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Sup, /tg/. My DM and I just started thinking about how awesome it would be to do a campaign set in the Wild West to mix things up from the standard fantasy settings, but we came up short when trying to think of a system for it. Are there any knowledgable fa/tg/uys who have any ideas for us? inb4gurps

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/tg/ has been doing a homebrew like that. It's called Wild Cards or something.

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>Fistful of Zombies

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Just checked it on 1d4chan. The whole card mythology thing is an interesting touch but I suppose something more "traditional" would be preferred. Worth a try if nothing else is around though.

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Same reply really. Must say zombie western sounds pretty fucking awesome though.

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Me and my friends did this with dnd 3.5. We just changed classes and races (just flavoring things differently) to reflect those during wild west.

We ended up having a Native American Tribal Chief with tomahawks (Gnome Barbarian with hand axes), a Runaway Slave with a field sickle (Human Fighter with a sickle), an Irish gunwielding priest (Human Cleric/Ranger with shortbows), and a Chinaman (dwarf monk....)

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Sounds fun as well but still isn't plain old spaghetti western style stuff. Does it not actually exist? I find that a completely ridiculous concept. Although we might be able to salvage one of the ones mentioned and just remove the supernatural stuff I suppose.

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Aces & Eights
Dust Devils
Dogs in the Vineyard (psychological western)
Deadlands (weird west)

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Hrm sounds like it could work I guess, just tweak stuff a bit. It would save us learning yet another system too.

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A&E is crunchy western
DD is story western

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Aha! Those two first ones sound like just what I was looking for. Thanks anon!

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Fuck yes! Wild west doesn't get nearly the awesome treatment it deserves. Good for you OP!

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Don't be fooled by people posting this. It is not cool.

This hornets nest is faulty, the cylinder cracks and causes ammo detonations. It has been in development for too long and still blows up on you.

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Oh shit, seriously? I just saw a picture of it and thought it was a neat idea. My mistake. Perhaps a better gun instead?

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You are far from /k/, stranger.
We don't like people breaking our fantasy with their commando shit.

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Jesus, the stress on the barrel must be tremendous- It's a good thing they're .22, or the recoil would break your fucking wrist. Reloading must be a pain, as you'd have to go with loose shells...There is so much that could go wrong. A scattergun gets the same thing done for less fuss. Doesn't make it less awesome as a weapon, though- Except for the part where it might blowed up in your face.

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OP here, that is one sexy looking revolver. Please feel free to dump delicious revolvers in this thread now that I got what I wanted anyway. Might give us some inspiration.

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>Perhaps a better gun instead?

>Posting unrelieable bitch.

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Yeah, pictures get people excited. It's also illegal, because it sets off more than one "round" per trigger pull.

Yet they still try to sell it to people.

/sci/, /k/ and others have always been somewhat of our brother parts of the site.

It's a grenade launcher with -.3 degree stock. (meaning when you fire it, it tugs DOWN, not up)
People fire much larger things out of guns.

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is an idiot, Le mat is not illegal. does not shoot more than once per trigger pull. it's stupid expensive for a blackpowder revolver tho

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I was talking about the hornets nest being illegal, follow his >>
>slings an insult while not following the conversation

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links to the lemat says its illegal without reffering to the hornets nest

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For a different flavor try Werewolf - The Wild West.

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You forgot your ">".

Fair enough. I was responding to the poster directly.

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i see wheels aren't in standard

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What the hell is this monstrosity?

Does it have problems inherent like most other unique things?

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Who cares if it takes two minutes to reload and has kickback that would break most men's shoulders, the Nock volley gun is awesome

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...That's incredibly sexy. What is it?

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some kind of Nordenfelt gun.

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It's the Gun from Duke Nuke'em 3d. You never played the game?

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If you're Swedish, there's always the old classic Western. You can find 3rd Ed in stores pretty easily, which is mostly compatible with 2nd and 1st ed stuff. 4th edition is on its way, I believe.

It's a pretty neat Wild West RPG - kind of light on supernatural stuff except for the mention "there might be ghosts and such, if you want to include that, but we're not saying there are. Up to you, really." in a pretty short chapter.

I personally really like the gunfighting rules from 3rd, which gives that Wild West shooting feel, though I don't know about the fisticuff stuff.

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or a replica of the gun from duke nukem

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Um, no it's a Redhawk. It's russian, and it's been used. It had a habbit of unloading its entire magazine once the trigger was pulled. That was it's main malfunction. (loose action setting off everything and it wouldn't stop firing)

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>We don't like people breaking our fantasy with their commando shit.
you mean facts?.

