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G'day Fa/tg/uys, ca/tg/irls, excellen/tg/entlemen and violen/tg/retchin. Welcome to the very first "shi/t g/ets done Saturday. First off, the inspiring post:

"/tg/ should do a "Shi/t g/ets done" thread every saturday, pick a /tg/ project and put some solid work into it. The thread wouldn't be on the same thing twice in a month, nor would the same thing be used more then twice in three months (makes sure we spread our effort, remember people can still make their own different threads for things whenever they like).

Only started settings could be done (since we're great at new ideas, but bad at finishing them). How we decide what is to be worked on in any given week I'm unsure of, possibly some kind of vote? First to three, from valid ideas or something?

People would contribute, and because stuff is getting done
1) /tg/'s rep as a board where shi/t g/ets done will return
2) We'd get us a whole bunch of cool new gaming stuff, for free
3) We'd all be creating stuff, which is also fun
4) Store it up on 1d4chan and around, always good
5) With the day of Saturday as a day to pool our effort we'd be able to concentrate our writefags, drawfags, setting carvers, rulescrafters etc. productively and have some output.
lotz) WAAAGH!
lotz) We know we can make some great stuff, so why not?"
Thead is at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12591492/#12592039

Rules: First potential thread idea to five (5) votes wins. In order to be accepted, the subject has to be an existing /tg/ project, that is unfinished. And this week, that's all.

So get voting, get psyched and ge/t g/oing.

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Shi/tg/ets Done Saturday has inspired me to put some effort into writing an all-new setting.

I am making progress at a glacier-like pace.

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Scholomance? The necromancer school?

I think that'd be a hilarious setting, like Hogwarts but with horrible abominations

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I suggest reasonable marines.

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Server Crash.

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My vote goes for Oopolis. Anyone remember Oopolis? The steampunk mountain city that moves around to excavate different places?

It was fun.

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Arthropocalypse or The Fall (setting entirely within a bottomless pit)

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is that a vote?

Taking up a trip, just to keep things moving, and have someone steering this.

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Yeah, that's a vote for Scholomance.

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Scholomance: III
Arthropocalypse: II
veloCITY: I
Reasonable Marines: I
Server Crash: I
Oopolis: I
The Fall: I

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Don't encourage him. FUCK.
See above.


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It is. It's a university though. It is pretty much finished, needs more fluff and rule refining though.

I am running a playtest soon, though it likely won't be here.

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But.. Wild Cards is already a setting for the ORE game of the same name. This isn't Shit Gets Rehashed Saturday.

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Most trust: red guy

Least trust: white guy

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The rules on sup /tg/ have some stuff that can be done. Hands rules, balancing, etc. Some example rules effects for the guns. We could finish off writing one deck, with an addendum that the Deck is never the same in two Games. There is shit to get done.

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I think my vote is for scholomance. For obvious reasons.

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Just want to point out that VeloCITY isn't abandoned. Last that I heard, the creator was doing a rewrite. So my vote's for anything that isn't VeloCITY.

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Hey everyone, vote for something that isn't Wild Cards so this retard will kill himself.

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Scholomance: V
Arthropocalypse: II
veloCITY: II
Reasonable Marines: I
Server Crash: I
Oopolis: I
The Fall: I

Scholomance wins

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so true

[x] Wild Cards

>ular cotartu
good one captcha *giggle*

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Ok, now if you aren't familliar with scholomance, check out the sup /tg/ links and the 1d4chan article.



Those who are familiar with scholomance, sum it up for those who are not.

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After reading the 1d4chan article (haven't got to the sup/tg/ yet) a system with lots of modifiers for skills, many of which are unknown to the players, and a number of effects for each spell, depending on how much is put in.

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This does seem rather nice.
I'd vote for it.

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Scolomance is an endless castle in some other dimension. People learn magic for nine years there.

There are four broad magickal paths

Conjuration (summoning iirc)
Sorcery (manipulation of energy - fireballs, freeze rays etc)
Alchemy (manipulating matter, creating stuff like potions)
Enchantment (mind magic, roughly)

You get too little mana points to cast spells (which are freeform to a big extent), you need to mitigate. It is a process of using thematically related components to make a spell easier to cast. You tell the dm what you use, he or she calculates how much mitigation its worth but does not tell you.

You say how much mana you use. If you undershoot the spell fizzles or is weak. If you overwshoot it goes horribly right, harmful to you in some way.

As long as you don;t get caught, killing other students is fair game.

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""Character Creation:
9 Statistic Points.
9 Magic Points.
1 Mastery Point.
You distribute Statistic Points amongst your Statistics. Each Statistic must have at least 1 Statistic Point.
These are the Statistics:
Form - This represents how physically powerful you are. Dexterity, strength, speed, hand-eye coordination, this represents it all.
Essence - This represents how mentally powerful you are and your strength of will.
Endurance - This is how much physical damage you can endure.
Will - This is how much mental damage you can endure.
When you have allocated your Statistic points, multiply your Endurance and Will by 3.

