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Sorry for being a pain \tg\ but are there any good scans of the DE codex yet?

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What right do you have to them, if there are?

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Ultraright as laid down in the Codex Astartes.

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Then seek the halls of Calgar, not this den of Slaanesh barely contained by one vigilant soul.

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so are you just running around and trying to troll every thread you see or something

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No, I'm wondering why people are expecting to not have to pay money to get a product, especially one that isn't even out yet.

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No, just curious. People seem to think they're entitled to it, and I'm wondering what they've done to have that feeling.

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Well me personally, I want it because I'm in China and don't trust the postal service here not to steal it so I would like a pirated version. I will buy one once I return to North America but I won't be back until late January.

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no one said that they were entitled to it, OP asked if a good scan existed

go be a mad bad troll elsewhere you have no power here

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See, that's a good reason! I don't have the full thing yet, but I'll scan it once the hardcopy's available for sale. Do you have the scanned fluff pages?

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>Do you have the scanned fluff pages?

I do. Let me upload a zip of them.

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I was asking OP, but thank you. OP, when I get the codex I'll make a thread with my e-mail. Contact me then, and I'll shoot you a scan.

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Fair enough. Either way, for anyone who's interested, go nuts.


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OP her, thank you so much.

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