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Ok /tg/, lets have a stupid thread.

If you actually were a (human) adventurer living in a fantasy world and had a companion/lover/wife/ accomplice/slave/sire, what race would you want her/him to be?

Pic related.

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>lets have a stupid thread

lets not and say we did

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I second the dark elf. Since I play a thief she would be a fellow ruffian

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Definitely another human. Probably a redhead.

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posting in a fetish thread

Some form of giant(ess)

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I would have to say tiefling.

I've always liked them.

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You want to be raped by a rude girl?

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posting in a fetish thread

Some form of giant(ess)

>stalkin married
but who stalked who captcha?

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Dwarfette, and a blacksmith too, so she would be really in shape.

> Dwarf girl: I feel like having sexy time <3.

> Human guy: But I am not in the mood...

> Dwarf girl: And I am not asking you.

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Air Genasi.

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Naga, after I save her from other humans

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Tribal brown elf

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Something along these lines. My golem bro would be my best friend for life.

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Why would a dwarf, from a race traditionally obsessed with tradition and law, ignore consent?

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I play a warforged, so I guess someone who knows how to repair things

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Genie accomplice. Because I'm a proper powergamer.

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No clue. I'd be open to just about anything, personal preferences aside. Something long-lived would be nice on my end, but not neccasary on theirs.

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oh fuck yes

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Adventuring companion: Any, really. As long as he'd/she'd be good and fun company.
Companion for life: Preferably someone with a similar lifespan and of same-ish age.

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Probably an elf. I'll adventure exactly long enough to become independently wealthy, and then raise a brood of adorable half elf children. In a world where high level adventuring means mind flayers, I'll pick an early retirement and an itty bitty life, myself.

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High elf, wood elf or dark elf?

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Witch, please.

Don't care if she's loli or stacked, moe or slutty, just as long as she's competent and a bit macabre. She needs to cackle.

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Whats the source of OP's pic?

>>captcha the underver
Nice try captcha, but let anon take a guess first, okay?

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High or Wood, I guess. A Dark Elf would probably be a problem during child rearing, as our morals would sharply conflict.
High Elves might be snobbish, I can handle that. Wood Elves are probably hicks, I can handle that too. Evil? That's tougher to iron out.

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I prefer stacked and....wait, what comes between moe and slutty?

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Sorry, I dont fuck witches, I burn em'. *torch*

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Female dwarf fighter/cleric (non-bearded kind).

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Delicious Tsundere Cipher Tiefling.

+1 to Initiative? Hawt.

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Surprising EVERYONE!

My character would be pretty open about this. "Blue demon woman...yeah, I'll fuck it."

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Pixie. Because they're portable.

Alternatively, awakened mandrake plant.

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Mandrake you saing?

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Someone more capable, hotter, and more loyal than me. Preferably stays youthful-ish and has a forgiving view of human aging.

Race doesn't matter so much, just needs to be a slut in bed.

>thick, hangin
I am, captcha, I am.

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Probably a sort of Hoplite Lamia. That would be awesome.

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What game are these from?

The bases look kinda GW...

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>Look at thread
>See a wide variety of fetishes
>No vampires
>No furries
>No lizardfolk
>No dragonkin

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Reported. Why can't people start respecting the new rules

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New Dark Eldar

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>no porn allowed
>no porn in sight
>post is dildos

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They're actually kind of cool.

That's odd for GW...

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Mandrakes, right? I wanna get a few to run as Bane Thralls in my Goreshade Cryx army, they actually look that good.

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Fuck, I dunno. Too much choice. Depends if we're talking about a partner you're in a relationship with, or just a with-benefits thing.

They are, they're the new Dark Eldar Mandrakes.

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can anyone tell me the name of this?

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I'd definately like to have an assistant.

she would be a tomboyish lady with a skillset that compliments my own.

race would be unimportant, but preferrably elf, Goblin, gnome, or tiefling.

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Seconding witch/sorc.

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Little adorable rogue. Kender like.
Because I'm clumsy as hell. And... It's legitimate. Right? RIGHT???

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>in a relationship with, or just a with-benefits thing.
Those two are not always mutually exclusive, you know.

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we have similar taste... My companion would be tiefling or elf or someone with pointy ears, I am not racist.

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Well, I'd undoubtedly end up as a human wizard/sorcerer/beguiler/peasant of some sort, and I'd try to open a bookstore.
My waifu would be... At this point, I'd fuck an awakened rock. Drow, giant, halfling, or half orc are looking most attractive right now. I'd a tiefling, but... Well, they kind of creep me out.