During physical battles, you compare your Form. If there are multiple people fighting together, you add their Form together. Once the difference of your Form after all modifications has been calculated, the subject with the lower Form subtracts the difference from their Endurance. If there are multiple people on the receiving end, the Headmaster (the game master) distributes the Endurance damage between them. If the Endurance falls to 0, the character dies.
During mental battles, you compare your Essence. If there are multiple people fighting together, you add their Essence together. Once the difference of your Essence after all modifications has been calculated, the subject with the lower Essence subtracts the difference from their Will. If there are multiple people on the receiving end, the HM distributes the Will damage between them. If the Will falls to 0, the character goes insane, falls into a coma, HM's choice.""

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You spend your Mastery Point in one of the four Magic Schools. Sorcery, Alchemy, Conjuration and Enchantment.
Sorcery - Manipulation of Energy.
Alchemy - Manipulation of Matter.
Conjuration - Manipulation of the Supernatural.
Enchantment - Manipulation of the Mind.
We'll talk about the effects of Mastery later.

Now, how to cast a spell. When you're casting a spell, you must determine four things:
Range - How far you want to the spell to go.
Area - How large any area or how many people you want to be victim to the spell.
Duration - How long you want the spell to last.
Power - This is the most complex part. How powerful the effects of the spell are.
Once you and your HM have decided on the value of each of these, add all four values together. This is the MP cost of the spell.
Next stage is Mitigation. You Mitigate or reduce the MP cost of the spell using items and a time span spent on the spell. You name anything you think might be relevant. Blood, bones, trinkets, makeup, symbols, symbolic items, chanting, ingredients, foci, whatever. The HM decides how many MP each item mitigates. Your HM decides what School the spell fits into and also adds any Mastery points you have in that school on to the Mitigation.
Finally, adding up the total Mitigation, he subtracts the Mitigation from the MP Cost. This gives the final MP Cost that the caster has to guess. He can guess correctly, he can overpower it or he can underpower it to variable degrees.
Mastery effects the range in which the spell is correct. If you have 0 Mastery in that spell's school, you have to guess the cost exactly.
If you have 1 Mastery in the spell's school, you have to guess the spell's cost plus or minus 1.
If Mastery 2, the spell's cost plus or minus 2.
You get the picture.

Do you want an example?""

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What if people made IRC channels for the projects they're interested in? It'd keep out the faggots too.

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I find it strange that SCHOLOMANCE is straight out of WoW, and none of you fuckers made a deal about that.

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I'd actually prefer if the various mitigation techniques had known but random effects. So wielding a burning branch would mitigate 1d10 points of energy required to throw a fireball, or something. Having things be completely unknown just seems like a bad idea, personally.

But I also need to read the archived material, to see how it's currently being done.

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that's all that i currently have.

Errata - IIRC in that tex Will and Essence should be swapped.

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Troll smarter next time.

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IIRC someone made a deal previously, and someone else offered proofs that it was taken for WOW from some older source, therefore curbing the discussion.


Well, it adds to the suspense. Also, the original designers aimed for a diceless engine.

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Yeah, and there are HUMANS in WoW too! This whole thing is a WoW ripoff!

Seriously, fuck off.

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Yes please. Makes things simpler to understand, and prevents confusion later.

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Well, schola and mance are both actual Latin words, so it's not something Blizzard just completely made up.

I don't think they appear together anywhere else, though, since 'schola' is 'school' and 'mance' is 'maimed persons'.

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It was the original text i saved in notepad.

I will search for the actual example now/

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The winner doesn't take damage at all? I suppose spell mishaps have a bad habit of hitting you right in the face (or mind), to encourage people to actually put some points in Endurance and Will.

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>The Scholomance was fabled to be a legendary school of black magic run by the Devil, supposedly located near an unnamed lake in the mountains south of the city of Hermannstadt (now called Sibiu in Romanian) in the Transylvania region of Romania.
For something that was describe in one of the previous threads as "Harry Potter goes to the Sith Academy", it's not a bad choice of name. Also, Scholomance looks like it's been batted around periodically since 2008. That's pretty impressive.

So what exactly do we need MORE of? It seems we've got the basics of the mechanics laid down in the earlier threads, and projects like this usually have a good amount of fluff already. Codifying all the previous work done so we can look for holes more easily would be my suggestion.

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It may be a play on "schola" and "manse". So School House.

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We can do diced and undiced rules, that sounds fun. And what if the GM rolls hidden first, then the player has to guess.

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Like so many other things in WoW (and so many other games) the name Scholomance was borrowed from real-world mythology. This concept of a dark magic school called Scholomance goes back over a hundred years.

