 and acting more or less in-character. The shooting feels marginally less shitty than fallout 3's, but only a little. There's tons more new weapons and less of fallout 3's copy-pasted subway romps. Super mutants are more like they should be.

Just don't get it for a console. I hear the console versions are bugged to shit. biggest problem I have on the PC version is frame rate drops when there are a bunch of NPCs in the room. Sure eats up a lot of computing power for a game that looks like it came out of 2007.

>> No.12634801

>>biggest problem I have on the PC version is frame rate drops when there are a bunch of NPCs in the room. Sure eats up a lot of computing power for a game that looks like it came out of 2007.
Look up the facegen dll fix. The game handles facegen wrong without it, which causes huge framerate hits when multiple NPCs turn up.

>> No.12634804


Get the quest from the BoS leader to find his patrols. They all have power armor. Fix up the armor with the jury-rigging perk you should get when you're level 14, and give it to her.

It's not like you can wear it anyway.

>> No.12634805


Get the perk that takes two off the strength requirement for weapons, get a 12.7mm pistol. Might need higher guns skill to use it well, but that thing is pretty great.

You can find a pistol (I believe - I know there's an SMG there) in one of the caves around Bitter Springs.

>> No.12634807

My first 50 hour playthrough I put tag skills in guns, lockpick and science iirc. I never got guns past 50 and as soon as I stumbled upon a BALLISTIC FISTING MACHINE I never used a gun again. So all I can say is, ditch guns and go unarmed.

>> No.12634811


I hate the new voices for the Mr.Handy s and Mr.Gutsy s, they suck. I can't figure out why they'd change them, they were fine as is.

>> No.12634814

>Wander into the Hills North of Good Springs
>Level 2
>Unload entire 10mm pistol mag into a young one
>Use all 4 stimpacks I have to kill it.
>3 More appear, including an adult.
>Run! Run fool run!
>Victor out of nowhere.
>Victor killed in 9 seconds

>> No.12634826

I've not run across one yet, unfortunately. But I'll keep an eye out.

>I hear the console versions are bugged to shit.

Mine's pretty much fine. Once or twice an unimportant NPC's gotten stuck inside a bit of scenery, but that's it. No fatal crashes or bugs that prevent quests being finished.

>> No.12634873

Link on that dll?

>> No.12634879

Playing as a cowboy with ED-E as my companion.

Whenever anything draws too close, ED-E makes a nifty western duel sound (you know, that whistling sound). The poor sap is inmediately downed by a crit headshot from my Lucky.

Is anyone else doing a special themerun (aside from Kenshiro runs)?

>> No.12634888

Well my first playthrough in this sort of game seems to be 'play myself to figure things out', next run probably a science/energy gun specialist with the 4 eyes trait.

>> No.12634892


12 gauge Hunting Shotgun with the choke mod to decrease the spread, and mag ammo from am ammo bench, mixed with the Shotgun Surgeon perk is an absolute rape machine.

If you want the be-all-end-all Fuck Shit Up gun though, the Anti-Material Rifle. Accept no substitutes. Don't even need to scope it, a single shot from close range will usually blow enemies back 30 feet.

>> No.12634898


>> No.12634915

Nerdy asian girl, glasses, small frame. Science, repair, stealth. High stats are int and luck, low stats are cha(1) and strength (3).

Going pretty good so far.
Taking all the science, repair and stealth perks. Using a fully modded varmint rifle as my main weapon.

>> No.12634920

Shame the gun is wallet fuckingly expensive and that each shot costs 6 caps for the basic round.

>> No.12634924

I'm essentially playing as a STALKER in the FO universe, so anti-rad suit on almost 24/7 till I get the power armor, Boone's my only companion, and I treat Deathclaws like I would Bloodsuckers, which is working out very well. My character also looks vaguely Ukrainian, not as close as I would have like, but meh

>> No.12634933

Found the ratslayer? its a unique varmint rifle with all the mods pre-attached plus improved stats.