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>formal relationship
>merely friends-with-benefits
>not mutually exclusive
Actually, that is the entire point of those classifications.

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Ogre, so incase I get tired she can give me a piggy back, and I can use her as a mattress.

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Changeling female. Never be bored.

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>Reported. Why can't people start respecting the new rules

You childish, tattling jackass, one of the "new rules" is that your pet peeves do not determine the rules.

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You'd be surprised.

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>If you actually were a (human) adventurer living in a fantasy world and had a companion/lover/wife/ accomplice/slave/sire, what race would you want her/him to be?

Fuck it.

A Mithran Fighter or Paladin. All the way.

>OP's pic also very tempting.

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Definitely a giantess.

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This thing.

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Those of you saying "Giantess":
Don't Giantesses usually kill you in one way or other? Seems like a bad choice for a girlfriend to me.

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At least we can die getting laid.

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That's it, guys. I'm out.

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If she's a companion, it implies she didn't and will try not to kill the person she is with.

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>Don't Giantesses usually kill you in one way or other?
What gave you that impression?

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I'm not picky. I want them to be a competent companion, that is all.

So I guess whatever pairs up with a human free-hand fighter with a bastard sword and a mix of weapon and improved unarmed combat feats to turn into a trippan, sunderan, feintan, parryan, CMB is through the roof-an fightar.

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Any example of what this looks like?

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Most of the Giantess porn out there is about shit getting destroyed or shit getting eaten.
I'm perfectly fine with other people's fetishes and won't complain about your likes and dislikes, but if your girlfriend wants to destroy or eat you, you won't last long!

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There's plenty more where that came from.

I'd take 14 in a heartbeat.

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Oh joo had Verity at "mein karrion-scented flower" darling~

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washed up bard with a drinking problem

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Finally found the pic I was looking for.

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It wouldnt be able to resist as I ravage it again, and again, and again

Admit it guys, you'd poke Cherubael if you had the chance

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I called dibs on her first, you ass.

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7, 20, 22 are the ones that catch my eye. I'm pretty-old-fashioned, I guess.

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Human. Would settle for something able to polymorph or alter self into being human.

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>Most of the Giantess porn out there is about shit getting destroyed or shit getting eaten.
I'm going to tell you straight up that you haven't SEEN most of the giantess porn out there.
Read yourself some super dreadnought girl.

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I would only settle for an invertebrate creature

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Voice of an angel. Fucks like a demon.

Also, tend to be giant musclegirls.

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Female Frost Giant Bard.

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Cherubael can fuck up a titan with the flick of his wrist and is assuredly smarter than me by a large gulf. Attempting to dominate one is not something I would pursue.

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>few seconds on google

... not sure if want

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But if it's YOUR daemonhost then it obeys YOU

What could be hotter then blowing your load over an ageless entity of hatred and madness while it writhes and curses you while flailing its daemonic claws?

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No gnolls

>> No.12626251


What is this race?

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>riselco harmful
Sure sounds harmful to me, captcha.

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Is 21 one of the Extreme Dinosaurs?

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HIghly anthropomorphized gnoll.

>> No.12626279


Crocuta Veritas Erraticus.

>> No.12626286


Make it a different race of toothy fanged people and sure, we'll roll with it.

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>Looks human
Implying gnolls aren't already anthro

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I'll take 15.

You have excellent taste.

Yea, but can you think of any occasion where a Daemonhost hasn't in some way screwed over whoever bound it? It's pretty much the unwritten law that binding a Daemonhost is going to bite you in the ass - in this case perhaps literally - sooner or later.

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I just had the realization I don't really care what such a person looks like. As long as she wasn't horrific in appearance and loving and loyal, I think I would be all right regardless.

>> No.12626306


No way would I want to fuck a Gnoll bitch

They have dicks yknow... Vagina dicks which they give birth through (supposed to help them control males attempting to mate with them or something)

I'll take my penis elswhere thankyou very much

>> No.12626314


And NOW I see her with a Wille. E Coyote style chase intro..... thanks tg.

>> No.12626327


>bite you in the arse sooner or later

Here's a question /tg/

Say I bind some kind of horrible warp entity like Cherubael into a woman, and then have sex with it

Can it get pregnant? Can Daemon tainted babby formed?

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You guys are small time. I want my lovesex toy to be a deity - a merciful, kind, creative slut. Preferably I get comparatively eternal life/youth/power/pleasure out of it.

As long as your doing fantasy, dream big.