Pic related.

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NAME: Sophie Hawkwood
AGE: 16
MP: 18
Form: 4
Essence: 5
Endurance: 2x3 = 6
Will: 1x3 = 3

Conjuration: 0
Enchantment: 2
Sorcery: 0
Alchemy: 2
Welsh kid, helped his father at the tattoo parlour. Magus discovered that the tattoos he bestowed upon others protected them. He snatched away the kid and left an alchemical fetch in his place that died of heart failure a few weeks later.

Anyway, kid's becoming an aspiring druid, focusing on Alchemy and Conjuration. He bestows wards on his friends, using his tattoos and the process of tattooing as Mitigation. Generally, he summons and makes pacts with figures of British legends. Whether he summons Peeping Tom to spy on his enemies or Jack-In-Irons to crush them, he's generally pretty powerful.

Form 2
Essence 2
Endurance 3 (9)
Will 2 (6)
Alchemical Mastery 1
Statting: Ulf Grimsdotter
Form:3 (Captain of the soccer team back home)

(ninth year)

Unfortunately I need to go. Will come back later.

Good night to you, /tg/

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it's for physical combat and enchanter mind-link combat. Spells get their own damage.

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I was never the biggest fan of Amber Diceless, but I was really impressed with how they handled their mechanics. It was straight Skill# vs. Skill#, with the higher number winning the contest. The catch was that no one except for the GM knew anyone's skill numbers, including their own. All they had was a simple (non-helpful) adjective based description of their abilities. This turned all contests into bouts of people eyeballing each others numbers through the descriptions and trying to maneuver themselves into a situation where they would have enough circumstantial bonuses to their score to feel confidant of victory.

Now, if we can start pulling in those kind of mind games I'd say we were really starting to get somewhere

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It's similar here, with casters eyeballing how much mitigation they need.

>successor wallion
will be a name\title for my character in the near future. Thx captcha.

Anyway, I am still here for a bit of time. Apocalypse averted.

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Let's say you want to create a fireball.
In this case, the power represents the damage that the fireball does to Endurance.
Anything involving manipulation of fire goes under Sorcery
Range - The person is ten metres away. I would make that cost 2 MP.
Area - One person. 1 MP.
Duration - The fireball will only last for as long as it takes to hit the target. 0 MP.
Power - You want it to do a fair amount of damage. Not to kill, just to teach the target a lesson. 4 MP.
That's a total of 7 MP.
Now, for the Mitigation.
Let's say you've got Mastery 1 in Sorcery. That's 1 Mitigation.
You're holding a flaming torch - that's another 1 Mitigation.
You snort the ashes of a graduated pyromancer from your other hand. 1 Mitigation for ashes, 2 Mitigation for remains of related magic-user.
That's a total of 5 Mitigation.
Final MP Cost = 7 - 5 = 2.
Now, thanks to Mastery 1 in Sorcery, you can spend either 1, 2 or 3 MP to do the spell perfectly.
You choose to spend 1 MP. Spell works perfectly.
Or, you could choose to spend 4 MP. The Fireball is a little bit too powerful for your own good. You get burned as well. Rather than take 4 Endurance damage, your target takes 5. You also take 1 Endurance damage. This is just an example of overpowering.
Underpowering would make the fireball do less damage or not work at all.

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Character Progression. It works in years. There are nine years in total.
Whenever you advance one year, you:
- Get +3 to maximum MP.
- Get another Statistic Point to spend.
- Get another Mastery Point to spend.

If you want to make a character going through their final year, they would have:
33 MP
17 Stat Points to spend.
9 Mastery Points.

First years are nothing compared to those guys.

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Oh, also, you can use Time Mitigation. The spell casting takes longer but it reduces the MP cost.

1 Mitigation for 1 minute
2 Mitigation for 10 minutes
3 Mitigation for 1 hour.
4 Mitigation for 6 hours.
5 Mitigation for 12 hours.
6 Mitigation for a day.
7 Mitigation for a week.
8 Mitigation for a month.
9 Mitigation for six months.
10 Mitigation for a year.

However, remember that during this period of time, you must be focused completely on casting the spell. Nothing else can be done. This puts most students off of casting times longer than six hours.
However, those who specialize in Alchemy can bypass their biological needs.

The HM decides on the original MP cost and tells the player. The HM decides on the Mitigation value and keeps it to himself.

Once Mitigation is done, player allocates his MP.
I am just posting all relevant stuff I found.
If you create a servitor via magic, IIRC you look at spell power and divide that much between form and endurance of the servitor.

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We've decided that you regain [Essence] MP every time you rest. Making Essence ever the more important.
However, I would also 1 MP every time you have a decent meal.