>> No.12634947

I played on my 1st playthru as a sniper and those were my worst enemies .Deathclaws on speed. But I must say I killed legendary one quite easly with 4 shorts from highground , sneaking with my silenced sniper rifle with AP ammo. I had every critical oriented perk, and as you may know sniper rifles have x5 critical chance. Sooooo yeah ... Btw thats how I killed most of my enemies, aimed headshots (cause in VATS sniping is pointless, from distances I headshoted them manualy I had like 20% hit in VATS) When I was being ganged I switched to Laser RCW. Played on normal and had no problems. Well almost no problems First encounters with deathcalws , supermutants and anythig with high DR and HP were usualy deadly.

>> No.12634950

Thanks a million buddy for pointing out the existence of the dll! I didn't know it was on the nexus.

>> No.12634962

I've heard about the A-M rifle, I remember it being mentioned on Boomer's Livestream last night. You bet your ass I'm picking one up as soon as I can.

That and the ARCHIMEDES satalite laser thing. I look forward to calling down an Ion Cannon strike on Caesars head.

>> No.12634985

Ah, yes, the money problem. I remember those days. Now I just dump the guns and armors I loot in my suite because selling shit is such a hassle and I can afford whatever I want anyway.

>> No.12634989

In my previous playthrough, yes.

Going to get it once I'm done with Primm. Trying not to spoil myself by going straight to every book/weapon.

Also trying to find every Victor spawning location. I only saw him in Goodsprings, at the end of Boulder, and at the entrance of the Strip. Apparently he shows up a lot more.

>> No.12635009

I found it be very easy to get tons of .50 MG ammo for that beast by using the regular sniper rifle with a silencer for lower threat targets and A-M rifle for big stuff like alpha deathclaw and the like.

>> No.12635010

I did a cowgirl run too.

>> No.12635018

.... an NCR captain just shot a man in the face with his rifle because he mocked him about his wife leaving. I mean the guy was a card rigging, drug pushing scumbag but that was a bit much.

>> No.12635022

Primm is one place, standing behind the corner in the fence at the motel facing the gas station

>> No.12635024

He's in Novac too

>> No.12635027

Good idea, I just dislike carrying so many rifles since my character is not a specialised sniper.

>> No.12635043

I remember talking to him in front of the lucky 38. At the end of his conversation, he just pauses. Face turns to the standard police officer face and he rolls to a sentry position near the lucky 38. That freaked me out.

The Victor I had been talking to was just some avatar for a robot.

>> No.12635055

Doing a Cowboy Run now. Only cowboy themed armors, sticking to levers and revolvers. Problem is that most mods that give you the cool armors also takes the chance to enhance them... quite a lot.

wat? Where?

I ended up doing that so much I couldn't be bothered to carry the AM on myself so I lugged it onto ED-E. Then I just left it at home.

>> No.12635059

What NCR officer is that?

>> No.12635074


>>12635022 here
Oh, I meant novac

>> No.12635079

What's the difference between "Maintenance" and "Repair" for weapons? I realize it's more than 75% status for it to be Maintenance but is there a quantitative difference between the two?

>> No.12635096

Captain Parker at the aerotech office park near mcarran and the NCR farms. I helped him uncover a drug dealer and went with him for the arrest, he lost his cool and shot the man. Not sure you could call him armed since he had knuckle dusters and parker had a semi-automatic rifle, he did not even attack or anything.

Not quite good behaviour from an officer charged with looking after a refugee centre.

>> No.12635101

I like to think of him as a sentient AI program made by Mr House with the ability to go into other Mr House bots.

>> No.12635104

Not really, only thing I found was you can't always use 75%+ weapons to repair other weapons.

>> No.12635105


Well, the guy did say that he wouldn't go with the captain. The guy was an asshole, the world is a better place without him.