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If given the choice, a tsundere silver dragon whose preferred humanoid form is a red-head elf

>> No.12626342

it's basically a cunt that sticks out instead of in. y u feer, braj?

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Silly humans, thinking every other creature they meet engages in lifelong monogamy.

I mean you adorable things barely last a century. We just stick it out, then find a new one...

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...should not want.


That said, gnolls don't bother me... Very few things do. Race tends not to phase me, unless physiognomy makes things untenable- e.g. Aboleth, wight, other intelligent-but-hazardous entities.

Also. Illithid. Think about it.

Just sayin'.

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File: 191 KB, 483x940, Shelyn_by_boudicca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>You guys are small time. I want my lovesex toy to be a deity - a merciful, kind, creative slut.

You rang?

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The process of possession tends to twist and mutate the host's body. In part this is natural, due to being exposed to warp energy, and in part it's the daemon reshaping the host to better fit its uses. So I don't think there would be any sort of strict rule. If the Daemon wanted the host body to be able to conceive, then it might be able to. However, the binding and restraining rituals probably put limitations on what the Daemon can do to the host - otherwise the Daemon might simply morph the body into something that would 'accidentally' cause harm to the summoner or his allies. So I think it might be technically possible, if you used very specific rituals and the random mutations afflicted outside of the Daemon's control don't bring about infertility.

>> No.12626365


This might invoke memories of that Asari/Turian couple conversation from Mass Effect 2 in most people.

Me, I just remembered the one between the Asari "teen" and her Salarian stepfather. And now I am sad.

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I was thinking specifically of the conversation between the Asari and her love-struck Krogan spouting poetry...

But I wanted to bring something a bit more meanful to the thread - its all very good saying what you'd like for a wife, but I doubt an Elf, something that lives a thousand years, would view a human as anything more than a fling...

Dunno about gnolls, giants or Tri-keen...

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I'd team up with this guy, and the result would be a fantasy buddy cop comedy.

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>>12626351 You!


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File: 515 KB, 1240x1754, patchouli12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 349 KB, 664x768, ultramilk_by_germille-d30dvjv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12626432


Still pretty heartwarming. I love it when minor characters get my emotions involved, it makes the game feel more real :)

>> No.12626436

This is now a sex goddess/cultist thread.

That delicious miniskirt-covered panty area.

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File: 589 KB, 640x936, twilek_family_by_artbytravis_preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dammit, tentacles go on the other side of the skull.

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get rollan' /tg/

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What about that Asari who asked for the locket (was it a locket? I can't remember) of her now dead husband?

>> No.12626459

Companion: DWARF! Dwarves will stick with you through almost anything. Preferably a fighter, but I'd be happy with almost anything.
Lover: Actually, I'll probably go Dwarf here too. Dwarf wimminfolk are damn sexy. Halflings as well...
Wife: As above.
Accomplice: Halfling, all the way.
Slave: I assume that slavery is commonplace in this world? If so... GNOME.
Sire: See previous comment re: wife/lover.

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>> No.12626471



I miss those "Build a world with five of these races" threads.

>> No.12626486



Why are you doing this to me?

The only way they could make it worse is by having quarians in place of the asari. I'd weep like Chris Crocker.

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You like teeth huh? Take your pick.

>> No.12626509


Oh come on, give me something safely fuckable :V

>> No.12626511

>>12626487 Shark girl


>> No.12626516


So you're requesting some of that Rule 63 Viral?

>> No.12626520

Dude, I would so bring along a halfling. Tiny women are hot, not to mention the higher dexterity means that more athletic positions are possible. And don't give me that pedo shit; short women do not equal pedophile. Give me a halfling with some nice tits.

>> No.12626522

An elf whereshark girl.

>> No.12626524

>Orange/Blue contrast

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File: 120 KB, 531x772, 1239543603849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Safe? I offer you your pick of any female of any species and you are concerned with safety?!

Shadowsun does not approve.

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File: 8 KB, 650x650, 1285971652247.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12626546

It's not that tiny woman are hot, it's that you're too small to think of normal sized woman as hot.


>> No.12626548

I'm a joker, not a fighter. Life expectancy needs to remain high for me. Though I'll take the nurse if you've got one that doesn't look so vicious and mean :V

I'm probably gonna regret this, but...fuck it, let's have it.

>> No.12626549


Clearly, the proper answer to OP's question is to have a dwarven wife and a halfling sex-slave to service you both.

>and sprogla
Yes, captcha, we can't forget the sprogla - it has many uses and can sell quite well in various markets.