But you can also get MP back from, say, making potions or magical batteries alchemically, right? So you work out your mitigations (I'm in my Atelier, I've got my father's alchemy equipment, I spend an hour on the brewing process, and I'm sacrificing a mouse for the soul-power) and you brew a potion which will give you 4 power, spending a few points in the processs. You put this into the small safe under your bed. Two days later, you've recovered from the MP loss, but if you need a few extra after the end of the day you've got a recharge potion.

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that everything I could find. Sorry for the multiposting, I got a bad case of laggy internets now.

Anyone has any ideas?

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Scholomance sounds cool. I vote for it. I vote for Scholomance

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There should be a chart that tells you what the coats are and reduction of the cost. Leaving it up to the GM doesn't really work.

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the spell system is too freeform. There can be guidelines at best, as I see it now, or it will get too restrictive, since it won't allow for on-the fly spell generation.

Remember, you are not limited to a spell list here.

>primitive astortes


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Suggest the GM comes up with his own chart. Not having the rules be universal is what keeps the game from being one of those things where rules lawyers can take control.

Players can access anything that a GM can access. Unless the GM keeps private notes.

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I vote for Scholomance and we flesh out the lore and fluff a bit more.

Who made the school?


Who are some of the teachers?

What are some of the perils students may face?

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I am now envisioning that the Alchemy professor is a Tzimisce-like sadist type.

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Ghouls and ghasts should be school pests. The janitors constantly have to shoo them off and keep them from eating the corpses they worked so hard to find for proper necromantic exercises

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Since Scholomance has been chosen for shi/tg/ets done saturday i think I will hand over the reigns to the good people in this thread, the thread that I had going is here: >>12597675
if anyone wants to read it.

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will do at least two professors till tomorrow.

meanwhile problem - do we write out NPC tested spells in their statblock?

It might give the PCs a massive tactical edge if they would try to mass-accost a teacher or NPC high year student.

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according to my rough draft, the sorcery Professor will be able to through power 10 fireballs around like candy.

Picrelated - typical Scholomance allies.

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I would say so. If nothing else it might make some PCs have an appreciation for just how powerful the NPC in question is.

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So, if we have something done by ourselves (a setting, mini-system, etc), we can post it, rigth? I mean, tomorrow.

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this is the first one

Aisedora Emersson, Professor of Sorcery

Form 4
Endurance 24
Will 6
Essence 21
Sorcery 7
Alchemy 4
Conjuration 2
Enchantment 2
EDC gear
ruby sceptre (focus)
mitigate 2 for fire sorcery, 1 for all other sorcery
ash of willing self-immolation victim x3 (ingredient)
mitigate 3 for fire-related magic
Atelier gear
Summoning circle
Mitigate 3 conjuration/enchantment

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1. Fire attack
Power 10, range 5(~35m?), dur 0, area 1.
Cost 3 (cost 1 with sceptre) {fire}
2. Fire wreathe
Power 3(any melee attack leads to target getting 1 endurance point of fire dmg), dur 1 (circa 15 min), area 1(self), range 0 (self)
Cost 1.
3. Ground zero
Power 15, range 5, dur 0, area 10
(up to ten targets in 35m radius)
Cost 11(with ash) {fire, concussive}
4.Der eisige Gesang
Power 10, range 4, dur 0, area 1
Cost 1 {ice}
5.Stygian Blade
Power 7 dur 2 range 0 area 1
+4 Form for 3 combat turns (a blade made from cold "energy" and pure darkness) {ice, infernal pact}
6. Ace Bolt
Power 5 range 10 dur 0 area 1
cost 1 with sceptre or any conductive rod, otherwise 3. {electricity}
Power 5 range 5 area 5 dur 0
{nonlethal, concussive}
cost 1.
1. Living fire draught
Power 5 dur 5 area 1 range 0
cost 4
10+3d10 minutes of inherent mitigate 1 for fire sorcery and ignores 5 points of ice based attacks.
1. Summon and Contract lesser Fire Elemental
Power 11 Dur 10 Range 0 Area 1
Cost 17
Familiar - Lesser Fire Elemental (salamander)
Form 2, Will 4, End 6, Ess 9
MP 3, Sorcery 2
1. Fire Breath Range 1, Area 2, Power 3, Dur 0
Cost 3
upkeep 6 MP
Immune to fire attacks
counts as a light source
counts as a fire source
Must sacrifice a creature no less than Medium-sized each month in a prolonged torturous session in exchange for gaining access to Stygia's frost.
Master of Alchemy coming next.

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Shit. She has MP 46.

I am missing keys.

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I am currently working on a RPG projet using a modified d20 system

I am looking for drawfags to make the item and monster cards... Possibly other people to help me stat shit out and maybe playtest

Game is called Runes of War.

I have a blogspot for it. www.runesofwarrpg.bl0gsp0t.c0m
Fucking blogspot link blocker

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>> No.12615405

So, this is like those those seven day creation drives?