>> No.12635113

Think that it works a little worse and that once you hit 75% you've reached max dmg and will have no jams. Essentially, you're fixing somehting that isn't actually broken, hence maintenance.

>> No.12635140

Never. Ever say "You'll never take me alive." or taunt them about their ex wife to someone with a gun in the wasteland. It's just not smart.

>> No.12635146

I just found out these two guys have been selling teenage and child refugees to drug addled murdering rapists. I am trying to think of a painful way to kill them.

>> No.12635158

From the description in the manual, I was hoping it meant I could use weapon repair kits to keep them at peak performance without actually using up weapon repair kits. Or that I could just maintain them for free by just using my repair skill which was higher than 75% without anything else.

>> No.12635160


Hell, after the officer finished shooting his corpse, I blew it's head off with my shotgun. Those druggies are really heavy sleepers.

>> No.12635165

Punch them in the crotch to death. Where's this?

>> No.12635177

Are the fire ants and Ant-agonist costume in this version?

Something amusing about killing Cazadores wearing something like that.

>> No.12635178


>> No.12635186


Saint James and Dermot?

>> No.12635196

Quest given by the guy who shoots people who mock him about his wife. I am going to beat them to death with a cattle prod.

>> No.12635199

Do his quests.

>> No.12635229

Get a cattle prod. Stun them. Then while they're KO'd pick out some small weapon, and shoot selected body parts.

Or drag the body and do somehting to it

>> No.12635243

Well I blasted one in the groin with a shotgun and hit the other so hard in the head with a sledgehammer his skull burst.

>> No.12635269

rolled 76 = 76

I put a 9mm round into each of their legs then executed them with a shotgun blast to the head.

>> No.12635293

Cazadores aren't the new Cliffracers. Not by a long shot.

First, Cliff Racers were annoying, but not dangerous. Cazadores ARE fairly dangerous. Second, there aren't enough Cazadores.

>> No.12635337


Stun with cattle prod.

Burn them near to death with the flamer, crippling the legs.

Take all their stuff when they're unconscious.

Let them get up and hobble away, fleeing.

Give leisurely chase across the wasteland.

>> No.12635394


It's a shame you can't properly torture people in this game.

>> No.12635409

I wish they hadn't removed the cyborg perk, that was quite useful.

>> No.12635436

Thank you /tg/, this is a decent gam discussion thread. Shame /v/ can't be like you.

Anyway, to keep it related, anyone else buy the collectors edition guide? So much information om everything :D

>> No.12635520


>> No.12635527

I wish they weren't endlessly nerfing int.
Fallout 1+2: 5+(2xINT)
Fallout 3: 10+INT
Fallout:NV: 10+INT/2

>> No.12635701


In Fallout 1 and 2 you could go higher than 100 on skills and you started using more than one point to increase a skill by one once it passed a certain number.

In fallout 3 it was trivial to max out all skills, so i find New Vegas` approach better.

>> No.12635719

Personally I am not a fan of reducing perks to once every two levels.

>> No.12635760

>lower right corner
Oh my god, that pose is maximum fag. Add to that the eye-patch and that long dark hair (which is fine by itself, but not together) he is maximum over-fag.

>> No.12635762

Tag skills were actually good, there, too. (Got twice as many percent for each point you spent on a skill.)

And keep in mind, that if you get small guns, for instance, over 100, that 100 is an optimal range- meaning that you can start using your weapon skill to ignore range, movement, or other modifiers, as opposed to counting solely on the weapon and your perception.

Seriously, I know it's a pain to heavily modify a game engine, but they need to salvage the percentile skill system.

>> No.12635777

Use this

>Mannable one's

>> No.12635854

My current playthrough is just a get-to-know-the-game sort of thing.

For my next one, I will be playing as...


Mister Bombardini.

>> No.12635859


Where the fuck IS it?

Searching "facegen" doesn't give ANY fixes, just the ability to save presets from FO3.

