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New Dark Eldar question:

Can the Cronos give tokens to units inside a transport?

Pic very related.

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Talos bump.

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It's a unit within 12" so it's possible

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>>12611606 here

Do you have a pdf from the codex for anon?

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Sadly, no. I have pages 5, 8-23, 25-37, 40, 41, 46-61, 84-96.

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I wanna see the full colour pages. Do you have them?

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are there more scans of this?
->want :D

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can you post them?

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Regarding the Pain Token has anyone noticed the lulzworth thing about Decrapitator which makes him even worse?
With multiple units in combat the pain token gets assigned randomly, normally this doesn't hurt ICs which can share the pain with their unit. But Decapitator is not an IC so he can't dip in another squad for benefits neither can anyone assume that he can kill an unit by himself. So Decapitator is futher penalized by his non-IC status, great job Kelly!

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I can't right now. I'm in class right now and don't have enough time to do more then an occasional post. I'll do a dump later tonight though.

Oh give Kelly a break, the rest of the codex (with the added exception of Mandrakes) are really good both fluff wise and rules wise. If there weren't SOME crap units in the codex, it wouldn't be a GW product.

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Yeah but there has been a trend to reduce number of useless shit. It would have been so easy to just recheck the rules for those 2 units and give them a little boost.
Also Grotesques aren't that hot but that is because of competition in elites slots not because the unit suck.

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The thing about the elite and fast attack slot is that they're kinda paired off. If you fill your elites slot with one role, you can do the opposite/complementary role with fast attack. So if you take your army list as a whole, with a variety units complementing eachother, then they can be good.

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Yeah but that doesn't help Grotesques, their replacement are the Slyth and those are outside the FOC chart. Otherwise the books is written as well as SM or SW books varietywise so maybe I shouldn't complain.

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"what's in the box?"


deldar are benne gesserit. now dune has been fully raped

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I am so making a haemonculi that looks like a bene gesserit witch.

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