>> No.12615565


Since this is a SCHOOL maybe we should make some basic spells that would actually be taught and such, as well as rough guidelines for how to mitigate them. Like, common things like a fireball or something, as well as simple, easily obtained mitigations that are recommended.

>> No.12617720

This. Encourage the GMs to change details, just because though. Maybe something something, tides of magic means that the power of certain spells ebb and grow over time

>RIVER jaylled
Yes Captcha, like a river

>> No.12617796

More a weekly one day thing. Every week we'll progress on something different, that's been started, but not finished/

>> No.12617863

Well, I believe combat should accept BOTH parties being damaged. It is an ugly world, after all

>> No.12617864

What's the topic of this one? All I get from the thread is magic and shit.

I want to contribute to getting shit done, but from what I can see this particular topic isn't inspiring.

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I will participate on one condition. Whenever the possible ideas are proposed, they must be assigned a number, and we must dice to determine which idea we'll work on.

If dice rolling are not the method of idea selection I will not participate!

>> No.12618133

Range: 5m
AoE: 2m
Duration: 1m
Power: 1MP/???

This means 1mp per 5 metres range, 1mp per 2m area of effect, one mp per minute duration and one mp per <Insert power scaling unit here>.

A couple of example spells

Range: 5m
AoE: 3m
Duratoin 2m
Power 2mp/???

Lightning Tendrils
Range: 10m
AoE: 1m
Duration: 15sec
Power: 2mp/???

Now with scripted spells, how do we keep the players guessing? A d100 table, rolled once a session, behind the HM’s screen. It can have all sorts of effects, from halving the mitigation of scorcery, do doubling the range of every spell, to doing nothing at all, or something smaller, like adding one mitigation to all spells involving the dead. Since the DM only tells the results, and he is encouraged to tweak all the spells, just to make them different to ‘stock’ the players will have to tread very carefully.

The setting is Scholomance, basically a magic school, like hogwarts but grimdark. Killing other students is the norm, although being caught is strongly discouraged.

The thread starter (whoever makes the first thread on a Saturday) gets to pick how they choose, as long as the system is even, and allows for /tg/ to input at some level but no topic done in the last month, or twice in the last three months can be chosen. If you're going to be that asspie about how the topic is chosen, we probably don't need you though.

>> No.12618292

As it's a school, learning/mastering spells has to be of some consequence. Perhaps each spell can have varying degrees of mastery.

Learned: You can cast the spell
Competence: GM tells you one random 'line' from the spell, +1 mitigation
Advanced: GM tells you a second random 'line' from the spell, +2 mitigation
Expert: GM tells you a third random line, +3 mitigation
Mastery: GM tells you a fourth random line, +4 mitigation

The mitigation bonuses are not cumulative. Random lines are determined by a d4.
1: Range
2: Area
3: Duration
4: Power
If it's diceless, it's down to DM disgression.

This is mainly for curricular spells, ie. the ones you are taught. Additionally, there are freeform spells, ie. the one your player makes up on the fly. You describe the spell to your HM, he makes up it's details, you cast, etc. You have basic in every spell you make, however, spells you make will tend to be less powerful/have worse recoil then the curricular spells. There's a reason they're teaching you spells after all.

>> No.12618320

So what are /tg/s opinions? Good? Bad? Terrible, scrap the whole thing and kill myself now?

>> No.12618854
File: 248 KB, 298x320, How to read.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's only 3pm on Sat and this is spluttering out already, before anything really gets done? So much for shi/t g/ets done. . .

>> No.12618860

>>"shi/t g/ets done Saturday"
>>This setting
I have no idea wtf you're going for. Complexity =/= good.

>> No.12618898

We can get shit done, but we need to be inspired into the activity. One of my favourite ever /tg/ threads was one where an anon posted a setting involving amnesiac cyborgs forced into service as troublesolvers, with stressed, understaffed handlers being the unsung heroes of the setting. Someone said "Where are you going with this?", OP said "nowhere, just like the idea".

Within two threads a basic system had been set up, a fuckton of fluff, the setting had been expanded upon enormously, and OP was looking into working on it to get it published, engine-heart style.

I wish I knew what happened with that. If OP from that thread didn't want to keep working on it, I'd happily work on it myself, but there're no more /tg/ threads that I've seen.

>> No.12618929

Wasn't my idea the setting. Reading the sup/tg/ and the 1d4chan makes it out to be something like a harry-potter-esque meets sith academy? A grimdark magic school where all the students are pitted against each other in a fight for dark knowledge, wealth, and power.

>> No.12618947

>Terrible, scrap the whole thing and kill myself now

Do that.

>> No.12619038

If those are the inspirations, take them and run with it.