>> No.12635915

Murder Benny.

Murder Mr. House.

Murder Victor.


>> No.12635931

Here it is. Make sure to read the description.

>> No.12636024


They aaaaaaaaaall deseeeeerve to diiiiiiie.

I decided to kill Mr. House when I found out what he did to that poor girl in Vault 21. I got seriously pissed when I lost Karma for killing him.

In fact, the karma system in this game is kind of fucked.

>> No.12636045


You gain karma for killing Powder Gangers, but you lose karma for stealing from them. What the hell kind of logic is that?

>> No.12636056

What did he do to Sarah? do you mean filling the vault with cement or something else? Why did he fill the vault up anyway?

>> No.12636060

Woah, fine, murder the evil bastards, but violation of property laws? YOU MONSTER

It's like a goddamn libertarian rant.

>> No.12636071

The vault was filled with compulsive gamblers with a fear of the outside. It was probably the only way to get most of them out.

>> No.12636141


Ah! Thanks very much for that!

>> No.12636142

I guess it's more implied than explicit, but think about it. Her, Micheal, and the Doctor are the only ones left alive from that vault. Each one serves some 'purpose' for Mr. House. Micheal makes signs, the Doctor patches you up, she keeps the vault open. He treats people like tools and then acts all confused when I stick a shotgun down his throat.


>> No.12636165

Where does it say they are the only 3 survivors? also the doctor had been living in goodsprings far too long to have been planted there by House. I mean yeah he is not a nice guy but I fail to see how he 'mind raped' Sarah.

>> No.12636178

Eh. Whatever. He's dead now and I'm well on my way to installing myself as the maniacal dictator of Las Vegas.

>> No.12636220

Community Bug Fix Compilation Patch

Nvidia d3d9 perf fix

Kobu - Sortable Crafting Backpack
(finally, something to sort and store all those crafting components)


Anything else?

Also didn't know that there was a 5% chance of a star Sunset Sarsaparilla bottlecap for each bottle. Think I had a few hundred bottles I was keeping just in case... that's a 1 in 20 chance of a star cap per bottle. So 300+ bottles is at least 15 star caps.

>> No.12636288

I don't know what you guys are talking about. Cazadores are fast and do lots of damage but they die fast. Deathclaws are god damn invincible, are fast, and do lots of damage.

If Boone and I start taking sniper rifle shots at a deathclaw as far away as we can, it will still rush us and kill us both. But if we're shooting at a swarm of Cazadores, they're all dead before they get close.

>> No.12636317

Huh? deathclaws are easy to dispatch with sniper rifles. Cazadores are either jerking around or flying fast towards you, either way deathclaws are far easier to hit at range even if they can take more punishment,

>> No.12636342

Well my game must be fucked up then because when I shoot a deathclaw in the face with a sniper rifle it takes away about 1/20th of it's health.

Cazadores are hard to hit, but if they get close the 10mm SMG does the job easily.

>> No.12636383

Guess I have more problems with cazadores since I don't carry automatic weapons. But for deathclaws I use ED-E to spot them then headshot with a hunting rifle before they see me, don't carry a sniper. If they get closer or see me before I can take the shot then I switch to a medium range rifle with AP ammo.

>> No.12636384

When I was actually seriously facing Deathclaws it took me a head sneak-crit with a sniper rifle to kill a Young and a general sneak-crit with an A-M. For the Adults I needed an A-M head sneak-crit.

Of course, if I missed the head they then came running and at that point I just hope I didn't aggro some other deathclaws in the vicinity.

>> No.12636645

>5% chance of a star Sunset Sarsaparilla bottlecap for each bottle.
Thinking about this, wouldn't it have been better to be a straight LUCK%?

>> No.12636688


Play in Hardcore, commit Suicide by Sarsaparilla.