>> No.12626552

Post that pictureinfo again?

>> No.12626564

What makes it worse is that salarians only live for 40 years on average, and that's with future medical technology at their disposal, so without that they'd probably have much shorter lifespans.

So it's like an elf dating/marrying something with a very short lifespan, like a goblin. (I'd say thri-kreen, but you know, thri-kreens and elves...)

>> No.12626577
File: 194 KB, 637x891, verity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>12626548 one that doesn't look so vicious and mean :V


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File: 148 KB, 753x1391, 1287048988339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based on the conclusion in this pic my choice could ONLY be a Quarian

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There's a much better set that I don't have.

>> No.12626597


Okay, just looked up Verity...didn't learn much. So...if it's not a gnoll, sure, I'll tap it.

>> No.12626613


That one doesn't even look too much like a chick. I'd have to see more before I unleash the thunderhorse on it.

>> No.12626638
File: 92 KB, 600x429, viralfemale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think this is from the good set. Not at a place I can really search for it.

>> No.12626647


NOW my juggernaut is interested.

>> No.12626659

Human would be my choice.

Because me actually HAVING a girlfriend is fantasy enough.

>> No.12626680

>137 replies omitted
Why are you so pathetic /tg/? Why don't you want to be happy?

>> No.12626714


>> No.12626716

Three-way with cultist-chan and sharkgirl, please.

>> No.12626740


Oh it IS a gnoll.

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File: 460 KB, 750x1000, 1288305079800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be this guy's apprentice and learn magic while beign sent on strange missions by him.

Also have a nice fellow apprentice, preferably a female, preferably an elf.

But old insane master is what matters

>> No.12626850


There's a spell to fix that.

And I'd post a crazy six-armed spider bitch for you guys but she ain't got no clothes on, so oh well!

>> No.12626877


Post anyway. Mods are sleep.

>> No.12626883

>>12626850 There's a spell to fix that.

Do tell?

>> No.12626887

tallfellow halfling

>> No.12626921

I...don't know, I just assume that there's a wizard out there who is that weird.

Tell me how to spoiler and I will.

>> No.12626975


Can't spoiler on here.

Why not upload it to something like image shack and link it?

>> No.12626987

/tg/ can't spoiler

As for the topic.. Fuck if I know..
An Eldritch Abomination that re-shapes how I view the world so the abomination looks pleasant/acceptable.

>Miseirly 1986;
And I would die miserly apparently.

>> No.12627003

Just link to it, bro.

>> No.12627010


Here you are, see if this works:


Someone made this for me for shitty fanfiction I used to write. Not bad for crappy effort on my part.

>> No.12627062

Symbiotic slime girl, weeaboo style. She'd feed on all my body wastes and secret nutrients for me: together we'd be a complete sustainable ecosystem.

She'd be able to manifest herself for mutual sexual pleasure, or as an invincible biosuit. Hell, she'd do both at once. I'd love to be standing there encased in inscrutible armor, getting my dick sucked/jacked off/titty fucked. No one would be the wiser.

>wetwaifu dicta
There's no way Captcha isn't intelligent.

>> No.12627072

Ya'll gotta think bigger then a girlfriend. Indeed, while a hot, superhuman adventurer girlfriend would be pretty awesome, there's so much more then it.

Me, I'd want a Phase Spider pet. Sure, I would have to spend weeks desensitizing myself so I don;t flinch everytime I see it. And not to mention the whole 'wet myself and scream in sheer terror' bit everytime I wake up, but it'd be worth it for a loyal, deadly, teleporting pet.

>> No.12627084

human because complete racial segregation in fantasy settings

>> No.12627107



>> No.12627137


She's actually quite hot. I'd date her if she was amicable.

>> No.12627144

I'd go with a male orc. Strong as an ox, tough as nails, and doesn't take shit from anybody. I do the thinking, he does the beating.

>> No.12627147

>"ya'll gotta think bigger then a girlfriend"
>thread contains reference to deities, power armor, environmental immunity and invulnerability/immortality
>your choice is a shitty teleporting pet spider

>> No.12627147,1 [INTERNAL] 

Like hell i would do a gnoll bitch. Whats not to love about a big fluffy woman who could tear your head off if she got pissed. :P

Oh that, im sure gnolls arent entirely like hyenas, ( Or they would all die from childbirth because of being humanoid creatures, and having more developed cubs. ) probably the bitches have only enlarged clitorises, but still enough testosterone themselves that you need to push them off yourself if you whant to get some sleep.

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