So we're looking at a high school that is rotten at its heart and has at least a portion of the students being categorically evil. Presumably there are rules in place to prevent it all going tits up as magic is want to do. So, let's take some of the tried and true interesting parts about the two inspirations (Sith Academy and Harry Potter).

Harry Potter: Based on high school schnanigans, one of the most commonly true aspects of high school life is the clique concept. People group together, there're people left out and alone, but predominantly people group together for safety and social activity. There is a definate social pecking order where being on top just means more people to hate you, and the only way to 'win' is not to play the game, which is losing in itself.

Sith Academy: Politics. Politics and passion and schemes. Students vying for the attention of a master they hate against opponents they hate more and alongside allies they hate most. All that matters is power, but in the academy all the power rests in the hands of those in control - the teachers.

So, put this shit together and what do you get? (next post)

>> No.12619099

Political intrigue dialed up to 11. This is high school where a bad day doesn't involve being pantsed and put in a locker, it involves being incinerated in an unfortunate accident. The way to survive is not through spells (teachers can't afford to have students blowing each other up - they might damage something important like the wallpaper) but through social standing. Manipulation, intimidation and bargaining are how you gain allies, and the most common confrontation is one that never happens when one side realises they couldn't win.

When a fight does break out, it is intense. It is short, sharp and brutal, with the victor knowing he can't leave the loser to identify him to any figures of authority. But at the same time, a fight will mostly only genuinely break out when both sides either think they can win and backing down will make them look like a coward, or they have such an investment in the situation they have no choice but to fight.

tl;dr: For any sort of evil Harry Potter-esque setting, the magic would be a secondary aspect only. What would be important in the gameplay would be what they could do outside of fighting. Spells with practical applications (invisibility, throw voice, the ability to listen to others conversations, etc etc) would be highly valued and therefore not taught by the teachers. The students would have to find them by themselves.

>> No.12619169
File: 408 KB, 762x900, AdviceCyborg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


the Dyad system.
fuck yeah.

and do not forget Bleakgrim Space Setting.
we made our way out into the black, hoping it was worth every horrible cost.. all we found was more space.

And the gem that i hold close to my heart every night. NUtopia

and The Oceans Of The Mind or Deep Thoughts or whatever the heck name wants to stick to "mental ocean horror setting"

>> No.12619776
File: 49 KB, 400x284, 1287484924815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am now presenting the motion to rename Alchemy as Transmutation.

Because Alchemy is too narrow - it normally does not encompass biological change, for example (unless you talk about Fullmetal Alchemist style alchemy)

>> No.12619808

I'm okay with that.

>> No.12619884
File: 437 KB, 800x1131, 1286312171486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I statted pretty much only sorcery combat spells for her, because in a theoretical combat scenario they would be the most useful for streamlining combat.

Anyway, familiars
Power = number of points you can spend for familiar generation (endurance and essence triple as normal)
one familiar only
Upkeep = power/2 rounded up per week or the familiar leaves.

=THIS is a Zero No Tsukaima style familiar. One can have as many servitors and bound spirits as one likes. One's familiar will never actively try to fuck up one's game though.=
=You are now imagining Scholomance vs Tristain Academy fraternizing or combat.=

>> No.12620061

Has anyone actually tried any part of Scholomance in a game? You know, to see if there's something we missed that just makes sense at the table? I've always found the best systems by trying things out with a good test group.

Just wrote up a few things, basically a summary of what I've read so far and some things I want to try. I'll be playing tomorrow with a few friends. If it goes well, I'll have a thread tomorrow night, which will still be Shi/t G/ets Done Saturday here in Las Vegas. If not, then I hope no one remembers this by then.

>> No.12620293
File: 29 KB, 244x350, Maestesized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I wanted to offer playtesting right here. We could also theoretically punt it over to to rpg.net for extra inflow of creativity and madness. (Mitigations via email or ICQ.)
{if there would be no volunteers, I could even be the HM}

Also, how about a variant rule that players should actually draw their ritual circles IRL (on paper)? The better, the more mitigation you get.

>> No.12620323
File: 994 KB, 1600x1200, пикча (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weird, half my post got eaten by a grue.

Anyway, I wanted to say that in order to do so someone needs to codify the rules in a single document, so that we could have something to fall back on during the playtest.

Last post picrelated - The Tantric Rituals professor.
This post picrelated - Two 9th year Conjuration 5/ Form 5 students in combat.

(I am providing art I collected previously - perhaps some of it would be to /tg/'s liking enough to illustrate the final Scholomance PDF)

>> No.12620370

DYAD system! Fuck yes! Thanks, I'd forgotten the name of that gem. Are those the only two threads? I wanted to see more done by that system.

Hell, if OP grew bored of it, I wanted to develop that system.