>> No.12636704

Cazardors ain't got SHIT on BATTLE CATTLE

>> No.12636793

Perhaps the biggest example of the flawed karma system, taking things from the legion makes you lose karma.

>> No.12637045

Fallout: New Vegas has ruined every game forever for me.
Never will I be able to do anything half as satisfying as walking into Caesar's tent, popping a Turbo, and calling down the Archimedes-I on him in slow motion as his guards feebly run towards me before the entire tent becomes a chunky limb salad.

After that, I chainsawed his body into bits, and walked out of his tent dressed in his clothes, with an NCR First Recon cap atop my brow, and a pair of shades on. And it felt good.

>> No.12637069


>murdering Caesar horribly

Speaking of which, is there a way to reach the Fort with Boone as a companion?

>> No.12637084

Over a red carpet of perforated legion corpses?

>> No.12637110

Go there by yourself. Leave cottonwood, go pickup Boone. Quicktravel to The Fort.

Alternatively, kill everyone in cottonwood with Boone, then go to the pier, to the boat, use map change marker yourself, (look at local map, it points to where you have to go for the map change)

Kill every Legion in the fort. Kill Caesar with Boone. He says his "That's two thumbs down, Caesar." line. Walk off into sunset.

>> No.12637122


That's my plan, but Boone would kill anything wearing crimson when I try to cross the river if I take up on the "Render Unto Caesar" quest to reach the Fort.

>> No.12637130

Visit with Arcade first (he has dialogue for visiting, tell him you're there to gather info), then revisit with Boone, an anti-materiel rifle and a suit of T-51b.

>> No.12637139


Damn, why didn't I think of that?

Thank you for the pointer.

Speaking of Legion and Companions, which of them doesn't care if you side with Legion? Boone's out, and I hear that the BoS chick and Cass refuse to follow if the Courier is evil.

>> No.12637153

good old ED-E doesn't care

>> No.12637155

Arcade's also very anti-Caesar, so... Raul? Lily?
Otherwise you have to make do with EDE and Rex.

>> No.12637172


>Anti-material rifle

Already ahead of you. I'm stockpiling AP rounds like crazy.

But Boone refused to wear BoS armour. Where do I find/loot power armour that isn't labelled as an BoS outfit?

>> No.12637191

You can buy generic T51-b from the BoS if you become a paladin.

>> No.12637198

Oh shit I thought it was every one. I had no idea. That's why I have so few compared to how many I drink.

>> No.12637200

Silverpeak Mine or Deathclaw Promotory. Enclave Remnant Armor. Have fun with the deathclaws

>> No.12637205


Sweeet. For a moment there, I was afraid Boone would have to settle for Combat Armour Mk2!

>> No.12637211

Late-game NCR sell salvaged power armour, or ironically you can buy it from the Brotherhood if you become a Paladin- they won't sell you Brotherhood T-51b, but they will start selling you T-49 and T-51 suits in the armoury.

>> No.12637214


Funny you should mention the use of Deathclaw eggs in omelettes

>> No.12637243

So is there any way of getting the all the downloadable purchase pack content yet?

>> No.12637255


I want to know what the DLC is gonna be like.

This game has an awful lotta options for the ending

>> No.12637276

>This game has an awful lotta options for the ending
That's why they've said the ending's final. It automatically saves before you start the last mission, so I assume all DLC will take place before it.

>> No.12637294

Yes Man is the only character that can not be killed in the game. The DLC will involve him.

>> No.12637319


oh god I hope not.

I would hate that with a passion.


>> No.12637322

I killed him

Also they really need to let you keep playing after the final story quest.

>> No.12637324


It is impossible to target the head of a Cazador in VATS unless it is striking forward with its stinger, the Courier is right on top of the enemy or the Cazador is moving on a slope towards the player. Without meeting these conditions the head can never be cycled to as an option in Vats (only the antennae).

>> No.12637352

>wandering around scavenging
>see what looks like bloat flies
>shoot one
> does nothing...wat
>books it to me in half a second....wat

i couldnt possibly hurt or that would be OP.