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double barreled repeater from swizerland i belive don't know caliber

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>It's a good thing they're .22, or the recoil would break your fucking wrist.

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nagant revolver is boss.

and can be very silent too.

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captcha: bitingra brunnhilde

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In the back of the 3.5 DMG, it has stats for guns.

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Fuck, my group needs to do a short Western campaign. Maybe more of a pseudo-Western now that I think of it - more than a few of our usual suspects are in a pretty heavy Fallout mode right now.

As far as quick conversions go, how would DH/RT work for something like this? I'm not seeing any imediate mechanical issues.

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A&8 is excellent, but you can't pirate it.

Get Boot Hill 3rd from demonoid, plus taming of brimstone. YOU'RE GOOD TO GO, SON

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DH would work great for a western; this is the kind of scenario for which feudal and feral worlds are absolutely tits.

No tech-priests or psykers, replace all starting equipment (especially money, old west priests wouldn't be SO RICH), ban all las-weapons, bolt-weapons, melta-weapons, plasma weapons, non-Primitive armor, etc. Ban weapons with full-auto, except for Volg VI Crank Cannons. Ban flamers, except for Gas Torch Flamers (IH 111). Allow characters to take Metallican Gunslinger regardless of planet origin, and possibly regardless of class.

Instant western campaign. Sounds like fun!

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Dogs in the Vineyard is awesome.

Indie as all hell, but awesome.

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I just downloaded the sourcebook for this off of /rs/.

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Basically what I was thinking, and allows for just enough crazy pulp additions to appeal to the entire group. I'm wondering how well the different classes really work within that frame though. I mean, no techAN or healAN? Short of tribal, uhh Feral World characters stopgappAN wounds?

Care to give me a quick rundown on those systems? The A&8 website is utter shit for advertising their product.

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It's probably already been mentioned a lot, but Dogs in the Vineyard. Kick ass system, too.

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>A&8 is excellent, but you can't pirate it.

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Looks... interesting, if unpolished. Not a big fan of dicepool games though.

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Well, medicine in the Old West wasn't all that advanced either; give adepts Medicae as a starting skill (how the fuck do they not get it until rank 4?!) and now they're one o' them fancy college-edjucated doctors.

Also scum get medicae at rank 2. This may be slightly fucked up.

(And clerics and guardsmen don't get it until rank 5?! my brain is full of fuck. Give clerics Mendicatine Missionary for free / mandatory.)

(btw: email me if this is an online game, I'd love to play.)

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> Wait, doesn't that totally sound like Warhammer?

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That's a good point, but I have a feeling someone's going to want to be the learnèd chirurgeon-type. Actually, tacking Medicae onto the Adept from the start is the best fix now that I think about it. Covers one of the great Western archetypes pretty soundly. Gunslinger pretty much writes itself, too. Freerange cattlemen are pretty well covered by Feral World/ Scum too.

What am I missing?

(Afraid to say it, but this'll be a real people in the same room afair.)

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Guardsmen are freelance/deserter vets, Arbites for THE NEW SHERIFF IS A N<bell>

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>revolver revolver
oh Anime, you so crazy

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So crazy you miss the buster sword on his back.

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Gun thread? Don't mind if I do.

Bonus cat.

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videogame, not anime

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see this >>12632861
Reality is always crazier than fiction.

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Dead lands Dead lands

DEAD FUCKING LANDS, reading the book right now, and its really really fucking awesome

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>Stress in the barrel
I thought that was one of the reasons there was a shell

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Reloaded, original? What am I looking for on /rs/?

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>Break your wrist
Man you must be a huge faggot

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I have the colecters editon...

get Savage worlds Main rule book + reloaded dead lands + Marshales hand book = win

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Reloaded. Original deadlands had a fucking brilliant core mechanics system, but it was hideously deadly, which was a terrible mismatch to the fundamentally wacky tone of the game.

Some people think Deadlands isn't fundamentally wacky. They forget it's a setting with gatling revolvers and jetpacks and spellcasters that work like Gambit. When I last played deadlands, I was a Texas Ranger with a revolver made from steel forged with souls that fired rifle-caliber silver bullets. Deadlands can not afford to not be as mechanically rule-of-cool as it is thematically.

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To be fair, our group loves both the horrendously deadly and impossible grimdarkery.

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Original and Reloaded are really the only good ones.
It really comes down to if you prefer serious or wacky games.

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1)That's an M79 40mm grenade launcher, you shoulder it like a rifle or a shotgun. Which brings us to
2) The army has a 40mm buckshot shell designed to be fired from that thing and the recoil is still manageable.

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