>> No.12620471
File: 48 KB, 300x470, ece293f6edc43cb73be41b42a0a12b33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CQC Teacher?

>> No.12620480
File: 47 KB, 750x916, Омская птица (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arzef''s couseal

Captcha says that the true name of the WInged Doom demon is Arzef.

>> No.12620484

I assume you're referring to the WoW dungeon. It (and the setting) are both named after the legend of a school where the devil taught magic; it accepted 10 students, and the devil always took one of them as tribute.

It's not a high school. It's a university. This is important because it allows the PCs a great deal more freedom.

Some guy tried it. He posted about it on /tg/, but the results were never archived.

Anyways,. I vote for Scholomance.

Some interesting points about scholomance:

The magic system is INCREADIBLY flexible. There are a thousand ways to attack your opponents, and a similar variety of ways to defend. One of the things that I enjoy about the concept is the escalation of magical countermeasures. The system seems like it would reward, above all else, 1) extensive preparation and foresight and 2) creative applications of magic. If you can predict and prepare for someone's action, you gain a huge leg up on them; if you can hit them in a way they don't see coming, that too is an advantage.

>> No.12620507

>and the devil always took one of them as tribute.

Yeah, to become a bad ass dragon rider that flew around creating lightning storms.

>> No.12620514

Writefag here
You have my pen
After I get sleep.

>> No.12620515
File: 77 KB, 407x405, AdviceNanobotissmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i saw a bit more from him iirc, but missed getting it archived.

Try firing off a Dyad report thread at a more happenin' time here on TG and DYAD op might surface.

>and anyone who has mechanical ideas for NUtopia, just lemme know

>> No.12620543
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>I see that there is pretty much no one here
>It's 12am here
>I am weirded out why is /tg/ so sluggish today

>my face when I realise it's 4am where a lot of /tg/ users are

>> No.12620564

DYAD most definitely

>> No.12620583


Re-reading old Dyad threads now.

>> No.12620723

And my brush.

>> No.12620735


Care to sketch a very ripped, stocky guy with two armguards (gold with steel detailing and steel with gold detailing)?

>> No.12620846

Zhiam Sung, Master of Nonliving Matter Transmutation

Form 7
Endurance 40 - Zhiam buffed himself over the years to defy easy human comprehension
Will 5
Essence 15
MP 36
Alchemic Foci
- Bracelet of seven strands of cardinal metals
(gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead, quicksilver)
Mitigate 2 for solids transmutation
- Quicksilver rod/whip
Form +1
Mitigate 1 for metals or liquids transmutation
Armguard of the Sun (gold with steel detail)
Mitigate 2 for solids transmutation
Can store 4 MP
Mutually exclusive with the bracelet.
Armguard of the Moon (steel with gold detail)
Mitigate 2 for creation/imbuing transmutation
Can store 4 MP
Charge Gems (mechanically similar to potions)
1. Mana Spike
Power 4 range 3 area 5 dur 0 {thrown, gem}
A vortex of energy sucks out 2MP from anyone caught in the blast.

>> No.12620897

2. Draconic Jewel
basically an explosive grenade.

actually have no idea. He can do a horrible lot of shit.
Golem {solid, creation}
Power 30 dur 10 range 0 area 1
Total cost
41-7(mastery)-2(focus)-2(body preconstructed)-1(constructed in atelier)-1(alchemic circle and instruments)=29
So 29 plus minus 7
He pays, e.g. 25

Golem Form 10
Endurance 60 (3x20)
mindless (immune to Will attacks)

>> No.12620919

Step 1: Set Goals
Step 2:Method of contribution!

>> No.12620950


Current goal is to fluff out Scholomanse and finalize it, IIUC.
I mean, create a full ruleset, make a PDF, do some writefaggotry, make it nice and shiny.

In ideal result, the end product would be nice enough to print and make a brochure from.

>> No.12620987

Cool. There are some nice pieces of fluff which should be liberated from the old threads (including some awesome teacher descriptions and a bit of decent writefaggotry.

I'd suggest we set up an IRC or something. But for tue moment I'm going to sleep because it's four in the morning.

>> No.12621079
File: 111 KB, 300x300, 1264646226172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I suck at IRC really, really much. Besides, I won't be able to use a standalone client. Care to show a friendly in-browser applet/widget/something?

>> No.12621107

Use MIRC you fucking faggot.

>> No.12621131
File: 321 KB, 972x1509, 1274159670040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am currently using a public computer. Installing MIRC requires admin status, which I do not have.

It's 14.09 where I am, sorry.

>> No.12621191
File: 421 KB, 969x1509, 1274159713242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

part two

>> No.12621197
File: 378 KB, 966x1509, 1274159754767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

part three

>> No.12621199

Since I'm NOT an angry cockgobbler like>>12621107
(even at 06:30 with no caffeine in me), this might help:


There's probably versions for other servers, but that's the one I have bookmarked.