>half health...WAT

.....god damn it

>> No.12637403

Wait till you meet them in swarms. In their home. With all their young. At night.

>> No.12637410

You can't kill Yes-Man, he respawns in 3 days.

If you ask him why he didn't die he says he just transferred over to an other Securitron. He can't be killed short of destroying every Securitron ever built.

>> No.12637428

Ratslayer sneak attacks are fucking godly. I cleared Nelson and Cottonwood cove without anyone knowing it was me.

Also, hunting shotgun with mods and magnum buckshot is a Cazadore slayer.

>> No.12637441

this was my first experience with them and there were 4
2 young 2 regular

my face - ಠ_ಠ

>> No.12637452

There's a mod that puts that face on the Securitrons. And one for trollface.jpg

I think they should put this on Yes Man.

>> No.12637466


And so the Courier single handedly destroyed the entire securitron army.

Nobody knew why he did it. Inbetween the carnage he would scream incoherently about a "yes man" and "THAT FUCKING GRIN!"
The Legion was powerless to stop him when his rampage took him to a previously unknown facility that stored many hundreds if not thousands of securitrons. The legions finest and their leader himself, the might ceaser were too scared to follow the courier down there waiting a full month before sending some of their number down.

What they saw was horrifying to say the least. Mountains of gutted securitrons. It was a veritable mechanical charnel house.

The Courier didn't stop there however. Quickly forcing his way out of the Legion camp he scoured the mojave desert for every Securitron and was never seen again.

>> No.12637482

God dammit FO3 spoiled me with all the damn perks and skills. Now I want a New Vegas DLC where they raise the level cap just so I can get more skill points and get more of the perks they already have.

>> No.12637490

And thus, a Securitron plays dead, waits 50 years for Courier to be old and feeble, rolls up to the Courier and says "Well, what'd you do that for?"

>> No.12637521


The village of Goodsprings was where the couriers journey began. It was also the place where it ended.

It began with a securitron and it ended with a securitron.

The Courier lived the remainder of his days in relative comfort thanks to the large amount of salvage from the securitrons he killed but every day he feared he had missed one. He lived the remainer of his life constantly keeping his eye out for it. The paranoia consumed him.

Eventually his age made shooting difficult if not impossible.

One day a Securitron rolled into his home and said "now what did you go do that for?"
The Courier replied "So I could finish it"

The courier's home exploded in a ball of fire that could be seen from Vegas.

>> No.12637522

There's a mod on the Nexus that gives you a perk at every level. Also, player.addperk command.

>> No.12637528

Perk Every Level.

Remove Level Cap (raises it to 100).

Note that XP required to level up continues to go up geometrically, so you need something like 400,000xp for level 50. Doing every quest and killing off the legion or ncr/fiends/khans will will bring you up to level 35.

>> No.12637536

>I'm stockpiling AP rounds like crazy.
no bitch, don't do that. take the hand loader perk, fuck read this instead http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/.50_caliber_round_%28Fallout:_New_Vegas%29

>> No.12637595


God dam so theres not even any reason to keep the special ammo if its not the handloaded specials?

>> No.12637616

you make .50 MG, Match (Hand Load) and you'll never need another boolet ever again. that shit will one shot the legendary deathclaw even.

>> No.12637628


I remember headshotting the momma deathclaw with it.

Shit was epic.

I came bricks.

What about the .308 handload special?

>> No.12637633

Thanks but I'm stuck playing on the buttseXbox.

>> No.12637647

.308 Jacketed Soft Point - A .308 round with a semi-jacketed tip. It deals extra 50% damage to everything, with no increase on the target's DT. Can be crafted on reloading benches by taking the Hand Loader perk.

with no exceptions the handloader perk allwoes you to make bullets that are superior to anything you can find or buy.