>> No.12621215

i found this web client when i wanted to join the machina dei IRC and i like it.


>> No.12621309

I like what you posted there. Do you have more?

>> No.12621343
File: 339 KB, 966x1509, 1274159791123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was distracted by some IRL trouble, sorry.

And this is the conclusion.

Looks like something one could find in a dusty corner of the Scholomance library.

>> No.12621357
File: 243 KB, 1024x768, 1286305071726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you, kind sir.

>> No.12621359

With these spells, what are the numbers? Is that the max, or the cost? I'm thinking it should be done by cost, as if someone had enough mitigations they could throw the fireball further for example. Possibly have two numbers for each value, the cost and the max you can put into it. Taking the fire attack as an example:

Fire attack
Pow 1/10 Rng 2/5, dur 0/0, area 1/1.

Which means it takes 1mp per increment of the power, up to 10, two mp per 5m, up to 35m (asuming that 1 range is 5m, we should probably standardise this), it can't be held for a duration, and it costs one mp for it's area of one.

>> No.12621387

Where does the 35m come into it? I can see the 2 mana /5m, but not the max range?

>> No.12621402
File: 246 KB, 600x600, 1244704901783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>With these spells, what are the numbers? Is that the max, or the cost? I'm thinking it should be done by cost, as if someone had enough mitigations they could throw the fireball further for example. Possibly have two numbers for each value, the cost and the max you can put into it.

I've already calculated, it's the minimum cost in each spell (with mitigations already).

The thing is, adding range increments makes it rather more crunchy. I was just doing them with one max range in mind.

Picrelated - Stygian Blade Owner (Demon)

>> No.12621407
File: 302 KB, 595x638, пикча (19).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


actually, there is no concept of max range in the game.

You can throw it as far as you can charge it.

E.g. the prof could throw a fireball with range 30, wiping out most of her MP in the process. But she could.

I propose 1MP=10 metres of range and 5 metres of area radius.

>> No.12621481

Awesome. So that's the minimum input. I can work with this. Although it strikes me that some spells should cost more to throw x distance, I'm thinking that might just be part of the spell's description though. The spell could say "Consider the range to be double the actual range for the considering the amount of MP spent."

>> No.12621530
File: 951 KB, 1060x1500, Омская птица (26).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since there would be no fixed spell list with spell profiles (everyone makes up their own), I find it hard to see, exactly where would that info fall.
I can see 1 MP point buying 7-15 metres with the HM ruling how much will 1MP buy on a case-by-case basis.

>> No.12622510

Fair cop. Though I guess ruleswise we should let the potential HM's know what ranges are expected for all the other things. Area, etc.

>> No.12622984

just in case anyone was wondering, there is another thread in which they decided to focus on Endless Isles, Machina Dei and Wild Cards
if any of those are relevant to your interests:

>> No.12623518

In the Prep thread, we decided on Wild Cards. That other thread there is dead, basically, but it did start work on Machina Dei up again. That's happening in IRC, though.


>> No.12623562
File: 105 KB, 1148x492, faggots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever happened to tripfags only; all others get bans?

>> No.12623579

It was ignored, as it rightfully should be.

>> No.12623595

Well, I made the wiki article less crappy.

I don't know about putting up all this prestatted spell faggotry you guys have got going.

>> No.12624014

Alright, I'm back and ready to work on some fucking Scholomance.

For an IRC channel, I suggest we congregate in #sgds on irc.rizon.net for general Shit Gets Done Saturday-ing.

Those of you who are IRC incompetent, I suggest you use >>12621215. Pick rizon from the dropdown menu and put #sgds for the channel.

>> No.12624195

This is why prep threads are silly. /tg/ will work on what it wants to work on.

I think there should probably be an intermediate step between 10 meters and 0 meters before scaling begins. I also feel like you should get more for your investment at higher points. Maybe a scaling chart is in order.

>> No.12624713

This is obvious, but classes would be a "safe haven", especially for the earlier years.
Of course, even with a Teacher in the room, you could - just for example - drink something you shouldn't have.

It probably won't kill you - that's too obvious a sign of foul play - but you might not make the grade because, I don't know, you forgot something basic you were taught one lesson? Somehow.

If the politics between people are so important, why are there no mechanics to support them?

Something that works like the spell system could be cool: spend time? (like MP) to make an influence (spell) on someone, with their interests as Mitigation.

Hope this helps.

>> No.12624780

I dunno, I think the idea was to keep it mechanics light for social interaction (and to stop it from going into I ROLL DIPLOMACY territory).

So what all needs to be done? A lot of the basics are covered, let's lay out some things that need to be finished.

>> No.12624880

>If the politics between people are so important, why are there no mechanics to support them?
because social interaction is always better to freeform.

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