>> No.12637648

Was that a sneak or a normal headshot? A gauss rifle or very possibly a hunting rifle AP round can sneak headshot a mother deathclaw.

>> No.12637664

* 10mm JHP Hand Load
o x1.65 Damage
o x2 Target Damage Threshold

* 12 Gauge, Coin Shot
o increased shot value- 40caps each

* .308 JSP Hand Load
o x1.5 Damage

* .357 Magnum JFP Hand Load
o x1.25 Damage
o -3 Target Damage Threshold
o x0.80 Spread

* .45-70 Gov SWC Hand Load
o x1.2 Damage
o -6 Target Damage Threshold
o x3 Gun CND

* .44 SWC Hand Load
o x1.20 Damage
o -6 Target Damage Threshold

* .50 MG Match Hand Load
o x1.15 Damage
o x0.65 Spread

>> No.12637669



I had a whale of a time in the Deathclaw filled quarry. CLimbed up on top of the mining gear and just started sniping them with the AM rifle. Never even knew what hit em

>> No.12637676

And that's why I don't eat their eggs.

Their Larvae are fucking chestbursters I would bet.

>> No.12637686

High CND on the round means it tears through it faster right?

>> No.12637691

Well I was being a bit cheap about it, turns out a medium condition gauss rifle and an energy weapon magazine lets you one shot the alpha and the mother, the rest can be dealt with using a hunting rifle.

>> No.12637718


I sleep on a big pile of caps, casino chips, legion coins and NCR 100 Dollar bills. MONEY IS NO CONCERN TO ME!

>> No.12637719

Agreed, I don't like non-continuable endings. They are not fun in this kind of game.

I also want to replace the Families with the Khans, or the Kings and the like.

>> No.12637729

Oh god Eggs remind me of the bugs in the schoolhouse.

You can shoot the eggsacks laying about. One of them explodes in about ten or so of the mantises.
Low level death might happen

>> No.12637739


I just want to expand Vegas into a more diverse settlement. Secure Freeside and Westside along with other nearby settlements. Maybe get some construction going and start making things good for people

>> No.12637745

Mantis Nymphs are no concern once you work out that you can walk right over them to kill them.

>> No.12637759

Must be uncomfortable to sleep like that

>> No.12637775

I thought that wasps could only evolve a stinger OR an ovipositor, guess I mis-heard.

>> No.12637785


Well I don't ever take off my power armour and that stuff is padded on the inside so it doesn't bug me.

Seriously got roughly 50K caps cash. Probably another 20K in combined chips, dollars and legion coins. A few hundred thousand in gear and ammo and junk most of it stored at the Lucky 38 suite

>> No.12637788

Hell yeah, Wesside is a pretty cool place, the idea of trying to hold a massive defense there intrigues me.

>> No.12637800

I don't get you guys. Yeah, sure, they're kind of scary and kill you in one-two hits and if you're just starting out they can be a problem but if they're REALLY that bad for you to deal with just turn it back down to normal difficulty and they take like half as many bullets to kill.

They usually have all close together families and shit so a mini-nuke+missile can usually blow the shit out of most of them, as well as some wings and maybe antennae to make it easier, that you can just then finish them off with your sidearm or whatever.

I have much more trouble with deathclaws but that's cause I have to crit them like 3 times in the head before they go down (unless I go down to normal cause I don't feel like dealing with it, then its just pretty much 1 sneak bullet to the head per deathclaw)

>> No.12637802


As it stands it's a pretty easy to defend place. Most threats will be stopped by the walls with anything else being dealt with by the securitron army.

Hell I doubt shelling or the Boomer bomber would be much good considering the 38 has those wacky defences.

>> No.12637806

Did anyone else never move from Novac? by the time I got the lucky 38 I had so much gear I could not be bothered to move.

>> No.12637810


How many Cazador eggs do you need if you collect them individually?

>> No.12637811

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing, as satisfying as cleaning out the Fort with a shotgun loaded with coin shot.

>> No.12637821

Not sure the AAA laser battery still works.

>> No.12637825


Lucky 38 is my main place but I have safehouses in each of the other "player homes" and in a few other places too

>> No.12637827

Well considering I have only seen one fatman and 3 mini nukes in this 70 hour playthrough thats completely impractical and I never carry a missile launcher, way too heavy for how often its useful. a

>> No.12637830

I didn't know you could do it with individual eggs, but I'd guess a dozen since that's what the mantis egg quest asks for.

>> No.12637838


>> No.12637847


I would wager it still does and after the software upgrade has only gotten better.

After all the lucky 38 was maintained and a clever man like House wouldn't leave it unmaintained.

>> No.12637848

Can't do that, the eggs for that quest spawn in special mounds, you can;t use collected eggs.

>> No.12637852

I do that too, just make a bunch of save stockpiles.

Thinking of making one in the Brewer's Beer Shack or wherever.

>> No.12637855


I must do this....

load my hunting shotgun up with those and just rampage

>> No.12637858

I know the Scorpion eggs do that are you sure you are not thinking of those?

>> No.12637901

Scorpion eggs can be found in clutches that are used for a recipe, but during the quest to provide critters for the Thorn special quest-only egg piles will appear in a few places.

>> No.12637912

In the valley of the infinitely respawning giant radscorpions,

>> No.12638028

I like to imagine he didn't fill the ENTIRE vault with cement, just sealed a door at the bottom of those stair, or down the stair hallway, and filled the corridor with cement, much less cement used, and an excuse to hold out for drilling your way in with an expansion.

>> No.12638043

Does the Perk every level work retroactively?

>> No.12638100

Please good sirs, I simply must know.

Also has that damn glitch where you can't use the console with certain drivers on your machine been solved by anyone yet?

>> No.12638139

Not so bad if you've got Entomologist, and considering how many god damned mutated bugs there are in the Mojave you better.

>> No.12638218

Where can I get scientist type outfits or lab coats in New Vegas? Apart from the OSI guys, fantastic, the followers and that one guy who thinks he is a ghoul they are very rare. I would rather not have to murder someone to get one early.

>> No.12638267

Yeah that perk got so much more important.

>> No.12638389

oh god...
>f3 "people are complaining about useless perks, like this insect shit"
>f3nv "okay, well lets add fuckloads of lethal bugs"

>> No.12638529

Have you guys tried using sniper rifles (But not the AMR, slow shooting piece of shit) against them?

Cause I just went up against the BIG one and it was easy as FUCK. I just VATS'd a wing off (I mean fuck, those rifles can get up to like, 90% critical chance in VATS mode, maybe higher I dunno, though mine tends to hover around 50% cause of not-max luck and weapon condition) which caused it to flop onto its back and then I just pegged it in the head while it was on the ground. Swarms aren't much harder, I've been running around with basically all but one arm and head broken (Cause I'm was curious if you get death from all-limbs crippled, and those don't wanna break right now it seems) and I can still snipe off two before they get to me pretty easily and then the rest are pretty much easy pickings since at close range its 95% hit chance on antennae. (And critical headshots are pretty much always 1-hit-kills even on the hardest setting)

On my previous run, though I didn't fight the big one, I used all plasma weapons and they still weren't any of a problem. In fact they were one of my favorite things to come across since they pretty much always give 75caps a kill. (Though sniper rifles make super muties and deathclaws 10000 time easier)

>> No.12638852


Yeah, the King just sent a runner across Freeside... to give me a damn banana.

>> No.12640431


Sniper rifles have been how I've delt with them, but you don't get a proper sniper rifle until a ways in. The varmint rifle is barely adequate even with the ap ammunition, and while the hunting rifle is probably adequate, I've yet to find a scope for the damn thing, and I've already got the sniper and anti-material rifle.

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